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2:30 AM
Just gonna put this here
> I'm not interested in participating in the strike, sorry
> I for the most part agree with SE's new policy on likely GPT-derived answers
> The harm a false positive would do could be very high, and they have demonstrated evidence of false positives being possible
> And while I dislike plagiarism, there needs to be solid proof of plagiarism, which I don't believe GPT-detection tools are capable of with enough certainty
> The vast majority of AI posts that get removed are most likely bad enough to be deleted on their own merit anyway.
I think people are kinda overreacting to the new policy on GPT answers, which is understandable given the nonsensical blog post on AI that preceded it
There are three issues with AI answers:
- Plagiarism
- Content quality
- Site-specific bans
Content quality should be handled identically for any answer regardless of its author, machine or not. If it's valid and useful, it's valid and useful.
Site-specific bans are IMO reasonable, since it reduces moderation load, but those are only relevant where neither of the other two factors are involved (it's both properly attributed and of high quality, since if one of those wasn't true you'd either not know for certain it's AI-generated, or it could just be removed on the grounds of quality)
Since an un-attributed AI answer is already against site rules anyway
yeah the only real argument for blanket ai bans is it makes content quality harder to determine
since a bad human answer tends to have other obvious issues as well
but attribution kinda covers that anyways
This really kinda reduces to "what should the burden of proof be for plagiarism from GPT"
And I think we should have a discussion about what that is, since the risk of false positives is high, and a "innocent until proven guilty" approach seems very sensible to me as a default
The lack of willingness to have a community discussion about what that burden of proof should be is of course annoying, but hardly off brand for SE, and they at least defaulted to the safer of the two extremes
2:52 AM
@Ginger I would personally rather the ICBMs be expired
(altho really SLBMs are the ones to be worried about)
(and hypersonics but it's not looking like they'll be an issue any time soon)
3:17 AM
Your wish is my commish
2 hours later…
4:55 AM
@RydwolfPrograms The issue is moderators already combine multiple tools and get second opinions before suspending people
@UnrelatedString I definitely didn't once lock myself out of my computer until realizing I'd switched keyboard layouts by accidentally hitting Ctrl-Shift before typing my password... :P
2 hours later…
7:15 AM
@AviFS I'm not optimistic:
2 hours later…
9:16 AM
I have only thought of 22 builtins for my math-based programming language
well, 22 tokens actually
input a and b
define f and g
using x and y
Σum it all up
and ∏ultiply it together
the $ine, ¢osine and ťangent
ỉist length
įtem in list
the arithmetic operations +-×÷
take a řoot
9:33 AM
@PlaceReporter99 Does that mean you are asking what's missing? Do you want feedback on your glyph choices? Something else?
Also, doesn't this belong in the GC?
1 hour later…
10:56 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

Shaun BebbingtonCommodore C64 BASIC (Non-competing/just for fun), 36 Tokenised BASIC bytes, 34 PETSCII characters 0LIST:REM"{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}{DEL}HELLO, WORLD! This uses a trick to hide a BASIC line, by starting a REM statement with a quotation mark, you may use the delete ...

@RydwolfPrograms but they are???
> Expired: ICBMs
no, it's not useful or interesting
@PlaceReporter99 Please don't ask for stars.
The org has problems
like the confirmation statement being overdue
11:08 AM
So what?
If you’re really angry at the company, you can knock on their door at:
@Feeds I know where you live now
That’s the us address
One Exchange Plaza — that's hilarious. I wonder if coincidental.
11:23 AM
Doxing a company lol
12:02 PM
well, I've managed to break my PFP :/
@hyper-neutrino how large is your PFP?
like, what are the actual dimensions of the image?
because I think what's going on here is that Imgur's refusing to perform an upscale if Chat asks for an image size larger than the file
my bi-ified PFP is 64 pixels square, but the image on the left of the chat box is 128 square
Changing the size doesn't seem to matter
^ is what Chat uses for the left PFP image, and it doesn't work for me
If I set g=1 it breaks
But if I change s it doesn't matter
12:05 PM
@mousetail it was actually public info
Exactly that's why it was dumb
all info is public if you look hard enough
[Like and Subscribe] for more life pro tips
@Ginger this is not a youtube video
it's a joke you semi-evolved simian
@Ginger Yes i am a soft toy
1 hour later…
1:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPDetect sloppy randomness code-golfdecision-problem The C rand() function is often implemented like so: static unsigned long int next = 1; int rand(void) // RAND_MAX assumed to be 32767 { next = next * 1103515245 + 12345; return (unsigned int)(next/65536) % 32768; } void srand(unsigned i...

2:15 PM
@Ginger Exactly and I'm saying I'd rather that be the case :p
Depends on if you are on the same continent or not
@Ginger Aha, now I know your blood type
@mousetail That's...technically the truth ig :p
3:08 PM
@Ginger I have no idea actually
it's a gravatar if that helps
It's 80×80 I think
Wait no nvm
Gravatar just defaults to thst when no size is specified
also, regarding the AI policy, all I'll say is regardless of what the logical better extreme is the approach is what bothers me. yes there is risk for false positives but suspensions aren't final and people can always appeal their case in mod messages (same for any other false positive suspension, it's not like those don't happen), and there are often some pretty obvious cases (like if the user posts something containing "as an AI language model") that we're not allowed to say are AI-generated anymore unless the user themselves says it was which literally will never happen
I'm not interested in participating in the strike either (at least as of right now); it's no secret that I'm hardly even active around here anymore and depending on how things go I may just step down sooner or later and let someone else more deserving of the position become mod (unrelated to recent events)
(I'd assume that "as an AI language model" would count as admission of using AI right?)
(Like you can't really claim bad English skills for that one :p)
(I suppose :P)
Okay actually that would be a pretty great joke...inserting "as an AI language model" into some sort of speech then pausing after you say it and glancing concernedly at your notecards
1 hour later…
4:32 PM
"Regenerate response" as email signature.
5:02 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HippopotomonstrosesquipedalianYou're a programming language, right? According to CGCC, for something to be considered a programming language, it must be capable of addition and primality testing. This challenge combines them into one. Challenge You must write a programme that takes 2 natural numbers (including 0) as input, ch...

6:04 PM
ooh, have yall seen developer.mozilla.org?
they redid the site for pride month
Second best site on the internet
(I've seen it before, I just wanted to point out the theme change)
6:23 PM
guys interesting mini challenge for yall, cmc: fill in everything except for second quadrant
basically they have to be two different colors, 2nd quadrant and rest of the output
tried it recently with desmos, got it down to 9 bytes
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alan BagelReversed squares Given a integer n, your task is to determine whether it is a perfect square that when reversed,, is still a perfect square. If n is negative, only the number part should be counted. Test cases 1 => True 4 => True 9 => True 441 => True 1234567654321 => True -1089 => True -484 => T...

@AidenChow I've got a 5 byte one that makes the 2 and 4 quadrants a different color, but not just 2
> Our community has given is feedback through the evolution of this tool, and their feedback is critical to how it scales
7:27 PM
if I have some png files. What is the golfiest way to convert them into an animated gif that shows each one once programmatically?
import some_png_library
import some_gif_library
let frames = filenames.map(f => loadPngFromFile(f))
let gif = createGifFromFrames(frames)
"well, I think this is the part where we ffmpeg"
…fast fourier mpeg?
Frick Frick Mpeg, it's an insanely powerful (and insanely complex) suite of audio/video/image manipulation and processing tools
ffmpeg should be your automatic answer to any question involving photo, audio, or video manipulation
7:39 PM
(disclaimer: I don't think it actually stands for Frick Frick Mpeg)
first and last solution for everything
only thing you ever need (except maaaaaybe Audacity for audio)
apparently the ff stands for fast forward???
> together with "FF" for "fast forward"
7:40 PM
@RydwolfPrograms good to know
I like Frick Frick Mpeg better
didn't audacity do something really stupid a couple years ago
did they fix it
@UnrelatedString I have no clue
The only thing I ever used audacity for was AP Music Theory
7:40 PM
time to check the Controversies section of their WP article
Okay one exception: if it's just photo, ImageMagick is better IIRC
ImageMagick is even more geriatric than FFMpeg
I use paint
I've used it on occasion, and it's good, but I like FFMpeg more
paint.net, not MS paint, to be fair
7:42 PM
ffmpeg's pure image options are like kinda limited filters-wise but if you want to do something really involved with still images you've got plenty of other options anyways
and you can probably still turn them into ffmpeg plugins :P
actually IM isn't as bad as I recall
it even has an (awful-looking) GUI
@UnrelatedString Maybe this?:
> In May 2021, after the project was acquired by Muse Group,[53] there was a draft proposal to add opt-in telemetry to the code to record application usage. Some users responded negatively, with accusations of turning Audacity into spyware.[54] The company reversed course, falling back to error/crash reporting and optional update checking instead.
7:43 PM
hey, at least they listened
unlike a few other companies I could name
yeah that
surprised i never heard they turned it around :P
I kinda hope SE adds, like, "Stack Overflow Gold" or something so I can call them $tack Exchange instead
You mean SE Nitro?
We all know how that went
no, SE Nitro is too powerful for the public
Well duh
7:45 PM
we can't just let random coders warp the fabric of reality!
what actually is se nitro?
ohhhhh boy
you are in for a treat
@RydwolfPrograms Whenever I read it I hear it as "senitro" (said in a really bad movie Italian accent)
@Ginger It's owned by Muse Group, which is led by Martin Keary, a YTer (Tantacrul), who's very reasonable
SE Nitro is a stick-figure webcomic authored by Rydwolf with most of the members of TNB as the cast
7:46 PM
@Bbrk24 Rydwolf made a comic involving a bunch of TNB in-jokes
you can read it here
Made in Paint (or something like it)
the beginning's a bit weird, but it does get better
@user *chrome canvas
7:47 PM
The hovertext makes it much easier to understand
it also happens to star me and mathcat, which totally doesn't contribute to my endorsement of it
I gave up on trying to read it when Rydwolf first made them
I’ll look at that after work
Yeah I fully intended it to be like ten panels long and a joke so a consistent style didn't develop for a while and I never actually put much effort into readability
7:48 PM
and then, well
can the website be updated to support arrow key navigation
^ please
I am going to make a better site for it at some point
It's run by emanresu, ask them
actually wait maybe i'll make one of those custom gist sources for cubari lmao
7:48 PM
Also when I hit next on the last page in a chapter, can it go to the next chapter?
@UnrelatedString No, if we touch the code the entire website explodes /j
Actually I could probably go add the arrow keys now
@UnrelatedString @emanresuA FR: arrow navigation for senitro
I think I have push perms for the repo
Shouldn't be too hard to make a userscript
7:49 PM
Unfortunately I can't touch Surge so it won't update
I'll make a viewer once the Reader-Drawn Chapter is ready or upon the death of the last descendant of King Charles the Third
Any plans on when that'll be?
I'm very eager to start on the final chapter and novelization
once lyxal's done with his uni stuff he says he'll do his part
and then I'll do the final bit and it'll be ready
7:50 PM
Is the black person farting on the grey person here?
Unrelated: is anyone besides Ginger doing pride pfps? I can’t exactly overlay a pride flag on my pfp and expect it to work
@Bbrk24 Every company, for exactly thirty days :P
@user farts aren't emitted by the belly button last time I checked
*except in certain countries
7:51 PM
I was confused at first why Ginger picked today of all days for the bi flag pfp before I realized it's june again already
I regret saying that immediately
@RydwolfPrograms time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future
@Ginger But when is the last time you checked?
@Ginger They come from around that area tho
@RydwolfPrograms yesterday
How did you check?
7:51 PM
you don't want to know
Perhaps belly buttons can produce gas and yours is defective
@RydwolfPrograms ???
@RydwolfPrograms brb gonna google something
brb, cutting a hole in my stomach so I can put in a pressurized gas tank
7:53 PM
@user it’s the emoticon shopped into Ginger’s pfp, just referencing the codepoint instead of actually using the character
@user I hope no one I know irl ever finds my chat account here because they would immediately get me sent to a psych ward
I have openly shared my CGCC account with friends :P
Have you no shame?
By which, I mean they know my username
7:56 PM
bbrk24 is the username I use most everywhere
tbh I could tell people my username and they wouldn't be able to tell which user is me
@user What do I have on my account to be ashamed of?
@RydwolfPrograms IIRC lyxal said he'd be able to do it at some point this month
Jelly links
7:57 PM
so 6-8 weeks, probably
@Bbrk24 Yeah, I rocked up to the meta discussion discord (with my same username), asked for the mod role and Mith insta-recognised me :P
@user What porn?
Actually my discord username is Beberka (for reasons I’ve shared here before)
@Bbrk24 there's also a chapter being written (actually already written, waiting on lyxal to draw his part) by me ginger and lyxal
@cairdcoinheringaahing Readable code
I remember discussing porn in this room before, but that's it
7:58 PM
i got within an inch of telling an irl about this but i only got as far as telling him i "occasionally" use cg&cc after he said he knows it exists (he mostly uses latex se)
Besides, I've discussed much worse with friends
Yeah I was referencing that discussion
Also, it doesn't help that an irl friend of mine introduced me to the site :P
Was a joke about how Jelly is basically porn because it's all unreadable
y’know, it’s actually plausible that I may have more rep on PLDI than here by the time it goes public. There’s only like a 300 rep difference last I checked
7:59 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing y'all're lucky, "Ginger"'s a pretty common name so it's taken on most of the services I use
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