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12:06 AM
@Wipqozn to be honest, I was watching with sound off
@twobugs creepiest refrance
Hey, Trump said it
@murgatroid99 didn't matter anyways then
@Ash there was a bit of bad blood after a minor incident 70ish years ago
@twobugs yeah he did
@GodEmperorDune 70 years ago... was the something to do with The Beatles?
12:07 AM
@twobugs crap did i math wrong?
no, it was correct
I think I remember... The Beatles left Germany and that made the German people Really Mad
@GodEmperorDune Technically the bad stuff started before that
@Wipqozn One trick to keep in mind: if you don't pick up any keys until you reach the store on each floor, the store is guaranteed to have a key
@twobugs hence the 70ish
I hateish you
feeling is mutual, twoish bugs
12:09 AM
You've gone too far
FINE, it rounds to 80
@murgatroid99 yeah I usually forget that. Still, I never spend keys on brown chests, and only on the blue chest if I lack a weapon.
unfortunately it has been more than 2 minutes
Hmm... are there any states I should avoid in my job search or should I just apply to anything I can get my hands on?
@Wipqozn Also, on each floor, of the two guaranteed chests, one contains a weapon and the other contains a passive or active item
12:10 AM
@murgatroid99 oh really? I did not realize this.
@Yuuki texas
probably florida too
@Wipqozn I spend a lot of time watching Gungeon Let's Plays
@GodEmperorDune #2bugs #2minutes #coincidence? #justaskingquestions
@twobugs #theconspiracyrunsdeep
@GodEmperorDune Well, I'm accustomed to Texas, so I know how to live with the crazies here.
I just remember hearing that North Carolina is a hellhole.
12:12 AM
@Yuuki not concerned about texit?
Q: How do I fill the base with air?

Lorry Laurence mcLarryI built a simple base with a base platform, a room, a solar panel, and a hatch. The base seems to be powered, but it is full of water. (the same water level as outside the base.) How do you fill it with air?

Q: Does the Microsoft surface offer controller support?

KenzoEngineerBecause I need to carry a computer up and about, I decided to use my old Microsoft surface (The first one). I do want to play Asphalt 8 and a controller is the easiest way to play. I was wondering if they are even compatible, and if it is what application should I install to allow this support. ...

@GodEmperorDune Is that one of the gajillion state education assessment tests?
@murgatroid99 So ti would seem sir!
well I'm off for the night folks, those books aren't going to read themselves
Unless they're audio books
@Wipqozn urmom is an audio book
@GodEmperorDune so is your face
12:14 AM
I just returned urmom to cracker barrel last night.
cc @wipq... ah dammit counterstrike
@Yuuki no, its when texas leaves the north american union
@GodEmperorDune this is a sick burn
Texas is a state I wouldn't mind working in because the economy is pretty good compared to the rest of the country, but I really wouldn't want to raise any kids here.
why the f@$@% did for x in dict.values: suddenly stop working? wtf python?
Maybe something went wrong when you tried to assign something to dict?
12:23 AM
@KutuluMike i thought it was dict.values()
@Yuuki and cross your fingers that you don't need to use the government services that are slashed annually
@KutuluMike Are you talking about a switch from Python 2 to Python 3?
but the food is good
@GodEmperorDune Pretty much the reason why I wouldn't want to raise kids here.
@GodEmperorDune Oh yeah, food is amazing here.
Hola! I'm new here...I'm playing Borderlands 2 and want to ask for a hint about a challenge without spoiling it by googling it...any ideas how to proceed? 😀
Any more details?
12:30 AM
Yeah...there is a DLC where you have to blow up 6 boxes of cookies in the Torgue Area's storage rooms...I've found 5 but can't find the 6th even after several run throughs
it's called "C4 is for Cookie"
the rooms are pretty small and only like 10 of them, so I can't figure out where the last one is...I'm wondering if it can only be found in a later part of the game or something
maybe I just overlooked it...idk
Ask it away, I'd say
ok, thanks
Q: Mega Tuning Mod Not Working {ETS2}

Emerald Ocy EmOciI got the mega tuning DLC in ETS2. I have made sure it is downloaded, and I restarted the game multiple times. The customizations will simply not show up in the truck upgrade shop. Anyone have a fix?

@ThomBlairIII IIRC, they're all in that area.
Most BL2 challenges have the requirements in the same area.
by Cricket Wireless
Today is 16th birthday of Diablo 2.
12:46 AM
@murgatroid99 I don't believe so.. I think I was using python3.4 before and 3.5 now.
@GodEmperorDune yes, except everywhere in my code it is being used without the parens and it was working as recently as March.
no idea wtf i did to break it
I think I need to build one of these now...
@Yuuki ok, thanks...idk why I can't find it yet. :/
Q: Borderlands 2 DLC challenge "C4 is for Cookie"

Thom Blair IIII'm playing the Borderlands 2 DLC Torgue Campaign of Carnage and for the challenge "C4 is for Cookie" you must destroy 6 boxes of cookies. I can't find the 6th box of cookies. Can all 6 be located before the end of the "Breaking and Entering" quest? 5 can, if that helps researching the answer.

1:03 AM
@ThomBlairIII I've edited your question.
Yay! My RRSP is back in the black! Not by much, but I'll take every little bit I can.
My TFSA is doing less good, but it was already down a bit before Brexit. And it's in funds that pay dividends, and that gets automatically reinvested, so I'm pretty sure I'm still in the black overall.
@Yuuki can i steal someone else's suggestion from a previous movie night?
Actually, it's gained a bit better than 0.5% in the 8 days since I last invested (automatically).
@Dragonrage you'll send deadpool won't yu
1:19 AM
@arda ok
please rollback if you disagree
that's ok, whatever feels good for the community
@murgatroid99 Okay, firefight is absurdly lucrative
2 games in and I've gotten over 10 req packs just as rewards
I will have warn people that Deadpool is a very hard R, since a lot of people were apparently misled by "but it's a superhero movie".
@Yuuki agreed.
Gore, excessive swearing, clear (and visual yet not explicit) sexual references is what I can remember, and I watched it a few months ago
1:32 AM
Yeah, that's why I downvoted it. But I am hesitant about most R rated movies for BMN
@Yuuki its funny though
I have no issues with showing R movies. I just want everyone to be crystal clear about what they're going to see.
@Yuuki Yes, it earned the rating.
I mean I loved it enough to see it twice in theatres, but it earned the rating
To paraphrase myself: "don't complain about bad language and nudie people because I told you already."
1:36 AM
On the flipside, I'm reading the IMDB parental guide for Mad Max (because I couldn't remember what gave it the R), and 3/5 categories on the page are "Not really much at all"
Do they curse more than once?
> 1 barely understandable use of the 'f' word, but it is covered up by car sounds. Bollocks and schlanger are used. Basically none.
That's usually a reason because the MPAA only allows one curse word for PG-13.
I hope it doesn't end up on the 13/14 weekend, I'm camping then
I'm hesitant about the R because I think the idea of BMN should be a movie that anyone from the Bridge can come watch. And we have < 18 year olds in here, and not everyone enjoys R movies (especially hard R). So I almost always downvote R rated movies
1:39 AM
Yeah, I can see that as an argument for sure
I really wish Streetpass Plaza let you buy more than one puzzle piece at a time
@Yuuki Oh my gosh yes that should be a feature
someone should suggest finding dory
@Ktash Yeah, I understand that. My personal philosophy is that everyone should be allowed to suggest and watch what movie they want, everyone just needs to be aware of any content they feel unsavory.
@Dragonrage vtc as unreleased content
1:41 AM
@Unionhawk isn't it out? thought people were watching it already
@Dragonrage not on google play
@Dragonrage Theatres, yes, otherwise no, I believe
oh, well, shows how much i know about movies
Nobody should feel that their personal movie tastes are unsuitable and nobody should go into a Movie Night afraid of what might be shown. Mandatory parental guides is the best compromise, imo.
i've never been to a theatre showing of a movie.
1:45 AM
Although the first time we decide on a proper R movie, someone needs to remind me to look into Rabb.it's TOS to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes.
@Yuuki Thats a good idea
@Ash I hate that it's been years and Nintendo still hasn't learned this UX lesson.
@Yuuki Yeah, but there is a time and place for different movie tastes. If you're watching a movie with a kid, you're not gonna pick a hard R. And if you're watching a movie with someone who doesn't like scary movies, that's kind of a jerk move to pick a scary movie. We always tailor our movie tastes based on who we are watching with. I just think in this case it just needs to be a bit more restricted because of the open nature of the viewing audience. At least that's my opinion
@Yuuki It drives me crazy
The stupid thing is that they already implemented it with Find Mii.
1:48 AM
Oh, I forgot to do this. Hold on
@Ktash I'll be off-city. Watch whatever you want
@Ktash And it's a valid opinion and I have no problem with you voting how you want. To me, that thought process assumes a pre-planned audience. While picking a scary movie with a friend who hates scary movies is definitely a jerk move, our process is the opposite for Movie Night. Movie is picked first and whoever wants to watch it shows up.
@Yuuki i mean it also looks like more people vote for the winning movie than show up to the event
@GodEmperorDune some people are like honey badgers
1:52 AM
And here I was skeptical about VR.
@Yuuki Yeah a lot of the other ones let you buy a bunch of whatever
@Yuuki Yeah. But one major difference is, especially for people < 18, we don't know that they have gotten permission from their parent/guardian. Which means we may cause issues we don't even know about. Either way, I'll vote me. You all vote you. I'm not the one hosting it anyway :P
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, that's usually the case. Surprisingly, I think it wasn't for last Movie Night, but it's either an unsolvable problem, one that's too annoying to solve, or not really a problem in the first place.
In other news, SGDQ will start on Monday. On the downside though, no Kingdom Hearts games this year :(
@Ktash Yep, everyone should vote how they want based on their own values, just felt like sharing my viewpoint.
1:55 AM
@Yuuki Definitely. And always good to hear/see different sides on things :)
We should watch the sound of music
@Ktash oooh yay
@Dragonrage You know, I've not seen that
And ultimately, Movie Night is a community get-together. It's not about competing over who has more suggestions becoming decisions.
@Ash i saw the musical done by a local cast. it was quite spectacular.
2:01 AM
Although I wonder who's winning in that department...
@Dragonrage It's on my list of things to watch at some point
@Yuuki i think you and @uni are tied
@Dragonrage @Yuuni
Q: If you kill a boss in dark souls 2 with someone by being summoned, is that boss defeated in your own world?

Chandler BadhamI can't find any summmon signs in dark souls 2 so I was wondering if that boss could be defeated if I got summoned.

I've been top scorer every round I've played in this new game type
It's actually stupidly easy
2:09 AM
Oh, a portent of things to come: a mutilated body has just washed up on the Rio beach that's going to be the site of the beach volleyball competition.
Man, I've been wanting to watch some BSG lately but it got taken off all the streaming services :/
oh wow. Ask Ubuntu is officially supported? neat
(ubuntu 16.04 installer recommends it)
@Yuuki Warzone firefight. You can basically spawn with power weapons. Or vehicles. I've give you one guess what my Pro Strat has been
Hint: Tanks
Co-op vs waves of AI. It's pretty fun, but I'm a little fatigued and it's so rewarding right now it almost trivializes the progression (which is mostly cosmetic, granted)
2:26 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This "Donald J. Trump" should run for president, I like the cut of his jib.
@Ktash I hate when that happens
I lost access to American Netflix right when I was in hte middle of DS9 so I had to buy a bunch of it off itunes
Q: Best deck? PLEASE HELP!

Sarth LordSo I just reached legendary a few days ago, my highest is 2250, my deck is royal giant, hog, goblins, fire spirits, zap, princess, minion horde and inferno tower, I have level 9 commons, level 6 rares, and level 1 princess. I am a level 8. Curious whether I should use pekka double prince with a b...

I want to get a new 3DS game but MHX is coming up soon.
Hyrule Warriors Legends!
2:42 AM
@Ktash i have the dvds :D
@Yuuki I've been playing the newest Kirby game, its great
@Ash i just finished voyager and am starting DS9
Google Analytics

Proposed Q&A site for questions on Google Analytics, implementation, features, API, etc.

Currently in definition.

@GodEmperorDune I've not seen Voyager
@GodEmperorDune The blurays are $120 on Amazon. Way too much considering how disappointed I was with the last two seasons
2:44 AM
@Ash first few seasons are pretty meh, it hits is stride around the end of season 3 and is great after that
@Ktash yeah it went weird places
@GodEmperorDune Thats what i heard
Q: What happens when you get over 99 tokens in Jetpack joyride?

Myles LiuI've been playing jetpack joyride recently and noticed that in the final spin, there are only 2 digit place values, so I was wondering what would happen if you got over 99 tokens?

2:59 AM
I want like....all of the tiny arcade cabinets from this shop: etsy.com/ca/shop/33miniatures/items?ref=pagination&page=2
why is moving so stressful
I wish I remembered what I wanted to suggest
@spugsley Because you're constantly worried about forgetting something? Or worried that you aren't going to get all of your stuff out in time? Because that's why I was always stressed when I moved. :(
....... I don't know why I didn't know this but Disney made a bunch of Disney movies into emoji movies and they are really cute. youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpSnlSGciSWPZtUvlHLEp9_M5FPlC8LLa
@spugsley Yeah, it's no fun :( But it is to an awesome place :D
@Ktash true, visiting was pretty rad and we ate so much like why is the food so damn good there
3:08 AM
@spugsley There are lots and lots of great places to eat. And every kind of food you can imagine. It is awesome
Plus, lots of healthy/vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options every where as well so whatever you want to eat you can also eat in whatever variety you like
Where did you guys go to eat? Anywhere fun?
@Ktash This Puerto Rican place in Redmond was phenomenal. I had fried catfish and empanadas and it was magical
@spugsley Very nice :)
Close to where you will be living?
Oh god and Dimsum
we can't get any dim sum in NC and so we had a field day
@Ktash Yes! Walking distance!
@spugsley Awesome!! And oh yes. Dimsum is amazing. There are so many good places around here for it too
@Ktash oh god why
3:14 AM
@Ktash aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I love these so much!
@arda Because they are cute
@Ktash Also, I may have dyed my hair silver blue purple today and it's weird and wonderful just fyi :p
@spugsley ÖÖ YAY that sounds lovely
I love it :D
3:18 AM
The Aladdin emoji one makes me wanna watch Aladdin again.
@spugsley Yay. That's great. I'm sure it looks wonderful on you too :)
@Ash Yeah. All of them are great but I was just singing the songs through that one lol
@Ktash yessss.
It makes me wanna like....find some people and make a pile of buttery popcorn and have a singalong
3:19 AM
That sounds like a great time
I know, right?
@arda grins I like the way you think
@twobugs Unfortunately, I don't actually have a controller at the moment. I broke mine last week, and Amazon's two day delivery has turned into "it'll get there eventually, probably"
3:48 AM
Bridge, make me go pack
Go pack!
@Ktash you're packing? i thought @spugsley was packing
i'm still working :(
and i just hit the 12 hour mark for today
@Dragonrage :(
@GodEmperorDune I'm actually moving to NC. I'm secretly buying @spugsley's house and moving out there
3:55 AM
@Ktash bahahahaha
@Ktash lulz
Ooooooh!!! I know what I can do today!! Hang @spugsley's pictures :D
(because at least then I will be productive in avoiding packing)
@Dragonrage Oh no
@Ktash that's a good distraction :)
@spugsley I've seen a couple postings for jobs in NC, should I apply?
I remember hearing bad things about NC from you, I believe.
4:07 AM
@Dragonrage ouch
4:37 AM
Good night my goodness look at you perfect & tomorrow brings more of you i can't wait
And people wonder why I think LMM is an excellent human
Alright, got to wait an hour before the pictures are ready to hang on the wall, but I've put them up at least :)
Progress! Not packing progress, but some sort of progress somewhere and that counts
i can go home finally. i think i can finish the rest tomorrow
Yay. Now I really have to pack because I need all the things
5:37 AM
Alright. Packed. I think. Maybe. We'll see
Ah well. My laptop is finally unique
I dropped it and now it has a rather noticeable dent on one of the sides
@PrivatePansy grats on your RO
Yay finally home. Now to pack for my trip tomorrow night, eat, and go to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow so I can make sure I finish before I have to leave to catch my plane.
Why can't adulting be easier?
How does one lower the difficulty of life? Also where is the pause button?
Oh god. This is infuriating.
I suspected there was a bug with an object. Turns out the bug was caused by me trying to inspect the object by printing it out.
6:37 AM
Q: GameCube Games with Bonus Content on Wii

Max RiedThere are Gameboy games that offered bonus content when played on the Gameboy Advance like the Oracle series. Are there GameCube games which offer additional content when run on Wii hardware

7:12 AM
@spugsley Sounds awesome! Can we get a picture? (Mine is currently fading towards a redbrown, going to leave it like that for a bit to give it some rest from the colorings)

Proposed Q&A site for those interested in the neurology behind decision making

Currently in definition.

7:58 AM
Q: Redeeming a 3DS game code without installing the game?

ClusksA while ago I bought a Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle, which came with quite a few codes. I still have the codes, as I couldn't find a way through the 3DS to redeem the games without installing them immediately. This is troublesome, as the first one I downloaded was Street Fighter IV, which to...

2 hours later…
9:35 AM
Sky news has an unfortunate subtitle caused by their cookie policy text https://t.co/KnyK6E8y2V
9:52 AM
Methods in ecology and evolution

Proposed Q&A site for ecologists, evolutionary biologists, bioinformaticians, taxonomists, palaeobiologists, palaeontologists, conservation biologists, ecoinformaticians

Currently in definition.

10:21 AM
> World's largest diamond to be auctioned off at an estimated £52 million, or about $10 USD
Q: LoL Terrain Question Closure. (Wrong Closing Reason?)

OakSo, while revewing I came across a question from '12. This Question was closed for being 'not a real question'. It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. It's really not that difficult, LoL is a game played on a 2D map which is designed to look 3D. Due to that, there is no height p...

10:50 AM
Q: What are the advantages of specialization in 3.3?

TroyenMy Disciple of Hand classes are just now reaching the point where I can specialize in crafting disciples. However, as I am limited to three specializations, I'd like to know what the benefits are for each class before I choose. Many of the existing guides are from the start of the expansion and ...

Boris has pulled out of the leadership race
what the actual fuck
Christ on a unicycle
Q: An old pc game, draw line from side to side to reveal picture

Imad BloumI can't remember the name of this game where you have to draw a path that if you touch the side of the screen it reveals the part you covered with the path, it has some enemies which if they touched your path before you touch the side of the screen it's game over. please help I really wanna play ...

@fredley Maybe you should move to a more sane country, like the USA
11:06 AM
This is equivalent to Trump walking out and letting Cruz take over
The best case scenario for the UK at this point is if a small black hole destroys most of England/Wales.
Oh hey, @Fluttershy is on the last Wheel of Time book
@fredley Well thatsucks
Poor @fredley
Which reminds me. Last night I had a dream where I was impressed by some program either Dream @fredley or Dream @Frank won't. I can't remember which one, so congrats to both of your dream versions for making such a nifty little dream program!
@Wipqozn to really get the full Wheel of Time experience, you need to pick a book somewhere between #5 and #10 and after you finish it, wait 3 years before you start the next one.
@KutuluMike I'm getting that experience with ASOIAF
Q: What was the experience of these Old VR Games?

thetwittAn amazing VR game has been designed by nDreams the game maker which had previously created a completely awesome game called Xi for Sony PlayStation3. Will you please tell me about the experience of these Games.

11:30 AM
@fredley So to confirm, the new guy is also a monster, just a different kind of monster?
@StrixVaria Yes
what about the other lady?
@StrixVaria Well, it's still an open leadership election
5 candidates, reduced to 2 by party
then vote for all party members between the last 2
last 2 likely to be May / Gove
Here's video of Gove attempting to clap.
The poor alien species who operate Gove. They've *almost* got him clapping normally, now he wants to run the country https://vine.co/v/hgbab1H2LH7
@Ronan 'please clap'
@fredley I think @fredley should run for Prime Queen of England
@Wipqozn 'Because people keep posting pictures of food'
@fredley Gosh darn @Yuuki
I think I need more coffee.
11:48 AM
Reading the comments on Ted-ED riddle videos are always depressing
inb4 "all youtube comments" fixed for you
Q: I feel like I'm "stealing" rep?

BenThere have been a few occasions where a user has asked a question, and an answer has been given, well recieved, and accepted. I then might have something to add, but it is usually too long for a comment, so I develop it into another answer. I do begin the answer with something like "In conjucti...

12:06 PM
Q: Why is this potion texture missing?

hyperviper11Good morning. Today I was working on a "Smoke Bomb" in Minecraft. It's basically just a lingering potion that has blindness on it. Here's the command I came up with: /give @p lingering_potion 1 8198 {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:15,Amplifier:1,Duration:600}],display:{Name:"Smoke Bomb"}} But when I...

12:17 PM
Q: At what point will the turret benefit from Molten Core

Иво НедевIt might be just me imagining things, but if I replace my freshly destroyed turret and hit Q, the turret remains at Level 1. At what point of the life-cycle of the turret will it upgrade to level 3 ? Is it when it's just placed, or when it's just placed but had the time to fully deploy, or maybe ...

Q: How are the rewards for Warzone Firefight determined?

two bugsWarzone Firefight is a co-operative game mode where you kill a lot of AI baddies while using reqs like a traditional Warzone game. I've played several games in this new mode, and it's quite fun. My question stems from the fact that I've received significantly different rewards from my several ga...

Lazers is fast this morning
Lazers always travel at the speed of light
@twobugs It's surprising that that's surprising.
one man's garbage is another man's this pear
woo exactly 18k rep
no I didn't go to "extremely downvoted answers" to get it from 18001 to 18000
And I'm legitimately surprised it hasn't been ruined yet
12:29 PM
@Unionhawk I would ruin it, but voting for a specific user is too difficult on my phone.
(Basically, I'm admitting I'm a bit lazy)
Oh man, now I need to get 81 rep to palindrome it
Or I can not care
@Unionhawk You can't not care
I can and I will
It's too late, you already have
12:32 PM
All of your care has become this pear
81 is too stupid of a number to get
because of the 1
@twobugs? More like @twopears
that's a -9
@Unionhawk Just get to 85 then downvote 4 answers
or -4 yeah
given that I can't control who votes for me
12:32 PM
and finding shitty answers is easy!
screw it
@Unionhawk Bribery
@Wipqozn That is true, there's an entire 10k tool dedicated to posts with low votes
Which often deserve additional burial, like the one "LINK IS DEAD" answer currently in extreme votes
12:34 PM
I should play more Skyward Sword
I should too
The stupid sky temple thing that's a damn slider puzzle though
I'm only up to the 2nd dungeon though and so many damn games to play
Slider puzzles are easy
Q: FIFA - What are player cards and what are they used for?

Cal Charles FoxI haven't played FIFA in a long time (about 5 years now) and I recently found out that you're able to get player cards. The question is, what are those cards used for and what exactly are they?

It's worse than that though you have to arrange the dungeon in a way that you can navigate
More than once
12:39 PM
Ah so they kept the annoying part of the OoT Water Temple
(Yes it was in theory possible to permanently fuck yourself in the OoT water temple but almost nobody actually did that)
Apparently you can also do that in Skyward if you do something in the wrong order
@twobugs They patched that didn't they?
Maybe? I don't know if you can really 'patch' Wii games on the Wii U given how weird their loader is
You load into an emulated Wii menu and the Wii store is dead forever now
@twobugs It was a separate Wii app that you downloaded and it fixed the save file.
Assuming it's the one where you go to the electric place first on your second passthrough.
12:44 PM
That's the only one I know of but I'll just not go there first when I can I guess
@twobugs Cool, then we're talking about the same thing.
I can't remember if it's first or not-last though.
Well I think I'm a ways off from that so I can research
Gah, I'm two weeks behind on podcasts, probably 3 weeks behind on YouTube, and I'm headed to a friend's cabin this weekend, so I can't catch up.
Good news: I'm being paid to relearn Linux Bad news: It's due by next Friday and is Very High Priority/Severity

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