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1:02 PM
Q: How to Increase inventory space in Borderlands?

LifeH2OCurrently I can store only 12 items in inventory, how do I increase storage space?

@Wipqozn The total is 72, I think you typoed
@FallenAngelEyes Indeed. Thank you.
You beat me to posting so it's the least I can do :P
I am pretty awesome like that.
also decided I'm going to try to stay up to fix my sleep sched
1:06 PM
I would have had it up sooner, but I wanted to post a list of locations for him too.
So needed to go to the wiki and what not
Yeah I was wiki-ing as well
Actually I would have gone to the wiki anyways. I like having a source to back-up my answers, even when I know something with 100% certainty
Though I will admit occasionally finding it a little obnoxious when taking the time to put together a well-constructed thought out answer and someone comments with "Source????"
Yeah, that can be annoying.
I've never had it happen to me mind you, but that's because I'm totally awesome.
And humble
1:10 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Or the more annoying [citation needed] ? :P
My MSN nickname is "Modest Bryan the Awesome"
my name is Bryan of course, in case you're wondering who Bryan was.
@Wipqozn Oh, I thought it'd be fhqwhgads.
I said come, on, fhwqgads I said come on fhwqgads
@Powerlord NEver played any of the strong bad games.
1:13 PM
everybody to the limit everybody to the limit everybody come on fhwqgads
I had to correct the spelling of that so many times now.
damn it, I was using your spalling :(
@Powerlord Damn you! It's stuck in my head now!
@FallenAngelEyes I could make it worse...
7am waking up gets shot rises from dead in the morning.
I need to finish those games
1:15 PM
@Powerlord oh, that explains why the chat kept pinging me when no one else was pinging me.
I played the first 3 and started the 4th but didn't get the 5th yet
heh, I had 7200 rep for the majority of a day on which I wrote about 999
that's crazy coincidental man
@Mana I don't get it.
~It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled.~
@Powerlord What's the digital root of 7 + 2 + 0 + 0?
@Powerlord Why. Why are you linking this.
1:19 PM
@Mana There's only one of each bracelet, including 0. :O
@Powerlord Don't you hate Friday?
UNUSUAL REBECCA BLACK. Level -1 hat. You rise from the dead when killed while this item is active. You cannot disconnect from the server. You cannot mute your speakers. Your system volume is raised to 100%. A random player explodes every second while this item is active.
@FallenAngelEyes Because I quoted it the line before... and it's Friday.
shhhhhh my logic is infalliable
@ArdaΞ Do you mean the song Friday or the day Friday?
1:20 PM
@Powerlord The song. You know, the one the song you just linked was based on.
@ArdaΞ I didn't link to the song Friday, but Katy Perry is also a better singer than Rebecca Black is.
I thought it was disliked only in so much as how many ridiculous suspensions it has resulted in.
Oh hai!
@Powerlord You linked to a song that only exists because of the song Friday.
Katy Perry needs to die in a fire.
1:21 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Who doesn't?
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah. You never know, one day he's gonna give you up and he's gonna let you down.
@ArdaΞ WITCHES! Oh wait, who doesn't...
@Mana I need to buy that. I called a few stores but no one had any copies, which doesn't surprise me. Might need to ebay it.
@ArdaΞ Fire elementals. Lava golems. Red dragons. The list is long.
@badp Don't EVEN make me link to that.
1:24 PM
@Wipqozn It's not going to be easy to find. I uh. I hate to suggest it but you might consider emulation, although I wouldn't recommend it.
@Powerlord Don't turn around Rick. You'll hurt him.
I think Rickrolling lost whatever "lulz" factor it may have had when Rick Astley basically did it to the entire American population during the Macy's Day Parade
@Mana Digit roots are awesome.
@badp Technically, if a being is of flame, then any time it is slain it will be dying in a fire.
Bonus points to those who make home in blazing caverns, they're like double-meta dying in fires there.
@FallenAngelEyes I saw that video.
1:25 PM
@GraceNote Depends. Do the flames persist when submerged in water or encased in ice or outside of the Earth atmosphere?
Can you die in a meta-fire?
As I recall, it was on the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float.
@badp I don't see why not.
If the fire is intrinsic, water won't stop it.
omg FHFIF!!!
@badp If you have the water inside the fire, it could work.
1:25 PM
Pretty awesome show.
@Mana I've only seen a few episodes, but I will concur.
If I really wanted to scare you people, I'd link to... THIS
@Powerlord Yeah. I have no idea what that show is though
I guess he really wants to scare us
@mana Have you ever seen Phineas & Ferb? Another awesome cartoon.
1:26 PM
(Also I've seen that link before)
I'm glad I cannot really play youtube videos from here.
@Wipqozn No, I haven't :(
I linked that in here.
For those that I do want to play though I'll want to grab a recent version of youtube-dl.
@badp I distinctly lost that advantage with my new job.
1:27 PM
I've seen that guy live. Creepy as hell.
@badp It's just Weird Al's Perform This Way, which I also linked to months ago.
@Powerlord Have you ever seen him perform Wanna B Ur Lover live?
@ArdaΞ No.
I've never seen Weird Al live.
It's really creepy.
My lessened exposure to pop music makes it so I don't find Weird Al's parodies as funny anymore because I don't know the originals :S
1:28 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Well, there's plenty of Weird Al songs I know but never heard the original for, or only heard the original later.
@FallenAngelEyes Don't MAKE me link to Lady Gaga's Born This Way.
@Powerlord I am unfortunately already somewhat familiar with that
So, who's up for some ice cream?
@FallenAngelEyes IF it helps,I would consider lessened exposure to pop music is a good thing (I dislike pop music you see).
1:29 PM
Not really a huge Gaga fan here
@Powerlord Far too early for Ice Cream.
(I'm imitating the mayor from the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who talks about a bunch of evil things, then says something perfectly normal)
@Wipqozn I don't listen to much pop anymore either. Also all the current female pop singers are starting to sound the same to me.
Though I think Ke$ha probably worse than Katy Perry. shudder
But if a song comes on the radio, I can barely tell whether it's her, Gaga, or Katy Perry. Everything's all ~autotune~ now
Whenever I think of Ke$ha, I just think of this video
@FallenAngelEyes They do all sound the same, one of the reasons I dislike it.
Personally, I'm a strong believer in Sturgeons Revelation.
Oh snap, 4 points away from 2000 rep.
1:33 PM
So, anyway, one of my co-workers brought in for this morning's Breakfast potluck. I only took one piece because of how quickly it was going.
I watch the videos of this internet reviewer named Todd in the Shadows and he said this about one of Ke$ha's songs: "She gave us a song that's basically the soundtrack for vomiting down the shirt of the guy you're having sex with in a broken men's room"
I nearly died laughing
I was boring and brought in orange juice and milk... good thing, too, no one else brought drinks.
Todd in the Shadows? Is he the one the Nostalgia Chick has the hots for?
Haha yes!
You watch Channel Awesome stuff too?
Also they're apparently dating IRL now
I'm watching some Linkara as we speak
I went through his entire archive a week or so ago
I just remember one of the recent Nostalgia Chick episodes went into that in depth.
The good thing is that he's hilarious. The bad is that it exposes me to all this horrible music that I was otherwise blissfully ignorant of.
1:36 PM
Oh goodie, 2000 rep. Until I hit 10k I consider every 1k a milestone, at which I'll consider every 10k a milestone.
Speaking of horrible music, has Cher done anything new recently?
		# Maybe do nothing
		if len(all_urls) < 1:
			if not opts.update_self:
				#parser.error(u'you must provide at least one URL')
				all_urls = [raw_input("Provide your URL: ")]
Not that I know of
But yeah, I don't listen to pop so... uh, I'm not the best to ask
Suddenly youtube-dl is much more Windows friendly
although I think I remember there was a way to make a window pop-up asking for arguments whenever executing a link... back in Windows 95
@badp That looks suspiciously like Python.
1:38 PM
@Powerlord No shit sherlock.
<3 Python~
My favorite language
People actually use Python on Windows?
@Powerlord The Little Mermaid review or the Grease 2 one?
@FallenAngelEyes Grease 2, I think.
I loved that one, it was great
1:39 PM
@Powerlord I do!!! I'm people. :(
@Powerlord Yup! Didn't need to install a compiler, grab the project, figure out its makefile, make it compile, wish I was using Linux to do the above, etc. juts to change that line.
That's what I love the most about Python. Want to change the program? Just edit your change in. Barrier to entry: zero.
@badp People use Makefiles on Windows? ;)
@Powerlord People use Cygwin on Windows? ;)
@badp Exactly!
1:41 PM
That stuff exists, so somebody does. Irssi, to name an example I actually use, depends on cygwin.
It seems like every C/C++ project I've seen that runs on Windows has a .vcproj/.sln or .vcxproj/.sln pair.
Then again, I have Visual Studio installed on my computers, so I can load it in those, edit the part I want, and recompile it really easily.
...it's just not the same.
In my eyes.
I do have VS C# 2010 Express installed though
First image of catwoman from The Dark Knight rises. Although no one seems certain if this is her catwoman outfit, I personally hope it isn't.
I do have rights to get the whole shebang thanks to MSDNAA but... do I need it? No.
1:47 PM
@Wipqozn I concur
@Wipqozn Were you expecting the kind of stuff that would get posted on fetish forums? :P
@badp oh you lol But no, just something a little more... like a catwoman outfit lol
@badp Does anyone not expect that from Catwoman?
I agree that's looks really unflattering though.
@badp It's not even that, it just doesn't look like catwoman, plus it looks stupid.
1:48 PM
God Rob Liefeld's art is so beyond... horrible
Bahaha... Liefeld...
Although I do like that she has night vision goggles on.
@Wipqozn The motorcycle sure is. It's just an excuse to put her in that position.
@badp Yeah probably.
1:50 PM
@Mana ...wow, that's quite terrible.
> On FedEx vehicle for delivery
@Wipqozn You can't ignore Captain America's size man.
I hope it doesn't arrive in the next 2.5 hours. My roommates are leaving around now, and I won't get home until then.
@Mana I bet he uses the same line to pick up ladies in bars.
1:52 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Oh, I was expecting that list of children books, including the classic Pop Goes The Hamster.
@badp That's less disturbing than Liefeld's interpretations of human anatomy
It doesn't help that I don't know who Liefeld is to begin with. Do I need to hand in my geek card now?
Honestly not sure if it's better or worse than Greg Land's porn tracings
Jumped right at the last page due to time
> And while we're at it, hey Rob, speed lines are supposed to suggest motion, so you only have to draw them going in the direction of whatever you want to look like it's moving. You don't need to draw perpendicular lines across them. Your characters aren't shitting out ladders when they jump.
@badp Oh my heavens, I actually lol'd.
2:05 PM
dear god those lips
It's Liefeld
In other news
@badp You got married? :O
@Powerlord To @Arda!?
@badp CONGRATS!!!!!
2:08 PM
Wait what?
@Arda Oh man I'm so proud of you two.
Right now there's absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing on value on all public channels (well, the main 7 ones, no DTV here yet) on TV. I really should make a TV channel that opens up in June and closes down in September every year. Yknow, with an actual programming. (Except not.)
I did not consent to this.
@ArdaΞ Me too!
@Wipqozn You got married?
2:09 PM
@Wipqozn That's the real reason @badp's coming to the Netherlands!
@ArdaΞ Apparently you did.
@Wipqozn To @Powerlord?!?
@FallenAngelEyes Oh wow! We should have suspected this long ago.
@ArdaΞ To myself, yes.
2:09 PM
I'm scared.
@Mana pffft he wishes.
@ArdaΞ It appears like institutionalized rape. (Is it really rape if neither one enjoys it?)
@badp That's like double rape.
@badp Well then it's just non-sensical.
Or... well, I guess that means you're raping yourself.
Double rape: Twice the discomfort, twice the awesome
2:10 PM
@ArdaΞ That would make quadruple rape then.
:< gross....you guys are terrible.
@Mana I know I am.
But what am I??
Or, well, will be.
@Mana Guess who is responsible for this?
2:11 PM
@ArdaΞ Apparently @badp disagrees.
@Mana You can't even be terrible.
@badp I guess it was Fallen?
@Mana Actually, come think of it...
2:12 PM
Although I'd be just as willing to blame Rob Liefeld for that turn in conversation.
@Mana Yeah @FallenAngelEyes is pretty shifty.
This is totally @Powerlord's fault yo, not mine
@FallenAngelEyes See? She's denying it! That proves it.
Given that this is Fallen's fault, all in favour of banning @Mana say aye!
2:13 PM
@badp nah, I like @mana. He's a pretty cool guy.
Okay, that's 1 for 240 against, so we'll ban Arda instead.
@badp You should start a meta. We'll hold an election.
@badp At least he's okay with it!
bye Arda, hi Fabian
2:14 PM
ah dang, he's back
This just in: @badp fails at banning.
Thought he left.
Dammit! Arda is circumventing the ban!!!!!!!!!!
@FallenAngelEyes The last thing I said before this was (and I quote) "@badp You got married? :O" so don't even try blaming this on me. :)
We're all doomed, man.
2:15 PM
@ArdaΞ I guess you could say he's BAD at it lololollol
@badp That's what you get for using a bad pazzword.
man, what a great film
2:15 PM
Next on Jerry Springer...
@ArdaΞ Clever.
That's not a video I regretted youtube-dl'ing.
Everyone, quick!
Should I get Thai Food or a Pita for lunch?
Get Pho
2:23 PM
The fate of the world depends on your answers.
@GraceNote Creepy. I was planning to get noodles if I bought thai food.
@Wipqozn Forget Thai. Get Pho
This is the graph of my youtube views over time for "Bit Trip Beat: Transition (on Easy)"
The spike? I changed the title to add "also, how to get SUN.SHINE"
@GraceNote No place for me to get Pho around here.
The thai place and pita place are 10 second walk from my office.
2:25 PM
@Wipqozn Listen. Eventually in the future, you'll need to get Pho. You may as well get it done now.
@GraceNote I will. It looks delicious, just not sure where I can get it.
You'll need to go on a journey to find it.
One day, I will. Just not on my break at work.
@badp So I was looking through the Steam forums and apparently there's a section of Growth with a house in it that you might need to get perfect on to get HOUSE.PARTY
but no confirmation of what the achievement is
@Mana ugh. Growth is a PITA to get perfect sections on.
2:28 PM
I know.
I can barely survive it on Normal
@badp Still haven't figured that out?
@Wipqozn What, the achievement or the perfect?
Answer: neither
The former.
I'm surprised though.
I've been looking myself, since I'm curious, but no luck.
2:29 PM
This year, I'm getting 56 kB/s internets via mobile, instead of last year's 6!
Oh blah, Valve's CGlobalVars class is completely undocumented. I have no idea what time unit curtime is.
I might actually be able to hit the 2 GB barrier this month, then. Gotta be careful.
Heh, I've got unlimited mobile.
Of course that's all changing too.
@Powerlord Valve time. Thus you should give up now.
I have 0 mobile!
Meh, I just checked and I downloaded 2.3 GB since I ever owned that mobile.
2:31 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Pssh.
I'm assuming it's in seconds, but is that the UNIX time seconds, or seconds since the server started?
I suppose I could play it the safe way and add the amount of time I want until the timer ends and store that value as a long.
or int32
or whatever type curtime is
It can't be as bad as Linux jiffies.
Should this question be closed?
A: Can someone formulate a clear description of the ending of Limbo?

MakailaI totally agree. I think that they fell out the tree house and the sister landed first. And at the end if you look past where the sister is sitting theres the ladder and then a big tree with wooden "steps" on it...It also leads me to thinking its a Tree House because at the end Menu if you look u...

In Linux, /proc gives you the amount of CPU time every program has taken in jiffies. The length of a single jiffy is placed as an extern variable you have to declare in your code.
If you look at the answers, a lot of them seem to lean more toward discussion then an answer.
...you're writing in C, right?
2:34 PM
It could just be me though.
Oh, then you're screwed.
@badp C++
@Powerlord I guess C++ is the other language that could borrow an extern variable from the kernel, yeah.
I think en1gmatic325 gave a good answer, but the rest of them lean quite a bit towards discussion/speculation.
Essentially, I'm trying to duplicate some code with a new UI part, but it's layer of abstraction after layer of abstraction after layer of abstraction, and I'm trying to duplicate it with something that just has a central handler and objects.
2:36 PM
Then again, everybody in real life just uses the ps output, not the /proc measurement in jiffies. :/
I also want . :/
Anyway, buried somewhere in the 5 layers are two timers. I know where the one that ticks one a second is, but it's actually under the control of the other timer which I can't find.
Actually. I'll ask about it on Stack Overflow.
Essentially, one timer ticks until the other timer tells it to stop.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

@ArdaΞ Lies
2:41 PM
Oh, obviously it's already been asked.
@TimStone Oh, so you're not actually a red and while triangly being from outer geometries?
I double-checked and it turns out I am actually not.
@TimStone Damn it, I was wondering how the weather was out there in Flatland
@YiJiang Weather?
You mean, you wanted to know if there's rain coming from... above?
Well, there's no reason why 2-dimensional weather phenomenon can't exist, right?
You'd just have to start thinking outside the... plane
@YiJiang That's a really good book
2:46 PM
@YiJiang You're out of your mind.
I was thinking the rain would come from above and slightly to the right.
@Powerlord whose above and right?
Must be a pretty sad person, given that everybody above and right of him will die very soon, very painfully, without even knowing what hit him.
@badp Since when is rain fatal in FlatLand?
Triangly womens are, AFAIK
Q: Images hosted on imgur from posts are rotting

Nick TI thought the images posted via the upload tool when creating a question/answer were immune to 'rotting' after so long, but this doesn't seem to be the case at: How do I redirect these water currents to get my loot? I vaguely recall there being some difference between i.stack.imgur.com and non-s...

2:53 PM
the thinner the more lethal.
Well, every line of rain can be assimilated to a very thin woman!
Oh figures, curtime is a float.
How about curtain?

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