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12:20 AM
Q: How Can I Go Inside The House In ChatChat?

user229129I've been questioning this ever sense I've seen this game. Can your cat or dog go into the house where the spawning area is? Is the house a decoration? Or can you prance inside the house looking for milk. If so, how can you go inside the house?

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1:45 AM
> Metro: Exodus exceeded even Steam Projections
that's true. Steam Projection would have been 0 sales if they didn't honor the pre-orders
personally, any game that's signed an exclusivity deal with Epic is disqualified for touting it's success on Epic because it wont show whether it would have done better or worse had it been on Steam aswell
2:05 AM
My friends have a dog with separation anxiety and someone suggested they get a dummy while they’re away to make the dog feel better and they sent them this and I can’t stop laughing
2:23 AM
@GodEmperorDune awwwww
2:48 AM
help me bridge, i have insomnia
but seriously, would turn off the screen unless the one you have already filters out the blue light
yeah, just increased the filter power
I do have my work laptop with me, so I could work from home tomorrow
@MBraedley beyond that without knowing your environment and habits all i can say is wrap yourself comfy in your blankets
i slept well last night being wrapped up and having the window behind me open and the wind blow into my room
too cold outside to have the window open
@BunsGlazing I feel like you've recommended this before, as a sleeping help. I like it.
there is a very cool fractal video to accompany it but only on facebook
it is very fucking cool
@BunsGlazing This is awesome, both music and visuals
I know!
so amazing
4:31 AM
Q: Best locations in PUBG Mobile for birthday cake spawn

Vishwas BhatnagarAny good locations where there is high probability for birthday cake to spawn ? Like Villa is one in vekindi ?

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6:25 AM
Q: Need help finding/identifying an old Roguelike

meganIn the early days of Windows 3.11, I used to play a Roguelike that was more similar to Castle of the Winds or Ragnarok/Valhalla, as opposed to Rogue or Nethack, in gameplay, but was still ASCii font based. It had aspects of modern survival games (exploration, fetch water, cut down trees, cook f...

7:23 AM
Q: How to transfer your Sekiro's save file to a new account?

klm123How to share your Steam save file for Sekiro with a friend [who uses a different steam account]? I go to c:\Users[myname]\AppData\Roaming\Sekiro[folder-with-a-lot-of-numbers] and replace the file with a file from the similar folder on my friends PC. But when I start the game it says "Failed to ...

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8:40 AM
Q: What is Dragonrot, and what are its consequences and thresholds?

SmeerpijpAfter dying a good certain amount of times, one of the NPC's in my playthrough got infected with Dragonrot and I got a 'Rot Essence' item. What is Dragonrot, and what are its consequences and its thresholds?

9:17 AM
Morning chat!
I want to go back to bed
9:45 AM
Me too, even though it's 6pm here
10:15 AM
Q: How to capture enemy villagers in Cossacks 2

jihed gasmiBackground : During a game such as Cossacks The art of war or American Conquest which are games from GSC , one player can capture enemy buildings,some of these buildings may catch fire and then explode but others may be kept safe and then reused... Beside that,I recall having the possibility to ...

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11:33 AM

Proposed Q&A site for everything Gymnastics

Currently in definition.

12:17 PM
In things not to do to good employees 101:
Q: Engineer refusing to file/disclose patents

GenWe have a senior engineer on our team that routinely excels at his work. In addition to his regular work, our company has a patent program where engineers can write up a patent for a novel idea, and submit it to our patent team. Within about 6 months, the engineer will get anything in the range o...

@Frank ahhh Workplace.SE, your HNQ's are always entertaining
The power imbalance between employers and employees, especially in the US, can lead to many situations where companies think they all but own empoyees.
I think it happens everywhere
Like, with the same intensity
@Frank I'm surprised how far down I had to crawl before someone pointed out that clauses about 'we own anything you invent' aren't enforceable in most states
Should be all states, and any company with such a clause should have the execs charged with violeting slavery laws though.
USB-C is causing a fun new problem: sometimes when I charge my iPad from a battery bank, the iPad decides instead to send its remaining power to the battery bank. 🤷‍♂️
12:43 PM
Well thaaaat's interesting
@Frank I want to post like "labor is entitled to all that it creates" but I know for certain that would get me instantly banned from workplace
oh it's protected nevermind
so I can't do that even if I wanted to get instantly banned
1:02 PM
@Nzall Kek
@Nzall Haha
@Frank Beautiful
1:30 PM
Q: Potion of aquiescence

EisenhornIs potion of aquiescence on werewolv.es still used up if its used on thief's target same night?

Q: What are the negative traits that Red Talon Recruits have post-nerf

VahxAfter the Daybreak DLC, Undead Labs addressed the overpowered Red Talon Recruits by giving them negative traits that match their "profession". I noticed this only recently because i had always played with my pre-nerf community. I recruited a hacker and she had +1 food consumtion on top of "waste...

Man, a Kul Tiran death knight would look so cool
My insomnia from last night means I am still not awake after an hour and a half at work.
1:45 PM
For some reason my task bar is frequently flashing
@Nzall gotta acknowledge those notifications (which after typing doesn't sound nearly as gangster as I'd hoped)
@MBraedley No, it's not particular icons or tabs on the task bar. It's just the entire taskbar fully turning black, then white, then returning, though it happens randomly so I can't tell for sure what's going on
when in doubt, reboot
It might have something to do with my Windows 10 theme (images of the night sky that change every so often)
I'll try that then
> [...] attackers compromised a server for the company’s live software update tool. The malicious file was signed with legitimate ASUS digital certificates to make it appear to be an authentic software update from the company [...]
@Nzall That's because power flows downhill until it's at USB-C level.
1:57 PM
@fredley ooof. I use an Asus laptop, but I don't use Windows, so I assume I'll be fine
@PrivatePansy Yeah, you should be. This is a true nightmare scenario though
Oh no, GitHub unicorn
> The researchers estimate half a million Windows machines received the malicious backdoor through the ASUS update server, although the attackers appear to have been targeting only about 600 of those systems.
Oh wow, this is a very specific attack
So happy I don't use ASUS
My laptop is MSI and my desktop is Gigabyte
Looks like it could have been a 💫 State sponsored attack 💫
@Nzall tbh I don't think this is about ASUS, sure they got pwned but it looks like the adversary could have pwned whoever
@fredley It depends on how the attacker managed to get their hands on Asus' certificate
But most likely they compromised he chain somewhere between the developer for the updates and the update server itself, which would make this squarely Asus' fault
2:03 PM
@PrivatePansy Yeah, pretty serious key management fail
@PrivatePansy Yeah they should have signed the update before signing it
@fredley Obviously the most secure way to develop software is to lock the developer in an airtight room with a needle and a spinning hard disk and ask them to etch the software onto the disk
Only the purest handcrafted bits
Artisanal magnetic fields
@PrivatePansy Nu-uh, what if the disk is compromised before it enters the room? The only way to build secure software is to get the raw materials and a chip fab, and—BY YOURSELF—design and assemble the hardware.
Anything less and there's the potential for bad actors to inject whatever they want.
@fredley Also be sure to harest your own raw materials, otherwise someone interfere in that
The ATOMS might contain a backdoor. Better screen each electron by hand
2:09 PM
@PrivatePansy The universe might have a backdoor. Better simulate your own
@fredley noooooooooooooooooooooooo
@Kevin yesssssssssssssssssss
I'm gonna get my ears pierced
I think
And maybe at some point this year some tattoos
Once you get two. After your first one, it'll only be a tat-one.
I want a half sleeve
It's so hard to pick something though
2:24 PM
Just get a fringe thing around your wrist and dye your entire forearm one color so on hot days, you can wear a short-sleeved shirt and still have that long-sleeved look.
@Yuuki I mean, that would probably get you some sleavy looks.
@Yuuki boo
> Nintendo Co. NTDOY -0.96% plans to launch two new versions of its Switch gaming console as early as this summer, people familiar with the matter said, as the company seeks to sustain sales momentum for the product going into a crucial third year.
> One version will have enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers, although it won’t be as powerful as Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One X, according to parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo who have access to a prototype of the machine.

The other version is a cheaper option for casual gamers that Nintendo sees as a successor to its aging hand-held 3DS device, the suppliers and developers say.
Better be named New Switch so that we can continue to have no idea what platform will play what games.
All I want from Nintendo is a normal console with a normal controller for normal games
2:31 PM
New Switch 2 XL S
@Yuuki And if you tattoo a picture of a woman it'll be a tatooine
@Nzall ಠ_ಠ
@Nzall you know just because you find a thing doesn't mean we have to know about it.
oh, right, sorry
Sorry, I keep messing up on such basic things
@Ash You'd think that by now I'd have learned not to overshare on such things
apparently I keep forgetting about it
which is especially weird considering I've already had multiple timeouts etc for oversharing
The efficacy of coffee seems to be dwindling for me.
@MBraedley You should give your coffee some coffee.
2:40 PM
I believe humans build up a tolerance to caffeine quite quickly.
That's why i don't drink caffeinated things often :D
Ah, La Croix. Otherwise known as "a can of sparkling water that stared soulfully at an apple for five minutes".
"Imagine a strawberry but with low battery" is still my favourite LaCroix description
> La Croix is flavored by someone dreaming about hearing a fruit.
Suddenly, it makes sense.
2:52 PM
> La Croix tastes like someone rubbed fruit on the outside of the can.
La Croix has homeopathic taste
@Wipqozn I'm surprised how many people I run into who have no idea that Sterno is a product. I ran into it all the time back when I picked that name. Seemed like a common thing
So, guys, you've probably already talked about this. But there's a live-action Dora the Explorer film coming out this summer
I really hope I have the opportunity to ask about it on scifi.se
For some reason my brain constantly thinks it is a canned meat product rather than a tinned fuel.
Still not as bad as me
I do want a half sleeve up to the wrist and just above the elbow because I tend to wear my sleeves rolled up
@Ash It's even why my gravatar is fire-themed!
2:58 PM
@Sterno okay, finally watching the trailer, I'm...actuslly finding myself wanting to see this movie.
@Sterno well sure be all logical about it :p
It's basically just a kid version of Tomb Raider
@Sterno I figured that was just a resulting effect from your prior exposure to @kalina
Mira cómo masacraron a mi chico.
@Sterno Yeah, but hopefully this one will actually be good
2:59 PM
@Sterno yeah, which is part of the appeal for me I think.
The trailer makes it look better than most of the shit I watch with my kids
I'm looking at you, entire set of "Air Buddies" movies on Netflix
Air Bud? Like the dog that played sports?
@Sterno I would go see this with my nieces and nephews
That might have been the origin, but it's these made-for-dvd or maybe even made-for-netflix talking dog movies called htings like "Air Buddies", "Snow Buddies", "Treasure Buddies"
They make me want to die
But are still miles ahead of the Beverly Hills Chihauahua franchise
If a show is crap, I let my kids watch it by themselves. Why subject myself to awful?
3:02 PM
We try to do a movie night once a week
Ah. Younger kids? The last 3 movies nights for us have involved Infinity War.
Yeah, 4 and 6
Which I hate.
lol patreon just emailed me about the pinned change
and they scare easy so it makes it rough to find movies
3:03 PM
"dear creator, launch your page before may to"
today I learned that alt-right pizzagater Jack Posobiec wrote Game of Thrones fan fiction about Donald Trump and a teen aged Sansa Stark falling in love
Or is that too political?
I refuse to make a ruling one way or another
I mean
I can't unsee it now
@Nzall Yikes
@Nzall Well, I wouldn't say "too political" would be the right descriptor.
Definitely too much something though.
3:12 PM
Also, how do you make something unavailable even through the internet archive?
I mean, the fanfic itself starts with the claim that Trump and the Night's Watch have the same views on immigration, so...
"we're gonna build a wall and make the white walkers pay for it"
If they were white they wouldn't want a wall...
The Night's Watch is also composed of thieves and murderers so not sure that's the greatest comparison to make.
@SaintWacko If you add a url to the robots.txt ignore list most archive crawlers ignore it.
@Nzall Oh, I had assumed this was something he did to remove it from the archive later
3:18 PM
@SaintWacko AFAIK if you add them later, they get dropped
Q: Where is the program scheduler on the iPad version?

Jason CI am trying to schedule an alcoholics counseling program to a specif8c common room on the iOS (ipad) version of Prison Architect. I have micromanagement unlocked, and I have the program created, but I can't figure out how to assign it to a specific room (I have two common rooms). All the stuff I...

Q: Cant join servers with cracked launcher

RealOrNG_BoiWhy cant my friend access some servers when he is using a cracked launcher? It said the servers were down for maintenance and he couldn't join them.

Q: Do I need to beat Lynx to get Level 7 Gear?

Jonathan GummDo I have to defeat Lynx to get Level 7 weapons and armor? I am very confused about that.

3:48 PM
please i beg you
Hmm... I 'membered it wrong.
needlefelting of baba is you
4:03 PM
This video demonstrates my design for a mechanism in #BabaIsYou which implements Cellular Automaton Rule 110, which suffices to prove the game is Turing-Complete! The write-up is here: http://tl.gd/n_1sqrh1m Feel free to ask any questions! @babaisyou_ @ESAdevlog https://t.co/EzOeTuZga5
Oh. Oh no.
@PrivatePansy BABA is DOOM?
Okay, you know what, fine
I'll buy it
@PrivatePansy wow
Q: How soulbound works?

RealOrNG_BoiHow do I know if I will get a white bag or something soulbound from a boss? Is it a set amount of damage you have to do to the enemy or does it vary with the amount of players in a said realm or dungeon? I've gotten white bags from DDocks before but then I did more damage but didn't get a white b...

4:25 PM
Q: Why do XKCD comics onebox?

NzallI'm curious as to why XKCD comics are eligible for oneboxing in chat. XKCD is not the only webcomic out there, but AFAIK no other comics onebox by default.

if anyone knows, let me know
Blah. Likely gonna have to turn down the offer.
I don't think there's any reason other than that it's popular with developers, and it has a nice and easy API to integrate with
They wouldn't even budge on anything until I told them roughly what I was looking for.
4:40 PM
And it's also Creative Commons, which means there aren't any licensing issues when it's oneboxed.
Q: Hostile work environment after whistle-blowing on coworker and our boss. What do I do?

brownsuga1967I work night shifts with a co-worker who would always sleep or never be at work. She is friends with the administrator (our boss) who showed her signs of extreme favoritism on many occasions. I believe they were friends. After two months of encouraging her to improve, I sent an anonymous video ...

The answer with most votes looks like out of context because of the edits made in the question
Im not sure if the edit was made because it entered HNQ or it was made to enter HNQ
I wouldn't be surprised if XKCD was just an early test of one-boxing and they've just kept it.
@Moacir Workplace has some issues with people posting fake stories
5:03 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god
this is so good
(that's the collegehumor take on it, and IMO it's much better thanthe original trailer)
Is it SFW? I never know with CollegeHumor.
@Ave This is much older than the real movie trailer
6:00 PM
> Automatic merge failed
Dammit, I'm going to have to do some work.
wew new phone here
@MBraedley welcome to my day
I mean, it wasn't too bad, just a solution file with changes from two branches. Accept left then right, next change.
@MBraedley I had an automagic merge fail earlier today but when I went through the diff tool, every conflict that been automagically solved.
So I literally opened up every conflict file just to hit "Save and Accept".
6:12 PM
@Yuuki I wasn't so lucky this time, but I've seen that in the past.
Valdis Story devs making a tactics game
The art and characters look rad so far
> Unique menuless turn based tactical gameplay.
No Man's Sky is still a full priced game when not on sale?
It's huge isn't it?
6:14 PM
But it was also something of a flop at launch.
I hear that it's worth its price now but I'm not sure how to value historical performance.
Huh. I transferred about 1000 photos and my Google Drive storage only went up about 1GB?
6:31 PM
@Yuuki Did you transfer them to google drive or google photos?
@Ave Hahahahaha
@SaintWacko Hmm... possibly to Google Photos.
@Yuuki By default, Google compresses uploaded photos and you have unlimited of those
It only consumes space in your drive if you keep the original quality
@SaintWacko Could've sworn I selected this option though.
Unless you're uploading from a Pixel in which case you get unlimited original quality as well
@Yuuki You can go to one of the photos you uploaded and hit the dropdown menu in the corner. If you uploaded it in original quality, it should have two download options: "Download" and "Download Original"
7:00 PM
Q: my minecraft keeps crashing i cant even open it, i tried many solutions such as reinstalling java or updating my driver. Please help!

user229160this is the crash report: [19:06:14 INFO]: Half command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_191\bin\javaw.exe -Xmx1G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn128M -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Dj...

Q: How do I beat Lynx?

Jonathan GummEvery Time I try to fight Lynx I can't beat him, even though I have the max level of armor and weapons. What would be the best strategy to beat him?

Q: Minecraft mods through twitch don't work for me?

Darren TobiassonWhenever i run minecraft mods through twitch, it keeps responding with the same error message of "unable to start the minecraft runtime environment, please try to reinstall minecraft." when I do reinstall, it comes up with the same error. it does, however run with vanilla. Please help.

7:39 PM
BTW, people answered the XKCD onebox question
It's essentially what @PrivatePansy said
7:53 PM
Q: How do I use Bull In Brawl Stars?

GamingGummBall 88I do not know how to use Bull in Brawl Stars? What Is The Best strategy to use him.

8:48 PM
Q: How do I beat Volcano?

GamingGummBall 88What is the best Strategy for fighting the Boss Volcano in Shadow Fight 2?

9:26 PM
> What do you call a witch that eats sand?
> Malnourished.
I think the pun would be more for a witch that lives in the desert
Oh speaking of poor eating choices:
From the minds that approved Garfield Go: Garfield Eats
oh yeah apologies in advance if your sound was turned up.
Q: How do I get fireworks at the end of a Super Mario Bros level?

Puzzle MasterEvery once and a while, I hear a game- like tune different from the usual end level tune and then there are fireworks.

10:04 PM
user image
11:02 PM
Q: Custom Block with Commands in Bedrock

Method SwizzlerI am trying to create a custom block with the texture of a slab and an ice block (the slab looks like it holds the ice block), with the dropper interface. You can put in a water bucket to get an empty bucket and an ice block. If anyone is good with commands, can they help?

11:17 PM
Q: Dogmeat not moving

Austin ShorterHi so my signs at when I get to the mission reunions he just runs to. The fans and just stops and does not move i don't know what to do i have kids installed so is that the problem or not? Pls help

11:51 PM
Q: Currency & Shop System not working properly

AleksI've made a shop system on this modded server, i had to make it more complicated since the Shop Signs did not allow "non opps" to click on them for the /give command (wich works on vanilla minecraft) so i got a new way of doing it from one very kind gentleman here yesterday, the thing is I'm usin...

Q: Temple Run 2 - Cannot pass the Slip n Sled Objective

onetwo12I have the Slip n Sled objective like this: and as I read online this is the Ice Luge in Frozen Shadows: as the Objective says you have to pass it 3 times in one run, but I see it only once on start. I have passed 10 000 meters in this Frozen Shadows map and it is not appearing again. Is th...


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