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12:03 AM
Ok good I solved it by doing sudo rm -rf /*npm*
And then it let me actually dnf install npm
12:58 AM
@Riker if you're here, could you ping me on discord? I need to talk with you at some point, preferably soon before I decide I don't want to
1:46 AM
@Blue k
2:02 AM
Q: Should I update this challenge? (Moby Dick)

NathanielI recently posted the challenge Write Moby Dick, approximately, which has proven popular and the answers are flowing in. However, it has one unforeseen issue that I'm tempted to try and fix. The current best-scoring answers solve the problem in two steps: first strip out the newlines, then run s...

6 hours later…
8:08 AM
@Pavel And then you discovered a mysterious absence of the files you wanted to run with it.
8:37 AM
New Google encoding / compression format: encode.ru/threads/…
9:37 AM
@MartinEnder Can you rename an already scheduled event?
I don't think so
10:33 AM
Is there anything one should know before creating new tags?
10:47 AM
Oh seems like I've been ninja'd (by a couple a lot of hours...). Too late to delete
@Mr.Xcoder that is what dennis' comment on the starboard is about:)
@flawr Ninja'd ^^
CMC: Given an integer, return [1, [1, integer]]. The order does matter
1234 -> [1, [1, 1234]]
Seems like an useless CMC...
Since when do CMCs need to be useful :(
11:00 AM
I have half your byte count
(BTW your link is broken)
It's El'endia Starman style spoiler link, hover over it to see the code.
Oh how did you do that spoiler?
See message history. (for message source)
.... you didn't edit it, I cannot see the history
11:02 AM
now exists!
@Mr.Xcoder empty code on TIO
@Fatalize That is intended.
8 mins ago, by user202729
It's El'endia Starman style spoiler link, hover over it to see the code.
why not have both?
11:12 AM
Good idea.
... moby dick became HNQ, which will make the upvote abuse worse ...
+46/-15 in comparison with +39/-0 ... too bad.
By the way...
@user202729 I believe that if you have a problem with this answer, you should take it to the PPCG Meta site or a chat room because it sounds as if this comment thread is very chatty and Stack Exchange rule discourage conversation in comments. (I have no intent or desire to cause any disagreement here.) — juniorRubyist 4 hours ago
Should some mod clean it?
Just flag it if you think so
11:34 AM
[Javascript] Is (...) equivalent to alert((...)), up to displaying the alert?
Because I try to bookmark a URL javascript:(...) and it doesn't work, but when I try to debug it by wrapping alert around, it works.
11:46 AM
Any more sandbox review for that? It got 1 upvote and nothing. Includes potential clarification request, or duplicate.
@user202729 Personally, I have no idea what's going on in that challenge. I guess it just isn't for me.
@Mr.Xcoder APL (Dyalog Unicode), 5 bytes 1(1⎕)
@user202729 Same as Adám, I have absolutely no idea what you are asking.
12:10 PM
1(1<quad>) what on earth is that doing?
Is it just a nested array
@Zacharý Yes, no primitives, just a two-element vector where the second element is a vector where the second element is input.
Why on earth would a challenge like that exist?
1 hour ago, by Mr. Xcoder
Since when do CMCs need to be useful :(
@Mr.Xcoder J, 5 bytes: 1;1,]
12:14 PM
@Zacharý Such verbosity ;-)
CMC: Given an integer, and a repetition number, repeat the transformation [1,integer] that many times. The order does matter. E.g. 42 0: 42; 7 2: [1,[1,7]]; 1 7: [1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,[1,1]]]]]]]
@Adám Jelly, 2 bytes Ė¡
(BTW this is a better variant of my CMC)
@Mr.Xcoder I'm an APLer. I like to generalise concepts.
@Adám 05AB1E, 4 bytes: FXs‚
@Adám then you could generalize it even more :P
12:29 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Yeah, if the padding number was also an input, then Jelly's Enumeration trick wouldn't work.
@Adám I meant something like this
@Adám f([5, 1, 1, 4, 3], [1, 6, 2, 3, 4]) -> [[1, 5], [2, [2, [2, [2, [2, [2, 1]]]]]], [3, [3, 1]], [4, [4, [4, 4]]], [5, [5, [5, [5, [5, 3]]]]]]
> APl learning session
Is this intended @Adám?
he wanted to fix that typo
Ah I see now
12:33 PM
CMC: Given the integers a, b, c, d repeat the transformation c→[a,a,…,a,a,c], d` times, where the number of as is b.
@Mr.Xcoder it doesn't seem like unsolicited advertising though
Ok then, VTD
but you can still downvote
I did
ಠ_ಠ – This is not suited for Stack Overflow.
posted on January 11, 2018 by flawr

Challenge Given a finite list of unique integral points in the plane, find a polygon whose vertices are exactly those points, which does not self intersect. Details As input you can take e.g. two lists with each the x- and y-coordinates or a list of pairs. The input list contains at least 3 points. The list of inputs is can be assumed to be not co-linear (the

12:39 PM
@NewMainPosts Did the NMP template change?
it happens sometimes
@Mr.Xcoder Why not, he seems to ask about a specific Python function.
Fortunately I didn't post this on main...
he means not suited as it is, and most probably would already be some dupe if converted to high quality
@EriktheOutgolfer ... what are you talking about?
12:45 PM
what Mr. Xcoder said above
Heh, deleted things don't one-box.
Of course.
Otherwise anyone can cheat by posting a link to a deleted question.
not exactly but they can still see too much
(just enumerate all possible posts values, and get yourself banned because of posting too frequently)
12:47 PM
@user202729 Well, maybe only one-box for those who can see deleted posts.
That's more work for the developers...
chat isn't good at determining such a thing
@EriktheOutgolfer It knows who are logged in.
"SE chat rep" is simply the sum of all reps, and I don't think it's intelligent enough to change message appearance based on rep
... correct.
Can you create account on 20 sites to participate in chat?
(because on each site you have at least 1 rep)
12:50 PM
I don't think so
@user202729 Doesn't that give you 1920 rep?
@Adám ... how?
20 * 1 = 20...
I'm not sure if sites where you have 1 rep count
@user202729 1 rep for first site, plus 1 for each plus 19 association bonuses.
12:51 PM
1 + 19 * 101?
No, you only get association bonus if you get at least 200 rep (see EriktheOutgolfer's message below) on one site.
@Adám ... You have association bonuses on each site (so 20, not 19).
@user202729 Oh.
@user202729 you mean 200
Anyway... can I try it?
Is it SE abuse?
try what
12:53 PM
I am pretty sure only "true rep" counts (so +1 for joining doesn't count).
@Mr.Xcoder Wait, are there different types of rep?
@EriktheOutgolfer Create an account on 20 SE sites.
@user202729 I don't think that's abuse. Lots of users have only joined many sites, but not gained any rep there.
if you have enough rep to have association bonuses then you have enough rep to chat (well, maybe except SO and Meta.SE where assoc. bonus can give you the rep right away)
@user202729 you need 20 rep on a single site (since talk in chat is a site priviledge)
12:55 PM
and yes, there are two kinds of reputation points, earned and association
although that doesn't matter for chat, it only matters for answering protected questions
Is my sandbox question that unclear?
@EriktheOutgolfer Then bounties should cost association points so that it wouldn't affect privileges.
Good question. can you put a bounty using association bonus?
@Adám how would >100 rep bounties be possible then
12:58 PM
If you got 1 initial rep, 100 assoc rep and 10 real rep, and then bounty away 100, can you answer protected question? What if you bounty away all until you get <10?
better not try :p
1 hour ago, by user202729
Any more sandbox review for that? It got 1 upvote and nothing. Includes potential clarification request, or duplicate.
btw being able to answer protected questions isn't a privilege, privileges are based off of total reputation (earned + assoc)
So what is it?
question protection is actually a bit special, it's a protection measure for questions which are easy to answer wrongly by inexperienced users
1:00 PM
Neat, the letsencrypt vulnerability just killed all of our deployments :/
Can't even restart them because they just killed the feature.
@EriktheOutgolfer You should just end up with a negative ass rep, as long as your total rep is positive.
... I don't think SE works that way ...
@Adám except that association rep is really just that, association with your earned 200 rep on another site of the network, there's a reason it's called that
(ask SE dev to be sure)
@HyperNeutrino I'm not sure whether I should allow your second proposal
1:10 PM
... reply to what? Messages in TNB may be confusing if it is a reply to a question on main/meta...
Anyone know how to force C++ GCC to use __builtin_trap (which contains backtrace) when _GLIBCXX_DEBUG errors out?
(... what happens when you are forced to use C++ in programming contests ...)
you don't need to worry what is being replied to in most cases :P
Sorry, pressed the wrong button. Luakit...
@flawr Personally I think requiring the indices doesn't add anything to the challenge because going between the two is easy (mapping over list get-by-index one way, and mapping over list find-index the other way)
I actually thought outputting the indices would be easier, so I think I should just allow both methods, right?
I'd say yes.
1:14 PM
Ok, thank you for the suggestion!
Personally I think outputting the points themselves is easier because then you can just take permutations and filter over <some validation function>
No problem! :D
... and it's weird when _GLIBCXX_DEBUG in Linux allows backtrace...
@HyperNeutrino I see, that makes sense. (I think you can delete both your comments now:)
yup :D
1:33 PM
Can I post a solution that is temporarily not-perfect, if I will golf it later?
For example, like this one (Martin's post on prime challenge)
I believe so
1 hour later…
2:50 PM
Q: Case-fold German

AdámGiven a German string and an indication of a case (lower/upper/title), fold the string to that case. Specifications Input will consist only of a–z plus äöüß-,.;:!?'" in uppercase and/or lowercase. The target case may be taken as any three unique values (please specify what they are) of a consi...

@Adám Is the quote you're using some sort of joke? It feels like a joke that doesn't translate well.
@AdmBorkBork No, it is just a random phrase which uses all three umlauts, has eszett both in the beginning and end of a word, and has some punctuation. I just made it up.
Oh, okay, lol
@AdmBorkBork It means something like the wheels say "ss zz" to you, because of the oil!
Yeah, that's kinda what I was getting from Google Translate, which is what made me think it was a joke that didn't translate well. Like, if the sound normally associated with oil is "ss zz" or something -- like a play on words.
3:03 PM
@AdmBorkBork No, it is just that ß cannot really occur in the beginning of a word, so I went with a made-up onomatopoeia.
OK, gotcha
3:31 PM
GitHub is down for me. It's giving me a huge unicorn for some reason
@Mr.Xcoder Yeah, I think we managed to bring GitHub down.
Indeed, people here at work are freaking out
@J.Sallé Our webinar goes live in 25 mins and needs GitHub.
Perhaps it is just a maintenance problem / break?
@Adám yeah, we have a build supposed to be published in 25 mins
3:35 PM
@Mr.Xcoder let's hope so.
It's back up!
@Mr.Xcoder For now. It will probably soon suffer a DDoS due to everybody regaining access at the same time.
I'm getting a weird error:
> Refused to execute a script because its hash, its nonce, or 'unsafe-inline' does not appear in the script-src directive of the Content Security Policy.
3:39 PM
Ok, I added:
namespace __gnu_debug {
	void _Error_formatter::_M_error() const {
and it seems to work.
(that is, glibcxx debug error can print backtrace)
But... now the debug information is not printed.
Any idea how I can achieve both?
Can I get reviews on my sandboxed KoTH challenge here? It has 0 comments and 0 votes currently. It's a rather long post.
Probably something related to the linker...
@HyperNeutrino ... no one bothers to read it ...
yeah that's the problem, because it's a very long post
3:54 PM
@HyperNeutrino That's like Resistance, isn't it? I played that a while back, really fun game.
yeah, Avalon is a variant of Resistance
4:11 PM
Q: Square Triangles

Wheat WizardA positive integer x is a square triangle number iff there are two different positive integers, y and z, which are smaller than x such that all of the sums x + y x + z y + z are perfect squares. For example 30 is a square triangle number because 6 + 19 = 52 30 + 6 = 62 30 + 19 = 72 You...

Anyone up for a game of Spyfall? The weekly game seems to not have happened
4:26 PM
is there not a character of xnor :|
⊻, ⊼, ⊽ all exist
> Also interesting, that there's no symbol for “xnor” in Unicode.
4:30 PM
Or just use (the caret symbol)
isn't that XOR
but a ^¬ b is a xor not b
you could do ¬^
That's not a xor b
a ¬^ b
4:35 PM
if you use ⊕ for XOR, then XNOR is ⊙
just use = for XNOR :P
(or ==)
@DJMcMayhem Already flagged
ಠ_ಠ Spotify only supports JPEGs for playlist pictures, rather than PNGs
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SokSquare Number Chains Background Given a positive integer n >= 25, it is conjectured that there exists a permutation of the positive integers which are less than or equal to n in which every adjacent pair of numbers adds up to a square number. There are also several numbers less than 25 that thi...

5:10 PM
Gah, what is with PowerShell golfing recently. Just getting hammered by Python and JavaScript, where it's usually decently competitive. :-/
5:34 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ScroobleBuild an adder in Rule 110! Rule 110 is an elementary cellular automaton; that is, it is a one-dimensional two-state cellular automaton in which a cell's state in each generation is influenced only by its immediate neighbors' and its own in the previous generation. There are 256 such automata, t...

5:46 PM
@NewSandboxedPosts Tetris in Rule 110?
@PhiNotPi How different would that be to Tetris in GoL?
It's gonna lack in depth :D
GoL is 2D. Rule 110 is 1D.
6:05 PM
posted on January 11, 2018 by Colin Robertson

This question already has an answer here: Interpret brainf*** 44 answers Your Mission: Your objective is to create a compiler for the language Brainf#ck. There are only 8 simple commands in it (in case you weren't aware). Your code must accept a line of characte

@NewMainPosts Um, who closed that?
6:20 PM
Q: Killer Sudoku Solver

Marc VandermarlièreCan a Killer Sudoku be solved with Python langage ?

@NewMainPosts I actually lol'ed at this, it kind of reminded me of Harold.
@NewMainPosts Why the image?
What the actual crap
6:38 PM
DJ, you been letting ruffians in again?
> Hello I have quetions how does solve killer soudku I have try for thirtee minut and no solv. I try pyhton already. thank.
@totallyhuman how does juic kilur sdokoo
@WheatWizard Are you actually going with that name?
@totallyhuman I'm not sure whether I find that funny or mean
i don't why you'd consider the latter...
It does seem like making fun of someone who's unable to defend themselves. On the flip side, it's making fun of spammers in general, rather than one specific user
7:17 PM
@DJMcMayhem yes
Well we plan on rotating the name on every major update, we have a long list of rather awful names.
...that's awful :P
Kind of related ... I've made a visualizer for Jelly, 3 bytes programs, and I'm really happy with the results
...the name has already confused me...
7:36 PM
@Dennis It's now at +50/-16 ... yuck.
7:58 PM
@WheatWizard So that would result in 4?
@totallyhuman If you already used =, you can use like here.
@WheatWizard At some point, it should be named Brain-flak: 9.8e580 bytes
One name we we have on our list is BrainFlak 2
8:37 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JordanTerminalize Terminal Eyes code-golf ascii-art interactive You may or may not remember Xeyes, a demo that came with (and, as far as I know, still comes with) the X window system. Its purpose was to draw a pair of eyes that followed your mouse cursor: Your challenge is to recreate Xeyes with A...

CMC: Given a valid brain-flak snippet consisting purely of (...), (), and {}, return the list of integers it would push if ran on an empty stack.
Brain-Flak + -d 3 bytes @ij
(()()())            --> [3]
()()()()()()        --> []
({})                --> [0]
((()()){})          --> [4]
(((((()())){})){})  --> [2, 4, 8]
(()()()){}          --> []
9:06 PM
@Adám kinda used that for something already github.com/totallyhuman/unihaskell/blob/master/…
@DJMcMayhem I am going to make a fork of brainflak that is worse
Oh deary-me
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ How? And more importantly, why?
how? you will find out. why? you will find out
I'm scared
9:17 PM
@DJMcMayhem well the interpreter is arleady hard to read
Is the interpreter written in brainflak?
Because that'd be pretty impressive.
Karl Bafin
too... much... can't... handle.... recursion...
A: Write a brain-flak classic interpreter!

NitrodonBrain-Flak Classic, 1271 1247 1239 bytes <>(()){<>((([][][][][])<(((({}){})(({})({}))[])({}(({})({}({})({}{}(<>)))))[])>{()<{}>}{})<{{}}{}>())}{}<>(<(({()(((<>))<>)}{}{<({}(([][][])((({})({}))[]{})){})>((){[]<({}{})((){[]<({}{}<>((({})({})){}{}){})(<>)>}{}){{}{}<>(<({}{}())>)(<>)}>}{}){(<{}{}{}((<>

So, we have an early contender for 'Wrong language for the job' award.
9:23 PM
@AdmBorkBork aren't many (or even most) languages interpreted/compiled in their own language
@Poke how does interpreting a language in itself make sense
@dzaima i don't mean as the first iteration of the interpreter
@Poke No (especially minimalist turing tarpits)
"Big" languages like C, sure, but most (all?) esolangs have interpreters written in other languages.
9:25 PM
i guess i wasn't referring to esolangs
@Poke compiled makes somewhat of sense (as there can be a starter to the infinite recusion of compiling), but interpreted - there has to be a start.
Even outside of esolangs... typically no
@DJMcMayhem here is the start
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Are you just swapping all opening and closing brackets?
> the start
9:28 PM
i was going off the fact that c and c++ compilers are written in c and c++
also all of the java standard library is written in java
stuff like that
It is pretty common practice for large compiled languages
OK, well standard library is different then interpreter
Most python standard library is in python (I think. I could be wrong) but the interpreter is still in C
> A minimalist esolang designed to be painful to use but better because the original makes too much sense
@Poke Java is compiled in C, but Javas runtime is made in C++ IIRC
9:29 PM
You're probably the first person to ever think that brain-flak makes too much sense :P
@DJMcMayhem ahem
too ez
i suck at it but I started with mini-flak
@dzaima the jvm is c++, yes
... Why'd you start with mini-flak?
That would be like a baby learning to pogo stick everywhere because they didn't want to learn to walk instead.
wheat wizard
but i think the compiler itself is written in java
i suppose it depends if you're using oracle or openjdk
9:32 PM
So wait... The java compiler compiles java code into JVM machine code?
i think so
@DJMcMayhem i wanted to try to speed up the mini-flak quine
but i realized that it was a bad idea and i still cannot write a quine in any language
@Poke true, but it isn't interpreted in itself. I challenge you to make a language interpreted in itself :p
The only language I can quine in is V
@dzaima binary
mic drop and walks away without looking at the explosion of your mind
9:34 PM
Binary is a base-system, not a language
but what is C compiled into? machine code, that goes to binary
No, the machine code is encoded in binary. Technically, so is the C code, and the ASCII I'm typing
you win DjMcJunehem
You have to wait 5 more months before you can call me that :P
@dzaima i don't have that much time :] but a google search revealed this github.com/nedbat/byterun
/me shrugs
9:36 PM
@DJMcMayhem fine DjMcJanuaryHam
@Poke I'm assuming that is supposed to be ran by normal python, not itself though. That's cheating :p
been pretty phlemy recently. anyone have any good suggestions
buy sudafed , works like magic (make sure it has the actual drug in it)
Hold on, getting a link
@dzaima C++ if compiled counts as interpreted
It doesn't, that's what we've been talking about
9:43 PM
@Poke *phlegmy, and me as well.
Actually, same here. It's really obnoxious
sprays lysol
@Zacharý good call
i've had some luck with mucinex or rather expectorants in general
@DJMcMayhem I tend to be phlegmy a lot more than I think is usual
Why is everyone sick
Today TNB is the sick bay
9:45 PM
don't know if it's post nasal drip or something else
10 messages moved to Trash
that was fast
Yes, mentioning V does get his attention
pshaw, puns are totally not trash-worthy
An entire chain of them is
9:54 PM
not when the previous conversation was about medications to treat phlegm
;-; rip I already have a message in trash
I have reached 162k people on meta O_O
@Zacharý As if I didn't just post a message like 1 minute ago
that must be a new 📀
A new DVD?
9:55 PM
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ For you, or for anyone?
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Eh>
does anyone know how to rename a fork on github?
You can't
9:57 PM
Duplicate the repo. Then rename it
@DJMcMayhem you ok if i do that ^ to get a new name?
Well, I just finished parsing HTML with regex. SO was wrong for once :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing uh
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Of course
9:57 PM
wait nvm figured it out
It's your fork, you can do as you please
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Same way you rename any repo on GH
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Ask in talk.tryitonline, not here (@DJMcMayhem can you move it?)
You go to the ... I got ninja'd
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's on topic here, but I guess I'll move it so it's easier for Dennis to keep track of
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