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7:02 PM
How do I make it so that julia will wait on a process before continuing execution?
don't do wait() plain tho
that's a bad idea, it's hard to unpause
i was right?
7:06 PM
yeah but you need an argument
i am good
I push all input, close stdin, then wait for the process before reading stdout
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ that's almost as easy as guessing mathematica function names
@eaglgenes101 then pass a process as arg, it will continue once the process has completed
7:07 PM
xz isn't crash-prone, so this should work and eventually go on
@Mego i give up. IMO it cannot be done
Here's what I have so far
@Mego I think the issue is specific to . This meta post of mine is very closely related to yours
@eaglgenes101 actually, your best idea: use 'remotecall'
It spawns xz, pushes input, closes input, then waits for xz to return
At least that's theory
In practice, juliabox hasn't returned after several minutes
7:10 PM
I use a terminal version :p
this is a nice site
@DJMcMayhem Yep
@eaglgenes101 probably your best option is to break the function into 2 parts: input and then output. use the wait call with a remotecall()
1 sec, making example
wait, what exactly are you waiting for?
the writing?
I want to get how big the output of xz is when fed a given diff'd version of moby dick
7:14 PM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ That's why there's a bounty :P If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth 200 rep :P
There's probably an easier way to reach the goal than spawning, feeding, and waiting
@cairdcoinheringaahing but impossible it may be
he warned that already
@eaglgenes101 why do you need to wait at all?
To make sure that xz finishes outputting whatever it comes up with to stdout before I start reading
actually, why are you doing this in julia? >_>
oh, the mutation
7:16 PM
Or is that unneccesary?
probably could do that in bash tho
is there a easy way to computer the square root of (2^x)-1?
@eaglgenes101 I think so
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ yes, sqrt(2^x-1)
that's the same as 2^(x/2) - 1 fwiw, 38616458.5
ok cuz i have 2^77,232,917-1
and need the square root
what lang are you doing this in?
please don't say python
7:19 PM
uhh tbh i cannot find one to do it for me
because away from home
one what?
a language
i have to have online interpreter
use C
I think I came up with an easier way
Well time to see if this leads me to another Y
good luck
7:20 PM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ do you have any idea how large that number is
@LeakyNun I don't think so
your computer literally cannot handle the result
sqrt(2^x-1) ≈ 2^(x/2)
i know how big it is
7:20 PM
that's assuming you want to store every digit
@LeakyNun what, it's not like it's more digits than space in the observable universe or anything
@LeakyNun yeah
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ ...
@Riker that's approx 33MB
@LeakyNun I was being sarcastic ;p
(I mean techinically what I said was true but whatever)
7:22 PM
@LeakyNun see i can handle that
in which language
again, i am looking
repl.it is being slow for some reason :P
@LeakyNun he doesn't know yet but he really should use C
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ it always is
lol that segfaults
rikermacbookpro:~ rikerw$ ./a.out
Segmentation fault: 11
it is dumb
graph of y=exp(x) in Z_3
7:27 PM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ I highly doubt C is capable of doing that as simply as your code is
@Riker :P
@LeakyNun um, the numbers are kinda out of order
@EriktheOutgolfer :P
think base 3
Trying to see is a language is non TC hence i need my sqrt
@LeakyNun My laptop was fine calculating the integer square root (in Haskell)
7:29 PM
@H.PWiz I see
It is 11624713 digits long
@LeakyNun oh so it's kinda like each triplet of trits (from the end) is reversed
@EriktheOutgolfer right
im trying to find sqrt(2^77232917-1) in bc but my processor isnt very fast :/
@H.PWiz in base 10 or base 10?
@betseg What?
7:31 PM
every base is base 10 in their own base :P
@EriktheOutgolfer you know p-adic integers?
@H.PWiz um, did you calculate it? Haskell is kinda lazy, try doing print 2**77,232,917-1 in Python and you'll see how much it actually is (hint: don't)
@H.PWiz right there Christopher was simply doing pow(2,38616458) and expecting it to work :p
@LeakyNun looks like you are really fascinated :D
7:33 PM
tfw you add additional logging to debug a character encoding issue only to find that your logfile was ascii
question marks galore
$ time bc -l <<< sqrt(2^77232-1)
bc -l <<< sqrt(2^77232-1)  16.54s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 16.548 total
should i try the 77232917
go for it
@EriktheOutgolfer isn't the graph beautiful
@EriktheOutgolfer It's not unreasonable in Haskell TIO
@Riker at least 5 hours, and i'll be sleeping by then :/
7:34 PM
I might set it up with screen and see if I can leave it running like that
"but why?"
@betseg if you find it just message me with it :P
@H.PWiz well, imagine printing the number as-is, I guess it would take forever to print
@LeakyNun no, why not
@LeakyNun talking to me?
7:35 PM
talking to whomsoever is trying to calculate the isqrt of 2^whatever - 1
aw shite I forgot the -1
too lazy to fix that tho
@EriktheOutgolfer Took me around 9 secs to pipe the output to a file
Vim doesn't like it very much though
@H.PWiz but what if you print directly to stdout
LibArchive seems like a reasonable alternative, but it expect to be handed files rather than strings or arrays
7:39 PM
to whomever knows ring theory: exp defines an isomorphism between pZ_p and 1+pZ_p
@LeakyNun I meant with p-adic numbers in general
@EriktheOutgolfer aren't they beautiful
@LeakyNun weird in a beautiful way
@EriktheOutgolfer Huh, turns out it took around 10 secs. My laptop is a lot faster than my old PC for IO
CMC: given an even number, output the first consecutive prime pair with that difference
e.g. 4 -> 7,11
(you may output the lower, or the higher, or both, but you must be consistent)
7:41 PM
@H.PWiz can you upload the file and send it to me?
6 -> 23, 29
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ The number, or the integer square root? Also, only if my upload speed can cope
@H.PWiz square root
@LeakyNun what should the program output for 7?
I might. Waht do you need iyt for?
@betseg even
7:42 PM
checking legendre conjecture
22 secs ago, by H.PWiz
@betseg even
@H.PWiz 3->2,5 5->2,7 7->?
@LeakyNun ^
3 mins ago, by Leaky Nun
CMC: given an even number, output the first consecutive prime pair with that difference
> given an even number
oh missed that
$\Huge{\rm even}$
7:44 PM
what is Bven
@LeakyNun in jelly that's 8 bytes btw
are you sure it doesn't give 5,11 for 6
what is that constant that you do like @^3^n where @ is the constant
and the result is prime
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ mill
7:49 PM
@LeakyNun it gives 23
@Riker n o f u n a l l o w e d
@quartata ikr
@EriktheOutgolfer nice
screen -d gives you "You may wish for a screen" too
@LeakyNun ty
7:50 PM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ np
@EriktheOutgolfer I wanna try now
@EriktheOutgolfer 23 or 23,29?
it gives the minimum
Jelly, 8 bytes: Try it online!
Looking forward to getting my free SE swag :D
In Husk I can do the minimum in 8 and the pair in 10
7:54 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer well done
@Mego they removed jester?
wait hold up
btw my p-adic program, if anyone is interested:
def reciprocal(base,precision,n):
	if n==1: return 1
	index = 1
	while pow(base,index,n) != 1:
		index += 1
	index = (precision//index+2)*index
	return base**precision-base**index//n%base**precision

def to_base(num,base,precision):
	res = ""
	for _ in range(precision):
		res = str(num%base) + res
		num //= base
	return res

def gcd(a,b):
	while b:
		a,b = b,a%b
	return a

def exp(p,n,precision):
	precision += 10
	old_res = 0
	res = 1
	add = 1
	i = 1
	m = p**precision
	while old_res != res:
		g = gcd(m,i)
I got an offer for an internship (pays also!) for a fiber company and i will be working with them on the computer and tech stuff and will be stationed right under the prez of the company! :DDD
@LeakyNun Actually, 15 bytes: ╗1⌠;P@uP-╜=⌡╓iP
@Mego nice
7:56 PM
@quartata No, I was saying that Jester was a terrible Neutral role that unbalanced games
I would be quite happy if anyone can optimize any part of my program
e.g. I could use some totient in my reciprocal
@LeakyNun You could post it to Code Review prepares for backlash
How do I spawn a process in C without exec or fork? Like how a shell does it.
@LeakyNun Optimize it for what goal?
@Pavel Shells use fork+exec (often called spawn)
7:58 PM
well, there are two possible goals: speed and memory
@EriktheOutgolfer Could be bytes :P
@Mego good luck
@Mego Ah. So the main process just waits for the other to finish, it doesn't actually get suspended?
A: Assuming that if $n$ is odd then $n^3$ is odd, show that the cube root of 2 is irrational.

Kenny LauAiming for a contradiction, let the cube root of $2$ be rational. So, we have $\sqrt[3]2 = \dfrac p q$, where $p$ and $q$ are integers. Cubing both sides, we obtain $2 = \dfrac{p^3}{q^3}$, which gives us $2q^3 = p^3$, i.e. $q^3 + q^3 = p^3$. However, by Fermat's last theorem, this has no solut...

OP fell right into that one
@Mego speed
I'm writing a shell for a school project and I'm not sure how to make that work.
8:02 PM
Me right now: I need a easy 7.5k rep...
@Pavel Yep
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Why?
Does there exist a pair of prime numbers with a difference of n for all even n?
@cairdcoinheringaahing i want to hit 10k rep
to hit 10k network i only need 5.7k
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ So post answers/questions
8:06 PM
@DJMcMayhem Sure. Proof is left as an exercise for the reader.
working on that
I have literally no clue how to prove that
Intuitively, I'd expect the answer to be yes, but it's beyond me to prove it
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Yay, I need 1004 :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing waanna sharreee?
I have a bounty going up when the OEIS challenge dies, but it'll be a lot of work to beat the current earner
8:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem I think you could stretch Bertrand's postulate to come up with a proof by contradiction.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ I'm aiming for one of these as a (non-standard) way to get rep.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I have a chance
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Out of curiosity, what do you think you're most likely to win?
@AdmBorkBork Thanks
8:10 PM
Only SGITW, I technically can win both the rookie ones
other then that nothing
though if I win them all I will reach 10k
anyone want to rig the elections? joke
I'm lost as to why tio.run/##S85JTcz7/z83P6U0J1UhNzEzjyu4JLGoRMFWQT3G2Nxc/f9/AA (which prints a single, 1-byte character) gives a character that counts as two bytes when pasted back into the code box.
@Οurous That's not a 1-byte character (in UTF-8)
@DJMcMayhem The confusion initially stems from tio.run/##S85JTcz7/z83P6U0J1UhNzEzjysztyC/…
Then maybe clean uses a different encoding internally
8:19 PM
I copied the header initialization code verbatim from the unit tests, but it still expects me to write more headers, whatever that means
Oh I didn't think about that. I'll check the compiler source. Thanks.
It seems closely related to Goldbachs conjecture
8:31 PM
@Dennis Can you change the name of a scheduled chat event? (If I reschedule it, it looses the people that have signed up.)
...and we really wouldn't want to have those people running loose.
I don't think we can do that though. At least I'm not seeing anything.
Does anyone mind helping me do something in the Sandbox?
@cairdcoinheringaahing What?
Never mind, it's sorted
8:47 PM
@MartinEnder context missing
the previous message
oh, I misunderstood sorry
This just gets better and better. Copy the output of tio.run/##S85JTcz7/z83P6U0J1UhNzEzjysztyC/… into the codebox and try to run it. That's some strange encoding magic going on there.
9:12 PM
I'm trying to figure out this library, and this is my latest frustration
UndefVarError: archive not defined

[1] macro expansion at /mnt/juliabox/.julia/v0.6/LibArchive/src/error.jl:40 [inlined]
[2] write_header(::LibArchive.Writer{LibArchive.WriteMemory{Ptr{UInt8},Array{UInt8,1}}}, ::LibArchive.Entry) at /mnt/juliabox/.julia/v0.6/LibArchive/src/writer.jl:209
[3] fitness(::SparseVector{Float64,Int64}) at /mnt/juliabox/fuzzer.jl:25
[4] include_string(::String, ::String) at ./loading.jl:515
It turns out that $archive is supposed to be a macro binding to the archive parameter of the _la_call macro
@MartinEnder oh, sure enough, lol
@DJMcMayhem Personally, I don’t think that statement is true. I obviously cannot prove it, but I feel like it can be proven using Bertrand’s postulate or something
@DJMcMayhem did ya get that thing I sent ya? (meme)
9:23 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn Yes, I did. :)
I appreciate it a lot!
NP, sorry I missed the window of the sale. I just started a new "hard-mode" on kerbal myself... 2x the cost of stuff, 1/2 the earnings, no ability to save or load.
@Mr.Xcoder Really? Even with an infinite number of primes?
Yeah I really don’t think it is true
I could still use help figuring out the libarchive julia bindings
@eaglgenes101 what's the question exactly?
I might be able to help
9:30 PM
Im still trying to figure out how to get the julia libarchive bindings to hand me the compressed form of a byte array, as a byte array
@MagicOctopusUrn Dang
I'll let you know when I get it
It keeps throwing macro errors from within the library
@DJMcMayhem I landed on minimus in hardmode, next target is duna or a round-trip to the mun ._.
Duna may bankrupt me if I fail ._.
Q: How to fix a poorly constructed question that you are the author of

DevelopingDeveloperI would like to know what the common practice is for revamping problems that were not constructed properly the first time. The first(and only) code-golf puzzle I made was The struggling college student's GPA Calculator. I put the question into the sandbox and received a few feedback items, but ...

@eaglgenes101 compressed?
9:47 PM
Does PPCG have an anime chat lol
@MagicOctopusUrn no
but there's always anime.se >_>

 Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! (お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様!) Sit wherever you'd l...
backs away slowly, avoiding the status of maid
I need to find another anime like Monster... I guess I'll try it lol. All of the "auto-anime-suggestion" sites are really bad at similarity.
Monster was singlehandedly the best series I've ever seen.
9:57 PM
All I can do is recommend my personal favourites
@ATaco I know right? That's all everyone ever does xD.
@ATaco I just loved the "Noire" style mystery-detective novella theme of it... Never seen that in an anime. And I feel I may never again.
I’m not a massive anime fan, so when I find something I like I stick to it like a fly to honey
@ATaco Example? (Not to get too off-topic)
My Hero Acadamia is awesome and the world needs it
And season 3 can’t come soon enough
Ahhh, so more of "fantasy violence" as opposed to "real world, omg that's someone's arm" violence?
10:01 PM
Yes, very much so
Shonen Jump + Viz = Holy Grail of Americana Anime.
I don't like Shounen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
To each their own
@Pavel Same, I love the manga, but dislike the adaptations; I like the gritty stuff TBH... All my friends love the romance genre like 'Fruits Basket' and that makes me puke.
I didn’t mind fruits basket...
10:03 PM
@ATaco I didn't mind the manga ;P. Then again I was at barnes and nobles 2-3 hours after school cause of my dad's job as a kid, that's when I got into this stuff.
Mind, this is Australia, the only Anime you get on TV are things like fruits Basket
And things like Pokémon, of course
Perhaps this should be taken out of TnB now that’s its very derailed
Could've deleted had it not been reported ;P
@DJMcMayhem sorry in advance.
it only matters if its crowding out legit discussion afaict
7 messages moved to Trash
Still, it might turn away legit discussion
10:08 PM
@DJMcMayhem <3
Manga/Anime talk is fine in moderation, but talking about illegal sites is a little more iffy
I actually just started watching SAO
(And by just I mean like a day ago)
Sword Art Online
Crunchyroll on the other hand is fully legal, and supports the creators!
@DJMcMayhem the anime that's a pretty bad anime but still a good tv show?
10:10 PM
@DJMcMayhem Start "Overlord", this is an AMAZING 12-episode manga; the creator died though :(... And development is permanently halted.
@ATaco Oh sorry, I assumed you saying "Not legal here either" was about Crunchyroll, not the other one
@MagicOctopusUrn season two started last week
@ATaco What, oh my goodness, the amount of excitement in my bones cannot be contained.
It started just after I binge watched the first season
@ATaco Any idea on how/why?
10:12 PM
Which is the second time that’s happened to me
And ‘why’ is probbly because it’s great
@ATaco I stopped watching ALL animes that have 1-12 episode where they say "season 2 unknown". After I knew overload died I was so sad. I loved how they went into ridiculous detail on the game rules.
@MagicOctopusUrn as good as "your lie in april"?
tha'ts got to be my favorite anime so far
@Riker confused
10:15 PM
I was too lazy to put quotes
@Riker what "lie" in april? My memory fades at 26 apparently.
@Riker Thats... that's an anime title isn't it...
@Riker I was like "bro, did we even talk in april?"
@MagicOctopusUrn yes
very good but sad
@Riker It parallels "Log Horizon" with more focus on logistics which I assume people of our culture would love.
@Riker Just start the series, ignore how lame episodes 1-3 are and don't bother with the OVA because it's all "amg, girls".
10:18 PM
@Riker If you want more specifics feel free to start a chat with me... I have too many experiences with good series. Most are TV-13/TV-MA though, no romantic, more mystery.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Here
10:38 PM
Can anyone think of some other interesting example for this challenge?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J843136028Answer with a Quine Answer this question such that some code (within your answer) outputs the contents of your entire answer. This should the answer in the form of its markdown editing. For example, if your post were the following: Some language, 14 bytes blah blah blah some code here...

@flawr Dots arranged in an S shape?
@Οurous good idea
11:26 PM
I seem to have murderer npm. The command npm exists, but dnf reports that it isn't installed. Attempting to dnf install npm fails. Running the command npm causes it to crash instantly.

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