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3:00 PM
It took us one Stack Exchange year to reach 100 votes on the Corpse Question! Yay us!
@GraceNote Is that good or bad?
I didn't know we were using Stack Exchange Time here. Is it longer or shorter than Valve Time?
@FallenAngelEyes It means we finally have an instance of the Great Question badge.
@badp A Stack Exchange year is 360 days, because a month is always 30 days.
Oh. I thought it was a 6-8 weeks reference.
@GraceNote Oh, true.
3:02 PM
Apparently a year is less than 6-8 weeks, depending on the time frame.
I guess you can just define a Stack Exchange Week as any grouping of the right amount of consecutive days though.
Seven is so passè.
Twenty is the new seven!
30 days hath every month -- StackExchange
btw, the Yearling badge requires 365(/6?) days, not 360 days.
That kinda ruins the 'SE Year' thing.
We'll know about leap days next year.
The mechanical year is whenever Date X happens a second time. When it interacts with a leap year depends on when Date X happened.
I'm bored and don't think I'll finish working on this before I leave. :/
Oh yeah, silly me, I have my activity reporting to do for my boss. Which takes all of 5 minutes of the 35 I have left before I leave.
3:10 PM
The Stack Exchange Year refers to the "Member for 1 year, 12 months" issue, which occurs in the 5-6 day window during which 12 months have elapsed but Date X has not passed.
I see. Managing time from inside SQL must be loads of fun.
waffles solution has been, pseudocode, "if months > 11, months = 11"
Q: Problem with some games - extremely low framerate in menus (~1 fps)

Nick(I know Superuser isn't for games, but I suspect this issue technically stems from a non-gaming problem. Since it's likely computer hardware or software related, I figured it's relevant.) Hey guys, I have an M17x-R1 with the following hardware: Single GTX 260m with 280.19 beta drivers 4gb ram ...

3:16 PM
@Mvy I'd think it's a better fit over at SuperUser, where it already is.
@Mvy To where?
Was just to see if gaming community could benefit it. But yes I guess this is SU on-topic after all
Well, shit. I'm on a waitlist of 135 people for a class that was pretty important for me to take next year.
ack that sucks @Mana
shrug It's cool, I'll have to find something else that fulfills the same requirement thing. The only problem is that there are a lot of courses to pick from. A lot of boring courses.
I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and pick one.
3:20 PM
Waitlisted on a class? Ouchu
Can you address your other requirements while waiting for it to open up?
@Mana Just bribe Grace Note to ninja into the registrar's office and put you at the top of the list.
@TimStone Canada is expensive. You'll need a very healthy bribe.
I blame the exchange rate.
@Grace Everything else is worked out, it's just that I need to figure out a course that fits into the same, uh, category as this one. It's a confusing thing.
GRR, figures, they just tried to delivery my package.
3:26 PM
Q: "Invalid referrer" shown instead of CAPTCHA on the blog

Matthew ReadWhen I click "more >>" at the bottom of a post summary on the blog, I see this at the bottom: Occassionally the CAPTCHA shows up properly, but most of the time this error is shown. Repro'd on WinXP: Chrome 13.0.782.107 beta-m Chrome 13.0.782.109 beta-m IE 8 FF 5.0 Also repro'd on a BlackB...

Why is it that the one time they decide to deliver to my house in the morning is the one time there's a 2-hour window at the end of said morning that no one is there?
@Powerlord I'm pretty sure, after enough experiences of my own, that the post office always deliberately seeks this outcome.
What's the deal with the tag? It sure is inconsistent/nonsensical/sucks, amirite?
@GraceNote It's FedEx, but whatever.
I'm hoping I can pick it up at their facility this afternoon
@Brant From a quick glance, it's not really all that whenagrin, so I'd say it should probably be plotted through.
3:30 PM
@Powerlord hey guys! WE should make a delivery service. What would be the best hours for our guys to deliver at...? OH! I know, how about the hours everyone else is at work?!?!
I've once had one of those 'no one home' papers on a day when I hadn't left the house at all.
So, basically, what they did was go to the entrance of the building, decided probably no-one was home anyway, and posted it.
@ArdaΞ SOmeones doing their job real well.
@ArdaΞ I get those a lot
Luckily I live on top of the post office as well.
I know we have a HMTL on site version of the newsletter. Do someone have that link?
3:33 PM
@ArdaΞ I've had that happen too
@ArdaΞ This one requires a signature, so they'd better have checked.
@Brant thxs
@Mvy HMTL? HyperMarkup Text Language?
hum LOL
3:35 PM
Ooh, the gaming blog is in the site header now
HTML for dyslexics
Q: How does Ghost interact with Kog'Maw's passive?

StrixVariaIf I'm playing as Kog'Maw: Can I Ghost after I die to run faster before I explode? If I'm already Ghosted when I die, is my corpse still under the effect of Ghost for the remainder of its duration?

@ArdaΞ <duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude>
@Brant Braaaaaaaaaaaaant.
That was in response to your first version, High Markup Text Language
<munchies type="whoaaaaaaa" />
3:47 PM
Yo Amercuhnz and Canadians
Limbo giveaway ×30 from Ars Technica.
Obviously if you don't live in the right countries, or if you live in Quebéc, you can fuck right off.
Hitting exhaustion wall, gonna really try to sleep now, later all
@badp 30 20, no?
> I'll also be giving away ten copies of the game on my personal Twitter account, and you can try to grab those by following twitter.com/BenKuchera.
Missed that part.
I can't redeem Steam codes right now, but the above wast posted 1 minute ago.
And it's been redeemed.
3:50 PM
Blame fuzzmz.
Oh well. What a bunch of legal bullcrap giveaways are.
OTOH, I love this companion picture for "How Plan B found the Droid I was looking for"
The article is fun to read too.
@badp Oh, I get it. It's the android mascot and it's dressed up as waldo.
Oh snap, it's Wally, not Waldo. Why would they change that for canada and the US?
Next Limbo Code? HY2LM-M7?0?-LDRB2 Hint: pickup.
I give up.
4:07 PM
Lunch ♪
4:19 PM
Even if I got it I wouldn't be able to redeem it
You could help the ones that can...
4:32 PM
OK, why did the Chat link at the top of the main site page go away?
I guess it made room for the blog?
There are still direct links to the chat on the sidebar of most pages
4:44 PM
Cogs is harder than it seemed at first.
...and a few levels' one-object solutions for Crayon Physics involve hooks and clipping :/
@Powerlord oh wow, I didn't notice that.
I usually use the chat bar at the side of the page, but it's not always there.
Sigh, my curiosity is piqued but of course...
ohhh, I was wondering what the blog link at the top was replacing
Apparently @Powerlord is the only one keen enough to notice what it replaced.
still, I think it's a good decision if something had to go
the blog needs more attention, yo. There's a lot of effort going in there
whereas our chat's got a pretty stable people economy thing
4:57 PM
So long as the chat widget always appears on the sidebar on the main page, I agree.
@Mana Couldn't be, I was using the Chat link as recently as a few days ago.
@Powerlord It changed last night
The new bubble should go away, and then there'd be room for the chat link.
Blog link shows up for registered users only if there's been a new post within the last 24 hours. Apparently, it replaces chat.
4:58 PM
Ahh, that's okay then.
@Mana Yeah, I agree. @Ivo has done a good job bringing the blog to life.
@Wipqozn You should tell him that directly if you haven't done so.
@GraceNote Done.
Now I just have to wait for FedEx to call me and say that my package was returned to the depot.
I don't think I have, so thanks for thinking of that.
@Powerlord inb4 they bring it the deport furthest away from your house
5:03 PM
@Wipqozn They asked me which to bring it to.
Which sadly means they may have to transfer it between the two.
Well that's good. I know a friend of mine ordered something which was delivered by UPS, and there was a UPS store about 5 minutes from his house and another about 25 minutes, so they brought it to the one 25 minutes away.
@GraceNote ...once every 24 hours is the planned frequency :)
except for when there's no posts in the queue
@badp Guess you'll have to get used to it being there, then
It's okay.
Well, actually, this is likely the second-closest store.
I don't know where the closest one is, and it's likely in the middle of East Lansing where the only parking is pay parking.
Instead, I had them take it to the one across from the mall.
5:18 PM
Q: Buying a new xbox

asdfShould I buy a new xbox? I heard that the new xbox will be coming out within the next year or so - does that mean that I should wait until buying an xbox later? I don't want to spend 400 dollars just to have to spend another 400 in a year.... Thanks.

5:36 PM
Q: Changing mouse controls

Ronan FormanMy mouse has smooth scroll (I can't turn it off) which means using the mouse wheel to change items is not ideal, sometimes it doesn't register the wheel turn, other times it registers it as 3. Is there any way to change the item switch buttons to something else? Ideally mouse 4 and 5 (the side b...

Urgh, I would work on my TF2 extension, but I keep thinking how annoyed I am at FedEx that I don't have my computer yet. >:/
Oh. Atom Zombie Smasher. Good game.
@GraceNote A bit weird to have a permanent icon though, don't you think?
@ArdaΞ Not really, no.
It's a great way of getting people to go to the blog
I agree with the link, I'm just talking about the big red 'new' thingy.
that's what I meant
If you put the "new" there, people are more likely to click it
5:49 PM
It loses its meaning soon enough though.
There's a hover that tells you how new it is.
Yeah, I agree with that. They should change it so it only appears if it is new for you.
@GraceNote That's what confused me.
I saw '7 hours ago' and I was like... what was 7 hours ago?
If you have not viewed the latest blog post, then show new.
It makes sense now that you've told me, but it's rather counter-intuitive.
5:50 PM
Our Meta is open if you want to suggest that.
@GraceNote I've talked about that before.
@ArdaΞ You didn't make the suggestion, as it were.
@GraceNote I've found that, for some reason, opening a meta post immediately invalidates my opinion. Therefore, I tend to stay away.
That's a very strange result.
@GraceNote I agree.
5:53 PM
I don't recall you ever making a horribly objectionable opinion on Meta, even.
Oh, while I'm here... lemmeh fix that pin...
@GraceNote The only response I've ever got is a retagging with , nothing more.
Which is the exact response I'm expecting here, so I'm not going to bother.
@ArdaΞ Eh, I'm usually not one to recommend jumping out of 2 posts, but this isn't a battle I foresee winning.
@GraceNote It's not just that, it's the entire experience. If it's about the community, sure, I'll toss in my opinion. If I'm talking to the SE team, there's no use.
@ArdaΞ As it were, there is at least one person on the Team who I know will listen to you. ♪
@GraceNote Well don't keep is in suspense, who is it!?!?!?!
(I am joking)
5:58 PM
@Arda How about, "Clicking on the 'blog' link on top of a SE page should make the 'new' label go away."
@Wipqozn ひ~み~つ~ ♪
@badp Closed.
@ArdaΞ Challenge accepted
@badp That were Wipqozn's suggestion as it were
@GraceNote Put me in my place.
5:59 PM
@GraceNote Has he posted it on meta?
@badp Go right ahead. I don't aim to prove it, nor do I care if it's disproven.
@badp I have not.
@Wipqozn Planning to?
Well, let me first find the duplicate
@GraceNote lol
6:00 PM
It depends on if ArdaXi makes a similar suggestion. ARda was talking about why it was there at all. If ArdaXi is going to suggest modifying it, then merging our suggestions into one, if him and I agree on it, makes more sense then two similar meta suggestions
@Wipqozn I thought I just told you, I won't.
Searching for "dismiss new blog" doesn't turn out anything
@ArdaΞ Yeah I'm knee deep in some code, so I tuned out for the last few minutes.
No duplicate. Only actual Meta post is this support question asking about the new icon, no formal request to have it dismissed on investigation. It's something that has been voiced in chat often, though
SO yeah, going to make that suggestion then
6:02 PM
@Wipqozn Then I won't steal your precious meta reps thunder
@badp Good. I like thunder. Going to suggest now.
I got more reps than I would get from that anyway with a pretty unimportant suggestion about tagging selection on meta.
I didn't even realize you could earn rep in meta
MSO is just another SE site.
It was always equal to my gaming rep, so I assumed it just used the gaming rep.
6:04 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, yes, meta.gaming doesn't have rep. MSO does.
Oh, should I be making this suggestion in MSO? I thought the 'new' was exclusive to us only
@Wipqozn Nope.
You can post it on our Meta
And we do have a secret Meta reputation, but it's annoying to track so it's not something to monitor.
@GraceNote thank you. I was just asking @Arda what his 'nope' was to (since it could have been either to my question or the "I thought"
@Wipqozn The latter. Doesn't really matter where you post it.
6:07 PM
woo, Atom Zombie Smasher also in the HIB 3.
That's another game I was looking towards
It works for both. Arda probably meant the latter, but there's no "should" in your post direction as it were.
Well I'll just post it in gaming.
Man, the HIB group seems pretty damn desperate
since I already have it open, and I'm lazy.
@Wipqozn I think you'll get more attention in MSO
Then again do as you wish.
6:08 PM
@badp In that case I'll do it on MSO
@RonanForman Going to revise your HIB article given the new HIB3 game roster?
I usually say something like "Post it on our Meta first. We'll vet the idea well, and then we can forward it if it really needs the extra attention"
@badp At least it's got a game now that's not just the same principle applied over and over.
For $3.14 I got And Yet it Moves, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight, Steel Storm Burning Retribution, Atom Zombie Smasher, Cortex Command, Osmos, Revenge of the Titans
Anomaly Warzone what now?
6:12 PM
Whoops, I bought that separately.
It still beats the crap out of the most amazing Steam deals I've seen
(I increased it to $13.37 afterwards.)
Still roughly €10 when all's said and done.
Then again, you get what you pay for.
DRM-free, online-less games I can fully enjoy while I'm trapped with this stupid connectivity? Yes please.
@badp Plenty of free games that suit your needs, play much better IMO.
Off the top of my head: Desktop Dungeons, Nethack, Dwarf Fortress, OpenTTD...
See, I've played all of these.
Yeah, but every time you boot any of those up, you're playing a different game.
While most of the bundle games, mind you there are exceptions, even after the first few levels you've seen it all.
6:19 PM
all of which play roughly the same.
@badp With just NetHack your class drastically changes how the game plays out.
(Not counting the end-game)
Ooh, this is the kind of gamer class crash you don't see often enough...
@GraceNote Err?
@GraceNote Which?
On what is seen as monotony
Or, less drastic, "dragging"
6:21 PM
Well, every game needs to have some of this so that we can develop mastery at the task at hand, and feel like we're improving rather than just doing more of the same.
@badp Well, yes, but good games start off with a simple mechanic and then lead into more, more complicated mechanics.
@ArdaΞ Yeah, take Nethack for example (from your selection of games).
oh snap. then I had to go home. I'll finish writing this later. Will it save my meta question if I close out of it now, or should I copy paste it somewhere?
For example, in Portal 2, you start off with one portal, buttons and cubes. By the end, you have two portals, gels, cubes, lasers.
@Wipqozn It should.
6:22 PM
@Wipqozn It will save a draft
Keep in mind I'll be accessing it from another location.
Unless you moron it up, but I don't expect you to successfully pull that off ♪
@Wipqozn That's the whole point of drafts
In Nethack you need to handle navigation, items, combat, searching, eating, etc. since from your very first play through
Same (perhaps worse) with Dwarf Fortress
@badp Well, sure, it's definitely not a simple game.
@badp I agree, but some sites don't incorporate that correctly.
6:24 PM
But if you want those, you can just load a few games off Kongregate or something.
but yeah home get, thanks
Desktop Dungeons is more like this, but that one feels to me more like repeating for repeating than repeating for improvement
"Oh yeah, if this level sucks play it anyway so you can amass gold for future runs"
@badp Cogs has that.
"By the way, if you're having a hard time, things are going to get MUCH harder. Have fun figuring out how to improve your gameplay fivefold on your own."
Point is, good games don't need the Humble Bundle. It seems more and more as a sort of last measure for failing indie games.
Of course, gems like Braid and Machinarium are exceptions of this.
If I could decide how much I would pay which developer, rather than just 'the developers', I'd pay much more.
6:28 PM
@ArdaΞ Ooh, I see
The syrup thickens.
I don't want to pay Data Realms or Puppy Games more because Braid is such a great game.
6:41 PM
@GraceNote Err, wait, what?
@ArdaΞ Well, everyone says "The plot thickens", so it's all waassee. I figured I'd go for something thicker... thickening.
@GraceNote Yes, but there's no plot, cloying or otherwise, to thicken.
@badp I might make a new article seeing as the extras are actually humble bundle 2
The problems I was having with my Wiimotes went away as soon as I switched to normal AA batteries instead of these Energizer rechargables.
6:57 PM
@Powerlord That's weird. Rechargeables put out way more energy than alkalines.
7:19 PM
@ArdaΞ Not really, you have no penalty for skipping levels e.g.; the only similarity is that in both games you advance by winning more of the previous stages. Where have I heard that laredy?
(boom! I'm back, dummy!)
@ArdaΞ I wouldn't call VVVVVV "failing".
:1546470 This question is very weird.
7:21 PM
@badp Nor would I call Braid or Machinarium so.
53 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
Of course, gems like Braid and Machinarium are exceptions of this.
Yeah I read that :)
Then again, sure, who doesn't want to risk boosting one's sales.
Sure, it's kinda weird to see Cogs on board as it also was part of the Potato Sack
I wonder if the standalone version of Cogs, the one not from Steam, also has the Portal 2 extras.
For posterity, let's get that question back in here.
> What is good pizza? What games make pizza? When the person puts up his hand to wave to me has his hands touched a game controller?
Please! That question's amazing.
05/08/2011 -- Never Forget Pizza
7:35 PM
Thank you. sobs
Q: Druids (or maybe paladins) only guild in WoW. Possible? Even for ultimate PvE and / or PvP?

CawasI know almost nothing about raiding and pvp'ing in World of Warcraft. So I'm just wondering. Probably I should be asking this question after learning those basics, but well... I've googled around a little and this topic doesn't come up much. I've read somewhere it couldn't kill the Lich King (an...

@badp The green you used is too light ;-)
It's what mspaint had. It can only hold two color picks at any one time :/
7:54 PM
Q: Why are Aspyr COD games so expensive in the Mac App Store?

weberwithonebIn the Mac App Store, Aspyr is selling the following COD games for super inflated prices: Call of Duty: $19.99 Call of Duty 2: $29.99 Call of Duty 4: $49.99 Why are they so expensive?

user image
Proper colour.
Don't need paint if you've got Chrome.
@ArdaΞ I thought you could not see deleted chat messages, or did you save the URL before?
@Fabian I'd clicked it, so it was in my history.
Alternatively I could look it up under recently deleted posts.
@ArdaΞ You lack on the value of craft.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 15 mins ago, by bad π
The values of craft, the craft of pizza, the craft of good pizza, lovingly hand-waved with a game controller, so that our guest will be amazed by our home robotics and will not, after all, punch us in the face.
@badp I'm a programmer, not a designer.
Hm, just looked at that swag sharpie. I've never seen one that clicks.
8:01 PM
Wait, it clicks?
It clicks.
I've got to waste time to try this out
Testing out the authenticity of Stack Exchange swag is certainly a good use of one's time.
Just put it next to your mouse and wait a while. It'll click, eventually.
Hokely Smokes, it clicks.
8:02 PM
Honestly, I have no use for a sharpie at all.
But it's an interesting design that's for sure.
I use sharpies all the time man. Gotta label all my compilation CDs somehow!
SE has good swag.
@Mana I don't even have an optical drive anymore.
I should bring that rad whiteboard I pilfered once.
Literally. I took it out of my PC, replaced it with a control board.
If the link I used sucks, feel free to provide a better link.
8:04 PM
@Arda man, why are you so cool
I wish I could customize monday's automated message to add the second half of the thing.
@Mana I am?
But a sharpie isn't a whiteboard marker
@GraceNote Well, it is if acetone is an eraser.
@Arda you are
8:05 PM
@badp Second half of the thing?
@Mana Why?
@ArdaΞ I don't know. I haven't used this board before.
because you took your optical drive out of your PC and replaced it with a control board
@Mana Cost me 5 dollars or something.
@GraceNote Bring where? I assumed you're working from home (you description of a much shorter (but not zero) commute was fiendishly misleading, I nearly guessed it a while ago).
8:06 PM
@Fabian Bring from Old House Ancient to New House Awesome
I need to get my tablet back...
@ArdaΞ That's the first half.
@badp Oh, that thing.
I must say, however. ξ looks so much better than Ξ.
Never mind. I have nothing to say.
8:08 PM
I guess it was the logic thing to do, but still, yikes.
@badp The Ξ has significance beyond your comprehension.
I'll ponder on that. Later. By myself.
@ArdaΞ That's because you're the 3rd strongest mole.
@GraceNote What are you talking about?
@ArdaΞ Uf, don't tell me that double-missed.
8:11 PM
@GraceNote You realise I'm 16 right?
I've only ever heard of a NES, or a SNES, or whatever.
Oldest machine I've ever actually touched was an N64.
That, and if I think about it, this game may not have actually hit European shores
I never had an N64 >.>
But I do have an SNES.
Well, while we're all outing ourselves, I skipped the GameCube.
8:21 PM
@GraceNote Me too.
I uh. I had an Amiga.
@Mana Me too
8:38 PM
@Mana I had nothing. :(
@Arda Gaming with myself, oh oh oh gaming with myself?
@Mana Huh?
It's a reference to a song called "Dancing With Myself"
I game myself?
don't worry about it
8:41 PM
(hint: just Google everything Mana posts)
when I think about tf2, I game myself (8)
I'm so bored
and sleepy
You should sleep. Unless there's a reason you're not.
I might get fired
y-yeah, that's a pretty good reason. :<
Always a good reason
8:44 PM
I shouldn't play until 5 am on week days though
I think that's the problem
It could factor in
at least I finished AC: Brotherhood
8:58 PM
Oh come on. First Christopher Eccleston, now Billie Piper too? :(
9:17 PM
Q: What was the first appearance of 3D models of humans or vehicles in a video game?

jeblWhen and where was the first 3D model of a human/vehicle implemented in games? Can you give a link to an image and/or an article?

What do you guys think about it? Off-topic?
Proposal: Every site banner must henceforth include an appropriate link to a clip from Airplane.
@kevin have added me on steam, there's a request that uses your picture
@Mana On topic, IMO, but I wish the asker said "you must cite references" to stop answers like "i dunno man here's a really old game this is probably it lol"
On another note:
See also:
Q: Are "what was the first..." questions on topic?

serenityIn another question, someone pointed out that the "first game of X" class of questions, and those that are similar, have certain faults and should get some additional analysis. What should be done with them? Examples: Which FPS came up with the hologram effect first? What was the first ever com...

9:21 PM
Matthew Read's fake "what was the first" subjective argument comes off as a bit too realistic... scratches chin
9:36 PM
@RonanForman Yup, Pewqazz would be me.
9:55 PM
Q: How do I get into the area blocked by force bridges on level 7 of System Shock 1?

CortIn System Shock 1, on level 7, there's an area in the middle that is blocked by force bridges. See the screenshot below and in particular note the map MFD in the lower right: What you see here is the SE force bridge blocking my path. There's a symmetrical force bridge on the SW of the room. I...

I wonder how many people are going to nominate these elections.
Probably less than last time.

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