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12:00 AM
@Riker Largest temperature range work ever. Beats even astronauts.
1 hour later…
1:36 AM
@DJMcMayhem Wait ... what?!
Ordering a PIZZA in Vim?
So I'm thinking about writing a follow-up challenge to this one, but with mixed dice (for example, 1d12+1d8). Would that be too close to the original?
I personally don't think so.
Some of the same approaches can be used (like enumerating all possibilities and counting up the frequencies), but DFT-based approaches would need quite a bit of adapting.
Oh, btw, I managed to golf it by checking if 0 wasn't in the array as well as some other small things. Woot woot! Here's the final product :D
2:39 AM
@NieDzejkob No, it is not... That's really weird behavior. I'll have to look at why that's happening. Thanks for pointing that out!
2:59 AM
CMP: Should I have Santa only be able to move 1 step per turn in Advent Challenge 2? Alternatively, should I make the elves gain extra steps too? It seems a bit easier than I originally planned, which might be a good thing, maybe not. I think I might want to just leave it because answers might already be being developed, but I'm not sure.
I don't know what I was thinking when I allowed Santa to take multiple steps because that takes the point out of the original challenge idea :( Oh well, I'm probably just going to simplify it down to "will Santa catch an elf", though I need to partially modify the backstory in that case :P
3:57 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoFrequency Distribution of Mixed Dice Rolls A follow-up to this challenge Given a set of mixed dice, output the frequency distribution of rolling all of them and summing the rolled numbers on each die. For example, consider 1d12 + 1d8. The maximum and minimum rolls are 20 and 2, respectively, w...

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5:15 AM
@Adám I should add a bar for Actually
6:47 AM
@Adám That's an awesome thing that I never knew I needed.
7:31 AM
The only problem with that project is, the code is horribly unreadable, and so it's difficult to add more langs
8:07 AM
@Zgarb I think that's because ~+ will first generate a list of 1 element [X], and then for ~f it will backtrack on the values of X infinitely instead of trying new lengths of ~+ lists
On further testing, I actually have no idea
@DJMcMayhem I don't disagree with the statement, but that proof is weak - Emacs is ordering salads, without the help of a browser, and it's healthier.
I would have to look into it more with Prolog's debugger but I don't have time right now
@Adám that's pretty amazing
@Adám Can we contribute with other languages and if so can we get short instructions?
8:38 AM
@Mego That's easy due to commands.txt being almost completely regular. I'll add Actually when I have a few minutes.
I can't access Github...
@Mego The code doesn't need modification to to add more languages, only some plain-text character variables and possibly the CSS. I'll be happy to take requests.
(without a proxy, with a proxy the CSS are mis-rendered)
@user202729 Which language do you use? APL or Jelly or 05AB1E?
@Adám I don't understand how the code page is actually defined in the code. tcs seems to contain the symbols + the previous 2 are the shorcut, but e.g. were is the simple letter A defined?
8:41 AM
@Fatalize All I need is list of built-ins in as regular a format as possible. I'll be happy to take requests.
I can use a proxy and get over it. No problem. I also already have a keyboard.
Very useful. But isn't the ASCII characters extraneous?
(by ASCII character, I meant the printable ones that already can be typed)
@Fatalize The code page is not needed, and thus never defined. lbs is a list of strings. The first character is the language bar entry and the rest is the tooltip content (except for the backtick shortcuts and tab completions, which are filled in from bqk/bqv and tcs respectively).
yeah I got it while you were writing :)
But why don't you use full URL (https://abrudz.github.io/lb/jelly.js) instead of just /lb/jelly.js?
@user202729 No, if you hover over them (yeah, sorry, that needs a mouse/stylus) you get a tooltip with info about the symbol.
@user202729 Because the script is already in that dir.
8:47 AM
What is the "Jelly" link in
> Drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Jelly
@Fatalize For compositions and/or tab completions I need a systematic format of that too.
@user202729 Just a bookmarklet which fetches the code, runs it and inserts the result in the current page.
Does it use full URL? (I suppose yes)
@user202729 yes
@Adám Thanks! To help out, I added a list of nice names for the various functions in Actually.
I also added the ability for Actually code to be compiled from those nice names, so Actually can be (marginally) more readable
8:59 AM
I don't know why I even bother trying to support Python 3.3 anymore
@Mego Where?
@Adám docs/nice_names.txt - each line contains 0 or more space-separated nice names for the command with the ordinal line_num
If there aren't any nice names, it's either not a command (like 0x00) or part of a literal (", ', :, [], 0123456789)
Though I need to fix numeric literal handling
Or maybe I won't
9:02 AM
:3.14+2.17i is plenty readable, right? :P
I was just thinking about how Actually's commands could use names
@Sherlock9 Great minds and such :P
@Mego I can work with that. I'll remove all that are blank in commands.txt and then fill all the blanks in nice_names.txt with "SYNTAX" and then make the tooltip ?\nnice_name\ncommand
I keep forgetting a[b] is E and it's documented as [a][b] when everything else is a[b:] and such
Good grief
I've been thinking about doing that for a while - I just finally sat down and did it
9:04 AM
@Sherlock9 Yeah I should probably make the docs more readable
@Adám That works for me
Ah, were it not for my thesis proposal, I'd get back to work the tutorial again
Starting to think a Jelly-style wiki may not be a terrible idea
But Actually's commands don't lend themselves to such a neat structure as Jelly's (niladic, monadic, dyadic)
Unfortunately, suggesting such things generally leads to "and will you maintain it? :D"
9:06 AM
If you get it started, I'll do my best to keep it updated
But bear in mind that I often forget to bump the version in setup.py before pushing :P
No, but I think there are good categories for it: your original numeric, string, list, function but also stack and I/O
Yeah, the tests are more-or-less organized into categories like those
Heck I'll type it up now
I'm procrastinating anyway
Might as well be productive
9:11 AM
The same thought process led to me finally adding nice names just now :P
@Adám Beautiful
My only complaint is that the keyboard obscures the TIO buttons
@Mego APL is great for rapid development. I just write some APL to convert your raw files to the rewuired JSON…
I use Actually for some rapid reformatting/translation stuff
@Adám pull requested
(I added a 2px padding to the bottom of the keyboard (it has 2px padding on the 3 other sides) so that the dot below some letters doesn't touch the border)
@Adám I think there's a problem with your Jelly bar: Æ挜 don't appear so people can't find the sequence for them (although they are pretty trivial)
9:49 AM
@Mego should r -> range(len(a)) be put under Numeric or both List and String?
For that matter, should l -> len go under Numeric or both List and String?
I'd say list/str for both
I consider the categories to be based on the input(s), not the output(s)
Because of the concatenative nature, it makes more sense to categorize commands based on inputs (to support working forward) than to do the categorization based on outputs (which would support working backward).
Well, I'm about halfway done with the Numeric list. If you have any quibbles with what I left out and left in (I put in a bunch of notes that say "vectorizes"), let me know
I'll look at it when I'm less tired
J c
10:13 AM
I'm trying to figure out how to "score" a combination of probabilities... is taking an average of them a silly thing to do?
What's the context?
J c
I'm trying to combine probabilities in a way that makes sense... if I have digram probabilities for the word "test" calculated as follows:
{"TE"=>0.00978, "ES"=>0.01319, "ST"=>0.01249}
Is there a good way to "score" that as likely to be an actual english word, as opposed to gibberish? And if so, how can I account for varying word lengths?
Like Markov chains?
J c
i'm not sure, those probabilities are just frequencies from a large corpus of english text, i'm not sure you can combine them in a chain or not
If you're trying to do Markov Chain likelihoods then averaging is a very silly thing to do
And those frequencies, as you described them, definitely define a Markov Chain
Score the probabilities as "likelihood of next character given first character", and do a product of all of them
i.e. your probabilities should be higher than what they currently are by a lot
Instead of measuring "ST" against all possible two-letter combinations, measure T against all the other letters that follow "S"
10:19 AM
Never mind. Removed the "vectorizes" comments. Will just add it into the list page
That helps balance out sequences like "xy", which happen very infrequently overall but relatively frequently if "x" is given (which it is, thanks to the previous probability in the chain)
If any of the math is confusing we can probably talk about it somewhere else to not clutter up TNB
J c
awesome - i think that sounds exactly what i want, i'll see how far I get!
Keep in mind that this kind of Markov Chain isn't going to be perfect. The best ones are going to be ones that keep track of some sort of external state or lookbacks (like, say, three letter sequences, or four letter, or n-letter), but depending on how good you need the results to be your two-letter chaining should do fine
J c
makes sense - i'm trying to score the likelihood that the first portion of an email address is "real" or not by how much actual english content is in it, versus "mashing of the keyboard", i was going to start with 2 letter and go up to 3 depending on how things go
@Adám ᵗʰᵃⁿᵏˢ
10:31 AM
@Jc For that case specifically, make sure you ignore numbers or transliterate them to an un-L33T'd version. ab13m0n5t3r isn't the likeliest to appear in standard English content, but it's still understandable as "Able Monster" which signifies almost certainly real. People are generally more likely to have those non-alphabet characters in email addresses than they do elsewhere in their discussions
J c
good point - currently i'm stripping all but alpha characters, but i like your idea of translating leetspeak :)
btw, you mentioned that the probabilities should be higher and part of that is by doing a product of multiple ones - i think that makes them lower though (can chat somewhere else to avoid clutter if you prefer?)

 Markov's House

For discussion relating to probabilities.
Day 3 from adventofcode is basically A214526
10:48 AM
the second half of that day is also an OEIS sequence
A141481 to be specific
11:02 AM
Had we got day 3? I don't think so.
11:17 AM
@user202729 this day 3, not Hyper's challenges.
2 hours later…
1:30 PM
@Fatalize credit goes to ngn
1:45 PM
Anyone here have experience with debugging C++ programs? (in competitive programming)
Sometimes I have extremely-detailed debug log from _GLIBCXX_DEBUG (GNU G++), but there is no stack trace...
so I can't get where it went wrong. What do you do in that case?
2:24 PM
@user202729 spam printf's
I fixed almost every bug that way
the only exception was doing stuff on the gameboy, but that's a whole different story
2:46 PM
@NieDzejkob That's particularly time-consuming to write. I often replace all ; with ;std::cerr<<__LINE__<<' '; , but it unfortunately doesn't work with if (...) ...; else or for (...; ...; ...).
3:10 PM
Q: Mod-balanced lists

ZgarbIntroduction Suppose I have a list of integers, say L = [-1,2,2,1,2,7,1,4]. I like having balance in my life, so I'm happy to see it has as many odd elements as even elements. What's more, it also has an equal number of elements in all modulo classes of 3 that it has elements in: [-1,2...

3:20 PM
@Adám The virtual keyboard covers the TIO run button.
3:57 PM
@Mr.Xcoder sorry for the confusion with the deleted comments ;)
@MartinEnder No problem. Thanks for removing the clutter! BTW, do you think that filtering over sum(abs(each)) is enough rather than max-min?
@user202729 You (accidentally?) removed the tio link in your answer
@Mr.Xcoder that's what I'm doing
oh ok
I looked at user202729's solution, I can't read Mathematica :D
Either we try to prove it, or wait for Martin to prove it.
@MartinEnder Sorry I misinterpreted the comment.
Ehh, combining our solutions is 14 bytes
4:06 PM
Well I updated my solution and didn't update the TIO link.
Not sure if your solution is correct. What does k' do? (can't type ƙ here easily)
(because the issue of Ctrl+Alt+K = Ctrl+K)
@user202729 Maps a link over groups of equal elements (not necessarily adjacent)
Seems to be correct. At first I thought it was adjacent.
Why did you delete yours?
4:34 PM
@user202729 I know. But 1) you can click [x] to close it (key-bindings still work, and you can reopen it by clicking the bookmarklet again), 2) TIO has keyboard shortcuts for all the top buttons (Ctrl+Enter for run and Esc,letter for all commands), 3) I'll ask Dennis to integrate.
The main problem is the bar hides the rotating run button so I don't see when the program is running.
@user202729 Ah. Maybe I can special-case tio.run to move its buttons down, just like <body> is currently moved down. Or would it be better to have it at the bottom? Although that would obscure chat's entry field.
It seems to be problematic either way. / TIO buttons are not inside the body? (sorry I am not interested in looking into TIO source code)
4:57 PM
Q: Print me a scale

ericw31415Oh no! I have a theory test soon and I don't remember the scales yet! Help me remember my major scales by printing the following: 7♯ - C♯ D♯ E♯ F♯ G♯ A♯ B♯ C♯ 6♯ - F♯ G♯ A♯ B C♯ D♯ E♯ F♯ 5♯ - B C♯ D♯ E F♯ G♯ A♯ B 4♯ - E F♯ G♯ A B C♯ D♯ E 3♯ - A B C♯ D E F♯ G♯ A 2♯ - D E F♯ G A B C...

@user202729 basically, if min and max have the same sign, then their difference is less than max(abs(x)), and therefore also less than sum(abs(x)). if they have opposite signs then the difference is max(x)+abs(max(x)), which still can't be more than sum(abs(x)).
5:30 PM
Q: How can we manage our adult son taking back an item we confiscated, without our knowledge, when he has moved out?

user30452My husband and I helped our son pay for an iPod Touch three years ago, paying $100. He paid the other half. About a year ago, our young daughter found images of nude girls in the screenshot gallery on the iPod. He lied when we asked him about it. We confiscated the device. He moved out about two...

my alarm bells for abusive narcissistic parents are going off like crazy
6:21 PM
argh why is the oeis so slow
Is it down?
7:19 PM
@user202729 I don't think Brachylog has any chance on having a short solution to that challenge
@EriktheOutgolfer Now I really don't know... I think there's no need to include the filtering, but I don't know why it ain't needed (or if it is, in fact, needed). I think I'll analyze how it works for a few inputs and I'll see
@Mr.Xcoder if you can't prove it's not needed, then you need to include it until you or somebody else finds a proof
On the other hand, as far I can see none of the solutions do that.
Apart from the Python one, apparently
@Mr.Xcoder if they can't prove either, they're all invalid
Then I shall prove it
7:24 PM
good luck then :)
Wait no need to prove anything
found a proof?
The 0 mod 3 class doesn't appear at all if there is none divisible by 3
that's only in the example
7:25 PM
and I don't think you're guaranteed that "none is divisible by N"
@EriktheOutgolfer Not what I am talking about.
@EriktheOutgolfer a non-empty list is balanced modulo N if it has an equal number of elements in all modulo classes of N for which this number is not 0. Here, this number means the number of elements in the list that do not belong to x-mod y class. It is 0 iff no element in the list yield x when modulo'ed by y. Hence, it won't even appear in the list.
I don't think that's what OP means
What's our policy on answers that are correct aside from IO? Do we VTD or leave as is?
I am completely sure that's what the OP means
oh huh
apparently it needs to be clarified a bit
7:32 PM
@dzaima is SOML the precursor to SOGL?
@cairdcoinheringaahing what answer are you talking about
@EriktheOutgolfer This. It's correct, aside from assuming input and output
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's invalid
@EriktheOutgolfer How?
@cairdcoinheringaahing It is a snippet, and snippets are disallowed.
7:36 PM
it's a snippet
> It's correct, aside from assuming input and output
That doesn't qualify as correct either way
I don't think it;s fair to delete the post without giving the user the chance to correct their answer
@cairdcoinheringaahing I didn't VTD
7:37 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing typically you wait 48 hours after warning
and then vtd
@EriktheOutgolfer ಠ_ಠ I'm aware about the rules regarding snippets
Only on a mac can one delete 500 files and the full browser history and then have 1GB of Disk space less.
@Mr.Xcoder Have you emptied Trash?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Obviously
Solution: install Linux, then delete Mac.
7:40 PM
macs are known to have planned obsolescence, if your mac is old then that might be the reason (although not really sure)
Early 2015 isn't really old though
Of course Windows will tell you that your files will be gone in 10 minutes, you come back and your computer's unusable for the next 10 hours as it deletes them, but doesn't really delete them and still takes up the disk space. TL;DR Windows is sh*t
tfw when you made an iOS app and you're so excited that you've finished it... Then you try running it on your device, Xcode is a version behind the compatibility zone, you have to update it but for that you need OS .6 instead of .2 and you don't have enough space to update the OS, so you can't update Xcode, so you cannot try your app... depression
@cairdcoinheringaahing Solution: install Linux
@Zacharý Mr. Xcoder uses Swift, and I don't think you can use that in Linux
7:43 PM
You can, but it's not exactly legal :c
Solution: port the Swift code.
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, but then I made massive everything-breaking changes and made SOGL
Also, is it allowed to golf an answer because of language updates that didn't exist when you posted the answer?
I think so.
It is allowed, but it's generally nicer to add a note on that
7:45 PM
languages postdating challenges are now allowed to compete
so I don't think you can't edit like that
Hmm, I could (theoretically) revisit all of my Add++ answers and change the functions to lambdas, and save at least 5 bytes on each :P
not at once though
CMC: Concatenate the diagonals of a matrix with its antidiagonals.
[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]] -> [[1, 5, 9], [2, 6], 3, 7, [4, 8], [3, 5, 7], [2, 4], 1, 9, [6, 8]] (you may choose the order)
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 5 bytes: ŒD;ŒḌ
ŒḌ is not antidiagonals...
7:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

qw3nThe challenge is to create a hidden message. Given a string of legible text convert it to binary and drop the first and last four bits. Then the resulting binary should be read little endian and be converted back to a legible string of text which is the hidden message. This is a popularity conte...

@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 5 bytes ,UŒDẎ
@Mr.Xcoder J, 14 bytes: <&,/.,<&,/.&|.
8:10 PM
any ideas for advent challenge 3? :D
@HyperNeutrino Something slightly simpler than the previous two :P
hmm good idea :D :P
so following the backstory, say santa has now caught his elves and has gotten his presents back
And no :P
you mean for the next challenge or to add to advent2?
8:13 PM
Next I think
And the ubiquitous (and dead) meme: is required :P
@HyperNeutrino Next one
why am i wrong
oh wait
@HyperNeutrino Wrong Alex
not you
I miss the memes page
@HyperNeutrino Nah, is correct here, but the wrong Alex :P
memes are the most accurate representation of human culture at the time
> "culture"
We can still make a gist with the memes :P
sure :P
I think we should stop saying alex is wrong, given that the first thing on the memes answer is "Don't use this, bullying is mean"
8:16 PM
@HyperNeutrino Idea: find some niche pattern to some integer and make the challenge (dec-problem) sound like "Is the integer a suitable gift?" and then define suitable gift :D... Of course unless you find those boring
hm if i can find an interesting and original property of numbers i might consider doing that then
Sorry, heard "interesting".
the idea for suitable gifts might be a better idea for later on though, imho
santa just caught the elves and got his presents back so I think I should try to think of a challenge idea that follows the backstory :P
8:21 PM
You could have one (later) where you have to determine if a piece of code can have any bytes removed and it still work as functioning (only have to work for code in your language), but that may be a little difficult
Under the pretence of the code being an acceptable gift for a golfer
lol :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Or just do something related to both kinds of golfs.
@Zacharý "Draw a golf bag" :P
8:25 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing :)
so far I've had code-golf and fastest-code
most of them will probably be code-golf
i might stick in a few more fastest-[code/algorithm] ones and potentially a KoTH :D
but probably most of them will still be code-golf
Well, this site is PPCG
yes :P
@HyperNeutrino The KoTH should be on Christmas and should be something like helping Santa deliver his presents :P
hm good idea :D :P
8:27 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Then who would answer it?!
@HyperNeutrino Do you plan to post a new challenge every day?
@Laikoni that is my intention :P
idea for a later challenge: given an ascii-art, in each house of some definition add in gifts
hm cool idea :D
8:29 PM
Seems like a difficult one ... or I just suck with ascii-art.
@Zacharý The difficulty can vary by how complex are houses. SOGL would probably suck for it, but some 2D pattern matching languages could get a spotlight
@dzaima Do those exist?
@Zacharý yep. There even was a challenge to make some
I'm pretty sure Martin used a regex for some 2D pattern matching once
there's a language called "snails"
Any that are actively maintained?
it's designed specifically for 2D pattern matching
@HyperNeutrino Then go write the backstory and you’ll most likely get an idea during the writing process
That’s how I write challenges, at least
That syntax seems ... weird, to say the least.
@Zacharý I'd be surprised if there were any, as there are so very few 2D pattern matching challenges.
another idea i had was that santa doesn't manage to catch the elves so now he has to go manufacture more presents with his slave labour convenient elf helpers and the challenge is to determine the expenses of manufacturing the presents
@cairdcoinheringaahing :P
Talking about 2D pattern matching, I have to link to this answer by Martin:
A: Nether Portal Detection

Martin EnderRegex (.NET flavour), 182 181 145 132 126 114 104 100 98 97 96 bytes 2D ASCII art pattern recognition? Sounds like a job for regex! (It doesn't.) I know this is going to kick loose endless discussions again about whether regex submissions are valid programs or not, but I doubt this will beat AP...

Well, that's the wrong alex, so we don't know his correctness.
@HyperNeutrino sounds good
8:40 PM
I should also probably mention where I drew inspiration to make an advent challenge series :P
The advent challenge ?
Makes sense
erm i need an idea quick
i have like 17 minutes left and then i have to leave and i won't be back until utc 1am :P
8:43 PM
@HyperNeutrino oh I compete there too ;-) ... and f*** I forgot to solve today’s challenge and I’ll be AFK
rip. yeah i don't have time to finish today's :P
unfortunately I'm in EST which is when they release challenges (EST midnight) so I cannot possibly be amongst the first few people to submit an answer :P
by the time I'm at school it's already a third of the day in :P
@HyperNeutrino Are you OK with other's posting advent challenges if you can't get to it?
yeah, if anyone here would like to post the next advent challenge, just make sure there's only one posted and I'm totally cool with that :)
if I can get an idea in time I'll probably still post one myself today, but that depends on whether or not I can find a good and not too difficult idea in time
@HyperNeutrino The woes of UTC-based-challenges.
And if you're really desperate for a challenge, a funny (but trivial one) could be: "Santa is annoyed at his elves, show how annoyed he is by repeating ಠ_ n times, with an extra at the end." e.g. 10 => ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ
8:45 PM
yup :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ
I don't think many people would find it funny :P
Also I am positive it is a dupe
@Mr.Xcoder It was a JHTCMC at least :P
Maybe make an M x N rectangle of them, with | for up-down
@Zacharý So this for 5 x 4?
8:48 PM
@Mr.Xcoder what happened to doorknob?
@flawr nothing :P
Just a lot of disapproval faces
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
@Zacharý Ctrl-K for monospace. Otherwise it just looks a bit misaligned
@cairdcoinheringaahing it is monospaced.
8:51 PM
It's just that the unicode is screwing it up.
Why the excessive stars for disapproval faces ಠ_ಠ
@Mr.Xcoder 5 stars for 2 distinct characters. Star golf :P
@Mr.Xcoder I don't know why ṭhat is the case. (the letter )
No time for sandboxing, but how does this look? :DDD
8:55 PM
Nov 12 '15 at 22:26, by Doorknob
okay seriously stop abusing stars
@HyperNeutrino It looks good to post, if not a little trivial
I was trying to make it a little less difficult but I think I may have made it too trivial :P Oh well, final remarks for it?
I'm probably going to post this one. Hopefully it gets more than one answer :DDD
@HyperNeutrino I really don’t want to be impolite, but I think implementing a formula isn’t particularly interesting
yeah, that's a good point...
should I post it or should I leave it up to someone here to post the next one?
Just post it.
8:58 PM
@HyperNeutrino Leave it until there's an hour left to give some time for you to think of a better one, then post that if you haven't got a new one
But you should be aware of the drawbacks, that’s all
@cairdcoinheringaahing I won't be there at the time :P
yeah, I mean as long as I don't lose all my rep to downvotes all of a sudden idk
it would be kinda sad if it got closed though :P
I could just post it UTC-tomorrow but idk about that
@HyperNeutrino It'd be worse if the chain broke (especially this early)
yeah :P
i'll probably post it now then
I think the formula might be able to be golfed in some creative ways though. idk. that's really all there is to it...
then again, I mean, there are challenges that are like infinitely more trivial so... idk :P
it's all in the christmas spirit :P
(idk what that last message was about either)
Add a testcase please. I forgot to mention that before
9:01 PM
oh right
im dumb
there we go. easy enough i can just implement it in python and make it spit out random values :P
anyway gtg o/
I realize the formula is not that trivial
cms: is anyone here using the brave browser?
@HyperNeutrino what's the order of the inputs there?
> list of presents where each present contains the cost of the actual item and the three dimensions of the present box
9:04 PM
Shouldn't it be a list of 4 element lists then?|
Q: Advent Challenge 3: Time to remanufacture the presents!

HyperNeutrino<< Prev Unfortunately, Santa was not able to catch the elves in time! He has to go back to manufacturing presents now. Since the elves are definitely not Santa's slaves, he has to figure out the expenses for how much to pay them. Challenge Given some information for the presents, determine the...

> not 4 lists of the attributes
> list of presents?
@HyperNeutrino I'd come back if I were you, theres some confusion
@cairdcoinheringaahing you seem to have understood. Would lambda c,x,y,z:c + 6 * (x * y + y * z + z * x) + 4 * (x + y + z) do the job?
Or am I misunderstanding
@Mr.Xcoder I think so, but I don't know for sure
By the look of it, yes
9:08 PM
Ah I think I got it, but the test cases are confusing
I think one should take, say [9 9 10 6; 4 2 2 9] and return 1333+296=1629
I've edited it so that it's just about calculating one present, as the test cases seem to say, but I may be wrong
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm pretty sure that the intent is multiple presents
Me too
@dzaima So am I, but the test cases don't really fit
9:12 PM
the test-cases were a last addition without much thought
Let's rollback to Hyper's original and leave it like that
Screw it, I rolled it back
I am very sorry for Hyper, but I'll temporarily vote to close this challenge as unclear until the issues are addressed.
Well, given that the 2 answers currently do different things, I think that's best
@HyperNeutrino Do you use/have you thought about using the app for notifications?
@Mego I'd make it clearer what <num>d<num> means for people who don't play DnD. Took me a second to realise what it meant
@cairdcoinheringaahing How's that edit?
@Mego Much better :P
10:02 PM
Q: Should I track Sportsmanship (92/100) or Strunk and White (69/80)
10:26 PM
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