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12:00 AM
so i'm using my thumb
what stat weights do you have in pawn that you currently use?
i dont know what that means
how do i get that information?
you want to know the numbers for every piece of gear... hmmm, perhaps mr robot can help with that
press c (to open your character windows), click on the pawn button (bottom right)
pick your profile on the left, then click on scale -> export
the String is what I need
i will paste this thing
* dear overlords of the bridge, resist the urge to ban me for pasting stuff... *
( Pawn: v1: "Demon Hunter: Havoc": Class=DemonHunter, Spec=Havoc, Leech=0.01, CritRating=1.27, Avoidance=0.02, Agility=1.84, HasteRating=1.44, MasteryRating=1.05, Stamina=0.01, MaxDamage=1.57, Indestructible=0.01, MinDamage=1.57, MovementSpeed=0.03, Versatility=1.32 )
definitely outdated
12:10 AM
oh dear
looking a bit old?
what can i do?
i have the latest version of the addon from twitch
is there something i must do to update it?
same like above, but click import this time and use this one:
( Pawn: v1: "Varlara - Havoc": Class=DemonHunter, Spec=Havoc, Agility=2.31, CritRating=2.55, HasteRating=1.61, MasteryRating=1.83, Versatility=2.59, Dps=10.69, OffHandDps=2.50 )
what will that do?
does it change the way the addon tells me about gear?
it will use stats i've just simulated and it will change what gear to use, yes
oh my god, my computer just crashed and i had reboot
it's great that all this stuff we wrote is still here after i rebooted and reconnected
no backup, no mercy :P
12:17 AM
@dly so will that persist when i logout? when you say you simulated , how did you do that?
and yes, once you've imported the string it will be saved there
but you should repeat simulation from time to time (after patches, when you received a few pieces of gear, etc)
i'm going to post a screen shot now
is that what i should see after import?
is there anything i need to do now? i mean, just check gear in the tool tip as normal?
@dly thanks for helping with that
you can untick the box of the other one for showing that in the tooltip (same window)
then you're good to go
12:27 AM
i'm not at all sure what you mean
though i must thank you much for assisting me this far, i really must go to sleep as if i am late for work tomorrow my boss will not sympathise when i say i was up late talking to people on the internet about world of warcraft
good night
nite :)
1:08 AM
Q: How is starting GSP determined?

StormblessedIn Smash Ultimate, my highest GSP is 2,602,353 (not very impressive, I know). Characters I haven’t played as have a GSP of 2,499,349, which is quite close but still about 100,000 lower. How is this number determined?

Q: How is starting GSP determined in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

StormblessedIn Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I have 2,602,353 GSP on my best fighter. Characters I’ve never played as in Quickplay have 2,499,349 GSP, a number close but still over 100,00 lower. How is this starting value determined?

2 hours later…
2:48 AM
Q: Using this lever puzzle, how would I make my piston door turn OFF when the puzzle is correct? [MC1.14.2]

ExtraMercBasically, I am making a beta design for a security mechanism which I will use in a survival server. I want to make it so that when the puzzle is completed, it will turn OFF rather than ON. Therefore, the doors will open rather than close. This is the video which I use as a guide, and this is a c...

3:18 AM
@Yuuki They've hired a new CTO. He starts in September!
4:01 AM
i submitted an application for a rental today :)
@Dragonrage that's fun!
4:37 AM
I finally got a copy of Road Redemption. Pretty fun
definitely not as polished as I had assumed, but fun
@GnomeSlice lol, well he has had the time to tone that butt for vine singing
3 hours later…
7:23 AM
@Memor-X using your butt for vine singing must sound horrlbly
8:22 AM
@fredley ... september?
checks date
Wake me up
What does the company do, or by september, what did the company do?
But basically, they bought you out of the notice period so you don't have to go there anymore at all? That's good!
@Kevin Yes
Just weird
Been there 3 years, built the whole thing, marched out of the building seemingly on a whim.
Guh, yeah I can understand that
Q: Can't play modded Fallout 4 due to crash to desktop

Grumpy ol' BearHere's my problem: I want to play a heavily modded Fallout 4. I can play it, once I start a fresh game I can play just fine without any issues and any crash strangely. However, once I exit the game, and start it up later, I cannot load the save game anymore because it crashes to desktop almost im...

Q: How can I collect vitality restoring items like raw meat quickly and in volume?

V HejeebuI'm playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Death March, and I'm in sore need of goods like raw meat, dried fruit and milk. How do I get these supplies without going through the hassle of looting individual buildings and fighting wolves?

9:17 AM
@fredley I'm wracking my brain trying to remember if you told me the name of the place
@fredley must resist... the temptation
wake me up inside
Wake me up when september ends/wake me up inside cross-over?
9:34 AM
Q: PS4 controller to responding

user233347I connected my PS4 controller to my PS3 and it was working fine, but now all of a sudden when I want to play and use the controller, it doesn't respond. When I press the PS button to turn it on, the blue light flashes and then goes off. It does this multiple times until the blue light eventually ...

9:54 AM
Q: Does engineering modules increase their value?

kenjaraIf you engineer a module and then decide to sell it or upgrade it will it be worth more than its stock value?

10:36 AM
Long story short: if you have a toddler or small child who might play with the lights, you may one day find that he factory reset your lightbulbs
10:54 AM
Q: Links to webpages in books (Minecraft)

EmeraldEyeIn multiple multiplayer servers I play in (e.g. Hypixel), There are books with text in them, and when you click on the text it takes you to a website. How do I replicate this?

@Ave Grab a brush and put a little makeup?
@Ronan Probably not, doesn't come up in search, not super hard to find though
I meant in person
Oh, maybz
@fredley "Are you seeing this shit? Because I am"
Oh yeah, I'm having a layover in heathrow airport on my way back from vacation!
2 hours 40 minutes...
@Nzall lol, whoops, forgot a w there
11:27 AM
Huh... Softlocking MTG
(Bishop of wings + divine visitation + 2 marauding raptor... prob won't ever happen but..)
(Oh marauding raptor + polyraptor...)
@Kevin 2h40m isn't that bad
Yeah it'll be fine
That's longer then my entire flight
And my flight takes me about a third of the world away!
12:11 PM
@Kevin this was a flight to thailand soo
the whole flight took 13h10m (excluding wait and layover)
welp I think I "accidentally" acted too harshly against a call center employee.
"accidentally" because I acted intentionally, I just didn't think my actions would be harsh at the time
(it basically was uh "hey am I talking to mr deadname this is your isp" "hi yes what are you trying to sell to me today" "what" "what are you trying to sell to me today? [product ISP tries to sell to me every week]?" "my god" hangs up)
12:47 PM
@fredley she needs to change her name tbh.
Marijuana Pepper, now that's a good name for a doctor
god dammit
12:59 PM
oh god that's a high hotel tax atlanta: "Room rates are subject to state and local taxes, currently 16.9% plus $5 per night."
it's probably not that high but still
currently trying to figure out the difference between a "deluxe double" and a "traditional double"
other than "low floor" vs "limited view mid floor"
looks like none got it
1:15 PM
Q: What is the name of the knife?

kitIn Counter Strike: Global Offensive, we knew that there are a lot of knife. Example: Karambit knife, Butterfly Knife, Bayonet Knife etc... But how about an older version of counter strike? I never heard the name of the knife. Especially the picture that I show. What is the name of knife?

Q: Queue multiple attacks with fleet works but landing army cannot queue muliple planet invasions

tatsuIs this a bug I found? am I the only one experiencing this? the UI lets me select a landing battalion and queue (using the shift key) multiple planned landings on different plannings (let's me as in: I can see the red path with each step show up) but in practice the army will only land on the ...

1:36 PM
Q: Marvel Collect by Topps - Card Values?

Mumford451In the game "Marvel Collect by Topps" you collect cards of multiple rarities ect… and each time you collect a card, new or otherwise, you receive a small boost to what I can only assume is your "Collector Rank". After scouring the internet I still do not know how much my rank should go up per ca...

2:06 PM
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
@Yuuki Legit don't get it
@Wipqozn Fin
@Wipqozn At the end of some movies, it says "fin" as in the French for "ending". This just assumes it's English and ends the movie with Leg
@Yuuki OH I GET IT
Oh man
@Nzall facedesks
This is the worst
2:12 PM
That would've been great if I got it right away
You are all the worst
Q: What to do when answers contain links that are now borderline malicious?

MkalafutIn regards to this old question, the answer listed is no longer valid as EA sent the site in question a DMCA and shut it down. What's worse though is that the site now links to a cheat website that contains more links that could potentially be malicious given the nature of what the site is now. ...

@Wipqozn Honestly, I was hoping for the "I don't get it" response.
@Yuuki Yeah I know that feel
Q: Dark Souls Achievements

Tom OConnorIs there a list/ way to checko which achievements you've accomplished so far available in Dark Souls to look at?? Haven't been able to keep track of what achievements I've accomplished so far?? Thank You

Q: A Question about Creation Kit

Amir Hosseintoday I downloaded creation kit and when I want to install it , it want to replace some of my files(12000 files) and I have more than 100 mods . now I'm afraid that it will break my game . can someone give me solution ?(sorry for bad ENG)

2:31 PM
i just voted to reopen a question without checking to see if it was in the reopen queue :(
i should have checked the queue first, need more reviews for that queue
Yes, that is the worst
@Yuuki I saw that this morning, and it took me a minute
Im going to just go ahead and blame @Wipqozn for this one
@Yuuki Yeah, I was relieved to see that the top comment on it was other people not getting it at first
I'm still missing the Steward badge for the Late Answers and Reopen queues
2:38 PM
im just short of the suggested edits one, and a ways away from late answers and reopen
i feel like most things i vote to reopen, i was the first to do so though. not 100% sure
Too bad you can't flag for reopening and vote for it in the queue
@Moacir So I left that EcoClicker game running for a week.
hmm, looks like other sites on the network are getting ads
looks like ill keep ublock origin installed and enabled like i always do :)
2:55 PM
Yeah, people are not happy
The other day I got a redirecting ad on Sci-fi & Fantasy, that was not nice
Q: Truck not selecting gears at all in ETS2 after update?

GipsyDAs the title suggests... Euro Truck Simulator 2 required an update on Steam a short while back, which I downloaded with no issues. After launching the game, and 'climbing' into my truck to get back onto the road, I realized that my truck no longer selects gears at all. The transmission shifts in...

@Wrigglenite when you clicked it, or when you loaded the page?
10~ seconds after I loaded the page
And I'm being generous when I'm saying "ad", it was a "your ISP has detected a problem, click here to solve it" scam
oh, yeah thats bad. the only ads that should be allowed are flat static images that if you click take you somewhere
Q: We're testing advertisements across the network

Juan MFor several years we've had advertising solely on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for them. Traditionally, that hasn't been a hardship since Stack Exchange sites have required only a small investment from the company to set up...

2:58 PM
if that was the standard for every site, i might not have to run adblock
That announcement only came after they started "testing" the new ads
@Wrigglenite Everyone disliked that.
More or less
The edit history for this announcement is interesting too:
Q: We're testing advertisements on The Workplace

Juan MMy name is Juan M and I'm one of the community managers here on the network. You can read more about some of what I'm working on here and here. For several years we've had advertising on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for ...

A: We're testing advertisements across the network

gnat If you see any ads that are inappropriate or have any questions about this experiment, please let me know by starting a new question... I am not quite comfortable with above. Using meta to report inappropriate ads sounds like a sensible idea at a first sight but the thing is, it was already ...

Oh hey, a tech company not learning from past mistakes?
@Yuuki took me a sec but I got 8t
3:03 PM
@Ash I think it's the third panel that's the curveball since most people expect the punchline on the final shot.
But in this comic, it's actually the second panel.
Lol someone proposed making SE a subscription service in the comments.
@Wrigglenite oh. thats odd
@AlexMyers laughs in Blitzcrank
@AlexMyers then we can be terrible like experts exchange?
@Dragonrage Someone had proposed a decent idea; "shingle" the ads in a Firefox server, grab a static image of them, and serve that.
No redirect, no malicious code, just a flat pic.
3:07 PM
I say just stop paying the mods and use that money to keep SE free. You mods make way too much money doing this job
i should just write an answer for the meta with a link for ublock origin extension for all popular browsers
stay safe on the internet, bring a friend to shield you from ads
@Dragonrage Is that their actual tag line? Because if it isn't it should be.
@MBraedley no, i dont think they have a tag line
3:39 PM
Does anyone know much about using alcohol or other cleaners to clean metal screens
Alcohol solvents should be fine to my knowledge
@Sterno I get paid so much, I still have to have a full time job to make ends meet. The things I do for you.
Pssh, everyone knows the real money doesn't start rolling in until you have the time to set up a proper protection racket
i seem to have run out of delete votes :(
@Frank can i borrow some?
3:52 PM
@Yuuki, what do you think about the League Auto Chess?
@Dragonrage I haven't played it yet.
I've also never played Auto Chess.
I also also haven't watched any videos or something, I actually know nothing about it.
@Dragonrage How many delete votes do you get per day? I think I maxed at 20 a while ago
@Wrigglenite i think i have 18?
@Yuuki it looks like a good game to play while watching netflix
I've never used more than like 6 or 7 a day
@Dragonrage Lol I had never heard of expert exchange before...
3:55 PM
You mustn't forget the s in there, and that there's no spaces in URLs...
actually maybe i only have 16. i voted 16 times in the last hour
yeah, i have 16. you get 5 to start with and an extra one every 1k rep you get over 10k, capped at 30 when you hit 35k rep
@AlexMyers its terrible. also if you dont mark something as accepted there, they get really upset
First piece of jewelry I've ever ordered myself just came
It's a crushed pop can. I love it
And I have like a problem with moderation with doctor pepper
@GnomeSlice to be fair, it's dr. pepper
Bit biased as a Texan, but that's the best soda ever.
This thing is made of steel pretty cool
It's heavy
Black was the only one they had left
@Yuuki My sister loved it. I say loved, because apparently, bringing into Canada requires a hazardous warning clearance or something. So it's no longer on the list of libations.
4:07 PM
@Frank According to Wikipedia, the company licensed distribution to bottle Dr. Pepper in Canada locally.
@Yuuki Doesn't mean he can get it where he is. I can't get it in Nova Scotia.
@MBraedley I can. But I'm just saying, since my dad is a long distance trucker. From me, it's anecdotal, so I have nothing more authoritive to back it up.
Yeah I mean you can get Dr. Pepper in like every vending machine here
grocery stores, like half the restaurants
Did not know it was Texan
@GnomeSlice My class actually took a field trip to the original Dr. Pepper factory in Waco.
That's dope, though.
4:22 PM
IIRC, it was a side-trip. I was in choir and we went to the state UIL competition.
Waco happened to be on the way so we made a stop at the factory.
Q: How can I select an entity by it's NBT tag?

AkxeI don't know why this command failed to find the creeper. # Summoned via /summon minecraft:creeper 208.46 79.00 -74.56 {Fuse: 9999,Health: 1,ignited: 1} # Testing selector /execute if entity @e[type=minecraft:creeper,nbt={ignited:1}] run tellraw "true"

Q: I cant connect to any minecraft servers

LordStamtishI can't connect to any minecraft servers. its not a firewall problem. other games work just fine. every internet thing works except minecraft. The Error it gives is either Disconnected. or Timed out. i started up minecraft as usual. but when i went to multiplayer all of my saved servers were gon...

4:46 PM
congratulations to our new overlords~
@InvaderSkoodge literally the last thing I did as a mod rater
the #1 thing I'm gonna miss tho is editing messages older than 2 minutes
oh well
I feel like all ex-mods should permanently be room owners at least.
@badp Now everyone will know you're fallible
4:47 PM
Welcome back to the human race :P
But now we know
I mean
is it a typo or an ironic joke
until I correct it, do you know?
No, but we'll all just assume you messed up
that is your prerogative
how do I change my nick and do I change it to wabadp or wadp
4:51 PM
Surely it's padp
Or possibly qadp, I'm not sure if it's rotated or flipped
or dpɐq
Can you do a quarter rotated b?
like a b ?
Display Name can only contain letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes or hyphens and must start with a letter or digit :(
@badp "The badp Formerly Known As A Mod"
I've been a bit of a sadp recently tbh
5:02 PM
Alternately, "The badp Formerly Known As 'badp♦'".
@badp turn that sadp into gladp
while I was trying to do work the rest of my team was doing politics, and that turns out not to be a nash equilibrium
5:14 PM
Hmm, I suspect someone hacked my Riot account
I got a Russian email in my spam box from Riot
what does it actually say
is it actually from riot
Address is from noreply@mail.acounts.riotgames.com
I've got mail from Riot coming from email.accounts.riotgames.com
did you paste that email address in or did you type it in the chat box manually
@Nzall considering there's only one c in accounts there, I am reasonably sure it's not legit.
And if I copy the text to google translate, it's about "confirm address"
oh sorry, mistypes
Riot Games <noreply@mail.accounts.riotgames.com>
5:17 PM
@Ash the important bits "riotgames.com" seem to match
That's copied
@badp Ah, yes
yeah, there doesn't seem to be any homograph attacks in that email address
This was a very old account btw, haven't logged in since at least 2015
probably somebody tried to reset the password a bunch
5:20 PM
No, I think they already hacked it, because the mail is in Russian
And it is about confirming my new email address if I translate it through google
not pictured: my concerned face
Epic likes to send me monthly updates about how secure my account now is and I get monthly reminders of just how much I don't want to do business with them
Looks like it's not yet reset
Guess I'm safe, and I updated the password to a 64 character random one
@badp I take it that's not you logging in unsuccessfully?
I'm not going to delete the account because Riot makes it too hard
@MBraedley yeah it wasn't me trying to bruteforce my password
and glean the riches inside (????)
I dunno why I signed up with them in 2011
5:30 PM
I mean, other than BL3 in September, is there any reason for me to get an Epic account?
there is no reason for you to get an Epic account
Borderlands 3 will release in January or so
Considering that my brothers were already planning on waiting until it came to Steam, it's not a good reason to begin with.
@MBraedley Outer Wilds
Also free games every week I think?
@GnomeSlice I have enough free games through Twitch Prime, and a Steam backlog along with it.
I already spend a fuckton of time on tencent games
I do not require additional tencent in my life
5:35 PM
Clash Royale by chance?
Path of Exile and League of Legends
5:48 PM
Gateways for free. Great and hard puzzle platformer
6:38 PM
Q: Car ownership in GTAV story mode?

Chris BeckeIn story mode obviously my characters have their personal vehicles. But I also steal vehicles often. Because GTA? And abandoning them when I’m tired of them. And sometimes I get a message that some or other vehicle has been impounded. I thought, to keep random cars, I should park them in a garag...

Getting in touch with a specific person who works for your township is impossible.
Dude issued me a notice of ordinance violation and I'm trying to take steps to resolve it and he's just unreachable.
@InvaderSkoodge Sounds like a huge pain in the ass
Yeah it's awful.
Especially since I suspect that it was for something stupid, like your lawn was mowed too short.
My sump pit is draining into a drywell but it's overflowing (barely) and the neighbor complained.
So I need to find something else to do with the water.
The township dude told me to drain it into the sewer (literally illegal in NJ), and the plumber I contacted to do it said "if you get in writing that the township told you to do that, then I can do it".
So now I'm on the "get it in writing" step.
6:42 PM
Good luck then
I kind of want to just load it all into a water pressure tank and fire it at my neighbors whenever they're walking to their car.
Do it
And also the township is closed on Fridays and weekends so if I don't hear back today I have to wait until Monday.
But I was given a 10-day time limit to even fix the issue.
It's all honestly ludicrous.
having new party members always start at level 1 is kinda rough
That game is so good, though.
I should go back and finish it.
6:50 PM
interesting. i forgot i can recommend deletion for things when my delete votes are used up
@InvaderSkoodge I was seriously considering getting a switch for this game at some point
then it came out on Steam
Wait it's on steam now?
what game is that?
That's awesome.
Octopath Traveler
6:52 PM
coming into this area without anyone to deal staff or polearm damage was kinda rough #bears
btw what does it mean when the radar goes red as I sprint? more or fewer encounters?
Q: Is there any point to sync shot other than marking enemies?

RobbieDoes using Sync Shot make you do more damage or is it just to help sort through the chaos?

@badp I can't remember.
half of our prod now runs on canonical livepatch while other half runs on kernelcare
:) waiting for things to break horribly
why tho
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