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3:04 PM
if anyone is interested, I made a break down of the votes for the election
I am interested!
Unionhawk 315: 95, 93, 126
Dragonrage 323: 74, 137, 111
Frank 316: 110, 123, 83
Gigazelle 91: 28, 23, 40
FoxMcCloud 89: 22, 33, 34
dly 113: 34, 40, 39
Wrigglenite 353: 201, 85, 67
iVhagar 45: 16, 14, 15
The Mattbat999 44: 11, 17, 13
Might be worth posting on the results announcement, too
As an answer, I mean
I was a lot of people's second choices.
unfortunately for me, even though i had the most votes as second choice, almost all of them had Uni, Frank, or Wrigglenite as their first choice
3:14 PM
I thought this voting system was supposed to avoid that
Like, if people who voted Uni > Dragon > 3rd instead voted Dragon > Uni > 3rd they'd get a better result
@Dragonrage I edited your post thing to hopefully make it easier to read.
@InvaderSkoodge cool, thanks.
@Ronan You have to remember that many of those votes are probably Frank > Dragonrage > 3rd
@Wrigglenite Probably yeah, but not necessarily
@Wrigglenite no, most were actually you > me > 3rd
followed by uni > me 3rd
3:16 PM
@Dragonrage Many of the votes that had Frank as first choice, I mean
It's possible to get in a situation where switching 1st and 2nd gets you a better result
@Ronan Are you telling me there's no perfect voting mechanism?
@Ronan Well, we have access to all of the votes, so it shouldn't be hard to check
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah but I thought this was a specific thing the voting system was supposed to avoid
What we should apparently add to the voting system is an "anti-choice" where you can subtract one vote from a candidate you specifically dislike.
Seems like this election would have gone quite differently.
3:19 PM
I think a higher threshold would have a similar effect
@InvaderSkoodge For maximum drama
@Ronan I mean we're hitting drama levels right now that we haven't seen in some time on Arqade even without that.
@InvaderSkoodge Sure, but it's always more if the drama is actually codified
having fun with insurance now
turns out they get unhappy when you buy hrt
"oh doctor wrote smth i can't read"
literally "transsexualism"
One of the candidates may not be well liked, but they are the most prolific content moderators on the site already. I may have had issues with Frank's attitude in the past but he does seem willing to change in that regard. I think there could have been worse outcomes
And while some some interactions may seem misguided I think we can all agree on @Frank's integrity here
3:26 PM
"out of scope"
this is literally one of the highest end private insurance plans what
literally everything set to "no limit, 100% paid"
I believe the two winners are the two most prolific downvoters, which is interesting
@GnomeSlice That...is not something I expected to hear from you. Thanks. It's appreciated.
hmm, how does Coombs Method differ from Meek STV?
@GnomeSlice I can only speak for myself when I say that I pretty much always downvote posts I vote to close or delete
@Frank you were not my last choice. I appreciated your answers to my election questions
Regardless of whatever history we have moderators aren't here to be our friends
3:33 PM
well at least insyrqnce paid for cypro
hmm, looks like coombs method eliminates the candidate ranked last by the largest number of voters instead of eliminating the candidate ranked first by the fewest number of voters
and I just confirmed that I am the correct contact now
My guess wrt drama is that local vocal users to our site are unhappy, but I think you won because of all the network voters who came to participate, and your moderation history speaks for itself. So keep your chin up and show everyone that you're serious about representing our community
@Yuuki we definitely need a new viva pinata
which actually would change the results of the election by quite a bit
3:35 PM
Best of luck
It was just so interesting and expirmental.
@Dragonrage but likely with a select all ballot right?
Rather than a pick top 3
It was also so strange that there was a show released along side it. They don't even really have the same story.
@Unionhawk i believe that would be the best usecase of that method yes. though if you recount the current election using that method, it does change the results quite a bit
not sure how they handle the rankings though since there are only 3 votes
@GnomeSlice Except me, I'm the Cool Mod 😎
3:45 PM
Q: How to get dirt on skyblock?

Gyan PrakashI am playing skyblock and need more dirt. I know I can make coarse dirt and till it to dirt but I need gravel for that, How can I get gravel on a skyblock if I have a Tree, Infinite water source and a cobblestone generator and some dirt only. I am playing on minecraft Pocket Edition.

Pocket Edition has a skyblock mode?
I didn't know vanilla editions had skyblock.
4:02 PM
@Moacir since, afaict, no one replied to you - Retrosaur is a user who's known to be a bad troll. Not bad enough to get banned permanently (although iirc he has been banned temporarily), but they have bad reputation around here. They are always changing their username to avoid being recognized immediately.
@Chippies im not sure that is the reason they change their username
@Dragonrage every time they show up in the chat with a new username, they pretend to be a new/different user, so I would assume that that is a strong reason why
@Chippies It's not so much that Retrosaur's not a very bad troll, it's more like Retrosaur's fairly good at knowing what gets you auto-banned.
4:18 PM
I think we're getting a little too much into a personal focus here. Let's change it up, please.
Yes, back to Viva Pinata.
@RedRiderX I think it's a perfect Switch port.
That would be awesome
@InvaderSkoodge I don't like that idea
@Chippies retrosaur changes his name everywhere all the time, it has nothing to do with that
He's done some dumb stuff over the years but he's not stupid and I think his comments are sincere
@GnomeSlice We just were asked to change topics, can we not go back to it please
Sorry I just opened my phone and scrolled up a bit
I don't have anything else to say about retro anyway
4:34 PM
@Chippies Thanks for the clarification
I should think up some sweets puns for new Viva Pinata animals.
So, Viva Pinata
It's a defect in my personality that when someone asks to change topics, particularly in something I previously didn't even care to discuss, that all I want to do afterwards is discuss that topic.
@Sterno I think we should not talk about Viva Pinata
@Sterno That's just human nature.
Kind of the way we tell people not to push the big red button.
4:40 PM
@GnomeSlice It wasn't a real suggestion.
I for one think we need to investigate the influence of Russia in the mod election (USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR THIS POST)
@InvaderSkoodge having the ability to rank every one in the election for voting and using something like the coombs list might work better, or at least be less controversial :)
I think we should ban elections entirely and just mod whoever @Wipqozn appoints
@Moacir That's exactly what a @Wipqozn sockpuppet would say!
4:48 PM
And the year of the Wipqozn continues...
I say we stuff the Supreme Court.
Double Stuf
@PrivatePansy 🧦
added some more stats to my election vote data analysis
Huh, I guess my vote distribution wasn't that common.
4:55 PM
@Dragonrage Where can I see that?
@Moacir I approve of this message.
@Moacir i have some election stats i gathered here
room has been placed in timeout for 13 seconds. room topic is: viva pinata. discussion should focus primarily on that topic
No that isn't real no it isn't formatted right yes this is the second time in 2 days I have done this joke
@Moacir if you are wondering how i got those stats, i downloaded the ballots and counted them
Gotta be honest, it's been a few years since Arqade seemed like a good place to get answers to gaming questions
4:58 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein it has been 0 days since the last timeout joke [+♦♦] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-mods] [murder] [-pedantry] [-politics] [time-tetrahedron]
5:20 PM
I started playing ACNL last night again for a bit of a chill thing. I forgot how much fun it was. (also past me had TERRIBLE decorating ideas.)
5:44 PM
@InvaderSkoodge oh
Q: How do I turn off a repeating trade?

EatATacoI put a trade on repeat, but then i changed policies, and wanted to redo the trades, but couldn't figure out how to turn it off.

6:28 PM
@Ash I have all fruits afaik, I invited @Ave to go to my town and grab some. I can do the same if you need, however looks like you already have everything
@Moacir I have apples and cherries and oranges and coconuts for sure
There's also banana from the tropical island I think
@Ash I think I have persimmons, that unlock after the last shop upgrade if I remember right
Neat :D
So if you want, I can open my town for you later
6:38 PM
Ever try that AC mobile game? I was heavily addicted to it for a month before finally freeing myself by uninstalling. Do not recommend.
@AlexMyers I tried but it had that microtransaction vibe and I hated that
@AlexMyers Do not recommend uninstalling it? Noted.
Lol oops...
Yeah, I tried it but it ran like crap on my phone and I didn't super love the microtransaction stuff
@Moacir That could be fun, although I won't be home for at least another like...6-7 hours
6:44 PM
@Ash Same here . I still have at least 3 hours of work, but I will probably be home much later than that
I think I still have in my house somewhere the physical copy of the ACNL guide
It was so much fun go around that and be like "Wow, look all this cool furniture"
I had that for a while but I think it went to the thrift store at some point :P
7:02 PM
One thing I hope for with BotW 2 is that they fully remove stuff that's clearly a holdover from being planned as a purely Wii U title.
@AlexMyers LadyWacko plays it occasionally
I'm more excited for the Link's Awakening remake than BotW2 to be honest.
7:18 PM
So the Link's Awakening remake will have a dungeon builder?
cc @Ash
@Yuuki Yep
It looks like you can just assemble rooms you've already seen, but still cool
@Yuuki ><
Q: How to limit Rollercoaster to 1 round only?

AlvinRollercoaster seems to loop more than 1, I don't want that. I want it go for only 1 round and then stop and let the guests disembark and take another set of guests. How to do that?

Q: PetWorld - How do you unlock the map?

The SasquatchMy kids have this game on their Kindles, PetWorld: My Animal Rescue Premium. One of the children's game has a map that shows a little picture of the animals and there other one does not have this map on their screen. It causes no end of fighting over who gets to play the kindle that has the map...

@Memor-X They might someday bring it back in some capacity, but it had a lot of issues and really wasn't very fun. The current League, Legion, is great though!
2 hours later…
9:21 PM
Bridge I got bought out of my notice period today, and then the CEO fired the only other developer
Scenes from the Chernobyl control room
@fredley Well that's wild
Seems like leaving was the right choice
I'm pretty shell shocked
When you work in sports you get used to it
@fredley daaaang
Q: Does online multiplayer require a Nintendo online subscription?

Michael McQuadeDoes the online multiplayer for Overcooked 2 require a Nintendo Online subscription? I wasn't able to figure this out using the store description of the game, or on the game's website.

9:27 PM
@fredley I'm not sure I understand that gameplan.
@Yuuki me neither
feel bad for the people left tbh
things are gonna get shit for them
So... are they just going to hire a completely new dev team and tell them to figure out the code from nothing?
Well and the documentation, but there's going to be no continuity personnel-wise?
with regards to question composition, can i hire someone to ask a question for me on arqade?
9:34 PM
Not sure what your end goal there is.
Pay someone real money so you don't lose fake internet points?
i want to get an answer
i'm playing overwatch right now, waiting for game, it just popped so i'm out for a bit
I don't think that's a scenario the TOS covers.
Yeah, I suspect that's not gonna work out well.
@user7237069 At least in theory, either your question is in essence OK in the site, in which case people will help you improve it with edits, or it's not OK on the site, and no amount of writing improvements will change that
I think the scenario is "I just thought of a question but I'm busy and don't have time to ask it, can I pay someone else to ask it?"
At least, that's how I parsed it?
I suppose you could do that, but I don't know the TOS very well. But also, Overwatch rounds are like 20 minutes long, IIRC, so why not just ask it later?
9:47 PM
Q: Do I need to manually redeem Games with Gold titles, or are they automatically added to my library?

BadelineI have a subscription to Xbox Live, prepaid through some time next year. So far, I've been downloading each Games with Gold title as they've become available, to try them out and to make sure they're added to my library. However, I'm not sure whether that's actually necessary. I will be travelin...

Q: What is Shaper DPS, and how is that different from tooltip DPS?

senpaiWhen talking about end-game builds, a lot of players commonly refer to their builds having "x amount of Shaper DPS". That said, I don't actually understand what Shaper DPS is. I know there is tooltip DPS, which shows me how much average DPS I am dealing with a specific skill, but the game itself...

10:02 PM
@Yuuki i just finished two games, one on no limits the other on quick play
not sure how long each one took
though actually, maybe it was three games, perhaps a competitive was in there too
Q: How do you make Cuphead black and white?

DJ Spicy DeluxeI've seen screenshots of it, and a character on the third isle says something about you have to be a pacifist or something. How is it done?

with regards to my motivations i guess that composing the question will take a lot of time and effort, even though on the surface it might seem quite simple, so hiring someone to handle the details might make sense, if the answer was worth a lot to me and the work required to formulate the question was substantial
....what are you expecting this person that you pay to do exactly?
@Ash ask my question for me
so you'd what, write it and they post it and then....what?
10:14 PM
no i tell them, then they post it
the important thing is that they are qualified to ask a good question
because i am not
or do not have time
....I feel like this is a kinda ridiculous prospect.
I feel like in the amount of time you've spent here asking if you can farm out your question asking, you could have asked a good question.
that is true, but only for those who are skilled in such things
You don't have to be "qualified" to ask a good question. You seem to be capable of communicating clearly, and that's basically the only requirement
All of your questions have a non-negative score from what I can tell
I think you'll be alright
10:18 PM
I suspect it will work out fine, and our collaborative processes can help smooth any rough edges.
@TrentHawkins i appreciate your insight, i didn't imagine applying the verb farm to question asking before this moment
so, anyway, my question is about my dps on my demon hunter in world of warcraft
i've got ilevel 411 and in groups i see other players, particularly demon hunters with higher dps but lower ilevel and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong
So basically, then you should lay out what you've got equipped, your specialization/talents etc so that we know what you have and what could work to suggest, as a starting point. Explain what you want to do, and how you've tried to tackle the problem yourself.
i know about all that, i was just wondering, can i get someone, i nice person, to do all that for me
not meaning to seem like a lazy person when i mention that
oh.. DH dps
Eye beam
@user7237069 I mean theoretically, you could just link to your character on WoW's site to shortcut most of the info gathering
10:26 PM
but no, I wouldn't ever expect anyone to do that for you, payment or otherwise.
Q: How can I defend against a tsunami?

TroyenA number of maps have a large flat plain near a coastal area, which is often among the best places on the map in terms of land value or resources to build, with the drawback of being susceptible to a tsunami. While disaster shelters can help save citizens, even when the shelter is trapped under ...

and we'd need to know where you want to maximize your dps
dungeons, raids, etc
there is no all-in-one solution
by the way, i'm on tank spec there, my question is about dps
@dly Oh yeah, that too.
10:28 PM
Like by the time we sorted all that out with you...you could've written it yourself, I promise.
i would need to switch to dps spec log out of wow and then link my profile
shrug you'd have to do that anyway to tell the theoretical asker what you had anyway.
have you tried simcraft, pawn or other tools to maximize your gear?
(that would be off-topic to ask for, so it's probably best to rule that out beforehand)
@Ash exactly. they can handle all the details. is there no market for this? i have a question, but asking is so hard
10:33 PM
Just summarize what you've told us
@dly i have an addon called pawn, it seems to tell me when to choose one thing over another
Yea.. but it requires a String you get from other tools in order to work
the default ones are shit
@Ash it's really easier to ask you here than on the site, what's the worst you can do to me here
@dly gosh, i really need to get stuck into this stuff then, i may have been passing up good gear and vendoring it when i should keep it
Just summarize what you've told us. I am certain you get a complete answer that actually helps you
we've seen worse
emphatic nod
10:40 PM
Strange though that you have better gear than I have and I'm raiding mythic (ok, only part time)
yeah, how did you do that
was it my guild that carried me?
a few titanforged items go a long way
although I have 5 or 6 or so mythic items (425) and still have less score xD
@dly may i ask, what class and spec do you play or are you able to figure out what to do regardless
main is ele shaman, also doing stuff with hunter, demon hunter, druid and sometimes priest
i really think it was my guild
without them, i would not have what i have
despite my tendency to be a loner
10:46 PM
nah it's not that
yes, i tried hard
itemization got A LOT easier in BfA
you just need to figure out which ones you need
i mean, i tried to learn the tactics for the raids etc
it was fun
and now they're useless, because next week the new raid opens :D
yes, on to the next
10:48 PM
or in 3 weeks because of another 2 week delay? I dont know
that is the business model
patch hits the servers next week, but im not sure about the raid
11:07 PM
Q: Ps4 voltage problem

Abdulrahman MHI have this ps4 device (middle east version) and its written on it that it supports voltage from 220v to 240v, i was wondering if it will work in Canada and North America knowing that electricity there is 110v, I asked many people and I’m just confused some said yes and some said no, so if someon...

FYI: The Affinity company (a non-cloud, non-subscription rival to the Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design and publishing software) has a store-wide 20% off sale in celebration of the official release of their layout software "Affinity Publisher.
(Nabbed this info from another chat, figured some here might be interested)
ha Ha
i resisted the urge to link a picture of a laughing individual, for fear of receiving a ban for spamming
just can't express myself
Alright then.
because i am afraid
of you
11:21 PM
it's not ok
Well, I lack any other response at the moment.
well done
I am not sure what is going on right now honestly, and I am too uncomfortable to stick around atm, so...have fun.
11:25 PM
oh dear
good night :)
dont let the bed bugs bite
@dly I love the edits people make to that video every time a company does something stupid and greedy
@murgatroid99 yea we have that too :D
Q: Minecraft 1.14 How to summon a chest with nbt tag items inside

PolyCraft MinecraftTrying to setblock a chest with a command block that has an item in slot 13 with the following properties. Name: 5 point PolyCoin NBT: An Official PolyCoin Has to have an enchanted glow to it. If it helps the chest can appear at 9 2 8 in the world.

11:35 PM
i'll just keep that urge to link the theme for portal ending theme song to myself again
it's so hard to resist, but i can do it
generally speaking, if you actions are making someone else uncomfortable, its a good sign you should probably stop acting the way you are acting
@Dragonrage i agree with that
@Dragonrage may i ask, dragonrage, do you play world of warcraft?
@Dragonrage and also, on a philosophical note, to whom are your words directed?
@user7237069 no
@Dragonrage played it?
@user7237069 the room in general. an observation based on the recent chat transcript
@user7237069 no
11:48 PM
@user7237069 still working on your DH?
@Dragonrage really? seems a bit specific from here. anyway. glad you chipped in
@dly what do you mean?
@dly the question about dps or something else?
yup, dps question
you still haven't posted it
@dly no, i never started really, i just play for fun, do what i enjoy, people complain that my dps isn't high enough sometimes, and it makes me wonder, what am i doing wrong
@dly i'd like to get someone to post it for me
@user7237069 guess, that won't happen so easily
@dly where there is a will, there is a way
11:53 PM
but you should login with your dps gear
in order to see what can be done
ok, i'll do that right now, not sure how long it takes to update though
and maybe check out your current pawn settings
@user7237069 few minutes tops
i think you might find more help if you post your gear/stats/etc and ask what can be improved. though that probably wont be a good fit for the main site, someone in chat, or reddit, or something can probably help you
@dly i just logged in and was flying to nazmir
also, if you plan to talk about WoW a lot, especially specific in depth game stuff, you might consider making a new chat room for that. most people here probably wont appreciate a huge discussion about it here
11:57 PM
@user7237069 you need to log out with your dps gear and spec in order to refresh the armory
@dly done that
@Dragonrage don't worry... checking out gear and stuff is pretty short
so let met think, rotation
rotation etc really belong on the main site
checking stats on chat is fine
ok, ummm, i need to think about rotation, because it's all in my fingers
i have razer naga
arranged in a keypad type thing
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