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2:16 PM
Anyone got time to try to clean this up: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/121019/58974?
I was going to, but then got sidetracked golfing my answer for it and ran out of time!
quiners: This is a rather fun challenge
Sorry for inactivity.
I just got some code published in 2600!
But, I'm sick today.
2:21 PM
Code from the future??
@trichoplax No
Time zones are weird
>_> yes there is a time zone 600 years into the future
I didn't even realise there was a timezone 583 years ahead of us
ehh 600 == 583, it's close enough
2:24 PM
I got 583 by assuming that exclamation mark didn't mean factorial
oh god D:
its like daylight savings, but instead decade savings
they bounce back and forth a couple decades every so often
583 years is a couple of decades
Yes, "couple" means different amounts in different places
In England it means precisely 2. In Wales it means several
2:27 PM
well i mean... "century" has more comedic effect than "decade" :P
Decade sounds more like daylight
@trichoplax Relevant xkcd
while i agree that this challenge is a dupe, it kind of sucks that we just had a discussion about it in here where no one said anything about it and then it got closed on main pretty quickly
I don't agree that its a dup. I think the community is pretty split
in that case why is it closed
by only 2 people
nevermind now it's not
2:32 PM
Because Peter has a gold badge
well that's a nice rollercoaster
@Poke A gold badge can close a question on their own.
I hammered it reopen because the addition of parameters makes it different enough to not be a dupe IMO
I voted as well, so two votes to close, two votes to open :)
2:33 PM
I'm not a fan of reopen hammers. Getting a question open isn't something that must be done quickly.
Well we code-golders don't have votes, so really it was one either way
@JanDvorak When it's closed as unclear, I agree that reopening it quickly isn't helpful in many cases. However, dupes are a different story.
(suspects a meta post may be on its way)
It's assumed that people who have earned gold badges are experienced enough to be able to definitively say "this is a dupe" or "this is not a dupe"
2:36 PM
@NathanMerrill On PPCG a meta post is always on its way
Plot twist: it gets dupe-hammered.
Haha I wish we had people with meta gold badges so that the frequent dupes could get hammered
(I thought for a second you had hammered it closed again Dennis)
I was about ready to pull out the popcorn
"Should we have an easy challenge tag?" hammer No. "Why was my song lyrics challenge closed as a dupe?" hammer Because it is. "Is this acceptable for I/O?" hammer We have a post for that.
Question: How to check if an object is an array or an object in JS?
2:39 PM
@TuxCopter Array.isArray
I'd love it if we had community-voted difficulty ratings. Its just that such a thing isn't possible with the SE system
@totallyhuman typeof [] === typeof {}
@TuxCopter oh huh
2:40 PM
@TuxCopter Arrays are objects.
@NathanMerrill I don't see that working very well. One user's hard is another Dennis's easy.
@TuxCopter if you remove "question:" I'll tell you that arrays are objects in Javascript
@Mego right, but its the community's average
dunno js tbh
@JanDvorak I know
2:40 PM
its not going to apply perfectly to you, but it'll still give you a great estimate
but that's true of all ratings
like, you might hate a 5-star item on amazon
but I bet you're more likely to hate a 1-star item on amazon
Dunno. Both 1-star and 5-star items usually have only one review.
@NathanMerrill It'll give an estimate. Whether it's great or not depends on the user. My previous statement goes two ways: different people will rate challenges differently, and the average may or may not be relevant to a user based on their skills and knowledge.
alias :3="cat" cross-post from another chatroom
@Dennis true :)
2:42 PM
There really is an xkcd for everything
@Mego and I totally agree. But it'd be another data point that the user could use to find challenges he likes
Another one: xkcd.com/937
CMC: find a concept that doesn't have a relevant xkcd
@totallyhuman String theory
nawh i can find one
2:44 PM
seriously, the title is "String theory"
@EriktheOutgolfer hmm
2:45 PM
there's regex golf
though not code golf
...what's the difference?
...because regex
2:46 PM
well, isn't the same as , the former requires you to golf code, the latter requires you to golf regex
regex is code, in my book
regex can't add two numbers or test pr... wait, it can do both.
I was about to ask if regex can do string comparisons ("ie is this string equal to that string")
then I realised it's regex
nah, regex (in the pure form), can't actually add two numbers
2:48 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer 20% of the answers to Is this number a prime? use regexes,
@NathanMerrill s/ //
unary addition is easy
Can it do multipl... wait, yes, it can.
@Dennis use regexes, what?
CMC: perform unary multiplication in Regexp.
2:50 PM
Regex isn't TC without some advanced features like those found in PCRE and .NET Regex, but it is very powerful
print 'use regexes',
to avoid a newline, i guess
@JanDvorak What flavor?
oh I thought it was an unfinished sentence or something
PCRE is still not turing complete
2:50 PM
@Riker ^^
@Mego any
@EriktheOutgolfer ah ok
@JanDvorak Then I'm thinking of a different regex engine that's TC. Ruby, mayhaps?
Just adding + before the prompt() should work. — ETHproductions Dec 6 '15 at 18:49
I know .NET's engine is
2:51 PM
sigh js is weird
Ruby regexes are super-powerful, but they still can't loop infinitely.
I really should brush up on my regex engine knowledge :P
Ruby regexes can match any context-free language
nah regex isn't golfy enough to be worth it
@JanDvorak but recursion group?
2:55 PM
why does the SE chat user leaving animation have to be so depressing
@totallyhuman POB
departs fades away
@EriktheOutgolfer If you have regexes but no prime built-in...
@JanDvorak huh?
When all you have is a regex engine, everything starts to look like a string.
2:56 PM
@JanDvorak parrots only blame?
penguins only bite
you just insulted Mego
also, tuxcopter. Although, he is a mixed breed, so I'm not sure.
@Dennis I'm pretty sure that you'll find another way than regexes though :)
2:59 PM
POB = primarily opinion-based
@JanDvorak he is half-penguin half-chopper, his penguin half was insulted as well?
He only bites half of the time
rotors hurt though
the other half he chops so that he bites
@TuxCopter are you emperor penguin?
3:00 PM
@JanDvorak ah well somebody must agree
@Downgoat ?
@Downgoat huh? not tux, but I think he was copter penguin
@TuxCopter we were contemplating if TH just insulted you
WHat happened?
3:01 PM
*has just
4 mins ago, by totallyhuman
penguins only bite
well, they're actually supposed to golf, not bite!
(pun intended)
@EriktheOutgolfer Sure. But a shorter one?
@totallyhuman That's wrong. I also code, and sometimes I even sleep.
penguins often bite
@Dennis I think that something like lambda x:all([x%i for i in range(2,x)]) would be shorter than regex stuff...
3:06 PM
In Python? Sure. Just read the answers...
@TuxCopter btw can you grammar check french project: pastebin.com/Kd5JMHFp
i know speling is crap
@Downgoat It's "le mois dernier", not "le mois derniere"
And also it's spelled "marathon"
s/long/longue/ ?
"soleil" too
"commencer", not "commce"
"J'ai couru aussi vite que je pouvais", not "J'ai couru si vite que j'ai pouvais" too
3:10 PM
Wouldn't it be je pouvais because imparfait for je ends in s?
"le seul chose", not "la seule chose"
@Downgoat Yup
"c'est si vous faites de votre mieux" should be "c'est que vous fassiez de votre mieux"
@Christopher Sorry I'm busy rn, if you would like to call it off I'm fine with that but I will be able to finishe later today
@TuxCopter shit, ok, ty very very very much
ok this is ridiculous
3:14 PM
Q: Reversing Of Words

avk avkSona is there in her house with her 10 year old child and she needs to go to school to bring back another child from school as the school is getting over at 2 pm. Summer is going on and the tempertature is above 45 degree. She wants to leave her younger child at home and she wants him to engage h...

i can't find an easy way to reverse an array in go
I can't find one in C too
@totallyhuman Create a new array and copy the content of the old from the last element?
He probably meant a built-in function
A: How do I reverse an array in Go?

Carl SmotriczI'm 2 years late, but just for fun and interest I'd like to contribute an "oddball" solution. Assuming the task really is to reverse a list, then for raw performance bgp's solution is probably unbeatable. It gets the job done simply and effectively by swapping array items front to back, an opera...

looks loke nice recursive function
3:16 PM
> Again, this is for fun and not production. Not only is it slow, but it will overflow the stack if the list is too large.
array of strings
Q: Is there a new consensus on answer headers?

TheLethalCoderWhen answering question before I always used to use the "Heading" option present on the formatting box. This produces the following markdown: ## Heading ## However, within the past couple of days my answers have been getting edited to change it to: # Heading Along with a comment usually say...

And wait, in Go the [] go before the type???
but I must... answer... in go...
3:17 PM
@totallyhuman you have ... at end, could those letters be "at"?
@TuxCopter read as "array of ints", not "int array"
I prefer [Integer]
looks like imma have to implement my own reverse function
@WheatWizard I can wait :P
Implement a subclass Square that extends the Rectangle class. In the constructor, accept the x- and y- positions of the center and the side length of the square. Call the setLocation and setSize methods of the Also supply a method getArea that computes and returns the area of the square.
chat: yes, mini: no, challenge: yes
3:30 PM
That is a java program I am writing try to out golf me
@totallyhuman It is a simple challenge
It takes a large amount of text
Anyone willing to vote to reopen this: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/121019/58974?
@Christopher Not going to do your homework
@Mego I don't need the code. I just want to see if I was golfed
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayIs this site down or is it just me? code-golf internet Challenge The challenge is simple, using http://isup.me, determine whether an inputted website is up or down. Rules The input will be a web address such as stackexchange.com or google.co.uk. The input will never have http://, https:// et...

@totallyhuman chat mega challenge
3:44 PM
@NickClifford Ohm errors when I try to map. Bug?
HAHAHA yes! Many rep
Q: What week is it?

J_LardThe day of the week and month of the year seem to get a lot of attention but no one seems to care about the week of the year. I believe it's time to change that, so your job is to write a program or function that when given a date outputs an integer between 1 and 53 corresponding to the current w...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Neil A.What are my dimensions? Task: Given the area of a triangle, find a Heronian triangle with that area. Any Heronian triangle with the specified area is allowed A Heronian triangle is a triangle with integer sides and integer area. If no such triangle exists, output with a consistent error/falsey...

Guys I made the Puzzling 2017 mod election go way off topic with one sentence! I think that is a record
I just said "Vote for me!" as a joke (I have 103 rep and almost never visit)
@Christopher ` xkcd.com/1627
3:56 PM
@JanDvorak nah. We are just talking about socks
@Christopher Congratulations? I don't know why you're proud of that.
@Mego More of amused. I didn't mean to :P
sort of like tossing your car off a cliff, engaging slow motion and switching to a third-person camera
@JanDvorak That is exactly how it is
4:12 PM
@NewMainPosts challenge doesn't use ISO, meh
@BusinessCat That's because Ohm is expecting input there. You can use the « component for single-component mapping; however, Ohm has vectorization now, so this should work.
Anyone got any suggestions for knocking some bytes off this? codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/121172/58974
I've gone codeblind!
A short rest can cure the blinded condition, I believe
@DJMcMayhem Do you think you could unfreeze this room? chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/53265/…
4:26 PM
@MSoRMvzH8g Only mods can unfreeze rooms. Based on who has talked recently, Riker, Dennis, or Thomas Ward would be your best bet.
@NickClifford Ok I think I got it now
@MSoRMvzH8g It's thawed now
@NickClifford It seems wire calls vectorize, so I can just map like that for something more complicated
lol programmer5000 surpassed my rep a while back
4:34 PM
Is there a way to format trailing newlines with a code block?
Or with CSS code { white-space: pre-line; }
SE doesn't like CSS
Does anyone?
If anyone says "yes" they will probably be 11'd
4:43 PM
because it's so obvious that confirming it provides no information?
@Dennis Me!
I mean, I use CSS. I kinda have to. And more often than not, complex CSS rules are preferable to the more straightforward JavaScript alternative. But I don't think I'll ever be able to like something I have to use in web development. I'd wind up hating even the nicest language after dealing with X incompatible in-browser implementations.
@BusinessCat Technically, it's not the wires themselves that vectorize, but the components in the wire, so you don't really even need to use a wire..
4:47 PM
absolute positioning?
@Dennis Yeah, building websites would be so much easier without browsers! :D I'm having a fight with Safari at the moment; I don't think it's going to let me win!
Don't even get me started on Safari! I have zero practical ways of testing TIO with Safari.
Use lynx
it smells eleveny here...
@Dennis There are no practical ways of testing anything with Safari; Safari is not practical!
4:50 PM
@HyperNeutrino I think it's more that he doesn't have a mac and doesn't want to deal with setting up a hackintosh
2k rep :)
@Poke I'm totally unsure if setting up a hackintosh will help him at all
well he'd get safari, no?
@Shaggy Not anymore.
4:51 PM
@NickClifford Alright. But let's say I want to copy every element, so [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] -> [1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5], how would I do that?
@Poke and how is he supposed to test it? so impractical... guys, Chrome is free!
@BusinessCat Which language?
@HyperNeutrino Why, thank you!
:) :D :P
@EriktheOutgolfer well once he has safari you just load up the page and test it out
4:52 PM
@HyperNeutrino Ohm
@HyperNeutrino Did my answer to the "Cactus" question looks right to you? I was wary that the pattern was so obvious.
@Poke I think making TIO compatible with Safari would be such a pain anyways
i'm sure you're right
although isn't safari just webkit
at least for css stuff it's hopefully similar to chrome
no promises for javascript
@Poke I have other, more choice things I call Safari!
@Poke No, no it's not :(
4:55 PM
@Shaggy I don't understand the solution too well but I can see that it works, and I kinda see how it works
rip my laptop almost died
@EriktheOutgolfer It is, sorta. There are some oddities though (at least one CSS issue) that I can't fix without access to an iFruit device.
you don't dare to say the damned company's name right?
@HyperNeutrino It checks if v is the same as the array of the first elements of each sub-array in e, with duplicates removed.
4:57 PM
@BusinessCat Can you link me to a wiki/github page of some sort?
Hey, they even patented round pizza boxes
Q: Can I use more than one code page?

Satan's SonI am currently writing my own language and have a few queries about it, namely the custom code-page that it uses. It is well-known that languages have custom code-pages to avoid multibyte characters such as Jelly and Ohm but I have never heard of a language having more than one. The actual probl...

@Shaggy eh... ok not too sure I understand that :'D But okay that kind of makes sense.
@JanDvorak I'm not even sure the problem persists in desktop Safari. I've been told if affects a tablet. Not sure which one. That's all I know.
iFruit? ahahah
that's a good one
4:59 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PrzemysławPAdd fractions Take two lists of the same length as input. Use elements of first one to get numerators and elements of the second list to get denominators. Display resulting fractions, separated by "+"s. After last fraction display "=" and result of addition. Example: Input [1, 2, 3, 3, 6] ...

20% more expensive
@NewMetaPosts That username though
@HyperNeutrino It's on TIO
5:02 PM
And I figured out the problem, in mapping you need to explicitly push the current element
I'm used to CJam where it's implicitly pushed each time
Ah. Okay.
My idea was duplicate end-to-end and then interleave :P
@Dennis So you don't play GTA V? :P
About an hour ago. Stupid stunt jumps.
5:13 PM
I'm actually kinda surprised. I didn't expect you to be the GTA type.
You would never look at someone's behavior on SE and think they might play GTA. Everything about SE promotes being polite and professional to the extreme. GTA is about creating as much havoc as possible.
The way I see it, I can either get it out of my system on my PS4 or snap and get it out of my system irl.
@HyperNeutrino yay I'm 5th
*cough* PC Master Race
5:22 PM
The PS4 was a gift from my wife, so I didn't really have a say in it.
@Dennis Haha, fair enough. I play it because my friends play it.
Xbox One here :/
I'd like to play it, but I've heard that the online mode is very broken for PC and that Rockstar has no plans to fix it
I never tried Online.
I've never played GTA V I'm not interested that's it the end period even though others in my area do play it because I'm just not interested it's kinda boring IMO
5:25 PM
I have a Wii U for the exclusives.
I have a XBox 360 lol
What's boring about making a billion dollars?
GTA Online is fun if you have friends to play it with. Trying to deal with online griefers without friends is no fun.
I don't know anyone irl who plays GTA. :(
nah I'm not interested in such things I have real life
5:29 PM
I hadn't gamed in a while until I got the PS4. Gaming helps with my health issues.
I mostly play FPSs and such.
@Phoenix do you have MK8?
TO both
have you played MK Wii?
5:31 PM
how does MK8 compare with MK Wii?
I've only played the Wii version
Q: Lots of seconds!

GryphonOUTPUT: The number of seconds since midnight on January 1, 1 A.D., as an integer. INPUT: None, you must pull the current timestamp yourself. TASK: This is code-golf, shortest answer in bytes wins. Standard loopholes apply.

But I expect the anti-gravity, vehicle customisation and the 200cc GPs to be a thrilling experience (despite not having played the game)
@DJMcMayhem I don't play video games very often recently. Sometime the occasional NetHack, but that's about it nowadays
@KritixiLithos I've played both a fair bit. MK8 feels more balanced to me (harder for good players, eaiser for bad players), and the 200CC is brutally hard. The biggest difference is the removal of the automatic transmission, but other than that they're fairly similar
what automatic transmission?
5:34 PM
Sorry, automatic drifting. What did they call it in game?
There's automatic drifting in MK?
On MK wii there is
in MK Wii there is
5:35 PM
With almost the exact same message too
@DJMcMayhem so you only have manual drifting, hmm... that'll make it harder for beginners
I've only recently (two years) begun to use manual on MK Wii. It's especially good with bikes
Yes, but there are some things that make it easier for beginners too. For example, falling off isn't as big of a punishment (you can keep your items and you are rescued by lakitu earlier)
can you fall off while gliding?
I'm much better at MK wii. I can usually take 1st without too much trouble in a 150CC grand prix with CPU on hard. On MK8 with 150CC cpu on medium, I'm usually just happy to make the stands.
@KritixiLithos Yes.
I presume you got gold on all the grand prix and the mirror ones?
5:40 PM
I think so yeah. Not 3 stars on all though
3 stars is tough
It took me quite some time to unlock Dry Browser Bowser (get at least A or 1 star on certain GPs)
ah, rainbow road, that was fun
it's quite hard to do rainbow road with manual drifting
Or you just go Bullet Bike and play the map enough times you know when to start your 90 degree drift turn
oh yeah, that's the bike with good handling
actually, it's the one that turns really fast while drifting, I think
in terms of looks, I like the B Dasher Mk 2 (or however that is spelt)
5:47 PM
It took me way too long to realize MK meant Mario Kart and not Mortal Kombat
@ais523 you here?
@Mego oh!
@Dennis Glad I wasn't the only one confused :D

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