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9:09 PM
Did they improve chat? Sync was way faster than it used to be.
@AddisonCrump The answer to "did they improve chat" is always no - chat is perpetually neglected by SE
Hm. They should get on it.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Addison CrumpFind the largest number of distinct integers that sum to n number-theorycombinatoricsmathintegercode-golf The Task Given an input positive integer n (from 1 to 1 billion, inclusively), return or output the maximum number of distinct integers that sum to n. Test Cases Let f define a valid f...

9:22 PM
Random C++ question: How can I make a template function throw compile-time errors if the type argument is a pointer type?
For example, foo.GetAs<foobar>() should work fine, but foo.GetAs<foobar*>() should throw a compile time error
(Joke) Answer: not create C++ templates if at all possible
Yeah, that's not exactly an option
Hence the (joke).
@DJMcMayhem Lemme type up a quick TIO example
Learning C++ is like navigating through a dark forest with a blindfold on.
9:28 PM
Eh, could be Perl's documentation.
There might be better ways, but that's a pretty simple way of doing it
nice i beat the google doodle's minimum number on puzzle 6
@Mego Well dang, that's a lot simpler than I thought it would be
tips hat appreciate it.
Glad to help
9:32 PM
waddles away
Hehe, looks like an active PPCG user is interviewing at our company pretty soon.
Oh, that sounds fun/
@mınxomaτ can you tell us more about that? :)
I just went through a batch of Resumes and saw the PPCG account mentioned. It's a Junior .NET backend role.
Of course I can't reveal more than that.
So what is your company actually doing?
9:40 PM
I work at two companies. One I "just" own, the other I'm currently actively employed by - which is the one that's hiring. Broadly speaking, we create data governance software for larger companies (100 to 15k+ users) users and governments.
nice got puzzle 4 in 6
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RodInteger Over-Division Given two positive integers (dividend and divisor), calculate the quotient and the remainder. Normally it would be calculated as e/o = o*q+r where q*o<=e and 0<=r<o. For this challenge it still e/o = o*q+r but q*o>=e and -o<r<=0. For example e=15 and o=4, normally it would ...

@mınxomaτ and does the applicant know you're a PPCG user too? :)
Since I'm on vacation, I won't be the one conducting the onsite interviews. If he makes it, we'll talk about it ;)
@Poke How?
9:48 PM
@mınxomaτ That's really cool
Dang it, now I'm super curious who it is
You literally outgolfed google, if I'm not mistaken.
@mınxomaτ but I hope you checked out their profile!
I sure did.
A better reflection of critical thinking than the average phone interview I can tell you that.
Whoops, the starred message by El'endia Starman says that there are two cases google's short solution isn't the shortest.
9:51 PM
@Zacharý From interviewing at Google twice, I can tell you that their golfing skills are not up to par :P
number 6 can be done in 5
One of the devs showed me their internal golf server. It was sad
@Mego Never even knew such a thing existed.
Maybe they don't talk about it out of embarrassment
@Mego and they didn't want to hire you to teach them???
9:53 PM
CMP: Does anyone else think it'd be fun to have a mock mod election, just to seem how you'd do?
Well I already know nobody would vote for me :D
@flawr Nope. First time, the rug was pulled out from under me at the last minute. The second time was a bait-and-switch: they called me saying they wanted me, and then couldn't find a position for me.
Nomination: Dennis (:p)
@cairdcoinheringaahing I... Guess so?
Seems like a strange idea
@Mego you should have suggested that you could find a position for yourself :D
9:55 PM
On a semi-related note, I think I have either the 2nd or 3rd highest candidate score (behind Mego and Martin)
@DJMcMayhem shrug I think it'd be fun
@DJMcMayhem Dennis?
last I checked, I have a higher score than Dennis
@flawr This chair looks nice. Oh, there's a desk, too. I'm now working here - deal with it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Stephen LeppikExpand Sine and Cosine code-golf Trigonometry has LOTS of identities. So many that you can expand most functions into sines and cosines of a few values. That's what we'll do here. Identity list Well, the ones we're using here. sin(-θ)=-sin(θ) sin(π)=0 cos(-θ)=cos(θ) cos(π)=-1 sin^2(θ)+cos^...

Try running this SEDE with "31716,8478,12012,45941" as input
9:58 PM
Ugh, mobile chat is so bad. I tried copy pasting the numbers, ending up getting the entire text in the current conversation
I know all too well
@DJMcMayhem Huh, TIL
TIL what? The SEDE? The scores?
Hahaha I ran the script for my ID and my candidate score is 13/40 :P That's better than I expected
@DJMcMayhem That you had a higher score than Dennis
10:03 PM
@mınxomaτ those interviews are overrated anyway
I have a higher score than 75% of the mods. :P
Dennis has the power of Golf Wizardry that overrides candidate score.
That doesn't explain the other mods
@Zacharý Well, in my opinion, Dj would make a better mod than, say, Doorknob. I can't say the same for Dennis.
@Pavel He enters the room right as you say that lol
10:10 PM
IMO we need a new election to replace Alex. Nothing against him personally, but his activity on the site has been very low - too low for an active mod. It's been nearly a month since his last main site visit, and nearly 3 months since his last meta site visit. His last meta post showed a serious detachment from reality due to his absence.
On an unrelated note, a ton of car insurance profile spam users signed up recently...
On PPCG? o_O
@DJMcMayhem Yep. Check recent autobiographer badges
As an active member of PPCG, one thing I can say for sure is I sure am in the market for cheap quality Car Insurance!
10:13 PM
Holy crap
Yeah, I wish the mods were a bit more proactive about watching the Autobiographer page and nuking obvious spam accounts
I've been destroying those accounts over on Christianity.SE for the last, uh, week? Edit: 4-5 days, actually. Meta.SE post about the beginning of it on SuperUser.
I mean, technically they aren't doing anything wrong until they post
The spammers are finally starting to realize that normal spam posts aren't getting the job done (thanks to the Charcoal team), so they're doing profile-based spam instead
I think it's safe to say they're going to be doing something wrong.
10:15 PM
@DJMcMayhem Spam in profile text is still spam. It's just less visible.
@Mego How is it "thanks to the Charcoal team"
Charcoal is extremely effective at catching spam.
Wait ... the language?1
@Zacharý The Charcoal team actively watches new posts across the network for spam, and is responsible for spam getting destroyed extremely quickly. Their/our results have helped improved SE's spam filter.
Charcoal is both a good ASCII art golfing language, and a good anti-spam method.
10:17 PM
@RobertCartaino Google bot is paging through those listings, and indexing them (which is the whole point of these profiles; stuffing keywords in there so that search for those words leads to phone numbers). If Google starts thinking of SU as a keyword-stuffing spammy site, that won't help SU's search rankings. — Crazy Ivan Nov 27 at 16:44
@Zacharý Not the language.

Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
@Zacharý Charcoal is an SE group that spends their free time removing spam from SE
It's also an effective replacement for coal in Minecraft's earlygame.
I wonder how many of them use Charcoal?
10:18 PM
@Zacharý Maybe 1 or 2 tops :P
Yeah, I expected as much.
And maybe Nexus?
It's not even just car insurance, one of them is a fire insurance.
You can insure your fire?
In case it goes out or what?
Insurance from fire damage presumably
CMC: 1² + 2² + 3² + … + n²
@Adám sum of the squares?
I think we've had that somewhere as a main challenge
10:32 PM
@flawr Yeah.
@Adám Test case?
10 → 385
@DJMcMayhem 1 -> 1
(I solved it for the original spec, my bad)
10:33 PM
@Zacharý Nope.
Actually, let's include 0 → 0 for the fun of it.
Doesn't cover 0 -> 0
@Zacharý Yes, that'll do, but can you optimise it so it doesn't calculate twice?
@Adám This is actually an excellent task for Brain-Flak. 36 bytes: ({<(({}[()])())>{({})({}[()])}{}}{})
10:35 PM
@ATaco Can't you just replace 1 with 0?
@Zacharý That cost you a byte! I want it in 5 bytes.
@ATaco That actually looks like a taco if you squint.
@Adám Yeah, that works.
TacO is a pretty fun language. A 2D-Tacit language. Sadly it's not Turing Complete.
More like TacNO, am I right?
@Zacharý Nice.
10:42 PM
CMP: When will Jon Skeet hit 1M rep?
@Zacharý Jon Skeet had 1M rep before SE even existed.
@Zacharý print(str(1000000 - skeet.current_reputation.get() / 200) + " days")
This should be in C#
Is "Arithmatic" in TacO's docs intentional?
10:45 PM
But I can't spell Arithmetic to save myself.
APL keyboard layout...
But two things from yesterday ...how are fish taco's a thing, and how did I give you the idea of cotton-candy dipped in ice cream?
I don't know what you're talking about in regards to Cotton-candy dipped ice cream.
Especially because I'm Australian and we call it Fairly-floss.
And Fish tacos are a thing because nothing about Tacos specify what meat they should contain, if any.
Tacos are beautiful because they accept all levels of creativity.
It was a discussion going on yesterday, and I ranted about Fish Tacos.
You can have Rice and Beans and Jalapeños, or you can have Mince and Lettuce and Tomato, or you can have Fish.
You gave you the idea of Cotton-candy dipped in icecream.
Fish tacos are amazing
10:50 PM
23 hours ago, by Zacharý
Fish + Tacos. That's either 1/2 disgusting things, or like dipping cotton candy in ice cream (too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing)
Heck, might even put ATaco in there, but then that would be murder.
I meant, how has no one thought of that?
Personally, I like Beef Mince, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream and Jalapeños.
But as said, Tacos are instruments of creativity, not set in stone things.
(Insert a picture of a taco in concrete here)
KFC down here did a Fried Chicken Taco, and it was kind of awesome.
I like Jalapeños a lot, but if they're garden fresh they're waaaaay too hot for me
Pepperoncinis are much easier to take (and tastier IMO)
10:53 PM
That's fine, to each their own. It took me quite a while to get used to Jalapeños myself.
How the heck do you spell pepperoncini?
I'm pretty sure I've got it wrong
If it wasn't clear, I love tacos.
@ATaco WTF is that?
It's a small pepper.
@Zacharý They're also called banana peppers.
They're small, yellow, and delicious
10:54 PM
They're pretty ace tbh.
And thankfully, relatively not very spicy.
TIL, apparently pepperoncinis are 100-500 on the Scoville scale. Huh
Scoville scale? WTF
Whereas Jalapeños are 1,000-10,000
("Burny" is the technical term here)
CMC: Given n and s return an x such that xⁿ + x + n (sgn(x) + 1) = s.
Like, I understand what you said.
But I have no idea how to begin that.
10:58 PM
@ATaco What? The CMC?
There's probably a very simple solution to this, that we're all missing.
E.g. n=1+1.5i, s=2.7+4i → x≈0.97-0.31i
I have a whopping 0 programming languages with Complex Number support :P
I've created MOI, basically MY with basic implicit IO (which both have complex numbers)
11:05 PM
Sorry, I think my example case is wrong.
Where do you get these CMC's?
@Zacharý Made up from crazy mind.
Presumably after you conjure up an APL solution?
@Zacharý Or I think I have one. I think I went in too deep this time.
Let's do a simpler one:
CMC: Given y = x²+2x+2, return a valid x.
... ugh quadratic formula
11:10 PM
E.g. y=5 → x=1 and y=10 → x=2
So, what got @cairdcoinheringaahing into the mock % elections?
@Zacharý You should be able to solve this one:
I knew how to solve your second one. I just don't really want to
@Adám ... waiting ...
CMC: Given f = ⁿ√n, return n. E.g. f = 1.4 → n = 1.887
@Zacharý This one is trivial in APL.
... (⊢*÷)⍣¯1
11:17 PM
@Zacharý Very good. But can you golf a byte?
@Zacharý The other CMC had exactly the same kind of solution, just a longer parentheses.
@ATaco I like all of that but the Jalapenos
Can't think of anything I'd add, either. Maybe garlic because I'm a horrible human being.
@Adám No clue
@Zacharý *∘÷⍨⍣¯1
Ah... I see
11:32 PM
Can someone visit turbo.github.com in a browser and tell me at what domain you end up? I don't trust my ISP's DNS cache.
@mınxomaτ turbo.js.org
Q: Three if statements in C++

trafalgarLawwHow can I simplify the following? if(n == 1) { return v1; } if (n==2) { return v2; } if (n == 3) { return v3; } Context does not matter. Here is what I come up with so far: switch (n) { case 1: return v1; case 2: ...

@NewMainPosts Is that an on-topic question?
Ugh, more people who thing that this is SO
11:41 PM
voted to close that
Well, I'm out of here.
I'm moving from Android to iOS. Is the Stack Exchange app any better in iOS than in Android?
11:59 PM
A server broke where my dad works and no one could log in so everyone went home. My dad is using his entire day off to catch up on sleep and this is everything I imagined adulting to be.
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