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4:01 AM
I had a cool idea for a language that used prefix notation. It would look for the number of arguments that the operation you were trying to do needed and would call suboperations and get the answers from those. So ++324 would be like (3+2)+4
That's a little ambiguous for +123, right?
@Sp3000 That would parse +12 first, adding them and returning 3. Then it would move on to the 3 and just output that. +123 => 33
So... Only single digit numbers allowed?
Anyone want to help me co-author a language? :3
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ what language would the interpreter be in?
4:05 AM
@phase Prolly JavaScript, maybe Python
I could probably learn another language though
@AlexA. HAI
A: Draw the national flag of France

insertusernamehereCSS, 128 144 bytes body:before,body:after{content:'';float:left;width:33%;height:100%;background:#0055a4}body:after{float:right;background:#ef4135} No need for another tag, works solely with the body-element. Edits Saved 16 bytes by removing display:block; and some ;.

@Sp3000 I was thinking about that, and I don't see a real upside to multidigit numbers
CSS by itself isn't TC, but HTML+CSS is.
4:06 AM
I don't know why we're starring Alex's "HEY" but I did it anyway
Well I'm not sure what you're using this for so... yeah :P
Does having body in there imply the existence of HTML?
@phase That's what Pyth does.
@AlexA. ... is not.
HTML+CSS isn't Turing-complete under anything like normal conditions.
4:06 AM
@Dennis Wait like all of it?
Damnit Dennis, I was going to mention that later :P
once I saw Conway's Game of Life in pure CSS+HTML
I think that makes it TC...
4:07 AM
@Doorknob \Really? show me
I just typed "esolang" into my university library's search and it gave no results
> Apparently, HTML5 + CSS3 is now also Turing complete because it can be used to program a Rule 110 automaton.
@AlexA. Doesn't that Rule 110 require user input?
@phase Pyth considers 12 a single integer, but the fixed arity prefix notation is what makes Pyth so golfy.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ HTML has inputs
4:07 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I don't know
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I can't find it right now :/
@phase When it shouldn't
@Dennis Well that was a waist of a couple hours of brainstorming...
@PhiNotPi They just don't understand our lingo, you need "esoteric programming language"
4:08 AM
@AlexA. Can you give a primary source? After following 3 links I arrived at a dead link.
A: Is CSS turing complete?

JakobYou can encode Rule 110 in CSS3, so it's Turing-complete so long as you consider an appropriate accompanying HTML file and user interactions to be part of the “execution” of CSS. A pretty good implementation is available, and another implementation is included here (JsFiddle version): <!DOCTYPE ...

@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ <input></input> is a thing
Hows this for a Minecraft input method?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ nods
4:09 AM
A: Minecraft I/O Methods

GamrCorpsString Input, via tellraw So it actually is possible to get textual input in minecraft, though you couldnt do much with it. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IS COMPLEX. Lets start with the actual string input. This can be achieved through a simple keyboard tellraw command (like the one in this video). Ea...

I am back again
@phase I know -_- I'm saying that the implementation of Rule 110 requires input when it shouldn't
oh then don't do whatever it is you shouldn't do and you'll probably win or whatever
Has anyone mentioned that our rules for programming languages don't require them to be TC?
Because they don't.
Can CSS add numbers, etc.?
4:10 AM
Can you check whether a number is prime in pure CSS?
I think .gif files are Turing Complete
@phase wat
I think your face is Turing complete ooo burn
4:11 AM
.jpg files are Turing Whogivesashit
@phase not sure if trolling
Turing Complete jpg
it is implementing Busy Beaver
I found a book on 16-bit microprocessors.
@AlexA. I don't think so.
@Geobits it is done
SO question: "Can you do primality testing in pure CSS?"
all of SO: "WHY?!"
us: "uhhhhh well"
4:15 AM
so true...
I was just typing that question out
I think it'll be more like migrate to (whatever the theoretical Stack was)
I feel like PPCG is for casuals while SO is for those who 1) have too much time on their hands and 2) enjoy insulting people for making simple mistakes. (No offense to any SO users here).
I can't see why a theoretical site would allow CSS.
closed as unclear what you're asking by Doorknob, Jon Skeet, randomuser123, Jeremy Banks ♦
@Doorknob And Geobits
downvoted by Geobits and a million others :P
Does anyone know Geobits' downvote to upvote ratio?
Im kinda curious now
@GamrCorps 99999999999999999999999999/1
4:21 AM
Oh, I calculated it: on my calculator it says ERR: DIV BY 0.
anyone want to play some smash bros
Good night everyone, have to memorize stuff
what do you have to memorize @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ it better be Seriously operator numbers
4:23 AM
Do I get a free Wii U if I say yes?
@Sp3000 no it's on my wii
@Seadrus @phase Hah, not that interesting. Just the ten commandments >_<
anyone want to play some chess :P
Aw, already got one of those :(
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ 1. Thou shalt not speak. 2-10. Why are you here
4:24 AM
@Sp3000 but mine's hacked and has n64 smash and melee and project M
@Seadrus ಠ_ಠ
That's rough man
@Seadrus ...
I keep thinking @Seadrus is Geobutts. It must be their personalities.
ಠ_ಠ @Seadrus
@phase but can it play Nethack
@Doorknob f4
4:25 AM
@Doorknob I will make a homebrew Nethack just for you
@Sp3000 Alt+F4 to play chess
@AlexA. that closed my console ;-;
@Sp3000 1...d5
2...e6 I think I see where you're going with this
4:27 AM
Are you guys playing Battleship?
Damnit :P
@AlexA. bless you
don't sneeze all over the screen next time
@AlexA. Do you watch Studio C out of curiosity?
@phase No, don't bless me, holy water burns my evil skin
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ No
4:29 AM
Quick question to everyone: What is your favourite number and why?
@AlexA. that's why I was throwing it on you, DIE DEMON
142857, cyclic
@GamrCorps 0 because it's zero (and it looks like a doorknob)
Mine is Rayo's number because it is the biggest.
@Doorknob lol
4:29 AM
@AlexA. Oh.
π because it's π
@GamrCorps 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620‌​899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745‌​028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316‌​527120190 because it's almost Pi but not quite
@GamrCorps ℂ
@AlexA. that's a letter ding bat
@GamrCorps j, because I'm a hipster
4:31 AM
@phase It's an infinite number of numbers.
After that, gamma.
Cool numbers, and I thought @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ was leaving
The Euler-Macaroni constant
@Doorknob 3. Nf3 (I got a chessboard out but I'm missing a knight D:)
@GamrCorps Wait why?
4:31 AM
@phase ℂ = {x + iy | x, y in ℝ}
@Sp3000 haha. y u prevent fool's mate :P
8 mins ago, by Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ
Good night everyone, have to memorize stuff
@GamrCorps AW SH**
I forgot about that
4:32 AM
> abandon all work, ye who enter here —aditsu
perfect example
@Doorknob I thought you wanted a serious game - you missed your chance :P
@Sp3000 serious game? Over SE chat? In the 19th byte? Impossible :P
Ok I have to go. Good night everyone!
4:34 AM
@GamrCorps later aligator
Serious anything in The Nineteenth Byte is pretty much impossible.
I code Seriously in The Nineteenth Byte
Using "code" as a verb is so strange to me
I code you a lot
I coded all night last night
I enjoy to code the program
4:36 AM
@Doorknob 3 .. Doorknob resigns
@Sp3000 hahaha
(hovertext relevant)
4:38 AM
Our tongues are too big to fit in our mouths
A: Draw the national flag of France

TanMathPython, 212 bytes from turtle import * defD (): pd() fd(200) rt(90) fd(100) rt(90) fd(200) rt(90) fd(100) rt(90) pen(fillcolor="blue") D() pen(fillcolor="white ") setpos(100,0) D() pen(full color="red") setpos (200,0) D()

It is a long answer
But it should be fun to watch
@TanMath I hate to say this, but do you test your answers before posting? I see two places at least which should be syntax errors
39 secs ago, by TanMath
But it should be fun to watch
he was serious
4:42 AM
On a side note though, I think fillcolor(...) and be used instead of pen(fillcolor=...)
who doesn't laugh at some syntax errors?
Syntax Error: Unexpected LOL after end of expression
Truth machine is 300 views away from 10k
@Sp3000 man.. Other people do not test and you make a big deal?!
4:45 AM
Other people who don't test are also bad.
come on gold badge
@TanMath Everyone is expected to have tested their submissions thoroughly to ensure that they meet the specifications in the challenge.
@quartata Which badge?
the 10k views one
famous question
@feersum (Personal attacks are unnecessary)
4:46 AM
@AlexA. weird.
@quartata Nice! I hope you get it :)
Some people mention they haven't run it yet!
@TanMath why is that... weird?
@GamrCorps 337. Anyone that knows my real name will understand why. :P
@TanMath Who? It shouldn't have been posted.
4:47 AM
You see Mr Alex I love gold
@GamrCorps I wish I knew enough math to say 196883
@ThomasKwa ...you monster.
@quartata /me gets reference, can't think of a witty response
@Sp3000 where?
4:49 AM
I don't know what my actual favorite number is
@El'endiaStarman 5/10 wordplay too obvious
42 is everyone's favorite number for it is the only one that matters
Does it help that it's also a quote of GLaDOS?
my favourite integer is 2
4:51 AM
because it represents choice
@Optimizer ಠ_ಠ
hmm, 6/10. I missed that.
@TanMath It's one thing for a submission to fail on test cases, but if a submission doesn't even run/doesn't compile, it's a clear sign that they haven't tried running the program themselves. I don't mean to pick on your submission in particular (I've done this to others), but I thought I'd just say (btw you still have full color=, but even after fixing that I don't think the flag is drawn properly, and you can't use blue/white/red as the colours - you need the actual values from the spec)
@El'endiaStarman it is?
@Optimizer Beautiful 10/10 I cried
@Optimizer Btw what editor is this? The font looks like Inconsolata.
4:52 AM
I (more or less) have all of Glados's lines from Portal 1 memorized and I do not remember that one.
@AlexA. its from twitter, so dunno
Oh, okay
@TanMath Correction: White's okay, but not blue/red
@quartata Around 1:30.
latest main post is unclear, right? (I have to go to sleep now though)
4:54 AM
@quartata Portal 2.
@Doorknob Makes sense to me
.....man. I really want to play Portal 2 now...
I liked Portal 2 better than Portal 1 but I do not remember its story all that well
I mean, again.
Understandable, considering it's 3 times longer.
4:56 AM
I do not think I redownloaded Portal 2 after my drive blew up
I should fix that
@TanMath Would you like to try this?
Big Bang?
Q: Festival of ASCII-art lights

dan04Write, in as few characters as possible, a program that takes either zero or six command-line arguments menorah menorah YEAR MONTH DAY HOUR MINUTE SECOND (The zero-argument version shall be equivalent to calling the six-argument version with the current system date and time in the local timezo...

5:10 AM
Two challenge ideas I had earlier today: Spacewar! KOTH and a balance-an-inverted-double-pendulum popcon (popcon because submissions should be judged on how well the controller/program does).
@El'endiaStarman As you should see I edited meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/7504/26997 a lot. Feel free to revert or modify as desired.
Awesome title.
^ immediate reaction. :D
I also like the idea of a Euclidean bonus but without specifying exactly how it's to be done it might not go over well in a code-golf.
Good idea on thumbnailing the images.
> Euclidean bonus
5:15 AM
A bonus for using Euclidean distance.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

El'endia StarmanBlack and White Rainbows code-golf image-processing graphical-output Given an image that has only black and white pixels and an (x,y) location that's a white pixel, color the white pixels based on their minimal Manhattan distance from (x,y) in a path that only involves traversing other white pi...

Look at old revision
@AlexA. That's a large dog or a small woman Alex. Good for you.
@AlexA. Some of that is a perspective trick and some of that is that the dog IS huge.
5:18 AM
@AlexA. Have any marmots? (what is a marmot..?)
I think I'm going to try and do Euclidean distance. Not exactly sure how yet, but it'll be based on line-of-sight in some way.
I have no idea what a marmot is
This is a contemplative marmot
@El'endiaStarman Allowing Chebychev distance is definitely a possibility
@AlexA. How about a pine marten?
@Calvin'sHobbies That's easy. Lemme generate one.
5:24 AM
Nifty. How about the big maze? (i.stack.imgur.com/NTzYm.png)
hey look im unbanned from chat
5:27 AM
/me bows
@El'endiaStarman Pretty much the same I guess. Makes sense
silent pinging :D
5:28 AM
@Seadrus you can stop now
@Calvin'sHobbies Flipped back and forth quickly. There is barely any change.
@Seadrus this did not ping anyone
It's more effective when you have a lot of space.
@Optimizer It pinged me, Thomas, and El'endia.
5:29 AM
I know because I can see the contents of every message.
@AlexA. its not showing the hover..
It doesn't if there are multiple people being pinged
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoStates and Capitals back by lack of popular demand Given a string as input, output the US state whose capital it is if it is a state capital, the capital of the state if it is a state, or Arstotzka if it is neither. Examples: Austin -> Texas Alaska -> Anchorage The Nineteenth Byte -> Arstotzk...

@NewSandboxedPosts Papers, Please
5:34 AM
@AlexA. Here is the pine @Martin in his natural habitat, about to pounce on a challenge. The 10k reppers will have to work hard to steal any of the kill.
5:45 AM
Ok, these are getting plain scary
Martin's face is becoming the most abused pic here :D
@Calvin'sHobbies why
okay seriously stop abusing Martin's face!
okay stop seriously abusing Martin's face
5:47 AM
Yeah, when does this become defamation?
@orlp o.O
@Calvin'sHobbies never?
@Martin and @Alex should have a golfing competition to settle this
> @Marton
I bet all of M[aeiou]rt[aeiou]n have been someone's name
5:51 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Settle what?
@Calvin'sHobbies I hereby declare this a mini chat challenge.
@El'endiaStarman Whats the challenge? Confirm it?
Generate all possibilities for M*rt*n where * is one of aeiou.
Morton Hears A Moo
^ 35 bytes.
5:59 AM
Julia, 50 bytes: v="aeiou";for a=v,b=v println("M",a,"rt",b,"n")end
33 bytes!
Okay, back to Euclidean distance...
6:14 AM
Dennis could do better, but 25: "aeiou"2m*{'M\)"rt"@'nN}/
How did Dennis do it?
does, but yes
How did Dennis does it?
Apparently I got the Enthusiast badge on meta. I don't know how.
I think I need a life.
6:25 AM
I got that same badge a couple days ago, in fact!
on meta?
@ThomasKwa Tomorrow I'll get Fanatic on Meta. I've visited main 275 consecutive days.
I really need a life.
@ThomasKwa Yup!
6:26 AM
@El'endiaStarman noice
6:46 AM
My university library is giving out old catalog cards as bookmarks. I found one titled "Electronic spreadsheets for libraries" by Lawrence Auld.
That's literally the best book ever
7:01 AM
You could practically do "Black and White Rainbows" with Euclidean distance as a .
@El'endiaStarman But then whats the scoring?
Sum of all computed distances.
Lower score is better.
i just did a challenge that pb was actually kinda good for
7:24 AM
Just had to share this: (@Calvin'sHobbies)
7:35 AM
its glorious
thank you for sharing
it enriched my perspective on the collaboration of society
obvious sarcasm is obvious
not so much sarcasm
more absurdist humor
to have sarcasm you need to have irony
well, not always
sarcasm is by definition a form of irony
generally when you're using sarcasm you say one thing while you mean the opposite
I said something while I don't mean anything
I just said something to enjoy the absurdity of the statement itself
that's just my humor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
man, I love zsh
so many small things
7:42 AM
2 mins ago, by orlp
generally when you're using sarcasm you say one thing while you mean the opposite
for example when autocompleting files
let's say I have a.cpp and a.h
then when I'm writing a command and type a<TAB>, I have to choose between a.cpp and a.h
but then if I do the same thing again on the same line, it will autocomplete to the one I haven't got yet
so mv a<TAB>.h a<TAB> ..
moves both to the directory above
(just an example, obviously a* works)
7:44 AM
a long time ago i wanted to try zsh but i never did and i don't remember why. i think i might just have been lazy
I'd definitely recommend it
also, when you use up-arrow it will use your prefix you've written so far
so I can write g++ <UP> to get the last g++ command I wrote, then the one before that, etc
a slightly faster and more convenient ctrl+r
hrm, 600 insertions, 400 deletions
should've probably commited more often lol
pretty sick
valgrind --leak-check=full ./kwik test.kw
just gives me the line number and file where my leak is

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