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12:01 AM
@Ash oh right, last day of the pride month
I wonder how the event on istanbul was
apparently not so well... it was same last year too.
Q: Community Wiki answers for Minecraft?

BenOk, so over the past few months, there has been a lot of questions covering the same topic - for example "Meinecraft won't run" or "I can't connect to a server". While a lot of these questions are specific cases, for example one guy might be having issues with Anti-virus, and another is having i...

12:16 AM
> Meinecraft
@arda yep, Toronto has their Pride parade on Sunday and I am going to go and be awesome.
my imgur script got started, and i dont remember how to shut it down. cc @twobugs
12:29 AM
@Dragonrage luckily I have never had a call like that.
@Ash Nice, have fun!
@arda thanks :)
@Dragonrage you will LOVE /r/talesfromtechsupport (if you liked that)
You will also love all these: reddit.com/r/talesfromtechsupport/wiki/…
adds me > says "Lets be friends" > asks for me to buy him games next day > I ask why, replies "IVE SEEN YOU AS A FRIEND DONT BUY IF YOU DONT WANT"
> What Tales have Jumped The Shark?
Windows 10 Upgrades
12:46 AM
I saw 4 trains on my walk home. That's a new record.
@GodEmperorDune Too soon man, too soon
@Wipqozn ikr
@GodEmperorDune Hopefully @fredley doesn't get revenge by mailing you your own hand
Q: how do i use the /tellraw command in minecraft 1.10

TARDIS_FREAKPlease Help i don't Know how to do this so please help! i want to make a map but the tellraw command won't work in Minecraft 1.10 i've tried it many times but it did not work so please help!

@Wipqozn wait, what?
is that what you mods do when you're not reviewing flags?
12:54 AM
@GodEmperorDune REVENGE
Q: What are all the possible Mojo powers?

Timelord64A major part to Tap My Katamari is the bonuses provided by having The Cousins. Bonuses are provided at varying levels, but are somewhat random, in both mechanic and strength. On top of that, the player may spend candy to re-roll any of the abilities. With the greatly increasing cost to upgrade t...

...I've been playing this game for 7 whole hours
damn you @Wipqozn
ugh some people. this took 15 minutes to explain
literally "delete, open launcher, copy dll, click start game"
1:26 AM
Q: Skin problem on 15.0

Andy CruzSo is it a bug because I can't change my skin that I downloaded off of Skindex and now it won't let me change it I click on it but the new skin doesn't appear and it only let's me be the skins that the game gives you like Steve or Alex

@GodEmperorDune That delights me and horrifies me
@Ash the fact that they sat on it to collect data and were pretty spot on is amazing
yeah, the fact that they tried to get some sort of data and it made sense in the end was great
ahah, that is actually beautiful
would be hard to deal with, but still, reading it was fun
There are new apartments near me that I'd love to move into at some point, and they look really swanky. Except, you know, thousand dollar rent is a thing. But that might become a thing at some point.
1:32 AM
@Unionhawk i wish my rent was only $1k
Lol California
pretty much
These are brand new young professional next to an open air mall type apartments
Hey, should I VTC as dupe a question if the answer is the same?
So it'd be extremely sweet
1:34 AM
something fancy like that in my area is like $3.5k
one is for mc 1.10 and one is for 1.9
probably more
i dunno who is moving into them
gentrification sucks
@arda yes
But almost definitely
Especially given how small the differences are
Q: how do i use the /tellraw command in minecraft 1.10

TARDIS_FREAKI want to make a map but the tellraw command won't work in Minecraft 1.10, it used to work perfectly in 1.8 as /tellraw @p {text:"what ever you want",color:red,bold:true,underlined:true,clickEvent:{action:open_url,value:"a url"}}. How can I fix this?

voted to close...ed
so, my meeting went okay.
1:40 AM
my stuff worked. but it wasnt styled exactly how my boss wanted it to be, and a few things i could have handled more gracefully
Everyone votes to close, but @uni boats to close.
I should change avatar ish
Change as in to Daphnes instead of korl
well, i'm headed on vacation. may pop in from time to time, but well be mostly afk
@Dragonrage same
1:50 AM
later all
I'll go in 12 hours too
no that not it but thanks — TARDIS_FREAK 4 mins ago
:/ whatever I answered
Ugh goddammit I'll investigate
Q: Why am I getting wet?

Zero StackI just finished building a wooden house with upgraded walls. It started to rain outside and then a notification said I am wet. Why is this ? The ceiling, walls, and flooring are all made of upgraded wooden frame.

Feel free to format that link
Is dupe
2:47 AM
Q: Minecraft 1.7.10 keeping chunks loaded on SMP

andyADDI currently have small farm (wheat, and carrots) and some pigs (breeding) I want to keep in a chunk so the piglets, and farm can grow. I watched a video (from simplysarc, I cannot find the video now) of him using hopper on edge of each chunk from spawn to "extend" the spawn chunks, I follow the v...

@Yuuki Uuurgh I knew I missed something
@Wipqozn You may be happy to know that @arda will now be addicted to Gungeoning, too.
@Fluttershy thank you
for giving me something fun
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I got the notification on my phone and thought, "didn't someone suggest that already?". Did I get the title right? I just used what was on the poster.
trying to do a perfect run now
for shortcut
2:57 AM
@PrivatePansy wooo
@Yuuki I just copied the top one for formatting
@SepiaLazers "Mein Kraft won't run" - Hitler
Q: Mark of the Ninja focus mode bug

goopMy game Glitched out and did not let me out of focus mode. I started from checkpoint, it was still stuck, but just sent me to the checkpoint. I restarted the game and the problem remained, i spawned frozen. I don't know how to fix it, it seems permanent.

3:12 AM
> Such wheels have been around for nearly a century and are quite common in small autonomous robots but they've never been fitted to widely available everyday cars.
@GnomeSlice that looks pretty cool
How do any of you all build computers there is so much to think about aaaaaaa
I don't
@Ash It's not that bad if you have a nice guide or something
It was nerve wracking my first time though
I am just trying to think about what I need and @WorldEngineer is helping but holy god so much to think about
3:24 AM
Yeah, for that it's nice to have a website like PCPartPicker which keeps track of it for you
@twobugs +1
I think they even track compatibility
I mean I am learning what things are, but determining what I need for what I like and what I want is just aaaaaa
@Ash just use one of the /r/pcmasterrace builds
Like I want a @ash-friendly computer
3:27 AM
but aaaaa
@Ash well you can start with an @aaaaash friendly computer and slowly drop As as you get the hang of it
@Ash You mind if I check your played games to recommend parts/builds?
@arda You can, but like...I'm unlikely to know what a) any of those parts are in terms of why they are better or worse or if they're practical for my needs and b) this is still in the very theoretical early stages
Q: As a relatively new Destiny player (only level 8), how do I get to additional story missions?

OldGuyI've completed all the missions on earth and the moon, how do I get to the Mars and Venus missions that I see being discussed? All I seem to have available is to do patrol missions on earth (somewhat entertaining, but doesn't seem to be leading anywhere), or sign up for Crucible matches. The latt...

3:35 AM
@Lazers2.0 i feel this is a dupe of that other destiny "what happened to my quest chain" question but am not 100%
I think you're probably right
I haven't made a new character since the changes or I'd answer
@Ash The games you play doesn't seem very graphics, memory or processor dependent, something around gtx950/960/750ti, i3/i5 and 8gb/16gb should be probably enough to run them on rather high settings at 60fps on 720p/1080p.
Q: Lee Sin's ulti animation, counters and ways to cancel the animation

user12.5.5_19.9.14Who are the champions who can counter lee sin's ulti with a dash, a blink or escape? For instance, Yasuo's E can counter lee sin's ulti. However if someone cancels the animation with kick flash then Yasuo doesn't complete his ability, I think the same is true for Tristana. Can you give a list o...

@arda I don't know what most of those first two sets of numbersletters are but sure
give me a sec
3:47 AM
@Ash graphics cards then intel processors
> SOLVE devious murder mysteries through logic and deduction!
ENJOY over 600 unique responses by 12 unique liars suspects! More than 85 pages of brand-new writing! Oh god I hope you enjoy it, it took me so long to write it all.
EARN a detective's pension, which you can then blow on liquor and stylish hats.
@Ash something around this should be more than enough: pcpartpicker.com/list/Cp9LD8
> At the front door, the Officers Chaps (two brothers, Matt and Mike) tell you that the victim is named Ashley Black, and hand you a dossier outlining the suspects that are being detained within the mansion.
some weird awesome mod/friday trolling song hybrid
even lower and microatx pcpartpicker.com/list/tbjQVY
you'll need to add monitor, OS, CPU cooler (not really needed as you are not picking overclock parts - they should come with heatsinks) and optical drive (if you want) yourself to those
I'd really get those checked by someone who is better at building as I'm actually pretty sleep atm btw
4:14 AM
Q: My Minecraft Problem

rachymelWhen I downloaded the minercraft forge 1.7.10, I install mods and my minecraft gets broken. I uninstall them and install again but it doesn't work again and doesn't play 1.8.9 or 1.9 or 1.10. Even when I want to play 1.7.2, it needs to download minecraft java to open the launcher. What I do to fi...

4:40 AM
@GraceNote when will the election results not be featured on meta?
election was on 14th sooo 16 days passed
@GnomeSlice That is pretty much my outlook on life... though a little more donut-centric.
4:55 AM
Q: Why dose my mob spawner never work

Minecraftfun1234I built a mob spawner 70 blocks above ground level. I waited a long time and nothing happened.Why will it never worked.

5:26 AM
Q: Why won't my djinni hang on to a +6 Demonbane?

slowball16Same djinni, she has a +0 Unihorn, but if I give her the +0 uc Long sword that she has had for over 10k turns, she wields that until she finds a trice. But, when I try to give her this high-powered artifact (or eve just a blessed +6 RP LS), she just picks it up and puts it down (even when I whip...

Q: how to get same village in multiple accounts in coc!

AlanIs there any way I can use my village and its progress on another account of mine and still be able to use both. Its too hard to start from the beginning.

@fredley Apple Music Link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 hours later…
7:40 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is useless to me, but thanks anyway
@fredley Sorry, I'm sad because my girlfriend went back home after staying at my place for a week.
@Arperum :(
LDRs are hard
@fredley Yes.
But she is very much worth it.
@Arperum Of course.
We lived a 5 hour journey apart for a couple of years
7:48 AM
@fredley It's only 2-2.5 hours for me.
@Arperum Not so bad.
But she still has to start university and the entire study thing. So she's certeinly not moving closer in the next three years.
We would only see each other a couple of times a month at most
@Arperum dunno if you still have me ignored, but will ask: I remember you posting your hair before and I suppose you are kinda informed about it. My hair is very dark. Is there a way to dye it for ~1 month (because if I go to school with bleached/blue/red/insertcolor hair, the administration will not like it)
@fredley About the same for us. Now she was able to come over for a week because school holidays and such.
7:50 AM
@Arperum Yeah that sucks
@fredley YOU MONSTER
I was not planning to start this relationship. It just kinda happened. it was very scary at the start to date a girl nearly ten years younger.
@Arperum I did wonder...
@arda Bleaching is until it has grown out. So don't do that. I started with a subtle purple, and now when I color it I get it as purple as i can get on the brown base color. After a couple weeks it fades to some reddish-brown tint.
@fredley I did mention the age difference in here multiple times in the past.
@Arperum cool
7:56 AM
@arda Blue or green are flat out impossible on a dark hair base.
@Arperum thanks for clarifying. trying to get a different style and trying to prioritize hair
NOOOO (I wanted to flag it)
Yay my flight has been delayed an hour so far.
@arda This is the color after a month/ month and a half (I'm the dude with the Gloryhammer tshirt)
@Arperum that is the type of hair I want
8:02 AM
@arda Sticky from sweat and looking like a tornado blew through it?
@Arperum my hair is always like that
(Or it being the tornado)
(Also: I unignored you just now, Don't make me regret my decision)
@Arperum will try not to. Trying to regain trust of everyone.
8:06 AM
Weird, my connection to chat went out for two minutes after I migrated that message
I thought I had managed to crash chat
So apparently there is a plane parked at the gate my plane is supposed to be at, but the pilot for that plane is flying in from another state, so they can't move it till he gets here. Therefore they can't bring our plane out of the hangar to the gate for us to leave.
Wouldn't be the first time that happened
@Dragonrage I'm sure the airport has more than one free gate. Or is that not the problem?
@PrivatePansy the airline I'm flying doesn't rent enough gates here apparently, so if one gets delayed, a bunch of others get rearranged and delayed.
Ah, okay. That's... really shitty
Tarmac is not an option?
We got moved from our original gate to this one, because there had been another flight already waiting here for 3 hours.
And the flight that had been delayed got our opening on the other gate.
And yea idk what all is going on. That is all the info I was able to get from the flight agent at the desk
Our plane is fueled and ready to go in the hanger and apparently has to wait for this gate to open.
8:14 AM
One of the budget airlines that my parents fly with regularly has its flight delayed on that route about almost half the time
Mainly because they put such a tight schedule that a lot of small delays snowball quite badly
This is American Airlines.
And I'm flying out of a major airport in my state to a major airport in another state
8:32 AM
user image
@fredley I was like "Is this some parody on those cucumber cat movies?" And then I noticed the cucumber.
@fredley how is theresa may for PM?
8:55 AM
Children's Literature

Proposed Q&A site for questions about Children's Literature

Currently in definition.

@GodEmperorDune Theresa May
well gg uk
@fredley fUKt it is
@fredley literally asking - can you run for PM of UK?
as in legally, not telling you to pmabuse UK
@arda No
9:02 AM
You have to be a currently sitting MP.
I'd have to create a political party, win enough seats with it that I secure either a parliamentary majority or enough form a coalition. As leader of the party (and as an MP), I could then become PM
aaaaah, forgot that party picks
different election systems are confusing, lets just use STV
Or join an existing political party, become an MP, and then be elected as leader of that party by its members.
@arda This has nothing to do with the voting algorithm, all parties do use STV to pick their leaders
ikno, the first part
thing is that many many election systems are confusing (and ikno that system != algorithm)
@fredley seems easy given sufficient modabuse
MP is modrater of parliament, right?
9:10 AM
@GodEmperorDune modabuser of parliament
At some point this week I was talking about the chat and used the word "moderator" which got misunderstood as "moddereter" which is dutch for mudeater.
What percentage of the moderator food intake consists of mud?
cc @fredley @Wipqozn @badp
(other mods can answer too if wanted obviously)
@Arperum all the junk we flag is kinda like mud the mods have to eat
9:28 AM
There's something not quite right here...
@PrivatePansy That's just to throw off hackers.
@Arperum before or after I moved to the Netherlands? /cc @KevinvanderVelden
/cc @GodEmperorDune to /cc @Wipqozn on that sick burn
Q: Skyrim, Console: get list of dead NPC'S? Get command-result into file?

LaynaI dug out an old skyrim-save from the depths of my computer. And I was wondering: is there any way via console-commands that would allow me to check which NPC's I killed/let die in that playthrough? I have the basic idea figured out (get RefID's of known NPC's, get their health, if it's 0, the...

@badp If you increased the amount of mud you eat post-move they probably won't like that, eating all the land they had to steal from the sea
Those 2 days are my replies to the istanbul explosion. Sad that I'm getting impressions from those tweets.
I think I started hallucinating.
is this really an ad for "iranian hulk"?
Guys I'm online, why is noone playing overwatch?
@KevinvanderVelden a) because work b) because overwatch
10:45 AM
so, my mouse was acting up, randomly double clicking when I only single clicked. I was actually looking into Corsair and, god forbid, Razer mice for a potential replacement, but decided to email Logitech just the same... Now they're sending me a new mouse :D Good reason to stay loyal to Logitech
Q: What is the most effective way to help a friend levelling up?

FedericoAs an addendum to this question, my situation is even worse: my character is level 60, and my friend has just begun. This translates in me getting 99.2% of the xp points. Going to higher level areas would not help, because he would run into the level penalty. Is there an effective way (strategy...

11:22 AM
@Chippies Have you tried cleaning the mouse first?
oh god it's so hot
and it's only going to get hotter
why @PrivatePansy why
@Wipqozn It's not.
@Arperum Yes it is
@Fluttershy Indeed!
@arda You're new arda
11:29 AM
@PrivatePansy Oh finally. I'm glad I'm not into that show enough that I'm like "zomg I need the next episode noooowww"
@PrivatePansy I did, but I'm sure I also voided warranty by doing so.
Q: What does teleporter and armor pack uptime mean?

DarthPizzaCurrently you can get end-of-match cards that say "X% teleporter uptime" for Symmetra, and "X% armor pack uptime" for Torbjorn. What does "uptime" mean in these cards?

12:01 PM
@Wipqozn I'm not addicted! I can stop anytime I want!
I mean, I totally did not refresh the r/stevenuniverse every five minutes waiting for news on the next episode. Definitely did not do that.
oh damn
I should download steven universe and watch it on vacation
user image
@fredley No. PLs. It's killing my brain.
I feel like you could make a good recursion joke with Rebecca Black's Friday
12:15 PM
Spotify, as far as machine performance goes, is a shitty app
Coffee status: double
@Sterno yes
> Your computer is about to restart. 1:29:21 remaining before your computer restarts automatically.
Software center is lucky I'm not actually busy right now otherwise I'd invoke shutdown /a
Which I've done before and does in fact cancel this restart
12:34 PM
I should drink some coffee
Linux is nice but I get frustrated too easy to learn it on my own time
@fredley Accept my star
@twobugs syntax error
office status: friggin half empty
thanks @fredley
@Unionhawk I'm not even at the office
I mean because Independence Day is Monday
12:39 PM
@Unionhawk That's pretty standard isn't it? If we have a bank holiday loads of people take a long weekend
nice try @Unionhawk
I'm pretty sure @fredley is also somewhat responsible for Canada Day
I think
@Unionhawk He's directly responsible for it, actually.
FUN FACT: @fredley is a time traveller
12:42 PM
thanks [person] is now assumed to always be sarcastic
This is everyone's fault
thanks @fredley
thanks @obama
Obama Bahama Yomamma
thanks @Wipqozn
I wonder if I should try to gold cap in WoW before Legion
I wonder how annoying that would be
1:03 PM
I'm on vacation for about a month. Will not have active internet and I might look offline, but feel free to send messages on both stackchat and steam- I'll see and answer them.
@arda No internet? That sounds like hell, not vacation
@Wipqozn no wifi, but 3g is a thing
@Wipqozn Meh, for most of the time I'm in Slovenia later this month I won't have internet either. Won't have time or need to access it either though
Man,I miss the days when the simpsons was good
I will have time and need tho, so it is really hell for me
The "vacation" is visiting family elders who live 600km away
1:54 PM

minecrafter73I play minecraft creative and parts of my buildings have disapeared,then today i get a message saying my dog burned to death and where he was sitting was a half broken kennel

@Lazers2.0 Wow... RIP
@Lazers2.0 I cannot tell if I should star this or send it to Android Hell
Q: Trying to add sockets to rings but don't succeed

Jim ThioIt's as if the other alternatives that the mystic gives me are basically the same. Is it possible to add sockets to rings or amulet through easier ways? I have done this like 10-20 times per ring and wasted so many imperial ruby gems. I simply don't get sockets. Am I missing something? Should...

@PrivatePansy Both? Star it in android hell?
Fuck it, I'm giving it a star. That title is so good
2:10 PM
His blocks have turned into dis a pear
Man this is frustrating. I have a bunch of things to work on and one is MAXIMUM OVERPRIORITY and the others are important but falling to the wayside
@twobugs Start screaming until people come to help you?
In software, your screams have been redirected to dev/null
Dear VirtualBox y u no run
2:26 PM
@twobugs Man, this 'stop using md5 for passwords' task sure looks important, but oh wait, new feature!
Q: When is the resulting item determined when giving material to Obaba?

zaroseWhen I give one of the forgable materials to Obaba, the resulting in a random new item. At what point is the item determined: when I give her the material, when I leave Champa, when I return to Champa, or when I speak to her?

Q: minecraft mod tooltips apeard

user152785I loaded up minecraft and all of a sudden these messages appeard about everything I was doing and I don't know where they came from since I didn't install a mod for this all my mods are Optifine, Iron chests, Better furnaces, and X-ray Here's and image https://gyazo.com/452f93956e964fdf1e1f07ce58...

Q: FPS drops when "requesting twitch.tv streams update"

MystMy FPS is usually 100-120 Consistently when it says "Requesting twitch.tv streams update..." in the console, my FPS drops to 10-15 for around 10 seconds. I can't find any setting or command to disable it, and can't find anyone else having (had) the issue. Why is this and how do I fix it?

2:40 PM
Doesn't help that the office is basically a skeleton crew today
Haha "Brexecution"
Here's hoping @arda's instructions work (and that I am smart enough to follow them) - maybe I'll get to play Dark Side of the Moon this weekend :D
Good luck - I usually get frustrated and abandon my projects to play 16 bit games :P
The instructions he left me are pretty clear, and he got a downloaded copy of the game running, so I am hopeful
ugh so much for being able to fit all the fields I want for this thing in a 2x3 grid
@twobugs Hah same
2:49 PM
2:59 PM
Q: How do squirrels handle all that awesomeness

Averil Cat Squirrel Owl GirlOk, squirrels are the best animal in the world. There one of the most awesome animals, like cats and birds and sugar gliders. How do they handle it if there that small? Is there a box they store it in? Is there a secret compartment? Please answer!


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