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2:45 AM
Any thoughts on this sandboxed challenge (not mine, but the OP wants to run a popularity contest)?
Not many that you haven't already brought up, though I do think it would be VTCed as unclear if posted in its current state
I think adding some test cases will help for that
1 hour later…
3:55 AM
good morning
@pppery IST
4:16 AM
@Razetime do you play minecraft?
@Lyxal no, don't have it
4:50 AM
There are over 10k people who haven't done part 2 of yesterday
Part 2 yesterday was definitely a pain to do
It wasn't too difficult with the approach I used
But I mostly stumbled upon it by accident
It starts to require at least some amount of math/CS/problem solving/whatever
3 minutes
4:57 AM
anyway, 3
ive got chalk at the ready and a clean driveway
1m, glhf!
i used to do aoc inside but imma do it outdoors lol
1; good luck everyone!
@Lyxal do the whole problem by hand with chalk on your driveway ez
4:59 AM
oh, and badn't luck to yall
cellular automata
im not going for rank im going for completion
5:14 AM
spent too long bugfixing p2 :/
Halfway done with part 1 :p
nice xD
that was fun
second part is tough
Day       Time  Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 11   00:14:15   495      0   00:19:39   280      0
for once I didn't make any incredibly large mistakes
just flipped the death rule into a survival rule lmao
second part is only tough if you're trying to be functional
5:21 AM
stupid lists in python
Man JS is not the right tool for the job here
I likewise spent a long time bugfixing part 2, ending up with 160/409
@Lyxal i only had to mess with deep cloning because i chose to
@RedwolfPrograms definitely lol
5:26 AM
i just ran a first pass to get the relevant "neighbors" for each seat to see which seats they need to care about for part 2
i assume it would've been too slow otherwise
hmm i'm wondering, should i share my template lol
it's a trade secret
How long did y'alls take to run?
Got part one!
@HyperNeutrino Nope, my part 2 didn't do that and was fast enough
(it takes several seconds, which is long enough to be noticable when I run it, but not too long)
Mine took like five minutes
okay it helps to read the part where it's applied simultaneously
5:35 AM
oh, okay. then again i don't know how many runs my code did
89 apparently
mine takes 2 seconds (TIO timing)
yknow what
charcoal wouldve been the perfect language for this...
@ASCII-only PeekVonNeumann right
My part 2 has taken like 5m already :/
Wait! It just finished!
what the heck did you do for part 2
mine took no more than like 10 seconds on part 2
5:42 AM
@RedwolfPrograms do you cache the relevant positions that each seat needs to watch
im dumb but it took 2 seconds to run
@HyperNeutrino no need bro
and that wasn't with remembering the locations of the visible seats
that's overkill wth
oh okay
mine takes 2 seconds lol
mine takes 2 seconds with no special handling
5:43 AM
i should have cached the positions lmao
wait then how do you do it
Maybe I shouldn't have stored mine as a string and split it each time I wanted a part of it
the way i'm doing it whether or not i save the positions with a first-pass doesn't change how long it takes to code
I got both right first try though, after like 15 minutes each of debugging and running
5:44 AM
Wait make that 30 and 15
Day       Time  Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 11   00:32:27  2611      0   00:42:35  1696      0
@Razetime not only that... the undocumented PeekDirection for part 2
smh my head
@RedwolfPrograms don't split it just keep it split bruh
charcoal would've been easy
as a list of strings
I know, I was just trying to write the code fast :p
bruh smh
5:45 AM
@ASCII-only pretty sure that's there in the docs
1st one was easy with window
2nd one is pain with window smh
i can imagine
@Razetime yea im just kinda dumb forgot it took in two arguments
what's window :o
you know, i was almost going to hijack my jelly game of life code until i realized there were three cell types lmao
There may actually be a way to get the diagonals easily through stencil
maybe I need to check some docs
:o that's cheating
5:50 AM
pretty much lol
wait that's op xD
i was actually hoping to get a lot higher than part 1 how are people so fast :c
At least I got top 2500 :p
Actually there's still less than 2500 people completed
5:53 AM
2418, 2166
how can you tell
didn't you place 2611th
holy crap i actually did it
5:54 AM
so that's 4.5k with first star
> Each * or * star represents up to 3428 users.
i was testing my code on the test case, saw it output the expected answer, and said "hmm i wonder what's wrong with it"
not realising i had it right
> Duck is the common name for numerous species in the waterfowl family Anatidae which also includes swans and geese.
5:56 AM
I thought we were quoting random parts of websites
> Operands are denoted by x, y, z and a respectively.
holy crap these docs are terrible
oh the waterfowl family includes swans and geese
who even wrote this
okay i dont get the joke
5:57 AM
can i do a git blame
i can't read i thought it was saying people called swans/geese "ducks" and i was like whomst
no chalk today :(
well im playing on redwolf's server
Why am I getting 33 seats with the example for part 2
@RedwolfPrograms get on mc
@Lyxal Can't, it's super late here and I'm about to go to bed :/
6:07 AM
aw ok
You can still play if you want
@Bubbler maybe you're not stopping at first seat (whether empty or filled)?
Frick, I messed up x and y coordinates and was pairing a seat at (x,y) with the count at (y,x)
A mistake which would never happen in other language
@Lyxal downloading mc on artix... clearly this is going to end well
@ASCII-only clearly
6:20 AM
maybe i should get optifine. hmm....
No, I was not messing up with x and y
I forgot a call to transpose while I was padding the array (which should have been pad-transpose-pad-transpose but it was just pad-transpose-pad) D:
10kbps download speed, nice
i feel like i lost connection before i even joined
6:42 AM
I'm off for a bit but I'll be back soon hopefully
wait. keepinventory is on
7:05 AM
@ASCII-only I have to go sorry
7:16 AM
@Bubbler nah it's hard sometimes to remember if 2d array indexing is inverted so row-major arrays are accessed as a[x][y] instead of a[y][x], because I know there's some language that does that but I can never remember which
i always use a[r][c] and usually it helps me make sure i don't get it backwards
@UnrelatedString At least an indexing would be consistent inside a single language, e.g. if you access one matrix with a[x][y], you'd not access another matrix with b[y][x], whether row-major or column-major
@Bubbler does factor...
oh no
7:31 AM
Factor doesn't have that syntax at all, but at least I was doing the item access correctly (though I could mess them up while moving around the stack items)
so your issue was really just that it was hard to keep in order when using the stack
makes sense
and it was not the issue, the real issue was that I forgot to call transpose in one place
I... really need to implement APL primitives in Factor
3 hours later…
10:51 AM
How's everyone going right now?
11:14 AM
whatcha mean
11:27 AM
@Lyxal i've been fishing forever but no enchanted fishing rods :p
11:40 AM
@ASCII-only did you find the chest with the iron armour I left for you?
i never went there lol
@Lyxal btw why can the entire spawn chunk not be mined
correction. i can't interact with it at all
12:01 PM
That's default behaviour
Spawn Chunk protection
@ASCII-only That's a new one. What does it mean?
y'know what
i have absolutely no clue
1 hour later…
1:18 PM
Why are there six messages in russian in the chat flags thing
@ASCII-only I'll op you
1 hour later…
2:45 PM
I created an tag for my newest question, seems like it could be a good idea since we have so many questions where the main goal is producing infinite output with some sort of restriction
2:57 PM
Q: Follow a linked list

Redwolf ProgramsFor this challenge, a linked list looks like this: [1, 2, 4, 0, 6, 1, 3, 1] You'll notice there's no data; each item in the list is just a reference to the index of the next one. Your task is to write a program or function which will follow a linked list like this forever, outputting each item a...

@RedwolfPrograms most infinite output stuff falls within , right
Not necessarily, just search "infinite output is:q" to see what I mean
maybe it makes sense
3:22 PM
@RedwolfPrograms You need quotes around the "infinite output". Without them, you get any questions that have both the words "infinite" and "output" (130 ish). With them, you get 14 results
I know, that was just to show that there are at least a few other questions where the tag makes sense, and I'm sure there are plenty others that don't specifically include both words.
10 if ignoring , and further investigation shows that only 6 of those are open and require infinite output (rather than banning it). It doesn't seem like its a necessary tag, or that it really adds anything extra to tagging that simply including the phrase "infinite output" wouldn't do
I disagree; many questions involving infinite output won't necessarily include the phrase "infinite output". I think it could be useful to be able to search the tag, and even if it won't get more than ten or twenty questions, it could still be helpful (we have tags for certain programming languages that only have a few questions)
@RedwolfPrograms You could open a meta question on it
(and I'm against the language tags, don't think it's useful having a bunch of tags for languages that only have a tips page)
I'll work on a meta post
Any thoughts on the title?
3:38 PM
"Proposal for new tag: [infinite-output]" is the standard format IIRC
4:14 PM
Q: Mimic the X11 Primary selection

LescurelBackground In X11 (a windowing system used by a lot of Unix-like OS), what you would call the clipboard behave a bit differently than on other OSes like MacOS or Windows. While the "traditional" clipboard using ctrl+v/ctrl+c works, there is also another clipboard, called PRIMARY selection, that b...

Q: Proposal for tag: [infinite-output]

Redwolf ProgramsI recently created the infinite-output tag for my newest challenge. After a discussion in chat, there's a bit of disagreement on whether it's needed. Here are some questions I think the tag would apply to: Shortest code to produce infinite output (For obvious reasons) Implement a truth machine (...

anybody used tinylisp here?
5:03 PM
So what's happening with Best of CGCC 2020?
@user We usually post them in Jan/Feb to allow for any latecomers
We could post the category call now if people want that
That makes sense.
Is the call for categories also done then (or the end of December)?
Looking at past years, it seems it's posted early Jan, then the voting post happens late Jan/early Feb
Cool, thanks
1 hour later…
6:41 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Thought: may be too specific. or something that implies that programs shouldn't finish might be better, as we have a lot more of those
For example, answers to this shouldn't ever halt (theoretically of course), but wouldn't exactly have "infinite output"
Hmm, true. Maybe post an answer to the proposal suggesting it so people can vote.
Suggestions for a tag name? doesn't sounds good to me
Not sure, maybe ?
Rust and Haskell call them diverging
6:48 PM
That's even worse than :P I think I'll go with , but I'll include "gimme suggestions" in my answer
Probably the best choice for now
Can tags be renamed, or just deleted and a new one made?
infinite-loop excludes functions that deadlock on mutexes, IO, ...
@RedwolfPrograms IIRC you can't rename a tag, but there are multiple different options to get rid of it
@JohnDvorak I like that
(or duracell if you're outside the US)
@RedwolfPrograms I'll allow it if you can manage to line up a sponsorship.
6:52 PM
The easiest way to delete a tag is to edit it out of all questions it's currently on and the system deletes it automatically at the end of the month
Other ways are to suggest a synonym, or flag it as needing to be mod-nuked (for rude tags)
How about a compromise, ?
@RedwolfPrograms Given that it looks like this has a pretty solid consensus (+7/0 vs +1/0), would you mind accepting my answer?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Done
Ah, time to enjoy that imaginary +15 meta rep :P
ಠ_ಠ I just realised I have more Good Answer badges on Meta than Main
I think I only have one Good Answer badge on the entire network
7:12 PM
I accidentally made a tag wiki edit and my rep isn't a multiple of two, can someone downvote this?
@RedwolfPrograms No, because it isn't downvote worthy :P
Hmm, I disagree :p
Also, tag wiki edits are +2, that shouldn't change the parity of your rep
I meant ten
Go make 4 more tag wiki edits then :P
7:15 PM
I hit 7500 earlier, only 250 upvotes to go until I get 10k!
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
Oh, I just realized there are 13 blank spaces total in between the existing AOC challenges...I bet they'll end up out of order as we make our way back to the north pole
It'll probably be something like "oh no, we have to turn around to [hand waving]" then we'll return and the 25th will be at the equator
@RedwolfPrograms why don't you just go for more obscure rep counts such as 112255?
I do have a screenshot of 6969
@Neil checks Neil's rep count
9:28 PM
Wow I missed a lot
Suggested tag name: indefiniteLyxal 1 min ago
@Lyxal It's a bit vague, don't you think?
I'll be home in an hour, anyone planning on being on the server?
Probably yes
@cairdcoinheringaahing well program execution runs for an indefinite amount of time
As compared to something like Hello world, which is definite in time
@Lyxal It's not a bad suggestion, it's just not as descriptive as for example
Especially as indefinite can mean vague/undefined, which might not be a good tag for new users to accidently use
9:46 PM
CMQ: Do you think you should be able to vote on your own posts on Meta?
@RedwolfPrograms No. If you don't agree with it, don't post it
Given that votes are used to signify agreement/disagreement on Meta
Hmm, true.
9:59 PM
That being said, if its a consensus question and you want to post an option you don't agree with so as to provide both sides, you can leave a comment saying that you'd personally down vote it
(^ only applies to answers)
10:17 PM
@Lyxal Personally, I disagree with that as well. If someone genuinely has that opinion and wants it to potentially be consensus/included in the discussion, then they should post it
@RedwolfPrograms are you on?
@Lyxal Getting on now, just got home
i feel like the fortress is in the soul sand valley
10:34 PM
FYI you guys, we did have a CGCC gaming room that I'm sure a mod'll be willing to unfreeze if you want a more specific room
If you guys want it just let me know
We can use in game chat for now I think
BTW raided 16 gold blocks from the bastion
11:21 PM
We're doing dragon fight soon, if anyone wants to join

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