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11:00 PM
@Mego What do I know, I'm just a sock
(unless you're misleading me so you can outgolf me later)
so am i
@ThomasKwa can you still look at my gamma function Seriously answer?
@ThomasKwa Nah, it's all yours. We need more Seriously answers from people who aren't me :P
if so, don't block users who want to learn the language and want to ask you Seriously questions!
11:01 PM
@xnor Are you confident that all 52 would be uninteresting?
@TanMath Where is it? I don't see it on the question.
@trichoplax No, I think there's some standard yet interesting challenges that we've missed and would make people say "How did we forget about this one?"
@ThomasKwa since I didn't post it since I do not know whether it works.. it is in the Seriously chat room...
@TanMath Addressing someone who you know has blocked you seems redundant
Wait, what do you mean you don't know whether it works?
11:02 PM
@xnor So there's hope then :)
Just test with 1e4 iterations
@ThomasKwa yeah...
in Seriously, yesterday, by TanMath
in Seriously, yesterday, by TanMath
does that work for seriously gamma function golf? it is a translation of the c++ answer... I can't get it to run.. maybe takes too long.. it says error, but no error message. Whar could be wrong?
10 pushes 1 and then 0
11:03 PM
@ThomasKwa no.. it has : and : around it...
@trichoplax i know.. I just felt like saying it.. I am pretty angry about it.. I really wanted to learn the language.. this gamma function will be not only my first Seriously answer, but my last one too...
@ThomasKwa so you do not know the language that much? it's ok.. we can try to work through it together.. I just want to post this answer and get it done with.. I don't want all that time I spent on this answer to be a waste
@xnor btw, out of curiosity, which challenges were you worried about in particular? I'm guessing primes was probably one, but any others?
@TanMath You can still learn the language, and there are other places you can look for help/hints. Would your almost working code be on topic on SO?
11:07 PM
@trichoplax on SO?!
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ flags as offensive
Don't you dare say that about my mother
It's a valid program
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Any program is a valid Seriously program, including ihateseriously
11:08 PM
@Sp3000 Hello world, loop with no output, truth machine, with bottles of beer and primes to a lesser extent
It also happens to be a new Apple product
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ sure is
Actually, would it be totally counterproductive to make catalog questions not go to HNQ? That would address most of my complaints.
Hmm was truth machine a borderline dupe of something?
Q: Unexpected behavior of tuple boolean evaluation

wnnmawI am working on a code golf and attempting to write a recursive function using the tuple boolean evaluation syntax ((a,b)[bool]). My function is as follows (with some helpful prints): def b(A,k,n): m=len(A)/2 print "A: ", A print "m: ", m print "n: ", n print "A[m]", A[m] if A[m]==k:retur...

People do ask on SO....
11:09 PM
@Sp3000 no, that one was pretty original
I think catalogues not being on HNQ is fine, but I don't think that's doable unfortunately
@trichoplax huh? this has nothing to do with Seriously...
i know there's a hack where including mathjax makes it not appear on HNQ
@trichoplax BTW, what are these "other places" apart from SO?
we don't have mathjax, but maybe there's some weird unicode chars that aren't allowed?
11:11 PM
Oh? Might be interesting to try temporarily and take off once it's all over
@xnor I think it's possible to omit questions from HNQ by including one of the blacklisted words in the title
what are those?
@TanMath No, it just shows that people ask about golfing
@xnor <insert zalgo text here>
11:11 PM
Found one : huszd98f2qkmngfbihu7awyizjhb sa8usi
@TanMath You could work on the wiki...
@trichoplax yeah.. but that is golfing in python, one of the most common programming languages.. Only 2 people here really know Seriously..
@trichoplax where is this wiki?!
@xnor The four letter words...
"Print 'Hello World', especially in BrainFuck"
@TanMath That's what I mean - you could work on making one :)
11:13 PM
I saw a brainfuck question from Code Review uncensored in the sidebar a couple weeks ago.
@xnor I've raised the fact that BF doesn't trigger the filter (only a naked F does)
@trichoplax why should I write one when I don't even know the language!
It's funny because they said they'd add BF to the filter but didn't :P
hmm, we need to get more imaginative then
11:14 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ that breaks the seriously
@feersum those?
I'm not entirely sure why, though
@TanMath If you start one people may contribute to it, even if they have blocked you...
11:15 PM
Oh it's because I broke my math module selector again
@trichoplax by that logic, I was going to just post my answer, but others say you should post an answer that you don't know if it works...
I don't really care to write a documentation anyway...
@TanMath Yes it's reasonable to expect that answers will be tested and working correctly before being posted. Is there some way you can test it?
@trichoplax i did, but it gave me no result.. it said "error:" with no error message...
@TanMath Then you know it doesn't work... :)
@trichoplax i guess...
11:19 PM
Do you have access to the code for the interpreter?
@trichoplax um, it is in github.. why?
You could search for "error:" and see if you can find the place in the interpreter code that is missing some useful error information
@trichoplax ok.. I will see if I can run it..
Submitting a useful pull request may even be a way to improve your reputation with the person who has blocked you (although that's obviously not up to me).
@trichoplax oh wait.. it is designed not to through an error when there is a mistake.. how am I going to find the problem then..
@trichoplax what would I put in the pull request? the code? asking why it is not working?
11:22 PM
Is "error:" not in the interpreter source code?
@TanMath No a pull request would include working code to correct the problem with the interpreter
@trichoplax The issue is really more that Seriously is designed not to throw errors in most cases.
So would it require looking at the source code of the language in which the interpreter is written?
[shrug] I guess.
@trichoplax so I need to first correct my code?
"pull request" - That terminology has always confused me. When I make a pull request, I get code from the GitHub repository. If I want to update the code on GitHub, I push to it.
11:25 PM
@TanMath I don't know if the problem is with your code, or the interpreter code, or the language in which that is written
wait.. I found a section showing that it should print an error when it isn't.. what would be an error... I can write an issue then...
@El'endiaStarman "pull request" - you are requesting that the owner (or a contributor) pulls the commit from your fork and merges it with the master
@El'endiaStarman a pull request is you requesting that someone else do a git pull from your repository
@Mego AHHH, okay. That makes a lot more sense.
@El'endiaStarman It confuses me too. Am I using it according to current convention? I intuitively get round the awkwardness by assuming it means requesting that the owner of the repository - oh ninja'd - that'll save me some typing
11:26 PM
To be honest, I am pretty sure Mego knows I am having an error in my Seriously code, but is ignoring me on purpose.. oh well...
@TanMath Alright this whining has gone on long enough. You're unblocked. The online IDE is not the ideal way to run Seriously code - if it takes longer than the HTTP timeout (which is around 15-30 seconds iirc), you'll get an error. You should be running it with seriously.py from the GitHub repo, locally on your computer.
The online IDE is a tool to allow people to quickly run code to verify solutions. Because of how unoptimized the interpreter is right now, it has a lot of limitations.
@Mego oh.. that is sad... I don't think I can get that to work.. I will figure it out.. so you are not willing to review my code but?
@Mego BTW, thanks for unblocking me!
Now that there's a question and a definite answer, you could both get rep on SO by posting there... :)
@trichoplax huh?
11:30 PM
@trichoplax nty I only rep farm on codegolf
I wasn't being especially serious :P
@Mego so, why didn't it send a message on the online IDE saying "timeout, too long" or something like that?
@TanMath Because it encountered another error first
@Mego so that is a bug...
You're trying to construct the list [0, ..., 10^9]. It throws a Memory Error
11:32 PM
@Mego it cannot do that?
Not a bug, a limitation of commercial-grade computers
@Mego How does the HTTP timeout affect it? ... Oh, is it because you're doing a brand new GET (or POST?) request? My online interpreter uses Ajax and I've successfully run code for a minute before the results were back.
@Mego oh ok.. then I won't post an issue..
@TanMath Python wouldn't be able to do that either.
@El'endiaStarman I plan to move to AJAX once I get other priorities with the language taken care of
11:33 PM
@El'endiaStarman really? then how would it do range(1,1e9)?
Alright, sounds good.
@TanMath One at a time! (I.e., a while loop.)
Python 3 could, because it uses generator-like range objects. But, I haven't ported the interpreter to Python 3 yet (it's a work in progress, one of those aforementioned priorities)
Or a generator, like Python 3's range, but Seriously doesn't have any generators.
Because of that limitation, you're going to have to do it with a while loop
(also using a while loop with a range like you were doing is not recommended - use M instead)
11:36 PM
99u^W;;;ì1+,^@ì,*1+/-*(- should get you closer
Some tips: 9u is shorter than :10:, ì is shorter than 1/
Also running the interpreter with the -d switch turns on debug mode, which will actually print out the error messages that get supressed normally (because no errors!)
.....now I'm thinking that I'd like to add that feature to Minkolang.
I'm waiting for the day when SerioMinkoVitsPyJam gets released
Is there any text editor with a heatmap? i.e. the background of each character is more-red if you've edited it recently and fading to pink and white for older changes?
11:40 PM
A conglomeration of all of the best worst things from each
just had a coding challenge as part of a job interview
the solution was about 20 characters in python
What was the challenge?
I'm not supposed to say. Simple string manipulation, accomplished with slices and list comprehension
@Sparr Should have done it in Pyth.
That'll impress them
wasn't an option in the online interpreter
11:48 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies That's a good idea...
@Calvin'sHobbies ooh
also, I am steadfastly refusing to learn any of the super-golf languages
Should have done it in Seriously. That'll confuse them.
@Sparr Would you learn a sub-optimal golf language?
@quartata I don't learn languages just for golfing.
and aside from golfing, I don't know any reaso to use Pyth over Python.
11:49 PM
@Sparr Learn APL or J then!
whereas there are many reasons to practice my Python
I actually have been using CJam when I need to write little scripts to do math stuff sometimes
I actually have been using Seriously when I feel like I've been going too easy on my processor
@quartata is it really faster to write than in a normal language?
@ThomasKwa Yes.
Q: Most creative/diabolical/entertaining way to find Python version?

jakevdpThere are important differences between Python 2 and 3, so it's often useful to know which version of the interpreter is running your code. The straightforward method is something like this: def get_python_version(): import sys return sys.version_info.major But you can exploit other di...

This got an upvote after it was closed why
11:52 PM
Wasn't me
Now it got two.
It just got another upvote.
I like it, hence the upvote
"Male Interior Decorating 101. You better get it right the first time because after it's been placed, it's not moving again until you move out."
@Sparr But it's too broad and a dupe...
11:57 PM
too broad, I disagee. a dupe... link the original?
Incoming new, non-dupe, not-too-broad challenge
@Sparr I posted in chat a while back, but check the comments
@Mego WHAT
@orlp Nah, I don't post dupes. I get those sorted out in the Sandbox
Let's see how slow the bot is

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