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8:00 PM
Yay cryptic installation message
@ThomasMcDonald Installing what?
@Powerlord TeX Live
off topic!
I told you to install LyX...
but I want to use TextMate :)
8:02 PM
Actually let's update MikTeX
Okay, so MikTeX doesn't want to update itself. :/
In other exciting TF2-related news, I got my most kills as a heavy the other day.
@ThomasMcDonald Yay.
I got my most backstabs as Spy the other day!
@Powerlord Also most destructions today
You know, I don't think I have the Argyle Sap achievement yet
I suppose I should try to get more Demoman achievements at some point.
8:17 PM
Just one more vote to close on the eating-zergs thingy and the community will agree with me more than @badp. And I'll win a moderator achievement.
@JuanManuel Your evil plans have been foiled.
Noooo... I don't get the achievement if you do it!
There should be moderator-only badges...
[• Piss off.] Close a question with your only vote right after the community reopened it.
opera.com <-- I lolled at the items listed for the download counter
8:21 PM
Q: Night Hunter vs Invisible Enemies?

TuxFurther considering invisibility mechanics in League of Legends, Vayne's Night Hunter innate ability increases her move speed when moving toward an enemy. I'm pretty sure champions beyond the fog of war are out of range, and the movement bonus no longer applies. (for instance, if someone flashes...

Apparently more copies of Opera 11.50 have been downloaded than Rebecca Black dislikes!
@Powerlord I think Opera may be exaggerating their download counts
@ThomasMcDonald Yes, I assumed that when the downloads counter was proceeding at a linear rate.
It does make me want to add myself to the counter.
Here. Have another download.
Also the last point is 35 million.
8:23 PM
@ThomasMcDonald They'll get there, eventually.
You know what, I just realized at least one file in this TF2 Votes extension is redundant.
Extensions can't call votes because they don't receive the vote results back.
(The SourceMod vote system handler for extensions has no OnTFVoteResults callback)
I should junk that file completely. And since that was integrated into the extension's main file, replace it with the natives (Plugin) file.
Bloody birds chirping away outside my window.
better than Jackdaws waking me up at 3am, mind you.
"Google Launches Google+ Social Network" <-- please put Google out of its misery now.
8:34 PM
All this hate for Google+, but really, can it possibly be worse than Facebook?
@JuanManuel Given Google's history with privacy and larger reach, the answer to that is a definite "Yes."
We'll see... they kill stuff all the time
@Rapida Why link the thumbnail and not the image?
poor, poor google wave
@Powerlord because I failed at linking correctly...one moment please
8:37 PM
@Rapida It's because SE chat doesn't think you're linking to an image because NerfNow doesn't use file extensions on its site.
nerfnow.com/comic/535 <-- I lolled at this, too. (also TF2 related)
@Powerlord Rather he didn't link to the image itself
try !http://www.nerfnow.com/comic/image/534
@badp The removed one was a direct link to a thumbnail image for the comic.
google.com/intl/en/+/demo is quite the cool piece of tech demo
except... some bits are done in flash?
like the 'instant upload' bit.
Actually all the demo uis are flash. Kind of a downer.
9:08 PM
@Powerlord Why? Facebook blows. I signed up for Google+ when it launches.
They make a very great point about what is a "friend"
If I add you, Barack Obama and my sister on facebook, they're on the same level. WTF?
@badp Unless you change it.
@ThomasMcDonald Google makes the changing a major part of the experience.
@badp but I don't really want to be bothered with changing it
I have no intention of adding close family on Facebook
@ThomasMcDonald This'd let you do that, because you wouldn't accidentally share "wrong" stuff with them.
9:12 PM
@badp but I wouldn't want to share stuff with them anyway.
We have to see how it'll work in practice anyway.
@ThomasMcDonald You're thinking of 'Sharing' as in RSS Share.
@badp No, I'm thinking of 'Sharing' as in internet communication outside of Skype.
This also aims to replace Skype btw...
I mean, it'd be almost trivial once they get internationalization right, considered that they already do Google Voice.
I for one will lay a giant meh on that.
9:20 PM
@badp nope.avi
There goes my faith in Gaming's moderators.
@GnomeSlice What happen?
@badp Question removed.
I didn't even get to see the comments/answers.
closed as off topic by Rapida, Raven Dreamer, Oak, Arda Xi, Jeff Atwood♦ 14 hours ago

Questions on Gaming - Stack Exchange are expected to generally relate to gaming, within the scope defined in the faq.

deleted by Marc Gravell♦ 14 hours ago
9:21 PM
You only got four comments too.
Not even just closed, removed
A broken youtube link is between those.
Mousetrap? – Kevin Y 16 hours ago

This is... more GnomeSlice-y than usual, even. – Raven Dreamer 15 hours ago

Use a Joystick! – Anzeo 15 hours ago

What, you've run out of shotgun shells? – YellowMegaMan 14 hours ago
"Use a Joystick"?
9:22 PM
So yeah, please, um, make sure you, er, post a question in the, er, question next time.
It was a question...
At any rate, I caught it last night, and my father drowned it. :/
No thanks to the cat.
@GnomeSlice 瞋
@badp ?
It was googling for "ಠ_ಠ" and searched "UNICODE GLARE"
pre-generating all format files (fmtutil-sys --all), be patient...
9:24 PM
That is Unicode Han Character 'glare with anger' (U+778B)
@badp If you're on chrome, get the 'look of disapproval' extension.
I am being patient.
but you've done this for the past 40 minutes.
9:24 PM
@ThomasMcDonald LyyyyyyyyX.
@badp I'm too far committed now man.
I find it still pretty awesome that there's a single ideogram that signifies D:
@Mana would be so happy.
At any rate, my laptop has heated up to levels usually reserved for viewing flash videos.
Suggesting that it may be doing something
9:26 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Making crispy bacon?
@Powerlord I do wonder sometimes.
In other news @Brant is having the time of his life
And I realize nobody cares about that, but this took me SEVEN HOURS TO FIGURE OUT so goddammit I'm allowed to be angry and incomprehensible
kill me
@Brant later
A: Weekly site newsletters?

R. BemroseNo, I wouldn't sign up. The newsletters have what appears to be random questions and answers in them. Considering how easy it is to favorite tags, the newsletter would be clearly inferior to just visiting the site. To do something along this line, time could be better spent adding the ability ...

9:27 PM
I'm going to go home and drink heavily. And this time, I have a valid reason.
There, I participated on Meta.SO for the first time in ages. Happy now?
@Powerlord Amused.
@Brant You don't need a valid reason to drink heavily.
Also I'm watching the upvotes accumulate.
@Powerlord @bad A++ would vote again
9:29 PM
Anyway, going home time.
Maybe I'll pick up a bacon cheeseburger for dinner... nah.
Bacon for dinner just sounds icky.
But anyway, at home, I need to do some TF2 extension stuffage tonight. If I can knock out the interface file and replace it with the Natives file, it might simplify things for me.
I wish stuff like that only started since the free to play stuff :(
10:27 PM
Hey @Robert
How can I fail you today?
10:43 PM
oh man sometimes engie is just satisfying
join on Steel
we're trying to get D and E, no engies before
I put up a tele on the 2nd try
I get MVP and 98 teleports
We get D but fail to get E :/
11:04 PM
Still feels good.
Q: How do I solve or bypass ISP mistakenly throttling MMORPG as P2P activity?

BrianWhen playing Ashen Empires recently, I've been experiencing uncommon and severe lag spikes and very frequent disconnects. After over a week of testing, I've narrowed the problem down to my ISP throttling this gaming activity because for some reason it's being interpreted as P2P activity. Char...

11:40 PM
oh dear, Street View reached into the small private street of the minor city I live in
...and it's 3D imagery
11:52 PM
TIL: Street View now has amazing coverage of Italy
Over and out.

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