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12:22 AM
@ASCII-only The state immediately before a circle of all 0s must have all adjacent elements unequal. That means that you have to have 1 0 1 0 1 ..., with an even number of 1s and 0s. But there are an odd number of terms, so you can never have a fully alternating sequence.
@HyperNeutrino oh yeah forgot i could work backwards
yup c:
12:35 AM
@Christopher you should put bounty then
I have a +100 bounty on it now.
Q: Life: Created or Evolved?

ChristopherLife: Created or Evolved? Given the state of a square Game of Life grid, determine whether it could have evolved from any previous state, or could only have been created. That is, identify whether the state is a "Garden of Eden" state. Input A square grid of states, with 1 indicating "alive" a...

If nobody answers in a week I will be sad
12:51 AM
Is it possible to award a bounty on your own answer?
Okay. Hopefully someone answers then
1:06 AM
Yay I just became a second page user. :D
Q: Generate triangular signal

xakepp35Task: Given sample index, x, calculate sample value f(x) of triangular wave, with period of 4 samples and amplitude 1. Offset can be negative and sample value could be either {0, 1, -1}. Test cases: -5 -> -1 -4 -> 0 -3 -> 1 -2 -> 0 -1 -> -1 0 -> 0 1 -> 1 2 -> 0 3 ->

@DestructibleLemon I'm on the second page of users sorted by rep
nice I guess
hey, internet experts: I'm looking for an adblocking DNS: any suggestions?
1:10 AM
thats a thing?
far better than any extension, as it works for all devices
why not use adblock?
the only downside is that you can't easily turn it off
^ I was gonna say
@NathanMerrill I've heard good things about Adguard DNS, but I don't have firsthand experience
1:14 AM
that said, if there are sites that prevent you from using their content with adblocker, you can either try to remove their popup with dev tools, try a chrome extension that stops anti-adblocks, or just not use the site
I was thinking of answering the snowball koth with Turtlèd, but then that'd make the koth slow probably
most of the time I realize I don't really want the content
so I just move on
I hate it when I disable my adblock but they keep telling me to turn the adblock off
CMC: Given an integer larger than 0, and less then 2^32-1, output the Digital Product. That is, while the amount of base ten digits is larger than 1, get the product of the digits, and repeat.
if only there were a prod function in python...
1:26 AM
@ConorO'Brien Are you still writing the blog post on Brain-Flak?
oh, more blog things are being made!
@HyperNeutrino Yay ty
I may even answer
@WheatWizard Page 27 myself. Almost 26
@ATaco Actually, 7 bytes: ⌠♂≈π$⌡Y
Integer input instead of string input is similar: ⌠$♂≈π⌡Y
Fellow Pythonistas: should a function composition decorator like @compose(f) def g(): pass compose the functions as f(g()) or g(f())? In other words, should the function being decorated be the inner or the outer function?
1:41 AM
I'm leaning towards f(g()), but I'm not sure yet
@DestructibleLemon reduce(__int__.mul, list)
that's not golfy at all
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's the best we can do
I think
@ATaco Jelly, 7 bytes: DP$>9$¿
1:49 AM
Now, is there an integer that this does not terminate for?
how do I check highest voted answers across the site?
That becomes a question of whether or not the digital product ever does not decrease.
I conjecture that for any positive integer, the digital product will be strictly less than the integer itself (assuming it has at least 2 digits).
@HyperNeutrino That's trivial to prove. A stronger statement is that for all non-negative integers, N >= digital_sum(N)
1:56 AM
Well, the thing is, it won't terminate if N == digital_product(N) and also sorry, I meant digital product
(if N < 10, N == digital_sum(N), else N > digital_sum(N))
sum is easy to prove
Oh digital product
yeah sorry i typo'd the first time
That should also be easy to prove
1:59 AM
For single-digit numbers, the largest digital product is 9, from N = 9
For double-digit numbers, the largest digital product is 81, from N = 99
For triple-digits, it's 729 from 999
Yes, but what about the other values? Is it possible for there to be a number that's less than 99 but has a digital product not as much smaller than 81?
The digital product is multiplied by 9 each time, but N is multiplied by a value that converges to 10 from above
2:01 AM
I see.
So after 9 the two start to diverge, with N growing faster
I see. But that still doesn't strictly prove that the values in the middle follow the same divergence pattern.
It does, though. digital_product(N) is at most 9**(log10(N) + 1)
Oh alright I stand corrected :)
all(map(lambda x:x>reduce(int.__mul__,map(int,list(str(x)))),range(10,1000000))) is True so I think it's probably correct.
2:07 AM
So if N > 9, N > digital_product(N)
Now repeated application is a different story
Well it will always converge down to a single-digit number because it's always decreasing until it reaches a single-digit number.
@HyperNeutrino That extra list call isn't needed - strs are iterable
oh lol
well i'm not golfing but okay thanks :) i should know that for future python golfing
2:10 AM
@HyperNeutrino That's true. So digital products (as well as digital sums) only have fixed points for N < 10
Yay. Now how about digital exponentiation? :D D:
(I watch as a giant downvote button descends into the active users list)
^ sorry random thought of the day
Since exponentiation isn't commutative, an order has to be chosen
Right-To-Left (exponent tower)
2:12 AM
So digital_exp(123) == 3**2**1?
Sorry, I meant left-to-right but operation order right-to-left, so digital_exp(123) = (1**2)**3.
Either way, digital exponentiation will grow infinitely large with some N: 9**9 won't converge
So no it won't converge.
But, for which values will it converge to a single-digit number when repeatedly applied?
2:13 AM
Some will (like 200), but a lot won't
And is there a way to prove that all numbers will either converge fully or diverge infinitely?
I think most won't.
But are there any cycles?
I have no idea
Sounds like a question for Math.SE
2:13 AM
A single 0 means the result is 1.
I asked this interesting question over there and got a very good answer
Now I'm going to make it into a challenge
KoTH (abstract) idea: Players try to perform tasks which take different amounts of turns. However, credit is only given to the player that finished the task.
perhaps these tasks are only available in certain locations, so the players have to choose which tasks to progress towards
@NathanMerrill so basically bots have to try to be the ones to finish the task?
I'm still trying to get a solid definition down
but I think it's an interesting mechanic
perhaps some sort of planning phase where they indicate what they plan on working on, and certain steps are hidden?
Just give the players 10 credits a turn
they can spend them on a single task
or on different tasks
Oooh...and maybe unused credits get saved, but only at 50% rate
2:23 AM
Ooh, sounds like an interesting KoTH :D
I'll wait for yours to die down
I'm assuming moving takes a turn?
er, there's no moving
that was an earlier idea, but I don't like it
oh okay then
@NathanMerrill Too many KoTHs at once is not a good idea?
2:24 AM
you just have a queue of tasks, and players can only work on the 3? next ones
@HyperNeutrino not enough of a playerbase
KoTHs need all the submissions they can get
@HyperNeutrino it's fine but when too many people are focusing on one of them not as many will focus on another one
Ah, I see. Makes sense.
although, I really need to start posting KoTHs more
@NathanMerrill How do turns work? Is there an order to the players' turns?
I've written controllers for two of them
2:26 AM
with this? (btw the markdown is broken)
@ASCII-only yes
you randomize the order
oh it is!
@ASCII-only yeah. I was also helping Splix post his KoTH for a good month or so
it was going to be really cool
or was Splix the name of the game?
I think that was the name of the game
yep, his name was JAtkin
oh crap my pi implementation was broken D:
The problem with KOTHs is, I never participate because it takes a significant effort, and I'm afraid it will be wasted by no one else palying.
yeah, but they are fun to think and theorize about
2:55 AM
Wait what TIL journals published in the future exist
eh what
@HyperNeutrino google for example ""food chemistry volume 230" -> 1 september 2017 -> wat
you sure you don't mean Theoretical Inquiries in Law journals?
Yay time travel
@WheatWizard sort of. finals are just around the bend (I have my french oral exam tomorrow in fact), so it's on hold for the moment
2:59 AM
Ok no rush, good luck on finals!
thanks !
@ASCII-only Second result: "in progress"
@WheatWizard random question, but can brain-flak output through its exit code?
@ConorO'Brien No it only has two exit codes, one for ran and one for syntax error.
hm, ok
3:02 AM
Why do you ask?
I don't really know much about Exit codes.
I was wondering if it would be possible to do this challenge in brain-flak
@WheatWizard Kernel.exit(code_number)
@ConorO'Brien Yeah definitely not
an exit code is a number that tells how the program exited. In python, this can me sys.exit(number). This number usually has some special meaning, e.g., 2 could mean no such command. it's a nice way for scripts to inspect how a program terminated
you can inspect the exit code on windows with %ERRORLEVEL% and in bash with $?
TIL that aircraft registration numbers work somewhat similar to .com domains: you can pay $10/year to reserve a special registration number.
3:04 AM
isn't that the standard registration model?
Yeah Brain-flak only has 2 (maybe 3). I think they are inherited directly from Ruby
you either have one-time register, or renewal-fee registration, no?
@HyperNeutrino have you done a run of your controller?
Looks like your question got closed but I kinda still want to know the standings.
@WheatWizard hm, maybe there could be a sort of "extra-flak"? maybe using unicode brackets to do things like exit codes, sleep/wait, and other system-y stuff
@ConorO'Brien PeripheralNervousSystemFlak
3:08 AM
I think @0' was working on something like that that would allow for system calls, but you'd have to ask him
@Mego You need SpinalCordFlak first IO
@ASCII-only That's the connection layer between the two
oh true
@WheatWizard was he planning on using that exact name? if not, I think I'd like to take a stab at writing something like that. (after exams of course :P)
@NathanMerrill yeah I guess, I was surprised they let people have a choice at all
3:09 AM
oh, you were thinking it was some government-issued thing?
actually I can ask him >_> @0' what are your plans for this sort of extended brain-flak thingy?
yeah, that would make sense as well
@ConorO'Brien Don't think so, go ahead. He was going to allow I think for arbitrary system calls.
what's the game where you pick up sticks and you want to/don't want to take the last one?
ah, found it, Nim!
I'm designing a 2D Esolang that can be embedded on various topological surfaces.
There's a gif of it running on the surface of a Klein bottle.
3:17 AM
@WheatWizard nice
but make it clear the screen with ansi code pls tyvm
Yeah I hope to do that soon. :)
@WheatWizard print '\033[2J\033[0;0H'
Oh I was going to get it to run in place, not just clear the screen, but I suppose thats an improvement
@PhiNotPi Oh R.I.P the challenge, but no I haven't finished the run yet. I've started, and it looks like Aggressor can't be beat except by the ugly duckling, but I still need to update your code and re-run. I've only completed all rounds involving the Aggressor.
Dupe, right?
3:24 AM
@HyperNeutrino yeah.
I guess Nathan can start on his KoTH then
I voted to reopen because it thought it was cool ;-;
I don't expect it to be reopened though
@WheatWizard run in place?
3:26 AM
thanks :D but yeah I don't expect it to be reopened because dupes typically aren't reopened.
that's probably better for this because you only need to redraw two characters per frame
@ASCII-only I was going to use ncurses to make it run without clogging up the terminal.
@WheatWizard oh okay
@HyperNeutrino I think I fixed my entry earlier (because I had written my own controller which was different than how it was supposed to be), so I think my entry works, if it doesn't no point in fixing it now.
@WheatWizard btw +1 for agnoster and edgeless terminal
3:32 AM
@ASCII-only Agnoster?
@WheatWizard idk, your terminal looks like it uses the zsh theme agonster
Nah, I'm using the fish theme Shellder
I am using borderless though.
@WheatWizard do you think fish is better than zsh (btw looked it up, oh-my-fish is pretty much a port of oh-my-zsh, shellder is a port of agnoster)
I like fish a lot, I haven't used zsh though.
<< NaN === NaN
>> false
3:43 AM
That's required by the standard.
@TuxCopter Blame IEEE 754 for that one
All comparisons involving NaN are false
Well, not all.
< NaN !== NaN
> true
Floating point numbers are confusing
3:45 AM
Since a += b is the same as a = a + b, a === b should be the same as a = a == b.
I like the proposal with a <= b better.
And a==== should be the same as a===1 because a++ is the same as a+=1
@Dennis What proposal is that a<=b-> a=a<b?
3:48 AM
I need to make a language where every operator has these versions
@WheatWizard *every binary operator
CMC: Make the most counter-intuitive esolang ever
@HyperNeutrino Malbolge
3:49 AM
anyway I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I'm going to bed now. Good (night|morning|afternoon|evening) everyone! o/ [UTC-4:00]
@TuxCopter it's not counter-intuitive though
@ASCII-only In what way is 2783gy7w89q9j4#2373828@ not counterintuitive
@TuxCopter it's hard to understand but not counterintuitive
Counterintuitive should do exactly the opposite of what you expect not just something you don't expect
3:51 AM
@WheatWizard Precisely. (Plus Malbolge doesn't do something you don't expect, you don't even know what to expect)
But if you know the language is counter-intuitive, wouldn't it have to do exactly what you expect in order to do the opposite of what you expect?
You make half the stuff do exactly what you would normally expect and half do the exact opposite.
@WheatWizard Nah, half is too predictable. Have e% of the stuff work as expected
@HyperNeutrino HQ9+. You think it trivially solves HW, 99BB, and quines, but instead it gets you a bajillion downvotes.
@Mego 2.718281828%?
3:55 AM
We don't consider Q a quine even though it prints its source, you can't get much more counter-intuitive than that.
We don't consider Q a quine because it reads it's own source.
And the Emoji button's almost complete!
Yeah, but its pretty amusing that the Q stands for Quine when it actually makes the program in question not a quite.
@ATaco Oh god please no
@ATaco no no no no
We're a civilized place, not Facebook
4:01 AM
Don't worry, it will work everywhere.
@ATaco When searching an emoji empty categories are visible
Making them invisible would be better
Yeah, Probably a good idea. I just need to work out how to do that.
x.style.display = "none" ?
Categories aren't uniquely defined... Yet...
Also, Regex is supported in the search, by accident.
oh that's cool
4:15 AM
@ATaco 0/10
i'm assuming you're using string.match
Precompiled because it was the fastest method.
😒 Now because of ATaco TN🅱️ will be flooded with emojis
I simply created the tool, I am not to blame for the use.
@ATaco You could have just not created the tool...
4:18 AM
But I was curious if I could.
Excessive use of emojis falls under disruptive behavior, in case it isn't clear.
TuxCopter, I used my tablet's keyboard for the Emoji, not ATaco's tool. I am on Android.
@ATaco That's how you get killed by dinosaurs
@ATaco ... Of course you can
4:20 AM
Why are people against of Emojis? 😱
Emojis are cool! Cool as this drink : 🍺
Yes but emojis are normies
and that's not good
Emoji can be useful at replacing expressions we may otherwise pull in face to face conversation, something not necessarily achievable in pure text chat.
CMC: ljust a list in python.
🐳 Also whales.
4:23 AM
@ATaco And people in business suit levitating >_>
And 💩, of course!
Like who tought 🕴 would be a useful addition to Unicode
@WheatWizard as in iterate and ljust? or pad list?
Just pad
4:24 AM
Device batter draining. Going to charge 🔌
@WheatWizard like this? lambda l,n,f=' ':l+[f]*(n-len(l))
Yeah, I wonder if there is a golfier way to do it, thats what I cam up with as well
Can someone help me with this? I am trying to implement Game of Life, but getting an error.
@Arjun use this instead :P
@ASCII-only Thanks for that! But I would like to resolve the error that I am getting. Can't figure out why it's happening! If you know JS, could you help me? 🙏
4:37 AM
@Arjun I live and breathe JS no wait i'm not at that level yet, Downgoat and Conor are
@Arjun yeah ik i'm debugging atm
@Arjun setTimeout("")?
@ASCII-only For waiting a second between ticks.
@Arjun um that doesn't work like how you think it does
@ASCII-only ?
@Arjun setTimeout doesn't block the running of the function
so the while loop is constantly being executed = bad
@ASCII-only What should I do then?
4:47 AM
@Arjun i'm working on it, will post link when finished if that's ok with you
@Arjun some notes: use classList methods instead of className hacks, use === instead of ==
@ASCII-only Okay. In the meantime I will implement methods described here.
@Arjun Don't
@ASCII-only I will improve the quality of code (and even make the code object Oriented) once I get it working.
I've already changed it to use setInterval which is the sane way to do it
@Arjun wait what that's what i've been doing for like the past 5 minutes :(
Sorry :P
5:04 AM
@Arjun oh one other thing, tempCells = cells won't work because the elements aren't copied
@Arjun found your problem: in your j loop you increment i
@ASCII-only Nah, that's fixed. (Probably the link gives you older code, this is the latest code) The problem is that when the value of j becomes 9, isAlive function is called with isAlive(i-1,j+1) which causes error. I will fix it later myself, since my device's battery is only 4% left. Thanks for you help, though!
That is why the error occurred in the tenth iteration.
@Arjun I'll fix it + send a link because I've already done a lot anyway
Okay, then!
5:22 AM
@Arjun Because they're irritating and get everywhere.
@Arjun also you can't do chained comparisons in JS (i.e. 4 > count > 1 doesn't work as you'd expect)
That in particular does (4>count)>1 which is (false or true)>1 which will always output false
Here is the topological language I was hinting at earlier. I have just finished the first working version and would appreciate any feed back.
@ASCII-only Fixed (ie it does not produce; but does not work as expected)! And the time between iterations part is still not working properly. But I don't have time to debug it now (2%). The code is currently very messy, I will make it better later! If you fix it, just a drop a link as you said. I will come back some hours later. So kind of you to help! (1%) Thank You! Bye! (0%) Gone......
@Arjun ;_; forgot to save rip me have to do it all over again
5:30 AM
The "Fixed" link that I have given you is the latest code.
@ASCII-only Don't worry, I'll fix it later! No problem! Thanks for your help!
@Arjun doesn't matter, i'll do anything to stop seeing pauseComp ever again i can redo it, it isn't that hard
Oh okay. Thanks, again!
Will come back in a few hours.
@Arjun bye
5:45 AM
@WheatWizard 0/10 "Klein" and "various topologocal surfaces" don't make sense together
It was intended to just be Klein bottles when I started out but then I figured why not add as many as I can
@WheatWizard pls rename
Do you have any suggestions?
also "topologocal" 0/10 typo
@WheatWizard Manifold maybe? Manyfold? :P
Or else use Topology or some derived word/word containing Topology
Object Non-Orientable Programming
5:49 AM
Yes this 10/10
Except most of the surfaces are orientable.
6:11 AM
Hey you know what would be pretty cool? PPCG Graduating.
@ASCII-only I need more help with JS
@ATaco LOL, funny joke
So I have a file foo.js with a class called Bar
How do I do something like this in another file (e.g. main.js)?
/* insert require code here */
test = new Bar();
As opposed to
var foo = require("./foo.js");
test = new foo.Bar();
So instead of foo.Bar() I just want Bar()
6:27 AM
var Bar = require("./foo.js").Bar
@Qwerp-Derp ok
@ASCII-only See text below my ping
@Qwerp-Derp What browser/node version
@ATaco Thanks, it works!
basically: can you use fancy new ES6 stuff
if you don't mind using ES6,const { Bar } = require("./foo.js") looks cleaner IMO
6:45 AM
If you're using node.js, you can add to your package modules.exports=Bar And then you can call it with var Bar = require("./foo.js"); new Bar()
@ATaco ... 0/10 bad idea
Never code to arbitrary standards! Viva la revolution!
7:18 AM
At the rate Jalapeño's going, it might end up being a competitive language.
7:31 AM
if a polyglot answer has been provided because the answer is identical in multiple languages, that means there shouldn't be answers for each of the languages then, right?
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/106187/65532 the comment in this question points out that there's already a polyglot answer of this
@numbermaniac There should
there should be one for each language, you mean?
7:46 AM
@numbermaniac given the polyglot answer is marked as community wiki and clearly states "Edit to add other languages for which this is a valid answer", I don't think those languages should have their own answer. Plus PidgeonScript has been added to the community wiki answer, which means the standalone PidgeonScript answer is now a duplicate
7:57 AM
alright, thanks 👍

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