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8:00 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're no longer in the year of Wipqozn!
Oh shoot no new mods. WEll snap.
> 8,546 voters were eligible, 1,865 visited the site during the election, 1,209 visited the election page, and 589 voted
You can figure it out by clicking stuff there and downloading things
I'm lazy though
Q: 2019 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonArqade's sixth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Also, please join me in...

Our new mods are @Frank and @Wrigglenite! Congrats!
8:02 PM
@Wrigglenite basically just kicked everyones ass
I blame candidate score
yeah, candidate score looks like a direct correlation to vote placement
I'm busily posting handy info for the new mods!
Mind you not here
but yeah congrats to everyone who entered. You all would've made great mods.
And just because some of the mod candidates weren't elected, feel free to keep coming here to shitpost and blame @Wipqozn
8:07 PM
@Moacir I mean, that's pretty much the only reason to come to chat.
Although it occurs to me the Monster Hunter chat is suddenly going to become a sea of Diamonds
We'll need to give @Yuuki a diamond now too... just so make sure it's fully blue all the time
Should put that in the next election questionnaire
"Do you play Monster Hunter?"
Oh and now the mod team is 50% Canadian
Basically we lost a canadian, and then added in a new one.
We're nice.
Most of the time.
@Wipqozn Just for the record, I wanted to find an image of a Koopa Troopa cosplaying/pretending to be Bowser, but it seems like that is not a thing, which makes me sad
I had this image in my mind of a Koopa Troopa sit down crying while gluing cardboard cones on its shell
With a poster falling down with "Year of the Wipqozn" on the background
wait, @Frank is a mod now?
also @Wrigglenite
8:11 PM
Q: 2019 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonArqade's sixth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Also, please join me in...

I can see my own flag
This must be a rare occurence
So, @Frank and @Wrigglenite, any words?
I guess this is the result of everyone I voted for winning in ankara
So no one that was in my top 2 won
Still, I'm happy with our new mods.
@Frank oh how the turn tables
At least I got one right... no total loss
8:13 PM
@Wrigglenite Stop slacking and start flag purging. PUUUUUURRGE.
@InvaderSkoodge I'm still somewhat amused by it. I was rather late with my nomination.
Congratulations to our new overlords... I mean; mods.
@Wipqozn tag+♦♦?
Q: Obsidian block command?

WhamboyI’m looking for a command that will allow me to spawn an obsidian block under a command block which will slowly spread to adjacent block. If possible, I would like for the obsidian to kill you when touched. I’ve looked everywhere for this but can’t find it.

How do we know the Russians have not interfered in this election?
8:14 PM
@Moacir It should be [-♦♦] still :(
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we eagerly await the end of the Year of Wipqozn. [+♦♦] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-mods] [murder] [-pedantry] [-politics] [time-tetrahedron]
@Wipqozn Clearly Monster Hunter forges the best mods.
As a celebration, you should add some new room owners!
I guess that's it for my flag count, though.
@Wrigglenite Nah, let's look to the future
8:15 PM
That's a good way of putting it
@SepiaLazers wew fun comments already
ave for ro when
look i had it for 9 minutes once and i didn't remove ro from wipqozn so
truly I'm the worst candidate
@Ave Really, that's a sign of failure on your part.
@Yuuki indeed.
You buckled under the pressure of the year of @Wipqozn.
8:16 PM
@Frank You still have a super secret mod flag handle count don't worry
@Ave The only person I ever removed was me afaik
@Ronan shame.
@Wipqozn challenge, beat my high score ;)
It took seven years to hit 8600 regular flags.
So now to see how long it takes to beat that.
Woah, SGDQ is next week
8:19 PM
@PrivatePansy what I had no idea
Congratulations @Wrigglenite on getting mod privileges! Hope to see the impactful things you'll do now that you're moderator!
Sunday, June 23rd
Well, depending on how you count when a week starts
@yuritsuki Uh, probably nothing as spectacular as you're imagining
A moderator is more like a supercharged janitor, heh
Ones we're thankful to!
oh dear I can't wait to see what'll happen next
oh oops, finger slipped
Wipqozn has removed Ave from the list of this room's owners.
8:24 PM
Doomsday inc
mfw I was getting ready to remove your ro
@Ave You gotta go fast
I'm ready
@PrivatePansy I would watch that Saturday morning cartoon.
@Yuuki Heh, that's just Dustforce
8:26 PM
dustforce is a game I should return to tbh.
I have it on steam
@Ave I never made it past the first world
I watched Dustforce at a GDQ once and it looked pretty great
also my chat tab is broken smh smh
But it's still really fun
these aren't in sync and that bugs me
ah finally chat tab managed to load
8:27 PM
@Ave Solution: Hide the real tabbar
@PrivatePansy I really want to that ngl
let me get around to that
It's pretty simple with userchrome.css
@Wrigglenite excellent game
@GnomeSlice and I traded times on some levels a few years ago
Q: Is it possible to free Todd of his curse?

SeiyriaSomewhere in the game, you find Todd, the cursed barber. He claims he has to give 666 unique makeovers to be freed from his curse. Is it actually possible to free him, or is that just a story mechanism that exists to have a makeover NPC?

Q: What file format is used for Minecraft worlds on the PS4? How can I tell if a downloaded Minecraft map is PS4 compatible?

BaronGrivetI've been trying to work out how to download Minecraft worlds from the internet & upload them to my PS4. This is for casual split-screen play for my kid. Here is an example of a map I downloaded. The map is marked as "PS4" & says: the showcase video below got made on the PS4 by JuicyTaz201, ...

Damn that was close and many rounds
8:36 PM
Except for @Wrigglenite.. first round majority by far (and well deserved)
Oh wait, of course that's who that fun comment is coming from.
They did post the results much quicker
In the past elections it would usually take about 10 minutes or more.
CM have stepped it up.
Unless I have my Retrosaur accounts mixed up again.
@Yuuki nope
8:38 PM
@Ave nice
Initially i was going to make it stay at like 20px and grow when I moved my mouse over it
but then I decided to not do it
I can turn the bar on and off with f1 so it just ended up not adding anything useful, but took away a lot of useful information from me
I moved a bunch of other things out of the way on the top bar and such, here's the result ig: elixi.re/i/mjmj4ij8.png
if I need them they'll be in overflow menu
Honestly I could get rid of back, forward and refresh too
I never use them, I just use keyboard shortcuts
but it seems like you can't get rid of back/forward. oh well.
css'd them away (see here)
How did two mods VTC this question?
They VTC before they became mods
8:48 PM
Me and @Frank just got elected today
Pretty much always, if it looks like a mod did something without exercising mod power, the explanation is "It happened while they weren't a mod"
@Moacir Ah, that’s interesting!
@Wrigglenite Congrats!
@Wrigglenite congrats
Q: Only fast travel to houses or festival?

Travis JIn Forza Horizon 4, I am unable to fast travel to arbitrary points on the map and can only go to either a festival or an owned house. I seem to remember previous horizon games allowing this. Do I have to get a certain number of fast travel boards to unlock it? Can it be unlocked?

8:55 PM
Thank you!
Honestly i thought you and Dragonrage were gonna win.
@TheMattbat999 never trust the questionnaire votes
@Dragonrage lol.
they are never representative of how people actually vote
@TheMattbat999 me too actually. But seems the candidate score superseded the nomination and questionnaire posts
8:57 PM
In my heart i was hoping i would get a diamond, but still i think the people elected will improve the communiyy.
@dly true. True.
It doesn't help that there's many that don't like my curation style.
Dragonrage definitely got a lot of support from the users I recognize during the nomination period
And while you can downvote posts, you can't downvote nominations. Unless there's a primary.
Good luck with the new job
user image
@fredley How long did that take you?
8:59 PM
@Wipqozn Oh I made it years ago, but quite a while
Next election i plan on joining the diamonds.
i think @uni @Frank and i all have the same score
@Frank While people dislike your curation style, you got elected due to people that like it or think that it is a necessary thing on the mod team
@Dragonrage rekt
i think @Robotnik is the only mod we have elected with a 40/40 mod score
9:02 PM
TIL I still don't have one of the moderation badges
I'm missing Sportsmanship
I probably had one of the lower Mod Scores.
@TheMattbat999 me too.. <20k rep costs a lot - but I never expected myself to get elected
@fredley that gif should be our official logo
I mean, probably not?
9:07 PM
Wait about the logo or...?
@TheMattbat999 what no why
@fredley that's very high effort
what'd you use for it?
@Frank You get that?
@Wipqozn Yep
@Ash i kinda meant it as a joke.
@dly i was hoping to win, but i had alot of siubt.
9:15 PM
@Ave Teaching people what mods do
@TheMattbat999 yea I was hoping too (hence the nomination), but I didn't expect to win at all.
@dly i mean, atleast you did better in the election.
well, Grats to Frank and Wrigglenite
Are we allowed to say who we voted for?
It's up to you, isn't it?
You were my second choice. First choice was Unionhawk, third choice was Dragonrage
but i generally just vote based on competency, so I look at who has the highest scores
Oh wait, I think you were actually my first choice
9:24 PM
You can check if you really want to
You had 39, and Uni, Dragonrage and Frank all had 37
I mean, Wrigglenite won automatically
hmm... hang on, I think this time I voted based on who I knew from chat. Uni was first, then Dragonrage. You were third
Yeah, I just checked
9:26 PM
Those scores are just an indicator of activity (badges = 20 and >20k rep another 20), competency cant be measured that simple
I am sure a large portion of people who had me as first choice did so because of my candidate score, but I agree that it's not as simple as "Oh, 39 > 37, so that's who I should vote"
yeah, and as I said, I voted for who I knew from chat, and since Uni appears so frequently in chat, I voted for him first
@Wrigglenite I actually voted based on experience with the candidates and still voted for you first. Screw the scores :P
Okay, now someone ban @Wipqozn for me
If you need a reason, it's because it's his fault
But I agree, a lot of people who don't know the candidates look at the score first
(which kinda sucks tbh)
9:33 PM
I always vote based on how to maximize meta drama
@Sterno But ronnie wasn't running
I was very disappointed about that.
no other pro much candidates on offer
Q: How to add total deaths underplay username

JmuseI was watching a CallMeCarson video and he was playing on his minecraft server and I noticed that the server had a death counter but under the players username. I was wondering on how to do that.

9:47 PM
This election's results meta post is attracting a lot of downvotes
write in candidates
I'm honestly not sure what that means
@Ronan ronnie was ronning
@Nzall I cba what I missed other than sportsmanship lol
Maybe 2 review badges?
Editing badges, looks like
9:58 PM
What how
Copy Editor and Refiner
27 secs ago, by Unionhawk
What how
I tipped a busker and he looked at me funny, prob cause I was wearing headphones
Oh huh. I feel like I've got to be close on both of those
Anyone playing music in public is worth tipping
Best of luck to the new mods..
I voted for @Gigazelle then @dly. I liked your outside experience and attitudes. Best of luck next time
Congrats @Frank and @Wrigglenite
10:06 PM
Anyway, well played, this is the second election I've been third in a pick 2 (I mean probably I haven't run this election with pick 3 instead but), but oh well.
This would probably not be an ideal time for me to mention that I forgot to vote then
You got RL elections to win
@TimStone I thought you were trolling but you actually do not have the constituent badge
Mistakes were made
That was weird
I was just logged out. Logging back in is tricky on mobile when it tries to open the app for everything
Unrelatedly, holy crap dive instructor professional liability is expensive
10:11 PM
@Unionhawk probably since i was eliminated before 2nd winner was chosen
I'm getting quoted $437 fully earned for a full year term for Divemaster
at least i wasnt last this time. p sure i was last time i ran
Divemaster assisting only is $303 which,
@TimStone Boo! No democracy sausage for you
At least it's not Instructor, which is $700
Plus higher dues I assume
10:12 PM
@Wrigglenite likely related to the first comment on the question
Too bad I can't do a short term centered around right now, policy periods all end June 30 2020, you can only modify the effective date
And the period starting June 1 2020 is $50
Actually wait it's not June 30 yet either so I can literally not do "right now"
Good catch you fool
@Dragonrage Yeah, this is unfortunate
@dly I voted entirely for people who don't normally hang around in the chat here, as it turns out. Nobody I knew very well, at least
Yikes, I thought this meta was supposed to be upbeat and congratulatory - I think some people need to air out some grievances
I am not sure that would help, honestly
(I am not sure it would be constructively done, I mean)
10:23 PM
@FoxMcCloud I'm... Pretty surprised at the results. Personally
@GnomeSlice that's ok. I voted for what I've witnessed in the review queues and on Meta, but of course not everyone does that. You have to start somewhere and the first step is looking who you know and then (probably) the scores, posts and other things.
4 hours ago, by Unionhawk
Nate Silver has logged on (he is the 538 guy)
This is way funnier now that I wasn't elected so it's all good now
@GnomeSlice Me too tbh, not how I would have called it.
@FoxMcCloud yea, the downvotes are really heavy. Never seen that happen anywhere, not even on So, where votes can be quite toxic as well.
Why is literally every election at the moment like this
10:26 PM
I suspect it's similar to what we would have seen in a primary
All mod election chat -> TIF
Overall positive but with a solid handful of negative
@Unionhawk yup, likely.
At least I can still exercise small and insignificant levels of abuse in chat
Room placed in timeout for 60 seconds: I don't have the patience to format this right
Well time will tell I guess. If chat isn't blowing up I guess we'll all live
10:34 PM
The only important elections are the Lifehack mods elections
Do you have any Lifehacks for how to win the Lifehacks elections
Fun fact: @Sterno was nominated for Lifehacks, but declined to run.
Solid +1 on the meta post lol
10:49 PM
@SaintWacko hmmm, i think it was Synthesis that Upper Echelon Gamers was talking about in his newest video on it and it looked interesting but he did also say there was problems with it so if it's the same and it's now forever lost it's a shame, would have loved to liked to try it out to see personally what the problems were and if there's anything i could take away from my own game developed
@Wipqozn I just looked and that site is still surprisingly active
@GnomeSlice Make Lifehacks Great Again on a blue cap and chant it on Meta
@Sterno it hasnt died yet? thats surprising
I don't think beta stackexchanges ever die
10:53 PM
for a while, im pretty sure i was the only one doing any reviewing
Q: Announcing a Pro Tempore election

JNatSummary: Lifehacks Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for a special election on July 15 to bring in one more moderator. For full details of the process, see the announcement on Meta Stack Exchange. The timeline: Starting on July 15, users can nominate themselves. Users can also ask...

my plan is to keep running in elections until i get a gold tag badge for the election tag
@Dragonrage giggles I like this plan
@Dragonrage and then troll them by unilaterally closing them? :D
@dly duplicate of last election, see my answer there
10:56 PM
sounds like a plan
@Sterno if i was still active there, i might consider it, but dont really have any reason to since i havent even visited the site in months
@Sterno Your time has come
Questions tagged election on Sports SE Meta: 0 ..long way for a gold badge over there
@TimStone Only if by "my time" you mean "the end of my life", because I wouldn't be caught dead as a Lifehacks mod.
I mean, one day my children might see that.
> You've earned the "Lifejacket" badge (Answer score of 5 or more to a question score of -2 or less that goes on to receive a score of 2 or more) for "Why do FPS games for consoles include a sensitivity setting?".
That's one of the new ones isn't it?
11:06 PM
Yep, that's one of the new ones
oh, @Wrigglenite did his first red tag edit
@Wipqozn that sounds pretty great.
11:21 PM
@Ash It's one of the games I'm most excited for.
If not the most
Oh, is Bloodstained out?
@Wipqozn Man I'm really looking forward to Animal Capitalism: Fyre Festival Edition
@Wipqozn I found my 3DS while cleaning my house and sorting all my crap in preparation for impending husband and I have it charging so I can play New Leaf when I get home because I have a craving for just some chill AC goodness
@Ash Nonsense! Deprive yourself completely of all AC. Go through maximum withdrawal, so you'll get that sweet, sweet release when the new one comes out.
11:35 PM
play Outer Wilds
@Wipqozn I am not as strong as you!
@Sterno Not if you use this one easy lifehack
i just got a spam call from Nova Scotia. @Wipqozn pls stop
@GnomeSlice I really should
@Dragonrage Never
11:56 PM
> Not to be outdone, Trump quickly took to Twitter to announce that the Republican Party would shortly be debuting its brand new triple standards.
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