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12:23 AM
Q: Starcraft II Tech Tree in Battlenet

Marty WallaceAfter many many years of StarCraft 1 I've finally built up the courage to face possible disappointment in StarCraft 2 and bought myself a shiny new copy of it. I've played my way through 10 or so campaign missions and am definitely not disappointed - the way they've stayed really close to the or...

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1:39 AM
Hey @tzenes - you mind taking a gander at this meta thread? I'm not sure if you had or hadn't seen it. meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2416/…
1:53 AM
We really should have proper merging
for duplicates
2:36 AM
Q: How to install DeathMatch Server on Mac OSX for Counter Strike: Source

Nitin KhannaI have a Steam Account and have installed Counter Strike:Source on my Mac OSX. I am bored of the local servers... How can I setup a DeathMatch Server on my copy of CS:S?? Please tell me what to install if there is something needed to install... Thanks!

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3:37 AM
Q: Is a single set of armor feasible for tier 3?

Nicholas1024In Spiral Knights, since I've reached tier 2, I've noticed that I take a lot more damage from elemental and shadow attacks than I do from normal ones. After doing a little research, I've discovered that this is because damage is split into 4 types (normal,piercing,elemental,shadow), and your armo...

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4:49 AM
Q: There's a Mouse in my Gaming Room. What do I do?

GnomeSliceThis little bugger keeps startling the crap out of me, zooming around this room I do my gaming in. Every time I catch him out of the corner of my eye, I think he's a big cockroach or something for a moment or two. What can I do about this?

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6:34 AM
@tzenes We do, but it's a mod-only thingy.
6:54 AM
@tzenes When you see something deserving a merge flag
Hi there. What is that last question?
is it about a game?
7:18 AM
Closed by Jeff, deleted by Marc? Interesting.
8:08 AM
Sentry jumping is so wrong
and I play mainly engineer
8:25 AM
SE chat really needs long-term activity graphs. It seems as though it's been declining a lot lately.
exams and stuff.
8:41 AM
Well, yeah, but I mean longer-term.
3 hours later…
11:15 AM
Q: is zerg meat eatable?

valugiWith the huge amount of zerg infestation combined with human appetite I was expecting to find more references about this aspect. There is now a Aiur Chef map, but I have not played that yet. Do you know any good zerg receipes?

12:15 PM
@Lazers I have to admit, I'm rather curious now myself. However, I can't help but feel he just posted the question as a joke and I can't approve of people just posting questions as a joke. All that will serve to do is take up space on the site.
1 hour later…
1:16 PM
Yo dudes.
kicks @Arda where are all my dudes at
@Mana Dudes are going for 20 pieces ol' eight a piece! Get them right here, cheap ol' second hand dudes!
@Mana Bored?
Oh, there we all are.
And yeah maaaaan. So bored.
I don't want to study economics, I don't want to study up on how to be a penetration tester, stats isn't appealing right now
what do I dooooooooooo
@Mana Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft? From what I've gathered, they are the only two games anyone on The Bridge plays.
Ooooh. Harsh.
I do agree that there is a lot of discussion about those two games though.
1:24 PM
@Mana I'm a rebel, what can I say (plus I didn't mean it to to sound harsh :P)
But really, just like how there should be lots of questions for each game, there should be lots of discussion for each game
TF2 and MC are just really popular for some reason
@Mana Hey now, don't diss economics. I found it to be brilliant
I didn't diss it maaaaaan, I just don't want to look at it right now
Economy is boring. Well, the way they teach economy at engineering is boring.
And they basically teach you how to fill forms when doing balancing (kill me now) and how to study investments (which actually was kinda interesting)
1:27 PM
@YiJiang In my economies class, we spent an entire class learning y=mx+b. I was pursuing a Math Degree, so as you can imagine, I was dying on the inside.
@Wipqozn Man, there's a multiplication in there. Tough stuff.
Here's that star since you worked so hard to rearrange those messages, @Wipqozn.
@Mana haha thank you :P
You gotta be careful there! A billion here, a billion there, soon it sums up to become real money.</obligatory>
Awwwww... we are looking at microecons in the first year - models of how the market works
1:27 PM
@badp True!
@YiJiang Oh, crap, really? Maybe I shouldn't be reading a macroecons book then...:x
whassup @Thomas
In other news
> Already implemented are new complex terrain features, at least one new mob, some interesting new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine, and some experimental new gameplay ideas. To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages.
@ThomasMcDonald Just the person I've been wanting to see! Where is your picture from? I keep seeing folks with similar pictures, and I've been dying to know.
Minecraft says to Terraria, "challenge accepted!"
wwaaaaaagh popularity.
1:29 PM
@Mana hey man(a)
@ThomasMcDonald tmi
@ThomasMcDonald Thank you! I don't want one myself, but I've been most curious.
@Thom uses that avatar since he's afraid to face his true face
1:31 PM
@Man uh.
@Mana Someone looks very drunk.
But it's okay. We all know that last name's a lie and that you're really the lead singer of Radiohead.
Look like I'll just go back to that aptitude test, the hatred is scolding.
That wasn't hate man
1:32 PM
that was me comparing you to the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME's lead singer
if hipsters are to be believed
@Mana Crazy hipsters.
(but Radiohead seriously is a sick band)
Haven't those hipsters ever heard of Phineas and the Ferbtones?
big fan of Nero at the moment
drop everything
1:35 PM
also, I think I may have said I'm going to see Arctic Monkeys.
this band is the best.
but I'm going to see Arctic Monkeys at the end of october.
@Thomas aww yeah!
According to @mollstam, there's about 1800 game launches per minute. I have no idea how many concurrent players that translates to.
that's a lotta minecraft.
1:35 PM
That is a disgusting statistic.
Also, TF2 had over 100k concurrent players the other day
Which I think was the most for any Steam game ever.
Also @Wipqozn's theory of bridge gravitation is proven to be a law.
1:38 PM
@Mana I'd imagine at Minecraft HQ they have this huge "Hours wasted on Minecraft" counter that's spinning so quickly the numbers become a blur
@Mana, re: economics, you should study the economics of EVE Online and how the $68 monocle is causing something to happen to the economy
Wipqozn's law of gravitation. Every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to Minecraft and TF2.
@Mana problem?
@Mana I'm a genius, really.
1:40 PM
@thomas umadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumad‌​umadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumadumad
ad infinitum
No, urmad. I no mad.
Well, okay then.
@Mana HE put you in your place.
@thedaian Haha. Yeah, that is...something, alright. :x
Price your stupid stuff too high and you end up with mass EVE rioters. Rioting inside...a video game. hm.
@Mana EVE. Serious Business.
1:44 PM
That's an interesting piece of economic insight, isn't it?
@thedaian Simple: Given that the item is extremely exclusive and it's status symbol dependent on it's price, it could be see as a form of Veblen Good and violate the laws of demand. Of course, that analysis does not include the people now pissed off at how CCP appears now as a greedy bastard
Only @sjohnston can put other people in their place by administrating the hard justice of his massive keyboard.
@YiJiang Thanks for giving me a name to my hate for golden wrenches and the such
haha, @YiJiang. Now who's going to write a thesis on the economics of EVE Online?
(looks at @Mana)
1:45 PM
The snob effect is a phenomenon often observed in the field of microeconomics that refers to the situation where the demand for a certain good for individuals of a higher income level is inversely related to the demand for the good by individuals of a lower income level. The "snob effect" contrasts most other microeconomic models, in that the demand curve can have a positive slope, rather than the typical negatively sloped demand curve of normal goods. This situation is derived by the desire to own unusual, expensive or unique goods. These goods usually have a high economic value, but low ...
Also related, from inside the article:
I would mention hats right now but well
I'm afraid that might return to that game
Brilliant name.
@Mana It will anyway
So what do you have to lose?
@YiJiang Are you making comments about my TF2 unusual hats? And yes, I'm aware that I have them just for the snob effect. :D
On the other hand, @Powerlord has no such inhibitions
1:47 PM
@ArdaXi and @badp I think you misunderstand what I mean
@badp Exactly. Remember Wipqozn's Theory of Bridge Gravitation @mana
proper merges would mean that when a question is closed as duplicate both questions can see eachother's answers
that way there is no longer an issue of which is closed as duplicate of the other
@tzenes When you click on a link to a merged question you're redirected immediately to the other
@Mana The only thing was that they had to be ones I liked. As opposed to Max's Severed Head which I didn't.
@thedaian Actually, I believe there are formal analysis of the EVE Online given how the flexibility of the online game's market allows for it to be used as a model for real life markets
1:48 PM
so the merged question... vanishes, unless you click on a link that goes specifically there. (?noredirect=1 or whatever)
Although, now that you can paint it, it's not as bad.
@badp I am aware. That is not the behavior I desire
@Wipqozn We remember it all too well. That's why I'm afraid to talk about it. Thankfully tzenes was there to take the topic in a completely different direction.
@Mana Surely, @tzenes is a hero and a saint.
@YiJiang I'm sure there are. It's actually a pretty cool thing, it's like Second Life without the furries.
1:49 PM
I've seen it somewhere that says that CCP actually employs economists to help them analyses the game's market.
The original problem is which question should be closed as a duplicate of the other
@tzenes So what you're looking for is sorta like hard links? Two questions, same answers, add an answer to one and it becomes an answer to the other? I'm not really sure that's a good idea
@YiJiang I think it's economist, singular
under a system where both questions get eachothers answers (what I term a proper merge), then this is no longer a problem
The problem is you're answering more questions than you think you are. No two (real) questions are truly identical, and you'll be giving a somehow off-mark answer to a question without knowing
1:50 PM
from a coding perspective it would be: renderquestion(questionid), renderanswers(questionid), renderanswers(duplicatesId(questionid))
So mark them as merged from the other question
this is not rocket surgery
@badp downvotes answer that doesn't answer the question it's listed on
@tzenes Remember that one time you made a JSON table of game names to make it more easily parsable? That was beautiful.
Well yeah
it was a hash of different kinds of games
where each key hashed to a list
all in json
1:52 PM
F2P is killing TF2.
also, on a completely unrelated issue, vote to reopen: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/25426
No way should I do that well.
@tzenes I like the question, but I'm fairly certain he just posted it as a joke.
That may be, but we should make a real question out of it
questions of cannon are valid on this site
1:54 PM
@Wipqozn The poster's intentions should have nothing to do with whether or not the question should remain open or be closed.
@tzenes That's fine with me.
@ThomasMcDonald Your screenshot doesn't really indicate why you're saying that.
@Powerlord No, it doesn't. I was being an overdramatic SPUF user.
@Mana If the question is worded in a way in which it is a joke, I say it would. If we reword it, I would be fine with it.
Like I said in the comments, I am very curious now myself.
Apart from the fact I would usually get ~20 points, and I have done nothing differently.
1:55 PM
fair enough maaaaaaaaaaan
@tzenes Let's migrate to Cooking.
Having said that, I wish Valve would make their server-registration thing on their website instead of in-game.
Cooking doesn't deal with cannon in video games
@Powerlord Server registration thing?
@tzenes Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the question before voting to reopen?
1:55 PM
I found out red.ocrtf2.com I had apparently only copied half of the token it gave me into the config file.
@tzenes Clearly we need a new SE site then.
@tzenes I know I was kidding.
@badp I laughed if it's any consolation.
@Mana I did some
you can edit more if you'd like
1:56 PM
@badp It's required before your server will show up in the QuickPlay system.
hey so you did
cl_gameserver_createidentity or something silly like that.
and cl_gameserver_list to see what servers you have registered and their current standing.
STRANGELY, the current IPs and stuff aren't listed nor are the server names, so you have to remember that server id 2038 is your first server and 2039 is your second server.
I just made those numbers up, but they're close to my actual server numbers.
@Tzenes Maybe we should have both the "canon references to Terran or Protoss eating zerg" and "Aiur Chef recipes" as part of the question? He seemed to be interested in both kind of.
Oh yeah, Valve is supposedly trying to optimize their srcds server performance now. One of the changes they made yesterday effectively dropped the maximum max_fps setting to 500.
I think only one answer exists to both questions
there are no other cannon references, no is there a guarantee that aiur chef is cannon.
2:00 PM
@tzenes Reopened and commented
voting it up, voting it up, voting it up
I like it when we get these problems resolved quickly.
btw I think my answer to gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/23041/… would also be enough grounds for reopening
since I refer to the canon. Well, somewhat.
Since I'm more directly involved there however I'd rather not take direct action
I cast my reopen vote but shouldn't we be using the question itself as the basis for reopening, not the answer? Unless you meant just that "yeah this question is asking for canon stuff" @badp
2:04 PM
@Mana Isn't the reversal badge all about answers that salvage questions?
I...genuinely don't know how to reply to that.
I'll think about a comeback while I take a shower. BRB
@Mana If the question was closed because it deemed unanswerable, and someone comes along (successfully) answers it, that would make the reason to close it invalid in th first place.
@badp After a brief edit I'm voting to reopen (please see here: gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/23041/revisions )
2:22 PM
@Mana Exams.
I must say
if there is no steam summer sale this year, I will be most disappointed .
fucking shampoo in the eye
@Wipqozn Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
That would be starting later this week or the beginning of next week (it always falls over US Independence day, which is next Monday)
@Powerlord Excellent. I was rather tired of having money.
Well TF2 is free right? Isn't that enough? :P
2:28 PM
@badp Oh sure, because it's not like everyone doesn't already own it :
We DO get a new hat
Clearly that's better then any sale
It's worth so much money we aren't allowed to trade it
or the US dollar would collapse
I actually still have an extra copy of the "paid" version of TF2 in my extra copies.
@Powerlord you think that'll grant the hat and premium edition?
@Powerlord You should sell it to someone at a mark up. It's a collectors item now!
I don't think Valve would be happy with that
2:30 PM
Quick question guys; I need a fast image editor for Linux. What should I grab?
@Mana gimp
starts up too slow
too many windows/tools
I want the equivalent of MS Paint for Linux
What desktop environment?
There's KPaint if you have KDE.
2:31 PM
That's Gnome, so you're SOL.
@badp Premium yes, hat... probably not.
Has paint.net been ported to Mono?
@Mana you can still install KPaint if you don't mind half of KDE to be installed with it
Yeah, I think that happened when I installed Basket
2:33 PM
then you're fine already. Go get KPaint.
wait, what's the package for that?
I can't find anything on Kpaint @badp.
whassup @Anna
kpaint is apparently named kolourpaint now
okay so that is the one I want then
Speaking of US Independence Day being next week... 3 day weekend!
Canada Day Friday!
You guys didn't forget about that one, right? ...right?
2:40 PM
Q: Eater of worlds isn't so world hungry

RobbI spawned the Eater of Worlds twice and both times he mysteriously went below the surface and didn't re-surface. In fact, I eventually received the message "Eater of Worlds has been slain!" What gives? Where is he going and mysteriously getting himself killed? Can I find his drops, eventually?

'sup @bckbck
hi @Mana
You're one of the few users of our chat, along with @Mvy, who have no vowels in their name. How does that make you feel?
o rly?
Yeah maaaaaaaaaan.
2:50 PM
i feel erm... fine
perfectly fine
oh cool
Does this one let me type without erasing everything beside it?
@badp Does it really need porting? Has anyone tried just running it under mono?
2:52 PM
@AnnaLear There's a google code project about it
wait running it
@Mana In @Mvy, y is a vowel.
Y is not a vowel, I will kick you in the face.
@Mana Why?
@Mana @badp and now I know. :)
2:54 PM
@Mana FYI, the word 'why' has a vowel.
@Mana Y is a vowel even in latin
However, in words like you it's a consonant.
and I would say latins know a little bit more about grammar than I do pal!
Woah, okay guys. Cool it on the yellow name train.
I was just quoting meet the soldier :/
2:55 PM
are letters b, c or k vowels :P ?
@bckbck No.
in latin?
@bckbck No.
other languages?
You're vowel-less.
2:56 PM
oh yeah.
kicks Arda in the vowels
@bckbck Not any languages I'm aware of, and I'm aware of a lot of them.
changes nick to rd X
Infinitely cooler than your current one.
how about rdxrdx
for consistency
@badp I'm not a cpct.
2:58 PM
it lacks something.
M vwls hrt.
you are however a mermaid
N, 'm mrmd.
Some kid won a bet against his teacher that he could find a word with no vowels in the dictionary.
Word was "Shhh!"
Won $50
@Keaanu When are they making this into a movie about never giving up and trusting in yourself?
3:02 PM
It's probably in production
I activated dingaling pitch changing based on damage done
I've heard they've already started on the sequel
now when my sentry hits, I can hear the bells singing
if that don't work, I use my wrangler, and get more bell.
heh, more bell
can someone write a userscript to remove vowels in chat?
that would be interesting
3:05 PM
@badp Objection!
@Powerlord Cicero invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of a tribunal.
Well since my pseudonyme is just a representation of a sound, I'm not even sure it has letters
@Mvy You could be like the people in Code Geass, and have a name unrepresentable in human words
But if you are confused with it, you can think of it has HumVee (like the car yes :P
Yeah! @Keaanu! That rocks!
3:17 PM
Like the sound a drop of water makes when it falls into a pool of water
There's.. no spoken or written word for it
Yep, problem comes when you need to write it to register on SO :D
Oh man, Code Geass.
What the heck kind of name is Lelouche, anyways?
What was up with that?!
You see that a lot in anime though, like Light and L in Death Note.
Though I kindof wish my name was L
Q: List of champions by fastest move speed

danixdI tend to find myself preferring champions with high mobility (Poppy, Evelynn, Singed etc) and I am interested in roaming. No point roaming with a slow champion. (I don't want a list of viable roamers, I roam with Poppy and she isn't recommended) The move speed has to take into consideration: ...

Q: Minecraft Biome / Spawnpoint shifted

V3n0mI'm really despaired and don't know what to do. I read another posts but have details, which could maybe help some programming guys to find a solution. So: We've got a SMP-server for nearly 6 weeks and everything worked very well. No mods and no plugins so there can't be any problems. After...

3:26 PM
L's real name actually being L was the most disappointing after-the-end twist ever
But at least you don't see it coming
If only because it makes negative sense
fair nuff
Have there been any decent anime lately at all? I heard they were adapting Mirai Nikki which has me excited and Durarara! was pretty cool but I can't really think of anything else cool.
Bleach recently released an ending to its main story
Episode 310. Longest series of LIFE
I keep hoping we'll see more Haruhi Suzumiya.
Wait what? Bleach anime ended with the Aizen fight?
3:31 PM
Ergo Proxy had a good ending, but a long and arduous story
Well Bleach is still going, but Aizen was sortof the main villain throughout, no?
teamfortress.com/engineerupdate/wrenchlog - I know you've been looking for this
Unless they bring him back in the next season... then I'll have to cry. I just want an ending.
@Keaanu Well, he's gone in the manga(which is still going)
It's cool to watch 15 seasons of something partitioned like The Simpsons, where ordering doesn't matter and the episodes don't affect each other
But a 15-season-long single story is just exhausting
@Mana How many episodes ahead of the anime is the manga?
Well time to go home. before rain starts again
3:40 PM
@Mvy Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory.
@Keaanu difficult to say.
There are at least a dozen episodes out for the new season, but I'm just going to assume it ended ~310. I'm done.
good plan.
Reddit's anime recommendations: redditanime.wikia.com/wiki/…
I'm told 5 Centimeters Per Second is the saddest fictional creation of mankind.
It is pretty sad.
But not in the way that those things are usually sad.
3:53 PM
@Keaanu It should have ended with Aizen. I read the manga (which is quite far head of the anime), and it really has been terrible for years. Only reason I keep reading it is because I've been reading it for years, and it takes all of 1 minute to read through it, so why not?
It started off good enough... but it just keeps going on, and on and on...
@Wipqozn That's what I was afraid of.
@Keaanu If you were just watching the anime, when you started the current (manga) arc you would think it was filler.
@Keaanu Nice list.
Q: How do I save my Xbox Live Profile to a USB drive?

GreggI want to take my profile and save it to a removable USB drive. How do I do this?

Love Mushi-Shi. This list reminds me of a few animes I've been meaning to watch (ergo proxy being a prime example)
@Wipqozn I flitted through some of the new episodes, something about a green-haired chick and some stuff, I dunno. I'd prefer to pretend the new season doesn't exist.
3:57 PM
@Keaanu Good idea.

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