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6:00 PM
@Roujo That seems like an easy way to get Jeff's attention...
What am I missing?
@wizzwizz4 Stars, I guess? ;)
Dang, I just saw that oOo answer. Impressive.
@wizzwizz4 Somebody stole my stars! :-(
As chat giveth, chat taketh away.
Do not reply to this message.
6:02 PM
@wizzwizz4 okay
Somebody had to do it, huh?
Find your will, golfers!
6:05 PM
@BogSite huh what?
will -> willpower
What's your favourite image?
People have a favorite image?
6:08 PM
Show us your favourite image!
(Piet programs suggested)
Cannot parse: favourite
My favourite image:
@BogSite :c
@BogSite You take that back =P
@BogSite Ok, "favorite".
6:18 PM
I might use favorite and not favourite, and I might use color and not colour, but I do use grey and not gray - the specifics are different, but the cause is common
I use "to program", not "to programme", because programming as a term originated in the US.
Well, computer programming originated in the US.
I'm just saying, the British U thing is weird. It wasn't the Americans who changed the original spellings of such words.
I know.
But we do pronounce the words with a little bit less of an "or" sound than I have heard Americans pronouncing it.
But only a little bit.
I noticed that nobody commented on my image.
Hmm, I haven't really noticed a difference in pronunciation.
It's mostly an accent thing.
It's only a little bit. Very minor.
53 secs ago, by wizzwizz4
I noticed that nobody commented on my image.
6:23 PM
We're probably going to keep not commenting on it :P
@wizzwizz4 Because it's the wrong one.
I was wrong.
This is the right SE loader:
I know.
@mınxomaτ I think he meant the circuit thing?
6:24 PM
And it's been done quite a few times in here.
I know.
I just turned the conversation again!
Half a page isn't much of a turn. Favourite is still wrong :P
Despite GeoBits saying I wouldn't.
I mean, GeoBits!
Huh? When did I say that?
6:25 PM
Hmmm, I do use "flavour"
2 mins ago, by Bog Site
We're probably going to keep not commenting on it :P
Oh that. Meh.
I guess I'll just put this on the #JustCanadaThings shelf along with the rest of them
It's not so hard to turn the conversation when there's basically no conversation going on.
40 secs ago, by wizzwizz4
2 mins ago, by Bog Site
We're probably going to keep not commenting on it :P
6:26 PM
@mınxomaτ We use both, depending on context. Is that better? =P
There's metric and there's wrong.
What would happen if we made a massive chain of quotes?
@wizzwizz4 Generally a kick-mute.
Would it eventually crash the server?
@wizzwizz4 It'd get flagged and the users eventually suspended.
We did that before.
6:28 PM
In theory, what would happen?
@mınxomaτ Don't you mean SI and wrong? ;)
If there were no ♦s.
It doesn't take a diamond to suspend you for that.
@wizzwizz4 It would render it.
@BogSite Fair point.
6:28 PM
It would crash your browser before having any effect on the server.
It would probably fill up a drive before crashing the server.
That server deals with over 100 sites.
The message itself is just the link. I'm not sure the server has anything to do with generating the onebox at all (except for the requests for quoted links).
@wizzwizz4 Actually it would be cached by the Anycast CDN and eventually have to effect on the SE servers whatsoever. The CDN will eventually challenge you with a captcha, but other than that, nothing happens.
Why does everybody know more than me about how the site works?
Age, probably. :P
6:32 PM
Also, I know more about the message format than I once did because I can see my chatbot's inputs in the console next to the browser.
I've been meaning to ask how your chat bot works.
How does your chatbot work?
I didn't write any of the net-related stuff, btw. That is all done by SE-Chatbot (it's on github). The chatting is done by a neural net fed on a diet of chat transcripts and movie quotes.
Where can I find your chatbot?
He's not very smart right now, but it's Marky: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/30332/beep-boop-maggot
@BogSite It's OkMyR. It's not even an anagram of Marky.
6:37 PM
No it's not.
@feersum Riker Astley.
I already said that :P
1 hour ago, by Bog Site
It's a beatiful rickroll.
Marky AKA _UNK
How's that going by the way? I haven't dropped by in a while - is it still _UNKing along? Or does it know more now? =)
He doesn't _UNK often unless you really try for it. My last brain experiment didn't go well, there's another brewing now.
@Roujo I don't think so.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 48 secs ago, by Marky Markov
@zyabin101 i'm not sure what you mean
6:44 PM
It doesn't look promising, though. It looks like it hit a wall at ~40 perplexity.
Marky has chosen a new name!
in Beep Boop Maggot, 15 secs ago, by Marky Markov
@wizzwizz4 . Yes.
@PinCrash Oh hey a fellow Kentuckyian!
@El'endiaStarman o/
I live in Louisville at the moment
Hey, same! Though I'm in the suburbs, not downtown.
Ah ok, I'm in the Highlands area
6:54 PM
My brother lives somewhere around there.
hey, I live near Highland
though, in Utah
Should I give @MarkyMarkov a therapist?
Such as ELIZA?
So many Highlanders. I thought there could be only one >_>
@BogSite I changed and stuck with it. :P
It's only been a day or two so far. You can count it as "stuck" in two months :P
7:03 PM
Someone down voted QuinePIG. D:
A: Golf you a quine for great good!

VoteToCloseQuinePig, 3 Bytes (made after the challenge) I'm sorry, but without a valid answer on PPCG, this language feels... lonely. PIG The keyword PIG outputs the source code to a text file defined as a string before the keyword... And that's literally all this language can do. Esolangs are weird, man.

Scrolling through the Esolangs page, I found it. xD
Isn't that a fake quine?
Yes, but that's unmentioned in the rules.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Mwr247Human Friendly Filename Detection code-golfstringsearch Introduction File names can be wildly varying things, ranging from a simple blah.txt to KB3035490_20150514_101638190-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1-MSP0.txt. The former is usually human generated, while the latter is often machine generat...

7:07 PM
It's seems like "direct or indirect reading of the source code" to me. Indirect, that is.
> No cheating -- that means that you can't just read the source file and print it. Also, in many languages, an empty file is also a quine: that isn't considered a legit quine either.
@VoteToClose loopholes.
yeah, its definitely not a valid quine
@EasterlyIrk This is not a "loophole". The only quine loophole mentioned is using zero-length.
7:11 PM
@NathanMerrill See: Seriously.
To be fair, I'd count that as zero-length.
Is renaming yourself a new competition here?
@BogSite In what way?
The PIG is acting more like a separator or EOF than code imo.
7:12 PM
@VoteToClose the two submissions are totally different
It's not "zero", but it's zero.
Just my pennies.
pushing values on a stack and printing them is totally different than "reading the source code and putting it all in a text file"
@flawr walfr, I think so
How about rawfl
@flawr More idle amusement than competition to me.
FL Raw, a new crime drama set in Tampa.
somebody should make a challenge where unprintable characters only count as .001 characters
(basically try to get your entire code in unprintables)
7:18 PM
Or Lenguage.
whitespace is still printable
@NathanMerrill No printer is going to print it
but my terminal will
@El'endiaStarman Not just Lenguage, but Lenguage using 0x07.
Or 0x00.
Though it would still lose if the reduction is only 0.001
That printer is pretty cool. I never thought about why you'd need white in an inkjet.
7:25 PM
@mınxomaτ I still think that printer isn't going to print a space
@mınxomaτ to print white characters on blue paper
@NathanMerrill That's not how blueprints work.
lol, I was just using blue as an example, not as a reference to blueprints
Does jelly count?
My computer hates unicode, so?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Fricative MelonLeaping Lizards? Suppose we define a simple program that takes an array L of natural numbers with some length N and does the following, starting at i=0: while L[i]!=0: print(L[i]) i=(i+L[i])%N Every such program will either run forever outputting numbers or will eventually terminate, ...

7:34 PM
Haha. My team leader finally commanded my teammate to switch to another browser that shows notifications for team chat. In other words, he is being commanded to stop using IE.
\o/ :P
One too many incidents of him ignoring all messages
@Roujo oh god cuteness overload
@Rainbolt What was that thing with teams?
does edge support notifications?
7:38 PM
@zyabin101 TFS Team Chat
In Chrome, if someone messages you in TFS Team Chat, the tab name will alternate between the actual tab name and (You were mentioned)
@Rainbolt TFS?
Challenge idea: Userscript SE chat to look like TFS chat to keep pesky people satisfied :D
I know Wendy's is awful, and I've never been to In-and-out, so I just voted for the unknown.
I ate at Wendy's once and thought it was pretty awesome. I don't think I've been to In-and-out.
@EasterlyIrk I'll have to remember that URL...
7:51 PM
Wendy's pretty okay.
In J, what does _ do?
@EasterlyIrk You lie. :)
Why is tvtropes blocked for Forums?
I much prefer McDonald's and Whataburger when I am going for cheap burgers.
Chick-fil-a >>> anything else, because I don't like burgers :|
Culver's has the best burgers
8:03 PM
I Googled best burgers in the US and in-n-out burger was on the list
I don't eat burgers.
In-n-Out seems, in my opinion, really overrated.
All I know is that my grandma really loves In-n-Out
The best burgers are usually at some single-location local eatery anyway.
8:04 PM
My dad's a rancher so I am compelled to eat burgers to support the family business
Or rather, he was a rancher until late last year. He is retired now, so I guess I can eat mor chikin.
Like, I was out in Montana on vacation and went to a local mom-n-pop restaurant where they served 50/50 bison/beef burgers butchered fresh on location and cooked over a wood grill. Noms.
@flawr Oooooo, that sounds awesome.
8:09 PM
@Martin just posted a fantastic answer to the "why are we here" post that's well worth reading over
/me appears
Q: Length of largest substring adds up to S

ikisI was asked the following question in an interview and I couldn't give the optimal answer to this. Problem: Write a program that can find the length of the largest sub-array that sums up to S. Given an array of variable size and an Interger. Input: 1. An array of variable size, which can ha...

She's no Steve Perry, but she does a real good job with it.
@Doorknob thanks :)
What is RDFTD?
Wow. Ten chat flags?
@flawr Not sure ... but this is on the first page of search results
And I missed all of them
@VoteToClose Really Dramatic Fly Trap Death?
8:18 PM
Random Dubstep For The Day
Oh that is this style of music?
So would this count as dubstep too?
@TimmyD That sounded really nice in my head.
8:20 PM
I aim to please.
So I'm writing a ForceLang module that lets you embed short javascript programs in your ForceLang programs (it's just a wrapper for java's builtin javascript engine with some autoboxing added for the return values)
@flawr Eargasm alert for 1:08
@flawr Not bad. :D
@VoteToClose And how about this, does it count as dubstep too?
Xilent makes some of my favorite stuff.
8:23 PM
"Dubstep" itself is colloquially used to refer to a bunch of related genres. Much like "Techno."
@TimmyD Really? Well techno sounds differntly in my head
Ehhh. I'm using the actual definition of dubstep when I talk about it. >.> Techno ≠ Dubstep, Dubstep = Techno.
Glitch Mob doesn't typically make Dubstep, more Indie Dance and Glitch Hop than anything else.
8:26 PM
No, meaning that if I take a piece of drum-n-bass music, for example, and ask the average person on the street, they'd classify it as "dubstep" most likely.
Or glitch
Well I really do not know much abou that this corner of the genre universe=)
@TimmyD Sometimes they're right. :P
It's the same with nearly every genre, though
@TimmyD Really? Most people I know would just call it techno, regardless of accuracy. Maybe a regional thing.
Well, sure. I would guess based more on the age bracket.
8:27 PM
@flawr Not Dubstep, not sure what to call it.
@TimmyD Probably true.
The older you ask, the more likely the answer is "noise" ;)
I'm mostly home in the red and turquoise corner
@flawr You see the song I pinged you with? :D
Yep, listening right nwo=)
8:29 PM
Is that song Motown? Doo-wop? Blues? Soul? ... What about this one, is it rock? Rhythm-n-blues? Rock-n-roll? ... etc.
@flawr That thing is confusing. In what world is stoner rock closer to slam death metal than grunge? :/
I'd argue that the vast majority of people know of the "big" classifications, and maybe some of the ones that they particularly like, but the gigantic interwoven intricate distinctions are lost.
@BogSite Idk, I think it is generally difficult to arrange genres in only 2d
But it is not the worst attempt
Definitely not the worst.
8:31 PM
@flawr -1 no nightcore
@flawr Dat flash tho
@flawr "caucasian folk" lol
@TimmyD Where would you place that?
You can click the little arrows to get a closer look
@flawr Metal (I think)
@flawr Mmm, it's probably closest to "Happy Hardcore"
"cyber metal" - something I will be looking up the moment I get home
8:39 PM
So I have a JSObject (after messing with the eclipse settings so eclipse would actually let me use it) and I've checked and determined that it represents a javascript array. Now how do I iterate through it?
No, nightcore doesn't have anything to do with metal ... it's very EDM (electronic dance music)
I mean, you could nightcore-itize a metal song ...
honestly, we did it all wrong when we tried to "categorize" music instead of simply listing attributes that songs/bands have
OK, what attributes do The Beatles have?
that's not easy, either
Pandora does it
I think the effort was not that bad, as it makes it easier to find similar music.
8:43 PM
Wait I think I've figured it out
Here are two attributes of the Beatles:
1. They do rock music.
2. They do pop music.
Q: Text on a circle

FatalizeWrite a program or function that prints an input string around the discrete circle that has the minimum possible radius. For example, for input This is an example, your program should output: a si n s i e h x T a m p le Circle gener...

Q: Robot on a ladder

ZgarbBackground I have a ladder leaning on a wall, and a remote-controlled robot that can climb it. I can send three different commands to the robot: UP: the robot takes one step upwards. If it was on the highest step, it trips over, falls down and explodes. DOWN: the robot takes one step downwards...

The Beatles follow the rhythm/lead/bass/drums model.
Pandora also gets it wrong. Not to knock Pandora, I listen to stations there regularly, but there are still lots of holes in that algorithm.
I find that the more general categories (rock, pop, techno, etc.) get my tastes wrong, but the more specific categories (industrial metal, dubstep, etc.) often align with what I am looking for.
8:47 PM
That's very true, Brain.
> But where are we going to find rubber pants in our size at this time of night?
Frankly it should return a list instance instead of a jsobject instance in that case anyway, but...
@TimmyD I think the holes are the fault of the categorization (such as the ones Brain Lot describes), not the algorithm
Why the heck does eclipse have the forbidden reference rules anyway?
@NathanMerrill Mmm, that could be true, too.
I'm gonna make a tag on math.SE
Or would be better?
8:56 PM
@flawr Unreal is more of a colloquialism for "cool" or "awesome".
When I'm in a math mindset and hear "unreal" I think of "imaginary"
There's also surreal analysis, which is an actual thing.
I'm excited for the day when computers simply generate our favorite music
@NathanMerrill Do you think it will happen while you are alive?
not sure. There's progress on that front, but not a whole lot
right now, it's still on the realm of of "hey, look at my cool project I did", not in the realm of "lets make some money off of this"
9:17 PM
Q: CSV for fun and profit (mostly neither)

VisualBeanSimilar to the Catalogue of hello world. I want to produce a catalogue of short ways to produce CSV. Input An array of variable length, containing only simple types. The array representation is how your chosen language defines arrays or lists. Output A string representation of the array separ...

9:30 PM
@MartinBüttner your post made me realize that "Recreational Programming" is a much better name for our site
That has a very marijuana-y feel to it
@BrainLot Programming Puzzles and Cannabis Golf
Q: Marijuana information program

sanchit sharmaI made a simple marijuana information program in which I give the user a list of strains and give the user information about it, like: effects, medical, negatives, and its cannabis type (sativa-Indica). It's pretty long and I'm sure some stuff can be removed. First package Marijuana; import j...

@Dennis sigh 05AB1E doesn't have join...
I actually knew the Jelly program but didn't type it up fast enough after my Pyth one...
@MorganThrapp what is "The Sandbox" — VisualBean 4 mins ago
We've failed.
9:42 PM
Not to bring politics into the chat ... but I'm going to anyway. :p
It's almost as if a two-party system is insufficient to represent the range of actual voter viewpoints. — Nathan Long 6 hours ago
Challenge idea: approximate the space inside of the loop of the polar graph r=secθ-tcosθ, where the input is t.
What if the input is not t?
ಠ_ಠ as in the representation of a variable.
So the input is always 116
PS C:\Tools\Scripts\golfing> [char]116
Q: Leaping Lizards!

Fricative MelonSuppose we define a simple program that takes an array L of natural numbers with some length N and does the following, starting at i=0: P=[] while L[i]!=0: P.append(L[i]) i=(i+L[i])%N return P Every such program will either run forever or will eventually terminate, producing a list of ...

9:51 PM
Leaping lizards! A challenge!
Call the fastest gun in the west!
(or something)
@NathanMerrill huh, I thought I had suggested that no the corresponding meta post, but I only posted "Competitive Programming" there. I don't have much hope for the proposal, but I'll give it a go.
@MartinBüttner isn't it kind of too late to rename the site?
I don't think so
now that we're grown up and all
we don't have a design and therefore not a brand yet
(even if we did... I think Arqade got a rebranding after they graduated)
9:53 PM
Go post it -- I would +1 a "Recreational Programming"
We should probably decide sooner rather than later though.
What's this about programming rec?
user image
Am I the only one who saw this?
9:55 PM
I missed it
A: Should we change our name?

Martin BüttnerRecreational Programming That's what we do, right? We program for fun? People were opposed to the idea of "Competitive Programming" because we're not as competitive and strict as some "real" programming competitions (like Google Code Jam or stuff). This would also not tie our scope down as much ...

That is, if we're not going for "CJam & Pyth Exchange"
"Seriously Jelly Exchange"
Also, can we please get some downvotes on the "No change"
"We-also-make-fun-of-Java Exchange"
9:59 PM
@NathanMerrill huh, I have no clue why I hadn't voted on that yet

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