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12:00 AM
@ArdaΞ I noticed. I just thought my laptop was glitching.
I noticed when I replied to you
@Wipqozn You're not the only one.
12:22 AM
That Kick It game updated.
What'd they add?
New algorithm.
12:51 AM
Q: Chopper taken down immediately

BrianSo I got the chopper in call of duty and I throw it out, and almost immediately the chopper goes down... so is there a technique for that? If as it enters the board, you hit it with a missile, it goes down? Or what can you do for a fast take down on a chopper? Thanks.

Hmm, just entered chat now. Congratulations @GraceNote!
@KevinY Wait... what?
points to starred posts list over there -->
1:08 AM
@KevinY Oh, sweet! But, I thought that happened awhile ago?
(It did, I just haven't been in Chat for a while.)
@Mana Oooooy.
How's it going Arda?
1:18 AM
It's 3:20 am. I should probably sleep.
Not a bad idea.
Hmm, why the name change @Arda 3?
@KevinY 3?
Strictly speaking, I did not change my name.
(Three in Chinese is written like that)
1:19 AM
@Kevin I think it's because @Grace suggested that his name would be cooler if Chi was used instead of Xi
@KevinY This isn't Chinese, this is Greek.
@Mana Then I would've done a poor job.
is still confused
Xi is a Greek letter.
Right right
I think the lowercase Xi would look much better.
Yeah, but I'm Arda Xi, not Arda xi.
1:21 AM
arda ξ
Well, I suck.
@Mana True, true.
Any way, time for bed, good night.
peace bro
You Canadians have fun with your weird timezones.
1:23 AM
1:39 AM
user image
1:58 AM
Q: How do I protect Minecraft.exe from Vipre Antivirus?

JackMcEI'm trying to solve a problem for a friend who has Vipre Antivirus-- it is contantly deleting minecraft.exe and all of his worlds in the course of normal operation. Vipre has messed with Minecraft in the past, but as of today it just flat-out deletes minecraft, saying it is a trojan. This also h...

2:16 AM
Q: What do the scanner results stand for?

RapidaWhat does each category stand for (moderate, poor, depleted, etc)? Specifically, I'm looking how much resources exist in each category to help determine if it is worth probing a planet down to depleted.

Hooah. Just finished Limbo. Great game.
Funny thing is, I started playing last night, stayed up way too late, and finally stopped and went to bed, leaving the game running. Came back tonight, picked up where I left off.....and it turned out I was about 30 seconds from the end.
@Grace You're not around by any chance, eh?
oh cool
So I'm debating whether or not I should ask a massive "where do I get all the fish" question or ask for individual types of fish
community wiki might reduce the challenge involved in successfully answering the massive question, but still...idk
Has anyone here played Mass Effect one and know why you can't run on Noveria?
And why you can't run on your ship
2:28 AM
Dunno, etiquette reasons? You can run on your ship in ME2
You can't even run during combat on Noveria. Highly frustrating
Looked up the level on YouTube and the guy was running... Possibly a bug?
Google isn't turning up much. Perhaps a restart...
Yo @jjnguy!
@Mana Hi
2:35 AM
How's it going?
I'm well, how are you?
Just checking this chat out.
Yeah, pretty well. It's a pretty cool chat.
Grace note got hired? When?
It is, although kind of quiet right now
It's logged here forever. Google searchable!
2:38 AM
As far as I'm aware, two days ago is when her job started
I would recommend doing a mass post for the fish.
I'm not sure what that means.
Alright, shall do. Thanks!
@GraceNote grats!
2:39 AM
I'd love you to wait a moment before posting it
Thanks, @jjn
But the delay would only be for my own utility to finish getting screen shots, haha
okay, well I have to write it anyways, but yeah cool
There's basically 5 special fish that are only gotten in specific places.
Ahh. I guess the Mecha-Coelocanth and the Sperm Whale are among those?
2:41 AM
Not the Mecha-Coelecanth, but the actual Coelecanth, actually.
Congrats @GraceNote! Although you realize, this means you will probably be added to The Wheel now... :P jsfiddle.net/yijiang/AYPpF/24/embedded/result
3:01 AM
Q: Command and Conquer 3 crashes at startup

WolfOkay, I installed C&C3 (Command and Conquer 3), and it was fine; but when I tried to run it, the logo-ish graphic comes up, but then it crashes (almost as soon as the graphic comes up). So, I did some research and downloaded/installed the 1.09 update for the game. I then tried running it agai...

@Powerlord - are you about? I have a programming question.
@John - I just got radp on the wheel of blame -- any relation to @badp?
1 hour later…
4:25 AM
asdfl;asdgflkajhd! Why does every series of videos on the internet insist on playing the same one commercial at you at the start/end/middle of every &^%$ 15-minute segment?
@sjohnston - Because the Mere Exposure Effect makes humans like things they see often. (over time)
Really? I'm more feeling the annoyance
@sjohnston sure. Now. But three weeks from now, when you're strangely and utterly compelled to purchase Brawny Towels (or whatever), you'll know why.
5:03 AM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on August 3rd, 2011

One fun way to promote your community is to consider what upcoming conferences, seminars, conventions, events, or meetups appeal to your community and would be a good opportunity to attract new, high quality users who love this stuff as much as we do!

There are a bunch of ways the community team can support you in this; to date we’ve done the following.

One simple method of promoting your community is to have a one-page color flyer available to hand out to interested folks at events. We’ve created a few of these already, such as this one for gis.stackexchange.com …

2 hours later…
6:40 AM
yay, hat drop
8:01 AM
@rav yes
Q: Will educated Tropicans take jobs for those of lower or no educational qualifications? E.g. College-educated Tropican, being a farmer

galacticninjaIn Tropico 1, I remember that educated Tropicans will occasionally take jobs for those of lower or no educational qualifications if they can't find a job that needs their educational qualifications or if the job satisfaction for those jobs are low. I haven't noticed this yet in my multiple playth...

3 hours later…
10:42 AM
Yay free stuff!
@RonanForman got your swag?
If you paid over $5.18 for the humble bundle go back to the download page and there's more stuff!
I feel spoilt
It's cause people were paying too little, so i sort of have to thank them for being cheap
11:08 AM
@RonanForman if you purchased it before they added pack #2, you'll get it for free even if you paid $0.01
oh cool
Wow, the average is at $5.18 already?
11:39 AM
I really should pick up this humble bundle. I have not bought any of the others, and not terribly interested in any of the games I don't already own, but it is for charity.
12:07 PM
@Wipqozn Bundle #3 doesn't have that much interesting games, but it's worth buying it just to get Braid and Machinarium.
@ArdaΞ Both of which I already own.
Played through braid twice actually.
I might buy the bundle and play through it a third (own it on 360 atm).
Hm. Then I don't know. Those are the best games in all of the bundles, really.
Like I said, I would only buy it because it's for a charity.
Still worth it, though. EFF and Child's Play are good charities.
Yeah they are. If I bought it I would just donate all the money to child's play. Sick children need toys too.
Actually I'd probably donate a bit to humble tip, just to help cover the bandwith
Are you able to gift the games on Steam if you already own them?
12:18 PM
@Wipqozn Nay :(
Well that's terribly upsetting.
I was going to gift machinarium(spelling?), since it's the only one I currently own on Steam.
g'night all
It's morning @FallenAngelEyes, and as we all know, everyone lives in the same timezone as me.
It's 2:30pm here so it's not necessarily a normal time to go to bed here either
but my sleep sched is pretty fucked at the moment
Anywho, have a good day everyone
@Wipqozn I got a giftable copy of Cogs.
So at least the #3 key gives you giftable copies.
Not sure about #2, since I already had the entire bundle, so I can't apply the key to my account.
12:32 PM
@ArdaΞ Oh goodie, thank you.
Also, hello @mana.
What's up?
The EL&U guys are stealing my Geek letter!
What?! Bastards!
@ArdaΞ You changed your display name
@GraceNote I know. Made people think their computer was glitching.
12:33 PM
Dunno why. Although since it is Xi, I can see why some people might confuse it for 3.
@Arda It worked so well. rolls eyes
@Mana There were people in EL&U who started troubleshooting.
At least this'll stop chat transcripts from being emailed to me.
are you serious haha
I'm tempted to change my display name to Wipqozn the Handsome
or Wipqozn the Awesome
Both are even more accurate as a reflection of who you are; which should you choose?!
12:44 PM
It's a tough life I lead. Filled with so many difficult decisions.
@GraceNote So what are you going to be doing for SE? If you don't mind my asking that is.
@Wipqozn Blog post will be coming soon.
@GraceNote Gotcha.
omg da blog pooost so exciiiiited shakes @Wipqozn
well-played sir
12:50 PM
Hum the autocompletion seems not to catch the new char of @Arda
It's because it doesn't Xi it. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
@Mana Thank you.
@Mvy Wouldn't know, I can't talk to myself.
slaps self on the back
@ArdaΞ I'm sure you could if you tried.
12:51 PM
How are you pronouncing Xi so that that fits?
Well I think non-ascii chars are striped.
@Wipqozn I tried, but I just won't listen.
You can Highlight you BTW
@Mvy Yap
At least by reply
@Wipqozn nifty. Never thought about doing that before.
12:54 PM
@Mana Yeah. That's wrong. In English, anyway.
Oh my god. This brings self gratification to brand new levels of horrible.
@Arda I know. That makes the pun even worse. Read: better
In Greek, it would be ksee.
@ArdaΞ Is is even translat-able in english. Kschi?
@Mvy Just ksee, really.
hm. right
12:58 PM
@Mvy No idea.
Oh. Congrats on the 10k!
I've had 10k for well over a month now.
1:00 PM
It's not like I've earnt a lot of rep lately.
@ArdaΞ I actually thought you had a lot more.
Wow... that sounded... okay... never mind.
@ArdaΞ I was unaware you were a texan.
Do you wear a cowboy hat?
1:13 PM
@Mana @Arda said:
> I used to top the charts around these parts.
Or something along those lines.
HAAAAAAAA punches Arda in the side NICE ONE CHAMP
Sounds like a texan. So I asked if he wore a cowboy hat.
I wonder if he wears cowboy boots too?
1:19 PM
@Mana See, I hated you twice, because you're in both rooms.
@ArdaΞ YOu seem upset. Did you lose your favorite pair of cowboy boots?
4 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
in English Language and Usage, 20 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
I hate you all!
@ArdaΞ yo dawg, I heard you like hate so I put some hate in your hate so you can hate while you hate
@Wipqozn I hate hate.
@ArdaΞ How hateful.
1:24 PM
@Wipqozn Thank you.
Oh hai @badp!
so new sites' private beta periods no longer last 7 days?
1:39 PM
How long do they last then?
I wonder what @RavenDreamer wanted last night.
Also, I saw this quote about Google's latest complaint about MS, Apple, and Oracle, particularly about the purchase of the Nortel patent portfolio:
> If you have a monopoly business and generate monopoly profits and take those monopoly profits to another industry and gave away what your competitors (must) charge for, which led you to quickly capture the dominant maret share, would you whine like a bitch?
@Powerlord I lol'd
I would go fix "maret" to "market", but since it's a quote...
Should have a pit a [sic] in there
What with Android? They're merely extending the metaphor.
Computers have open-source OSes and yet the closed-source OSes live on. Same should go for phones IMO.
1:46 PM
@ArdaΞ Right, but Google is now complaining that its opponents are ganging up on them.
@Mana No idea. @Grace likely knows.
7 days is the usual
It is extended if there are issues
@Powerlord There should be healthy competition. Patent trolls are cheating.
@Powerlord I hate when people do that to me in the board game monopoly. It's so annoying.
@badp What new site are you talking about?
Dunno, just one that generated a status-completed question about an email having "7 days" hardcoded, instead of however amount of time that particular site took
1:51 PM
Q: What happened to steam's second hand game market idea?

BanditoBunnyWhat happened to Steam's idea to allow users to resell their copies of games - it was a hot topic few years ago but I have not heard anything since?

@badp Crypto took about 3 weeks
@Lazers I'm removing the 'shop' tag, but should it also be tagged with 'rumors'?
oh man it's so ugly
why youse so ugly :(
@badp Production: The best testing environment.
2:04 PM
@Powerlord Production is just a fancy way of saying development!
@Wipqozn If it's such a bad idea, why is Green Man Gaming thriving on it?
@Wipqozn @Google No it isn't!
@ArdaΞ It just doesn't make any sense.
How can you sell a used copy of a digital game?
@Wipqozn They're thriving because it makes no sense?
@Wipqozn You're not selling the game, you're selling the license to it.
I would prefer if it was a vertical arrangement.
2:06 PM
@ArdaΞ Still doesn't make sense.
@Wipqozn Why not?
You've got to think of it like this.
Publishers grant Valve copies of the game to sell.
My eyes immediately dart towards the top middle tag in the group, which is rarely the one I'm looking for
These are licenses.
plus all the info blargh
I will give feedback.
Once you buy a game from Valve, the license is transferred from Valve to you, the buyer.
If they let you resell a game, the license doesn't come from Valve directly, but from another gamer.
2:07 PM
Yeah, that does make sense it would seem. However, why would anyone ever not just buy it used?
There would be no reason for people to buy games at full price from steam.
@Wipqozn I didn't link to Green Man Gaming for nothing, you know.
You might look into the way the system works before you start arguing it sucks.
in English Language and Usage, 2 hours ago, by Kit
Trying to be one of the cool kids, like Arda.
The idea is that the price is defined by supply and demand. So if there's lots of copies of a game available for sale, the price drops, many people won't even consider selling their copy.
If Valve ever did allow selling games back or even listing them for Auction, I'd sell Lucidity or list it for $0.99 immediately.
2:09 PM
@Powerlord You probably wouldn't be allowed to set your own price.
@ArdaΞ I'd sell it anyway. I never thought LucasArts could produce a bad game, but they proved me wrong.
I can understand valve buying back a license, but then why not just sell it at full price?
51 secs ago, by Arda Ξ
@Powerlord You probably wouldn't be allowed to set your own price.
@Wipqozn Because you've already played it.
Allow me to rephrase. Why wouldn't Steam just sell it at full price?
2:11 PM
@Wipqozn I think they do.
not even claim it be used. It's just a license.
GMG, anyway.
@ArdaΞ Oh, okay. now I think I understand.
I thought you meant GMG was selling used copies of the game separately, alongside new ones.
So why would anyone ever buy the new copies?
You don't get to decide whether you buy a used or a new copy.
Yeah I understand now.
and yes, the idea make sense.
I was just thinking of a slightly different idea apparently.
2:14 PM
> If GMG have lots of pre-owned stock of a particular title, the trade-in price will be lower. On the flipside, if GMG have no pre-owned stock at all, the trade-in price will be higher.
@ThomasMcDonald Oh, it was just Arda?
You mean I did this just for Arda?
@badp Yes.
You should see the EL&U chat. It's like he thinks he's the head of a cult or something.
Also, how was your week out?
@ThomasMcDonald Hardly.
I just did it myself, and everyone started imitating me.
2:17 PM
@ArdaΞ Soſtly.
55 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
4 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
in English Language and Usage, 20 mins ago, by Arda Ξ
I hate you all!
No Arda, please don't do the thing GnomeSlice does.
55 mins ago, by Wipqozn
@ArdaΞ yo dawg, I heard you like hate so I put some hate in your hate so you can hate while you hate
You really don't want to do things that Gnomeslice does.
@Mana What thing GnomeSlice does?
2:18 PM
Quote pyramids
He quotes himself over and over again saying "Nobody finds anything I say interesting"
I did quote pyramids way before him.
And they're annoying
I did quote pyramids before they were cool. Now they're mainstream bs
So don't do it
2:20 PM
@Mana I didn't see you in the one-day public chat beta.
I'm annoying.
@badp You saw me.
hipsters. all of you.
@Mana Ironically, because no one finds anything he says interesting. ;)
:( I'm so sad I didn't get into this chat earlier! Think of how cool I could have been.
What was it, back then, gossipville or somesuch?
2:20 PM
@ArdaΞ You might be pleased to know I didn't remember your being there, then.
@badp Well, I was. I don't quite remember you being there, actually.
I actually sent the final message, btw.
in Gaming on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Sep 20 '10 at 22:39, by Arda Xi
Not the kind of games most of our questions are about
@badp Nope.
@Grace So does it matter if I ask the fish question now? I don't think there's anyone else who has played Chantelise enough to answer it here besides you.
in Gaming on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Oct 29 '10 at 10:56, by Marc Gravell
This room has been migrated to chat.stackexchange
2:22 PM
I sent the last message on the old chat sudomain.
This is the last message.
@ArdaΞ Tsk tsk, you're thinking of the wrong thing.
or @badp. same people.
@Mana Go ahead, but I won't have an answer for a while
That's fine. It's all about making people interested in Chantelise. Also rep.
2:23 PM
You're likely to get a copy of the somewhat not 100% accurate (and somewhat incomplete) Japanese fishing guide as an answer, if the Survival question was any indication.
Was there mistaken info in the Survival question's answer?
So yeah, I can't get Steam to go online from here :(
@Mana It's untranslated is the only issue with the Survival one. However, I know the particular guide that was pulled from, and I know the fish data is inaccurate
@badp Where were you again?
@GraceNote Well dang. I'm looking for another source right now, but have yet to find one.
Or did I misunderstand, and you can confirm the survival section was correct?
2:27 PM
The survival section was correct.
I'll be revising your answer with the English names of the items eventually, though
Please do.
A: Can you turn weather off in Minecraft?

Kevin ReidSomeone added to the wiki that you can use beds to skip precipitation as well as night. I haven't tried this myself and haven't heard it from other sources, but if it's true that is an alternative to waiting.

I guess I can take the doubt out of this answer now that it's accepted and has 7 upvotes?
@ArdaΞ Sicily.
Also, this has the chat session I was talking about
2:30 PM
That was a pretty amazing way to close off that conversation @badp. Bravo.
That wasn't Gaming.
13 mins ago, by badp
@Mana I didn't see you in the one-day public chat beta.
Who said "Gaming"?
I did, few second sago
Yeah, so you were thinking of the wrong thing.
2:34 PM
pats Arda on the shoulder
@Mana Don't touch me!
Q: Taken out the trash-- Quickest easiest way to dump unwanted items in Minecraft?

RLHI know this may seem like a nit-picky question but it's one of those "little things" that's just started to bug me in Minecraft. What is the easiest/quickest way to dump unwanted items in Minecraft? Maybe I'm simply missing the use of a hotkey but I have more cobblestone stored in multiple ches...

2:50 PM
@ArdaΞ We should start calling Arda "Sheldon Cooper"
I know I'm autistic, but I'm not that bad.
If anything, I'm in between Leonard and Sheldon.

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