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10:08 AM
@5pike Didn't check the link, but I'm just going to assume that I did post that and @Yuuki is a DIRTY DOUBLE POSTING THIEF
Q: In Battlefield Hardline mission 6 is impossible

KaspipieI Did Non Lethal On Every Person In The Scrap Yard.Then I Heard Boomer Yell "Come On Man!It's Hard To Breath In Here!".I Went To The Gate And pressed Square so To Put The Card In.The Gate Wouldn't Open.I Tried Using A Breaching Charge And I Died And Had To Start The Mission All Over Again. How Do...

Q: What does term "nerf" mean? in Hearthstone

SwetankI keep hearing the term nerf over the internet, specially in Hearthstone discussions. For example: "Six Hearthstone Cards That Need a Good Nerf". What does it mean? Could you explain it in jargon-free way. Sorry for my bad English.

@LessPop_MoreFizz The worst part about i that I know it's a joke. I wasn't fooled at all....but I so wish it was true.
Turn based combat rocks.
and adding it in would basically turn it into a whole new game... two gamesin one!
Q: Etymology of the word "nerf"?

TZHXHow did the word "nerf" develop to it's current meaning in MMO/multiplayer games? I can remember seeing it for a long time to have the same or similar meaning, even before the explosion of MMOs that happenned with World of Warcraft. (I used the terminology tag, as it seemed the closest fit, tho...

Is it a dupe? I'm thinking no but wanted to check
Wow, Anime.SE is at 11 and we're only at 8.
It's almost like you guys want me to delete my account!
@Wipqozn ... Yes?
10:13 AM
I thought that was the objective of the game?
@Wipqozn Some other site saw the starred message and wanted you to delete your account. We had several restart-bots for hours yesterday.
@TrentHawkins This is why I only took part in the game for about 20 minutes.
It's not any fun when you have people fucking with it.
I know a moderator on one of the sites made the restart bot griefing people.
@TimStone It might be.
Yeah, they failed to regard the #1 rule of making multiplayer stuff: People are dicks
Q: Why does my obsidian boat sink?

joppiesausSo I played the new minecraft snapshot 15w14a, and I saw a obsidian boat in my creative inventory. I put it in the water, but it sinked immediatly. Why does my obsidian boat sink?

Perhaps the easter egg of stack egg is that it makes me delete my account.
10:16 AM
@Wipqozn The ultimate winning of the internet.
We don't like winning or fun here. We can't allow this.
I should change my parent account over to Anime.SE so it looks like I'm part of a group of winners, instead of you losers!
@5pike The proper reply to this kind of writes itself...
But congratulations!
10:21 AM
I'm such a jerk.
Also I undid my downvote now, but I just love doing that when people hit 10k.
@Wipqozn Yeah, it's pretty much calling for it.
@5pike Yeah, you were asking for it.
A: "Games" was not a duplicate of "Arqade"

WipqoznProposals which are just copies of existing sites, but with less rules, are still duplicates.

@MattGiltaji "What's this 'warm weather' I keep hearing people talk about?"
It's a lie people tell their children about on April Fool's day.
♫ I'm so bored today, you already know, I'm in the slow lane, from morning to afternoon
10:30 AM
My android phone must be pranking me, Chrome keeps crashing.
cc @LessPop_MoreFizz
Even after clearing all the app data, Chrome is still crashing
10:48 AM
@Wipqozn ... @Yuuki posted that already
Now you're even
@5pike I'm a monster
@Wipqozn A slow monster
@PrivatePansy posted that already ...
Or some such thing
10:52 AM
[Urgent Essay Help]How did the experience of working at Mr Burns' Nuclear Plant influence Homer's composition of the Iliad and Odyssey?
In A Land Before Time, dinosaurs are depicted as existing in highly mixed cohesive interspecies communities. Was there really this much tolerance and multispecism among dinosaurs of that period?
How could Scrooge McDuck have maintained his extraordinary wealth from the 1940s onward without destabilizing the entire world's economy?
11:07 AM
Seems like Germany has to re-arm their troops, because the g36 gets to inaccurate when hot.
@5pike naah, that's all according to plan for when they next invade russia in the winter
@KevinvanderVelden You don't invade Russia in the winter.
@5pike ssssh don't tell them that.
Also, unless you're the mongols
(I hope other people have seen crash course world history)
Q: Unable to control hero / hero getting deselected

SaintSix_So I have a couple of problems that I only recently have begun to experience in Dota 2: 1.Sometimes, the hero gets deselected, without me pressing anything or clicking anywhere. This is often but not always accompanied by loss of sound; the music and any other source of sound just get muted. Onc...

11:30 AM
Is Shadow Warrior good?
@PrivatePansy Haven't played it, but seems to be a fun little shooter.
It's also pretty over-the-top.
How many player co-op does Torchlight 2 support?
@PrivatePansy 4, I think
According to this site - 6 players online
> Each multiplayer game can host up to 6 players, and loot drops separately for each player.
Yeah, I was wrong.
I'm a huge jerkl
11:35 AM
Just because you are wrong, doesn't mean you're a jerk. Except you did with intent.
@5pike The two are unrelated. He was wrong and he is also a huge jerk
@AshleyNunn: I'll let you know what I think of the dagger adn coin series once I finish the first book. So far, I like it, like you saw on goodreads.
@KevinvanderVelden You mean "jerkl"
@5pike he is that as well
But #aleaysfwsoy2mijtued
@5pike ...damn it....
11:38 AM
@wipqozn saw you didn't like Malazan so much. Scales seem to be tipping against me trying those books.
@AshleyNunn Well, the first book is considered terrible by basically everyone, it seems. The rest of the series is supposed to be good... but I don't think it's for me. Looks like it's focus is on world building, and doesn't focus on characters at all.
There are supposedly a bunch of characters, but you don't really get to know any of them.
@KevinvanderVelden I'd quote my reply to that. But mobile.
yesterday, by Arperum
@GnomeSlice All lions eat ample yeti stew for wizard school ... I give up. I can't make that into an acronym.
That one?
@wipqozn Yeah, if there is no focus on characters, it isn't going to be something I like.
Q: Is there a way to create a leader for a mercenary band?

NixI'm playing an old version of the Crusader Kings 2 (2.1, I think). At one point, Paradox updated the game to include more mercenaries and holy orders. As I was the Irish King at the time, I had the option to create the Irish Band. However, I didn't realize its potential, and as it used up one of ...

11:45 AM
yesterday, by Arperum
@GnomeSlice All lions eat ample yeti stew for wizard school or why two man in jittery togas undermined every dance.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, my thoughts as well. I might give it a try again at some point, but I doubt it. Too many other things to read.
Anime.SE is in the lead!
Fantastic. I want not-code golf to win
The thing that actually really annoyed me isn't the raiding, but how much they defended it. Like come on.
It's like defending your cheating in any other online game - at the end of the day, you are still a jerk, no matter what.
I just assume this is how all of SE feels right now.
I just removed/blocked the whole egg thing after the first mention of raids. It's not worth the hassle.
@5pike Yeah, that's why I don't really take part in it
11:57 AM
Let the "cool" kids have fun with their raids.
but I do want Code golf to lose
@Wipqozn As long as the win is rightfully earned ...
Q: Why won't the Traders in Fairfax Gardens sell anything anymore?

DorianDuring the Archaeologist quest I noticed that all the gypsy traders in the Fairfax Gardens area have nothing to sell. They'll buy things easily enough, but they never have anything to sell anymore. Is there any way to fix this? I think it happened to me once before years ago too and I found a ...

@5pike Pretty sure Anime.SE is legit.
Then it's cool.
12:00 PM
I'm still going to delete my account though. I can't associate with you guys anymore. You failed me.
@Wipqozn they aren't. they are/were scrpting harder than ppCG did and most certainly participated in their fair share of raids
@Rapitor tbh scripting doesn't bother me, so long as it's not done to harm other sites.
oh well, whole thing is just meant for fun anyways
Although its interesting how this just for fun thing has made the entire network hate Code Golf.
and by interesting, I mean hilarious.
@Wipqozn i think it made everyone hate everyone, not just code golf
12:17 PM
Oh, ThinkGeek, up to your old April Fools shenanigans.
Q: Are Blood Gems easy to come by and/or do they have unlimited uses?

ReafexusI found my first "Tempering Blood Gemstone". I want to use it immediately but I don't know if I am going to find a lot more or if it is something I don't need to worry about or not.

Cat paradise
@Wipqozn i want this and i don't even have cats
12:34 PM
Best Google April Fools day joke yet xD
Then, click on the little music note-y thing titled "Add Music".
And prepare yourself..
Or any Youtube video for that matter.
> Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail by Google
@MBraedley ikr :)
Did you click the little music note-y thing?
1:00 PM
@Rapitor Yeah. Sadly, it's just an april fools joke.
Q: Which way is the best way to upgrade your base?

Eisler 485I have been playing CoC for several months now and I wondered if there was a strategic way to upgrade your base. I normally just go for the cheapest upgrade, so my cannons are strong but my Mortars are weaker. How do you upgrade your Village? I normally go, Archer Towers, Air Defense, Mortars,...

@Wipqozn I bet the cats would just ignore it anyways.
@5pike I was thinking the same thing
Also, I think I'm going to wait to get a new cat until I'm living on my own.
Instead of with a room mate.
I got a small scratching post for my cats. They completely ignored it. Now I use it as a TV table...
@5pike Yep, Bela just ignores her scratching post.
Except for one day, when she noticed it had a hanging ball. Tore the crap out of it, and then back to ignoring.
1:15 PM
(April Fool's joke, almost definitely)
all of today's news can be summed up in a single picture
"Collection drones will be added and will prove useful for pirates needing to gather cargo in a hurry and also to improve mining efficiency. Players will also be able to transfer fuel using the fuel transfer drones so players can act as buddy tankers for each other."
CC @ElitePeeps
@Rapitor On one hand, it sounds like something they were planning on already and seems pretty sensible. On the other hand, April 1.
@Yuuki usually april fools things in games is stuff that's complete bonkers.
@Rapitor That's where the "on one hand" part comes from.
1:23 PM
Wow, somebody's a jerk for flagging that.
Now @Wipqozn needs an unban.
Wait what did he get flagged for? O.o
Someone flag that so everyone can see it.
@Yuuki ....
@Yuuki It's probably our resident flag troll.
Who delights in flagging things out of context.
awww. I can't harmlessly flag
1:25 PM
I can't do it
@Yuuki but flagging it would defeat the purpose of flags even more!
Huh. I can flag myself.
I wonder how many people accidentally flagged themselves
Not something nice to learn about
ok, that's one way to broadcast your discomfort to the whole network.
1:26 PM
Well, it's a valid complaint.
> This feature isn't available yet in your country or region
@Yuuki Please don't. You do realize that flags are shown network-wide right? They're not a way of ensuring people see whatever you post. That's what stars are for.
@KevinvanderVelden Aw
@terdon No, stars aren't seen network-wide.
2 mins ago, by Yuuki
Someone flag that so everyone can see it.
StackEgg has really been testing my patience and flagging shenanigans are literally the last straw.
1:27 PM
Either way, though, the original flag was way out of line.
@Yuuki No, and they shouldn't be.
@Yuuki so sorry :(
@Yuuki Yet you failed to even explain what in the world you were talking about when you flagged your post. What's the point in that?
It needs a reversal on @Wipqozn.
1:28 PM
@Frank flags so that everyone can see that
@terdon Not exactly sure what I need to explain further than 'THESE CHAT FLAG SHENANIGANS'.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, no, don't do that.
@Frank yeah no that wasn't the plan, you can tell by the lack of flags =p
I'm pretty vocal when it comes to flag abuse, so I think it's pretty serious when I resorted to that.
Wasn't that flag on a post that literally contained "because fuck Code Golf"? What mitigating context is there for that?
1:29 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Sadly, it would not surprise me if it got validated.
The only chat flag shenanigans I've seen was you flagging yourself. If someone is doing something bad, flag them.
@Geobits The fact that it's a complete joke?
@Geobits I dunno, did you read the context?
And by validating without even checking context, you've played right into the troll's hands.
@Powerlord I can't find the only relevant thing in that article: Does it pass the ACID test properly?
1:30 PM
I'm asking the context, so...
It's hard for me to feel sorry for that flag when we had several members flagged/banned yesterday for (seemingly) far less, to be honest.
@KevinvanderVelden ACID is kind of old now. They did test it on html5test
(not saying those came from here, just saying)
> Microsoft's cutting edge, legacy-free browser scores 375 (out of 555) on html5test.com's scoring system
@Powerlord that's pretty low
@terdon that's easy enough to say when you're sat on the outside looking in - the actual problem is you can't flag somebody for trolling with flags because the individual doing the flagging remains anonymous.
1:33 PM
@terdon Well, I'm sorry you haven't noticed the significant rise in chat flags ever since StackEgg started nor have you noticed that very few of them are actually offensive. None of them have been personally derogatory and almost all of them have been validated within seconds, even faster than normal.
Sometime yesterday, I started auto-invalidating all chat flags as soon as I saw them simply because I knew they were garbage and people were still getting chatbanned.
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, you'd think as long as they were updating their browser, they'd fix its issues.
So pardon me if I don't believe you when you say that the only chat flag shenanigan you've seen is me flagging myself.
(deep breath)
Sorry about that.
There, there pats @Yuuki on the head
@Flyk "I am satisfied with the level of my care"
14 mins ago, by Powerlord
1:38 PM
@Powerlord Nooooooooooo!
(Yes, I know it doesn't say 'com.google')
Right, can't star things from history.
@Flyk Fair enough.
Reposting for attention: Nintendo Direct today at 3pm PST (not in the morning, whoo!)
Catch a #NintendoDirectNA about #WiiU & #3DS games on 4/1 at 3 p.m. PT. Don’t let the date fool you: This is no joke! http://t.co/alsJ5Ty5b0
@Yuuki Well, I have. Which is why I was so annoyed to see yet another pointless flag. Sorry to have come down so hard on you I'm just fed up with all the flags. I didn't know you were trying to help, all I saw was yet another pointless flag.
Anyway, thanks but please don't use flags that way.
1:45 PM
Yeah, I second that.
Q: What is the math behind Plague Inc DNA points?

durron597This is a two part question. How many DNA points do I get naturally, in the two waves of infecting people? All difficulty levels. This is almost, but not quite, a duplicate of Why doesn't population death yield DNA points?; this question is about the actual number of DNA points I get naturall...

@Frank what? :o
@Flyk Big Hero reference fail.
@Frank only on @Flyk's part
But at the same time, don't assume that just because the message that was flagged was from here that we are the evil flaggers.
1:47 PM
Can somebody unban @Wipqozn? The original flag that sparked this was out of line.
@Wipqozn got banned and nobody noticed until now?
poor @Wipqozn
I noticed the instant it happened.
24 mins ago, by Frank
Now @Wipqozn needs an unban.
@Flyk We've noticed. It's just that none of us can unban him.
Sorry, just woke up, and am on my phone, so that took me a minute to detangle.
1:48 PM
@Flyk We noticed, then got sidetracked by drama, as is our wont.
cc @KSPPlayers
And others, it's interesting.
Real version is prettier
@KevinvanderVelden Shopped! I can tell by the pixels!
@KevinvanderVelden I know it's a real phenomenon
1:53 PM
It has physics and more pretty pictures!
Dammit IT, I thought you had the computer sorted out for the new hire. I'm blaming you, @Frank!
@MBraedley Look, man, I have my hands full keeping the wheels on. Be happy you got a computer.
Seems legit
He can't install software because he doesn't have his admin account set up. I can't do it for him because my admin account doesn't have admin privileges on his computer.
The terrible interview from yesterday wants me for a "second interview" but it sounds from her description to be more of a sales pitch about their company, and yesterday was so awful.
1:58 PM
Which I think is a problem with my admin account.
@MBraedley File a ticket, and I'll get to it when I can.
@mbraedley sounds like so much fun.
@Frank What kind of waiting time would I be looking at?
@AshleyNunn I wouldn't go.
@MBraedley Depends. Most things take three weeks to get through, but I might get a chance to look at it later today.

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