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6:00 PM
With some modified combat mechanics, but essentially it's just an arena mode
I'm currently downloading elite
Did you ever play it before? Or will you be starting fresh in LHS 3447 or wherever the starting system is?
I've played it for like 2 days
Streaming Enter the Gungeon. Don't have a headset set upr ight now though.
6:02 PM
pretty sure me and @TimStone are hundreds of lightyears away from wherever you'd be
considering I'm in the heart of Empire space and @TimStone I think is near Merope
I'm back in habited space though so not that far :P
@TimStone the bubble is still huge
Like I said, I'm in Empire space and I'm definitely hundreds away
@RedRiderX Alice: Madness Returns is probably one if my favorite games. I hope you enjoy it!
6:03 PM
since @KevinvanderVelden is probably in the space around Eravte
Q: What is the difference between Weapon Accuracy and Critical Hit Accuracy?

DarthPizzaWhen viewing statistics for various heroes under Career Profile, most heroes have a Weapon Accuracy and a Critical Hit Accuracy stat. I assume that "critical hit" refers to headshots, and "weapon accuracy" is how accurate you are with a weapon, of course. What I don't understand is what "critic...

Yeah, not too many jumps though
For an asp...
@Wipqozn where is the commentary?
> Don't have a headset set upr ight now though.
6:04 PM
@Unionhawk Even in the FDL it's not too bad, I had to go all over for Engineers stuff
How far can your FDL jump?
@Wipqozn @weakqozn
@Unionhawk 11.7-ish
That's around vulture
@GodEmperorDune wat
6:05 PM
I think my vulture can do like 14 even
@GodEmperorDune wat
@GodEmperorDune :( After I die
@Yuuki wat
@Yuuki wat
VTC bridge as confuses @badp
My FDL seems to get chewed up a bit more now than it used to :(
Sad days
6:06 PM
Just improved AI?
@Unionhawk I don't think @badp believes lactose intolerance is a thing that could possibly exist.
I think they rebalanced some things too
I seem to remember them talking about rebalancing biweave shields so I might be weaker too
@Yuuki i have lactose intolerance and parmesan does not affect me negatively
the aging process kills off the lactose or something like that
@GodEmperorDune I haven't really encountered any parmesan that I enjoy eating so I haven't eaten enough to trigger the intolerance.
6:09 PM
i eat it solid now
like slice a big chunk off the wedge
it is so good
Damn you @Wipqozn
grating takes too long
I'm ~200km away from home
In a car
and now I want to play gungeon
well that was terrible
I have disgraced @badp with my poor gameplay
@Wipqozn your mousing is inadequate
6:14 PM
@GodEmperorDune I don't play with a mouse
@Yuuki good parmesan is hard to find
@Wipqozn the worst
@Wipqozn no wonder it is so inadequate
@Wipqozn I refuse to believe you
And/or that's why you love winston
@arda trader joes
6:14 PM
@Arperum wat
I tried gungeon with controller and it sucks
Q: What is a "High Energy" kill?

DarthPizzaWhen you look at your Zarya statistics under Career Profile, their is a stat called "High Energy Kills". What are high energy kills? Would it be, for example, kills made when your energy level is at least X%? What is X?

okay ther, sound
6:16 PM
Maybe my controller or my controller skills suck, but as a Diablo player mouse keyboard of gungeon is very similar
@Wipqozn i'm not even watch your stream :D
@Wipqozn probably not
isn't it like, 7pm?
@GodEmperorDune not in Turkey. I buy from Italy directly tho.
6:17 PM
on a friday?
If Wales dares to loose I'm holding @fredley @Ronan and all other brits personally responsible.
> This Websense category is filtered: Malicious Country TLDs.
Having a neighbor who goes to Italy constantly helps a lot
@Unionhawk Quarter finals of European Cup or somesort
6:17 PM
@GodEmperorDune Sort your life out
@GodEmperorDune well yeah
UK hurts rest of world ('s economy)
Nah that's just fearmongering fiction
Jokes aside one of those 3 letter thingies in economy of UK has got back to preBrexit levels
it's not happening
Pound is still low tho
6:20 PM
What's that? companies that do long term investments are taking this as an opportunity to buy low?
not happening
Financial markets are rules by fearmongering lunatics.
Financial markets are horrible
There was a clip of Nigel insisting that financial collapse would not happen
You know, meanwhile it is happening
it's great
@Wipqozn why is your stream not producing any sound? Did you mute everything so we could hear you talk every now and then?
Me and Nigel are on a first name basis in case you were wondering
6:22 PM
@Arperum he doesn't have his headset
Game sound tho Idk
I was wondering why I wanted to harm you more than usual
@arda He did grab his headset and got to speaking.
I really want to find this clip because the way he so adamantly insists that everything is fine nothing is ruined is amazing
Ah, then it is weird. Not watching as I'll have to use mobile Internet for all my needs for a while
@Arperum @Wipqozn is not a pro much core streamer like @twobugs
6:27 PM
@Unionhawk Yeah. @Wipqozn is the worst.
@Arperum No sound again?
This happened last time too
My headset must screw it up somehow
@Wipqozn It probably steals default sound device and the streaming doesn't notice the sound playback device changed and is still listening at the speakers.
@Fluttershy I am looking forward to it.
Should I have played the first one first?
I can hear your voice, just not the game. I did just hear a couple pings. @Wipqozn
there w ego
I think I had to chang wher it was coming from, since I changed to headset part way through
@Unionhawk me pro much
Damn you @Wipqozn
@Arperum Wales must lose extremely hard #brexit
6:35 PM
@badp If they lose I might end up murdering some of the idiots that will be driving around.
@Yuuki if you want to go ahead and say that not liking Parmigiano is basically a medical condition then fine by me
@Arperum feel your pain
@Arperum maybe it's just that the Netherlands didn't even qualify
@Arperum honk honk
6:37 PM
If those idiots were patriotic twats at other times too I could possibly understand, but the rest of the time the biggest noisemakers are separatistic lunatics.
SO aside of being annoying they are also hypocrites, which is stupid.
Why would they support then the whole country's success?
@badp I don't know. Being dead stupid?
(note: I am very much not a separatist, nor do I care a single bit about Belgium)
@fredley wat
@Arperum ikr
My brain can't even
6:41 PM
@fredley Exactly
Even seeing it turned around, my brain still can't even
@fredley Ah, magic
And even though I sort of understand the concept, the ones with different numbers of crossings, and gaps between shapes I do not understand at a fundamental level
I can't watch the video
My brains are safe
@fredley YES. I want those turned around.
6:43 PM
@badp It's from the Harry Potter movie the guy was watching when his Tesla crashed
@twobugs should I worry? I'm on a train but the guys ahead of me are watching a harry potter movie
Well the car was also watching the movie and was like "Physics pls, how is that even possi-ARGH"
I don't think the train is watching the movie
Developers who are allergic to GUIs are weird.
I think it's the second one
@Sterno hi
6:45 PM
I sat there while a coworker looked up how to zip a file via command line instead of just right-clicking the damn thing.
Okay I'd probably right click an archive file because tar's command line is the worst
but otherwise it's like cd ~/D➡️↩️unz➡️fi➡️↩️
tar -xf $filename
@Sterno zip filename/foldername zipname.zip
You need apt-get install zip before tho
6:49 PM
@fredley tar --help
Or even wget -O- (paste URL) | unzip
That would probably work
@Sterno ... But why?
Similarly I have no idea how any developer can be even remotely productive on Windows
right clicking is for people who aren't SUPER PRO POWERUSERS who only use keyboard
If you can do it once in a command line, you can do it a hundred times in a script
6:51 PM
how do you even survive without grep
@badp git grep works on Windows too
Just develop with git
@murgatroid99 yes you just have to install cygwin
@Unionhawk So their mousing skills have atrophied to become inadequate?
@badp Git comes with a shell
6:52 PM
their mousing skills have ascended to KEYBOARD ONLY
I use git grep
It's nice
@murgatroid99 which is so good github tries to bundle some other sort of msys thing that also doesn't really work
@TimStone I'm aware that cygwin is a thing and I relied VERY heavily on it at my previous job
@twobugs but do you use git gud?
I think my coworkers would rather fire up eclipse for its find in files thing
@badp grepwin pls
6:56 PM
Which illustrates nicely the problem
If you want to have a program that has the same power of a command line thing in a GUI you end up with that
and then your program evolves until it can send mail and play mp3s
@badp looks good to me
On a scale from 1 to 27, how likely is it that @badp is going to make fun of me for saying "I just use visual studio 'find in entire solution'"?
@Unionhawk what if you are instead searching through your logs
First of all I wish logging worked better for this app
@Unionhawk he won't but i will
6:58 PM
And secondly I'd cry and wish I had a better tool to do that
@badp I think it's actually MSYS binaries
@GodEmperorDune it's not the worst developer GUI out there, but most of those options you'd probably never touch, and there they are making the business end of the program — the search results — smaller
and then what happens when you want to use that result in a follow up analysis
Happy fireworks day btw

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