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3:00 PM
@Lazers2.0 I don't even.
@Wipqozn That was a good short film.
Context for those who didn't know it
And horror movies are some of my favorite.
I'd give it a try.
I've never been into horror stuff
3:10 PM
wait wtf
is that some commentary thing?
@twobugs I don't like jump scares, I like the atmospheric horror stuff.
Oculus was really good, The Conjuring was pretty good, that kind of thing.
I guess I just end up either feeling like things are really dumb and not scary or they're way too much (atmospheric tends to be latter)
oh for fuck sakes IGN
I ahte your autoplaying bullshit videos
that's where it was coming from
3:12 PM
@twobugs The really dumb ones are enjoyable for different reasons.
@Arperum Well I've deleted that. It was complete junk.
along wit hliterally everything else they've posted
@Wipqozn Yes.
"everything else" as in "the other thing", obviously
3:17 PM
@Unionhawk They have some deleted posts as well
they haven't been back in 17 minutes, so they probably already got bored and left
@Arperum I'll say I like their username
3:33 PM
@twobugs i hoped this was a metaphor
Q: Stuck in pet moving situation

FennekinI am stuck here in jungle. its been 2 days i have been thinking how am I going to take these both ocelots back to my base. The first thought in my mind was going via nether. however I didn't find any nice path in spectator world (world with same seed + gamemode sp). so pathing in nether is ma...

Q: Can I transfer downloaded games on ps4

BenI have games downloading onto my ps4 in Europe and am selling the system and buying a new one in the USA because we are moving there. How do I access the games I bought on my first system as I want to sell the actual console. Do I lose all the games I have already downloaded?

> Are we experimenting with this technology at the risk of people's lives?
> The Associated Press reported that he was watching a Harry Potter video at the time of the crash, according to the driver of the tractor trailer who said he could hear it playing when the Tesla Model S came to rest "about a quarter mile down the road" from the point of impact.
Unless it's an op-ed, don't editorialize.
Does Tesla call it "autopilot"?
Because if so, that's rather reckless advertising there.
3:49 PM
They do appear to use "Autopilot" in official marketing material.
> In regulator speak, full autonomy is called Level 4. Tesla's Autopilot is regarded as Level 2 technology, but many drivers are treating it as Level 3 and over-trusting the system.
Q: Clickable Text In Minecraft

Ronin_JourusI would like to know how to submit a clickable text in mine craft, and if you click the text, it copies it to your clipboard. I really want to know how to do this, and If you could tell me how, I would be grateful!

@JoshPetrie Ugh...
"Assisted driving" or "assisted steering" would be a better description.
I personally am not going to fall asleep or watch a movie even in a driverless car until there are significantly more driverless cars than driven cars on the road.
3:53 PM
I agree. "Autopilot" is largely misunderstood by a significant percentage of the population, I'm sure.
Still, I doubt there's any legislation in the US against the name, or any regulations etc.
Probably it was just an issue nobody thought hard enough about, which is unfortunate.
I'm assuming lawmakers are going to start looking into it after this.
3:54 PM
Doesn't make it smart
@Wipqozn Every video on this channel is great.
@StrixVaria It really is
That's the channel that made me want Burnout Paradise, because he compared the open-world aspects of the new Mirror's Edge game to it and said why Burnout Paradaise was so much better in that regard.
Plus I've been wanting a racing game for a while.
Burnout Paradise is a good racing game
My favourite open world racer is still FUEL though
3:58 PM
@StrixVaria It was in the EA Humble Bundle. If you have that you already have the game
@PrivatePansy I haven't bought a Humble Bundle since Humble Bundles were a new idea.
I already got it this Steam Sale for $5, though.
Ah well. That was a pretty great bundle, especially since EA donated 100% of their share to charity.
Speaking of bundles, I have a sanic game to give away
Crypt of the NecroDancer has been ported to iOS
4:09 PM
> A core part of our game philosophy is making you, our community, part of the development process.
Essentially, "we want you to pay us roughly full-price for a game that's not feature-complete".
While I'm already suspicious of your game if you're in Early Access, if you're in Early Access and you have Steam Trading Cards, I'm super-double-suspicious of your game.
Weirdest Hearthstone game over lunch, also a long one
Guy slightly won due to luck, but I've never seen a deck like that
That's not me being a sore loser - he played a card that is 100% rng and got a few lucky picks
New season just started so no big deal, I was just baffled watching his deck
@twobugs fite me irl in hearthstone
I will destroy you
@Yuuki you can haz a screening (no details yet)
(if you want)
But yeah he played Yogg and got a board clear
4:22 PM
@TimStone Definitely do. But I'm a bit worried about whether I qualify. And also I've been sucking it up in interviews so far.
Do I give you my resume or someone else?
You can give it to me, sure
tbh we hired several people before they even graduated so don't worry too much about that
you can reach him at [email protected]
@Unionhawk How fancy.
I mean, something else
Because spoiler alert they're not actually the same person
Eh, might as well send it. I could get a job at Stack Exchange!
4:26 PM
@Yuuki Good luck! (Please don't ban me)
So how do I do this, email or upload an image to the Bridge?
(yes I know they have @google, shh)
@Unionhawk Did you know they have @google emails?
4:32 PM
/ban twobugs
You cannot ban the broadcaster!
but yes, I did
@twobugs I finally got to play Warzone Firefight yesterday. I got so many REQ packs
@murgatroid99 You get bonus rewards from the 1st, 5th, and 10th wins
But yeah, even normal wins are bonkers
I think it's based on score and mythic/legendary takedowns
So according to Steam Support, I have 3 hours of playtime on Planetbase but according to my Steam Library, I have 2 hours.
@twobugs Yeah, I saw that. I've gotten 3 wins so far
But I also leveled/completed a few Commendations
The new commendations give gold or silver packs for every level
Ah, that explains it too
It's really easy to make commendation progress
Tanks and vehicles are amazing but some of the Prometheans just suck to fight
4:39 PM
I also finally finished the Grunt Slayer, Legendary Boss, and Warzone Commendations
You get a huge amount of exp for winning a match, too
And req points
Q: KSP Docking annoyance

Cjen1I appear to have a bug where when I rotate a completely separate craft near to a spacestation or probe etc, the spacestation, probe etc also rotates (in this case near is about 100m). If I turn off all reaction wheels and rcs the rotation does not occur, therefore I think that it is a bug that c...

I've gone up like 10ish levels the past two days
I'm currently digging through gold packs to finally get a binary rifle, so I can finish my weapon Commendations
Hah, I still have a long way to go on that front
But I'm approaching like 40% overall progress, which is great
On unlocks, that is
Starting to finally earn DMR loadout options!
4:44 PM
Yeah, I think I got most of my silver unlocks before I got one of those
Hmmm, these SO answers say adding files using git add inside the pre-commit hook should result in said files being added into the current commit
Q: My downloaded maps on minecraft don't show in singleplayer, though they are properly downloaded

JackTheManI'm trying to download the 1.10 Would You Rather map for minecraft on my mac, but it won't show in my singleplayer listing fro some reason. I did everything properly, and it's in the saves as a FOLDER, NOT a zip file. Any ideas on what I should do (this also happens to not all but many other maps...

5:09 PM
silly question
if there was a program whose '--help' didn't list its options in a deterministic fashion
where would that program fall on the hitler-o-meter
Q: When does the Steam discovery queue card availability reset?

GigazelleI am hoping to capitalize on obtaining as many trading cards as possible before they expire on July 4th. Is the gap between earning cards from the discovery queue based on a specific global reset time, or must a certain amount of time pass before I can earn cards again?

@badp How nondeterministic are we talking here?
@murgatroid99 Related things are grouped together, but the order of each group is random
@badp you should be thankful the program has a --help at all!
@GodEmperorDune python! <3
5:15 PM
@badp oh my argparse stuff is never ordered in a useful way
we have a bunch of plugins. Each plugin can contribute command line arguments. A thing goes over the unordered list of plugins to collect all command line arguments, then dumps them to {opt,arg}parse (I forget which)
its basically "the order i added the argument handling when i was coding"
if we keep things unordered we have better guarantees that there are no dependencies on the plugin loading order
but then we get this kinda stuff
What if you keep the main list of plugins unsorted, but use a sorted copy to add command line arguments?
how many potential arguments are we talking? 10? 50? 100?
5:16 PM
@Ash btw. If you lose the link to the drive image I uploaded, check it from steam mobile client- it always shows much more message history.
@GodEmperorDune 20, for now
that's like 980 fewer command line arguments than Chrome.
@badp i don't think that's large enough for sorting to be necessary
@GodEmperorDune scribbles, we need more command line arguments
wrong chatroom
@badp you could add an argument to --help which determines if help should list them in sorted or unsorted order
5:19 PM
Why not just sort them?
@GodEmperorDune -๐Ÿ”ข
So I'm on Ubuntu again
@badp Can you add a --too-cool-for-school tag which makes it render all text in AlTeRnAtInG cApS throughout the whole app?
and if you want them actually shuffled, -๐Ÿ”ฃ
At least partially, on my Surface
5:21 PM
@StrixVaria that's better left to toilet
@StrixVaria should be --tOo-CoOl-FoR-sChOoL, imo
add --metal for a better effect
@GodEmperorDune True, that way only cool kids can use it.
perhaps a --friday to put the program into "troll mode"
@GodEmperorDune --2-k3w1-4-5k3w1
5:22 PM
@twobugs that's the --L337 option
Idea: Program has the hidden option --work to actually work
Otherwise it fails silently
--work is not documented, naturally
@badp Oh my
@badp --the-colors-bro
5:23 PM
@badp I had a readme that was "Read me and learn nothing"
@GodEmperorDune -๐ŸŒˆ
@SaintWacko whatever | toilet -f term --gay
you're welcome
@twobugs was that the entirety of the readme file
Or you could just use three-letter options
@twobugs I need to steal that
@badp Yes
5:25 PM
The hell are you guys talking about
@GnomeSlice command line arguments for @badp's program
if passed -๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ, the program apologises when reporting errors
@badp you need to add a --gnomephone argument to make the text output more fun
(I know, that's cheating, that's two codepoints)
@GodEmperorDune -๐Ÿ”ฃ
5:28 PM
or a --retrosaur option that causes to the program to change its name
also chrome is pretty bad at rendering these emoji
@GodEmperorDune I don't know if emojis have an adequate icon for this
oh I know, -โ€‘
speaking of trolling, why is there no friday in the starlist?
Q: What are the differences between offensive and defensive assists?

DarthPizzaWhen I look at the statistics for various heroes under my Career Profile, I notice that "Offensive Assists" and "Defensive Assists" are listed. What are offensive and defensive assists, and what are the differences between them?

@GodEmperorDune it's now Saturday in Japan
@badp there wasn't any friday in the starlist yesterday, either
5:34 PM
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Trump
@badp what testing framework do you use for your python testing?
@GodEmperorDune i have written one doctest
I don't do enough Python to have a pick here
Used to use mocks for ganeti, didn't care too much for it
So far the tests to test the testing are the tests themselves
i recently started with pytest and the functionality is great but some of the documentation is not so much
Weee VR is cool
5:42 PM
> Very often parametrization uses more than one argument name. There is opportunity to apply indirect parameter on particular arguments. It can be done by passing list or tuple of argumentsโ€™ names to indirect. In the example below there is a function test_indirect which uses two fixtures: x and y. Here we give to indirect the list, which contains the name of the fixture x. The indirect parameter will be applied to this argument only, and the value a will be passed to respective fixture function:
Q: How can I detect if 2 players have the same scoreboard?

iDoomfullI am making a minigame when two players are needed to start an arena ! Trying with the "c" selector for count, but it seems that doesn't work This is the command I used: /testfor @a[score_arena_min=1,score_arena=1,c=2] The arena scoreboard notes the players who joined an arena, the 1 value bein...

Q: How to get custom (non-player) heads in minecraft 1.10

NioneI have seen a tutorial to do this, the one with changing your skin, but I'm using it with /summon and the ArmorItems NBT tag (The head is only present while the player is playing it), and I want my map to work whenever someone decides to play it.

ah i think it finally clicked
indirect is for calling fixtures in a parametrized test
Hmm, @MBraedley what VR games are cool, any recommendations?
Out at the lake; a bird has built a nest in the middle of our driveway. She does not like us.
@KevinvanderVelden elite apparently has great VR capabilities
5:48 PM
Good point I have that
I've been meaning to clear desk space to play some more, expecially now that 2.1: Engineers is out
I really want 3.x atmospheric landings to become a thing, but that's a way down the road thing
One thing I will never understand, people enjoying parmesan.
@Yuuki wat
Hold on seriously wat
5:50 PM
It's probably a "people who can eat cheese" thing.
I had some garlic parmesan wings yesterday. Not a fan.
@Yuuki i am lactose intolerant and Parmesan is great
@Yuuki buffalo wild wings?
garlic parmesan is like the best
@GodEmperorDune Wingstop.
5:51 PM
@Yuuki ah, i've had buffalo wild wings' garlic parmesan wings and they were meh
i think they are using shitty parmesan
wat garlic parmesan is the best
That's probably more a function of garlic than anything
get some good trader joe's parmesan. that stuff is legit
and decently cheap too
@badp ahahahaha
@GodEmperorDune install emojione extension
5:55 PM
@Yuuki I love Wingstop
Their Louisiana Rub wings are amazing
in unrelated news, i am actually still not sure how indirect parameterization works in pytest. Because i called a fixture in the parametrized function directly and it works fine...
without any indirect parameter
What's elite dangerous arena?
Does tts have VR support?
@KevinvanderVelden It's CQC
@arda tabletop simulator? Yeah
5:59 PM
an arena gamemode added in like, 1.4
@Unionhawk close quarters combat? Cool
Future is here

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