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12:02 AM
12:31 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I gotta go for now
Feel free to finish if you want
@Lyxal I gotta get dinner. We can finish killing it tomorrow, or maybe later tonight/today.
Okay sounds good
My bed strat failed
My pillar strat failed :p
Anyway see y'all in a few hours
1:19 AM
@HyperNeutrino I think it should be unfrozen
@Lyxal okay i've unfrozen it
i think so too cuz ideally we don't talk about gaming in TNB itself
@HyperNeutrino :pogchamp:
1 hour later…
2:49 AM
3:06 AM
The joys of back end development...my reverse proxy is adding leading forward slashes to all the paths, and that's costed me three days of debugging
Fixed! The usefulness of stack overflow is almost enough to offset my disappointment toward whoever decided the slashes in URLs should be so confusingly handled
3:22 AM
@RedwolfPrograms i wonder what the creator of /// was thinking when they made it
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
I'm out of the AoC league today
o crap I'm not at home
10 minutes
Almost would be about to miss AoC
@Bubbler why so?
It's not hard for u guys, I think
4:55 AM
time to get memed again
like i just mean time to mess up as a result of hard problem set
4:57 AM
i spent way too long on p2 yesterday lol
You didn't get 1900th place :p
got my sightline logic wrong and then stored my values in the wrong format except neither of them caused an error it was just wrong answer
4:58 AM
im here dw
4:59 AM
...it's degrees
Messed up on p1 :/
i can't believe i spent so long on that stupid bug
frick part 2
i'm so dumb
5:08 AM
I fucked so much up
still on part 1 waiting to submit lmao
friendly reminder that -1 ** 2 is equal to -1 (in python at least)
cost me like at least 2 mins
it took me waaaaaaay too long to read the part 2 sepc right lmao
Day       Time  Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 12   00:09:07   641      0   00:15:21   317      0
I would have done better on part 1 except I made a one-character typo which took me a while to debug
@HyperNeutrino It parses that as -(1**2)
i forgot that negative number literals don't exist :/
so i spent soo long on that
I was just kind of slow on part 1 aside from not realizing the turns are in degrees and not number of right angles
5:18 AM
at least my p2 rank was like, reasonable
I forgot the freaking starting offset
I understood part 1 perfectly, but suck at implementing left and right turns in code.
Day       Time  Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 12   00:09:30   718      0   00:18:42   580      0
@pppery complex numbers
5:19 AM
Complex numbers? I just did [-w[1], w[0]]
always use complex on coordinate problems like this
it makes it so much easier
Not in JS :p
left turn is just * 1j, right turn is * -1j
and then you can jsut add the orientation to the position
which translated incredibly well to part 2's waypoint thing
i could have hit top 100 if i had actually read the spec lmao
5:21 AM
Something has gone horribly wrong in our story, because Day 13 is above Day 12
Happened to me a few days ago
changing part 1 to 2 was super easy based on the way I implemented it so that was nice
@pppery See my theory above
uhhhhh lol?
5:21 AM
the ferry's navigation is really fucked i guess
I also note that my part 2 answer was over 10,000 units north
There are exactly enough gaps in the ASCII art for us to double back and return to the north pole, then to the equator. We run back to get something.
my part two answer was like 150k lol
A few days ago I had all the exact builtins I needed to get top ten or so, and then I made a mistake and got three minutes of delays
Wait nobody star anything, the starboard matches the default OEIS search
lol nice xD
5:25 AM
what does it mean when i turn left?
what happens to the waypoints cords?
it rotates around the ship so if it's [x, y] then it becomes [-y, x]
or just multiply by i
How do you type so fast
@UnrelatedString No, I think it had to return to the airport to escape the storm.
Proof I knew this would happen:
8 hours ago, by Redwolf Programs
Oh, I just realized there are 13 blank spaces total in between the existing AOC challenges...I bet they'll end up out of order as we make our way back to the north pole
@RedwolfPrograms idk if you're asking me but i type fast mostly cuz i started writing essays for school stuff pretty early and also procrastination so i need to be fast lmao, and my overall typing speed is pretty alright lol
5:31 AM
of course today had to be directions. my one weakness
Anyone else get east and west mixed up, though?
did today on phone
i choked hard on part 2 tho
brainfart for like 10 mins...
@RedwolfPrograms Why would that cause a problem?
All that the question asks for is the absolute value.
^ it doesnt matter
5:33 AM
Unless you get them swapped halfway through
i used Cartesian so north is +ve, using screen coords its the opposite
well it might screw up your rotation if you use complex
if you keep it consistent it's probably fine
how i got < 2k with snail typing i will never know
snail typing and bad choke
A lot of people seem to have dropped out after the last few days
13% or so per day
In 2019, 97% of all people who started failed to save Santa.
5:37 AM
i forgot it could rotate multiple times
Me too
I just gave up and used a for loop
Me too, except it wasn't giving up and I planned to use a for loop from the start
hang on why did they link to what a PA system is
it's extremely irrelevant to solving the challenge
I wondered that
I almost clicked on "manhattan distance" instead of the input
also why didnt they add a test case where the waypoint rotates left?
because the left rotation is whats screwing up my program
5:39 AM
What are you using?
            times = direction[1] // 90
            for n in range(times):
                  t = way_row
                  way_row = -way_col
                  way_col = t
way_row is the x of the waypoint and way_col is the y of the waypoint
It should be [y, -x] for left I think
okay now im confused
HN said [-y, x] but you're saying [y, -x]
who's right?
The left one
The right one is for left
This is making it worse.
[-y, x] rotates right
[y, -x] rotates left
i asked "what does it mean to turn left" and HN said "[-y, x]"
5:42 AM
Oh, never mind
but now you beg to differ
i already said im trash with directions
If you know right works, you can just cheat by rotating right by 360 - n degrees
As if 5 mins waiting time wasn't long enough, they make you wait 10 mins if you screw up too much
Would it be cheating to test your input and then you ask me if it's correct? Ten minutes is pretty harsh.
there's the input
@RedwolfPrograms did you test it?
5:53 AM
Uh...apparently it breaks Javascript.
Everything is just returning undefined
This is the weirdest bug I've ever seen, let me restart my computer
I never checked to make sure the angles are all actually multiples of 90 so I just used Euler's formula lmao
complex numbers for the win
@Lyxal Okay, I think I have the solution for yours. What are you getting?
Completely forgot about complex numbers
6:03 AM
i'm pretty sure i'm right...?
which way do your directions face
mine are + = north/east
ohhh I use negative for north
i don't like imagining it as screen coords, i still think of it from math cartesian grid
i like complex tho cuz it's unambiguous
unfortunate for JS but it makes it so much nicer in py at least
cool I finished it
APL worked pretty well for this
just needed a bit to correctly rotate stuff
yesterday's was more difficult to fix
6:11 AM
@RedwolfPrograms 168611
Lower or higher?
The correct answer is higher
Is your code in Python?
If you want I can compare it to mine and look for any obvious differences
6:15 AM
Here's the left turn snippet:
    times = direction[1] // 90
    for k in range(times):
          temp = way_col
          way_col = way_row
          way_row = -temp
Is your north positive or negative?
The issue might not be in the turns, then. That code looks fine.
Does it work for the sample input?
@Lyxal nasty. even in js i used parallel assignment
@RedwolfPrograms yes
6:21 AM
@Lyxal yo do u have ur code
@HyperNeutrino same lmao, it's what i'm more familiar
BTW in python x, y = y, x lets you swap variables
so you can do parallel reassignments
@HyperNeutrino not a big issue tbh not like it's much longer
true but like
Im more focused on solving than elegance at this stage
a) i'm lazy
b) saving a few seconds can matter a good amount
i mean, unless i just forget about operator precedence and get 284th :/
6:23 AM
@HyperNeutrino in js it's [x, y] = [y, x]
>:( still salty i had to do it on phone smh
oh, rip
which part, lyxal
1 or 2
part 1 easy part 2 not
6:24 AM
part2 also kinda easy
it works exactly as dictated by the sample input
both parts very easy
but not on the big input
ah yes, frick.py
i feel like you got ur signs mixed up on L and R
6:26 AM
I tried swapping them on mine but I got a totally different result than Lyxal's
@RedwolfPrograms liar
it was lower
6:28 AM
turns out i had it working for about 30 mins now
you know you couldve just submitted right
I said the correct result was higher, ohhhhh I'm so sorry I misread that as 16 thousand I'm sorry
at one point i had an extremely incomplete solution that just happened by total coincindence to give the right answer for the example
@RedwolfPrograms oh wow
well the example is small
also it has literally 3 different operations
6:29 AM
yep lol
out of the 7 possible ones
Worse, hn said their answer was "like 150k" and redwolf said it was higher than 160k
TIL don't trust chat. Trust chalk
Chalk good it doesn't lie
And it doesn't make mistakes
wait what happened
That was totally my fault, I'm really sorry about that :(
also why is 13 going backward in the map
mine was 13340
6:32 AM
@HyperNeutrino I asked redwolf to verify my answer, I said 160k, he said higher but the real answer was lower
All's good now
I misread it as a five digit number :/
are the outputs all in close range?
@Lyxal fr tho why didn't you try submitting
you have more than enough time
can submit like 5 times in 30 mins
It was delaying by like 10 minutes for them
6:33 AM
@ASCII-only 10 min delays that's why
how th did you get it to 10 min delays o_o
I really think those increasing delays are too harsh
>5 attempts
@RedwolfPrograms i don't think so tbh
1 min, 5 mins then 10
6:34 AM
see the thing is
i couldn't even figure out 5 different ways to do it if i tried
I think 1 -> 2 -> 4 -> 8 would be better than 1 -> 5 -> 10
isn't it like 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 5 -> 10
5 mins is bearable, 10 mins makes you precious about submitting
eh i mean
6:36 AM
What does it do after 10, an hour?
if it takes 30 mins to debug, 10 mins doesn't hurt
It didn't, I just made a mistake
How's this for a fall from grace:
Day       Time   Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 12   00:07:50    429      0   01:27:25  5274      0
and i thought i did bad on part 2
@Lyxal I was in the 10,000s for day 7 lol
6:42 AM
Off topic: it costs $469aud a year to register and keep the numberplate "Frick" in New South Wales
a year o_o
A year
also, since when was literally everyone in australia
Totally worth it, especially since the price ends in $69
6:43 AM
out of the people on the minecraft server, lyxal, taco and i are in australia i think?
@ASCII-only we need JoKing to join and then we'll have more people down under
I'm surprised y'all don't lag super bad, being 14,000 km from my server
we're all surprised too
@RedwolfPrograms well actually I do
You just don't see it
lemme get an mc launcher
6:47 AM
i did yay -S minecraft and it somehow just worked
Can someone look at spawn please
I built something epic
But scuffed it in the making
If it wasn't one in the morning I would
You know what, what the heck
It's a weekend
i would if there wasn't spawn chunk protection
@RedwolfPrograms go to sleep
I opped you, ascii-only
6:48 AM
I've bullied people into sleeping before so I'll do it agian
well... correction then. i would if i could find diamonds
i've found 40 iron at lava layer
Wait, normal spawn or stronghold spawn?
should really set up a discord server or something to avoid polluting tnb further btw
Go to the CG&CC Gaming room
7:20 AM
@ASCII-only it's almost as if we already have one
7:47 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

qwrScramble a Megaminx! A megaminx is a dodecahedral version of the familiar Rubik's cube. Since 2008, the World Cube Association uses Stefan Pochmann's megaminx scrambler. The scrambles look like this: R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- U' R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- U' R++ D++ R--...

3 hours later…
10:24 AM
@Neil is there a way to convert a direction string to one of the predefined direction constants?
10:36 AM
@Razetime what's this
Presumably charcoal
what even is charcoal smh
Honestly idk
Something about a golfing language
Problem is I think it isn't ascii only
I hear it has unicode
i heard it has a custom codepage
anyway am i going senile what's a direction string
Ask razetime because I actually don't know
I do know that Razetime uses charcoal so thats the assumption I made
@ASCII-only kinda ironic really
10:46 AM
damn i changed my avatar a couple years ago for halloween
and just never changed it back lmao
just noticed
So what was it originally?
Why Ascii-only when charcoal uses Unicode chars?
link. the story goes, he didn't make his name literally "ascii-only" so i thought someone had to
"Dr Green Eggs and Iron Man"?
Dang i missed out on a lot
10:54 AM
@ASCII-only ah yes you're online for now
pls help
yea, question. wth is a direction string
Like change "NSEW" to [:Up, :Down, :Right, :Left]
or even "^v><" to that
you can use Direction(AtIndex("udlr", Find("NSEW", c))) maybe?
is Direction/Directions undocumented? maybe
10:58 AM
didn't come up when I ctrl-F'd Direction
Hey while we're talking about charcoal: was there ever a verbosifier made?
Like I know there's a deverbosifier (very helpful NGL), but can I go the other way?
@Lyxal i mean, there's always astify?
is there a usecase for turning something into the verbose form and not just writing it like that in the first place?
another question
Mainly learning charcoal/seeing what the verbose representation of a symbolic expression is
what does Rule(→) do
11:01 AM
for the mathematica subset it had lmao
idk what i was doing tbh
Okay astify is epic
@Razetime btw
@ASCII-only great, I'll use it
@Lyxal there are one or two bugs, if you find them a PR/ping would be greatly appreciated. funnily enough, the link above does encounter one of said bugs i just cba fixing rn
guys wanna see something cursed?
link. link 2 - half expected this to simplify but i guess not. link 3
link 4 oh boy is this cursed. i think i've cursed myself enough for today so i'll stop
@ASCII-only Ta da
11:14 AM
@Razetime btw2
oo multiline string
here is the relevant code. basically, it tries to read it as a python list (if it's not a list, it fails); when that fails it splits by newline if it's multiple lines, otherwise by space. as a side effect, sometimes it acts weird when you give it one line, if you add a newline at the end of input that'll make it split by line instead
I just use q and h most of the time and take input as an array
wait what
11:26 AM
so it automatically finds a preset variable initialized to strings in the program
more like, it's specialcased for the four (?) string (and three? numeric) preset variables
@Razetime enjoy having it go out of memory on the real input
that is the real input lol
oh its aoc ripoff
@ASCII-only any way to prevent that tho
11:30 AM
just dont draw anything ezpz
I'm solving AOC in APL alone
@ASCII-only b r u h
@ASCII-only Anyway this is the one codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/54301/…
in charcoal for today's aoc you'd just print i() + j()
or something
@Razetime if it doesn't use ruld then I'd just use the direction integers e.g. WS«≔⌕ENW§ι⁰θ✳⊗θק>^<vθΣι
oh snap forgot it took in integers too
@Neil why's it only have "ENW" without the "S"
11:35 AM
oh bc it's python, if it doesn't find it Find returns -1. which is the direction of S
@Razetime yeah I golfed Cast(Slice(i, 1)) to Sum(i) as well for instance
@Neil was a bit confused till I read the docs lol
@Razetime also this
11:45 AM
@ASCII-only although I don't think Sum works on lists any more for some reason
lists of lists that is
mind you, I still haven't gotten around to verifying your fix for dictionaries, otherwise I would have mentioned it sooner
@Razetime seems to be a bit missing from the post (it's in the TIO link though)
silly html tags
the part after < just got removed
rip, here's the problem
that list of lists functionality must have been accidentally removed ages ago
@Razetime HTML tags? they shouldn't apply inside a code block, unless you're doing something silly with your posts
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