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12:00 AM
@Fluttershy The worst part if as soon as you get hit once, I find I just get more careless
because it's like "WHAT'S EVEN THE POINT"
12:10 AM
anyone remind me how to hack an original kindle to display a webpage? ;/
I know i've rooted it
but I don't know how to make it show a webpage
@Wipqozn Yes! This is how it works for me too! Glad I'm not the only one.
gotta say, @fredley playing Cities is making me want to paLy Cities again. or Banished. I barely put any hour sinto cities.
Q: Minecraft Game Menu Opening Randomly

hodotwell, i didn't mess it up accidentally or purposely, it sorta did it on it's own since the beginning of 1.9/above. i'm not pressing any keys, i even did a test to see if it did it without me pressing any keys. (it did it anyway) it has a delay of a minute and 15 seconds, and i counted. p.s, it d...

12:29 AM
Q: If I add a non steam game to my steam account can I then play it on any PC?

123 MeOn my family PC there are lots of games, If I add them to my steam account can I then play them on my laptop? or would I only be able to play on the PC they were on? It would be a big help if you know!!!!!!

Q: Is it still possible to get hat drops

user152834I was just playing a pub server in TF2 and somebody in chat said they got a hat drop. Are they legit? Just wondering.

12:41 AM
@Wipqozn Cities is one of those games that I have been wanting to play, but can't justify the cost since I'll likely not play it longer than an hour. lol
@fredley This is really fucking with my brain and I know it's supposed to but man I just I can't even. Like when he turns the first one? Nope. I see it happening and just so much nope/
@Ash yeah even understanding how it works doesn't help
@GodEmperorDune It's the interconnected ones that really get me
@Ash did you see the butterfly star one yet?
@GodEmperorDune Nope
Q: I bought the digital downloaded version of Call of Duty Black Ops3

T H GerbigLike is there a way i can transfer it to my Ps4 ? Like all of my info with in the game or do i just have to buy it again for the PlayStation 4 . I dont like starting over but if i got to then i will . And i want to know because i did the same thing with GTA 5 for the charcter transfer but it has ...

Q: MC:PE wont sign into Xbox live

CheesedooshWhen I type my information (if I'm lucky to get that screen) it just black screens and goes back to the title menu. It refuses to sign in.

the sideways view is super weird and kinda demonstrates how intense it is
ah, classic Wasteland... brings back memories.
starts game, rolls characters, takes one step, attacked by dogs, everyone dies
@GodEmperorDune oh man. I just. aaaaaa my brain hurts
@Ash sorry about your brain
12:54 AM
It's okay :)
Q: How do I get better at Ranked games

DewmifySo far I have only played 1 ranked game, and my team was very angry at me when I helped them, I was playing fiddle in the jungle, I would like some quick tips on how to get better at him. Thank you.

I feel so icky. We had out home inspection today and I feel so violated like every fucking thing in my house was open/moved/etc when I came home
that's how men in their 50s feel after every exam.
@spugsley i know the feeling
we had some inspectors that left our microwave door open
its a small thing but it bothers me so much
all my closets and blinds were open :/
1:04 AM
@spugsley :(
you think they could just put things back afterwards
I feel gross. And the stupid buyer agent was like "Why are all these boxes here? Are these gonna be cleaned up?" Um. Were fucking moving.
seriously? wow
"no buyer agent, those boxes are part of the allure of the house. we're including them free of charge"
lol it got worse
"And there's a cat smell because of the litter box. You're taking that out right?"
oh my fucking god
i dunno how someone like that could get work as a realtor
1:08 AM
she was a delight :/
its like this sales guy i had once. he answered every question with a single short sentence
on the plus side, you can't deny the awesomeness of this hair:
i had to prompt multiple times to get him to give any information about the product
@spugsley damn that's hawt
cc @Arperum @Ktash @ash
1:09 AM
I'm right here.....
yeah it's rad. Now it can fade for the next 8 months to lilac silver
(But I am watching REMENT videos so I am super distracted because OMG TINY THINGS
@Ash sorry, habit i suppose
ugh I hate even being in this house now
I can't wait to move
@spugsley that is the awesome
1:20 AM
@TrentHawkins thanks :D
Well, so far this whole "Get win98 in a VM and then maybe run my game" hasn't completely exploded in my face
I mean it's still in progress, but it might be working. Maybe.
1:26 AM
Now to follow the rest of @arda's instructions...
but hey he got me this far. (Seriously he has been incredibly helpful, wrote me a nice doc with links to the stuff I need and instructions)
Hm, I don't know how to do the next bit
@Ash what's the the next bit?
Wait a minute. I thought @spugsley was dead like @origamidoesntautocompleteanymore
1:35 AM
@Sterno she's too awesome for that
@Ash what program are you using to mount it?
@Sterno nah I pop up occasionally, he doesn't come around at all anymore
@GodEmperorDune I don't know how to answer that question
I mostly come to complain about moving and selling my house
Like...I have win98 in a VM in VirtualBox
I'm just a barrel of joy these days
1:36 AM
and now I know I need to mount this inside that (at least that's how I understand)
but I can't figure out how
@Ash ok, so an iso is a disk image
so you need a program that fakes a disk player inside that VM
(i dunno if the VM comes with something like that or not)
okay, how do I do that? To get the win98 iso to go I went "Devices" then "optical drive' then selected the iso and it went
I tried to do that in this case but nothing really seems to happen?
@Ash hmm
1:38 AM
(aka I'm a giant noob and realy don't know what I am doing)
Like it doesn't seem to actually do anything with it and I am not sure if I am just doing it wrong or something?
is there any mount/unmount you need to do on the optical drive?
maybe the win98 iso is still loaded
if its loaded, it could be that this driver iso doesn't have autoplay, so you need to open it up in file explorer and find install or setup or whatever.exe and hit it manually
I FIGURED IT OUT. I feel very smart right now.
@Ash yay
2:12 AM
Okay made some progress, but I'm getting sleepy, so I think the rest can wait
I have NO idea why this is a thing
but I like that it is
@Ash Those look awkward as heck to move around in, but at the same time they seem to have more freedom of movement than you think should be possible just looking at the thumbnail.
2:35 AM
@TrentHawkins I thought they'd just wobble on the spot, but they're actually dancing
Which is pretty cool
I would have been happy if they just wobbled to the music for three minutes either way
@Ash There's one that has them dancing to Formation too, heh
Okay, after testing I can confirm that git add inside pre-commit hook actually works
It just doesn't appear that way in the commit message
@TimStone awesome
@LessPop_MoreFizz blackberry gose. Be jealous.
Or something
1 hour later…
4:16 AM
Q: How do you find minefields on the map?

KaizerwolfI cannot seem to locate minefields from the Vantage Outpost balloons. Do I just need to drive around with the dog and hope I come across them, or is there a way to pinpoint them on the map, like with scarecrows or snipers?

Q: What determines which Mature Content warning Steam gives you?

AdonalsiumSo when browsing Steam games, I've noticed two distinct "Mature Content" warnings: First, one that asks you to enter your birthdate. It looks like this: However, recently I've started seeing a different warning, which says "Content in this product may not be appropriate for all ages, or may no...

4:55 AM
Bye bye spam
5:38 AM
Q: Darksouls zweihander sword

EliteGaming UnleashedI am a begginer to dark souls prepare to die edition.I got the zwehilander sword,I wanted to know If i upgrade that will it support to finish the game.I am in undead burg i have a titanite shard.14 strength and 13 dexterity as a warrior.

1 hour later…
6:44 AM
Q: How to transfer save files, not the game itself on steam

BuckySo I recently just bought a PC to replace my Mac. I know I can copy the game itself onto a flash drive and spare myself the download time but my flash drive isn't big enough. I can download the games again if needed. What I'm concerned about are the specific save files on my computer. My progress...

Goodbye boob spam
7:01 AM
@Ender ah that song brings back memories
Q: How can I find my Minecraft seed on Xbox 360

DTAC_DanHi guys I recently am trying to make a mini game server and I need the map seed so I can find a map of it to put the domination control points for a mini game, plz help

7:40 AM
@GodEmperorDune yes it does :)
7:59 AM
@Ender it's somehow fitting
Q: Dwarves not drinking booze in barrels right next to them

Mark RipleyMy current fortress is on year 3 or 4 since my embark. My dwarves recently all started showing thirsty symbols (blue down arrow), and I don't know why they won't drink. The thirsty dwarves include idle dwarves standing in the meeting zone right next to a food/drink stockpile. The dwarves moved tw...

Finally slept and woke at good times
good mornin
its 4am whre I am lol
8:15 AM
@Ash I added simple steps to the file, but considering you've already done most of it already it doesn't really matter.
@GodEmperorDune this is the case, yes
1 hour later…
9:29 AM
worst part is that I created that in the wrong folder- a git repo
what are you taking about?
this pic here
9:37 AM
Ah, someone made something similar yesterday so I tried doing something like that too.
what were you trying to do
I was trying to do that
Rainbow text
9:40 AM
by coding?
Aka -🌈
@arda ???
16 hours ago, by badp
@GodEmperorDune -🌈
I have to go
@arda Goodbye forever then
9:59 AM
@Wipqozn says thee turtle
Fun fact: unaware people reads as the turtle, while others read as you turtle
lol already, silly me. I'm surprised it took this long. Gosh darn internet.
He does take damage due to falling though
@Wipqozn Ledges are the enemy
@PrivatePansy I told you about stairs
10:21 AM
I cannot stop building my boat. Please send help.
10:34 AM
@PrivatePansy Use your boat to find help
My boat is anchored on a strange river and filled with zombies and monsters.
Its primary form of locomotion is synchronized hopping by everyone on board
Swedish Language

Proposed Q&A site for those who are learning the Swedish language, for those who want to improve their knowledge of the Swedish language, and for professionals (linguists, etymologists, etc) and enthusiasts who want to discuss Swedish language-related questions.

Currently in definition.

Hadoop Processing and Analyzing Big Data

Proposed Q&A site for administrators, developers, and analysts to deal with bigdata/unstructured data processing

Currently in definition.

Q: Why can't I open the 'Graphics/Performance Options' menu in The Sims 2?

SillyGooseI recently installed The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection from Origin, I can't access the Graphics/Performance Options menu. I followed this tutorial and added my video card to Video Cards.sgr, there was no "NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!" error in my -config-log.txt file, but I still can't access the menu. ...

/cc @Sterno
10:54 AM
Ugh, the sound of crt
can't recall ever hearing it
11:21 AM
It is very high frequency, so possible that you never heard it / last heard it years ago
12:01 PM
maybe I just never thought much of it
/cc @PrivatePansy on that sick Arial Narrow
@badp Yuck yuck yuck yuck
@badp is that big picture?
I never used it / saw anyone use it.
(except accidentally opening)
@arda steam controller
12:06 PM
(and account hotswitching)
@badp ah
@arda This isn't even news. I heard about that job posting (which is the only actual evidence in the article) months ago.
12:36 PM
@StrixVaria not really. That one was for optimizing old games
@Lazers2.0 this is actually a fun-to-read spam
1:13 PM
1 message moved to Android Hell
@fredley Oh my
@fredley their website has frames and no frames variants
that's how you know you're in for a good time
1:29 PM
@badp Perfectly preserved in mint condition since 1999
1:41 PM
Q: How do I get the most solid fuel out of my crude oil?

PhilippI got a limited amount of crude oil and want to turn it into the maximum amount of solid fuel. However, solid fuel can be made from heavy oil, light oil or propane gas. Should I switch my refineries to basic or advanced oil processing? Should I crack my heavy oil into light oil? Should I crack ...

@badp -1 not enough gifs
-1 not enough git
bikiniatoll.com btw, also surprisingly it has https
> 1997
> you're
> 3m
That has to be one of the longest-running still-functional web counters in existence
Also the longest alive "you're" typo
1:49 PM
Hm? It's the correct form
Not really
> You're visitor number
It's saying "you are the 3.2 millionth visitor"
Oh, yeah it is correct but bad
@TimStone Yup
It's a weird way to say it, but it's correct
1:53 PM
Q: Portal 2 in Steam

OlegBefore Portal 2 is always minimized on the desktop, and then successfully unfolded, and now even in the background when you do not restore the game crashes... it is Possible as that to correct?

Q: What fuel should I use for my flamethrower turrets?

PhilippVersion 0.13 adds flamethrower turrets to the game. They can be operated with crude oil, heavy oil or light oil. Does the choice of oil have any impact on their performance? Also, which one is the more economical choice regarding crude oil consumption (heavy and light oil are made from crude oil ...

Q: Inverted controls history

JJ StampI have been looking up recently why there is a trend of older arcade/console game with default inverted controls. Almost every gamer I've met over the age of 40 prefers inverted controls because the games of their youth were defaulted that way. As an example Star Fox on the N64 is default inverte...

no it doesn't
you the are
you'e would work
unless the use of ' has suddenly changed since i was at school :/
It used to symbolise missing letters/entire words
@djsmiley2k You're not making sense.
@Ronan exactly
2:01 PM
@djsmiley2k No you. Not the website.
@Ronan Make your own sense
10 mins ago, by Tim Stone
It's saying "you are the 3.2 millionth visitor"
you're 3.2 millionth visitor
@fredley I think that's illegal.
doesn't say that at all.
"you are visitor number 3.2 gajillion" ~= "you are the 3.2 gajillionth visitor"
2:03 PM
16 mins ago, by arda
user image
you are visitor number...
but not you are the visitor...
I think @TimStone just meant it was equivalent
but it's not?
Yeah, because the "visitor number #" construct might have been confusing
The sentences mean the same thing
ok i'm gonna disengage and step away
@TimStone I shall ply you with more cute animal gifs.
2:05 PM
as i'm confused
@Yuuki bwuahaha
Is that a icelandic horse?
(don't call them ponys, they get offended)
Shetland pony.
icelandic horses are cool
2:16 PM
@Yuuki I already saw that on Reddit
jeez @Yuuki
@Wipqozn Wait, I had time for original content in the past?
@Wipqozn Meh. We'll be playing Monster Hunter before too long, anyways. That's all original.
Plus, nobody paid attention to the Zenyatta shirt I made so there's that.
I wonder if @Yuuki has been replaced by a robot alien butler.
@Yuuki I liked that shirt.
@Frank Play the demo?
@Wipqozn Nope.
2:19 PM
@Frank It's good stuff.
The new Owl monster is cool, and I like the weapon arts
I definitely like Aerial and Adept styles. Haven't messed much with Striker though.
Still need to try Aerial.
> My computer is strong. Pentium 4.
@Wipqozn more like 9gag
I really like the changes to Hunting Horn. Getting a double note when hitting a monster is a fantastic change.
128mb ram
I like the fact that my rpi is faster than this pc
2:32 PM
I suspect I'll wind up using Guild and Adept most of the time.
@spugsley Holy shit your hair looks awesome.
Twitch why
poor Starcraft II
STarcraft used to be so popular
help, I'm having a brain freeze
what is the word you use for code that is written in the way that the language design encourages
as opposed to trying to do functional programming in COBOL
or otherwise fighting the design of the programming language
@badp I think there's a word per programming language for this.
I know "Pythonic" is a word people use.
That clearly only works for Python.
no no no, there's a more generic term
I think
2:46 PM
@Wipqozn It's pretty hilarious how popular watching people eat is in Korea.
That took me a lot longer to get than it should have.
@Yuuki I don't understand
Do they not have food in Korea?
3:00 PM
So can I call trump a nazi without people yelling GODWIN yet?
Crooked Hillary - - Makes History! https://t.co/jaqDG7M6dS
Most corrupt candidate ever, eh?
@twobugs note the star. :(
I wonder what that poll looked like
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hey, Trump is Just Asking Questions about The Holocaust
He might actually have a point on that.
US politicians are bought by the corporations, after all.
3:06 PM
@Frank ... Are you seriously implying that trump "has a point" with a blatantly anti-Semitic poster?
No. I know you are not doing that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, I'm implying nothing. I said exactly what I meant.
@Frank and I am pointing out that the thing you are saying he "has a point about" is explicitly and violently racist, in a tradition of racism that goes back over a thousand years. I encourage you to reconsider the statement, because, regardless of your intentions, saying "Mussolini made the trains run on time" is not a good look.
@LessPop_MoreFizz 1) I literally stated exactly what I meant. 2) I was responding to the fact of corruption. I stated nothing at all about the picture.
Whether the picture is racist is one thing; I didn't even touch that.
I didn't even need to see it; I was responding to the, "Most corrupt candidate ever" comment.
The picture is explicitly and deliberately linking corruption to Jews.
Trying to divorce it and find nuance is not helpful.
Q: How many XBox 360 controllers can you use on PC?

CoreyMy friends and are going to meet up soon and I am thinking of getting Castle Crashers on steam. We already have enough controllers for 4 player, but I am wondering if we will be able to all use them. Assuming there are enough USB ports for a wired connection, can Steam, Windows, and Castle Crashe...

3:11 PM
I'm not nuancing anything.
Seriously; look up. @twobugs has everything right there.
I'll reiterate. I'm personally offended here.
This room was placed in timeout for 5 minutes; the topic of this room is "General Arqade chat, wherein we have tags, we have the best tags, they really are terrific, let me tell you, just like our new mods, Wipqozn and Robotnik." - conversation should be limited to that topic.
I come back after a month.
1: the chat gets put into a cooldown after some sort of argument about politics.
2: @Wipqozn is a mod.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So I'm a bit late here, but I learned that the Astros beat the Royals 13-4. With 9 runs in the first inning, which absolutely boggles my mind.
Just to clarify, does anyone here even remember me?
3:21 PM
Q: COC friendly challenge always showing old clan

Pranav C BalanIn Clash Of Clan, there is an option for a friendly challenge. While my friend attacking my clan it's not showing the current clan instead it's showing old one. I couldn't get why it's happening, is that its behavior or something wrong ?

@Yuuki comedy
Q: How can I synchronize my progress on two different devices?

Montag451I'm playing Skyforce both on my phone and on my tablet (mostly on my phone because it has a pen) but my progress isn't being synchronized. The game always is in an older state on the tablet. Is this a known problem of Skyforce or Google Play or is there a way to synchronize them?

3:37 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz okay, remind me to be way more careful with my use of star shapes in powerpoint, because that (unsurprisingly) flew way over my head, though I can totally see it now :/
I'm optimized for confirming Half Life 3, not actual crazy conspiracies
Q: Can two players share one Scribblenauts Unlimited cartridge with two systems?

Ben MillerMy kids each have their own Nintendo 2DS, and one of them has the Scribblenauts Unlimited game. We were hoping that they could each play the game using the same cartridge (not at the same time, of course), but when we moved the cartridge, it appears that the game save data is on the cartridge, n...

3:55 PM
Q: Can I manage my team while trying to unlock the Free Rider position?

DoverIn order to unlock the Free Rider position do I have to be completely inactive or can I still give work to my team?


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