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4:02 PM
Still haven't seen the original Ghost in the Shell
@Keaanu that's another one I would like to see.
Is there any sort of spoiler/hide tag for chat?
well not tag, but -something to hide text until it is hovered over.
@Keaanu One Piece is at 500+ eps and still going
@Wipqozn I don't think so, no
Q: Add support for the spoiler markup to chat

Tony MeyerWhen question links are posted in chat (manually or by the automatic system) they get auto-formatted so that the question title and some of the text is displayed. It would be convenient if the spoiler markup worked in chat, so that chat didn't get unexpected spoilers (especially in the case wher...

@Keaanu @Wipqozn you really need to see Ghost in the Shell
@FallenAngelEyes I've heard good things about One Piece
4:10 PM
@FallenAngelEyes It will probably go on for another 500. It's in the same vein as Naruto, and Bleach. They don't exist to provide some compelling story... just to make money, and to give people some simple action to enjoy.
@Mvy I watched Ghost in the Shell 2 as my first anime ever, and had no idea what was going on
@Wipqozn One Piece isn't nearly as marketing focused as Naruto and Bleach
Nothing wrong with that per say.... It's like the transformers movie. Those movies are god awful. But they are fun to watch (once).
You can't start with 2 season :P
even my brother had hard time with the first one :P
4:11 PM
@Keaanu And yeah, it's pretty fun and funny. I don't watch it but my b/f does.
I haven't watched any anime in a few years
except for the Hellsing OVAs
which are coming out slow as molasses
Still need to see the new Evangelion movies
@FallenAngelEyes I never watched the original series, but the movies are excellent. I never was really into mechas, since I assumed they were just mindless fights with giant robots.
I did watch the original series, which is also pretty wtf. I've heard from fans of both that the movies lose a bit of the characterization depth but otherwise are really well done.
I liked the way Bleach played out. People have recommended Dragon Ball as a similar series, so I'm currently d/ling them
Thing is about Eva is it's not about the mechas at all really, at the heart of it.
@Keaanu It's a fairly enjoyable series.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I've come to realize this.
4:16 PM
An ex-g/f of mine was huge into the Eva fandom.
@FallenAngelEyes Same as Code Geass
@Keaanu Are you watching the Animes? If so, watch the new veriosn of dragonball z. Dragonball Z kai. It cuts down on a lot of the filler, and actually ends the series an arc sooner (which isn't a bad thing).
Haven't seen that one yet
@FallenAngelEyes A lot of my friends back home are also big Eva fans, I haven't gotten around to it yet though
@Wipqozn Duly noted.
@Keaanu DB: Z Kai is 97 episodes, the original was just shy of 300 (the dub had less episodes then the original)
IF account for the arc that was removed, it would be 97 to 198.
Using wikipedia as a source of course.
4:20 PM
@Wipqozn Tempting. I may have to go home and restart my d/l
What I really want is short-but-great. Death Note, for example, was 37 episodes and took a weekend to watch.
@Keaanu This only applies to DBZ mind you. Dragon ball doesn't have a remake, which is fine. Since it was no where near as bad as DBZ. It did stretch a few parts out, but nat that bad.
Elfin Lied is 13 and takes a day.
I really liked Elfen Lied
Mushi-shi is 26 episodes. Which is a must watch in my opinion. Although it should be noted it has no over arching storyline.
Last Exile is a very good anime with an overarching storyline.
4:22 PM
Anime only covers 5 volumes of the (10 volume) manga, so should read the manga as well (if you read mangas)
Is Dragon Ball GT any good?
Kind of steampunkish.
@Keaanu Not really :/ The original creator had nothing to do with it.
@Wipqozn Bookmark'd
It was just made for THE MONEYZ
4:23 PM
@Wipqozn Dirty.
Have you watched Spirited Away ?
TAke not that it is a movie, not a TV series.
Actually anything by Hayao Miyazaki is worth watching.
@FallenAngelEyes I think I've heard good things about that too
I've only seen a handful of his movies though, although I have all his movies on my list of "need to watch".
@Wipqozn Yeah, Princess Mononoke was what really got my attention toward anime
It's kinda fantasy/steampunk, but great art and interesting story
4:26 PM
This reminds me...
Did the InuYasha manga ever end?
wikipedia to the rescue!
@Wipqozn Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind was decent, Howl's Moving Castle is a classic
@Wipqozn I've heard the name but that's all
@Keaanu It's from about 10 years ago. It was fairly popular. A prime example of a it will never end series.
although, it actually ended. Which I find shocking.
The defeated the big bag several times, but he would always escape or become MORE POWERFUL.
@Wipqozn Surprised twists are always better, like Bleach is known for
Noir is also an excellent series
@Keaanu It's not a surprise when it's the same "twist" every time.
Oh! Blame! is another good one. Not sure if it was ever made into an anime though... I read one volume of the manga, and it was excellent. I have not been able to find the other volumes though, hard to come by series :/
It has very little dialogue. The story is told mostly through the art. Very interesting.
, pronounced "blam", is a ten-volume cyberpunk manga by Tsutomu Nihei published by Kodansha. A six part original net animation was produced in 2003, with a seventh episode included on the DVD release. Plot Killy, a silent loner possessing an incredibly powerful weapon known as a Gravitational Beam Emitter, wanders a vast technological world known as "The City". He is searching for Net Terminal Genes, a (possibly) extinct genetic marker that allows humans to access the "Netsphere", a sort of computerized control network for The City. The City is an endless vertical space of arti...
4:35 PM
I don't have the attention span for manga :(
@Keaanu Gotcha.
Oh, have you seen Akira?
@Wipqozn I did, and honestly, I couldn't finish it
Akira is so fucked up
It's rather annoying when my computer randomly switches back to QWERTY from Dvorak. Which is what just happened (hence the '}" I had in my last post, if you happened to notice it)
Really? I rather enjoyed it. To each their own though.
Though its fame alone begets it a second chance
After Elfin Lied, not much can phase you anymore
4:40 PM
I like horror anime
Pet Shop of Horrors was great, I wish I could find more like it :(
@Keaanu l o l True. I've only watched the first few minutes of that series, and my tolerance for "wtf?" skyrocketed.
Beyond The Clouds is a fairly new movie, very serene and mindfuck-esque
Oh, it's from the same guy who did Hoshi no Koe
@Wipqozn The beautiful part is, the first few minutes are the worst (or at least the most critically controversial)
is a 90-minute Japanese anime film created and directed by Makoto Shinkai, following his previous work Voices of a Distant Star. As in the previous film, the soundtrack was composed by Tenmon. Unlike the previous film which was largely created by Makoto on his own, Kumo no Mukou was a full scale production as reflected by the better animation quality and the longer overall length. It has been broadcast across Japan by the anime satellite television network Animax. The film was licensed for North American release by ADV Films. Synopsis The setting The Place Promised in Our Early...
4:43 PM
which is like... emotionally devastating
Is the above wiki page what you are talking about @Keaanu?
For beyond the clouds
I like emotionally devastating. Reminds me of being in highschool again! :D
I like anime that's moving
Haibane Renmei was really good for that
The Place Promised in Our Early Days is a wonderful anime about following your dreams like Wings of Honneamise or Spirit of Wonder, and is just as good as either one. If Shinkai Makoto keeps making movies like this one, we may find ourselves saying, “Miyazaki who?”
@Wipqozn Yep, looks about right
4:46 PM
I like anime that's pornographic, like Love Hina.
(I kid, I kid)
y'all are making me want to watch anime :[
Above is from a review. That alone makes me want to see it.
@Powerlord's a harem fan, eh? :P
@Powerlord That does not surprise me.
Love Hina's not pornographic, but I thought it would be when I first heard about it.
I avoided it for a few years because of that.
4:47 PM
lol really?
Number one personally most hated conversation of all time: "I like anime." "So like, hentai?"
Every. Time.
it's a fairly fluffy shounen anime
I haven't seen it in a while
I should mention I've since seen it.
On a completely different note... Dear Dell, don't build USB ports into the left side of your monitors... it causes you to have to put devices in with their fronts facing away from you. Love, Powerlord.
(because side-mounted USB ports are always supposed to have the "top" on their left side)
Q: Should I follow the AI's suggestions on where to place my cities?

jSepiaI tend to build cities in tiles that give me access to luxury resources within the 5x5 fat cross and I try to build them on coasts whenever possible. However, the AI sometimes suggests very odd city placements, like on top of a resource, or on the edge of another civilization's border. How does ...

@Lazers Has Terminator taught you nothing? You can't trust computer AIs!
4:55 PM
@Powerlord This is the longest I've seen you go without talking about bacon.
It's good to see you've overcome your addiction.
@Wipqozn ...are you implying I'm an evil AI that has replaced Powerlord?
Error. Redo from start?
@Powerlord No... no not at all. Don't be crazy. Your mainframe must be on the fritz again, err I mean the heat must be getting to you...
Protip: You can use fried balogna as a step-down drug from excessive bacon abuse
@Keaanu If we can get powerlord to just stop eating bacon wrapped in bacon, I think that alone will be a victory.
@Keaanu Why would I want to stop eating ?
4:59 PM
@Powerlord That reminds me. How do you post a tog in chat?


Yes, yes they did.
@Wipqozn [tag:bacon] or [meta-tag:bacon]
@Powerlord What's the difference between the two methods ?
@Wipqozn One links to the main site, the other to meta.
@Powerlord yeah, I realized that after I asked it. Silly me.
Also, meta goes better with bacon.
5:01 PM
@Powerlord You know what goes good with ?
Oh yeah, I wonder if this computer has a diff tool of some sort on it.
Anything. Since it gives you something to eat other then the bacon.
I should probably post that in the bacon chat room.
GEt another star for my bacon hating ways.
@Wipqozn Usually, you don't eat by itself. Eggs, cheeseburgers, omelets... those all go good with bacon.
Oh, and I can't forget Potato, Chedder, and soup.
@Powerlord Actually, the one place I don't mind bacon is on a sandwich. Just a bit though, since it does add a bit more crisp to it.
5:04 PM
@Keaanu Pssh, that's some form of candy. It's not REAL .
Just saw it in someone's facebook profile picture. lol'd
What's that? My quota is full now? :/
Somehow, I find the idea of candy bacon extremely nauseous.
So, how about them games?
Needs to be in the next Epic Meal Time. (and gay bacon strips and gay bacon strips)
5:10 PM
I hear is free and you all need to play it.
Wait, this is a chat room about games?? o_o
> Either way, murder shall be had.
@Keaanu You wouldn't think so, based on the last hour or so of conversation. Still, it is a nice break from Minecraft and team fortress 2
that said
I feel like playing some team fortress 2... and Okami
'eeeeeeeeeey, Okami!
Finally got around to starting Okami last night
5:12 PM
Lovely game, that.
@Mana So I've heard. I've only played it a bit, so I can't comment on it yet but.. seems like it should be prove enjoyable.
Never played TF2, and only last week started Half Life 2 for the first time. I have a lot of catching up to do on classic PC gaming.
Well, I meant visually appealing.
I like Okami, but I'm boycotting Okamiden until Capcom changes their mind on Ace Attorney Investagations 2.
I finished playing through OOT 3D, so I finally decided to move on to Okami, which I've had back logged on my self for awhile.
5:14 PM
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Capcom America has decided that they're not translating Ace Attorney 2. Two reasons they stated were: 1. They were too busy working on Okamiden. 2. They don't want to start a new translation project for a DS game now that the 3DS is out.
I'm itching to play through Titan Quest with a buddy of mine, but we want to finish up our play through of DIablo 2 (I've already played them both before, but you know how it is{
Which is the best system to play Okami on?
@Powerlord Truly a tragedy. We had better get a fan translation, damn it!
@Keaanu I've heard that the Wii port is actually worse than the PS2 version... they removed some visual effects or something.
Which is a shame, because it would seem like Okami would be better suited for the Wii's controls.
(I've only played the PS2 version)
@Powerlord I heard a similar thing, although what I heard was in reference to the controls. Either way, I'm playing through it on the Wii.
5:23 PM
I do find it amusing that TF2 now has more concurrent players than CS and CS:S combined. It used to be third place behind both of them (and for a while, all 3 were behind one of the Call of Duty games.
@Powerlord Being free can help boost your population count. Not to mention the free hat.
Also, this finally came out today
I've never seen the extended, and only own the original on DVD. So mine as well buy it.
RE: Mercs was out today too. Not that I plan to buy it.
@Wipqozn Free hat is for existing players only.
I saw people mentioning that old players should wear their Gibus just so new players can (maybe) get one.
@Powerlord I'm aware. I meant it's the reason old players would return.
@Wipqozn The new items don't hurt either.
@Powerlord True. I seen the new(?) Engineer wrench, and have had a desire to play again.
5:35 PM
By the way, for those of you who don't know, while you can't hear the Tomislav when it's spun up, you can hear the Heavy prepping it (and stopping).
@Wipqozn Um... there hasn't been a new Wrench for some time. I've had my Omniwrench 8000 (read: The Jag) for a while now
@Powerlord New to me then..lol I have not played in quite some time.
And yes, the Omniwrench 8000 is a Ratchet & Clank reference if anyone was wondering. :)
I don't use my normal wrench or Southern Hospitality any more. It's either Gunslinger or Jag.
Yeah, the nerf (fire vulnerability?) is not very important
but buildings take long enough to build even with the jag.
@badp Jag does 25% less damage, Southern Hospitality takes extra fire damage.
Oh I remember.
5:38 PM
The thing about the Jag is that it promotes the build and move Engy strategy.
And I do that a lot.
5CP is still nightmarish for heavies still.
Tomislav heavies can kinda surprise you if you don't hear the "put my weapon in firing position" sound.
"Yeah, we're holding it now, time to start moving. Let's blow up the teleporters an--- OUR CONTROL POINT IS BEING CONTESTED"
@badp Yeah, I hate that.
My team actually helped me hold Gravel Pit point B the other day. :D
I died, my gun didn't, they protected it until I got back.
It wasn't a complete shut-out, as they capped A, but they never took B. :)
Gravel pit B is the roof right?
5:41 PM
@badp It's the one with the roof that Soldiers and Demos can jump on, yeah.
It's the last chance engies have to really shine. Point C is hard to sentry up and point D... meh.
@badp Gravel Pit doesn't have a point D... only A, B, C.
uhhh... I'm thinking of the wrong map then.
You're thinking Badwater.
5:43 PM
But yeah, point C sucks on Badwater. :(
well teleporters are critical if you want to hold it for any length of time, and it's relatively easy to do so
Well, after a quick steam roll on Granary yesterday, I managed to defend point B for a really long time. I remember someone on the other team complained in voice chat about how "that sentry gun is still there?!"
and I've seen many times holding for five-six minutes right after point C with a sentry farm
Is granary the 5CP map with trains along the central and final points?
or the 5CP map with the pipes connecting final and second points and the containers on middle?
Pipes one, yeah.
Freight is the trains one.
I usually start that map with a teleporter outside the second point
where the 100 ammo is.
with the 100 ammo back at the second point things build up quickly
especially because it's really the only sensible building point I know of while you hold the second point.
5:46 PM
I tend to start with a teleporter in the dropdown between B and C, but we got steamrolled so fast the first time, I skipped it and instead built up my Dispenser and gun.
Well, skipped building the exit.
I always build an entrance on 5cp.
If I go engie I always build it anyway.
For me, it depends.
Speaking of which, that new payload map is annoying with the spawn point changes
I still don't know where red's second spawn point is.
I never build a TP at the start of Dustbowl, for instance, as an uber will just knock it down anyway.
oh, on that map I just usually never get about to have everything ready in time on the first point
so I just build up on the 2nd and then help the engie on 1st, or build a dispenser near the team.
5:49 PM
You know how after point A, there's the spinning platform you have to wait for to spin into place before the cart moves, around the corner after that and straight ahead, there's a building. RED Spawn #2 is there on the top floor.
Yay, I have a good "meeting" today.
The lunch one with Melissa?
10 minutes until this month's "birthday gathering" where I get to be paid to eat snacks.
so, um, happy birthday?
No, everyone in the office gets paid to eat snacks and such for roughly 30 minutes
It's great.
I see. Happy munching!
6:27 PM
Apparently my department released our first Android/BlackBerry/iPhone app (well, the iPhone app isn't out yet...)
The irony being that despite the main SOM page mentioning it, the page it links to doesn't have links to the app stores for them.
:1231760 I agree completely.
You know, that message isn't as funny if it doesn't create the link.
Q: Email Distribution List for New Releases?

YuckSimilar to this question - Does anyone have or know of a list of PSN game release dates? I'm looking for a distribution list that I can sign up for where I would receive an email every week with the list of new releases. At least for PS3/PSN, but preferably for the major consoles and PC.

6:43 PM
@Powerlord That's not the way acronyms work...
6:54 PM
Wow, that zerg question is a nightmare!
My head hurts just looking at the comments. Or maybe it's because I just finished drumming. Either or.
Mine too, must be the comments.
so that I can hurt my eyes too :P
That, or the answer is "No, Zerg meat causes headaches."
Q: Is Zerg meat edible?

valugiWith the huge amount of zerg infestation combined with human appetite I was expecting to find more references about this aspect. There is now an Aiur Chef map, but I have not played that yet. What are the recipes in Aiur Chef which involve Zerg based ingrediants?

This is after @badp wiped the comments once. Looks like we're going for a second round.
7:01 PM
@badp Look, I'm not the one who came up with the acronym SOM.
@Mana I commented
> If you have reason to believe, based on the context, quality, and content of the question, that this user would not be a positive contributor to your community — I’d be inclined to close the question, or migrate it somewhere else where they’d fit in better.
Q: What determines the culture/gold gain from the Honor policy?

RapidaHonor now grants culture when barbarians are killed and grants gold per unit killed later on. What determines the amount of culture/gold gained after each kill? Just from playing I seem to earn more from the more advanced units but I was hoping for a formula.

@badp maaaaaaaaan
totally not chill
But it was a good speech. wipes tear from eye
Yeah, not chill, but sometimes it takes tough love.
Given that the nice love of fixing and reopening the question wasn't enough.
Well, I think it's more important to settle the debate between Raven and tzenes about the question's validity as opposed to chewing out a new user for saying that we're too serious.
7:15 PM
@Mana I honestly thought it was a lore question
apparently it's been changed into a map-specific question now
Originally it was
then it yeah
Although tbh it wasn't really much of anything to begin with
it was a subjective question asking "Hey what sort of recipes can we make out of Zerg units?"
then shenanigans
then the question became what it is now.
mutating question
Q: How do the leaders' AI personalities work?

jSepiaMontezuma and Tokugawa seem to be very prone to waging war on me, just as Gandhi is always very friendly, so I guess it's safe to assume that the leaders have different personalities. My question is: Does each leader have a pre-made AI personality script based on its historical counterpart? (fo...

We have a meta discussion about lore questions swaying from the canon, I just enforced it
However there's also the Pee Wee Herman Thing that should be taken in consideration
(and this is where @Juan beats the crap out of me)
Hi Juan!
7:28 PM
Oh dear.
Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.
I just came to see what you were discussing about that :)
Well I'm about to have dinner :/
yeah, gotta go. Later
bye, bon appetit!
Bon appetit
Have fun.
7:30 PM
protoss op, bg :/
@badp Make sure you eat your vegetables.
Don't talk while eating. It's rude. Chew slowly.
... or then there won't be cake
Make sure you arrive exactly on time, or there will be no pudding cup.
We were talking about eating @badp.
@JuanManuel: We were just talking about how you should play , which reminds me... I should edit the tag wiki for it if noone else has.
eating zergs?
7:34 PM
I played a game 2 days ago
I had played a guest pass and didn't like it
Hum I like this one
but this time I got a good team and had fun
I deleted all the games off my computer :x
7:36 PM
I should create a TF2 community ad now that it's free.
Yes, yes you should. Do we have our own TF2 server?
you did it on purpose?
@Mana Likely, no.
7:37 PM
But I regret it! Except I also don't regret it. It's a bag of mixed feelings.
Having said that, the other admin for my own servers wants to split away from our current community.
(current community being OCReMix)
Can you form your team with friends in tf2?
or is it always random?
@JuanManuel Depends on the server.
Most servers give you the option of which team to join when you join the server... it doesn't have a lobby system like, say, L4D2 does.
7:41 PM
so you should have all your friends connect to the same server and join the same team
@JuanManuel Yup.
Although, there are at least a few achievements you can only get if you have teammates on the other team.
Agent Provocateur Spy achievement being one.
I was shocked at how many achievements that game has
@JuanManuel 387, iirc.
I see @badp earning new ones whenever he plays, and he plays like all the time
7:44 PM
Some achievements in TF2 are easy. Some are hard
Some seem like luck
@Rapida and some are like "you'll never get this in a real game, go to an achievement server"
At least some of the more ridiculous ones have been toned down a bit.
Seriously, get 20 kills as a Heavy/Medic combo without dying... it's 10 now, which is still tough.
I think I finally got the Heavy version of that one recently.
well, I have 5 or 6 so I don't have to worry just now... plenty to get just by playing
@JuanManuel If you can get 5-7 in one class, you get an item. Then 12 or 17, and 17 or 22.
@JuanManuel I actually haven't got any in a while
7:47 PM
I'm wondering when Valve will rebalance the higher ones down.
Heck, I got an achievement a few days ago for ubering a Scout after the Soldier I was going to Uber died as I right-clicked...
(The Scout got 3 kills while Ubercharged)
badp achieved Team Fortress 2: Shoot the Breeze.
june 24
Likely my most recent achievement is the get 100 views on a video one.
@Powerlord Nice, I never seem to get good uber targets that actually manage the 3 or 4 kills
@JuanManuel Four days ago!
Speaking of which, everyone needs to go watch the 15 Backstabs in a Dead Man's Keep video so I can get up to 1000.
@Rapida Tip: The Kritzkrieg makes that one easier.
7:49 PM
you are right, it's like years in gaming time
@Powerlord I'll give that a try
I found the Engineer to be a lot of fun but a lot of responsibility for the team
Actually, I'm not sure how I didn't get the Uber a Scout while he gets 3 kills one before now. Probably because I never use the Kritzkrieg when I play medic.
So then I played as a soldier and just shot missiles to everyone
It was fun
@JuanManuel Yeah, it's so unforgiving.
7:50 PM
Would play again
@JuanManuel Soldier's a good class to start with. You aren't one of those "two shot" classes, and you can do OK even if you don't know the maps.
(Sniper, Spy, and Engineer all benefit from knowing the maps)
I usually suggest medic or heavy to newer friends. Heavy is really easy to play.
I'd rather start as a medic. It's invaluable to learn the map in the first place, so you don't get lost as a soldier.
Yes, not knowing the maps was frustrating for the engineer
@Rapida Really? I find it so hard.
7:51 PM
@badp I suppose that's true.
Of course, it helps if you know how to play a Medic, which (of course) isn't explained in the training iirc.
You're such a easy prey for snipers. And spies. And demomen. And if you aren't careful, scouts. And if you aren't careful, pyros.
(Pro tip: Secondary "weapon" for Medic is the heal gun, which is a point and click way to heal nearby allies)
@badp Spin up gun and walk around corner, I'm not expecting any great plays from them. They feel good doing big damage and usually survive a fight. I don't feel like the type of newbs I'm talking about would survive any fights anyway
Also you get ubered. Biiiig responsibility.
Well, people can usually look and tell not to uber the level of skill I'm talking about
7:53 PM
Ok time for podcast. /away_from_room
Of course, with Uber, just shoot any sentry guns or enemies in front of you.
Or, if you like, the wall.
Okay, I don't usually condone re-opening questions, but should this really be closed?
Q: Where can I find a transcript of Portal 2 dialogue?

Nicholas1024 Possible Duplicate: How to extract full audio or subtitles of GLaDOS sentences? I'm trying to find a list of the dialogue in Portal 2 (all the quotes, not just the popular ones, those I can find easily enough on wikiquotes or the like), but I haven't been able to find anything aside fr...

@Rapida When I'm a medic sometimes I just uber the nearest person just to not die before I can use it
I've ubered scouts, engineers, enemy spies...
@badp Been there, done that, got a surprisingly high number of assists that way.
7:54 PM
That sort of uber isn't really expecting much though, more like an oh crap decision. It is like me targe charge away as a demo
Fun fact: Medics get more points for assists than other classes do.
Sometimes I'm keeping two people overhealed at the same time, and I choose one to uber quasirandomly
( I just noticed this: "Every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to Minecraft and TF2. - 6h ago by Mana" )
I wonder what the guy that doesn't get ubered feels like :(
Fun fact: Killing a Medic who is healing someone is worth more points. Killing a medic who has a full (unused) Ubercharge (or is using one) is worth even more points.
7:55 PM
The worst feeling is when the medic has an uber, you start a fight expecting it and he gives it to someone else
So where do you go to talk about Gaming.SE these days?
and here.
@badp Not that one, it seems.
Oh, you can't link to a frozen room.
7:57 PM
@ArdaXi Outside of the .vpk with the audio files, the subtitle file can be found at \steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\resource\subtitles_english.txt
from the duplicate
Well, yes, but that's not what the question was about.
The question asked for a transcript, not the audio files.
but the other one asks for audio and/or subtitles
and the answer gives both :)
but anyway, it's my opinion
Installing [0001/2255, time/total: ??:??/??:??]: 12many [376k]

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