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3:05 PM
Election closes in 4 hours.
@rolfl Thanks for being such a great mod, even if you can't stay as one!
@Jamal @200_success And thanks to you both as well, even if you don't make the the election (though I hope both of you do)!
It's great to see three wonderful (and very friendly) moderators on such a site as this. CodeReview has been (at least to me) the most accepting and friendly SE site out there.
@EBrown Ditto on that! And Stargreed
@EBrown I want to echo that too.... 200_success and Jamal have been fantastic to work with, and the best part about moderating this site has been the fact that so many people care about it, and want it to succeed. It has been a pleasure. In every instance where there has been conflict, it is because people care... and want the best for the site.
the community is fantastic.
3:33 PM
seeing as how that translator is pinned, I am going to post the github repo as well...
@Malachi I thought you were the one that pinned that
maybe I did??? you know if I run out of stars I can just start pinning things, right? JK :)
la gente es muy loco
@Malachi Pro-tip - if you pin questions like this:
yesterday, by Malachi
Q: A 2nd monitor translator

Ismael MiguelFor those who go to The 2nd Monitor chatroom, you already know how bad I am to remember everything. And, sometimes, the new visitors will wonder what something means. For that, I've developed a very simple chat translator. ;(function(window, undefined){ 'use strict'; var memes = { ...

it looks like this in the sidebar ----->
3:40 PM
I should make a nice link....
If you edit it to be: [A 2nd monitor translator](http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/96724/18427) instead....
then it looks much better.
Why would you pin that twice?
@EBrown rolfl was doing the same thing to my old post....lol
Also, @rolfl does this question look OK?
@EBrown It does, and it has my +1
Alright, didn't know if I did the iteration correct or not.
There ;)
Today has been my most productive rep day so far. :)
Why would you star lol?
Posting "follow-on" questions is good for everyone.... if done right.
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

rolflMeme: LOL - AutoStar Originator: Mat's Mug / Jamal Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor Background: "lol" somehow got targeted at this point here (the first starred lol): retailcoder: lol (darn, again) Followed shortly by: Jamal: lol (don't star that) And then the tradition was cement...

3:46 PM
Ah, well. I see.
And I was only a little weary of posting the follow-up question, as I know how duplicates on SO are treated.
@EBrown That concern is understandable, but after some trial and error, it was determined that the follow-on system works really well, and is the best we can do in the stack exchange system
Q: Using Python for Encapsulating Particle Swarm Optimization in a Class

dockleryxkSo I wrote a script in Python for Particle Swarm Optimization and I posted it here to get comments on the design. I was told that encapsulating the list used to hold the particles in a class would be a good idea, but it seemed like putting the Particle class I already had inside as a subclass was...

3:48 PM
@EBrown Follow-up questions are actually quite productive, particularly if it's important code that goes into production
@rolfl It makes sense, CR is a bit different than the rest of the network in that respect.
@Phrancis And this is very important code...lol
not only that respect, in a number of other respects too, but that one is significant ;-)
I'm not sure that we ever close as duplicates, or only extremely rarely. As far as I'm concerned, that close reason could just as well be removed in favor of a more relevant one, and use custom close reason if it actually is a duplicate
@Phrancis Yes.
3:52 PM
@Phrancis There is a single duplicate at the moment.... that is not deleted.
it is the subject of a meta question
Q: Text when questions are marked as duplicate

Simon André ForsbergWe close questions as duplicates when the code is too similar (or pretty much identical) to a previous question by the same asker. When marking a question as a duplicate the following text is shown: This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully...

@Phrancis If the code is not changed since the last time it was posted, it's a duplicate. However, that rarely happens.
@Mast - from a mod perspective it is relatively common... ;-)
let me explain....
We usually don't see those I guess, you mods are quick.
a number of times people post questions to Stack Overflow, and then get redirected to Code Review.
The SO mods then later migrate the SO question too, so we get duplicates.
Does that happen often?
3:55 PM
the SO folk are pretty good at notifying us when this happens, and often search the CR questions. They flag the migrated question, pointing to the copy too.
then you "just" need to merge these, right?
As mods here, we close the question as duplicate (which does not reject the migration), and then merge the result.
the merge also deletes the question.
Q: Converting from decimal to word

ForceBruI'm still investigating the problem with decimal to word conversion. I understood the basics, but now my goal is to learn how to add in base-26 (the English alphabet) or base-52 ([a-zA-Z]) or base-62 ([a-zA-Z0-9]), etc. I've written the following code and it works, but I think it could be writt...

There are about 230 deleted duplicate questions.
You know I found out about CodeReview on accident.
3:57 PM
Me too!
Someone linked me here from SO.
A mod at PPCG told me about CR.
Thing is, though, they were trying to rally us to graduate first.
@EBrown codegolf.se
3:59 PM
I'm not a puzzles type guy...
> Election closes in 4 hours.
well, three hours and 50 minutes
The time-left thing on the election page is super messed up
It always rounds down from what I can tell
@Undo That's weird.
4:10 PM
I know, it's irritating
@EBrown I found CR thanks to a comment on SO too.
Sounds like it's more of a truncate than a round, that might explain it
Ironically, the way I found Code Review is a way that I am now fighting, with all the comments that @Duga posts.
@SimonAndréForsberg Sort of the same, i was part way through an answer on SO when the question got migrated.
4:16 PM
@EBrown Soon you will see four wonderful and very friendly moderators. Everyone who is running is friendly and wonderful so, can't go wrong there.
I think it is wrong. You replaced the while with an if, but you need the loop (for the spurious wake-ups). And you are setting work_to_do=true in wait(), while it should be work_to_do=false. The else return; is pretty useless. You do not need the scoped_lock() in the constructor because constructors are not run concurrently. You are missing a few variable names: boost::mutex::scoped_lock(mutex); does nothing useful! All that said, you can write a wrapper that does what you want, but it is not a good format for a SO question, more for CodeReview... — rodrigo just now
@nhgrif not working here on 10.10.4
Or maybe it's just black :P
The live stream is black here too.
4:38 PM
@Hosch250 Working fine here.
4:52 PM
try asking on codereview.stackexchange.com — Daniel A. White 15 secs ago
@Undo It works for me, but only on one monitor.
It wasn't black when I checked it. But I'm actually working now, so I couldn't tell you.
This question could be suitable for Code Review, as long as (a) your code works as intended, (b) your code is real code, rather than example code, and (c) your code is included in the body of the question. If you wish for a peer review to improve all aspects of your code, please post it on Code Review. — Phrancis 26 secs ago
Q: Boost condition variable wrapper

user5093757I would like to create wrapper for boost condition variable, here is my proposition: class Cond_wrap { private: boost::condition_variable cond; boost::mutex mutex; bool work_to_do; public: Cond_wrap() { work_to_do = false; } void notify_all() ...

BASH incoming :-)
Here is continuation on CodeReview: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/96927/… thanks you for advices, but probably I cannot use while in timed_wait because I only want to wait for condition in my timeout, so it is ok to use if in timed_wait ? I want to have similar functionality to windows event -> waitforsingleobject(event, timeout) if condition is not set, or it will not be set in timeout we move on. — user5093757 21 secs ago
5:02 PM
@CaptainObvious Could use some context.
Afternoon all
@Mast I left a comment about that
@DJanssens Hey :)
@Phrancis I know, I upvoted the comment.
> Election closes in 3 hours.
How are you doing lately @Phrancis ? :)
5:05 PM
Been writing JavaScript, for all the good that it's going to do me ;)
How have you been?
Q: Fizz having an argument with Buzz

MastFor my current project I need to validate responses. The requests will be send from multiple different shell scripts and should be controlled from another script. I'd never targeted a .sh with a .sh before, so let's try some FizzBuzz first. Fizz.sh #!/bin/bash if [ $# -eq 0 ] then echo "Th...

Great, currently on a holiday trip to the UK :)
@CaptainObvious Add one more to the list lol
@Phrancis We didn't have one in BASH yet.
I basically needed to refresh my BASH and have something to pass between two scripts.
When in doubt: FizzBuzz
@EBrown You mean Code Review, Stack Overflow, and Stack Exchange. ;-) See stackexchange.com/legal/trademark-guidance, section "Proper Use of the Stack Exchange Name". — Chris Jester-Young ♦ 47 secs ago
5:20 PM
@Mast I still need to finish mine in ChucK. That one might end up being one of the more complex (and more original since it will have audio) FizzBuzz
@Phrancis I tried that, couldn't figure it out.
Good luck!
We have exactly 0 questions.
It's just about done, I only need to make functions for the chords and then it will be all done
I might make a YouTube video and post it with the question, so the code can be seen and heard
That would be a good idea for those without interpreter.
I think I got miniAudicle still around somewhere.
I wish there was a better IDE for it
The C++/Lua guy doesn't know why his post suddenly got two answers.
5:24 PM
@Phrancis True that.
@Hosch250 He didn't notice janos put a bounty on it? ^^
Why are C people so bad at code style? It feels like every answer I've ever given includes "Put spaces around operators"
@SimonAndréForsberg And it's unfortunate we can pick only 4. I wish we could select them all, I've talked with many of the people who ran, and all are a nice batch.
@jacwah Because a lot of C code was written on 40-character wide terminals, and things that get established as best practice in 1970 are hard to undo later.
there are a lot of mixed up best practices for a lot of languages.... it happens....
Such as gets()...
5:30 PM
@rolfl All code in projects I've dealt with has been reasonable, but here on CR... not so much
I still have to find a book about best practices in BrainFuck.
@Jamal I can't believe how that ever got into a standard
@Mast Don't.
1) Don't write BrainFuck.
@Phrancis Spoilsport.
5:31 PM
Q: More elegant way to express this Parse query logic?

simlimsd3I am very new with Parse and Swift in general. In my app the user can upvote a cycling track if they want to ride on it. My logic atm works the following way; The program works out which course the user is currently looking at and assigns it to the currentCourse variable (just for testing). T...

Is it bad when Jamal doesn't Jamalize your questions?
@Mast Just get it to work. Done.
Unlike other languages, Brainfuck stuff can't really be done in that many different ways.
Of course, you do want it quite short as well though.
Q: How to calculate all the unique members of nested groups using recursion effectively?

user330612I want to write an algorithm that finds the members of all groups accurately. A group can consist of other groups and/or users as members. A group can be a member of multiple groups. If the same user belongs to multiple member groups of a group, then we only need to show the unique users. A group...

5:58 PM
@EBrown On the contrary!
Ordered a $2 DisplayPort to HDMI adapter last Thursday via Ebay, got it today (from China) and it just works :D
Always good when things "just work."
@skiwi I've done too much shell scripting lately, I couldn't figure out what the second argument was
So, I just got put on a really big project.
Q: Custom API for movie application

ChrillewoodzI'm building my own API that will communicate with a movie database, it'll probably end up having 20-30 functions in the end. This is the start of it: core.factory('api', ['$http', function($http) { // Api key goes after the '/' var apiKey = '?api_key=###'; // Specify the api source va...

Q: looking for scala library code reviewer

Dmitry SidorenkoI just released my first Scala library for Orchestrate.io database service. Here it is: https://orchestrate.io/docs/clients#community-client-libraries I am an experienced Java programmer but my experience in Scala is very limited. I am looking for an experienced code reviewer who can contribute...

6:04 PM
> I'm building my own API that will communicate with a movie database, it'll probably end up having 20-30 functions in the end. This is the start of it:
@CaptainObvious No code
@nhgrif That a good or bad thing?
@CaptainObvious I almost thought this was some spammy recruitment question.
@MichaelGeary This is a performance / code optimization question. In which case it should be on Code Review not on stack overflow. — deathismyfriend 47 secs ago
@deathismyfriend This would be off-topic on Code Review as stub code. If the OP wishes for a code review, they are welcome to post the full code they would like reviewed.. The basic guidelines are: (a) the code works as intended, (b) the code is real code, rather than example code, and (c) the code is included in the body of the question. — Phrancis 26 secs ago
6:23 PM
@Malachi, I made a comment on your github, about swapping your extension into a userscript
Could someone roll back the latest edit on this post?
Q: Converting from decimal to word

ForceBruI'm still investigating the problem with decimal to word conversion. I understood the basics, but now my goal is to learn how to add in base-26 (the English alphabet) or base-52 ([a-zA-Z]) or base-62 ([a-zA-Z0-9]), etc. I've written the following code and it works, but I think it could be writt...

I've fixed the off-by-one bug in my latest edit. I really didn't notice it as it's working well on my machine. — ForceBru 11 mins ago
@Quill I replied, I will have to look at that. you should join us in --> Javascript Libraries that is where we are talking about this script. thanks
Jon Skeet just replied to my comment, yay!
@SimonAndréForsberg: You could indeed put it in the if - I was just demonstrating the difference that scope can make. I'd argue that the compiler was smarter in the MoreCurlies case - having two smaller capture classes is better than one big one, in this case. But basically the compiler ends up with one capture class per scope, which captures all the captured variables from that scope. At least, that's what the current implementation does... — Jon Skeet 1 min ago
After decades of increasingly confused arguing, Pluto is reclassified as a "dwarf Pluto."
If this is woking code (it does what you want it to do, without errors) you could try posting it on codereview.stackexchange.com That site is for improving your code. — LisaMM 8 secs ago
6:32 PM
@Phrancis Not sure yet. In the long-term, it'll be good for my resume, either way.
@nhgrif OK. Still get to do a decent amount of OS X/iOS dev, or are you mostly on the MS stack now?
> woking code
C++ in a frying pan
@Phrancis I am a pure iOS dev here.
Although, if I want, I could move into Android dev, or serverside dev.
@nhgrif Oh nice, very nice
@RMunroe LOL
@RMunroe, you make me laugh!
6:39 PM
Q: InvokeIfRequired(this Control c, Action<Control> action)

RLHWhile working on a LARGE project that I work on (as part of a team) I noticed that at some point an earlier dev had written the following extension method for a WinForms Control. public static void InvokeIfRequired(this Control c, Action<Control> action) { if (c.InvokeRequired) c.Inv...

I think I have a problem with this one
what's that?
Well, for starters there's missing code
                    votes!.saveInBackgroundWithBlock {
                        (success: Bool, error: NSError?) -> Void in
                        if (success) {

                        } else {
                            // There was a problem, check error.description
// Check which course the user is voting for
let courseOne = "DFGhKzW5Ze"
Check and manually giving let a value go together
I understand it's an example, but still
6:46 PM
this is where I ended up..... I have problems....
colors.rgb("blue") yields "#0000FF". colors.rgb("yellowish blue") yields NaN. colors.sort() yields "rainbow"
you should see where I am now.....ugh, I need to BTW.Work
@Malachi python?:D
I know very little python....
in Javascript Libraries, 17 secs ago, by Ismael Miguel
@Malachi Yup, where Samon or Salmon or whatever his name is tests Duga
One hour until the election ends!
7:03 PM
lol, Salmon? Thanks, @IsmaelMiguel
@SimonAndréForsberg Sorry :/ I was working really hard to remember your name :/
what did the xkcd img focus on then? :D
@skiwi Please, don't juse :/
54 minutes remaining!
7:08 PM
When will the results be made public @Jamal?
Shortly after the election ends.
A CM should also announce the winners on Meta.
well, I'm off, but I'd like to wish you all good luck ;)
48 minutes!
@DJanssens almost instantly after it ends if my bot thing works
oh he left
7:18 PM
Okay, I'm going to test it in its final state with both rooms. Duck and cover.
python StackElectChat.py codereview.stackexchange.com 1 8595,25330
Here we go, 38 minutes
Ugh, is there any way to type a literal backtick in an inline code segment?
like ` this??
Use 2 backticks
7:21 PM
This is on a main-site post?
or that
Neither way works
seq $1 looks the same as seq $1, and backslashes appear literally
Oh, that's odd
7:23 PM
I don't know
@SimonAndréForsberg doesn't work in posts on the main site
Aha! Using <code> works
still have to escape the backticks inside that though
HTML to the rescue!
@o11c, this room probably isn't the place to test this stuff, there is a Sandbox room you can use instead
How long is a string? Without you showing some relevant code (e.g. the function signature and a couple of typical usages), this question is unanswerable. And even with those details it belongs more on codereview.stackexchange.com. — hlovdal 12 secs ago
7:27 PM
@Quill It's for a comment
@Duga The post is very hypothetical
@Duga The post id for this is 22771177, wow! four doubles
@hlovdal: There's no code here, therefore it doesn't belong on Code Review. — Jamal 18 secs ago
@hlovdal CodeReview exists to review fully working code. Since this question has no code at all, it is off-topic there. I recommend reading the help section before redirecting anyone to any other website. — Ismael Miguel 34 secs ago
@Duga That should teach him
election ends

in 23 minutes
Really? What election?
7:37 PM
wait what?!
(I'm kidding!)
;p; or lol
Q: What are the skills for a good code reviewer?

AnticomI was wondering, whether there are any core skills to become a good code reviewer. Are there even quantifiable skills to have? Things I came up with are: Know the details and little twists of the programming language. Know common design patterns and anti patterns. Look out for consistent code ...

@CaptainObvious can that be moved to meta maybe? (just looking at title here)
I'm always confused about what exactly is on-topic on programmers.SE
7:39 PM
I asked my most controversial question yet over on SO yesterday:
Q: What was the rationale for making `return 0` at the end of `main` optional?

EdwardStarting with the C99 standard, the compiler is required to generate the equivalent of a return 0 or return EXIT_SUCCESS if no return is supplied at the end of main. There was also a corresponding and identical change to the C++ language standard around that same time. I am interested in the rea...

I'm sure that some questions offtopic here are ontopic there, but ...
@Malachi A Programmers mod has told me that it's too opinion-based.
@Jamal I was talking about Meta.CR
Even then, it's not a Meta question.
@Edward I commented; I don't understand why people are saying C and C++ should have separate answers since this part of the standard is done in close cooperation.
7:41 PM
@Jamal one more downvote and it can be deleted by community
@o11c I was not expecting the question to generate that much heat, but I agree with you on that.
@Jamal I've flagged it to be migrated over to meta. I think a bad meta question is better off on meta than on the main site where it's plain off-topic.
Whoa, I get close/reopen votes at 500 rep ..
@o11c enjoy while it lasts! :)
@o11c for another 16 minutes
7:44 PM
Yet, there are two delete votes on that question.
yeah, well.. I cast the last one.
@Undo Jamal, 200_success, Simon, Malachi (in that order)
If you go off primaries, that won't be the case
@michaelpri order doesn't matter, but okay
11 minutes
7:48 PM
I'm going for it all @Undo :)
@Mat'sMug not that anybody's counting...
Enough time for one more WoT battle. Then it's vote-counting time
vote-counting should be a whole.... millisecond, right?
Hmm, I still have time to switch my third vote...
7:49 PM
@Undo In my world, "WOT" is Wide Open Throttle. Who are you racing? :)
10 minutes!
world of tanks
It's actually a fairly good game
@CaptainObvious I was just telling @SimonAndréForsberg that the "good skills" question might be good for your meta if it were edited to "how do I answer Code Review questions well" as opposed to "how do I be a good code reviewer" but that could be too broad and/or a likely duplicate.
On mobile..
7:50 PM
@michaelpri I voted for @rolfl three times
@durron597 So did everyone.
@durron597 Lol, I would have :)
Looking forward to losing all priviliges!
What exactly do we know in 10 minutes?
@durron597 sure, why not
7:51 PM
@Undo Is it too late to switch my guess?
@michaelpri I... guess not?
@michaelpri it's only too late when the system says it's too late ;-)
@Undo Alright, I'll go with Jamal, 200, Simon, and Mat's (someone's probably done that already, but whatever)
ditto ^^^
@michaelpri That's my guess
7:53 PM
Huh, for some reason I have 10 less rep on meta?
@michaelpri Hey did you know your name was blue? You might want to see a doctor about that.
Can you vote for yourself in an election?
@michaelpri Yep
@Edward It's cause I'm special
@o11c caching
7:54 PM
I did it on SO in 2014
I am out of stars
@michaelpri Looks like it might be contagious, too.
@michaelpri I didn't know you can vote four times?
@Malachi Have a few more
five minutes. ITS HAPPENING
@Malachi Malachi'd unavailable
7:55 PM
@michaelpri @Undo I'll go with the same.
@durron597 You can't, but four are elected
@durron597 You can't but there's 4 open positions
In a parking lot picking up my kid at 4pm... think i can just ignore her?
@michaelpri Oh, those are just your guesses for the winners, not "who you voted for"
@durron597 Yes
7:55 PM
@rolfl Can you?
Yeah, I voted for three of them though
@rolfl nope.
Results will be posted in this room (The 2nd Monitor) first, followed by the election room.
She's loud...
7:56 PM
@rolfl why not?
@rolfl It's your right as a parent to ignore your child. That will reverse soon enough...
I count 3:30 here :)
rounding is bad
Everybody got their full placement predictions ready?
6 hours ago, by Undo
The first reply to this message with the correct four users gets a 200 rep bounty on mSE.
Last chance
@Quill I've bet all in
7:57 PM
Three minutes
was that question migrated? is it going to be migrated to meta?
@rolfl Depends on what kind of evening you want ;)
@Quill I predict four competent moderators. (i win!)
@Undo Mat's Mug, 200_success, Jamal, and Janos.
@Edward TS
7:57 PM
Simon is about equal with Janos in my predictions.
@Undo 200_success, Jamal, Simon, Mat's mug
Two minutes. Bot primed.
Jamal, Simon, 200_success, janos
Hey, I wonder if we could get a computer to count the votes?
7:58 PM
@Edward I wonder if I could review the code of the program used to count the votes?
Q: A Groovy Election

Simon André ForsbergImplementing the July 2015 Community Challenge seemed relevant considering it is election time. I decided to go with the strategy pattern as this can be implemented in many different ways. I did my own implementation of this first, and then later also added a "PascalElection" strategy, as that c...

i spelled that wrong
@durron597 Nah, it will never happen.
7:59 PM
watch me get myself IP banned reloading the page too much
@Quill you just went with the vote order on the questionnaire and primaries
@Quill You are correct about Quill < Ethan Bierlein < xxxxxxx at least.
7:59 PM
internet don't fail me now

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