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2:00 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, don't go. This was the guy that was looking down his nose at you?
@Rapitor It is the first of April...
@mbraedley no these are the ones that made me wait an hour yesterday and want telemarketing or to bother people while they shop/go door to door
@AshleyNunn If they can't hold to a schedule, that's a black mark in my view.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, tell them you're not interested anymore.
2:03 PM
@mbraedley I was there for an hour for a five minute prescreen thing. The office was crowded, also I witnessed a few people coming in disgruntled over back pay and the like.
The whole thing was raising flags.
Hmm, I should probably acknowledge the birthday wishes people have been leaving on my Facebook feed.
Also, they are someone I interviewed with before in the last 6 months who rebranded and have completely different clients and fired a bunch of people while "fixing the brand"
The whole thing feels very sketchy
My favourite prescreen question was "tell us why our social media is awesome and why you want to be featured there"
@Rapitor It could be true. But keep in mind that million of people wrote in to the FCC to request this in the first place.
@AshleyNunn avoid like the plague.
Last I checked, millions were higher than thousands
2:06 PM
@Powerlord Even hundreds of thousands? That's a lot of thousands!
@AshleyNunn Run. Run fast. Run far.
@AshleyNunn "I like attention"
@saintwacko @mbraedley Yeah I think I will reply to the email saying I am no longer interested.
Having no job sucks, and I am willing to do a lot, but I'd like something where you know, I'd have some hope and semblance of security and not terrible stuff. I also hate the idea of bothering people as a job.
2:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden At least the function key is in the proper spot
I will do customer service dirty work til the cows come home, but I don't want to be a professional annoyance.
@KevinvanderVelden Well, it's out of the way of accidental presses.
Ooh. Starsector is implementing quests. cc @SaintWacko
@AshleyNunn Blackberry just turned a profit last quarter, maybe they're hiring.
2:11 PM
@mbraedley I doubt I qualify, but the prospect is amusing. I have a fair number of friends that work there.
@AshleyNunn I'm sure you'd be fine as a first line support person. There might be other positions available too.
@MBraedley Well, RIM did finally get back into the modern era.
Oh, I guess they are just called BlackBerry now
@Powerlord I was just about to say that.
21 hours ago, by Frank
If he doesn't want to be called a jerk, he can stop being a jerk.
Seriously, stop with the victim complex. You guys aren't victims here, and acting like you are just makes you look even worse.
2:16 PM
Is it going home time yet?
@powerlord Yeah, they're just Blackberry now. They sold off a lot of their buildings and stuff. (which is weird now when you go to that area of town)
@Frank Ooh!
@Powerlord no =[
@Yuuki WHAT
@powerlord I am home, so yes.
2:17 PM
Anyone know where nuget stores it's magic data? Nuking the directory doesn't make it realize things aren't installed anymore
Although in a couple hours it will be "leaving my house time"
Oh goddamnit
@KevinvanderVelden I would assume somewhere in %appdata%
also I'm hungry. I should get lunch after my meeting.
@wipqozn lunch is good. I am a big fan of lunch.
2:18 PM
@Powerlord uugh
@SaintWacko I'm looking forward to trying it again once it's complete.
@SaintWacko :)
@KevinvanderVelden Actually, on second thought, look in %localappdata% first
@Powerlord no, that's only the configuration file for where it gets packages for
I am home! And the stuff left to do is set up my stuff some more (have to assemble a small rack, setup the multiscreen setup,...) and then get back into the project, so I can write a proper report tomorrow about it.
2:18 PM
I honestly can't tell by looking at the headlines of some of the Slashdot stories whether they're April Fools stories or legitimate stories.
I want the magic file that store if something is installed or not
@MBraedley Assume the former until proven otherwise.
@Powerlord seems to be just the cache but nuked it for safety
> World's Largest Aircraft Seeks Investors To Begin Operation
> Tatooine Youth Suspected In Terrorist Attack
2:19 PM
> Angry Boss Phishing Emails Prompt Fraudulent Wire Transfers
Clearly the one I quoted is true
@Powerlord Well that one is obvious.
What was that about?
Why the hell was that even flagged?
@5pike Someone is troll-flagging.
2:20 PM
Yeah, I know.
They could at least make some effort, though.
@Powerlord Can't mods see who is doing that?
And, y'know, smack 'em around a bit for abuse?
@KevinvanderVelden Pretty sure they can.
@Frank there was a bug where that information was leaked in the websocket stream, that has been fixed
I'd be interested in ThinkGeek's Game of Thrones Clue. That'll take days to play.
2:24 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I thought they made it mod-only.
@Frank Wasn't it already mod only?
@KevinvanderVelden If it was, then I think they saw it as a feature.
Damn it, flags? I can't see those on my phone. Am I gonna have to get up, because people are being dumb on the Internet?
My bed is comfy, I am happy here. Don't ruin that, Internet.
Let's ask a person who'd know: @AshleyNunn can you see who flagged something?
@AshleyNunn People are always dumb on the internet. Certainly don't reduce your amount of comfy over internet dumbness.
2:25 PM
(Stay in your comfy bed!)
@AshleyNunn Bed gravity is strong.
@MadMAxJr I thought Master Detective could take a long time and that only has 10 characters.
Bed gravity is very strong and I was up late and I don't have to be anyplace til my 2pm interview.
@MadMAxJr 70000 combinations is a bit much, even if half of them can be quickly eliminated.
Game of Thrones Clue would have murders during the murder investigation the game is about.
So. I guess gameplay would be solve the murder or be the last surviving player.
I'd rather play Town of Salem.
2:30 PM
... r/dataisbeautiful, a subreddit for pretty data graphs is now all pictures of Star Trek:TNG Data.
I was playing that with some friends yesterday in an All Any game. Maf wasn't doing any killing, but on day 3 I announced that <person X> was either Framer or framed as they'd appeared as framer both times I investigated them.
I was lying, I was exec and they were my target, but town bought it and lynched them.
Turns out town had no actual investigators or sheriffs that game.
So, people were wondering about the Valve April Fool's joke?
Link goes to Rick Astley.
Ha, classic
I didn't get that email. :(
@Yuuki Very nice
2:37 PM
are we still doing the stackegg?
cause we seem to be doin it wrong
or did they change the strat overnight?
@MattGiltaji i think some of us are still half-assedly playing. the whole raiding fiasco caused pretty much everyone to lose interest
@Rapitor And reset bots.
Don't forget the reset bots.
And then the flags...
Hmm... I wanna do some testing for a strat.
ugh, they are prioritizing users instead of traffic
2:41 PM
More importantly, why is there no Farcry 4: Blood Dragon 2 trailer today?
And Lifehacks is currently empty...
But it would involve resetting...
I'll go ask in their chat room, I guess.
how many you need to reset?
Nvm, last message was 22 hours ago.
@RTL Empty, so only one.
But don't vote for reset.
Not our StackEgg, I'm not gonna mess with it unless they're okay with it.
... Well, I guess I have my testing ground now.
2:42 PM
well... its on me not you...
@RTL Don't reset other people, that's a crappy move;
@RTL but see, no one knows who is doing it
The only winning move is not to suck.
@AshleyNunn That's my bad.
2:44 PM
It just breeds anger
@AshleyNunn anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering
I had mentioned wanting to test a strat on an empty StackEgg.
@MattGiltaji and I've had enough
@MattGiltaji Now that CERN discovered The Force is real, you don't want that.
@AshleyNunn Fair enough
2:45 PM
@3ventic fancy, I've been meaning to restart skyrim sometime
@Yuuki but It was me who clicked... not your fault#
So, is next year going to have the various sites be Stackemon and fight each other in battles?
What's our private beta record?
@Yuuki uh, like 18 days i think
Just did 17.
Or 16.
2:50 PM
private beta doesn't matter too much in the run.
its public and release that makes or breaks it
cc: @fredley and anyone else who occasionally clicks in swarmsim
Also spend that bloody energy D:
@Chippies noice
@Rapitor What's our record for public then?
2:52 PM
dunno.low hundreds probably
@Yuuki low hundreds
> Please do not eat kitten meat.
like under 120 i would say
2:57 PM
.... xkcd is doing... something.
@MadMAxJr yeah it looks like another crowdsourced caption thing in facebook style
@Batophobia don't much care for pool, but child of light is definitely worth the price of free.
@Rapitor Mind taking a look at how I'm doing to see if my strat is all right?
Or marginally acceptable?
@Rapitor 360 owners can also get Gears of War Judgement and Terraria, which are worth free
I'm at 52 days and the bar for public beta is almost halfway.
3:00 PM
@Batophobia s/free/buying xbox gold?
@KevinvanderVelden Or just "use" bing and get free month of gold
How does that work?
Gears of War: Judgement was the 4 player co-op experience wanted from day 1 of Gears of War. :(
Bing rewards, make a script that auto-does the searches and you've got enough points for free XBL gold every month
@MadMAxJr its funny because Judgement is the one most every GoW fan hates.
3:03 PM
@Batophobia but we would have to use bing...
@Batophobia uugh
@MattGiltaji "make a script that auto-does the searches"
Not worth it for a game I have the prequal of and never played and a game I have on a good platform and have played to death
@Rapitor It's a contrived excuse of a story, yes, and sadly made after the creator left the company, but there were gameplay elements there I particularly enjoyed. And 4x co-op.
@Batophobia that's like sending a script on a suicide mission
3:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden You can also get Xbox One deals without the console
@MattGiltaji That's what they are for :P
@Batophobia why would I want that? I'm not planning on getting an xbone
@KevinvanderVelden Not even eventually?
@Batophobia don't you need a home Xb1 console in order to get games?
@Batophobia meh
I have a 360 for guitar/band hero
A: Can I get Xbox One Games with Gold if I don't have an Xbox One?

BatophobiaYou are able to get the free Xbox One games without the system, assuming you have an Xbox Live Gold account. Go to the Games with Gold page Click the game you wish to "purchase" Select "Buy Now" Log in, if prompted Double check that screen says "Free" (see image below) Click "Confirm" Note:...

3:06 PM
I have 2 versions of those games, I don't need more
@KevinvanderVelden If you like Racing, they have a free Forza until April 10 for 360
@Batophobia I don't like racing
I also only use consoles when playing games with friends
@Batophobia hm, neat. +1 xbox
Q: Major Problem with Minecraft

JordenI can't download Minecraft for free properly. When I do, I either get a demo, or I get the game, but I have to log in, and can't because Minecraft constantly rejects my user info. I run Windows 8, and don't want to change it down for fear of losing everything I have on my computer. I don't know w...

@AshleyNunn I clarified why I want those questions to remain the same question
3:09 PM
@Rapitor Mind taking a look at Lifehacks's StackEgg? Wanna see if I can sub-120.
@Yuuki i don't have an account in lifehacks
120 completion? or just out of beta
@Rapitor Out of beta.
it looks like it will be sub 120, maybe even around 100.
I will laugh my a-- off if I get Lifehacks the most quickly completed StackEgg.
playing alone is the best cooperation
3:12 PM
@Yuuki to the reset button!
The issue is that my strat probably isn't conducive for lots of users.
I don't think it's that easy to explain.
We'll see how graduation goes.
I plan on trying something... different.
@Yuuki if it works we should adopt it. i mean, we got a bit of catching up to do. even if we just want to lock in 3rd place. StackOverflow is catching up
Graduated at around 96 days.
3:16 PM
The thing is, my strat revolves heavily on postponing attention to endangered stats.
And we have not been too good about ignoring those even though we know there's a 4-turn grace period.
@Yuuki got like 87 on M&TV
@Yuuki Thanks for that, I've added it to my answer;-)
@Yuuki because games taught us when shit is red-alerting us it needs fixing asap.
3:24 PM
@3ventic I can't tell if this is part of the joke or just a mistake:
> Masser now has gravity equivalent to 1/12th of Nirn. Secunda, being marginally larger, has gravity equal to 1/13th of Nirn.
@SaintWacko it could be less dense?
@Frank Not going to lie, I kinda want that to be real.
@MBraedley It would be rather convenient if it was, yeah.
But as an amusing april fool's joke, it is pretty funny.
The Compatibility part is the best
Q: What happens if no vote is given in a single round?

KappeiIf in a given round not a single vote is given, what happens? Is this the same as not reaching the vote threshold? If it's different, can somebody explain what happens in both cases?

3:31 PM
18 days into public beta on this run
It's tempting to tag the Google Pacman/ Stack Egg questions with a new tag, [april-fools]
@PearsonArtPhoto i think adding that tag couldn't hurt.
Working on it.
@Frank have you tried redecorating your house in story of seasons yet? it seems... broken
I just noticed in some game-related plugin code I'm writing, I named functions AddGameGlags and RemoveGameGlags
I have no idea what a Glag is!
I'm not sure how I managed to typo Flag twice like that.
3:39 PM
@Powerlord Dedication.
@Powerlord Something you don't want to google apparently (not image related for once! :o)
Q: How do you bite Dexon Evicus on Skyrim?

Allyson LindI seduced him and it won't pop up that I can feed on him and its weird cause I also don't know the controls to feed on someone please help me.

Oh well, I'm trying to write this plugin so that its child plugins can control certain settings and override certain functions in a language that is actively hostile to that sort of thing.
If you've ever used SourceMod stuffs before, I'm writing a replacement to the plugin named MapChooser Extended and to the plugin named Ultimate MapChooser.
It's kind of a fusion between the two.
Will it be called MapChooser?
There 16 questions tagged with
3:42 PM
MapChooser is the original that the two I just mentioned are replacements for.
MapChooser is too simple. MapChooser Extended is rapidly becoming too complex. Ultimate MapChooser had some good ideas, but internally it's a mess.
But if you fusing Something MapChooser and MapChooser Something then you'll end up with MapChooser right?
I don't think we need an tag.
@KevinvanderVelden Even if I wanted to name it that, it'd be rejected as MapChooser is part of the SourceMod core.
3:45 PM
So I managed to get past father guacamole yesterday
Gas Light e
Whatever his name is
@GnomeSlice Good job
Halfway through to winning the Internet at 163 days. Think I can sub-250?
That was a fun fight
@Rapitor Not yet. Redecorated my farm, though.
@Frank i can't move things around. the mini workbench is too close to the bed and its difficult to use, but i can't move either piece of furniture
3:49 PM
@Wipqozn I agree.
Now all we need is @Sterno agreeing and all hell will break loose
@Wipqozn I also agree
I disagree. What are we talking about?
So, is there anyone here that does think we need a april-fools tag?
(mobile is my excuse)
3:52 PM
@Unionhawk the april fools tag @PearsonArtPhoto created
Oh, no, I agree. I lied.
No such tag.
We really don't need that tag.
I'm basically seeing it as a platform tag
And yet we have one
It adds nothing.
3:53 PM
Not for long, we don't.
And no more tag.
Home time cause my brain is fried
Cya chat!
@Yuuki There are a lot of MtG players who'd like to have a word with you.

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