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@Rapitor you lose rep with pirate factions.
So in AE, The Gold Dragons will shoot me on sight.
youtube added an "add music" button to the video player... It plays Darude - Sandstorm
7:22 PM
@Chippies annoying snippets of it
@Rapitor close enough
If I wanted to make something up, I'd say
So, what's this about upcoming DLC for Smash 4 that adds Cia from Hyrule Warriors?
hehe...I just figured out why Minecraft went from 1.8 to a 1.10 snapshot...
Mojang is owned by Microsoft.
Every year again and again I try to stay away from internet on april 1st... It's not easy though :/
7:25 PM
pretty sure at least that's not an april fools
Okay, the Not Always Right zombie posts are super not interesting.
Q: What happens if you don't attend to a critically low stat?

E-RockIf you were to just ignore users, or quality, for example, will it cause problems beyond not having the hearts?

@RPiAwesomeness hah.
@Rapitor ikr :) Just figured that out
@Chippies Is it just me or was season 2 quite short compared to Season 1 if this post is not a joke?
7:29 PM
The trolls are real with this one
@Arperum it's been known for weeks now that season 2 ends on April 5, so that part is definitely not a joke. Everyone knows season 1 lasted way too long
@Chippies Haven't really been following lately.
season 2 lasted more than 2 months, which is plenty of time, imho
@Chippies True.
personally, I play each season for 2-4 weeks and then wait for the next one, so I'm glad they're working on finding the optimal season length
7:33 PM
@Chippies i usually like seeing what my favorite youtubers come up with, but there hasn't been much today
@Batophobia I saw that one :D
Google's got a whole bunch of them.
@Batophobia You might find this one entertaining
@MBraedley well ok, then. i did not actually watch that ( i am subbed to them, tho)
7:38 PM
@Rapitor You thought it was a legitimate video? It's only 48 seconds long
I am bored of April Fools.
i don't look at duration...
@RPiAwesomeness Did you mean: Darude - Sandstorm by Darude
@Batophobia Exactly.
Did you notice the Add Music button?
7:42 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Didn't show up for me but I think it's a browser issue
@MBraedley Dang, 3:07. He done did it again :D
@RPiAwesomeness I was half expecting him to start typing commands, ending with /kill @e[type=!Player]
@MBraedley lol
For whatever reason, whenever I save & quit a SP MC world all of MC freezes up :P
7:47 PM
@Powerlord :|
Although I don't know that would work.
> CAUTION: REBECCA BLACK LINK (Speaking of entertaining)
@MBraedley ya know, this makes me think if speedrunning minecraft is actually a thing.
@Powerlord That video is better with the new Add Music button
@Rapitor It is
@murgatroid99 Yeah, that's totally what I was referring to!
7:51 PM
Q: What is the order of the seals for the door to open in level 6 of the Endless Paths?

k0pernikusAt the end of Level 6 of the Endless Paths there is a door which needs a specific order of the seals or stones to open. What is it?

> Befriend Eda by the end of Fall, Year 1. If you don’t, you won’t see her events on that file, as all three events must be seen by then if at all. Let’s just say something happens on day 1 of Winter.
cc @Rapitor @Yuuki @AshleyNunn
Dammit bridge. My browser autocompletes "you" to the Friday link
@Frank 1. bug that she doesn't do things? 2. who the hell is that
@murgatroid99 This is the best way to know if someone is an active Bridge user.
@Rapitor That's the lady you stay with during the tutorial.
7:54 PM
DANGIT 15w14a! Y U NO LOAD?!?!
@Frank oh. old lady. (i learn characters by descriptions rather than names.... bad with names)
@Frank Augh I can't wait to play this
PoE has far too many fucking afflictions. No wonder my strategy against Fampyrs doesn't work. They always charm one of my party members at the start of the fight. The spell I tried against it only helps against dazed and confused. So I'll have to search the entire spell repertoire of my priest if anything works against being charmed
@murgatroid99 Hey, mine too.
7:54 PM
i figured you'd just start as friends with her?
Oh boy. Can't wait to see what TF2/Valve did for April Fools...
@Rapitor Probably. But she has three events to see, it seems.
And only three months of see them in.
TheWarOwl actually got me good. I thought his video was legit
like the carpenter guy, no idea who his name is. i just know he is a big fella and for some reason my head-voice gave him a strong boston accent
@Rapitor Gunther, I believe.
Fun fact: if you find lots of twigs and rocks, pick 'em all up and save 'em.
7:57 PM
oh i do.
Once you're ready to smash them, place the entire pile from your backpack. Then, you only need one or two hits to convert the stack.
i've been picking up everything
even weeds
@Rapitor I'm selling the vast majority of it to the trade market girl.
And then buying up all the Turnip seeds they have.
@MattGiltaji cc @LessPop_MoreFizz
fish i'll probably save to cook (whenever that unlocks), bugs i sell (except bees), and horde everything else
7:58 PM
lol. The /r/GlobalOffensive sub-reddit is now titled CoD: Advanced Warfare.
Oh wait. Nvr mind :P
Wonderful life is the only harvest moon I really played.. but in that one trees were the best
still the case?
as in, do they still never ever die
Not a clue.
and when in season poop fruit like no tomorrow
i have so many questions i can just answer myself by playing, but.. rep
@Rapitor How many crops do you currently have planted?
uh, 4 squares of grass for the livestock (just the one cow atm) and like 12 or so turnip squares
8:02 PM
Yeah, just got the cow.
Q: Is there a random element to the Stack Egg game?

Robert WertzIs there some element of randomness to the Stack Egg game? If so, what is it? If not, is it then possible to determine the exact effects of each action and therefore construct an optimal path to minimize score?

Q: How do I defend against being charmed by enemies?

Mad ScientistI'm currently fighting against groups that contain at least one Fampyr. The really annoying thing about this is that their opening move is charming one of my party members. They're also really, really good at it and succeed almost always. I tried to use my priest to defend against it, but I misr...

Had to buy fodder to feed it.
was in the process of setting up an orchard area for some peach trees, but i still have a large chunk of rocks and wild trees to deal with in the area i like.
and as with my other question on the main site. dealing with those is exhausting.
@Rapitor I've spent two days expending my excess energy trying to smash a rock. It's split now, but not quite gone yet.
chopping until dead and then going straight to bed seems really wasteful
i'm thinking about just waiting until better equipment turns up
8:05 PM
@Rapitor If the latest Harvest Moons are any indication, using up every bit of your energy lands you in the clinic for the next day.
i did discover the restaurant, but that shit is pricy
You guys are making me really wanna play :P
@Wipqozn FU, Blood-Starved Beast
Hoping to get the game before family Easter stuff this weekend, so I can play it on the 2 hour drive up to my aunt's
@Sterno Protip: Hit it until it dies.
8:08 PM
@AshleyNunn i mean.. you should
@Wipqozn I at least wisely spent all my souls before venturing into that obvious boss area
But I'm all like "Yeah, I've hit him with charged attacks like 8 times! He must be hurting!" Nope. Still at like 66%
it even has multiplayer co-op farming (well the description says it does...)
probably gotta progress a bit to unlock it
@Sterno Make sure you have antidotes on you.
> If you don’t build the Seed Maker by the end of Spring year 1 (I doubt you will), keep 5 Turnip Seeds in storage. They’re required to make it, and can only be reliably obtained in the Spring.
@Wipqozn Do you know what up on the d-pad does?
8:10 PM
@Frank noted.
down cycles items, I thought up would go the other way. but instead it does something mysterious
@Sterno You sacrifice some if your health to gain 5 temp. bullets
@Sterno Maybe it's like Dark Souls, where different d-pad directions cycle different slots
My stupid and medication is making muslin all shoe dry
turnips used to be all seasons except winter IIRC. do those kinds of crops still exist
8:11 PM
My skin super
@5pike Ah
I never use bullets
In fact, the game keeps yelling at me that they're maxed out in storage
@sterno up sacrifices some hp to get bullets
@Sterno You should, bullets stagger enemies
I like this pro tip for fighting the boss:
@Sterno you should always shoot them in the face
8:11 PM
Also if you hit somebody quickly you can get the hp back
> Caution is the key to surviving the second half of this boss fight. Avoid as much damage as possible, and dish out your own damage only when it feels relatively safe to do so
Shooting is how you parry
@5pike If you time it right. I never do, so bullets stagger my face instead
Father guacamole is impossible to beat without bullets
That's right up there with @Wipqozn protip
8:12 PM
@Sterno No, they even stagger if you don't time it right. You just won't get to reposte.
@GnomeSlice I beat him without bullets
Also I died to him like a billion times before I got the music box and then summoned somebody
@5pike I spent many lives trying to parry werewolves and it always results in me getting my face munched because I suck at it. I'm better off just dodging
Story of Seasons get!
I can't parry the wolves either
8:13 PM
cc @Frank @Rapitor @AshleyNunn
Fuck those guys
He shall now forever be known as Father Guacamole
@Yuuki Yay!
@Yuuki Woot!
Besides, I'm always carrying a torch in my off-hand anyway
8:14 PM
@Sterno Yeah, wearewolfes are not easy to stagger, but it helps tremendously with other enemies. Especially if you have the blunderbuss and you have to fight multiple people.
@Sterno Me too. I stagged him a couple times, but then I died, and then when I fought him again I didn't bother stagging him anymore.
@sterno did you get the flamethrower?
Also did you get the better torch
The hunters torch
@GnomeSlice I've got the Hunter's Torch. I have not seen a flamethrower
@Sterno I think you're not far enoguh for that yet
@Sterno You get it from the coughing guy in the window
8:15 PM
I got it, but can't remember where, but I know t was past where you are.
I haven't used it.
Go to the central yarnam bonfire and literally on the wall right next to it is a window you can talk to
I think that's where you get it
My magic cane is better for groups
I chose Cruel Fate so I'm just waiting for something to use my high arcane on
Firearms Q&A

Proposed Q&A site for experts and enthusiasts, Law Enforcement, Dealers and professionals.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment This site already failed once.
8:16 PM
@Yuuki noice.
prepare for super long tutorial
@Rapitor Oh damn, I feared as much.
> Specifically, Flatts calls out the Pungent Blood Cocktails, which can be collected during players’ journeys or purchased at the Hunter’s Dream for 2,000 blood echoes (Bloodborne’s in-game currency). In the Pungent Blood Cocktail’s item description, the text notes that the projectile “releases an odor that attracts blood-thirsty beasts.” You know who’s blood-thirsty? The Blood-Starved Beast. Think about it. It’s right there in his name.
Well. That just sounds too easy.
apparently you throw that shit and he ignores you and goes to sniff it. Then you open up on him
@murgatroid99 sigh
@murgatroid99 Oh hey, it's the lifehacks mod
8:17 PM
The blood starved beast is weak to fire
I best him last night without even knowing about that
@GnomeSlice He's even weaker to dying.
It's also weak to left-dodging.
Q: Fast and Easy way to put a belt on

ihavenodirectionProblem: I get a lot of people dressed and when I do most of them wear belts. I usually have to put the belts on myself, but my arm span sometimes doesn't cover their waist so I have to dodge around them. This opens me to have to be very close them(which isn't a problem most of the time). I hav...

8:18 PM
Like all his attacks ark to the right, so he never hits you when you dodge left.
@Wipqozn :|
@Wipqozn deep sigh]
Why did you tag this with substitute-tool when you requested that no extra materials (aka tools) be used? — Wipqozn 10 secs ago
how does one "dodge around" a belt?
@MattGiltaji Pass you armor check
8:21 PM
I'm finding I actually don't spend souls when I probably should because I don't want to deal with the loading screen.
@Sterno The loading screen is the worst.
@MattGiltaji I think it is dodging around the people because they are wider than his arms?
I'm curious what job he has where he puts belts on people all day long
@Sterno tailor, tux fitter, etc
8:23 PM
@Sterno I'm assuming he's a tai- damn it @GnomeSlice!
@AshleyNunn for some reason, this is the mental image i get of him dodging around the belt
@murgatroid99 There's no "unfunny" close reason. :(
hold hold on.. if he's putting belts on other people. why not just ask them to do it?
i don't... what the hell.
@Rapitor this has now gone to a new level of wat
8:25 PM
@Rapitor I'm guessing they can't. It's possible he's a caregiver of some sort.
@JasonBerkan if that's true i feel terrible for making fun of them. as terrible as @Wipqozn should feel for linking it in chat
@Wipqozn I just figure the load screen is my punishment for dying.
@Sterno "unclear what you're asking"
@MattGiltaji At the same time, having done just that on people of various sizes and shapes....he is making it harder than it needs t obe
by the way he describes it these people are wearing pants a million sizes too large and the belts are actually live snakes
I have an answer. I need a picture for it though.
8:27 PM
Someone should ask Lifehacks.SE how to put pants on both legs at once, thus becoming better than everyone else
@Wipqozn Will this picture be as entertaining as @Wipqozn's socks?
Pants usually aren't that slippery that they would slide off because you changed where you are holding them at
@JasonBerkan Nothing can ever be that entertaining.
and if you pull a bit at the front, it will stick around at the back
I don't understand how anything in that question is an issue
@Chippies yeah, it's stretching how pants work to an absurd degree.
8:28 PM
@Rapitor ... Wow, this opening movie/cutscene is really nice.
@AshleyNunn well, when you say it like that, I realize that's how lifehacks works, so it's fine, I guess
anything that's not completely absurd is off-topic on lifehacks.se
Lifehacks seems like code golf minus the code
oh wait, he said no additional tools
@Wipqozn but he tagged it substitute tools
Wow, I just read some of the StackEgg stuff on meta.SE and I'm glad I had nothing to do with any of it.
tl;dr some people are jerks
8:31 PM
@AshleyNunn OH WELL
@OrigamiRobot I'm glad you had nothing to do with any of it too.
answering anyway
@OrigamiRobot It will be nice when it is over
Randomcrap golf
Stack egg?
"We thought kicking down the other team's sandcastle in the sandcastle building contest would make them want to try to kick down our sandcastle, so it's ok"
How is that logical?
8:33 PM
@OrigamiRobot It's not, but honestly, I am kinda tired of the whole discussion.
What is this
Note to self: do not google string at work
@GnomeSlice SE's April Fool's - a tamagochi of sorts relating to building an SE site. It was fun, until people started raiding other people and causing issues.
Strong bikinis?
Much fighting and flagging and stupidity enused.
8:34 PM
String ***
That sounds like a crappy situation
@GnomeSlice are you even on the busty?
It was a really fun thing, until some people took it and screwed with it and made it unfun.
At a bus stop right now
The only fun part of StackEgg was that they managed to crash their servers yesterday when it started. I had to access a cached copy of SO for work. A CACHED COPY!
8:36 PM
@Wipqozn seems fine, as long as you don't switch to images
@Wipqozn I get MSDN, Java documentation, C++ documentation, something about proteins, MDN, etc.
@murgatroid99 Images are what give me the results that are nsgw
@Wipqozn I see
Lmao wtf at 'string' image results
@Wipqozn oh god why
8:37 PM
It's all just string bikinis and codpieces
That is really weird
I wonder why that happens
@murgatroid99 no pictures of the data structures
You'd think there would be at least some other stuff in there
@Wipqozn unless you were looking for the crotchpieces, why would you even switch to images when searching for 'string'?
@MattGiltaji but what about pictures of just strings. Like the physical object
8:39 PM
@GnomeSlice Google knows what the most common thing is people search for.
@murgatroid99 i guess their seo juice is weak
None of those either
It's all just bikinis and codpieces
And it's not like there aren't illustrative images for string data structures
dammit i screwed that up
Codpieces all the way down
8:40 PM
1 min ago, by Matt Giltaji
@murgatroid99 i guess their seo juice is weak
there we go
I just searched for "c string" and it was worse
A: Fast and Easy way to put a belt on

WipqoznI don't think you'll be able to solve this without additional tools (plus you tagged it with substitute tools), so I've come up with a device which should solve your problem. You'll require some string, and a collar. You'll want to tie the string around the collar, and then put the collar on you...

@murgatroid99 even text results are bad
@Wipqozn that drawing is nsfw
@Frank Goddammit, this is going to be like 64 all over again, huh?
8:42 PM
@GnomeSlice How so?
Haha I dunno it just looks funny
That is the worst illustration I have ever seen. +1 — Jason Berkan 25 secs ago
@JasonBerkan Thank you!
I think I'm almost as skilled as @badp now.
@Wipqozn I wonder if he's seen my tie diagram.
all it needs is mana's picture
8:44 PM
Sorry, scarf.
He doesn't come here any more
Very rarely anyway
Mar 20 at 3:02, by Yuuki
user image
Yeah, @Mana hates us now.
Simebody post fm-84: outatime an you guys listen to it
@Wipqozn I have no idea what you're even talking about here.
8:44 PM
Strangely enough, "pictures of string" gives more relevant image results
@GnomeSlice wat?
Why is the string tied to the other person's pants?
With every post I'm one step closer to 500 rep.
Youtube it and post it for me
@OrigamiRobot So it holds the pants up.
8:45 PM
The other person's pants
Read his post
I did
And I reported the "string" image search
@Wipqozn is that a sex thing.
So it holds the other persons pants up
8:46 PM
> I get a lot of people dressed and when I do most of them wear belts
That is a sex thing, isn't it.
That's what I said
It is pretty kinky.
@GnomeSlice no flags for @badp tho
Q: Do I get anything for letting people play on my seesaw?

Ashley NunnVarious villagers and visitors play on my seesaw. It doesn't look like I get money for this like I do when they visit my shops - is there any benefit to people using the seesaw? I know I get a bonus to nearby shops for placing it, but is there any benefit for people using it?

8:47 PM
So then why are you holding the belt in your image?
@OrigamiRobot that is the OP holding the belt, not the person being dressed
Did I get flags??
8:48 PM
Wait, wait, wait. The person on the right is actually @Wipqozn?!?!?!
He seems balder than I would have imagined.
@OrigamiRobot Because the person holding the belt is going to put the belt on the other person.
@GnomeSlice has not been flagged in literal months.
I'm not sure that's true
I am.
8:49 PM
4 mins ago, by Origami Robot
@Wipqozn I have no idea what you're even talking about here.
Go me
Your answer is bad and you should feel bad.
@GnomeSlice rarely gets flagged anymore.
@OrigamiRobot I know. Not nearly as good as this one:
A: Ηow can I keep my jeans' zippers from unzipping on their own?

WipqoznTwo solutions, with some top notch drawing (I'm clearly the next Vincent Van Gogh). Tie a thin piece of string through your zipper the hole at the top of your zipper and your belt. However, have the string go through the inside of your pants, then out from the top of your pants, and then tied i...

Does anybody have more flags than me yet
8:50 PM
Why is there five pages
@badp four flags on one post?
@badp i think we can guess it's at least 5 times
I've been told I'm the only one in triple digits
8:51 PM
precisely my point
Tell me I'm not still the only one
also does that count invalidated flags?
@GnomeSlice if so, we need to get you into the quads
@MattGiltaji I have no idea.
I think so
How about no @matt
@GnomeSlice k
You guys trolling lifehacks is really no different than code golf resetting your egg whatever
What I can say is that 6 of the 8 people with the most flags (technically) post regularly here.
@djsmiley2k 404 for me
ah well you all miss out on some tungsten
That's not good @badp
8:53 PM
@djsmiley2k is that the heavy cube?
@GnomeSlice We have high standards, what can I say?
I'm pretty sure that's not it
But let's go with that
Q: Still can't play quests

KarenI am up to level 425 and all of a sudden, my quest option is gone - even when I log out of Facebook and shut off wifi. Nothing seems to work to bring the quest option back. Any ideas!

room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat room, wherein we meanwhile links, verb words, unhack life, fail to meet our sky-high standards in post quality with gusto and attempt to avoid Friday. [+friday] [+meta-lifehacks] [+standards] [-context] [-fun] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-lifehacks] [--mandatory] [murder] [pedantry+]
Murder isn't a + or a -?
Bonus points if you pronounce "standards" the way the TF2 sniper does.
Someday, I'd like a room topic that wasn't just injokes one or two people understand. Funruiner I may be, but this is just getting ridiculous.
8:56 PM
@AshleyNunn Be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to ruin every joke you meet.
@badp shrugs
there u go.
@MattGiltaji I'm impressed.
@AshleyNunn also if you want to restart the room topic you know where the button is.
You monster.
8:58 PM
I used to be able to do that with youtube links, but knowing a KS is really good.
I'm not a big fan of in joke topics either tbh that shits the public face of the room
@badp Thanks for that.
Or we could just make it a big picture of my face and I could be the public face of the room
@djsmiley2k it was posted in here a few weeks ago and i was jealous that i had no space for it
Sorry for wanting to be more inclusive?
8:59 PM
Of course in my head "you monster" was said in the voice of GLaDOS.

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