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1:00 AM
So, if Answers was doing the best, I would vote Answers.
@Runer112 I never said botting was good, I am just saying this is not good either.
I'll be honest, there were times that I felt we were a hive mind in the mid eras of beta and grad.
This thing has blown way past the "let's have a fun thing" into a weird mess.
I don't like it either, but I have to do it to try to combat bots
I think my bot is quite dangerous
1:00 AM
So I can't help you with coordination. But I can help with the strategy and actually I know how to beat it.
its also a bit buggy
@Runer112 No, you don't have to do it.
@Runer112 You don't -have- to do anything.
fighting bots with bots... not a good place
You're choosing to go against the spirit of the thing in hopes of....something.
Winning, I guess.
1:01 AM
@AshleyNunn This is why I've switched to homework. I'm actually having more fun with homework. More fun. With homework.
Runer geez how many chat rooms are you wrecking?
I'm choosing to go with the spirit, and getting there with lots of hard work
@Yuuki Is this the Markov chain type related thing?
Anime? Here? Anywhere else?
1:01 AM
I always just disable and hide away new SE things. They usually go sideways in some way or another
if you want to share your strategies, feel free to post it as a question and and answer on the main arqade site and earn some reps
@AshleyNunn Yes.
@Runer112 I would hazard a guess that a lot of people would disagree with this.
I just fixed a bug with my output.
@Yuuki Ah. :)
@Yuuki huzzah!
1:02 AM
@Ktash this one has gone the most sideways
I'll just post it in here I think. Feel free to steal it for reps. I'm not that motivated.
It's short anyway
Apparently, while I was concatenating text, I forgot to actually assign the newly concatenated string to the working string.
Hi there,
Just started playing Pillars of Eternity, and already feel like I'm horrible at it:
On Anslög's Compass, I was tasked with killing the sporelings in the cave. However, I have failed for the tenth time. What level is suggested for killing those mobs? I have a monk and a mage, both level 3, and the longest I survived was to kill one of the three sporelings.
I tried confusing the spores and attacking them individually, but when the duration expires, my monk gets almost literally torn apart.
@Kroltan hi, have you tried posting this on the main arqade site?
@Kroltan I don't know much about the game, but I feel like this might actually make a really good main site question :)
1:03 AM
"It's kind of a broad question to post on the site, so I thought to ask here."
@Kroltan i don't think a question like that is too broad
that's pretty narrow
its not broad at all
Guys the bot does work....
it's "how do I get past this one encounter?"
1:03 AM
oh well, i'll go and post it then. thanks!
@Kroltan Nah, I think it will work :)
except if it acctually goes to the restart page... even though it shouldn't
@Kroltan Yay! Hope you get an awesome answer.
however if enough of us bot, it should never go that far
@GiantCowFilms 2 votes to restart, mine only to save.
1:03 AM
I really hope you guys don't have less of a problem with bots than people trying to use two accounts
Sorry for disrupting your conversation!
@Kroltan no worries :D
it would be kind of a sad state when you'd rather bots enjoy your site than people
@Kroltan no worries! That's what we're here for :)
@Runer112 I'd personally rather neither.
1:04 AM
@Runer112 I'm sure that's a false dichotomy
@Runer112 We'd rather both went straight to hell
@Unionhawk this is all your fault. you know that right
@Hosch250 huh?
if bots stop, I'll be happy to stop
It voted to restart it :(
1:05 AM
@Runer112 This is not even remotely true. I don't even know how you got there.
@Hosch250 after it went into the confirm stage?
On the restart confirmation.
there is a bug there
Yes, it goes there every other time, or more.
I'm going to flag the internet.
I'm working on it, but the idea is to skip that alltogther
1:06 AM
I should be doing more school...
@Runer112 Let me put it this way: griefing other sites' games isn't OK. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter how they play the game
PRIVATE BETA: Alternate questions and answers. Simple.
PUBLIC BETA: Alternate questions and answers until one is maxed. Then add in Quality. Then add in Users.
GRADUATED: Alternate questions and answers until one is maxed. Then add in Quality. Then add in Users.
ALL STAGES: Ignore warnings exactly 4 times. Then address them.
That's really it I think.
@Rainbolt why quality after maxed questions for graduated?
Also @Hosch250 If you vote before the bot, it won't overide
@GiantCowFilms I can't.
1:06 AM
We found out that you can get users for free sometimes. The star will literally go up on it's own.
So we do it last.
@Rainbolt I think that's only when traffic is high
I'm trying to do school...
Well, traffic is born from answers + quality. All the more reason to skip users.
The 20 second timer on the egg thing is juuust long enough to erode my attention span, and short enough that I don't feel like I can concentrate on other things and vote appropriately to help progress the thing. To the point that after a few votes I just stop caring.
(It says so in the tooltip I think)
1:07 AM
@Rainbolt so, why not concentrate on those two first?
This is nearly impossible to debug....
Because Answers needs Questions. Low questions makes answers degrade faster.
It says that in the tooltip too
aha! I've figured out that you can "bank" a heart by incrementing something at 4
but you can't bank more than one
Nothing seems to negatively affect questions except closing. So we don't ever do it.
@Rainbolt Do they degrade so much faster that it's worth taking longer to get traffic?
1:08 AM
Not sure. I would love to know.
We had no idea that we could ignore warnings four times when we reached 235. So it's beatable.
I'm nearly positive that you get a bump in traffic whenever you have maxed quality and answers for two consecutive turns, so I think you want to alternate between those, and bump the other two when their warnings go for too long
Then when traffic maxes out, you can work on questions
Hmm. High traffic makes quality very difficult to maintain. The trade off might be good or it might be bad. But we've already tried it one way, so try it the other way.
Now you have high answers and low questions, which means it will be degrading fast, plus high quality and high traffic, which means it too will be degrading fast.
But, you have traffic, which is free.
So I think it comes out even maybe
it'd be nice to actually play and test these theories.
Harvets Moon tutorial takes a bit.
Just finished.
We were winning handily for a while, now people are going away.
1:13 AM
@Hosch It's hard to keep this up for much more than 12 hours, don't you think? ;)
I've not been around the whole 12 hours.
Bots will eventually win the overall game, so whichever site is doing that the heaviest will get to be proud that they beat the "evil, cheating PPCG".
What are we on next time, answers?
Q: Is Blackrock Mountain Adventure in Hearthstone free overtime?

JulianI was reading the patch notes for hearthstone and found this: "Five unique wings await those brave enough to delve into Blackrock Mountain. Each of the five wings are immediately available to purchase with real money or gold, with a new wing unlocking for players to enter each week over the cou...

Q: Defeating the sporelings on Anslög's Compass

KroltanJust started playing Pillars of Eternity, and already feel like I'm horrible at it: At Anslög's Compass, I was tasked with killing the sporelings in the cave. However, I have failed for the tenth time. What level is suggested for killing those mobs? I have a monk and a mage, both level 3, and th...

1:14 AM
@Frank i'm still in it i think. been quite distracting with the egg shenanigans
I am not used to this super fast run speed.
@Rapitor Training Day 7 is when you get out.
oh im on 4...
I shipped all my random fish and insects and butterflies to buy more Turnips.
Because nothing says Harvest Moon like working yourself into the ground trying to get maximum Turnips planted.
Ugh, string == string vs string.equals(string) is tripping me up every time.
1:19 AM
I think I have...a dozen or so turnip seeds to plant?
Also, they've completely sped up the whole farming process!
You can move while using tools!
cc @AshleyNunn
@Frank I think you could do that in RF4.
@Yuuki Rune Factory != Harvest Moon
@Frank Yes, I'm saying that they might have ported that feature over since people liked it.
@Yuuki Just remember, == only works with primitive types (integer types and the like)
@Yuuki The way it works here is that you don't have a specific "action" you have to do. For watering, you hold it down, and water the whole field until it darkens.
1:21 AM
Figured out how to kill the damn sporelings. Documented it as a answer: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/212069
@Frank i do like how you are immediately working in 3x3s.
For hoeing, you hold it down until you somehow turn a patch of grass into a nice, square, raised 3x3 patch.
@Yuuki What language?
@murgatroid99 I think it works in C# which is why it tripped me up.
@Ktash Java.
I suspect scythes will work the same as well.
1:22 AM
@Yuuki Ah, yeah. That'll do it
@Yuuki right, because in C# you can override operators
Yeah, for the longest time I was wondering why it kept adding keys even though it supposed to have matched an existing key.
@Kroltan i was already typing so finished up and posted my own :D
not as clever as yours, but i like to steamroll
@Frank eeeeeeeeeeee
I am excited.
1:23 AM
@AshleyNunn Good!
@MattGiltaji Have an upvote!
@Frank Hug gunned!
You can create a whole row of 3x3 fields by just holding it down, and moving.
@Yuuki You're not alone. Everyone runs into that problem at some point in Java
Anyways, problem fixed.
1:24 AM
@Frank Yay!
I should sleep, but then I would wake up to the worst day of the Internet. I can hold onto this day for a few more hours.
@Kroltan your question seems to be attracting multiple answers
@AshleyNunn That's the second spam post on that question today, for that same site. Welp, won't be happening there anymore.
@MattGiltaji oh, that's who that is (I have you on Steam, and was like "who is this" the other day)
@Frank I hope not.
1:25 AM
@MattGiltaji Well I did fear it could be a bit too broad. That, or maybe it's just the freshgame effect + chat effect.
@AshleyNunn Unless they manage to organize a voting ring, it's not going to happen.
@AshleyNunn GodEmperorDune? yeah, i might change my chat affiliation one day to be better about that
@MattGiltaji I just like that I know who it is now :)
Q: What determines the rankings in GTA Heists?

Fredy31In the heists, every player, at the end of every round, all players are given a rank: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. What determines what rank you get?

@Kroltan nah, multiple answers doesn't make it broad. a question is too broad if the answer can't fit in a single response
not sure if you guys saw this: se's take on stackegg
1:34 AM
@MattGiltaji well, one person's take. As it is posted on his personal blog, I am assuming "my opinions are mine not my employer's" holds true, as per usual for that sort of thing :)
@AshleyNunn he linked it from the original raid complaint as a "premortem", so it felt semi-official to me
@MattGiltaji I think that's just context for people who don't know anything about the thing.
I would think, were it meant to be any sort of official thing, it would be via SE's blog or a meta or somesuch, where the people who are involved in the thing would actively see it for sure
Q: What actually improves when you level up alchemy in Skyrim?

PanzercrisisYou don't have to look too far at all to find mention of what alchemy is or to find people asking for the fastest way to level up alchemy in Skyrim, but what does leveling up the skill actually do for you? I'm not asking about the perks associated with it - What is it that actually sets a level ...

But it is interesting to see a take on it, from the other side as it were :)
@AshleyNunn yep i agree
1:39 AM
@MattGiltaji That's interesting because he's coming from the understanding that they had intended a PvP feature but took out during the deadline.
Whereas I think most people operated under the assumption there wouldn't be any PvP.
As much as you can qualify this stuff as PvP.
It makes you wonder what his response would be if the SE team had never intended to have a PvP feature in the first place, scrapped or not.
@Yuuki well, there wasn't intended to be any, so I am not sure what you mean
Like it was considered, but they scrapped it - it was not meant to be
bleh, there's some serious griefing going on in PPCG
@Runer112 I suspect that's hurt feelings
Not saying it's right, but that might be why.
I think most of Arqade has lost interest.
@AshleyNunn His explanation for PPCG's early behavior is that they, unlike most people, thought PvP was a thing.
1:42 AM
All we have left is a reset bot.
@Yuuki Well, yes. that was the problem.
@Frank you should know we don't have much of an attention span
@AshleyNunn My point is whether Jon's opinion is colored by his knowledge that SE had initially intended to have a PvP feature.
@Yuuki I don't think so?
Like it wasn't supposed to go this way, and it did.
Like, if SE had never considered a PvP feature, would he be as understanding of raiding?
1:46 AM
I think most of it was the planned multiplayer features just got dropped.
swimming around seems like a decent way to make a decent amount of starting money. @frank agree?
@Rapitor I think so.
He only came to that "understanding" after seeing responses from us. His initial reaction was a patronizing "game over, it's broken". The followup is a complete 180 from his main post IMO.
But I believe there's only so many things you can grab before you need to either leave the screen/jump back in.
So I don't know whether the PvP aspect being planned/dropped mattered much.
1:48 AM
@Geobits Honestly, it really did seem rather jerkish on your part.
When rules are not clear/defined, err on the side of "don't harm other players".
So, sounding a little patronizing doesn't seem all that bad.
@Frank I honestly thought it would be a competition and battle/defense game by now. So we started first.
The difference is we didn't see it as "harm", so we didn't feel the need to err that way. We saw it as "the game".
But apparently calling us cheaters, griefers and sociopaths is fine ;)
weeee flags
@Geobits That is, in essence, seeing the leaderboard at the end of a Pac-man arcade game, deciding that it's a competition, and jiggling someone else's joystick while they're playing so you can have a higher score.
I'm assuming you thought it was a competition and battle/defense game because of the leaderboard, which is the only reason I can think of to assume so.
1:53 AM
@Rapitor swimming? :D
Wait, there's swimming in Story of Seasons?
@Yuuki Yep.
I think it is time we all kinda...let this go, no?
It is your initial fishing method.
@Frank !!!
1:54 AM
@AshleyNunn yeah. its kind of amusing, you just jump in the river and have at it
@Yuuki If you see this as an independent contest, then you're sorta right. If you see it as an interactive competition, then no. I expected the latter, which would have (IMO) been more fun.
Like yes, stuff sucked, and people did things they shouldn't, but perhaps we've all learned a few things.
the game even goes out of its way to warn you "Warning: swimming in rivers in reality is dangerous! Here it's safe and fun though!"
Constantly doing...whatever this is is not helpful and jsut furthers any present animosity.
@Rapitor whaaaaaat I love it
@AshleyNunn I'm in three chats I've never really visited much, so that's something :)
1:55 AM
@Geobits indeed
And I found out that Anime has a rather risque chatbot, lol.
... I should've gone out and gotten Story of Seasons by now.
@Geobits I see you've met @Taisho.
@Geobits oh?
@Rapitor Posts fanart every now and then.
our bot is pretty boring...
1:56 AM
@Yuuki Go go go go go go so you can be a swimming awesome person :P
must not engage
@AshleyNunn Gamestop may or may not be closed. Although I could stop by Best Buy.
@Rapitor Fanart that always features a girl and may or may not be risque.
@Yuuki oh, yeah its getting late
Every regular in that chat room is okay with it and I have the auto-grey extension because work, so it doesn't really bother me.
@Geobits Did you know that you can cue @Taisho to post an image.
Nope, didn't know that
1:58 AM
Just enter '#tomato' or really '#mostfruits'.
@AshleyNunn the swimming is also quite lucrative (or i just really lucky) fished up some "fluorite" valued at 3700.
@Rapitor daaaaang
wants to plaaaay
Okay, Best Buy should still be open. I'm gonna finish this sentence generation function and I'll go out and get it.

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