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8:00 PM
I'm tempted to do it just to push it into primaries
It's awesome because it means we don't have a shortage of engaged users who still care about helping run stuff and making this site awesomerer. Despite stuff like me.
I can't think of much more of a reason
@badp I know. idk, I guess it was a dumb point.
@badp "Despite stuff like you"? I hope that was a joke.
It's always amazes me how much you lot care about the site
Yeah, I know. I think I failed as a mod by not making any user ragequit, or not getting compared to Hitler.
I got pretty close with Warren, however.
8:01 PM
@badp You know who badp reminds me of? Hitler.
@Manaಠдಠ I've got some lovely, big guns!
@Powerlord I don't, I live in the UK.
(Bonus points if you can name the game)
Take @Anna. She gets compared to Hitler every single week.
@Powerlord killing floor
8:02 PM
Now that's mod worthy!
give me a hard one a yo
@badp I'm surprised you weren't compared to Hitler. I think I was probably going to be compared to Hitler by that one guy who said that he was annoyed at seeing my name slapped all over the feed because of edits.
@ThomasMcDonald The irony is, the game I was referencing was made in the UK.
@Powerlord and takes place there
@Wipqozn and here's your bonus point!
8:02 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Well, it was irritating to see your face on every other question.
@Wipqozn Not all of it.
(although to be honest looking back at it, I'm kind of very annoyed at myself for that)
Some of it takes place in America. (Or, more specifically, underneath it)
@Grace Sorry. Really.
@ArdaXi The majority takes place in the UK though, correct?
8:03 PM
Heh, no need to.
Posted by Alex Miller on August 10th, 2011

Joining Jeff and Joel this week is Michael Natkin, from our Cooking.SE site.  Michael is especially interesting because he is a computer programmer, but he doesn’t answer questions at Stack Overflow, only on the Cooking site (he’s our first guest to do so!) – he also writes over at Herbivoracious (which he started back in 2007).

Their discussion includes:

Michael is a vegetarian “foodie” (even though he really hates that word) – he and Joel commiserate over the oddities of being a vegetarian trying to eat out …

Why would you be sorry @mana?
@Wipqozn Well, the bit that takes place in America is a LOT bigger.
Okay, I can now mark the inbox as read.
We can't even buy butterfly knives
8:04 PM
It shows your active in the community and actively work to improve it.
@ArdaXi er... what are you talking about? I'm fairly sure all of Killing Floor takes place in the UK.
Hell, most of it in London.
@Powerlord cough Aperture cough
@Wipqozn Remembered when I said how I get annoyed when people make minor grammar/spelling edits and how I don't think that actually helps anything?
@ArdaXi I wouldn't consider that canon. Not that killing floor really has canon.
Does this image load for you?
8:05 PM
@badp Yes.
@badp Yep
@Wipqozn It's part of the game. Has a backstory and everything.
@badp: Yes, and thank you for the inbox link. :)
@Manaಠдಠ ah, was that what you were doing? I don't see it as a problem myself, but if you do then I can see why you doing it would bother you.
Well later guys, I need to return to important summer-school activities, such as playing foosball or drinking wine
8:05 PM
Okay - I got two replies from images not loading; I guess somebody has dl.dropbox.com blocked
I get annoyed at it because it reminds me of myself.
@badp Still makes sense to upload it to imgur.
I'm a hypocrite like that.
Peace Oak.
Honestly I'm not too concerned with making sure all of Gaming can be viewed while at work
The two posts make still sense without the image, so I'm not too concerned about that either.
@badp for yourself? or others?
8:07 PM
@badp Dropbox is far less permanent.
@ArdaXi why?
@badp Because they make no promises.
shrugs not a good enough reason to go back and change every single link I made in 2010
Besides, if (it is yours, isn't it?) your PC gets data corruption, it could also break it.
@badp Yes it is. Do it. NOW!
8:08 PM
@ArdaXi According to Killing Floor's backstory, even mutant zombie-like monsters dress up around Christmas time and in the middle of summer.
@Powerlord Exactly.
(not really)
@badp I love that picture
@Wipqozn You would love Reddit then.
8:09 PM
@badp Combining Data Explorer and a nifty user script (that still has to be written) that would be an easy task...
(until you get so overdosed with rage faces that you learn to hate even them)
I don't go on reddit. Too red in my opinion.
Also, beat hazard is on sale for anyone interested. Enjoyable game.
Apparently you don't realize how much time passes when "What Is Love" has been playing for 2 hours.
8:19 PM
8 hours left in the mission.
I stopped listening when I started watching Doctor Who again.
@GraceNote 3 hours?
@CruelCow ...has it really been 3 hours?
@ArdaXi Is that when nom nom nominations end?
@Powerlord 8 + 2 = 10
@Powerlord It's a 10 hour version of What Is Love.
8:21 PM
In other news
The Extra Credits column at the Escapist is no more
@GraceNote Did you start when gnome first linked it? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1586258#1586258
Q: How can I copy part of a Minecraft world into another Minecraft world?

JohnBackstory The places that have been built on in my world aren't that big. It's a ~100x~100 square, a ~150x~50 rectangle in the Nether, and another ~100x~100 square accessed by portals. The world is currently unplayable due to the server console spending so much time printing errors that the pl...

Q: Civ IV Best Production Choice In Specialized Cities?

DunkWhen playing Civilization IV and trying to conform to the specialized cities strategy, the situation invariably arises that I have too many military units or run out of buildings that are geared towards the city's specialization (at least until new technologies are discovered). In those cases, I ...

@Grace I'm amazed that you and Gnome have something in common.
@CruelCow I think we established that I lost track of time.
@Manaಠдಠ That is love
8:22 PM
Namely, the tenacity to grind through listening to the same thing for hours on enpfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft that was a good one @CruelCow
wait what am I doing, my parents aren't at home. I CAN BLAST MUSIC
Long story short, the EC guys apparently got paid for all of four episodes and discovered they owed the magazine 9.5k$ for a number of reasons I don't fully understand, so the guys went 'screw you'. They'll keep producing, but they can't use any of the "intellectual propriety" previously used in the show; that likely includes the style or the name of the show.
@badp I heard about that...it sucks.
I only just noticed this. "Otherwise known as 8bitlavapwnpwniesbossstagesixforhelp"
@Manaಠдಠ I've listened to a 3 minute track on repeat for entire workdays. Multiple times, too.
@Grace To be honest I do the same thing.
8:25 PM
Usually not as inane as "What Is Love", though, it's usually boss music or otherwise engaging music.
@badp That does sound confusing.
Or "Dot Dot Dot"
@GraceNote You shouldn't listen to video game music. It's evil.
@GraceNote You listened for 8 hours running to the Dot Dot Dot review artistic reading on loop?
@Powerlord I think I'll continue my trend of "Not listening to you" since all of my CDs are video game music.
@badp Yes
8:26 PM
@GraceNote I was actually thinking you'd point out the hypocrisy.
@Powerlord I don't actually know your music tastes
@GraceNote I run a site named VGMusic.com. That's not a big hint?
@Powerlord Oh, right. I forgot about that. And you used to be associated with OCRemix, too
8:27 PM
@Powerlord Virgin Islands music?
Verve Records Music?
@Manaಠдಠ You're just now picking up on this?
Very Good Music?
Woah man. That site was like my favorite thing back in Grade 8/9.
valve games music?
The possibilities are endless.
@CruelCow We were doing things unrelated to video games.
8:28 PM
Did you think it was a different Powerlord that posts like almost every message on the site's main page or something?
since when is "video game music" a valid music taste?
@ArdaXi Well somebody just lost a vote
@CruelCow Obviously.
...I guess that counts if your music taste is "atmospheric background-ish music with little or no words", then I wholeheartedly agree.
@badp Around the time that "Video Game Music" became something the "cool kids" would laugh at you for ever listening to.
8:29 PM
@badp hey man, I like instrumental music.
@GraceNote After playing through that GBA Zelda game, I can feel sympathy for that.
Even if the instruments are electronic.
Not always electronic.
@Grace Right. Speaking of which, I really want to listen to Anamanaguchi.
@Manaಠдಠ I like videogame music too, but only because they tend to be designed as a syncopated musical background for whatever else you're trying to get done.
8:30 PM
Wow. I just disproved an accepted answer.
@Manaಠдಠ Oh, hey, I have a whole lot of their chiptune fare
@John Which one?
@John You should post a correct answer to supercede it, then
@Grace :( I like their live stuff better because they use actual guitars
@GraceNote I disproved the answer, but it still doesn't answer the question.
8:30 PM
and drums
Oh, looks like it's minecraft.se again
pokes chat Hey SE Chat, why didn't you turn that into a box link you usually do?
Q: Can you turn weather off in Minecraft?

Kevin YThe arrival of Minecraft Beta 1.5 brought weather conditions. However, it can at times be inconvenient when you're trying to screenshot something and show it off (as it reduces lighting and obstructs your view slightly). Is there anyway to turn weather off? Alternatively, is there a way to speed...

@Powerlord Better?
@Powerlord because he put @Powerlord at the beginning
@Manaಠдಠ Oh, right, that's stupid.
8:31 PM
@ThomasMcDonald We did get a decent enough video game music thing going on for a while
if he links it as a reply to a message it'll work but not otherwise.
@John Thanks. I'm stuck at work for another hour and can't read the main site.
Which reminds me, I should dump this What Is Love stuff to get back to TRANCENATION OF SUGURI.
@Powerlord You can get here but not to the site? I'll remember to be more descriptive.
@John Yup. Also, chat messages have a reply button if you hover over them, if you were wondering what @Mana was talking about earlier.
8:33 PM
@Powerlord Oh cool!
posted on August 10, 2011 by laura-dobrzynski

Even though we already have some awesome Stack Exchange merch for sale on our website, each of our sites is special. New sites graduate from beta on a regular basis (like Bicycles just the other day!), and they need their own swag. Right now, my domain is Photography. Everybody loves a t-shirt, sure, but we wanted to know what would be desirable and useful for photographers. How do we find tha

See? The picture disproves the answer, but doesn't provide an alternate answer other than "No".
@John The nice thing about the reply button is it puts a neat little arrow that you can click to see which message it was a reply to. Not that useful if it was the message just before, but sometimes it'll be up a screen or two.
@chaos Cosmic swag!
Okay, after a day of having the Chaos blog in this room: I don't think it's well geared for our room. Anybody wants to keep it?
8:35 PM
Hi chat!
@badp That's new.
@badp @LessPopMoreFizz wants to keep it!
@ArdaXi Enjoy it.
@Powerlord wat.
@Manaಠдಠ WE BROS.
8:36 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz As long as you're not... Bronies.
Also, Livin' De Life might be the greatest song ever.
@badp Something tells me I won't get to.
Yo, @LEssPop!
@Powerlord Never that.
AH garbled shouting
I should probably start looking up the lyrics to Wu Lyf songs. Oh well.
8:37 PM
@Manaಠдಠ I think it's better if you don't tbqh
@GraceNote Hio! Grats on the new gig!
What exactly are you doing for SOIS now?
@LessPop Yeah, I thought that most of Cave Song was in French until I checked that one.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks! There's a blog post on me.
Also Livin' Da Lyfe is ridiculous
@GraceNote Ah! I had looked for one and didn't see it.
I feel like torturing people... so.... ~No matter how hard I try, you keep pushing me aside, and I can't break through, there's no talking to you~
(I'm trying to get Cher's Believe stuck in your heads)
@Powerlord Hah! You can't get it in my head because I've never heard the song before!
@Powerlord You just accomplished that by making me replay the entire song in my head trying to find that lyric.
Cher's Believe is the song that inflicted Auto-Tune on the world. Isn't that enough?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is it?
Best version of Believe.
8:42 PM
@ArdaXi Yup! First ever use of auto-tune as a vocal filter for that warbly, duo-tone effect that we mainly identify with T-Pain now.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Only the Cher effect.
Oh that reminds me. I think you'll really enjoy this @GnomeSlice
(it had been used previously for it's intended purpose of correcting pitchy singing, but really, it's pretty inoffensive when used for that.)
@ArdaXi Nice try. I'm too busy listening to trance.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Anyway, are you saying Autotune is evil? GLaDOS would like to disagree with you there.
8:43 PM
@Powerlord Less evil than over-done.
I'm tired of auto-tune.
Auto-tune the news is also pretty funny.
@Powerlord Yes. But that's basically just making fun of how overdone and tired the whole auto-tune thing is
Here's my favorite one:
@Powerlord I don't really get it
8:46 PM
@Powerlord That is in fact the best one.
I love that Nigel Farage bit.
And I knew which one it was purely from the image preview in the youtube one box.
Don't really like what the Greggies did with it, but anyway.
@badp Your exposure to american pop music and hip-hop is pretty minimal then.
8:47 PM
um, I understand it's supposed to mimic the style
just... eh, that ain't enough to be funny
@badp And I'm saying that your lack of exposure to what's being mocked means that you aren't quite as attuned to the humor.
Mocking both american pop music and hip-hop, plus politics (mainly American politics, which are pretty messed up anyway)
@ArdaXi Ha, I wonder if that's real or a photoshop.
I'll go for the latter
8:55 PM
If that's a photoshop, it's pretty well done.
@CruelCow ¯\(°_o)/¯
there's... too many faces on Gabe.
@Lazers , vote to close.
Right? :/
@Powerlord You're late
I mean, the light checks out and everything.
8:56 PM
@badp It's that whole pesky "can't see the site" thing.
@Lazers ಠ_ಠ
@CruelCow Don't mind that, it's just @badp trying to manipulate things to make it look like you're crazy.
@Powerlord I feel like Lazers is talking to me, am I crazy?
Depends. Does Lazers look like a little teapot for you?

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