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9:00 PM
@GamrCorps Excellent challenge
Hmm, I don't know if Chaine is suited for 99BB
I may try it tonight
@VoteToClose draws out dagger
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ ^^^^
@Sp3000 You really like stabbing, huh? ;)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ You can take it
If you don't want to, I will though.
@VoteToClose I like to establish that such adjustable instabilities in language design are just detestable
9:13 PM
Ah, I see. Well. It doesn't really matter, because it is oddly difficult to get a zero-byte input to Vitsy.
A: Print every character your program doesn't have

SuperJedi224Microscript II, 82 bytes Well, that's just ridiculous. ( %&'*+,-./12345789:<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNORSTUVWXYZ\^_`bcdghijkmovwxyz{|}~)P6;q!p#Q$ One ridiculously long unexecuted conditional, followed by the commands P6;q!p#Q$. Output: null "false"true"0" []

> I typically avoid voting at all if someone posts a shameless advertisement
I'm just a little upset that it's so darn long.
Q: Most creative/diabolical/entertaining way to find Python version?

jakevdpThere are important differences between Python 2 and 3, so it's often useful to know which version of the interpreter is running your code. The straightforward method is something like this: def get_python_version(): import sys return sys.version_info.major But you can exploit other di...

Too broad, yes?
Close as dupe, I reckon
9:17 PM
we should have a catalogue tag
for challenges that do not accept an answer and allow answers to be posted with languages after it has been made
Q: Most creative/diabolical/entertaining way to find Python version?

jakevdpThere are important differences between Python 2 and 3, so it's often useful to know which version of the interpreter is running your code. The straightforward method is something like this: def get_python_version(): import sys return sys.version_info.major But you can exploit other di...

@orlp I think there's already a catalogue catalogue on meta
@orlp That's been discussed and mentioned several times. IIRC the consensus was that we don't need one. However, I encourage you to propose the idea on meta if you can't already find something about it there.
@Sp3000 Of what?
The comment, for example
> Yo dawg ...
9:21 PM
There's also a closed one somewhere which I always have trouble finding, but it has something like my 4th highest voted answer in it
> catalawg
> holmes.
@Sp3000 That's not specific to checking the Python version though
IMO they're not that related beyond feersum's answer
Well I'd link the other one, but as I say I'm having trouble finding it atm
Q: Valid Through The Ages

James WebsterInspired by this question on SO, your task is to produce a program that is valid in (at least) two major versions of your chosen language that produce different output. Rules Any language that has more than one major version can be used. For the purposes of this challenge, I would suggest a "...

Q: Produce different behaviour in all versions of your language

EMBLEMWrite a program that: if a compiled language is used, compiles without errors if an interpreted language is used, runs without syntax errors for every major release of your language, and produces different output for every major release under which it is compiled/run. (It may produce the same...

Currently 2 "too broad" close votes.
9:24 PM
Q: Should there be a [catalog] tag (e.g. shortest in every language)?

mbomb007I'm wondering if there should be a tag for questions that compile a list of best score by language. A recent example is this question. Questions similar to this have a snippet the keeps a list of the shortest solution by programming language. I think it'd be useful to have such a tag, in order ...

@MartinBüttner This is great, thanks. It gets brought up a lot in chat so now we have something to reference. :)
(Well, not now, as that question isn't new, but rather now I know what post to link to)
@MartinBüttner See: my comment.
See my reply.
55 chatting users here?
9:27 PM
@MartinBüttner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fair enough.
9:28 PM
Do you perhaps mean '_.'DOr\DZ (in Vitsy)?
@NewMainPosts Write a Python snippet that launches a C++ program that launches a BAT file that {...} that checks the .dll version
Q: String with direction from vector (Little Game)

Filipe Almeidain Javascript (any version) can you make this shorter? var out = '': if(y>0){ out='Y'; }else if(y<0){ out='^'; } if(x>0){ out+='>'; }else if(x<0){ out+='<'; } console.log(out) Explanation: x and y are given numbers representing a vector output is a console.log of string with one or two ...

This has +0/-5, 1 reopen vote, 1 delete vote
9:33 PM
interesting choice of dup target
Delete votes?
@Doorknob Yeah. I probably would have closed as unclear rather than a dupe of that...
Hello all!
On a barely-tangentially-related note, my favorite "ugly Christmas sweater" I've ever seen was a Dalek running around a Christmas tree, carrying tinsel, exclaiming "Decorate!"
9:55 PM
A: "99 Bottles of Beer"

quartataGroovy, 281 bytes def s=" of beer on the wall";def b=" bottles";for(int i=99;;)(i>1)?{println i+b+s+", "+i+b+" of beer.\nTake one down and pass it around, "+--i+(i==1?" bottle":b)+s+".\n"}():{println "1 bottle"+s+", 1 bottle of beer.\nGo to the store and buy some more, 99"+b+s+".";System.exit(0)...

so well golfed
I'm still under the belief that you could seriously get good advertising for a skin care company with a Dalek saying "exfoliate!".
@VoteToClose Like the pistachios Keyboard Cat ad?
o-o Not familiar.
@quartata Does Groovy require the System.exit(0) at the end?
9:57 PM
@trichoplax It's the only way to break from the loop while inside the closure
Wow. Is even the 0 mandatory?
Pick one: Java, Groovy, Scala, or Kotlin?
The reason why is you need the closure for it to be an expression inside the ternary but you can't use break inside of it
@AlexA. I have never heard of Kotlin.
Question: why can't I get ideone to work for me?
9:59 PM
I want a kittycat :(
Groovy anyways
^ From ideone.
@VoteToClose wat?
@quartata kotlinlang.org Made by JetBrains, creators of IntelliJ IDEA
That page pops up whenever I hit "Run".
10:00 PM
@VoteToClose Sounds like ideone is having issues. Try again later.
@VoteToClose Works fine for me...
@AlexA. Interesting.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Blame safari?
It can be compiled to JS
@Seadrus Hi
That sounds like coding hell to maintain
I'd still pick Groovy, because it has all the stuff I like from Java and Perl.
I've been using it a lot more recently.
10:01 PM
Can anybody link me to a Japt online interpreter?
@VoteToClose I tried running a Java example on ideone in Safari and got a 404
I just noticed the Java answer is only 304 bytes
That means mine is very suboptimal 0/10
@quartata What does?
@AlexA. Making a language with a JS transpiler built in
Who did that?
10:03 PM
When I hear "X can compile to Javascript", I feel queasy about learning X.
Oh thank god the Java answer is invalid
That makes my answer still optimal
D: Someone downvoted me again? :c
10:04 PM
@quartata Oh gross, you're right. :(
@AlexA. lmao ew
Sorry @ThomasKwa Kwa about the late response. Have you already started working on it?
> viewed 9756 times
The suspense on Truth Machine's 10k is killing me
are those the right blue and red? — njzk2 3 hours ago
Broke 3000 rep :D
Why did he have to point that out D:
The RGB rules on the flag challenge are really stupid
pls get rid of them op kthx
10:09 PM
I'm going to add graphical output to Simplex?
> ?
are you unsure?
I've used most of the available commands already I think
But I could be wrong.
I feel like I'm ready for making an actual programming language ^_^
@Doorknob the aspect ratio is fine but the colors are not
The aspect ratio can be manually adjusted though
It's impossible to get it right for everyone due to how the Desmos's UI is laid out.
I feel happy and slightly sad: the baby Desmos I introduced is finally winning, but it doesn't need me anymore XD
In regard to the colors there's 3-4 answers with incorrect colors
The OP hasn't checked back in ages but multiple people have begged him to change that rule... ;_;
10:17 PM
He will submit. We'll make him an offer he can't refuse.
@quartata I'm going through and leaving tons of comments :P
It's kinda silly to enforce the RGB since it adds no challenge other than disqualifying a bunch of languages
It's especially ridiculous considering the ASCII variant (which I dislike since and shouldn't be mixed ever) doesn't have any of these rules
If you are saying "Good night" here, from now on, you must say "Goodbyte."
10:19 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ hoffa they can't re-fuse
@Doorknob Relevant comments? :P
With a hard s, of course.
It is the Sidevoter. :O
Oh god
@AlexA. no, I'm just saying stuff like "french toast" on everyone's answers
hell to you too
10:20 PM
@Rainbolt Did you see my card?
@Doorknob Okay cool
@Seadrus If you press up you can edit previous comments
6 hours ago, by quartata
user image
@quartata No. Did it get stars?
@Rainbolt ALL DA STARS
10:21 PM
@trichoplax I would, but it has stars now.
I know who is using stars >_>
oh hey conor
What's interesting today
10:25 PM
@quintopia Absolutely --nothing-- everything
hiya @anOKsquirrel
@quartata A real card would use *+1/*+1 as the power and toughness. Also, the upkeep trigger doesn't target, which is weird. Abilities that don't target are usually preceded by "Choose [something]." It's also ambiguous - do you put up to 20 counters on each, or 20 counters divided as you choose?
10:26 PM
@TheInitializer hey init!
Use <s>
@quartata So you get a 5/10
Darn, that doesn't work either
@TheInitializer Hi
10:26 PM
@TheInitializer what is the sky?
@Rainbolt 20 counters divided as you choose
And I couldn't set the power/toughness to *+1/*+1
@JohnE I agree. The rules on colors give the ASCII-art solutions a massive advantage. They also don't make the challenge any more "difficult" (merely adds bytes really) for the languages that can use arbitrary colors and disqualifies several cool languages that can't do arbitrary colors. — quartata 44 secs ago
Three dashes.
The truth has been spoken. Please don't hurt me.
10:27 PM
@TheInitializer You really like quines...
You did better than that guy
it was just an idea
@TheInitializer what was?
the problem I posted
that got me like 300 rep
@TheInitializer I meant the answers, actually
10:30 PM
Does anyone remember examples of user-made esoteric languages that artificially special-case themselves to be Turing complete to comply with the rules about programming languages? I remember Dennis had one, something like "In case X, run Python".
Q: A "cheating" quine

TheInitializerLong-time lurker, first-time poster. So here goes. In the Wikipedia page for quine, it says that "a quine is considered to be 'cheating' if it looks at its own source code." Your task is to make one of these "cheating quines" that reads its own source code. This is code-golf, so the shortest co...

@xnor Bubblegum, if hash matches X, run as Python
(Also you're on! Hoping to see my 99 bottles get smashed :P)
10:34 PM
@xnor Crappy9+ or whatever the acronym is
I think you mean CHIQRSX9+
Everyone's NNBB is about to get smashed
@Sp3000 That one yeah, Crappy9+
prepares to bring out dagger again
10:35 PM
You know that one's been done?
Don't worry, it's the "Mego fixed it" stabfest
Only the 4th Seriously answer on that thread today
I notice the question explicitly allows zero byte entries:
> Languages specifically written to submit a 0-byte answer to this challenge are allowed, just not particularly interesting.
@Sp3000 But it's the first valid one
Fastest Patcher in the West
Fastest patcher would go to Vitsy actually, but that's a different story
10:42 PM
TFW almost everything outgolfs Mouse
@trichoplax so you can write a language that gives you the lyrics if it is zero bytes?
@xsot thanks, they're nice problems with many different approaches and i'm also looking forward to the source code being revealed. i guess shinh is very busy; i contacted him on a couple other things earlier and didn't hear back yet. (also, it's easier to notice similar submissions for the two problems in certain languages.)
@TanMath Yes. VoteToClose's language, Vitsy, has that.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ No; I've started learning the language though
@TanMath I think there are quite enough languages like that already... :)
10:44 PM
@ThomasKwa :D
Again, you can take it if you want; there will be another good eventually.
I will have a one byte command in my language to print out the lyrics.. the 0-byte will be for "Hello World!"
In any other question, where the author has not explicitly allowed zero byte answers, it would be a standard loophole:
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

DennisZero-length answers Considering an empty program a quine was original in the 1994 IOCCC. Over two decades later, if you can answer a question with an empty program and that question is scored by length (e.g., code-golf) and is tagged as quine, source-layout or restricted-source, just notify th...

A: Programming languages that do not match our default posting criteria

ןnɟuɐɯɹɐןoɯMetaGolfScript and Co. I would go through them one by one if I could, but I can't :P. It's great for lolz, but ruins the fun when implemented in code-golf challenges. (I mean, who wants zero-byte answers anyway?)

@AlexA. Whoops, I missed Thomas's answer. I've deleted mine.
@ThomasKwa See above, here's a permalink for you
10:48 PM
@ThomasKwa Okay :D
Q: "Hello, World!"

Martin BüttnerSo... uh... this is a bit embarrassing. But we don't have a plain "Hello, World!" challenge yet (despite having 35 variants tagged with hello-world, and counting). While this is not the most interesting code golf in the common languages, finding the shortest solution in certain esolangs can be a ...

@ThomasKwa Also it's worth noting that N doesn't print the lyrics to STDOUT - it pushes them onto the stack as a single string. The implicit . at EOF prints them.
was @ThomasKwa the first to post a Seriously answer?
I am a weirdo
10:51 PM
It was Thomas, then VTC, then you, then Mego.
@AlexA. Mego was the last?!
I wish I was the first
oh well..
What will I do with my gamma function answer?
Mego's was posted after the interpreter was fixed at least
@AlexA. oh, ok...
10:53 PM
I don't think I'm on board with all these catalog questions. "Look, a simple and boring task that's a borderline dupe. Let's close it. Wait, it's a catalog question! Let's instead gives it loads of upvotes and answers so that it stays on top of HNQ forever."
githubs new design for repos is great, but I wish they'd moved "releases" to a separate tab. No one ever looks at releases because no one finds that button.
@xnor Agreed, though I think a few are interesting and useful to have
I'm tempted to post a long-form answer to NNBB in Seriously - one that doesn't use N
@Mego I was gonna do that
@ThomasKwa really?
10:55 PM
@ThomasKwa And suddenly I'm too lazy to do it, have at it
I already started reading about how to loop and stuff
@TanMath Why shouldn't he?
@nhahtdh Not very different. The first several cells might exhibit some sort of banding pattern, but after that, it'd be pretty similar.
@TanMath I'm sorry, but I just don't know the language well enough. I can't figure out what the code is supposed to do, let alone how to fix it.
10:55 PM
hi again
@xnor Hopefully the "standard programming tasks" will run out soon - I can't see it being a long term trend. (Hopefully I don't get this quoted back to me in 12 months time).
@AlexA. he already wrote a NNBB Seriously answer.. another one? give the opportunity to someone else...whatever
@Dennis ok then...
@ThomasKwa do you know Seriously pretty well?
@xnor IMO I think there's just been some ups and downs. Truth machine was probably the best one, since it was simple and unique, but IMO 99 bottles wasn't as necessary as the others (although the existence of a popcon version is a little disappointing either way)
@trichoplax i wouldn't bet on it. I think I could come up 52 "standard tasks" myself if pressed, one per week
I don't know about this catalog concept
10:59 PM
@xnor 52 tasks each, at least 55 active users from the pinned starboard message, so we have 2860 standard challenges to look forward to...
@ThomasKwa Best way is to use a map. Something like 2╤r`some code here that builds the strings`M9u$j
There is definitely some merit to having all standard programming tasks on the site, even if there are dozens
@TanMath Though it's not terribly common, one person occasionally posts multiple answers in the same language using entirely different approaches.
@TanMath No; I've spent less than 10 hours on it.
@trichoplax 1 active user and 55 socks, I think you mean
10:59 PM
@AlexA. true.. that is why I finally said whatever..
@Mego Thanks!

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