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5:00 PM
Oh noes I noticed a typo in it
"Place" should be "Put"
Oh well
Note that quartata had already sandboxed a 99BB catalog several weeks ago and was planning to post it. — Alex A. ♦ 20 secs ago
Answers in the catalogs still need to meet our definitions of a language, right? cc @MartinBüttner
@AlexA. Yes they do.
So the HQ9+ one is invalid
kill it with fire please
@AlexA. yes unless stated otherwise
That's what I thought, thanks.
@quartata I left a comment so hopefully @TheDoctor will delete it himself.
We should make cards for a bunch of users, and then develop a KOTH for it.
5:15 PM
TimmyD uses PowerShell! It's not very effective.
A: DCSS morgue file parser

ebbF#, 377 bytes open System.Text.RegularExpressions let s=System.String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace>>not let m f=Regex.Match((f+"").Split[|'\r';'\n'|]|>Seq.filter s|>Seq.take 8|>Seq.reduce(fun a z->a+z.Trim()), ".*n (.*) c.*\.([0-9]+) (.*) \(l.* (.*),.*a (.*) o.*\.(?:(S.*)|W.*(E.*)).*.T.*\((.*) .*\).").Gro...

F# kill it with fire ahhhhhhh
F# terrifies me
5:18 PM
It's OCaml but scarier and more Microsoft
my first downvoted answer
A: "99 Bottles of Beer"

Thomas KwaSeriously, 1 byte N This is a builtin that works only if the stack is empty.

It isn't a terribly interesting answer TBH but not deserving of a downvote IMO.
Yeah, it's uninteresting, but valid. I posted a comment explaining that, but I don't expect the downvoter to retract.
This hurts more than I thought it would.
I'm sorry
Downvotes aren't personal.
(unless they're serial, but the system typically catches and reverts them)
@ThomasKwa D:
5:22 PM
@AlexA. You're right; I need to remember that.
@ThomasKwa Good job for posting it! It's important to punish people who make 99BOB commands by not letting them post it themselves ;)
@ThomasKwa Would you mind editing your answer a bit for me?
@feersum mwahaha
Should I add -ftemplate-backtrace-limit=0 to the gcc options for the Templates Considered Harmful compiler?
Then the error messages would be even more epic.
5:29 PM
If this language achieves any distinction, it will surely be for the longest error messages.
@Sp3000 Editing how?
@Calvin'sHobbies hi
Link the language's Github maybe?
99BB is a seriously flawed song. Why would one share one's beer?
5:34 PM
@Sp3000 Done
@ThomasKwa You have zero downvotes? o_O
Now I do
Thanks sp3000
At least I don't remember ever having a post downvoted.
How do you do that?
I don't know.
I just tried, and the output of Seriously's N command is different from the lyrics in the challenge.
5:37 PM
I think Thomas needs a card to demonstrate his sheer awesome
Protection from downvotes is no laughing matter
@Dennis Hmm
@Dennis Ohhhhhhhh dang. cc @Mego
99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer
Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer
Take one down and pass it around, 97 bottles of beer on the wall.97 bottles of beer on the wall, 97 bottles of beer
Take one down and pass it around, 96 bottles of beer on the wall.96 bottles of beer on the wall, 96 bottles of beer
Take one down and pass it around, 95 bottles of beer on the wall.95 bottles of beer on the wall, 95 bottles of beer
A: "99 Bottles of Beer"

nimiHaskell, 228 bytes o=" of beer on the wall" a 1="1 bottle" a n=shows n" bottles" b 1="Go to the store and buy some more, "++a 99 b n="Take one down and pass it around, "++a(n-1) f=[99,98..1]>>= \n->[a n,o,", ",a n," of beer.\n",b n,o,".\n\n"]>>=id Function f returns a string with the lyrics.

Aren't functions not allowed?
I'll see what the source says
5:38 PM
@quartata In this one I guess they are
Says so in the post
@quartata Your program must log to STDOUT or an acceptable alternative, or be returned from a function.
This answer took quite some effort: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/64216/24877
I can't download the interpreter right now but if it diesn't work I'll delete until it's fixed
There's an online interpreter for Seriously
@AlexA. ...why
5:40 PM
@quartata Don't ask me, not my challenge
Tis not the catalog way
Even with my comment stating that it's invalid, this is still getting upvotes. >:(
@AlexA. ..
@AlexA. Which doesn't display newlines correctly, since the output has no <pre> tag. (CC @Mego)
@AlexA. Lucky me: HQ9+B
5:42 PM
Yeah, the source code indicates no \ns in the output @dennis
Not in all the right places, anyway. The first sentence is also missing a dot.
I've deleted the answer.
'tis a shame
@AlexA. Or should I have told TheDoctor that there is HQ9+B?
@flawr I don't think HQ9+B is valid either
It's TC
5:43 PM
@flawr That only evaluates user input as BF. Doesn't help.
Nope, it does not.
You need to place a B first. The following code is then interpreted as BrainFuck.
Esolangs says otherwise.
> B: read input and execute as a brainfuck program.
This is exactly what I said!?!?
I can't seem to find any HQ9+ interpreter anywhere that prints the lyrics exactly as shown in the question anyway. Can you point me to one? Otherwise any variant, no matter how TC, is going to be invalid IMO.
Well then...
5:47 PM
@flawr The following code is then interpreted as BrainFuck. sounds like BF in the source code. read input and execute as a brainfuck program. sounds like BF from STDIN. Not sure if I'm missing something.
Hmm, from looking through my past answers one was actually downvoted.
A: Calculate Standard Deviation

Thomas KwaTI-BASIC, 7 bytes stdDev(augment(Ans,{mean(Ans I borrowed the algorithm to get population standard deviation from sample standard deviation from here. The shortest solution I could find without augment( is 9 bytes: stdDev(Ans√(1-1/dim(Ans

If I'd only marked it as CW from the start, instead of trying to find my own shorter solution...
@Dennis how many downvotes do you have?
Is there any easy way to tell?
@ThomasKwa Too many to count.
I have 1 on World Big Dosa and only a couple on answers.
why are you not counting the ones on @ಠ_ಠ's?
@ThomasKwa mostly from the "golfing language" haters.
6:04 PM
@Optimizer Because that isn't my account and I don't know what of theirs has or has not been downvoted
nice try!
Uh, okay. I'm not really trying anything, just stating facts...
@AlexA. 1 on World Big Dosa? wat
Literally the best challenge known to mankind
ughh no.
6:06 PM
In retrospect it's quite broad and really, really hard.
But the title is catchy that's good enough
But live and learn.
its broad and hard?
And it has a lisp answer
Wello horld
6:07 PM
@quartata Yeah, that's nuts!
I was hoping for a Chef answer but I guess a guy in the comments was working on one and only got one piece of the spec implemented and it was already too long for an SE post.
@AlexA. I was going to make a Chef answer but gave up when I realized I was an idiot and couldn't do it
@quartata oh, so that's how you came to know about it?
at least it did something good!
@Optimizer What, Chef or that I'm an idiot?
@Optimizer I see.
6:12 PM
@quartata Not being able to do World Big Dosa in Chef does not imply idiocy.
This is still getting upvotes! Wtf! >:O
oooh portal 2 soundtrack is good
@Mego If you're going to have a built in for 99 bottles, DO IT RIGHT. XD
Making it a catalog was a big mistake. Now he can fix the punctuation!
6:19 PM
carefully watches for github update to snipe the answer
Right. I'm off to dinner. Which means watching GitHub and eating simultaneously. makes refresh bot
@VoteToClose gets kicked in the shins by the GitHub rate limiter
That's a thing? D:
6:22 PM
Sure is
fml. So much for sniping.
I've gotten in a couple times (I think erroneously) just by idly browsing.
@flawr He wants to post a Seriously answer before Mego does.
That means mego is adjusting his output?
@VoteToClose I believe @ThomasKwa already has dibs on a Seriously answer once the interpreter is fixed since his was posted first.
6:24 PM
Idea: fork Seriously.
/me snaps.
@AlexA. >:(
@feersum this
Alright. I'll leave it to Thomas. :D
Matter of a fact, I can fix Seriously right now if you want.
Just gotta slog through the spaghetti Python code
@flawr I think the hope is that he will. Since it's a catalog, people are allowed to use languages and language versions newer than the challenge.
6:24 PM
Hm but didn't we already have a 99bb challenge?
It was a popcon, not a golf
@flawr it was a
We have closed challenges that have been less similar to their "dupes".
Yep. But the objective in a popcon is entirely different than in code golf.
99BB has been on the catalog hit-list for a while.
6:26 PM
@VoteToClose "the last line is incorrect (and also..."
That's what I originally meant. :P
Geobits noted that 99BB is a subtask of a challenge for making an HQ9+ interpreter though.
I know, hence why I don't get your comment o_O
Yeah. look at how well Vitsy's doing. :D
Oh. Right. Er.
>.> deletes comment very unsuspiciously
Vitsy's doing ~20 bytes worse than Python, which is saying something
6:28 PM
@quartata sigh TheDoctor has gotten +62 rep so far for posting an invalid answer.
Mod-delete? He's gaining rep for an answer that doesn't deserve rep.
I figured I'd give him the chance to delete it himself.
>.> I wouldn't delete it if I had posted it. xD
:/ Really?
You literally just said that the answer doesn't deserve rep. Who posted it doesn't matter, it's invalid either way.
@AlexA. he is telling the state of mind of OP
6:35 PM
Ah, yeah. Good point.
I'll give him a day to delete it himself and after that, if it's still there, I'll mod delete it.
@insertusernamehere whitespace yes. You may omit the newlines between each pair of lines. — GamrCorps 26 mins ago
^^ :/
What? Seriously?
I'm tempted to call this a dupe of HQ9+ interpreter because, as Geobits noted, it's a subtask, though the required text is very (very) slightly different.
Unfortunately that slightly makes a big difference for some languages :/
Side note: How many submissions currently print with a double newline?
6:45 PM
Mine does
*trailing newline
:/ well.
Should it not?
Does anyone here know Flint Eastwood?
Idk man, this seems underspecified compared to the other catalogs
6:47 PM
You just answered what I was going to answer to your "Should it not?"
It doesn't need as much specification.
All it does is print a fixed string.
I still wonder why we haven't gotten a tag yet, as it seems to be a quasi standard.
For some reason I thought we discussed having such a tag but the consensus was against it
^^ ditto
Q: Does PPCG fulfil a role as a catalogue for golfed solution of standard programming exercises?

Martin BüttnerRosetta Code collects solutions to standard programming exercises in hundreds of programming languages. However, it focuses on "good" or idiomatic solutions in those languages. I'm not aware of a similar catalogue from a golfing perspective. Is PPCG capable of fulfilling that role? Do we have cha...

^^ List is there anyway
6:49 PM
@feersum I think it needs more specification than it currently has, that's for sure. The exact text of the "fixed" string isn't really "fixed."
@AlexA. How is that?
The OP didn't address trailing whitespace and has stated that double newlines are not necessary despite it being the example text.
If only OP refrain from comments saying that certain characters are optional, there would be no problem...
Allowed trailing newline count is the only real question to specify.
@AlexA. If it's an invalid answer according to consensus on meta, maybe someone should flag it for a mod...
6:52 PM
Can someone test my answer? I want to see if the python script works.
A: "99 Bottles of Beer"

feersumTemplates Considered Harmful, 667 bytes Ap<Fun<Ap<Fun<Cat<Cat<Cat<Cat<Ap<A<1,1>,A<1>>,A<2,1>>,St<44,32>>,Ap<A<1,1>,A<1>>>,If<A<1>,Cat<Cat<Cat<Cat<St<46,10,84,97,107,101,32,111,110,101,32,100,111,119,110,32,97,110,100,32,112,97,115,115,32,105,116,32,97,114,111,117,110,100,44,32>,Ap<A<1,1>,Sub<A<1>,T

Should have probably rephrased my question: How many answers print with a double newline after the last line?
Mine does
(that's the part I feel was underspecified)
@feersum ...did you post an answer without testing it? :/
6:53 PM
@AlexA. No.
Oh, okay.
I want to make sure the compile script will work for different configurations, that I did not hard-code some path that I forgot to commit, etc.
667 bytes and it takes g++ 10+ seconds to compile - this language is shaping up to be very usable ;)
cough Vitsy was always zero bytes, what do you mean?

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