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1:52 AM
Q: Why match doesn't give me score?

BuddaAfter 3 weeks breaks I've played 4 matches (1 yesterday, 3 today). All of them won, but the problem is that on the profile page 2 first matches give me score (in "Result" column I see "Win (+30)"), but two latest - contains only "Win"? What does that mean? And Why I didn't receive my scores? T...

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4:36 AM
Q: Games like Roller Coaster Tycoon

NobitaI used to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and 3 and I loved it. I was in a gaming shop the other day and asked if it was a "new" Roller Coaster Tycoon that I could run nowadays... But no luck, there was no new RCT. However the guy told me a new RCT-like was coming soon, but I checked online and it...

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6:04 AM
Q: Can you play Baldur's Gate without a mouse?

gbsodI am currently forced to game on a laptop, and was on verge of viewing life as empty of all meaning, until I remembered Baldur's Gate (and Good old Games). My question is as above: can you play Baldurs Gate without a mouse, and what impact does mouse-less gaming have on your game (if any)?

6:31 AM
Q: Do TF2 dedicated servers require special config to allow players to get item drops?

CasparI was planning to set up a server using this configuration guide and the linked Windows Dedicated Server page at the bottom from the official team fortress 2 wiki. However, I don't see any mention of item drops or any server cvars I should leave alone to avoid breaking them. So is there any spe...

7:16 AM
Q: Games which can be helpful as a minor distraction

Senthil KumaranI spend most of the time in front of my computer in programming. I am looking for certain games which can be helpful as minor distractions. Some puzzles help, but they are not continuous, they are just one-shots. Are there games which have the following characteristics The game world is always...

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9:31 AM
10:05 AM
posted on June 27, 2011 by tzenes

In the 3rd Century the Han Dynasty was coming to an end. You probably don’t care that it has lasted 400 years, or that it had almost fallen apart 200 years earlier, only to be brought back together.  It may not matter to you that the turmoil of the land would bring about war; but [...]

Q: My PS3 suddenly says it has the wrong WPA key.

MelissaMy PS3 has been perfectly fine then it suddenly claims I have the wrong WPA key but I know its the right one since my PS3 was fine for 6 months. What could have gone wrong?

11:08 AM
Q: What combination of TF2 store items totals the closest to a multiple of 5$?

badpNow TF2 is free to play, and until you buy something from the Mann Co. store, you'll get some amount of nagging every time you login. MMMPH-MPH-MMMMMPHMMPH-MANN CO. STORE! MMMMMPH-MMMMPH-MMHPMMPH-HATS! MMMPH-MPH-MMMPH-MPH-ITEMS! MMMMMHPMMPH-MMMPH-MPHMMPHMMPH-FIRE! (There's one for every cla...

Q: Remember the game

Martin KpI am looking for a name of the game. I don´t remember much about it. It was 2d, I think you had to break away from prison, it wasnt very action packed game, I remember something about opening cupboards and lockers and such.

@Lazers I need a USer to give a reply to this using USD, prices are likely different there.
11:23 AM
Q: Remember the game #2

Martin KpI remember a pc-game, DOS game to be precise, somewhy i think it was called gladiators, you could be a warrior, archer, cleric. it was top-down i think a strategy game. You had to kill every enemy unit, It was like a battlefield. What was its real name?

12:05 PM
Q: Game where you solved a mystery in Paris?

fredleyI remember playing this game on Mac in about 1999. It was a point and click game, and you had to solve some kind of mystery. It was set in Paris I think. Here's a few things I remember: At one point in the game you used plaster of paris and a bar of soap to copy a key You collected a clown nose...

12:21 PM
Hum... seems there is a little crysis in Game Companies security
Welcome to a couple months ago
Lulzsec wants your password back
that's the 3rd or 4th mention of someone being stolen password of users...
stored plain text by the way
I've changed mine on EA site : your password contains unauthorised characters... WTF!!!
@Mvy I've never understood why people limit passwords to a subset of ascii, or even of unicode
Because they do not store them as hashes!!!
Then they have encoding problems with databases.
I guess
lazy programmers.
People are hopeless
well some specific subset of characters may make sense to disallow
12:26 PM
well... I just wanted to add ! and / ...
such as 'qwerty', 'asdf', '12345' or '" OR 1=1; DROP TABLE Users;--'
well there is something called "input sanitising" IIRC
and if you make hashes of password... you never ended with such problems
since the hashes are within a well known subset of chars
Well that was my "don't-get-me-started-on" time... thanks for reading
1:21 PM
Q: Does activating Zhonya's Hourglass interrupt your own channeled abilities?

StrixVariaThere are actually several kinds of abilities I'm interested in. There are some that channel (e.g. Janna's ult), and other abilities that are activated and have a channel-like effect where you can still take actions (e.g. Morgana's ult). How does Zhonya's Hourglass's active ability interact wit...

Sigh, even if I put TF2 to minecraft graphics mode, Hoodoo manages to drop my FPS to 8
typically 0.2 once I start actually engaging in combat
2:03 PM
Q: My base on minecraft is Jank!

cramscoolio9My base is an 8 x 4 cave and i only use it when i go mining it is well lit with 8 torches but when i go to sleep i will wake up in the middle of the night and die by a skeleton who spawned in my base i have doors on it and i dont get enought time from when i wake up to kill him so i die every mor...

2:33 PM
Q: Minecraft, non-digging flood.

cramscoolio9is there a way to flood an area without digging a tunnel from the ocean or a pond or other body of water? I dont want to dig it out i just want to put some watah in a hole

3:27 PM
I can't make heads or tails of the questions or answers
I feel like downvoting almost everybody involved.
2 hours later…
5:01 PM
Posted by Joel Spolsky on June 27th, 2011

Stack Overflow DevDays, the universe’s best conference series for coders, is back, and it’s bigger than ever!

Here’s the idea behind DevDays. You’re a developer. You’d love to learn all the latest hot new technologies. Things like DVCS, HTML 5, Node.js, CSS3, Hadoop, etc. The stuff the cool kids are all talking about on the playground while you’re stuck in the basement somewhere grinding away on Java Enterprise Visual Basic.

The idea behind DevDays is a fast, high-bandwidth, fire hose tutorial on at least ten interesting concepts. We’ll assume that you&# …

5:16 PM
Q: Can someone guide me in making an NPC house?

itpresI need help making an NPC house because I seem to not have made my first correctly, i know this because the Guide is not staying inside.

5:34 PM
The tomislav is so balanced.
(The guy had 10 dominations, not 8. Two people quit before I'd notice.)
5:55 PM
Q: Dismissal hint on pop-up boxes is nigh invisible

lunboks You can still read it if you strain your eyes a bit, but wasn't it black on yellow not too long ago?

Q: How do I get more tips in Tiny Tower?

NickOccasionally when I deliver someone to a floor via elevator they'll tip me one Bux. It can be difficult to stop the elevator exactly at the proper floor without any downward elevator adjustments, but it feels like I get tips more often when I get it just right. That said, I don't get tipped every...

6:16 PM
Q: Is there any point getting an S rank in all story battles?

AubergineI've recently played through all story battles in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 a second time in order to unlock titles number 67 and 76 (as per this FAQ, see "Which name Shall I Use?"). While doing so, I've managed to get an S rating in all battles except for the very last one, where you fight an awak...

7:10 PM
LoL Pvp.net is really getting on my nerves...
In other news there's still people under the impression that "10 MB" is a meaningful threshold for "large enough file you must wait til 'offpeak' (midnight) to download".
Okay, that's not exactly what the blurb says.
> The capacity of the supplied internet is sufficient for normal usage. It is possible to up- and download files under 10Mb in size without having an adverse effect on the speed and/or quality of the internet connection. It is also possible to up- and download large files (such as music or film files), but this is only allowed in the so-called off-peak hours (between 24:00 and 07:00).
well, 10MB is pretty large. I mean, you'd need to have nine 3.5" disks to hold a file that big. And you'd have to split it apart, too!
7:28 PM
Q: earlt 90's isometric dungeon puzzle game for PC

JamesI'm trying to find a game I played on the PC, I think in the late 80's or early 90's. It was an isometric adventure game set mostly in dungeons. The player controlled a party of 4 characters, each of a different class. The 4 characters were required to be used together to solve puzzles in many ...

@badp It's an awful weapon.
In that I can't decide whether it's a good or bad weapon.
What? Go through a corner and tear down everything.
It's an engineer nightmare.
Well. One of many, but the newest and a quite effective one too.
as if engineers needed any more.
The only situation when I can really see trouble is heavy vs heavy.
then it depends on the medics.
Tomislav vs brass beast can get ugly, yes.
@ArdaXi How's Ziggo as ISP?
Tomislav v. minigun has difficulty.
@badp Best, actually. Fastest, anyway.
7:37 PM
Well, I don't expect it to be awesome in a "student district" with tons of people on the same line.
Oops. I appear to have spent my evening procrastinating to the Glasto sets.
At any rate I expected choosing a building for my short stay to be kind of harder. There's just two choices: Amsterdam for €600 or Amstelveen for €400
Q: How to earn gold?

itpresI want to buy the Mining Helmet from the Merchant, but it costs 8 Gold Coins, and I do not have any. How do I get Gold Coins?

8:00 PM
I have a valid excuse to learn TeX now.
Because you needed an excuse?
Yes, because whenever I've started looking I've managed to talk myself out of it.
LyX, man
All the goodness, little of the pain.
8:13 PM
Q: identify game created entirely in assembly by some freelancer

mythicalprogrammerIt was a platform game like Super Mario but the hero got a jetpack flying around, I believe he have to save a girl. And there's a good story to it. Some developer wrote it on his free time. I guess I can't seem to find it. I believe it's playable through computer? And that there might be a sequel...

8:26 PM
@badp Then you're misinformed.
Ziggo offers cable, which is hardly affected by anything. It's not regional anyway.
So if the line is saturated, that's national, which means it won't be as bad.
8:43 PM
Q: Can I play .avi files on my xbox 360?

yodelmachineI have an Xbox 360 and a MacBook Pro, both connected to the same wireless network. That's as far as I've ever gotten.

8:56 PM
Q: What's the 4X space game with the 3D tech tree?

Allen GouldCan someone help me identify this old game? * mid 90s. * the tech tree was rendered in 3D, letting you rotate the screen * star systems were in 3D as well, and connected by point-to-point hyperspace * planets were on a square-grid system

Q: How far away do portals need to be so that they don't go to the same place?

aendrewI'm playing on a SMP server and am trying to use the Nether to link up all my disparate bases around the world. Note in the below, A is Overworld, B is Nether. I started with one portal (A1, thus spawning B1 in the Nether), and then created another portal a ways away in the Nether (B2), hoping i...

9:17 PM
@badp: If you haven't bought TF2 yet, could you upload a screenshot of the nagging screen somewhere?
@CruelCow TF2 was gifted to me before it was F2P. I only found out about the nagging from the translation server.
9:41 PM
user image
Not something I'd previously seen
gives a whole new meaning to tetris
10:41 PM
Q: How do you enable windowed full-screen mode?

Dave AndersenWindowed full-screen is preferable because it allows quick alt-tabbing without hiding the game display (which is nice with two monitors). How is the setting enabled?

1 hour later…
11:53 PM
Q: What are strategies for beating the PvP update challenge maps in Magicka?

Aviv B.I'm having a lot of trouble with the new challenge arenas that were introduced with the PvP update in Magicka. I got the Final Frontier DLC and am trying to beat the Vulcan arena (though I'm assuming this question applies to all of the new arenas); however, I can only manage to get to the second...


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