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Jan 12 at 22:56, by orlp
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ CONOR reveals himself to be the dank memer we've always wanted
Still makes me laugh
This is true, this is true XD
Is the tag really needed? I propose it should be deleted
2:05 AM
I also propose the tag be deleted
@ADongWot How many questions have that tag?
@AlexA. 1
@ADongWot I think that one is fine.
@GamrCorps What is it, a tips?
2:07 AM
no a hello world... oh
@Geobits just removed the tag from it
Q: JSFuck Golf - Hello World

Joe Z.JSFuck is an esoteric language in which any Javascript statement can be accurately reproduced into another valid Javascript program that uses only the 6 characters []()!+. The JSFuck converter, when given an input of alert("Hello World!"), produces a block of code that is 22,948 characters long....

There is no @Geobits.
Leave dominoes for now though.
2:09 AM
@AlexA. okay
@Bigtoes you can't hide forever
@Bigtoes ^
Client side changes are lies you tell yourself.
I'll just leave this here: codepen.io/cky/full/f5923696f12019ed15622f7f24913929 (best played on El Capitan)
What emoji is that supposed to be? I hardly ever get boxes, but I do here.
2:12 AM
@ChrisJester-Young is that a rickroll? ¬_¬ nevermind
must be the userscript @Bigtoes
I don't userscript. See my previous comment about lies :P
@Bigtoes hacks the servers instead
2:15 AM
Oh. Yea, I just get boxes where the flags, face, and hourglass are.
Yeah, hence my comment about "best played on El Capitan". :-)
El Capitan is reserved for alcohol.
Also, screw minesweeper's not-always-logically-solvable-ness.
2:17 AM
Is anyone else here suffering from TMCPD? (Too Many Calculator Programs Disorder)
Not completely trapped yet, but several bad spots.
@GamrCorps Nope
@Bigtoes Yeah, sometimes luck is involved. :-P
^ Here's what a fully solved no-flags game looks like.
@ChrisJester-Young what do the numbers mean?
You've never played minesweeper?
2:19 AM
minesweeper is the best
That's how many neighboring bombs there are.
@ADongWot The in-grid numbers tell you how many of its neighbouring cells are mines.
The object is to not blow up.
for example
2:20 AM
@Bigtoes well I failed that pretty quickly
The trick is to not click the bomby ones.
What is a flag?
To flag the bomby ones
Right click a spot to flag it as a bomb.
so you remember
not to click on it
2:21 AM
I use flags purely to "clear around".
Otherwise, I play no-flags. :-P
I play with blank boxes instead of flags. Much cleaner that way.
this is very difficult, is it even possible to win?
@ChrisJester-Young A moderator reviewed your flag but found no mines to support it
@ADongWot Sure, I used to beat it all the time as a kid on early windows.
3 mins ago, by Chris Jester-Young
user image
2:22 AM
@Bigtoes O.o
There are lots of Minesweeper techniques.
I remember the minesweeper was the good part of vista
@ADongWot It does sometimes require luck, though. Every now and then you get into a spot you can't logic out of and you have to flip a coin.
@Bigtoes 50-50s are annoying, but otherwise you can use statistics to help you some.
But even so, you can still be unlucky.
2:24 AM
Nothing worse than clearing the field except for that one 50/50 you didn't notice in the corner.
^ You can see me play many, many games of Minesweeper-like stuff for 2 hours.
this game looks even more time wasting than PPCG...
@ADongWot Well yes. That's why they included it with windows along with solitaire. For the desk jockeys to waste time with.
Anyway, that video was from 1½ years ago. I play somewhat more quickly these days. :-P
2:27 AM
@ADongWot Impossible!
@Bigtoes then they should include PPCG with windows
@ChrisJester-Young What is this "without detonating more than 2 mines" nonsense? :P
they should include any programming language with windows
@ADongWot Maybe now. Minesweeper started coming with windows in 3.1, so like early 90s. Before the internet was even really a thing, if you can imagine that :P
They should include a better OS with Windows
2:30 AM
@Bigtoes They make 50-50s much less annoying, for sure. :-P
2:55 AM
> There are a number of details that are important here. The first is that it’s indented with four spaces, not tabs.
get rekt, tab users
Tabs are syntax errors in Hoon ;p
@AlexA. \o/
@RenderSettings I now have infinitely more respect for Hoon :D
Huh. Well I wasn't planning on using it anyway, but that sure makes the decision easier.
2:57 AM
ಠ ​ ​ ​ ​ಠ
(four spaces :P)
I made a code validator
function CodeValidator(code) {
   return /\t/.test(code) ? "There seems to be a bug in your code so it's been fixed:\n\n" + code.replace(/\t/, "    ") : "Good job your code is good"
"His eyes were indented properly, but lo! he could not speak."
Oh, I didn't know we were all fans of mandated whitespace usage. My bad. I just assumed freedom :P
I have to get this off of my chest: I use tabs in java, 2 spaces in Lua, and 4 spaces in Python. And I use all three on a daily basis.
@GamrCorps Nothing wrong with that. Believe it or not, some of us believe in choice ;)
@GamrCorps If it didn't take so damn long on a Mac, I would made a picture of my cursor hovering over the "kick-mute user" button.
Even though tabs are the obvious choice.
@AlexA. there you go :P
Thank you!
3:00 AM
@ADongWot Tabs are not always 4 (or 8 or 2 or whatever) spaces; it pads with enough spaces to get to the next 4/8/2/whatever.
what does kick-mute do?
I like tabs much better actually, because then you can change the indentation in your editor according to preference
@ADongWot kicks and mutes
Oh yeah, I am using a Mac, Windows PC, and a Linux all at once atm
@Doorknob but does it let them back in?
3:00 AM
@RenderSettings You can do that in any reasonable editor with spaces to— ok, you know what, I'm not getting into this again :P
But no open source projects use tab indentations, so I just use spaces for everything :(
@ADongWot yeah, after gradually increasing periods of time
I am what they call, the "indecisive user"
First it's 1 minute, and it gets longer each time
3:01 AM
@Doorknob Pfft, what fun is that? :P
@Doorknob Can it be made longer the first time?
@Bigtoes I'm busy-ish with other stuff right now :P
@ADongWot <insert lenny>
@ADongWot you can suspend
@Bigtoes ಠ_ಠ
@Doorknob what's the shortest suspension time?
3:02 AM
@Bigtoes "Busy-ish" just means "I give insufficient shits about this"
Yea, that's what I got from it, too.
@ADongWot 1 minute
I think
Can I be like suspended for like 10 5 minutes?
Five days you say?
@ADongWot Chat suspended only or fully suspended from the site?
3:03 AM
@AlexA. both?
@Bigtoes s/days/**minutes**/g
The latter comes with the former
@ADongWot does not compute
@Bigtoes did you mean _UNK?
No, but I can get Marky to _UNK you if it'll make you feel better.
3:04 AM
It's okay, I've had enough _UNKing from chatgoat
I'm glad chatgoat picked that up, btw.
3:16 AM

Marky things Code Review is better :'(

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oh no I spelt thinks wrong
Marky's not replying to that question...
He knows the truth.
Q: Are multi-language submissions allowed?

tacI'm not talking about, Here's a part of a solution in CJam, and here's the other half in Javalanguage, you figure it out I'm talking about, my language is really simplistic and can't read more than a byte of stdin at a time, so here's a bash helper script which reads input, writes it t...

3:26 AM
midterm exam
There we go, it changed my name correctly.
That's what I was testing.
@MyHamDJ what was your username before?
-1 not an anagram of most recent name
@Bigtoes Can you think of a full anagram? I certainly can't.
Not enough vowels.
I've got an 'a' and a 'y' to work with.
3:28 AM
What exactly was it? Something McGoathem?
It was original DJMcMayhem
Then it was DJMcGoathem
@MyHamDJ Caged Hmm Jot?
Haha, lol that link says there are no anagrams from my name.
McJed My Ham
Yea, it's not good with proper nouns, let me get a pencil....
MC Jam Eddy?
oops, missed an h
Heddy McJam
Jedy McHam
Where does that second D come from?
It evolved from an h.
3:32 AM
My Jade MC? Hm.....
MC Jammyhed
He my dc jam
cd jammyhem
DC Hammy
@Bigtoes mkdir jammyhem
3:34 AM
dem sen i missed hella letters
Me & My HD CJam.
Oh yea, the goat one should be easy. More vowels.
I can't find a free online poll that lets people enter their own answers, so I'll just ask all willy-nilly in here: For those who like ice cream, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate peanut butter
3:36 AM
Pistachio or Butter Pecan. It's a tossup.
Mint chocolate chip for me
> that lets people enter their own answers
@MyHamDJ That lets the poll maker enter choices but it doesn't let people enter their own.
@AlexA. google forms?
3:38 AM
I don't care nearly enough to sign into my Google account
Yea, that went really well with the disapproval face form, didn't it?
Oh, ok.
3:40 AM
oh, mango's good too
ooh, I actually have ice cream at my house!
I've never seen mango ice cream
I should go get some right now!
Oh that's a lie
I've had strawberry mango ice cream
@AlexA. Because Obama, apparently.
3:41 AM
@AlexA. now you have
@Bigtoes ಠ_ಠ
Damn, all that makes me want is lemon ice cream
My favorite flavor of ice cream is avodad
@ADongWot Great now I want ice cream. At 4 am.
@mınxomaτ why are you up at 4 am
3:42 AM
Three votes for mint chocolate chip!
oh is it PPCG?
@AlexA. no, 1 vote for Mint chocolate chip 1 vote for mint chocolate chip and 1 vote for Mint chocolate chip
@ADongWot Working. I'm skipping a night.
@mınxomaτ oh okay
@ADongWot Oh, good point
@mınxomaτ "Working" he says, in The Nineteenth Byte.
3:45 AM
Great minds waste time alike.
gat rakt, manx
My thing is rendering. So I got a few minutes here and there to check chat
What's it rendering in?
@ADongWot I wanted that one, but couldn't remember where it was from. Defaulted to xkcd.
@mınxomaτ what thing?
Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production. Among other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing and animation. It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor and media transcoder. == Description == Adobe After Effects is software primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects. It allows users to animate, edit, and compose media in 2D or 3D space with many different...
Cool. I used to play around with blender, but then I sucked at it.
Wow. I failed that hard.
If you hold a linux shell up to your ear, can you hear the C?
3:48 AM
Oh, @Alex! I found an anagram for you!
Uh oh
That's a beautiful name.
Awww..... thunder thief.
3:49 AM
I was trying to build up suspense D:
A Axle?
Yeah, Kroon dob isn't allowed to give a manager man's ruse until he joins in.
a manager man's ruse*
That's what I said.
3:50 AM
You mean Dork Noob?
Rob Doonk? That's a legit name right there.
no bronk do
3:52 AM
@Bigtoes s/o/0/g
01000100 01101111 01101111 01110010 01101011 01101110 01101111 01100010
@MyHamDJ no donk, bro
Dank bro.
3:53 AM
ok, Don Bro
@MyHamDJ much n. wow
4:14 AM
Q: Can't find clit

j0hI have some lit files I want to convert from mircrosoft reader files to something my other devices can read. My friend says I should have clit, in $ which clit /usr/bin/clit but I cannot find it. I tried locate clit but the results are unrelated. So then I tried sudo apt-get install clit but ...

This is not something that Ubuntu users will be able to help with
Wow you are late to the party
@AlexA. I'm an ubuntu user… D:
@Maltysen My condolences.
(although the statement is true)
@Maltysen RIP
@mınxomaτ I saw it earlier today but I was just reminded because it's still in the HNQ
4:19 AM
@AlexA. I'm sure it's popularity will soon reach it's climax.
( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。)
@mınxomaτ I wonder if it'll still be in the HNQ tomorrow moaning.
@mınxomaτ but only if anyone actually manages to find clit
4:22 AM
> I have some lit files I want to convert from mircrosoft reader files
@AlexA. The end will eventually come. The question is already pretty exhausted by it's multiple ... answers.
> mircrosoft
This really takes the cake.
I don't get it
Q: Happy and Prime Numbers 1 to 1 Million

Green CodeCoding Challenge: Happy Primes Goal Calculate the Number of Numbers between 1 and 1 million that are both happy and prime using the least amount of energy as possible. Instructions and Rules: Prime numbers: A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other t...

4:29 AM
@AlexA. DiCaprio never got an Oscar despite being one of the best actors for years. That spinning thing is a reference to the movie Inception.
Oh, okay. Haven't seen Inception.
I've seen it like 4 times by accident (once on purpose though).
Is that post spam or not?
It's not spam.
It doesn't exist solely to promote a product or service
> Exists only to promote a product or service
4:36 AM
But the account does. It's named after the website it's linking to, and it keeps making posts with the same premise.
The challenge seems to be promoting it's IDE :/
On the otherhand, it could be an interesting challenge type, and it has at least a decent spec.
have you guys tried Kotlin?
the idea to make the constructor part of the class declaration is genius
I've looked at it a bit but haven't actually tried it out
@MyHamDJ Not without a language-agnostic way to compute energy.
4:41 AM
well, all of your this.variable = variable is gone, and private variables construction is with the declaration
which makes so much sense
If it can only be computed for the subset of languages supported by that online IDE, it doesn't make a good scoring criterion.
@NathanMerrill That sounds neat. Do you have a brief example you can show us?
class Scoreboard<Score: Number>(maxScoring: Boolean){
    val aggregates: Map<Player, Double> = HashMap()
    val scores: Map<Player, List<Score>> = HashMap()
    val history: List<Score> = ArrayList()

@NathanMerrill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How can Community delete something?
Spam flags.
4:46 AM
but my spam flag got rejected...
That was my bad.
Sorry about that.
3 hours ago, by Doorknob
A star wasn't enough
@ZachGates you could become "Chats Gaze"
@ADongWot I've already closed that chapter of my journey ಠ_ಠ
that's hilariously vague
4:51 AM
@ZachGates what journey?
@ADongWot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Journey is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1973, composed of former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. The band has gone through several phases; its strongest commercial success occurred between 1978 and 1987. During that period, the band released a series of hit songs, including 1981's "Don't Stop Believin'", which in 2009 became the top-selling track in iTunes history amongst songs not released in the 21st century. Its parent studio album, Escape, the band's eighth and most successful, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and yielded another of their most popular...
@ADongWot You need not be afraid
2 days ago, by Toga Down
22 hours ago, by Downgoat
Je ne comprends pas
Who is Downgoat?
5:12 AM
I enjoy the fact that errors in Rust are raised using panic!().
5:42 AM
how does scoping work in rust...
I have a function within a function and the inner function uses values declared in the outer function but it tells me it doesn't know what they are
@ADongWot ...
@Upgoat is that directed at my username or my message?
5:45 AM
@Liam Always my pleasure. I just Google "rust closure", with the understanding that an inner function that uses variables in the outer function is a closure (as opposed to nested functions that can't actually close over outer variables). :-)
also, why are you changing username so often?
@Upgoat we graduated so I'm trying to find a different username
yeah I was trying to google variations on "scope rust"
which was coming up with stuff about sniper scopes
or scopes in the game rust
5:46 AM
@ADongWot what's wrong with Toga Down/vihanb?
should change username as well
idk to what though
TIL A Dong Wot is an anagram of Want Good
@Liam people might complain
Does the biggest real smaller than 1 even exist?
5:53 AM
slowly assume his identity
since .99999... = 1
also, two identical avatars = confusing
well in a sense
but no
@orlp yes
it's 1-10^-infinity
@Upgoat no, that's 1
5:55 AM
not .9999999999 to actual infinity
I said smaller than one
In normal real analysis there is no largest number smaller than x
.9999999... to a really large countable infinity (or infinity-1)
Q: Is infinity a number?

PopsIs infinity a number? Why or why not? Some commentary: I've found that this is an incredibly simple question to ask — where I grew up, it was a popular argument starter in elementary school — but a difficult one to answer in an intelligent manner. I'm hoping to see a combination of strong citati...

waaaaaaait a second
you're not downgoat
5:55 AM
^- relevant
there is an (advanced) extension of real analysis, that uses a more rigorous concept of an infinitesimal, but it is an area of ongoing research or something
you're a fraud!
you're a fake goat
of course i'm not Downgoat
but Downgoat != all goats
Plus, people don't change their avatars, just their usernames
5:58 AM
a short 'proof' by contradiction: assume A is the largest real such that A<1. By density of reals, we know that (A,1) is a nonempty interval. contradiction
The shortest proof by contradiction: Suppose false. Contradiction. QED.
6:35 AM
A: Determining vertical slices

ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆAPL, 5 bytes +/×/⍉ Try it here. This is my first APL answer!


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