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7:06 AM
Q: New tag proposal - anarchy

somebodyThis is not to be confused with anarchy golf, which it is named after. This tag means that each language has its own leaderboard, and the leaderboard will not only list the answerer, but any editors as well. This can be overridden by a statement with a specific format at the very end of the post:...

7:28 AM
Hello, I'm back!
7:57 AM
dennis keeps editing his answer and making it faster...
no mercy

Marky says his name is _UNK

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@zyabin101 what a nice name :D
@Katenkyo You replied to the Dennis bat signal.
@zyabin101 Because I usually reply by pinging, and not by linking to a message ^^
(not having a mouse can make "replying" to a specific message hard)
@Doorknob really? When was that?
8:30 AM
^^^^^ is the Dennis bat signal. Just post it in comments or in chat (the latter sometimes works). Dennis will come and help you.
9:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PyrrhaChallenge about juicing avacadoes quickly (temporary title) code-golf Description In this challenge, you have a field of avacadoes which you would like to juice as quickly and completely as possible. You have several juicing tools of various sizes, but you can only use one of them at a time. ...

9:29 AM
Forgot about @Doorknob's "STOP CHANGING YOUR NAMES"
@VoteToClose can I translate Vitsy to my language?
9:57 AM
@zyabin101 Depends on what you mean by "translate".
Link to your lang?
@VoteToClose Python.
Umm... if you mean "port", I was hoping to do this myself. If you'd like, you may implement it. I don't have a problem with it. Send me some pull requests, I'll make sure it works right. :D
So, this implementation of Vitsy in Python is based on making objects of states of the program.
1 hour later…
11:30 AM
@zyabin101 As it stands, this is not Vitsy syntax, it's generic stack syntax (that supports hex)
I'm still adding commands.
Just found out my Mathematical Computing course has upgraded from FORTRAN to Julia this year fistpump (@AlexA. I'll finally understand your golfs)
@zyabin101 I suggest making the data types before making the syntax - the syntax relies heavily on various different data structures.
1 hour later…
1:01 PM
@Sp3000 why Julia?
I mean, its high level and all, but its not exactly common
It's a course on numerical analysis and such, so I can kinda see why?
Speed's probably the other thing
1:41 PM
Hello I have quetions how does juice an avocado I have try for thirtee minutes and no juic. I try alredy. thank
@Mego Could I make a challenge based on your holy number? :)
2:01 PM
@Doorknob should we try again? I would love to help if I could. Especially because that was a year ago and we've graduated now.
@Katenkyo The sequence or Mego's user No.?
@zyabin101 The sequence ^^
2:34 PM
How is Mego's User ID holy?
@ASimmons ask avocad master Alex
@ASimmons flag as off-topic
@EasterlyIrk it isn't, it contains a 1
@zyabin101 That is more on-topic than many posts in here. Flag declined :P
@Bigtoes I wish there was an appeal flag feature.
You can always take it to meta ;)
2:38 PM
We need a supreme court for flags
Should gay flag marriage be allowed?
Is that one with sour cream?
I can imagine the protesters now: "god hates flags"
@zyabin101 avocad is on topic
@Rainbolt How does that work?
@EasterlyIrk Link to policy?
@Dennis Can you pull 05AB1E?
You merge 2 flags like accounts?
A: The Many Memes of PPCG

VoteToCloseMeme: how does juice an avocado I have try for thirtee minut and no juic Originator: Alex A. Cultural Height: October 9th, 2015 - ? Background: Usage example: Literally anything about avocados.

Well, not policy BUT IT AVOCAD.
2:40 PM
@AandN I pull. :P
Q: Closure + Historical lock for "Language idea for golfing purposes"?

tacLanguage idea for golfing purposes is a very interesting question with very interesting answers. While retagging the two non-closed questions tagged golfing-language per Retire [golfing-language]?, I found this question. It opens with: This question is probably not on-topic. If a moderator ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KatenkyoThe unholy numbers This challenged is highly inspired by what @Mego created with his Holy and Holier numbers, lots of thanks to him and his puns. Holy numbers are numbers composed of only the digits with holes, which are: 04689 Numbers with at least one unholy digit are considered unholy. Un...

@Mego ^^
2:44 PM
This answer has shown up again, please down vote:
A: Surrounding Countries

Jason BMathematica 127 bytes bc=(DeleteDuplicates@Flatten@NestList[(CountryData[#,"BorderingCountries"]&/@Flatten[#])&,{Interpreter["Country"]@#1},#2])[[2;;]]& This does have the disadvantage that it will only list the actual countries that border other countries, not those listed on the reference ma...

nvm, that is annnoying.
He won't just stop x)
I flagged as not an answer. It didn't fit too well, but that is pretty much the best description.
Maybe consider doing a Core War Koth?
@EasterlyIrk That's what the custom field is for. Not an Answer is for something really different, and will usually get declined on posts like that.
2:48 PM
It's already got two delete votes, so it's probably only a matter of time anyway, fwiw ;)
@AandN Pulled.
Thanks :)
@VoteToClose does it turn out that mathematica has a different set of definitions of which countries border each other?
2:51 PM
@zyabin101 We had one some months ago.
@ASimmons Yea, that's the main issue. It's been posted by four different people now.
@Zgarb Link?
@Bigtoes are there other issues? Would it be best to leave one as a heavily downvoted answer to discourage other people from picking the "low hanging fruit"?
It might not be obvious to the "solvers" that their list acts differently
@zyabin101 I'm on mobile, but search for "nano core war" and it should come up.
2:54 PM
@ASimmons I'm normally a fan of that in a lot of cases, tbh. I'm not sure on this one, simply because it looks so effective and it's been in HNQ. Drive-by upvotes can cancel out the "heavily downvoted" part pretty quick.
@Bigtoes 5*
@VoteToClose What happened to the fifth? I only see four deleted ones.
I'm an idiot
@ASimmons The best solution is to delete it and maybe add a note in the question about Mathematica's map not being exact
@Katenkyo That sounds like a decent solution
2:57 PM
@VoteToClose flag to moderators
Flag as what...?
I'm gonna start flagging fake "flagged" comments as spam :P
Anyone know what specifically is different about Mathematica's inbuilt map
@Bigtoes flag for moderators to review this chat message
For what purpose? It's a pretty standard thing to say.
3:02 PM
@Bigtoes It may be offensive to others.
So what exactly do you think this sandboxed post needs?
> Do you have a flag? No flag, no country. Those are the rules I made up just now.
A normal chat user is not "an idiot".
@SuperJedi224 bad link
@zyabin101 flag as false offense
3:03 PM
(Oh right I deleted the post temporarily while I work on finishing the specs)
@zyabin101 What makes you think VTC is a normal chat user?
Also it got three downvotes before I deleted it because people thought the specs at the time were too broad
@SuperJedi224 repost?
@SuperJedi224 I can help clarify but need something to work from.
I was about to post it as a gist so I could show it to you that way
3:04 PM
okai pls do
@Bigtoes Every chat user here follows the rules: Be nice.
@ASimmons From the comments at least, Russia -> Turkey, Germany -> Liechtenstein, some spelling differences (like Ivory Coast), etc. There may be more, those are just issues mentioned.
@zyabin101 If you actually think it's offensive, then actually flag it and let it get declined.
@Bigtoes I don't actually think it's offensive. I was being sarcastic...
@SuperJedi224 eh, still too broad as a topic.
Needs some serious strict rules.
@Bigtoes make a joke to restart chat.
3:24 PM
@EasterlyIrk RELOAD!
I'm not sure what you mean.
nothing happened.
I'm not Duga.
If you want the actual Duga, with the actual RELOAD, ask Quill.
@EasterlyIrk Actually, you don't need to.

 The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about codereview.stackexchange.com - Welcom...
3:28 PM
Hmm. Has anyone else noticed odd lines at the end of every MathJax snippet on the network today? I'm guessing it's a Chrome bug in a new update or something, but it's weird.
Others, too, that's just an example.
Is there a random SE site button?
I is bored.
3:31 PM
Yea, I checked FF and no lines.
I use chrome.
@EasterlyIrk That's pretty much what I use the HNQ sidebar for.
@EasterlyIrk Weird
@EasterlyIrk ^
user image
3:49 PM
Very nice!
Thanks for your anagram and the notice in your profile about us.
@PinCrash ^
Pleasure :D
4:16 PM
is it allowed to be in here without an anagram name anymore?
@quintopia if you must... ಠ_ಠ
@quintopia Perhaps I should change my name to "Main Moss"
i just find it confusing when everyone's name is different
but i could be "I quip a ton"
Quit Piano
...i did that two decades ago
4:20 PM
Those are... actually pretty good :o Wouldn't recommend actually changing though :P
yeah it's already too confusing
@ASimmons You could definitely do worse than that lol. But it would be pretty vulgar.
one at a time would be okay, but everyone at once...
But "Helka" isn't anywhere close to an anagram for "Calvin" ...
"Mom's a sin"
4:21 PM
@PinCrash I'm not seeing it
in mom ...
@BogSite hahahaha
@PinCrash it was perfect
Bog Site? Weren't you Big Toes like half hour ago?
where are people mostly from here
4:23 PM
@quintopia my name is still confusing to non-unix users and it's only 3 letters
@ASimmons Where geographically? Or where from on Stack Exchange?
@TimmyD What's a half an hour ago got to do with that? :P
@ASimmons in your /bin folder
< Kentucky USA
4:23 PM
north america, south america, and europe, from what i've seen
London, UK here
Minnesota, USA, here.
though we have at least one indonesia...
New England, USA
Isn't Dennis from South America? One of the mods is
@BogSite Just please don't also change your avatar at the same time ...
4:24 PM
@tac yes
Québec, Canada ^^
@TimmyD I'm not gonna pull a Helka, don't worry.
@Roujo what city
@quintopia Montréal ^^
I get the feeling you're not too far from here
@Roujo very far, actually, but i know people up that way
4:25 PM
I'm Canadian but I live in the 'states, so either Ontario, CA or New England USA
@quintopia Oh, okay =)
@tac what's up with "'states"
is it short for "apostates"?
(that's what isis would say, i think)
I'm also Canadian, lived in Montreal for a good while before moving to USA
That's nice ^^
@PinCrash what'd ya move for?
4:27 PM
ninja'd >_>
@quintopia love (married girl from here)
@Geobits ^
Yep. I saw that. It's still on the starboard, too.
101 yin baz
10 in ya b1z
4:37 PM
@TimmyD I decided to keep my name as is.
Or, you still want my display name changed?
Also, how do you edit display names without the 30 days break?
By 101 in AZ ... directions to a restaurant somewhere.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

crayzeedudeHelp test Alphys' newest puzzle! code-golf game Alphys, the Underground's Royal Scientist, has finished developing a new puzzle. However, she can't seem to find anyone willing to test it. The rules of her puzzle are as follows: The goal is to get to the right side, starting from the middlemo...

Q: Bit Manipulator/Reader

Mwr247Introduction There are often times that we have challenges which require communication of some sort (such as in team KOTH), where density of information may be more important than density of code. There are a number of compression techniques that can allow us to convey more information in less s...

@GamrCorps will think about it
4:53 PM
@quintopia no, it's short for United States
@EasterlyIrk pinging you because you asked for it :D
@tac that's not how it works :P
@quintopia Oh, like you would know, being Canadadaian and all :P
@NewSandboxedPosts alphys is an interesting name
@tac who said I was canadian
this is neat^
Q: Italicize ASCII art

DoorknobGiven an input of an ASCII art picture, output the ASCII art italicized. To italicize the ASCII art: Insert zero spaces before the last line, one space before the second-last line, two spaces before the third-last line, etc. Remove any extra leading whitespace that may have been created. That ...

@BogSite some already say God hates flags: thejehovahswitnesses.org/flag.php
5:11 PM
Or rather, the idolization of
@BogSite if you are Big Toes, then you are a hobbit. clearly you should change your display name to "Gee Hobbits"
Quintopia = I quip a ton.
Also, Quit piano.
@Rainbolt Why are you repeating that conversation?
@quintopia damnit he changed again?
@BogSite why????
@quintopia Am I supposed to remember everything I have ever said in here?
5:18 PM
@Doorknob pls do
@Rainbolt you didn't say it. Me and @BogSite did. Less than an hour ago.
@tac That isn't no reason.
@Rainbolt Yes.
@EasterlyIrk Says the guy with an anagram name right now?
@quintopia oh, i misread
5:21 PM
Of what is @EasterlyIrk an anagram?
Uh, lemme find it.
Something with 'riker' in it IIRC.
@EasterlyIrk oh, sorry :c
@quintopia It's more important if I say it
Riker L Yeast?
5:23 PM
@Rainbolt I hereby pronounce you channel crier. your job is to repeat everything I say to make it more important
It's a beatiful rickroll.
Who likes ?
The bog site does not.
Oh, then you won't be interested in this then:
A: Using a regular expression to validate an email address

SLaksYou should not use regular expressions to validate email addresses. Instead, use the MailAddress class, like this: try { address = new MailAddress(address).Address; } catch(FormatException) { //address is invalid } The MailAddress class uses a BNF parser to validate the address in ful...

5:26 PM
That's terrible.
Yessss. All three packages for a computer I am building have arrived.
I'm mostly excited about how clean my apartment will be. My roommate promised to clean for as long as I spend building his computer.
I estimate four hours. That's a shiny apartment!
That sounds totally reasonable. You told him four days though, right?
Well I told him that the video I am following is 1.5 hours, and that it'll probably take me 4
@BogSite Offer to set up the OS too!
Then set up Windows.
5:29 PM
I'm not sure Windows is ever fully "set up".
Q: Human friendly file name detection

Eduard FlorinescuThe Rules are simple: If more than 3 quarters of the file-name is not a hex number, a decimal number or base64 then the file-name is human friendly. Examples of human friendly file-names: results_for__michael_greer.txt.zip Georg Feuerstein - Connecting the Dots.pdf M People - Search for the He...

the only useful regex to match an email address is (.+@.+)
@tac What's your name an anagram of?
5:31 PM
@wizzwizz4 it's an anagram of cat, which is my nickname, and both tac and cat are handy unix tools c:
@Rainbolt doesn't match some real, in-use addresses though ;(
@tac doesn't there need to be a TLD in all real-world cases
@tac What's one that doesn't match? I'm just curious
@wizzwizz4 is that.. is that really minimal?
@ASimmons Golf it and see...
Wait, no. Post a question and see.
@wizzwizz4 I'm pretty sure that prints out "Hello, World!" when run in Perl.
5:35 PM
Isn't that what all perl scripts do?
@BogSite No. Perl is Turing Complete. This means that it can print other things too.
Some of 'em print other things first.
@quintopia ehh, I don't know, last time I read that question there was a comment saying that you shouldn't try to be specific with the regex, just ensure there's an @ and let the Email library do the rest
Some of them print after an infinite amount of time.
5:38 PM
brb, making a language that appends Hello, World! to every output
Hey El'endia!
Hello, World!
@El'endiaStarman Uryyb, Jbeyq!
@tac Yup. The only way to be sure that an email address is valid is to send an email to it. =P
Contained in the decimal digits of Pi is a Befunge program to calculate Pi converted from base 95 to base 10.
5:40 PM
I love this guy:
I'm going to meditatively downvote this challenge if the problem with base 64 is not addressed. — edc65 45 secs ago
@BogSite haha, same
Anything less is a trade-off. Probably a good one, but still a tradeoff.
@Roujo exactly
@wizzwizz4 Is that known or just conjecture
@wizzwizz4 pics or it didn't happen
5:41 PM
@ASimmons just conjecture
I like "pics or it happened" better.
But Pi doesn't contain all possible strings of digits
@ASimmons however, change "pi" to "champernowne's constant" and it is known
Contained in the decimal digits of Pi is a valid PNG of a Piet program to find contained in the decimal digits of Pi a Befunge program to calculate Pi converted from base 95 to base 10.
@TimmyD Tell me your proof and I'll share some of the winnings with you.
5:43 PM
@TimmyD Does it not? I haven't looked it up, but thought I'd heard it did (which is the best form of proof).
At best, we know it's transcendental.
That pi is normal is indeed a conjecture, but one that nearly everyone believes is true.
Contained in the digits of Pi is a Seed quine
It seems that I now have the ability to change the direction of the entire chat thread.
@wizzwizz4 :o
5:44 PM
Unspeakable things are contained in the digits of Pi.
It's almost as good as a ♦!
(both figuratively and also quite literally)
@wizzwizz4 do it again!
@quintopia I just have.
5:44 PM
@wizzwizz4 Welcome to the club, it's good to have you.
Which club?
This one?
@El'endiaStarman Oh, don't get me wrong, I fully ascribe to the "pi is normal" belief myself.
@wizzwizz4 The topic-changers-club. The membership isn't quite elite, but some are better than others at it ;)
But ... it's not conclusively proven, so it's possible that there are counter-examples.
5:46 PM
@wizzwizz4 no this one
@Roujo it's me!
a cat in a box
Someone write a language where there's a pi-calculating program within the first 1000 digits of pi
@tac Are you my cat? D:
bonus points if it works for e too
Chat is getting messy.
5:47 PM
@Roujo uhh... maybe... :o
@ASimmons yay for built-ins?
There are about 3 threads going at once.
Sorry, 4.
@wizzwizz4 I was trying to change the subject to see if it was as easy as you were saying ^^
That was merely a side-thread :P
@Roujo It's not.
5:48 PM
Well dammit
Q: Closure + Historical lock for "Language idea for golfing purposes"?

tacLanguage idea for golfing purposes is a very interesting question with very interesting answers. While retagging the two non-closed questions tagged golfing-language per Retire [golfing-language]?, I found this question. It opens with: This question is probably not on-topic. If a moderator ...

Something very witty that will get stars.
@wizzwizz4 where?
whoa, my rep shows up as 4249 because it's the sum of all my accounts, that suprised me for a sec
@Maltysen There.
5:49 PM
re: pi. I got into a couple of argum^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussions online about whether or not an infinite set necessarily contains all possible values inside of it
@Roujo n^2.
@wizzwizz4 Pretty much.,
@Roujo Related
You need a better browser terminal brerminal.
5:51 PM
It originally was about a statement like "if there are infinite universes, then there's one inside of which you're in a relationship with [some celebrity]"
@Roujo That's the one I live in, though, so no epiphany gained.
And it devolved into discussions about pi and infinity in general, which always makes for nice intuitive conversations - especially online
@BogSite Well one in which you're not in a relatioship with said celebrity, then =P
@Roujo Not necessarily. 0.01001000100001... is easily shown as infinite but doesn't contain any of the digits 2 through 9. Hence where normality comes into play.
@TimmyD That was pretty much my point back then, but it didn't take =P
5:55 PM
@TimmyD Pi in base 2 doesn't contain any of the digits 2 through 9.
Err, base 2 doesn't have digits 2-9
QED, I guess? (Not really, I know)
QED. Let's go get lunch.
Does stating the obvious get you stars?
5:57 PM
@TimmyD Quit Eating Dinner, have lunch instead?
Stating the obvious gets you stars.
@wizzwizz4 flagged as offensive
@wizzwizz4 No, because then you're too obvious.
5:57 PM
You have to be a sort of sneaky-obvious.
@TimmyD Like that?
@Roujo You didn't flag as offensive!
I declined it when I got the popup.
@BogSite Oh... Really?
5:59 PM
dat starboard...
searches frantically for the shocked-face emoticon
@wizzwizz4 @BogSite just flagged my flag as offensive, so it's up to Jeff now

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