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12:00 AM
holy ****
Just got my third wave of migrantss
22 migrates >.>
err, migrants*
largest wave I have recieved thus far
I need more beds
he's playing Dwarf Fortress I believe
@FallenAngelEyes This.
haha, I feel even more dumb now, whoops
12:04 AM
@gravyface Well I hope that helped answer your questions a bit. Remember to ask any questions you have about the games you get on the site :D
That's weird.
If I am offline, then how can he be online?
That's weird.
Cuz iirc, Steam blocks your own Flist view if you're online but hiding as offline.
@Powerlord haaaaaaaaaalp uuuuuuuuuuuuus
12:06 AM
thanks everyone.
Just as importantly, why is Steam not letting me switch to Online and forcing me into Away?
Ahh yes, I should go add everyone on Steam. :D
@Powerlord The reason I am offline is because Steam servers are down.
@Arda You appear online to me.
@KevinY That's really weird. I had just shut down Steam.
12:07 AM
@ArdaΞ I just logged off then back on, and now I'm listed as offline on my own screen too, only with oOeyes online.
Oh, you just went offline.
I'm offline as well
So it takes one person and lists them as online.
Now I see a whole bunch of people on again.
@Powerlord You're online now.
12:09 AM
and now I'm reconnected
Q: Any good map plugins on browser for Minecraft?

WarfaceAny good map as plugin for Minecraft that can show users online and render the world map ? I know DynMap but it seems to be outdated... anything else?

@Arda's still offline for me
Last Online: 1 minute ago
@Arda just came online again.
Got the message from you, Arda
"Arda Ξ is currently offline, message cannot be sent."
when I tried to type back
You show as typing for me.
12:10 AM
Yay for Steam
And if I close the chat box, I can't reopen it again to try to talk to you because you're supposedly offline
Still failing
@FallenAngelEyes Sounds like it singled you out.
Sounds like Steam is going up in flames.............B^U
Why the hell am I in a group called t3h_OIFY?
Now you're online
12:14 AM
I forget, who is Pewqazz?
That would be meee
Well, apparently Steam is still having problems, because clicking Accept does nothing.
Time to sleep.
G'night @Arda
@Powerlord I've found Steam is pretty glitchy when it comes to dealing with friends.
12:15 AM
23 hours ago, by Arda Ξ
You Canadians have fun with your weird timezones.
(@Powerlord too)
omg yes I managed to launch Chantelise
wait no I didn't
I only got Steam to prepare to launch Chantelise :(
and then it crashed...
it's crashing for you now?
Well it does this sometimes when I try to launch Chantelise
ah :( that sucks
Also, I should really figure out how to beat this final boss! We're the fourth hit after 3 videos in Google for chantelise final boss
12:24 AM
and given the ridiculous difficulty spike at that point it's going to be a popular topic I'd imagine
More traffic for Gaming!
yeah, but that's bad traffic if they're going to a question which has no answer
omg yes Chanteliiiiiise
12:50 AM
Huh, Doom 3 source code going open source, I didn't know there were plans for this
Really? Awesome!
Yeah they're gonna release it later on this year
1:07 AM
I did it!!!!!
Finally! After about 300 deaths, I finally beat "Veni, Vidi, Vici"!!!!!
...oh man
super congrats
Thanks! :D
1:22 AM
I could never beat it on my first and second playthroughs (I probably died around 500 times), but on my third playthrough, I beat it in about 10 tries.
Only 10? wow.
I would have been so disappointed if I landed on the wrong side of the bottom platform.
Yeah, I almost did that twice.
Jammed myself into one of the very last spikes instead...
Yeah. That was frustrating. :(
1:40 AM
It's all about the muscle memory, bro
or finger memory
finger muscle memory
Improve your fingering, maaaaaaan
Haha yeah.
chokes on drink
Now I'm playing Minecraft and that finger memory keeps moving me side to side. -_-
@Mana My work is done
2:07 AM
A: How do I beat "Prize for the Reckless"?

JohnYou have to make it from the bottom to the top without touching any checkpoints. That way, you can free the sliding platform, die, and respawn below, in position to collect the trinket. ...

The first time I ever asked a question specifically so I could answer it. :)
Q: How do I beat "Prize for the Reckless"?

John Now I know that the top platform is split and if I dissolve one half the other will move back and forth but by the time I work my way through all the other screens to get back to the bottom half, the floating panel has reappeared, trapping my ride to the trinket. What do I do?

Ok who did that?
Lazers did
it's the automatic feed for the chat
That just seemed awful coincidental...
It pulls from the site every... 10-15 minutes?
Something like that
2:14 AM
Huh. Well I guess I have good timing then.
Why is it that I'm never in the room when all the starred posts get posted?
It's a conspiracy
Also this is a really dead time of night for the chat
Europeans are heading to bed, Eastern timezone is probably gaming/raiding/watching tv/doing evening stuff and Pacific is probably just getting out of work and/or having dinner
2:43 AM
Q: How to Disable Connected Disconnected spam message on TeamSpeak3

apacayIm playing League of Legends with teamspeak3 with some friends and there's a really anoying message spam on the top of the screen (which covers a 5mm line of all the top), for each ts user that Connects to the server, and stays about 5 secs there covering my sight. That's for just 1 user. When 8...

actually I'm not even angry, I find this more amusing than anything
@Mana Bwuh?
boss I imagine
@FallenAngelEyes Chantelise final boss, yeah :*(
hands you some Ferromin in consolation
2:55 AM
oh wait
turns out his second form is easy, it's just that his clearly magical attacks are considered physical for some reason
meaning my three magic charms were doing jack squat
3:19 AM
Q: how do you take off meta inf without any manual file deleting?

rookis 47i know it sounds crazy, but im not a computer wiz. PLEASE give a good answer, because i want to install and take off mods at will, it must not need administrator privilages and tthe program must be useable. even a responce from MOJANG will do. just, help me pleease?

3:31 AM
@Mana tell me you're here.
Q: How to improve sniping on Mass Effect

Simon SheehanI found myself needing the sniper more and more as I get into Mass Effect, taking out targets from fairly far ranges. How can I reduce my sway when zoomed in, and efficiently take out my targets with less shots? I find waiting for the cooldown can even give enough time for my enemy to get close

@SimonSheehan Which sniper rifle do you have equipped, out of curiosity?
Q: Whats the difference between Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 Beta?

corrodedIn Steam I haven't played TF2 for a while and when I loaded Steam there was an available game for download: Team Fortress 2 Beta. I know this sounds stupid...but what's the diff between the two? Should I download the Beta version when I already have a ton of achievements on the other? Or is this ...

Q: Where Can I Go To Sell Project Blackout Account?

iRoskoAs Question asks where can I go to sell my project blackout accout? For example blackmarkets. Thank you for reading this! :)

@Tim currently a Hurricane I think, I'm asking in general though
Yeah, just curious.
Yeah, within reason. I'm loving this game though so far, great stuff
1 hour later…
5:17 AM
Q: How bad is a bad weapon?

Pure PandemoniumWhen I equip a weapon that I don't have a skill for, I get the Bad Weapon! status effect. While it says, "Your attacks will be less effective until you get rid of it!" Most status effects state what they do and what stats they change, but this doesn't have any more information in the tooltip. Whe...

2 hours later…
7:33 AM
Q: Is there a limit to how many zombies a Mouth can summon?

AubergineThe latest special zombie I've come across while playing Dead Nation was the "Mouth" zombie. Seeing how I find their appearance amazingly disturbing, I tend to get rid of them right away, but on the odd occasion that they manage to stick around long enough to "howl", they can summon a large horde...

7:48 AM
Q: Is there a resource for MMORPG trading interfaces?

Csongor FabianI’m searching for some documentation/training/resource on MMORPG trading UIs (marketplace, auctions, changing items etc.). Is there any detailed documentation in this topic somewhere? ps. Google is not an option, I’ve tried it. I have no experience in this field, ’ve never tried online RPGs.

2 hours later…
9:34 AM
Q: Jungling timings in league of legends

tarraschi was wondering if there was some kind of document where i could review the junglespeed of each champion. I don't want to know when they get to be lvl 6, but when they take which camp. Beeing able to tell where a champion is in the jungle and even more importantly, when they take their buffs, wo...

10:13 AM
posted on August 05, 2011 by KevinY

If you play Minecraft more for its creative aspect rather than the survival feel, you may be very interested in this mod. One of my previous blog posts showcased the Single Player Commands mod. SPC has the very handy /i command, but it gets very tedious to type each command in repeatedly to fill your inventory. [...]

10:46 AM
@KevinY I did that once >.<
good morning @badp
At least it's morning for me
although, it's 1250 here, and I haven't had lunch yet, so yeah, basically morning for me as well
Fancy. Did you forget (or just leave out) the ":" in 12:50? or is 1250 the correct way in Italy?
I left it out
It tends to confuse USers less
Okay, was just curious.
I guess "twelve [hundred] fifteen hours" sounds okay, whereas "ten to thirteen" sounds okay.
Truth is I just lazily left it out, and the above is BS to cover that fact.
10:55 AM
No worries, I assumed that was the case.
You're welcome.
Laziness is a very important skill to have after all.
This would be nice.
Although I'd be surprised if it happens.
I love the software behind this site
This answer got automatically flagged and I happened to check the flagged list right after.
The fact he used "a" instead of "an" is what bothers me.
I assume something is wrong with me.
That's a nice catch though. Does it flag any posts with IP addresses?
Nah, it was just "low quality"
11:01 AM
So are you going to cease being a mod as well, or will it depend on your internet access in Amsterdam?
I noticed they are looking for two mods.
I'll use whatever connectivity I'll get
So we'll just have four mods? Fancy.
Plus Grace. Let's say 4½.
Works for me.
On an unrelated note, I'm hungry. So I'm going to go grab some breakfast. brb and what not.
@Wipqozn Amstelveen.
11:14 AM
@ArdaΞ Close enough.
@Wipqozn Well, sort of. They're like 10 kilometres apart.
@ArdaΞ 10KM isn't that far.
@Wipqozn This is a country that spans 300 kilometres at most.
@ArdaΞ True.
Everything's so close here
People are like "Wow, 30 minutes is a long drive"
11:17 AM
Yeah, it is.
we used to have to drive that far for regular groceries
Oh wow.
like, just to buy milk type thing
I can't imagine having to go to Amsterdam for groceries.
I mean, for me it's not even a minute's walk, so I guess I'm spoilt like that.
Yeah, I'm from a really rural area
When I went home for Christmas, I drove out to a friend of mine's for dinner, 2.5 hour drive there, 2.5 hour drive back
11:21 AM
If you go for a 2.5 hour drive in any direction from here, you're either in another country or swimming.
Haha yeah
Unless it's from like, south Limburg to Groningen, I think you're still within the country then
@ArdaΞ HEavens to betsy. I often forget how sizable Canada is in comparison to most other countries.
@Wipqozn Well, the Netherlands is one of the smallest.
@Wipqozn And most of your country is uninhabited!
I doubt there's more than a few square meters uninhabited here.
11:24 AM
My b/f told me that there's actually more asphalt than green here
And all of that's mandated, natural reserves and all that.
One of the first things I noticed when I first came here (aside from the extreme flatness) was that all your trees are in a row
It's so weird
@FallenAngelEyes That's not everywhere, though.
@FallenAngelEyes It's funny because it's true.
Of course the entire country is turned into one big vinex thingy.
11:27 AM
@ArdaΞ Yeah, but I don't exactly get out of the Randstad often, and most of the trees are like that here
@FallenAngelEyes Well, I'm in the Randstad, but here we still have some unordered... err, what's wijk in English?
@Wipqozn I read something somewhere that said roughly 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the US border
@ArdaΞ neighborhood
or district
Anyway, we have quite a bit of those Vinex-locations round here, which is where all the designer trees are.
But if you look at some of the older districts, that's not as 'designed'.
11:29 AM
@FallenAngelEyes I'm not sure about that, but...
Ontario and Quebec are the provinces with the highest population, and they are fairly close to the border.
So that's probably where that came from.
Actually a lot of the capitals are close to the border.
I assume that was due to the fact that the U.S. tried to conquer Canada in the past, but failed miserably.
Yeah, a friend of mine lives in... I can't remember... Assendelft?
SO we have capitals close to the border for defense or something.
And it just bleeds suburbia there
Our five largest cities are really close to the border. Never realized how close they actually were.
Yeah, Toronto is just across the lake from Rochester, the large city I grew up closest to.
There was talk of them putting in a fast ferry for a while between the two cities but that became this huge clusterfuck
11:34 AM
Q: First Model of Human/Vehicle in games

jeblWhen and where was the first 3D model of a human/vehicle implemented in games? Can you give a link to an image and/or an article?

What are the 5 largest cities? I imagine Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa...
Victoria and Vancouver.
I'm pretty sure victoria is one of them anyways. Let me double check.
ah derp, Vancouver
Sorry, grew up in New York, the NE cities always come to mind first :P
oh no, I'm wrong. Calgary is more populated then victoria.
Victoria is actually the 15th most populated. Jeez, I've been giving victoria too much credit.
Where are you from?
11:41 AM
Nova Scotia.
Oh, one of the tiny ones :D
Lovely little place.
ahah yeah
I wouldn't want to live in one of the more sizable ones, I have enough trouble finding my way around Halifax (capital city).
Oh wow, you live in the netherlands. I always thought you lived in the United States, not sure why though.
Probably because I sound really American due to being... well, American
I moved here 4 years ago
That would probably be it.
I assume you and @Arda get together and have tea parties?
There's not yet been a Gaming Dutchiemeet, though there's like 3 of us who are fairly active
@alexanderpas actually lives only 15 minutes or so drive from me but he doesn't seem to come around anymore
11:48 AM
Also I'm in the NL this autumn.
Although then I'd force you to speak in English.
We should have our meet then!
There's me, you, @Arda, @Ivo... isn't @Tom Wijsman Dutch too?
He is afaik.
Just make sure you don't overshare, it can lead to... unease.
Are you prudish?
@badp I much prefer English over Dutch.
We just had a meeting between eight of us from Allegiance where somebody really didn't like (or invite) another, and that lead to awkwardness. Especially because those two were staying in the same hotel, entirely by accident.
11:51 AM
I hardly ever get to speak it IRL though, because most people I'm around don't, really.
@ArdaΞ Really? Isn't Dutch the national language of your country?
@Wipqozn I was talking about English.
I can speak both languages at roughly the same level.
@ArdaΞ Oh okay, gotcha.
My bad.
Everytime I say "bad" I just want to add "p" on the end and ping badp
I could fix that by changing my nick to "badπ". You'd have to copy paste that π, which would be very unlazy.
I've learned not to change the beginning of my nick, however :)
...not where I mod.
@badp Auto-completion.
11:55 AM
change it to Mr. Fluffy Pants
@ArdaΞ I don't believe it would catch it
Try my name.
@ArdaΞ He didn't start the word with an at sign. It's the small frictions that do the trick.
@badp Does it ping without the @ then?
It doesn't, I'm just saying "bad" → "badp" is easier than "bad" → "@bad" → "@badπ"
When I said "ping" I meant I would add the @, since that is what it means by ping
Also, first image of superman in the first superman movie for anyone who is interested
Although I'm posting it here so you're going to see it either way
11:57 AM
I saw. Not that impressed
Why must he be wearing textured rubber? Seriously?
I don't like his face. Doesn't look like superman.
Wow. I haven't been on Second Life in ages. It's so different.
In fact he looks like the fonz
This would have been a better frame.
@ArdaΞ how so?
11:59 AM
@Wipqozn It has models now.
@ArdaΞ OH my
I never played second life.
And my Tardis updated.
I figured I already have one life, don't need a second.
I had a Tardis before I even knew what it was.
@ArdaΞ models?
12:01 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, you know, polygons.
Oh come on.
It's had that for a while, hasn't it?
I haven't even been on it in like 2-3 years but I'm pretty sure it had those the last time I logged on
Anomaly Warzone Earth has lost my progress.
I'm not pleased.
My account probably got canceled again
I'd only lost two missions, but it's not a good sign.
12:02 PM
@badp Has this happened before?
No. I only recently bought the game, though, so it really hasn't had a chance to do it frequently.
This is like the third time I launch the game.
think I'm gonna head off to bed
Also, for some reason, the game no longer accepts mouse input
I can use the mouse while in the menus, but that's it.
I'm not even sure what timezone my sleep sched is on now
night all, have a good day
12:07 PM
Goodnight and what have you.
12:20 PM
They upgraded my work computer to Firefox 5 last night.
Firefox 5 on XP looks... weird.
12:51 PM
"They"? You can't upgrade it yourself?
My company doesn't care what browser I use, in fact they don't really care what I install on my computer.
Although I'm working at a small company.
@Wipqozn (I can, but they don't know I still have admin access, and I'd like to keep it that way)
That's weird. My SL alt has no body.
I'm really bad at that, pressing the next key before releasing my finger off the shift key.
@ArdaΞ Perhaps he sold it for crack cocaine?
I havth cometh, summoned by the great blue failing badp

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