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9:00 AM
I'm not sure this is useful/general enough to warrant a built-in
@Fatalize What about bitwise functions? and, or, xor, not, lshift, rshift
CMC: output that palindrome sator square thing
btw, CJam 5 bytes: '翭i
@LeakyNun Probably not
@Sp3000 plz
9:05 AM
@LeakyNun Doable though that goes with base conversion
@Fatalize Of course that's a trap to make you implement the base conversion built-in haha
@LeakyNun Okay fine, also 5 bytes: YF#J-
If we're gonna play that game, 6 bytes: actually.tryitonline.net/#code=J-e_rU9p&input=
7 bytes :( 翭@c~g
@LeakyNun 1 byte longer
9:10 AM
You know the Chess SE board thing, right?
Does anyone know where the source code is for that?
Is it open source?
> The western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
that scientific name
Is what open source?
@Mego btw, 3 is floor(pi)
@DerpfacePython The Chess.SE chess board code
9:14 AM
Yeah, I'm wondering if it is or not
@Emigna please
Can everyone just stop pushing numerals? boring af
OK I found it
is heterological heterological?
9:15 AM
Pretty sure it's this
@LeakyNun Fair enough
Does anyone here play Chess?
9:18 AM
@DerpfacePython I played a little, but not much
Apparently Chess SE has been around for like
4, 5 years
@LeakyNun 05AB1E: more intresting 9 byte solution: Z>ØØØZ*ØØ
@Emigna how does that work?
Only problem right now is that the guy who made the code is completely inactive
9:24 AM
There really needs to be a badge for adding tags to questions/challenges >_>
Ø is ath prime, Z is 3, > is increment
so 4th prime = 11, 11th prime = 37, and so on
"Ø is ath prime" do they choose symbols randomly…?
@Emigna oh, same with mego's initial solution
@Fatalize Personally, I have a CP437 dartboard
@LeakyNun Ah, cool.
@Fatalize I think the more operations are implemented the less sense symbols will make
9:32 AM
@Emigna This is true
@Mego Feature request: make prime functions faster? 3s for actually.tryitonline.net/#code=OjM1MTFQ&input=&debug=on seems slow to me
At some point I'm going to create a custom code page for CP437
@Sp3000 I'm not sure what optimizations could be applied. @LeakyNun was the one who wrote the current code, so he might have some ideas.
I'd have to sit down and look at the code when I'm not actively working on another project
I'd recommend sympy for next_prime, but if you don't want to depend on external libraries then Miller Rabin for is_prime is a good start
9:34 AM
@LeakyNun What's this for?
I'm fine with external libraries, as long as they're cross-platform and aren't absurdly massive
Ah found it
Sympy just for prime stuff seems overkill
Probably, if you're not planning to use it for much else (e.g. binomial coefficients)
I'll see what improvements it can offer
9:37 AM
@Emigna That's why I despise the use of code page with random symbols
either create your own with symbols that make sense or just don't use one
Well as I said, even without sympy upgrading is_prime might be a good place to start :)
(not that this is a necessary optimisation so feel free to ignore me :P)
Oh trust me, I feel your pain
Oh, "binomial coefficients" reminds me. @Mego, did you ever write a Seriously/Actually answer to the Bernoulli numbers question?
Trying to test my solution took ages
@Sherlock9 Maybe?
9:40 AM
Let me check
Looks like no
Probably because Seriously was a large pile of garbage back then
As opposed to now, where it's a smaller pile of less-smelly garbage
@Mego I was about to complain to you about the prime counting function
It takes forever even for 100
@Fatalize Esolangs would be a lot easier to code in with logical symbols for functions. Easier to memorize operations that way.
9:41 AM
I aborted it at the 7th second
@Mego Well, I might try my hand at a non-competing answer than
@Sherlock9 I am on mobile, which message were you replying to
The 32749 CMC
You can find out which message I replied to on mobile. Tap the little arrow
It scrolls up to the "replied-to" message
Note: this is when I open chat in Android Chrome. No idea how it works in other browsers/OSes
Those arrows are tiny though
@Sherlock9 I said i am on mobile so I cant
not on my mobile
9:44 AM
Do you open chat.stackexchange.com?
not on my mobile ok?
Afternoon, Quill
What do you have for a browser/OS?
9:45 AM
safari ios6
Ah alright. I said Android Chrome earlier
@Mego Alright, I'll look into teh code now (afk)
Safari and iOS 6. Two tragedies.
@Sherlock9 Hey, I'm on Android Chrome
9:49 AM
Hooray :D
@Mego ok, I'll PR when i am home; cant do shit on mobiles
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

βετѧ ΛєҫαγExploring 10-Rep Questions code-golf internet Introduction As it happens, someone put forward the idea that, since PPCG has graduated, up votes on questions should be worth 10 rep. As a result, I started wondering how much rep I would have if it had always been 10 rep. Challenge Given a PPCG...

I thought there was already a recalc challenge
Was there?
Q: Help recalculate your rep!

ETHproductionsA couple months ago, we had a discussion on meta about increasing the reputation awarded for upvotes on questions. Here's the basics of our current reputation system for votes:1 A question upvote U is worth 5 reputation. An answer upvote u is worth 10 reputation. A question or answer downvote d...

Q: My triangle needs more nodes

helloworld922Consider the standard equilateral triangle, with nodes labeled using barycentric coordinates: We can turn this 3 node triangle into a 6 node triangle by adding a new line of 3 vertices (one more than was present on a side of the original 3 node triangle), remove any internal edges (but not int...

10:00 AM
Does anyone have a way of turning your current rep into that input format?
Yeah, you can use the API
I meant like a ready made program I can c+p
I used a SE Data Explorer query to calculate the examples
something like http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/<id>?site=codegolf
SEDE is a week behind
It is?
Meh, I'll still allow it
10:04 AM
SEDE updates its data every Sunday
@Quill ...it's a Tuesday
Tuesday - Sunday < a week
Oh, my point is that SEDE is up to a week old
e.g. it's not fresh data
@Mego Heavily optimized complexity (as well as time)
10:55 AM
@HelkaHomba I have next to no experience on puzzling, but from their on topic page:
> If you do not have the solution to the puzzle, state so in the question.
Looks like that maths puzzle turned into a programming challenge after all :)
> If it looks like a vegetable, it's not a meteorite.
@Dennis Pull Actually
@βετѧΛєҫαγ you changed your avatar!
A: Do we need a hats tag?

JonI sincerely think we need a hats tag. I love hats and I constantly refresh to see if there are any new hat related questions. Please do not remove the hats tag, I use this hourly.

Q: Exploring 10-Rep Questions

βετѧ ΛєҫαγRelated Introduction As it happens, someone put forward the idea that, since PPCG has graduated, up votes on questions should be worth 10 rep. As a result, I started wondering how much rep I would have if it had always been 10 rep. Challenge Given a PPCG user's id as input, output how much to...

@muddyfish Yep :D
11:15 AM
@βετѧΛєҫαγ would including the rep cap make the challenge significantly more difficult? Or is it not feasible from the data available?
Would be great to see accurate figures...
I suppose it would be much more challenging... But possibly too challenging for me to calculate the examples
If anyone wants to do this however, it would be great to have a second program as a footnote
If it's a significantly different task would it work as a separate challenge?
Quite possibly, yes
BTW it seems that @HelkaHomba has more rep from questions that he does overall
But that's probably a stupid error on SEDE's part
11:39 AM
Sounds reasonable to me... :P
I guess it's technically possible if someone has only downvotes on their answers
@Mego I remember now why I didn't write my own Seriously answer for the Bernoulli numbers question: no support for fractions. Nothing that looks easy either.
*at the time
@Sp3000 Thank you for your feedback. The functions related to primes will have a great increase in speed once Dennis has pulled Actually.
Well, I'll write my own fraction code
gcd() being a built-in certainly helps
12:03 PM
@Sherlock9 link? also i believe actually has gcd
i'm going to call actually act from now on
I haven't written it yet. Real life stuff started up. Will get to it soon
And it will just be adding fractions for now
I mean, are you writing solution for a challenge?
Adding fractions to your language? I am not aware that you have a language
12:19 PM
No, I'm adding fractions to Seriously so I can use it in this Bernoulli numbers challenge from last November codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/65382/bernoulli-numbers
Well, not adding
More like trying to write my own function for fraction addition
But you dont need fractions?
I thought floats are acceptable outputs
You need up to B(60) and the floating-points start to mess up around B(29)
This I know from working on that challenge for more than a month
12:40 PM
a month?!
12:55 PM
@muddyfish, Mr Pyke, how is your Jelly? I got a weird occurrence....
@JonathanAllan Hello?
See this...
A: Text animation format Code Golf

Jonathan AllanJelly, 18 (strict), 10 (relaxed) bytes Strict input (any upper or lower) & strict output form of a flat list ŒlḊ“wẋ”yṣ”fj“ð;µ”V Test it at TryItOnline Non-strict version 10 bytes only lower inout, returns smashed lists [a,a,...][b,b,..][... ⁶;“wẋfø”yV This should be 8 bytes!! - I have no ...

V is eval
@LeakyNun I was thinking something other than trial division but... er... okay?
@JonathanAllan I don't know Jelly... Sorry!
I'm a little suspicious of lines 224 to 226 though, since n isn't incremented in the loop?
12:59 PM
Oh, OK :)
just Pyke!
@JonathanAllan I should probably learn at some point though
@JonathanAllan and Pyth - though I'm the author of Pyke
yeah they seem fairly similar
just slightly different shuffling around
@JonathanAllan Really? I thought Jelly wasn't stack based
you can think of it as such really, the docs talk about popping links or atoms...
kind of like making a pipeline I suppose
not sure of all the technical terminology though
I'd be happy if more people would start using Pyke but the docs aren't really up to scratch yet
1:03 PM
I had a peek at Cheddar's they look pretty swish
yeah, I had a bit of a nosey
didn't see much
Javascript to write a programming language was a strange choice IMHO
is Pyke scala based?
It's written in python 3
Oh, my territory :)
1:07 PM
yeah, where I had a nosey :)
thought it was Pyth in Python and Pyke in something else though
What do you think of how I organised it?
needs a wiki :)
It has one
with almost nothing in it :p
1:09 PM
I completely forgot I added that
well I cant really comment on much I have not tried to use it yet :)
I see nice answers here and there though!
@JonathanAllan thanks!
Is there any significant difference between Pyke and Actually/CJam/<insert stack based language here>?
kinda practicing here, gearing up to go back into work-land
1:11 PM
@Fatalize Given I don't know any other stack based languages - maybe
I have a builtin for rickrolling
Is that different enough?
@LeakyNun Oh sorry late reply. From late November to early January. It remains one of my favorite challenges :D Fond memories of trying the many different algorithms for B(n) to find the shortest one. Coming up with a way to calculate binomial coefficients in a loop. Good times
well Jelly has a single register :p
everything else is functional really
How often does flair update? I'm at 11,111 right now, and I want to capture it...
1:15 PM
the majority of bytes are either 0, 1, or 2 input functions and their order (along with the smattering of other characters) defines how they are interpreted
@Sp3000 Fair point. Some junk unreachable code there. Let me fix it.
@Sp3000 Sure, I'll further optimize by using sieve.
Wait, they are actually reachable. You just discovered a bug. Emergency fixing.
CMC: given a users rep, output the minimum amount of rep they need to gain to have every digit the same
Whoa, I like that as a full challenge.
It’s subtle :)
That would have been more fun as a full challenge if I was actually at 11,111 when I posted it. I'm at 11,122 now.
@LeakyNun Here's my function for adding fractions actually.tryitonline.net/… Fractions are [numerator, denominator] here
1:23 PM
Hey, Java people
@DJMcMayhem print -rep
Is there any shorter way to get input than this: pastebin.com/7Nzbym9K
@DJMcMayhem Brachylog, 10 bytes: :.#>=+dl1,
@βετѧΛєҫαγ hi
(Not looking for a golf-y way)
@βετѧΛєҫαγ use java.util.Scanner
Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
int i=sc.nextInt();
String str = sc.next();
String str2 = sc.nextLine();
1:24 PM
I see
@Geobits If that counts, why stop there? print - rep - 111,111,111,111...
Oh, wait. You'd have to do -rep+1, since rep only goes to 1 :/
@Sherlock9 I'm urgent bug-fixing
Noted. Good luck
Hi ☺
@Lynn btw, ty for your recent onslaught of Vim. Finally took my time to learn it and it's glorious
@DJMcMayhem Pyke, 9 bytes 1Q.f}lt!`
def b(n,k):
 if k:
  for p,i in zip(range(n-1,n-k,-1),range(2,k+1)):
 else: n=1
 return n
@Sherlock9 Like that ^ ?
@Sp3000 :D Yes it is!
will spin if k>n, wont reflect if k>(n-k)
easy to add a couple of lines for that
1:27 PM
@JonathanAllan Yeah. I did it the following way
while k<m:a=m-k;p=p*a//-~k;k+=1
I defined a=m-k because I used it elsewhere in the while loop
faster I imagine
zip not so fast
while k<m:a=m-k;p*=a//-~k;k+=1
Is there any practical reason for me to learn Java? Because I feel like I should... But I can't be bothered
@DJMcMayhem :) Any tips on stripping a leading newline or a trailing newline (assuming the cursor is in the wrong place)? ggJ and Gdd are both 3...
@βετѧΛєҫαγ So you can do code-golf and not annoy people who don't like golfing languages?
1:30 PM
@muddyfish Nope. p*=a//-~k caused me a lot of trouble. Integer divided before it multiplied and screwed it all up.
@muddyfish i do that with C
@βετѧΛєҫαγ um, HF trading or Android apps I guess
Or JavaScript
J vs Java vs JavaScript
But C is a golfing language right?
1:31 PM
yeah I got the same - see my code does n=n*p//i
@Sp3000 No, those are both the best solutions I can think of. There's also :1d<cr> which is obscure and longer
Is this for editing or golfing?
@muddyfish I can't think of any other application where I would voluntarily subject myself to writing C, so I guess so
@DJMcMayhem Oh my god, I have the perfect challenge name
@muddyfish at least in python you'd need to *= and //=
@DJMcMayhem Golfing :P it's a bit backwards since I'm slowly getting used to using it for editing, but hey I'm more motivated to learn my commands this way
1:32 PM
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
        printf("Hello, World!\n");
        return 0;
main(){puts("Hello, World!");}
Hm I think I'll stick with the Cs
@Sp3000 Nice. Post your answer once it's working, and I'll see if I've got any tips for ya
1:35 PM
@DJMcMayhem Er... well... golf.shinh.org/p.rb?Growing+alphabet
You have betrayed us Sp3000
How could you!?!?
Haha I don't know much about anagolf, are solutions not public there?
? I've always been somewhat on anarchy, you know :P
@Lynn you like that stuff eh?
Q: The Palindromic Diamond Cube

Jonathan AllanInspired by this question. A wealthy, famous eccentric had a huge cube of equal sized diamonds.* Due to her eccentricities the number of diamonds was known to be both palindromic in base ten, and a multiple of $7$ - her lucky number. * That is a cube of $n^3 | n \in \Bbb{N}$ diamonds. One day ...

Oh god, xnor and histocrat are there too
1:37 PM
Not public until deadline yeah - I mean I could discuss it, but I'd prefer no spoilers I think (although I'm sure you can tell what my first 5 bytes are...)
fyi Mitch, Lynn and xsot were more on anarchy and then came over here so... yeah
@Lynn you are a Jelly-ite, right?
Are you building it up?
I am!
1:38 PM
can you work out why I seem to need to prepend a character in this code...?
I'm pretty sure I know what the optimal solution is. Yank from help, then qqYP$x@qq@q
A: Text animation format Code Golf

Jonathan AllanJelly, 18 (strict), 10 (relaxed) bytes Strict input (any upper or lower) & strict output form of a flat list ŒlḊ“wẋ”yṣ”fj“ð;µ”V Test it at TryItOnline Non-strict version 10 bytes only lower inout, returns smashed lists [a,a,...][b,b,..][... ⁶;“wẋfø”yV This should be 8 bytes!! - I have no ...

code: ⁶;“wẋfø”yV
In Retina, how can I repeat more than 1 character with $*?
@BusinessCat no built-in for this
so “wẋfø”y produces code that works
1:39 PM
you would need to replace with a dummy character
and then replace each dummy character with the desired thing
So if I want to repeat foo, there's no easy way?
but I seem to need ⁶; to eval it with V
example argument f11w7f13w5f17w3f19w2
code created would be ø11ẋ7ø13ẋ5ø17ẋ3ø19ẋ2
@BusinessCat you can place a bunch of dots before it lol
which I thought I might need to dequeue
but works fine as is
yet V does not :/
@DJMcMayhem ... basically, yeah. But then there's an extra newline to deal with, and whether it's leading or trailing depends on whether you used p or P
1:41 PM
@Lynn any ideas? ^
What if you move the "break" to before the paste? For example I believe qqlYP$x@qq@q would work
Doing that before has helped me
A: Draw a ladder and slide

DJMcMayhemV, 38, 37, 36, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30 29 bytes Àé r\2é/4é-òhYpX$2P^ò3GEòjlr\ Try it online! I might catch up with Osabie. One byte shorter than Osabie. \o/ Tied with 2sable! One byte shorter! In other news, this is definitely the longest strikethrough header I've ever made. Explanation: Àé ...

The last byte off of that one came from basically the same thing
@Lynn - ideally I'd produce just 11 11 11 .... 13 13 13 ... rather than [11,11,11,...][13,13,13,...]
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DJMcMayhemHow can I get a repdigit? code-golf number In honor of how much rep I had several hours ago, when I first thought of this challenge: Numbers like this are called repdigits. Repdigits are fun! Every body would be more happy if the amount of rep they had was a repdigit¹, so you need to help ...

@DJMcMayhem Hmm not quite sure what the intention of the l is there...
1:49 PM
If there is only one character on the line, the 'l' will ding and break the macro.
Which right now the 'x' does, but only after you have done one too many
Spoilers: I skipped the l and just ran the macro 24 times.
Oh yeah, that works too.
Or even 25@='YP$x'
Yeah, I have 24@q in here hmm
Is it any easier if the first line is empty and needs to be deleted, and the cursor is at the start of the second line? As in any better than ggJ
> Mostly, though, what impressed Wang the most was the quality of the winning entries. “The top voted entries on Stack Exchange are just not on par with the best solutions I've witnessed at Google, which exude an elevated level of creativity and craftsmanship rarely found elsewhere,” he wrote on his blog.
1:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DJMcMayhemHow can I get a repdigit? code-golf number In honor of how much rep I had several hours ago, when I first thought of this challenge: Numbers like this are called repdigits. Repdigits are fun! Every body would be more happy if the amount of rep they had was a repdigit¹, so you need to help ...

On Code Golfing at Google
@βετѧΛєҫαγ Link?
"Any repunit in any base having a composite number of digits is necessarily composite"
@DJMcMayhem Kind of kick in the teeth isn't it ;)
It's because we vote for the silly/ridiculously short but not necessarily clever solutions
1:54 PM
@Sp3000: There’s a trick to not create a blank line at all
Guys, I think I've figured out why so many people complain about alphabet challenges...
user image
Because they're really easy?
@Sherlock9 here
@DJMcMayhem you forgot is:q
It's less entertaining that way
@Lynn Thanks, time to hit the Vim docs again I think :)
1:57 PM
@LeakyNun Thank you very much :D
@Sherlock9 but that only works when the stack has no other elements
because of the at the beginning
Ah, that's true. If I incorporate it into my Bernoulli answer, I'll need to change a few things
and the k at the end

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