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12:07 AM
@Wipqozn is that the game where Nook is holding you in debt-hostage on a deserted island so that you will develop the place into a tourist trap for you?
@uni .... sorry about the diamond/lack thereof
Ah. Officially no longer a mod.
Ooo, a wild @RavenDreamer.
I still have italics somehow.
Does that mean 20k+?
Probably because mods are made ROs.
No, room owner.
12:09 AM
Hi, Yuuki!
It's been a minute. You enjoy Monster Huntering World as much as I did?
@Yuuki Not automatically IIRC
@PrivatePansy No, but @Raven used to be a mod.
So his RO status is a holdover from previously being a mod.
@RavenDreamer I really should get back into it with Iceborne coming up.
I like to think it's just because I'm that good.
I kinda stopped around the time Kulve Taroth dropped on PC.
At what? Doesn't matter. Not important.
Yeah, I Platinum'd the PS4 version, but barely beat Xeno on PC.
12:11 AM
Iceborne has my favorite monster. Barioth is just so much fun.
I'm beyond excited for Narga.
She was my first flagship monster.
@RavenDreamer I played that for a while too, on ps4
@Frank Barioth hasn't been confirmed yet, I believe.
I kind of lost track of what I was doing
IF he's not in it I'm going to riot.
12:12 AM
I want to play it more.
Like cuga is there, and there's an ice zone. HE'S PERFECT.
@Wipqozn Boo. Boo, I say!
Barioth was the first monster to really kick my ass for a while. My biggest wall.
I've only played Monster Hunter World
@GnomeSlice Honestly? Best one.
12:13 AM
I've considered picking up Gen Ultimate for switch too tbh.
It is a real treat to the senses
It wouldn't be until after ice borne mind you, but ultimate just has a lot of monsters in it.
Congrats, @Frank! You finally made it in!
The complicated gear system seemed daunting at first but I think I was getting the hang of it
I know ya been tryin' for a while.
12:14 AM
been a bit though
@GnomeSlice And they kinda simplified the armor skill system from previous MH games.
@RavenDreamer Yeah it's due to you being grandfathered into room ownership.
Armor used to have negative skill points in addition to positive skill points.
I tried Dauntless and it made me wish for the more complex system
Making mixed sets used to be an artform.
12:15 AM
@RavenDreamer Thanks! A lot of it this time was just straightening out if it was something I wanted to do.
Q: What are these reflective surfaces?

SeiyriaI've seen this in a few rooms now, but there are what I assume to be reflective surfaces in a these rooms. I've got quite a shard collection and I've tried each of them, but none of them seem to work here. What do you need to do to get past these areas?

World did simplify some things to be sure, and it does start off easier than past titles too. Overall, though, I think the positives outweigh the negatives.
I like the simplifications though.
I had a single mixed set. It was for Grongigas
I don't think easier is worse.
@RavenDreamer I had a really nice mixed set in MH4U that gave me Honed Blade and Rocksteady.
12:17 AM
In some ways, it's worse; it was kind of a sign of investment to see what people could do. In others, it's great, because it was a large barrier to entry.
Also, I picked up Tales of Vesperia on my switch, finally.
I can't remember if I managed to get Mind's Eye or Razor Sharp in addition to those two skills.
@Yuuki I think it started off easier is great, but I do think the curve could have been a bit better.
That said I still loved World, and I think it's the best monster hunter ever.
If it gets more people into Monster Hunter, I'm all for it to keep the franchise going.
Just whenever you make any major changes to a formula, you often lose some stuff in order to gain some other stuff. Just the nature of such a change.
12:18 AM
Needs more Brachydios.
Capcom can kick the difficulty into high gear later.
I solo'd Arch Tempered Kirin. That was enough for me.
@RavenDreamer I think I did that
I can't remember if I did AT Kirin.
I took a break shortly before the HR50 quest, and I can't remember if I beat that when I got back...
I think I did that
12:20 AM
But I ended up having to solo Tempered Kirin at least because other people kept carting.
IT'S A MYSTERY FOR THE AGES. Either way I have started playing a bit again. I want to get all caught up for Ice.
I play so defensively. Guess that's why I love Gunlance.
Oh temperered and arch are different, right. I don't think I did AT. I did do regular T.
aka. Funlance.
I had to kill 120 Kushala Daora before I got my mini crown.
That was the last difficult trophy for me.
I liked to fight him with Gunlance. Couldn't wing it on any other monster
but him? Gunlance all the way.
12:22 AM
Lance > Gunlance
I won't, because I concur.
But Princess Panolpy is like my favorite weapon design, ever.
HBG made pretty much every monster so easy.
I don't think I'm going to do ranged again.
@Wipqozn OKAY
@Yuuki HBG is fantastic.
Wyvern Fire's @Wipqozn across the room
12:31 AM
@Wipqozn I mean, it is but it's also super easy.
Someone tell me how these games are sorted
It's not by recently played, alphabetically, by size, by recently downloaded
@RedRiderX Is this the new Xbox game subscription service?
Yes PC Game Pass
Ah well, looks like it's just arbitrary order
@RedRiderX hash order, internal id order, something else useless like that I'm guessing
But idk how they decided on this order in the first place, because it's not in the order I installed them
@ToxicFrog By arbitrary order I mean I just realized I can order them manually
12:36 AM
That wasn't really obvious until I tried dragging them
@RedRiderX Slay the spire is awesome.
@Wipqozn Ooooh it's very good
I still need to play it
Highly recommend CrossCode, by the way
12:37 AM
I had a daily run yesterday that built a very silly Silent build
But it's not clear how I should prioritize it relative to Bloodstained, They Are Billions, and CrossCode
@Wipqozn Huuuuge time suck
@PrivatePansy Yes I think you bringing it up in the past made me try the demo
@ToxicFrog Isn't They Are Billions still in beta?
Like I've said here before, PC Game pass doesn't have a lot of AAA stuff, but it's mopped up quite a few indie games I've been meaning to try
12:38 AM
If it is you should wait for it to be released properly
@PrivatePansy 1.0 just dropped today, including a massive slew of bugfixes and performance improvements, several new survival levels with a shallower difficulty curve, and the complete story campaign
Same deal with Bloodstained, it was just released
@ToxicFrog Oh nice! I should try it again then. I was not terribly enamored with it the last time I played
Also in Slay the Spire do characters ever get more then 3 base Mana?
@RedRiderX Not unless you play with modifiers I think?
It feels very restrictive for such an otherwise loosey goosey card game
12:40 AM
It is, but the idea is to break that with artifacts and cards later on I guess
It does make the early game pretty slow tho
TBH it just makes me want to play Steamworld Quest even more
Is that still only on Switch?
@PrivatePansy I still haven't played it at all but a few friends have been raving about it and it looks like something I might enjoy
Also the campaign looks like a totally different beast from survival mode
@RedRiderX It's on Steam now.
Also, it's really good.
@ToxicFrog Maybe I was just playing it wrong, but the fact that death spirals are so easy and units so weak compared to static defenses means it's really easy to plan wrong and immediately get owned
I found Steamworld Quest to be well-made but kind of boring
12:44 AM
@PrivatePansy they did mention in the patch notes that the beta survival map was really harsh to new players and they're hoping that the new maps give a gentler introduction even if you don't try the campaign
So they are at least aware that it's a problem
@Sterno Oh? The story is pretty simple. The mechanics are done well, I think.
I think the main problem is it made me want to play Slay the Spire or something like that instead
I mean, the issues wasn't so much that it was harsh (though I did have to die a few times to get a feel for how the zombies behave and stuff like that), but that once a single zombie get in, it's pretty much game over
Again, maybe I just didn't layer my defenses enough
I'm kind of sad that StS isn't on android, because I've been really enjoying Night of the Full Moon on my phone but I am now very close to finishing it
Although I've had really stupid deaths too, like not noticing a tiny diagonal hole in my wall
12:46 AM
Just need to clear Hard 7 Apothecary and Hard 7 Witch
@PrivatePansy yeah, as noted I haven't played it so I can't really give you any meaningful feedback or advice there :/
@ToxicFrog Wow that's surprising to hear since it looked like they'd already planned out a very touch friendly ui
@Sterno I agree. IT was okay, but it didn't hold my interest. I found I didn't feel much need to switch my deck up drastically, and I'd rather just play Spire.
@RedRiderX it looks like it is, but nope, and AFAICT there are no plans to release it on mobile platforms.
I think they've been brought up here before but Arnold Rauers makes some interesting card based mobile games: play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Arnold+Rauers
Ooo, Card Thief looks neat
12:54 AM
They're all great experimental card based games but card thief is my fav
It weirdly had performance issues on my old phone though
I guess it was just too HD
Oh hey I wrote a glowing review on the play store like 2 years ago now:
> Beautiful strategy game that unfolds in a very approachable way with a very reasonable microtransaction model. Honestly this is just the complete package for me and one of the best mobile games I've played in a while. Only downside is that it's a bit of a battery hog.
Still checks out
What's the mtxn model?
Also every phone game I've ever played has been a massive battery hog, so...
It was a while ago but if I remember correctly you pay for more content basically
Harder level packs that sort of thing
12:59 AM
NotFM works similarly; free version has 1-2 classes (I forget which), pay like $1 each to unlock new character classes
Today in stupid JavaScript shit - if you try to access an undefined variable called event in TypeScript, TypeScript won't warn you about it because event is actually a DOM global that exists in some browsers
1:25 AM
@ToxicFrog Have you tried Solitairica? cc @Sterno I think he liked it less than I did
Omfg my google alert for Outer Wilds has been going crazy ever since it came out
2:17 AM
Q: Common Entrances in Ocarina of Time

Andrew LizarragaIn The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, you might notice that as Young Link that you enter the mouth of the Great Deku Tree, you enter the mouth of the dead Dodongo in Dodongo's Cavern, and then you enter the mouth of Jabu Jabu. However as Adult Link you enter temples usually via doorways, or oth...

2:29 AM
so I think this might be by far the best first aid class I've signed up for, officially
instructor handed us all flash drives with a whole bunch of different course materials
It's wilderness first aid, which is a class developed by BSA to cover abnormal scenarios where help is 24 hours or more away
your average CPR/First Aid assumes you can activate EMS and help is <bad case EMS response time> away
Q: Having issues with gamesharing on ps4

StevenOk so I've been game sharing destiny 2 and ps plus with a friend of mine and recently he decided to buy the forsaken dlc on his account (destiny 2 and ps plus were purchased on my account). So I logged into his account and set my ps4 as primary so I could obtain the dlc but for some reason he los...

2:57 AM
Q: How to improve audio performance on high end gaming pc?

KodeeoI have a nice pc, with very good processor and gpu, ssd, 16gb of ram and all that good stuff needed for gaming. But when I made my pc I was focused on video performance, totally forgetting about audio. Now I'm equipped with cheap Amazon KLIM Mantis USB headphones and the "sound card" built in in ...

3:10 AM
@RedRiderX Clustertruck is fun for a laugh
-1 on the election post...
3:50 AM
4:01 AM
@TimStone well here at work we have pack of paper towel which gets loaded into dispenses which are pulled out like up-side-down tissue boxes
or maybe you're expected to buy special tissue box refills. remember that machine which squeezes bags of juice
you know, this one
4:42 AM
Q: Is there a way to get yourself to show up on a map?

RobbieI was playing Minecraft on PC and when I tried to use a map I didn't appear on it. I went into creative and still couldn't get myself to appear on a map. Is there a type of map I need to use or have they removed that feature?

5:02 AM
Q: Playing call of the wild with friend

Ranger492I wany to play Call of the Wild with a friend an be able to talk to him while we're hunting. how do I do this?

5:41 AM
oh my god was all that yelling outside Bethesda's showcase because people were trying to copy the Keanu Reeves thing?
and who the hell is trying to defecate on my childhood memories of Commander Keen
as much as i do want a continuation from Episode 6 with a final showdown with Mortimer McMire, a mobile version was not what i had in mind
hospital time
@Ave hopefully all good news
some nice old dude gave me a number that's 30 people ahead of me in linr
6:22 AM
Q: Minecraft: can't find nether warts

ForeyanI have been exploring in the nether for nether warts and I already found 2 fortress but it seems that there is no nether wart in both the fortress. I know its in a room with stairs in the middle of the room and soul sands beside the staircase but I can't find any room similar to this. How can I g...

6:42 AM
Q: i forget the name of a game which i played in 2009

Sudeep Santragame type - role playing game(rpg). 1.the main character was a girl she lived in a village of either japan or china. 2.she had a friend/brother/bodyguard who looked like blanka(street fighter). 3.as the journey begins these 2 people met a boy who joined them who has the power to create creatures...

Q: My game has no audio?

RobbieWhen I launched Overwatch there was no sound. I couldn't hear Winston's speech or any other audio in game. When I was in another game just before that I had audio, when I launched another game I had audio, and on the xbox menus I have audio. All of my sound settings are set to 100 and I even trie...

Ugh, my pants and shoes are soaking wet
Thunderstorm in Mechelen when I was walking from the station to work
At least I had an umbrella to stop the worst of it
7:03 AM
my god the gatekeeping is real
2months ago: 392 is too high!
today after I said I moved to pills: perfect, your levels are perfect (actual quote) to 406
7:22 AM
Q: Are bonuses provided by consumable food items permanent?

Jeff MercadoFood in games such as this often heals you for some amount of health. But I noticed that food shows a "First Time Bonus" window when viewing it. mmmmmmm food... Consuming it changes the "First Time Bonus" text to "Consumed" and a spoon and fork icon is shown next to the item's name. mmmmmmm ...

Q: Can you have similar names on PS4

KrypticXCan People have similar usernames like Chris and chris I’m trying to use a name but it’s taken but instead mines was gonna be a capital is it still useable

2 hours later…
8:56 AM
Hi all
I had a question on Arqade but it seemed mostly opinion, so was advised to ask this here instead, here goes :
This question will require a bit of exposition/reading to make sence, so here's my background :

I'd been looking for a new RTS after completing Homeworld/Homeworld 2. I started to feel desperate that nothing would feel as good.

I foraged youtube, I found all the Red Alerts, a bunch of unrealateds like "Nexus: the Jupiter Incident", and EvE Online. All of which were pretty much instantly "not it" for me.

then I finally found the Supreme Commander ad on youtube (I think it had been out for a year already) and my first impression was "ugh so tired of ads not showing the real game!", I could
Chat's a little slow around this time, so don't be too surprised if it takes a while to see some activity
Q: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance vs. FAF

tatsuThis question will require a bit of exposition/reading to make sence, so here's my background : I'd been looking for a new RTS after completing Homeworld/Homeworld 2. I started to feel desperate that nothing would feel as good. I foraged youtube, I found all the Red Alerts, a bunch of unrealat...

@tatsu reddit.com/r/supremecommander might be a good place to ask
ok thanks
9:35 AM
@Nzall looks like fun
10:32 AM
@tatsu I mainly played the game on FAF but also a bit on Steam. I also tried to advertise FAF on Steam but the response was harsh. I couldn't understand - like you - why anybody would not like to play the game on FAF but instead on Steam. Well, there are several reasons.
Firstly, FAF is pretty elitist. It's a lot of playing the game to it's maximum potential, discussing game balance in detail and generally a relative high level of competition - at least compared to Steam, where there is no ratings and everybody plays more or less just for fun. While on Steam, the players where mostly friend
@GnomeSlice If your election lasts for more than 3 weeks, consult a legal expert
@TimStone oh Garfield eats has expanded good for them
Also if you haven't checked out the website you need to check out the website
Mar 25 at 21:29, by RedRiderX
From the minds that approved Garfield Go: Garfield Eats
Looks like they have improved it since I last checked. There's less auto playing sound anyway
11:03 AM
Q: Setting up a MC server on Ubuntu Server 19.04

Jaïr PaalmanI'm trying to setup a Minecraft server of my own. I've successfully done so before on Windows, but since the new server will be always on and headless (remote access only, no screen or other peripherals attatched), I decided to use Ubuntu instead. Figured it couldn't be too different, but I was w...

11:28 AM
PSA: The page I used to determine who was and wasn't Retrosaur is no longer available to me as a not-mod, and I haven't memorized his user ID. Please beware the trolls.
What is this Retrosaur thing?
@Wipqozn I'm more sci-fi anyway
@Wipqozn I reject your mod ping and substitute my own!
Do you actually get told if it's a mod ping vs regular ping? Because that be cool.
No, just that I've been mentioned in [other room]
11:36 AM
Ah, drat
If it gave some sort of special "YOU'VE BEEN SUMMONED BY MODERATOR WIPQOZN! BEWARE!" then I'd just just the mod ping instead of a regular ping.
@InvaderSkoodge Since I have no idea what or who Retrosaur is/was, I searched in the bridge and there are questions of a user called Retrosaur that when you access it, it shows a different user
Woo! First binding vote!
Q: How can I teleport a player from a specific place to another in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using command blocks?

ZachTalonGamesYTI'm making a multiplayer map, and I need to teleport a player from one place to another. However, I have all the command blocks set up at a separate area, so I cant just say /to @p [x y z]. Is there any way to teleport a player from one particular spot to another?

Q: How do I make a command block say the nearest player's name in chat in MC Bedrock Edition?

ZachTalonGamesYTI'm working on a map in Bedrock Edition, and I need to have a command block at the end that says "Congratulations [player], you win!" Because it's a map, I cant just have it say a specific player's name, and I've seen maps that do exactly what I want mine to do. How do I format the command to all...

Q: Arena shooters on Switch

SamI used to adore Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 and was wondering if there's anything similar for the Switch but with four-player split screen?

@RedRiderX this is now a meme
Just so I don't make any dumb mistakes: if someone with more than 20 rep posts a game rec question, I'm allowed to say it's off-topic AND invite them to chat?
Because thus far every time someone asks a Game Rec question, I've been telling them "this is out of scope on the main site, but you might have people in chat who could help"
11:50 AM
Yeah, that's fine. Chat isn't some kind of invite-only club, anyone who has enough rep can join
Yup, stuff that's off-topic on the site is fine here.
glad to hear it ^ :-) so I used to adore Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 and was wondering if there's anything similar for the Switch but with four-player split screen?
@Wrigglenite It's not so much about who I invite and more why I invite them. Concerns about interrupting active conversations etc
I just usually point them to /r/shouldibuythisgame since I find they're often better for that than whoever happens to be in chat.
Yeah that's the only problem with chat, that it's not as active as some users might like
And answers can get lost in conversations
But it's worth a try, I think
11:52 AM
@Nzall I mean, none of our conversations have any value anyways. Especially mine.
possibly you could create a self-answered question and copy/paste in the initial question and reply?
I think the only game I can find right now is nintendo.com/games/detail/screencheat-unplugged-switch
@Sam I don't think so. The closet thing might be sPlatoon 2? Not sure if it has split sceren though.
There's a lot of split screen and some FPS
Screencheat is very unique though, it's definitely not an arena shooter
11:55 AM
@Sam Not sure if there's any FPS games like that on the Switch to begin with, not to mention those that also have split-screen multiplayer.
Split screen multiplayer is nearly extinct.
Splatoon doesn't have splitscreen multiplayer
@InvaderSkoodge Which is a bit unfortunate, since we now have the biggest screens in our living rooms.
@InvaderSkoodge actually, it's still alive on the Switch
@Nzall None of those look to be FPS
(Or at least FPS in the style of Quake and UT)
11:58 AM
yeah I figured Splatoon and Screencheat would be suggested! and I think that is probably as good as it gets - just not a great platform for it
thanks anyway guys!
@MBraedley Yeah, none of them are FPS, but Split Screen in general is still alive on the Switch
@Sam ... Paladins?
Maybe not really.
It's close, but it's more of a character-based arena shooter.
Also not sure it has split-screen.
Is Paladins a good game now?
I played it when it was new or maybe in some prerelease thing and it was awful.
Well, it's also free so it's not like you lose money if you give it a try.
@InvaderSkoodge a lot of my friends played it religiously but I never tried it
Because I have overwatch
@Sam I mean DOOM but nothing else really comes to mind
12:10 PM
@GnomeSlice True, I already know what I'm doing in that game.
RICO's going to be a split-screen FPS, but it's two-player co-op, I think.
> Astral Chain Director Says It Actually Can Be Two-Player, But It Makes The Game Harder
@Moacir That's Retrosaur's thing.
Trolls around and then changes their display name.
I see
Basically, if you come across anything that makes you tilt your head and go "wait, what?" and it's posted by a high-rep user (I think it's 40k now?), it's Retrosaur.
So Retrosaur came here yesterday to congratulate Wrigglenite
Sounds about right
He's wonky but not always malevolent
12:19 PM
Oh, Bloodstained isn't on Switch until next week.
If I pick it up, it'll be my first Metroidvania, I think.
Does Rogue Legacy count?
It plays similarly but I think of Metroidvanias as static maps, not procedurally generated.
a key feature in a metroidvania is branching paths that can be opened with key items obtained elsewhere in the game too
@Yuuki first on switch or just in general?
@GnomeSlice In general, I think.
12:20 PM
I love a good metroidvania
I'm trying to remember a Metroidvania I've played before.
@Yuuki wtf
@Yuuki Valdis Story?
I might have played a friend's Metroid game once but that was for like ten minutes?
Abyss Odyssey
12:21 PM
Well you are in for a treat
The second-by-second gameplay isn't unfamiliar as I've played games like Rogue Legacy and various other roguelike dungeon crawlers.
But I think it'll be the first proper Metroidvania.
Butcher is on switch now I believe as well
Side note, I still haven't redeemed my backer copy of Yooka-Laylee.
I think it might have expired.
Q: How to make the shells wither invisible and not exploding?

naumnekI have a question! How to spawn the wither, but instead of goals, he was shooting arrows(but the arrows should be invisible)! Or if this is impossible, then at least make invisible his head(what he shoots) and there was no explosion effect! (I apologize in advance, the question was written throug...

I didn't know Gato Roboto was out
12:30 PM
@Yuuki Just play as Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Ultimate.
Best announcement of E3.
Man why couldn't they have added them like three games ago
Because Rare is jerks.
Which is super sad since Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo Kazooie were both phenomenal.
Honestly, of the Rare games, I want Viva Pinata on the Switch the most.
Actually, I just want a new Viva Pinata game.
Pretty sure I'm responsible for like 80-90% of all mentions of that game in this room.
12:34 PM
I've never heard of it before just now.
Apparently, I am not but everyone else (except for @GnomeSlice) who has mentioned it is no longer here.
@InvaderSkoodge It was an Xbox 360 release title.
That actually sounds pretty cool, from the wikipedia description.
It was basically an ecosystem management game.
You'd terraform and decorate your garden to attract certain pinata animals and try to make them residents.
Also, candy puns. Lots of candy puns.
Well, more like sweets puns.
Because I suppose an "eaglair" is not a candy.
12:49 PM
@Yuuki I've never played it either
Huh I never looked into viva pinata that does sound fun
@InvaderSkoodge both have to be some of my favourite games ever
Banjo tooie as well
i ended up playing viva pinata for a couple hours then gave up
lol so we sent our "hey here is the result of our convention election please send registration codes to delegatecaptain@dsacincy.org (not a real email it will bounce that domain is not set up for email)." survey like a week ago and I had just assumed that national was getting our codes late since the deadline is tomorrow
but nope turns out that was the captain's mistake lol
good thing I asked
Anyone have any idea why there are some comments with no post link on Frank's profile?
See June 6
Probably got swept up in some mod cleanup? Comments are removed all the time when people get chatty.
I think those are from the election
1:03 PM
@Nzall Yup, they're from the election
linking to election posts doesn't work
Q: Can I consistently clone chickens?

WriggleniteAfter unlocking access to Viktor's Workshop and its Slimeulations, one of the first rewards from successfully submitting bug reports is the so-called Chicken Cloner, which promises to "Double your chickens, half of the time". The other half, the chicken is simply vaporized with no trace. Now, ma...

@Lazers2.0 50% of the time, it works every time.
That's the annoying thing :/
I worked so hard for the cloner and it's just gambling from what I can tell
Yep, actually gambling
I remember Tibia had a NPC in Venore where you could gamble any amount of money. If you win you get double otherwise you just lost your money
They then had to make a hard cap of 100 gold afaik because people with a lot of money could easily get more
However the increment you use is what you will actually profit if I am remembering right
So, 1 chicken - Loss. 2 chicken - Loss. 4 chicken - Loss. 8 chicken win: You paid 15 chickens to get 16
The thing is, you can also just breed chickens for a guaranteed profit
And you can only throw one chicken at a time into the cloner
Now, I don't think that should affect the result, but it is a difference nonetheless
I think it's easier to visualize it as a random walk along a line
You either get one more chicken, or one less chicken
One step to the right, or one step to the left
1:14 PM
Is it consistent at least?
I haven't tested to see if it's truly 50%, but it seems to be
If that's what you're asking
I meant like Works>Doesnt>Works>Doesnt
Are you saying you're just gonna chicken out of the whole cloning thing
I think it should get better ratio the more it fails
@Wrigglenite btw congrats on moderator
1:17 PM
Like, you lose 50 chickens to the cloner, now you get 75% chance. Then you lose 100, you get 90%
Oh, I don't think it uses a pseudo-RNG
@Quijibo Thank you!
I've got Oathbringer part 1 and 2, first book in the Atrocity Archives and Brief Cases (Dresden Files short story anthology) as the next things to read, just need to finish Elantris first
It seems to be a regular coin flip from what I can tell
@Wrigglenite can you get better cloners with better odds if you get more bug reporting levels?
Nope, just this one
1:21 PM
Also, I'm not entirely sure if iI agree with a game linking rewards to successful bug reports. I mean, as long as it's early access, sure, but once it's a live game...
Oh, these are ingame bug reports
(Unless you're joking)
oooh, Bug reports as in insects in the game
Bug reports are actual items ingame, that you obtain from catching Glitch Slimes
ah, okay
It's all intended behaviour
1:23 PM
City of Heroes had an in-game badge for reporting bugs, awarded at the whims of the developers.
It does tend to get confusing once games start to use meta terminology with previously established meanings to denominate gameplay mechanics
It....was not a good way to do it; people would insist they had earned it and demanded it, which just led to more drama.
Yeah, I didn't realize it could be confusing
I usually did bug reports when I was on Thais Sewers when playing Tibia... because there was a monster called "bug"
@Frank that's why most games don't really hand out meaningful rewards for participating in testing or using test clients
1:29 PM
@Nzall It wasn't even a meaningful reward; it was a badge. Badge Hunters just wanted it to complete their collection.
@CrayzyNath yeah the "just for fun" thing I understand. But it's undercut by the fact every single game you play with randoms there'll be at least one smurf seal clubber and at least one noob and never on the same team so the fun ends pretty much right off the bat.
@CrayzyNath Playing with steam friends only makes more sense but then there's all the bug fixes, shaders, maps, mod support, which in the end I guess is likely gonna be a question of having never heard it was even an option, or assuming it'll be too much work.
> Bug Report: I have found a bug. It is significantly larger than your average insect. This one is level 15, I am concerned it might eat my face off.
Anyone playing Bloodstained? It looks good but I hear it's buggy
Q: Command for Lightning

BangelI saw a friend make lightning come out of dispensers or they made it seem like it came out of dispensers. I know they used a command block but I want to know what commands they used for the lightning or if anybody could explain how to make lightning come down at a certain area or what commands

Q: Help finding an old MS/DOS or Win95 Adventure Videogame

Cicomamelii would like help to find an old videogame i can't remember the name. I collected some memories during years and i will report here what i believe can be important to identify it. MS/DOS or Win 95/98 platform Contained in a white and blue CD labeled "100 games for kids" (i clearly remember Capt...

1:46 PM
I'm never going to get to vote to close on ID questions anymore hahaha
> It bleeds green. Tastes awful. I'm Poisoned.
@Lazers2.0 Pretty sure it is Dangerous Dave
I think it had a level editor
2:04 PM
Q: Do all Ω form/Battlefield stages have the same hitbox?

StormblessedIn Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are Battlefield and Ω form stages. Some of these look very different from each other at the bottom; compare Halberd and Flat Zone. While they look different, do these stages actually have different collision on the bottom?

2:15 PM
lol at this procedural move in the canadian senate, apparently the Rules require the senate to suspend between 6pm and 8pm in most cases, but the speaker can ask for unanimous consent to not see the clock to ignore that
@Moacir Feel free to suggest that as a comment on it. It's closed, but that doesn't mean we can't help them until the roomba takes it.
What's the 20k delete immediately threshold, -3?
I think?
you were never a 20k you might not know lol
yep it is
@Unionhawk I think so. But I see no reason why the roomba can't just take care of it.
For questions, yes
@Frank the "editing a random screenshot on" factor but we can cross that bridge if we get there too
It's just unusual that I don't have a delete vote at the time of closure on an id question lol
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