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11:00 PM
We don't get problematic amounts, so to speak. Really, our biggest enemy is questions and comments being posted as answers.
Indeed. If I had a penny for every time I see one of those..
I would have about 75 pennies.
@GraceNote oh, that is what you meant
@Mana You would get a lot of flag weight! :P
Wait, maybe not
@CruelCow There is nothing to lose; I'm not expecting to win either given the limited positions and other great candidates, but I think it's worth proposing. There's always next year; and if not, there's probably a reason to that (or just bad luck, but I don't care).
11:01 PM
By spam I mean advertisements.
@Wipqozn Yes, which is what I literally said: There is spam, we just don't get problematic amounts.
@John :) I already have a lot of flag weight. But I guess I could put on a few more pounds.
Yeah, I noticed that after I said oh, that is what you meant
Like Fabian. Man, that guy's awesome. 675? How'd he do it?
@Manaಠдಠ Honestly, part of me wants you to win just so that I don't have to re-comment every time I delete those.
11:02 PM
I misread what you said the first time
@GraceNote yeah that is a problem I have noticed a lot as well.
@Grace Oh, shoot. You do?
Part of the reason I was leaving those to begin with was so that the mods wouldn't have to bother. :x
@Manaಠдಠ Moderator comments on deleted answers within an hour before deletion will cause an inbox ping.
Your comments will still be visible, so mine are often "Listen to Mana, he be the maaaaaan"
@GraceNote I would love to see what happened if as an experiment comments only required 1 rep
Ahh, okay, I see.
Every time I see a reply to Mana, I imagine the person talking to be having that expression while talking.
@CruelCow Shot down at least three times within the life time and scope of this site alone.
11:04 PM
@CruelCow It wouldn't be pretty.
Especially not on a site where rants involving game companies 'n stuff seem to be popular among the more angry new users.
@CruelCow Alternatively, I'll rephrase my earlier point - Our biggest enemy is questions, comments, and absolute junk being posted as answers.
@Manaಠдಠ Run a SEDE query for the term "hank".
The lattermost is actually the most common.
@John: I did something similar on SU, searching for comments that contained the word "spam" in order to find answers that were spam but had not been flagged as such. I bet it opens a gold mine on a site like SO.
@Manaಠдಠ I've seen more then one of those, so annoying. If you want to rant, make a blog.
11:06 PM
I did that to get flag weight up in a hurry, and I got about 100 edits suggested within a few days of that feature being rolled out.
@TomWijsman It did.
> Body LIKE '%hank%' OR...
That's it.
So apparently that's why the search brings that up. But...what's %hank%?
Longest answer on our site that isn't copy/pasted looks nice, must have gone quite some work into that one...
And yet it's already outdated
11:09 PM
@TomWijsman ooh wow, I'm surprised. I actually expected it to be a a Tzenes SC2 answer.
@Manaಠдಠ "hank" will match every instance of "Thanks!". Answers with thanks in them have a high probability of being non-answers just thanking the OP or an answerer.
Hey it works! :D
@Grace Maybe a community wiki answer would be better? It seems like the sort of thing that would require extensive updating.
I'd hate to nullify all of Raven's hard work there though.
@FallenAngelEyes: Hey, did you ever add me on MyAnimeList?
11:11 PM
@Manaಠдಠ That's kinda why it's got a Meta post there
It didn't send me a message about it or anything. :/
@Grace Oh. looks closer
...oh good heavens...
@Wipqozn Actually, Tzenes has a longer non-SC2 answer for Metal Gear 4:
A: Metal gear 4 plot catch up

tzenesSo, I'm going to write these in order of Metal Gear games (which is not chronological order) because I think that's the way he wanted the story told. I'm also going to start at Metal Gear, not Metal Gear Solid, because if you didn't play Metal Gear there is something wrong with you... I'll also...

11:12 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Eh?
oh, no, nothing. I just thought of all the things that could possibly make you react with oh good heavens and came up with that one user
PRASHANT P or whatever their username is
Pun thing, he added "I'll also try to keep this brief" in the top... xD
@TomWijsman +1 to tzenes
Oh, no, I was saying that because of the boss I just engaged. That's all.
Q: Slot Machine Games for Ubuntu?

I Heart UbuntuMy sister is looking for any linux slot machine games. She has pretty much tapped out all of the Chrome Apps slot games. Any other suggestions that are maybe installable with a DEB perhaps? Thanks!

11:13 PM
Call it something to look forward to. ♪
I +1 so many old answers/questions. I make a point of searching through unanswered questions and answers every so often, so I upvote a lot that way.
@Grace :(
I'm amazed I got out alive.
@Lazers Errrrgh.
@Brant Surprise! It's not Lazers.
11:15 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Check where Brant is replying
But thanks.
That would be a good question... if I totally rewrote it, made a whole bunch of assumptions about what the asker really means, corrected his misguided assumptions, etc etc etc.
@Powerlord I did
I hate those kind of questions the most.
They're not bad, but they're... bad.
Q: Can I change nature?

JohnIn part 3 of my adventures, I would like to find out if there is a way to change biomes. In part 2, fredley said that it is possible to move terrain from one world to another, but the biomes wouldn't match. Is there any way I can change the biome of a specific area to, say, Savanna?

Q: Is the World 4 version of Hunt impossible without doing something else first?

Qiaochu YuanI'm stuck on the World 4 version of Hunt. I don't want a walkthrough; I don't even want a hint. (Please don't offer a hint.) I just want to know whether it's impossible without doing something else first to alter the puzzle, because it sure looks impossible to me: as far as I can tell, the rightm...

11:17 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Oh, well you're on my list of friends now.
Strangely, it's not showing me our anime compatibility.
@Powerlord Maybe you have no compatibility
@GraceNote It just says Unknown.
Oh, wait, that wasn't a diss. Carry on.
If it were no compatibility, it'd just say Low or something.
11:20 PM
It says Unknown for me for both Anime and Manga
Maybe it's of the charts?
Your entire anime list is empty o_O
Maybe Powerlord was Dead All Along?
@FallenAngelEyes For whatever reason, mine won't show unless I click on the subheadings.
I see stats in your profile but your actual list has nothing on it
11:21 PM
@FallenAngelEyes So, if I click "Currently Watching" it shows Ranma ½ and Shakugan no Shana.
If I knew how to get it to stop doing that, I would. >:/
Well damn
OK, I changed which page it shows by default in my list to All Anime. Lets see if that fixes it.
Ah yes, that fixed it. Much better.
Ah ha
Though compatibilities are still Unknown
Mmmmmm, wine.
Wow, you really didn't like Serial Experiments Lain, huh?
11:27 PM
@Brant The drinking kind, or the thing that isn't an emulator?
@FallenAngelEyes No, not really. :/
The kind you drink after a day of work that leaves you feeling burnt out and miserable.
@Brant :( Sorry to hear that man.
@FallenAngelEyes Also, you're watching the Ah My Goddess OVAs rather than the newer TV series?
I liked it a lot, though I'm also very into like cyberpunk/digital world type stuff.
The only thing I had was the OVAs but I stopped watching those because my burned copies were messed up.
So I haven't continued it.
11:29 PM
@John maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
Wait that worked.
I actually haven't watched much anime at all in the past couple years aside from the new Hellsing OVAs.
It's only responses apparently.
@Manaಠдಠ Is that like your catchphrase?
@John Yes, much like mine is or "that sounds suspiciously like work."
@Powerlord I got 2 notifications for that...
11:31 PM
I wonder if there's any bacon related anime...
@John That's because I edited it.
@John Yeah. I tend to think that people use it because of my abusage of it, but that might also be because I'm an egomaniac.
@Powerlord Oh ok.
@Mana Or it could be the close association between it and your name.
@John if badp's any indication, I think you may be on to something there.
Yeesh, they still haven't done the second season of Umineko no Naku Koro ni?
If there's one thing I hate it's ending on a cliffhanger.
and then not continuing the series.
11:34 PM
@Powerlord nods I just went straight to the visual novels after the anime ended.
Also, apparently DVD sales were pretty low.
Q: Can I safely sell all items marked as treasure in Recettear?

Mana ಠдಠIn Recettear, I've recently found a Very Odd Vase. It sells for around 22 000 gold. This is a great and highly welcomed surprise to me at this early point in the game. However, I find myself being cautious even now as an old man asks me to sell him a treasure item because I don't want to give awa...

Speaking of @badp, what's up with his new name on MSO? bad π? bad PI?
@Manaಠдಠ I was under the impression that the anime was based on the visual novels, not the other way around.
@Wipqozn awwwwww
11:40 PM
Awwk, I hate it when things go on sale and that thing happens to be 50% of my current display stock.
Oh, that's weird. Valve just sent out an email telling us that they'll have an optional TF update tomorrow.
Oh, and that should be "optional" as it fixes several server-side issues, so you could read it as "highly suggested"
But by marking it as optional, my server won't auto-install it. >:/
Any Recettear players here right now? I downloaded the demo, but I can't seem to be able to actually start a new game. Clicking doesn't work and neither does pressing Enter or Space.
@AnnaLear Press Z
But I can view the menu at 60 fps :D
11:45 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Aha, thanks!
Hanging out here makes me feel like such a non-gamer.
No problem. The controls are a little weird that way. You can probably check the Config utility for all the defaults and change them to your preferred flavor.
@John That's ok, spend enough time here and you'll be one in no time :D
ZXCV + Arrows is a common control scheme for these kind of games
@John I feel the same way, despite having over a hundred games on my Steam account.
So in general, if Enter and Space don't work, try Z.
11:47 PM
@GraceNote insert remark about how gamepad > everything
@ArdaXi See that's the thing. I will never have that many games. Right now, I don't even have a steam account.
@John That could be fixed. Get TF2.
@John If you had a steam account you would
@John Nor do I
@GraceNote That makes me feel better.
11:48 PM
Steam has crazy sales, I haven't even played half my steam games.
@ArdaXi The deciding factor is..."Is it free?"
I still own hundreds of games across a dozen consoles.
@John It is.
@John It is
@John yes
11:48 PM
I have... er... 206 Steam games.
I've barely played any of the games that I got in the Humble Bundles. :/
I should probably get around to that.
@GraceNote I was --><-- close to the old "press every key on the keyboard" trick, but figured I'd ask here first. :)
@Kevin Same here. That's got me set for quite a while.
Oh, weird thing... if you have Brink, you can get its first DLC for free on Steam now, but that offer ends next week.
11:49 PM
Well, just a tip for the future, then. ♪
well I'm off. Going to watch some Doctor Who. Try to survive without me.
Although I don't see how that's possible
@Grace the last 4 hours of play I've put into Chantelise have been fishing only :x
@Wipqozn You're leaving?!?!? NOOOOOOOoooooooo...............
later @Wipqozn you humble bastard you
@FallenAngelEyes Doin' better than my brother here.
11:50 PM
@FallenAngelEyes all this fishing talk has made me want to play hravest moon
@FallenAngelEyes yeah I'm so modest
I'm trying to decide what to do. I'd be tempted to play TF2, but if they add a new crate series in tomorrow's update, I'll be mad for getting an old one today.
@Wipqozn Hush! I'm starting to get tempted to hit up Animal Crossing too D:
@FallenAngelEyes Same, actually lol
but off to doctor who
I was in the middle of a Metroid Prime 2 game, but my Wii is nowhere near my computer right now... I have my new computer in a different room for the moment, because we're going to be recarpeting the other room this weekend.
11:51 PM
@Powerlord Yeah, the anime is based off the VNs. That's why I went to them after the anime, to find out how it ends.
Well, speak of the devil. I just got another Very Odd Vase sold to me.
@Manaಠдಠ er... what were we talking about again? P.S. This is why the reply button is handy.
Argh, but it's such a pain! I have to scroll up, click twice, then start typing.
@Manaಠдಠ twice?
@Powerlord Umineko.
11:53 PM
Would anyone here happen to know how I could parse an arbitrary set of bytes and keep the ascii characters while discarding the garbage bytes?
@Powerlord My mouse hovers on the left, not on the right.
Oh hey, you can now put your friends in "tags" on Steam.
@Manaಠдಠ You can't just click the arrow on the right?
@Powerlord Yeah, I really like this feature
That way you can place people in your own pseudo-groups without them being in actual groups
@Arda has The Ship?
11:54 PM
I have that game, but... never really played it.
@FallenAngelEyes Again, I keep my mouse to the left of the chat messages when I move up, and since my screen's so wide it's kind of a pain to move all the way over as opposed to clicking twice.
@Manaಠдಠ k, so you're just weird then
I see numbers with dollar signs all over steam. That's a sure sign that if a get an account there, it will quickly eat up what little money I have.
How wide is your screen?
11:55 PM
I mean, maybe you should just increase your mouse sensitivity >>
That's what I have too
@Manaಠдಠ What a coincidence, so is mine.
fine I suck geez
1920x1200 for the resolution in both directions.
Why do I get the feeling that I'm just rambling in the middle of someone else's conversation?
11:56 PM
@John It's okay, swimming upstream is a common symptom of busy chats.
A lot of people seem to be wanting to sell stuff today...
Combined with the default gravatar and the fact that you're not too well-known by everyone here and it's going to be a struggle.
and by everyone I mean me
I figured.
huge ego face
The people on MSO know me!
11:57 PM
I don't remember you.
@John This is what everyone in here does anyway, don't feel bad :D
Unless you go by a more complex name.
@GraceNote No, I don't. Way to burst my bubble. -_-
pats John on the back
Well, then, let's... BACK GROUND CHECK!
11:58 PM
If it's any consolation, your name doesn't really stand out.
Yeah I know. That's a blessing and a curse.
@Manaಠдಠ It stands out in being one of the only "John"s, rather than how many "Jon"s we have (Seigel, B, Skeet, the list goes on quite a while)
That all said... oh, you're closed edits person.
Yes! That's me! You do know me!

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