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1:20 PM
@IsmaelMiguel do you have a fun icon for you fun little script? I am calling it Memer right now. please let me know if you have updated the code, I would love to get the new code! I didn't get a chance to play with it last night
1:31 PM
trying to make that meme translator into an extension
@Malachi No, I don't have an icon or anything
Not even a name
I called it "Memer"
And I was thinking to overengeneer it
Make it into a browser extension, add more chat rooms with some translations. Making something really big!
@IsmaelMiguel I am working on a single extension right now. I think that we should create json files for other rooms, and then have a switch case for the chat room they are in or something like that.
Alright, Memer is a good name
And yes, I'm rewritting it.
I don't like the idea of having it depending on jQuery
1:44 PM
8 messages moved from The 2nd Monitor
If I have to depend on jQuery, I'll use zepto instead
jQuery? I didn't really see jQuery in there. but I haven't really looked at the code much, other than try to make it work whenever I enter the room
A: "The 2nd Monitor" chatroom translator

Joseph the DreamerAnd here I go: Take advantage of the fact that SE sites use jQuery. This will trim down your DOM manipulation code to a high degree. We usually have a rule in our team that the most you should nest for conditions is 2. If you have 3 or more nested, then it's time you use a function. One problem...

His answer has jQuery
And it makes everything easier
What I do in most of those lines, I did like this in jQuery:
$('#chat .message:not([data-checked="1"])')
	.attr('data-checked', 1)
oh I see.
I could have written like this:
$('#chat .message:not([data-checked="1"])')
	.attr('data-checked', 1)
But it is slower
1:49 PM
I wish I had time last night to look at the code. I would have had a finished extension for the basic code. I am trying to figure out the manifest file and stuff right now. I should be working though.
To add on that, I'm having troubles
2:07 PM
Version 0.0.1 is now working!
let me look into it more over lunch and add some stuff to the Manifest and such
@IsmaelMiguel do you github?
@Malachi If it's working, shouldn't it at least be 0.1?
@Mast I suppose.....
I wasn't really ready to make it super public yet, so I just wanted to see if I could get it running, but now that I do I will change it to 0.1
You could make the next version 0.1 ofc
A JSON manifest, that's something I haven't considered yet for my projects.
2:19 PM
it is necessary for Chrome Extensions
I need coffee and to finally eat my poptarts and get real work done though
@Malachi Yes, I have github. You can easily check it on my profile
Sorry, I'm at work and my boss is cranky today
@IsmaelMiguel it's all good. I understand
He was around here
So, I couldn't talk
And for the next hour or so will be hard to talk
@Malachi Is it okay if I try to help out in this project, too?
@SirPython of course. check out the question that started it all as well.
Q: "The 2nd Monitor" chatroom translator

Ismael MiguelFor those who go to The 2nd Monitor chatroom, you already know how bad I am at remembering everything. And, sometimes, the new visitors will wonder what something means. For that, I've developed a very simple chat translator. ;(function(window, undefined){ 'use strict'; var memes = { ...

2:33 PM
@SirPython Also, feel free to answer there. I really need an answer to accept
@IsmaelMiguel I've started taking a look at it and I've jotted a few points down. However, I am currently writing another answer and I need to finish that first.
Take your time
I'm not paying much attention here for a few moments
@IsmaelMiguel I should have let you start the Github Repo on that, I am sorry.
3:30 PM
@IsmaelMiguel I have wrote an answer for you.
@Malachi How does the manifest file in the repo work? I've heard of those before, but I've never seen one being used with JavaScript.
@SirPython The Manifest file is for Chrome Extensions. I imagine it would work on firefox as well... but I don't have firefox installed on this machine so I don't know how that works
Ah, I see. So this is like a user script?
3:47 PM
I think I broke it
there we go!
I added a couple more memes to Memer-CR
I will add more memes later
I gotta meeting to go to
4:09 PM
Sorry for not answering
I'm currently planning work with my boss
4:21 PM
@IsmaelMiguel no need to apologize, we all understand
My boss is talking on the phone, so, I took a tiny look at your answer.
Sadly, the comment on your answer is right: it is to increase the performance
I've commented on someone claiming it is bullsh*t with 2 examples:
1- his answer, without caching the length
2- my way, by caching the answer
The result, after 16 executions, was a difference of ~100ms, being mine the fastest
And it was on IE!
2 hours later…
6:30 PM
As for your comment, @Malachi, you may be able to use @match instead
I am not completely familiar with userscripts and chrome extensions, so everything I did with the manifest file I did this morning in an hour or so, by doing research and learning all that stuff. I wish I had more time. maybe tonight after work I will be able to work on it
Sure, no worries
@match makes sense though, I saw something similar in the manifest file
we could make a second file as a user script. but I would like to continue with the Chrome Extension, because I think we can implement a a memer that distinguishes between the different sites and their memes
Yeah, you can always have two
Best to support both than support only one
6:55 PM
@Malachi I'm thinking about building a databse with all the memes from there
Translation: going from site to site and asking them
@IsmaelMiguel there is a meta for Stack Overflow similar to ours, the question I mean
@Malachi But there are, at least, 3 different chat rooms for StackOverflow
I think basically every site with memes has a Meta for it
All those have a way highed index of activity
I don't know
@IsmaelMiguel You'd be best to let the individual users fill out each site's memes instead in a StackApps post
6:58 PM
@IsmaelMiguel there are like 5 chat rooms for CR that people use on the regular
And ask them for the JSON code? That almost makes sense
@Malachi I've seen 2 so far

 VBA Rubberducking

This chat has moved to Discord: discord.gg/MYX9RECenJ
It would be great if there was a way to know where a certain chatroom belongs

 Coding Projects and MTG Heaven :)

Minesweeper Flags, Zomis' games, PDB, MTG, Cardshifter, and al...

 The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about codereview.stackexchange.com - Welcom...
Never seen the 2nd one
6:59 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Each room has a parent site
@Quill Javascript-wise...

 Duga's Neighborhood

It's a beautiful bot in the neighborhood. Would you be mine, w...
that last one is a bot room though.
but you can tell that they all have a lot of activity in them
@Malachi Yup, where Samon or Salmon or whatever his name is tests Duga
7:01 PM
@Duga posts to chat there all sorts of stuff as well
Debug messages and what not
@IsmaelMiguel, I think you might be able to parse the site name from the <link rel="shortcut icon"> in the HTML
@Quill That's one idea
It's a really ugly idea, but, if there's no other way
No no, it's a do-able idea!
Oh yeah!
Got my pizza!
This is the spicyest pizza I've ever eaten
7:14 PM
And the guys even gave me an even more spicy sauce!
7:32 PM
did you guys fork it from my Github?
I ate pizza
And still am eating
I am trying to learn how the whole github thing works. so if you would it would help me learn all about that process as well
But I will fork it
that's cool. no hurry
don't fork pizza
I won't
But I've seen myself forced to reject a slice
7:33 PM
Lets just say that I dumped the spyciest sauce I've ever eaten
In a single slice of pizza
The spicyest pizza I've ever eaten
Result: pure regret
@Malachi Do you want to use jQuery? Or no jQuery?
I don't mind jQuery. I use jQuery-UI in some of my projects at work. so it would be cool to use it here as well.
remember that it helps to use the same libraries that chat.stackexchange.com does
jQuery it is then
I have a clunky version :/
@Malachi forking is like making your own copy
I only starred it
IIRC, @IsmaelMiguel had his own version prior anyway
yes. but then when you make changes to it then you can do a pull request and get the code updated. I think.
@Quill I apologized to him earlier I should have let him set up the Repo
7:44 PM
@Malachi Yeah, basically, but you should use branches, which are like copies of the original, but on the one repo without making your own repo
@Quill can you make a branch on my repo?
@Quill Don't worry, he has the old jQuery-less copy. Which is a good thing, since that's one of my few copies.
I don't have the whole github thing figured out completely
I think I have to be an authorised user
@Quill What's the license that is compatible with SO's license?
7:46 PM
@Quill a collaborator?
CC by SA 3.0
@Malachi That'd be the one
@Malachi I'm setting up a new repository
@IsmaelMiguel sounds good. ping me here please so I can follow it and help out with it.
@IsmaelMiguel, but, you can use the MIT license also
@Malachi ditto
7:48 PM
make sure that you let @SirPython know as well, @IsmaelMiguel
@Malachi @SirPython Memer on my Github: github.com/ismael-miguel/memer
Now, I'll dump the code there.
I've sent the code over email, because I didn't had time
And ALL whitespace is gone!
7:58 PM
@IsmaelMiguel oh man. let me know when you have the repo all set up
@Malachi What's your username on github?
No need anymore, you were added as a colaborator
thank you
I'm writting the README.md, with a nice text.
You can study the javascript file there
8:17 PM
@Malachi README.md done, time for Tera!
I have to rebuild a project and get some work done
I will come back later when I get home
Take your time, don't worry about it
8:31 PM
@Quill can you link me to this comment again, I can't seem to find it
in The 2nd Monitor, 2 hours ago, by Quill
@Malachi, I made a comment on your github, about swapping your extension into a userscript
oh it was a comment on my commit
@Quill how does the matching work?
Matches urls, but, the urls that are being used don't differ, so you don't need a wildcard
so the @match isn't what I want then?
Actually, maybe a wildcard for the http/https part
@Malachi Don't you want to match http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/the-2nd-monitor
8:38 PM
I want to match several different chat rooms
greasemonky style uses @include
You can use either, and you can just set the @match to *chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/*
you can also match a specific url, and don't need to use wildcards
Yeah, but, if you want users to be able to support whatever chatroom then you shouldn't do specific urls
Sorry, my above message was a little confusing
well I do want to do specific chat rooms.
because we are going to make it so that there are different memes for different sites.
Then you can add them as new @match or @include rules
8:44 PM
last time I tried to add more than one @include to a user script from stackapps it wouldn't work
it works with the multiple @match
it is working in 3 chat rooms now
I also put it up in the git if you want to grab it
Hmm, I think with different chatroom memes, they could be stored in a dictionary {room_id: memes}
@Quill Nope
{<sitename>:{ <memes> }}
memes would be the dictionary: var memes_dict = {}; var dict = {"sitename" : memes_dict};
Why call it the wrong name?
It's clearly an object
either way, it needs to know which rooms it's matching
8:58 PM
That's what I'm trying to do
Finding how to get the site name
No, that doesn't work well
Is it possible to obtain the scropt content using Javascript?
which content?
The text content
Well, window.location.href returns "http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/25699/javascript-libraries"
if that's what you mean
9:02 PM
No, I don't mean that
But anyway, the only reliable way that I found is by accessing .small-site-logo and parsing the src attribute
Ah, right, site name, not room name
now I get it
Memes are per-site based
Yes, there should be a better way, but none show themselves presently
I'm still looking
There is really no way to get the site from there
@Quill document.getElementById('footer-logo').getElementsByTagName('img')[0].src.match‌​(/sstatic.net\/([^\/]+)\//)[1];
With jQuery: $('#footer-logo img')[0].src.match(/sstatic.net\/([^\/]+)\//)[1];
9:27 PM
I was thinking different JSON files for each site, but not sure how to switch between them for the sites.
there has to be a way to distinguish between which stack site the chat belongs to.
but I need to wait until I get home to play any more
@Malachi Read what I sent to Quill
@Malachi, we can easily get room number / name, but not the parent site name
we can make the script run on chat.stackexchange.com/* and then separate the memes by the icon src
I want to propose a structure
{ 'site' : { 'meta': 'meta. ...', 'memes': { ... } } }
And a common one
I am good at data entry....lol
9:32 PM
What do you think then?
What's the 'meta': 'meta . ...' going to contain
also, with JS you don't need to wrap them in quotes
You must wrap it in double-quotes in JSON
And that would contain the meta address
What about that?
1 hour later…
10:53 PM
I'm just testing stuff around
@IsmaelMiguel Hello.
We have a repository set up with the Javascript
We went on with jQuery
Yup. I'm looking over it now.
I got your ping.
Alright, spend your time studying the logic a little
I'll be shaking stuff up
Ah, smart idea using only the post ID in memes/codereview.json; I was going to include that in my review.
10:59 PM
There's no point in adding tons of stuff, right?
I'm also adding some common stuff, like IIRC
I always forget what that means
If I remember correctly.
It can also be If I Recall Correctly
11:25 PM
@IsmaelMiguel I've been thinking about creating my own UserScript. Is there a specific reference page that you used to help you with creating your memer.js UserScript?
What browser?
There is
You can just google "chrome extension"
That link explain the very basic
Ah, this is perfect!
Thank you.
You're welcome
Alright, now I'm testing a new version
Crap :/
monking, TSA please
It works!
11:37 PM
Simply paste in your console
Aha! That is very cool!
It goes on my github and fetches the data from there
RSA TS Jamalized Malachi'd
Hm. The message for RSA doesn't look too good.
Let me fix it
I have no idea what is going on
This makes no sense
And debugging in IE is harder than debugging in Assembly
new RSA

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