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Q: Why the first attempt is more successfull than most subsequent ones?

AnonymousWhen I play a game (various genres), I often notice that the first attempt to solve some level (or the first attempts after relatively long delay) is much more successful than subsequent ones? I expect that when I already know features of some level I will play it better, but this does not hold. ...

1:17 AM
Q: Why do video game framerates need to be so much higher than TV and cinema framerates?

callumIt seems that video games need to have something like 60 frames per second in order to be smooth and realistic. But TV and films only have about 24 or 25. Why the difference?

Q: Is there errata available for the Final Fantasy VIII BradyGames guide?

James SkempAfter many (many) years I think I'm finally going to sit down and play through Final Fantasy 8. I picked up the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide by David Cassady a number of years ago, and am planning on using that. (It's in beautiful shape, so I might have picked it up new ... yikes.) Howeve...

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Q: How to find a player's redstone clock (or other aggressive circuitry)?

Kort PlecoI'm an admin for a minecraft server where I suspect one of the players has set up a fast cycle redstone circuit. The reason is the server uses what seems to me to be too high of cpu for only one or two players logged in, and lately there always seems to be a bit of lag. I've found where he had ...

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Q: Where can I buy Battlefield 2142 with PayPal?

AaronThe EA store doesn't support the use of PayPal specifically for Battlefield 2142. I looked into some CD key websites and the only place I read that has it is this place and I really don't think it's trustworthy. Is there any other place or am I screwed because I can only use paypal?

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6:31 AM
@Mana Dude.
I got a... hat?
and it's pretty damn ugly
Oh, not an hat, a misc item.
I'll wear it on the soldier. Under the sallet, they just look like shades.
They actually are shades.
Okay, when on the character it looks better.
6:58 AM
also yay again trouble connecting to VAC.
I should ask about it on Gaming, but I know I won't really get answers
Let's try wiping the firewall rules of HL2 and Steam.
Not like it's going to change jack shit
Indeed nothing of relevance changed.
Let's see if it's a server-specific problem.
okay, it's not server specific, although this time it took much longer.
support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?p_faqid=374 has exactly zero useful information.
7:53 AM
Q: Game from 90's I played at school

David croftI'm trying to find name of a game I played in high school, all I remember is you'd have say for example a balloon a piece of string a light switch a tennis ball ect... And have to place to the correct positions then press start and watch the ball roll and pull the string which turns on the light ...

Wooo Steam has gone OpenID provider?
That's been so for a while.
8:08 AM
Q: Problems with playing Battlefield 2 where "My Documents" are not in the default location

tombull89I am having a problem with Battlefield 2 in where I recieve a error popup on game start (after the intro menus": LOCERROR_Unable to open current profile. I think this is down to the fact my documents area is stored on my home server, instead of the C:\Users\%username%\Battlefield 2 expect...

But it was not featured? was it?
I saw a large icon on gaming login page :P
@Mvy It's been there for a while actually
hum... well I do not logout enough then :D
8:43 AM
Just watch the first 60 seconds (from where I linked)
(Zone 3's are the boss ones.)
9:10 AM
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10:14 AM
posted on June 29, 2011 by DMA57361

I’d never touched upon the Assassin’s Creed series, but luckily for me Steam came to the rescue with some stupidly cheap prices during an offer week, so I managed to pick up the first two games nice and cheap. I’ve already played through the original and posted my take on that a few weeks ago, [...]

10:36 AM
> Wouldn't it be easier to just play through the Witcher 1 again? Should only take you an hour or two. – Wipqozn 8 mins ago
An hour or two? Really?
10:54 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I would imagine 3 at the most
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12:53 PM
Not really sure where I stand on that.
@Wipqozn Perhaps a better question is: if we launch this now, would you sign up
On one hand, I really, really like the idea of a newsletter. At the same time, however, I see myself getting little use out of it. I visit the site multiple times throughout the day, so it's rare I miss popular questions anyways.
@YiJiang I probably would, but I'm not sure if I would even read it (for reasons stated above)
It does seem like a good idea for uses who only visit once or twice a week (or slightly less), since it could give them incentive to return.
If it included blog posts as well (for the sites which have one that is), I could see myself getting more use out of it. If it included meta questions as well, I could see myself using it more (since I often forget to visit the meta).
To say the least, I'm not really sure where I stand.
Well, so long as it's opt-in I suppose it's not a bad thing either way. But I imagine I wouldn't be very compelled to use it either at the moment.
@TimStone Yeah, I say it's at least worth a shot to see how it goes.
1:15 PM
He's probably asking to the wrong people
If you're active on meta you're likely to not need the newsletter anyway
@badp Yeah, that's the main issue I'm having. I like the idea... but don't see myself using it.
Only reason it being in meta would help me, is just since I forgot to visit it :/ although now that I thought about that, it will probably change.
collapses from terminal laziness
@Mana Oh, I get it. You're lazy.
You're so clever.
1:25 PM
humph. :(
Do... do you need a hug?
I'm not offering one mind you, but I'm just curious.
starts twitching
@Mana Oh, you definitely need a hug then! hugs
Clearly you don't get enough potassium in your diet.
Wow, okay. Internet hugs for everyone!
1:27 PM
@Wipqozn Here, have a glow-in-the-dark banana!
Lazy internet hugs!
@YiJiang Bananas are bad ass.
attempts to hug @badp, ends up using him as support to stand up instead
Can't...work...like this...:(
@Mana Don't tell me maaaaaaaaan.
1:33 PM
218 slides to read in the next 10 hours. I can do it but will I?
oh, badp ruined that by having his message appear before my 'a'
Not while you're on this chat you won't @badp
@Wipqozn Fixed.
@Mana Actually I was screwing around on TF2, not on chat.
I know. I was debating saying TF2 instead of chat but I thought that was overly presumptuous of me
turns out it wasn't
Had you added me on Steam, you'd have known for sure.
1:35 PM
chalks yet another point up to @Wipqozn's law
@Mana I should submit that to a journal
I did try talking a bit about spiral knights too, but nobody joined me in the conversation™
Conversation is trademarked? Fancy.
For some reason, spiral knights makes me think about Rocket Mouse Adventures/Sparkster
nah, "to join in the conversation" is quite the buzzwordiness
1:36 PM
How is spiral knights anyways?
It's not bad.
It's a top down, er, fighter?
You basically travel around levels from elevator to elevator to explore the depths of this place.
1:37 PM
Good evening (it's morning where I am, just need to put that out so you can grasp the sheer hilarity of my statement)
and kill stuff in between for goodies.
The thing is, elevators cost.
@Wipqozn But...that's what I do!
You need 2.2 hours to generate enough energy to use them once.
15:38 here
@badp How long does it take to clear a floor?
1:38 PM
10 minutes?
@badp so, you get 10 minutes of gameplay every 10 hours?
So since you can't initially go any deeper than depth 8 (starting at depth 0)
and that depth 4 and depth 8 elevators are free
You need 60 energy for a full trip (if you don't die). Basically you can play once a day.
Want more than that? Gotta buy energy.
Weird and dumb.
1:39 PM
I like the new system Vindictus uses. That is to say, completely free. Only thing you pay for are extras like dyes, hairstyes, et cetera
Oh, wait, it's one of those F2P games? Nevermind.
Well, Spiral Knights doesn't force you to pay either. It's a pretty graceful F2P thing.
You can buy energy with both real hard money or the ingame currency.
You don't need to until you reach clearance to tier 2 anyway.
Well, LoL is F2P too, and ulimited... provided you can connect on the servers...
1:40 PM
I did it because energy was cheap tho.
Haven't checked yet the latest prices.
@Mvy I thought LoL had a cost?
@Wipqozn Some items can be bought for real money, yes.
> Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will be an experience that can be completed once per customer. Using a single, unwipable save slot Capcom ensures that a second hand customer gets a second rate experience. If you buy this game used, you will be stuck with the previous owner's progress, unable to start the game fresh.
@badp I thought the game had an actual fee, and then you had to pay them even more to unlock content
Not sure where I got that idea
@Wipqozn you can pay to have faster XP etc... or skins.
1:41 PM
What the hell, Capcom?
@Mana wat
LOL read that this morning @Mana
The one time game :P
Gamers, vote with your wallet
You cannot reset your save O_o!
@Mana better?
1:42 PM
@Mana yeah, annoying. Not a surprise though, this is the same company that charges us $10 for 5 costumes.
Thanks @badp. How does quoting work here?
Don't use newlines is the trick.
That's some super replay value.
with > quote ?
I didn't.
1:43 PM
Either way, I wasn't planning to buy it anyways. I already have the mini-game with RE4 and RE5 thank you
wait yes I did. Stupid copy pasta.
>We should do this just to remind mana of his mistake
now that is ironic
and hilarous
But yeah.
you accidentally mised a letter there.
So, Google+. Thoughts?
The XKCD comic on it was the first one that has made me laugh in a while
@badp Yeah I think the exact same thing.
@Mana It's in the starred list
I know.
I saw it.
I just starred it too. Boom.
I think the more tech orientated will move over to it, but the rest will stick to facebook. Must users who use facebook only use the internet for facebook.
1:46 PM
6 messages moved to Sandbox
@Mana Boom.
Even if it forces Facebook to roll out their version of Circles, it'll still be a win.
I won't be making the switch, but I only use facebook to talk to one person and troll random people anyways.
As I said, it's stupid to "friend" your sister, @Mana and Barack Obama and place them on the same level.
And Video Chat. And Sparks.
@badp We're not friends on Facebook though, but the other two are.
And not just because it's stupid to friend @Mana.
(but it is)
1:49 PM
@Mana Duh, I'm not on Facebook! How's the rock on my shoulder lookin' like?
@Mana Maybe you are? Perhaps @badp is really your neighbor.
Creepy. The rock on your shoulder looks creepy.
Is that an expression? Rock on my shoulder?
'Are you living under a rock?'
Oh, I see. So it's like a nonce word then.
Nonce. Not even once.
1:54 PM
welp, bbl, messing around on hackthissite
2:16 PM
Hrm. So, no Google+ for me.
@badp Maybe he doesn't have any friends?
@Wipqozn Google+ doesn't even know what a "friend" is
What worries me slightly is that you might not be able to put the same person in more than one circle.
That'd blow.
I'm trying to imagine how to explain to users (like my mom) what happens when somebody is in "people I don't know" and "people I know well" circles at the same time. What's their resulting privacy status?
Is it an AND or an OR combination?
2:29 PM
It'd be MAX.
Simple example: If you're my brother, and you're in my hiking group, I add you to both circles and you take the privileges of both.
My mom* won't understand that. She barely understands facebook's rudimentary privacy settings as it is.
(* or whoever, you know)
Actually I don't know how Facebook's privacy settings work
so I can't comment there
Of course I'm just rambling, I have no idea how google+ works
@badp That would just be... stupid :/
@Wipqozn It is worryingly stupid, and it might just be the way it is, if you look carefully at the intro videos.
2:40 PM
If that was true, it would completely defeat the purpose of the site. It would just be so limited :/
Q: Cityville: How is Cash different from Coins?How to earn Cash?

Kiran RavindranathanI see Cityville has both cash and coins. I know how to earn coins (Rent,Business etc). But I don't see an option to gain more cash.There are things I can buy using cash alone.Only way I know to gain cash is when moving on to next level. Can somebody please explain me how it differs and the means ...

3:03 PM
Hey all, I'm using your site as a guinea pig for testing the asia-enabled CDN zone for a couple of hours; let me know if any issues come up (and if you're in asia, if you see any improvement in static content download)
@balpha Do we get free for this?
I'll think about it.
what are the current cdn locations?
do we have some map/meta post?
blog post maybe?
LA, Seattle, NY, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Virginia, Hong Kong
3:11 PM
And Baconville, of course.
Well, imgur has a CDN right here in Singapore, but I don't see any noticeable difference in the speed
Q: Two cities sharing resource square in Civ2

glowcoderI have two cities sharing a resource square in Civilization 2. It seems like it's a bug. Now, I don't want to unclick it because, well, it's on a wheat between the two cities, and you can't go wrong with a shared wheat!! Has anyone run into this before? If so, under what conditions were you able...

@badp Why do Italians call The Hague 'L'Aia'?
@ArdaXi For its chicken capabilities?
@badp Huh?
Farmyard ?
I feel like playing Harvest Moon now
I find it confusing that people even translate the name.
farm me some turnips
@ArdaXi Fascism liked that a lot.
"Nuova Yorke", "Alberto Einstenio", etc.
3:20 PM
Den Haag is a short version of 's Gravenhage, which meant something like 'the forest of the count'.
Haag in contemporary Dutch would mean something similar to a hedge.
I was also just about to correct Stephen Fry on the bloody pars pro toto until I realised The Hague was in Holland.
Q: Battlefield 2142: Playable on Recent Mac Air?

DonnniegoatIs it possible to play Battlefield 2142 (Mac version) on the most current version of the Macbook Air? Ideally, I would prefer to play on osX, i.e., not through windows.

4:11 PM
(I'm probably quite late, but I didn't see it in the starred list)
Oh, nice!
In other news World of Warcraft also has gone F2P (up to level 20)
@ArdaXi How that happan?
@badp Guess I'll start playing now
@MarcoCeppi It's been nice knowing you. Please don't send me postcards, they can't reach from inside WoW to me so spare yourself the (appreciated) effort.
@badp My girlfriend plays - I understand the gaming mechanics and the potential to life-suck
4:26 PM
It's why I've avoided it at all costs...but it is rather tempting...
Q: Revert something you crafted to its raw ingredients?

WipqoznIs it possible to break an item down to its raw ingredients? Such as breaking an Iron Bar into 3 Iron Ore? On a similar note, is it possible to undo something you've built right after building it (before using it or placing it in your inventory)? Since it's only one button click to make someth...

Does anyone know if that is still true?
I have not played in awhile, and it occurs to me (as of patch 1.x.x) should really be edited into the answer
Cant wait for 1.8 :)
wonder if Terraria finally pushed them to do some adventure related updates.
@Loktar I only played it for about a week, although I intend to go back to it
oh wai,t minecraft
not terraia
only played minecraft (free version) for an hour
oh really?
Is SE also going to go F2P?
4:35 PM
its a life draining game for sure.
but pretty fun.
Not my cup of tea. I just don't have that type of creative mind.
I enjoyed Terraria more I think though, due to some actual goals to try and attain.
Although I have the urge to play it sometimes.
Free use until 1000 rep. Buy 100 upvotes for as little as $.99.
@ArdaXi What a deal!
4:37 PM
@badp Essentially, they just removed the number of days from the free trial thing.
The problem is, you get to level 20 rather quickly in WoW.
What do you mean by that btw?
"rather quickly" in a game that's been around for, what, 6 years is a very 'interesting' concept.
@badp Well, level 1-10 takes 2-4 hours depending on if you know the game or not. 11-20 probably takes another 8 on top of that.
What's the trial, 14 days?
I'm guesstimating here, though.
@Powerlord You're right. I've never actually played WoW, but friends have told me it's rather easy to get to level 20 in a week, let alone two.
4:40 PM
Wait, that's 8 before they changed everything around, it's likely lower now.
@badp Thank you for crediting the right person.
...so what's the point of expansions that cover 20 levels?
@ArdaXi Heck, I got a character to level 48 in a week a month or two ago.
I mean, okay, exponential growth
Also, what happened to the Google bar?
4:41 PM
@badp expansions are just there to give you more end game content.
they extra 20 levels are.. I don't know. They could easily do without them.
@badp Non-free players have a level 70 level cap, 80 with Wrath of the Lich King, 85 with Cataclysm (plus access to Goblin and Worgen races)
@ArdaXi Is it black for you as well?
@Powerlord Wasn't it 50?
Well okay now the first expansion is indistinguishable from the core game
@badp No, it was 60 when the game launched.
and 70 in Burning Crusade, which as you noted is now part of the core.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... in WoW, free players have a limited number of times they can use chat channels, can't trade with other players, and can't use the auction house. I'm not even sure they can join guilds.
Since the Auction House is the main way of making money, at least for lower level players...
(Pro Tip: There are always people who are buying low-level items to level up enchanting)
Sounds like those people are screwed!
I mean, I didn't expect a lot of people to open up their wallet, but some amount of this has happened.
4:47 PM
I played WoW for a bit. Had a few characters, although none of them ever hit 50.
Enough to grant me, of all people, the professor speks.
I suppose I should help coach someone just to get the speks... er... I mean help someone new because I feel generous.
My quest for 10k is now 90% complete. Mod tools will soon be mine once again...
@bwarner I'll make sure to down vote your answers/questions whenever possible then
err I mean... upvote, yeah
@bwarner I will find another person who will answer all the questions you usually would, just like TheAnnoyingPyro has done to me.
That'll slow you down!
5:00 PM
in all seriousness though
Again? Were you a mod in the post?
I had mod tools for a very short time before the beta ended, the rep requirements were much lower during beta
@bwarner ah ok, gotcha
How long hos gaming.SE been around ?
About a year now

Launched Q&A site for passionate gamers from all platforms (computers and consoles)

yeah just thought to check area 51
8 months
beta 11 months
Didn't realize it was so "young". Thought Gaming.SE had been around for longer.
7/7/2010 is when we launched
so we go full circle in 7 days?
5:03 PM
@Powerlord The problem is that I don't really have a goto game right now. Dungeon Siege 3 isn't generating very many questions or answers, and the rest of what I play isn't very hot any more.
Web Apps is 1 year old tomorrow.
I just got Terraria as a birthday present, maybe that will help. Although I think most of it has been covered already.
@bwarner Most of the games I play right now (see: all) are older games
So I'm in a similar boat it would seem
@badp What are we doing to celebrate? (I'll be on vacation so I wouldn't see it anyway)
@bwarner No idea.
5:05 PM
@badp Free swag for everyone!
that would have worked better with party streemers
It's kinda too late for that.
When I say everyone, I am, of course, talking only about myself.
Coming soon: RanchTown for Google+
Actually, yes. I make that prediction now. There will be an endless wave of Google+ games with "+" needlessly added on the end.
@Wipqozn Good point
5:21 PM
Wait, party?
tf_birthday 1
This code looks so stupid. I essentially have a dummy file that is the main extension interface that then has two other objects it manipulates to do the actual work. I tried putting one of these into said file, then the other, and having either one there causes the other to fail.
So I end up with a dummy file. Yay...
@Powerlord I feel like playing TF2 now. Which I have not done in quite sometime.
I keep saying that though.. then wind up playing something else instead.
@Wipqozn I would say "People are on red.ocrtf2.com:27015 now!" but it looks like the server's full.
@Powerlord Do you mean 'get on'?
@Wipqozn Well, that would be the implication, yes. :P
Without actually saying "Get on"
@Powerlord ah, you said "Are on" and all
Is the server you posting a gaming.SE one ?
5:27 PM
@Wipqozn No, because Gaming.SE doesn't have any TF2 servers.
They're the OverClocked Remix servers. Which I run.
@Powerlord oh snap
really now?
I shall bookmark thos
eI love OverClocked Remix
The vast majority of the music I listen to is from there (Listening to Doom remix album right now in fact)
blu.ocrtf2.com is the other server. Which is our main server, but empty... our secondary server has the appropriate settings for Valve's QuickPlay system, so tends to have more people on it.
but I'm at work anyways, so can't play
Oh, by the way, series #22 crates were added to the game yesterday under the name Summer Cooler.
Like Winter Crates, they take special keys to open.
Those crates may not be dropping yet, though...
5:32 PM
If they're anything like Winter Crates, they'll drop for a week or two before the keys become available.
(and said keys will revert to standard keys when the event ends)
The wiki says they expire July 11th, seems awful soon
Winter Crates had double normal odds of dropping hats. I've heard they also had double odds of dropping unusual hats, too.
@Rapida Yes, that does seem a bit soon.
I'll check items_game.txt to see if they have an attribute or something that has the expiration date.
If I can remember where Valve put it.
@Powerlord Check it out and tag me with the news, I'm off to lunch
Whoops, it's scripts/items/item_games.txt
@Rapida "expiration_date" "2011-07-11 23:00:00"
Name (in tf_english) is "Refreshing Summer Cooler" with description
"This cooler's contents are unknown and
normal keys don't fit the lock.

You'd better hold onto it.
There'll probably be a way to open it later."
Also, is there some reason that this site uses shift-enter instead of the usual ctrl-enter for multiple line messages?
@Powerlord I always thought shift-enter was more common.
5:46 PM
@Powerlord I hope not. :/
Incidentally, this tells us the likely end date for the Steam Summer Sale.
Weird, I thought the Summer Sale was usually longer than a week...
I swear it was two weeks or more last year.
@Powerlord Perhaps they've decided to only somewhat destroy our bank accounts this year?
Anyway, I still expect it to start tomorrow.
@Powerlord Are you just guessing? or do you have a reason for thinking that?
I would be quite happy if it started tomorrow
@Wipqozn Valve tends to do major things on Thursdays.
Also, it seems like last year's summer sale started on a Thursday.
5:54 PM
@Powerlord hmm I see
I'd lol if Valve put the Liberty Launcher on its sales list.
(because Monday is US Independence Day)
Q: Should we make an effort to reduce unanswered questions?

bwarnerOur rate of unanswered questions is quite low, but it could still be better. Looking through some of the top voted questions that are still unanswered, a number of them fit this pattern "Is there a way to do X?" In many cases the answer is probably "No", but since it is hard to be conclusively...

@Powerlord and Friday is Canada Day for... well, Canada
That is to an extra day off. so woot woot and what not.
There's a certain irony that both the US and Canada have a 3 day weekend, but for different holidays.
Doesn't happen most years.
Q: my cod blackops online prestiges are gone

e-turhanyesterday I have started the game and I have seen that my blackops online level is 0 all of my scores(prestiges also) had gone. I was prestige 10 and level 34. What can be the problem here and how can I get back my scores?

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