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12:25 AM
@WezloOvOo probably 90% of everyone's messages are replies, but they're replying to a recent enough message that it's not worthwhile actually marking them as a reply
sure you can state it that way
12:53 AM
I wonder, can we multiply ascii-piet byte counts by log256(40) since they only use 40 chars?
@DialFrost Answers is not the way to rep :P
I've posted ~160 questions for roughly 30k rep vs ~800 answers for around 20k rep
@Zionmyceliaadamancy lol problem is i never get any good challenge ideas, idek how yall can produce so many challenges
I've kinda burned out on challenges
@AidenChow I see patterns in things in everyday life, browse OEIS, etc.
Uni is both a blessing and a curse for challenge ideas :P
like once in a while i get a sudden spark of inspiration but otherwise i cant really think of anything good
1:00 AM
Ah well, I have 69/100 on Socratic so I'm gonna leave that for a while
Keep in mind tho, that of all of the "ideas" I have for challenges, maybe 1 in 5 ever gets developed into a challenge, and only 1 in 3 of those are posted
@Steffan da hell does log256 have anything to do with anything
never seen that used before
@AidenChow There are 256 available bytes
@Zionmyceliaadamancy yes im aware
but like
whats that supposed to do
like brainfuck only use +-,><.[]
so log_256(8) ????????
doesnt make any sense
1:04 AM
The better scaling factor is log_2
why do u have to scale the byte count by anything??
@AidenChow If you only use 8 characters (or 40), then the amount of info that one character encodes is substantially less than in a language which uses 256 characters. For example, you can encode each bf command as 3 bits, so an argument can be made that each bf program should only be counted by scaling it to the bit level
so u saying that i can have 0.665241011861... bytes???
da hell
thats like super confusing lol
@AidenChow Not exactly, but you can "scale" the byte count according to that
ok well im not gonna do that, too weird for me
1:16 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy um did you change your name?
u changed ur profile pic too
@DialFrost Nope, I'm a brand new user here
Unrelated, but anyone know what happened to caird?
i sure don't
ye he gone
@Zionmyceliaadamancy "brand new user" with 50k rep lol
1:28 AM
@AidenChow Didn't you see? Some girl named "caird" gave me all her rep in bounties over the last month or so
Besides, I'm obviously not caird, she used a dog with a SE hat as pfp, my dog clearly has a santa hat
@Zionmyceliaadamancy yes that makes a lot of sense!
Idk why y'all are making a fuss over zionmycelia having speedran 50k reps. It's a completely normal occurrence that happens at least once a Tuesday.
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Oh, I see. And somehow the mods didn't notice :P
As I said, happens at least once a Tuesday. Nothing to notice
@lyxal i see... looks at this quarter's leaderboard
1:33 AM
@lyxal does it happen on days other than tuesdays, or does it sometimes happen more than once on a given tuesday but only on tuesdays
Only on Tuesdays
50k rep all of a sudden on any other day (e.g Wednesday) is suspicious
Every Tuesday, we learn when the next Tuesday will be. For some reason, it's always consistent. We need a worse better calendar.
why tuesday of all days?
@lyxal Sus!
@AidenChow It just do be
1:35 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy funny
I loved the prev name :(
@lyxal today is friday tho, you telling me i havent noticed some user gaining so much rep this past week?
@AidenChow like you know half-byte languages like halfwit and risky? they have 16 chars in their codepage because log256(16) = 0.5
@Steffan but like... i dont understand what log has to do with this at all, whats the reason why u use log and not anything else?
I don't know either
1:38 AM
Ask someone who knows math :P
id go for roots instead
Jun 27 at 17:02, by pxeger
half-byte languages don't use half the codepage of full-byte languages, they use the square root of it (since there are 256 bytes, that's 1/16th)
half byte encoding means you have half as many bits
i.e. digits
half as many digits of a number is the square root (basically)
10^2 = 100
then you remember that its indexing at 0, so you subtract 1
and you get
9 => 99
thats the intuition for me anyway :P
@AidenChow it's actually Saturday and of course you didn't notice because it happened on a Tuesday.
@lyxal time zones but ok
1:42 AM
So it makes sense when you consider what logarithms are: Reverse exponentiation. log_{x}(x^y) = y
using log2 instead of log256 will give you the number of bits each char will take up
and 2^n would be the same as the number of bit combinations possible with n bits
Jun 25 at 9:21, by caird coinheringaahing
@emanresuA Y'all want me to change to "Zion mycelia adamancy"?
1:57 AM
@Steffan noooooooooooo :(
At least he's changing it back in a month
Jun 25 at 17:50, by Zion mycelia adamancy
Me too :P
2:26 AM
@DialFrost FWIW, while I'm happy to change away from caird every once in a while, I'll always go back to it eventually :P
@Steffan *she, for the moment, if you don't mind
2:53 AM
@hyper-neutrino Would you mind putting Piet LoTM on upcoming events?
yeah sure
@Zionmyceliaadamancy "for the moment"?
Now I don't know if you're a he, she, or temporarily she, or what :P
3:12 AM
thats just life sometimes
3:24 AM
@Steffan If you find it confusing, I'd really recommend this video (it's about gender in VRChat rather than just gender in particular, but outside of that context it's still really good)
3:46 AM
@DLosc @emanresuA @thejonymyster Added Unicode support for (non-negated) character classes in Regenerate.
:D yahoo
As a Regenerate n00b why not negated ones?
Planned feature or ASCII-only
yesterday, by DLosc
@pxeger I guess, as long as you're willing to deal with a 144,000-character character class potentially. :P
@RadvylfPrograms regenerate is reverse regex, so any character that can potentially be matched is actually being generated by the program
Yeah it prolly wouldn't be super useful, but still :p
3:48 AM
so [^] is all of unicode :P
I figured keeping the negated ones ASCII-only wasn't likely to prevent anyone from doing something they needed to do, and might help in some cases. If I'm proven wrong, I'll consider changing it in the future.
@thejonymyster Nw I at least know that much about it :p (in fact I might submit a form 827 since I had a similar idea too but never bothered implementing it)
tbh weve probably all had the idea at some point
@RadvylfPrograms I'll gladly give you 30% of my earnings :D
im actually working on a thing i find interesting but i haven't defined any of the parts that make it work yet
3:50 AM
@DLosc Now all we need to do is (profit)+
@RadvylfPrograms Stonks
CMC: Repeatedly print 30% of that ^
@thejonymyster idea is this: a binary tree with a pointer on it. pointer goes down the tree, choosing either the left or right branch based on (tbd). another thing that can happen is that the pointer can optionally chop off the branch its on, keeping the bottom half and deleting the top. it does this when (tbd). finally, whenever the pointer reaches a leaf, a copy of the entire tree is pasted at the pointer, so that it can continue downward
@RadvylfPrograms Hmm, can I raise your share to 1/3? It'll make the math easier. :P
ive been reading a lot of ais523
3:54 AM
@thejonymyster Hmm, I agree: that sounds interesting, but I don't know how it would actually work.
me neither, im still stuck trying to implement the mechanics of it
js is a rough language to do this in
@DLosc first instinct for me is to have there be a "program" which loops, either going left, right, or cutting
4:23 AM
@DialFrost fun fact: caird's old name came from a compressed jelly string.. Radvylf decided to make a jelly string decompressor, and when he tried running it over the string which should decompress to "caird cairdcoinheringaahing", it decompressed to "Zion mycelia adamancy"
caird decided to leave cgcc
and someone made a new account with the other name
4:56 AM
js is being a menace to my binary tree thing
anyone have any lang recommendations before i go insane and try doing it with regex loops
preferably something really good with arrays - aw shid do i gotta sit down and learn apl
Btw does anyone here know how to add a flair to a google doc that will update by itself
5:31 AM
@thejonymyster k
or rust if you want some more "control"
or python
i hate programming so much
but also thank u for the recs
or just do it in minecraft lol
ur right
5:55 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

attNest some addition, differently This question is a follow-up to Nest some addition. Lambda calculus is a system of computation based on single-argument functions; everything in it is such a function. Due to this functional nature, juxtaposition is commonly used to denote function application, gro...

1 hour later…
7:11 AM
@RadvylfPrograms tl;dw
7:54 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy the point is that questions aren't easy rep. you get 7.5 times as many upvotes for a question because they're 7.5 times harder.
2 hours later…
9:42 AM
@Steffan I'm genderfluid
10:17 AM
CMQ: Would a "transpose an infinite matrix" challenge be a dupe?
@pxeger yeah so i was looking over vim9 release notes and i am surprised... they are planning to add OOP in vimscript
like WHY
syntax is now better though.
11:12 AM
11:50 AM
Q: Draw this fractal generated by applying newtons method to cosh(x) - 1

mousetailI came across this picture the other day: (Credit to Josep M Batlle I Ferrer) Your job is to generate this picture. This graph is generated by repeatedly applying newton's method to the graph of: $$f(x)=cosh(x)-1$$ In other words, repeatedly apply the following function to every point till the r...

12:03 PM
did you know, if you roll 4 dice and sort them into order, then on average you will roll [2, 3, 4, 5]?
CMC: write a function that happens to map the input [0, 2, 3, 4, 6] into [0, 1, 2, 3, 4] but without making it obvious
wait I remember seeing a stand-up maths video about that yesterday
yeah I just watched it
12:28 PM
1 diece
When one's heart stops, one dies. When one is cutting food into small chunks, one dices.
12:51 PM
1 diaes
1 dyeis
1:11 PM
Why wouldn't it be?
Didn't notice it said "Python+Pygame"
CMC: bash your keyboard until your computer shuts down

Mousetail has left the chat
how'd ya hit a 3 in the middle there
1:20 PM
Not this joke again
What can I say I'm flexible
Hmm I thought you left, weird
they rejoined
SSD so my computer restarts fast
well I want to try this now
all that happened was I saved this page to IOaIFGVYI78XDFZ8UIT67A"&.html
1:23 PM
@Ginger mousetail is a normal human typing with their human hands
I'm a mouse though, not a human
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Yeah, of course. I know.
1:39 PM
not exactly right but I think it's relevant
Very true, very wise
1:52 PM
2:07 PM
my java homework: print this sequence <numbers...> upto n terms
me: haha OEIS go brrr
what's the sequence
the sequences are very easy , like f(n) = n*n-1
0 -1 0 -1 0 -1 0 -1 ...
2:26 PM
2:36 PM
APL: ∘.⌊⍨⍳
@PyGamer0 If we can use 1 to n instead of 0 to n-1, I can do it in 2 bytes. Otherwise, 4: Try it online!
Each line is a different way :P
3:06 PM
Vyxal, 13 bytes(?)
3:27 PM
Q: Find the best character arrangement

Command MasterYou want to write your English essay. However, all characters on your keyboard broke other than the arrow keys and the enter key. You want to find out how to place the characters so you can write your essay with the least movement. Formally, you have to assign to each character of !"$%&'()+,-./0...

> Your language must have a freely available interpreter/compiler capable of running on Linux
Windows team, fight
hehehe is there even a Windows team
If a team can have just one member, then yes
<whisper>I use windows</whisper>
You can Linux on Windows but it's harder to Windows on Linux
I mean plenty use windows but that doesn't mean they care enough to join the team :P
3:35 PM
Is it that hard to install a VM?
You can also Linux on Chrome OS which is convenient for me
I thought it was Chrome OS on Linux :P
I mean, Chrome OS is basically just Linux with some fancy restrictions
more restrictions than Linux?
Linux has comparatively few restrictions
of course I must mention BSD here because my friend uses BSD and I'm sure it's better than all the rest in most ways :P
3:39 PM
I haven't used Linux often, so idk really
Linux is in theory much more permissive than Windows but in practice you're held back from actually doing a lot of things because of lack of high quality software (and often hardware support)
I'll make the enraged noises in lieu of professional linux users
wait are we counting android :P
No, since things like Android and Chrome OS add lots of additional stuff
While it creates other problems, having a big organization (and because capitalism, typically a company) backing an OS is kind of the only viable way to make it actually good and useful
4:03 PM
Do you think Chrome OS is better than Linux/Windows/Ubuntu?
Linux = Ubuntu
@mathcat i use windows but i want to switch to linux
because i cant gui with wsl2 :(
I prefer Windows for anything with a GUI and Linux for anything command-line
by gui i meant makingngui apps
4:07 PM
webkit is the best OS! :P
one of the project i have in my mind is a physics simulation
@WezloOvOo no tetris os is better!
nah because if you draw weasels in tetris os they will get corrupted on the next tick
@PyGamer0 physics physics or ai physics?
@RadvylfPrograms I think you should add the caveat that it depends what you want to do. For development (my use case), Linux has the highest software quality available
I know what you mean though - clearly, for things like video editing or CAD, Windows has much better options
4:21 PM
@mathcat physics physics
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
@mathcat Depends. It works great for what I want to do.
It's certainly not "better" in an objective sense since there's a lot of stuff you just can't really do, and if you use Chrome OS you probably want to have another Windows/Linux computer lying around for things like gaming, video editing, using certain OS-specific software, etc., but as a laptop for taking to school and using around the house and stuff chromebooks aren't bad
It's like if you had WSL, but instead of Windows, you have a browser and a login screen. That's really all Chrome OS is, a browser with an operating system as a bonus, and the ability to use Android and Linux apps.
@PyGamer0 in wsl2, you can launch gui stuff
it will open right up as a window
6:13 PM
@RadvylfPrograms intresting
> We're relatively confident that if [Vivaldi] were alive today he would have used Vivaldi as his default browser on all his devices.
<burn>Maybe that's because he was *a bad composer*</burn>
/jk lol but Vivaldi is too overrated
the browser or the composer?
The composer
I don't see Vivaldi being especially rated anywhere
I had to study about Vivaldi for two month is my crappy music class
Name me a Vivaldi piece that is not coincidentally the four seasons
heeeeeey wait a second :)
6:40 PM
@mathcat too bad vyxal doesn't have a builtin to convert anti-diagonals to a matrix. I think I could do 5 bytes if it did
How'd that look like?
ʁK∞{insert non-existent builtin here}
Is there one for normal diagonals? You could just transpose after and it's only a byte more
Do you know of a lang that does?
IIRC Jelly does, it's a digraph though
It has one for antidiagonals too though
I wouldn't be surprised if APL had one
@Steffan neat
Welp, this is much longer than I intended, but 9 bytes.
CMC: Diagonals to matrix without built-ins
could be an interesting enough challenge to go on main tbh
7:01 PM
hmm okay
It could be 7 if ¹Ƥ was 1 byte and m0 was one byte, and less if ŒḌ tolerated different order.
@mathcat if it's not a dupe, that is
the closest I could find was codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/75588 so I think it's probably ok
I ended up with the same challenge too
A challenge idea a day keeps the boogeyman away.
I can never think of challenges :P
7:14 PM
Since I started golfing I constantly think of challenges, only problem is they are all terrible
Ask wheat-wizard or bubbler or some professional challeng-er, maybe they can give you private lessons
@mousetail Same, I was about to post "Add two numbers" before I realized it was a bad challenge idea a dupe.
I wanted to do a "implement flappy bird" challange but that's probably a bit over the top in terms of complexity
@mathcat Here's my overall process: always be writing code, and note down any time you encounter an interesting problem in your programming which could be a good challenge
To be a good challenge, ideally:
1. it can be simplified so that it doesn't need loads of obscure context to understand. (This means the challenge is not too oddly specific and is of general interest)
@mousetail I do think a few really large, complex challenges are interesting, to break up the simpler sequence and array challenges we typically have, so if you can get it specified with enough clarity I say go for it
2. The problem is easy for a human to solve in their head, at least for small cases (This generally means the challenge is easy to explain and understand)
3. While solving the problem yourself in code, you find yourself coming up with multiple different algorithms which can work. (This means the challenge is fun to solve)
and generally, maintain a list of challenge ideas, so that if you come up with one, you can really easily add it to the list without immediately having to write the whole challenge up before you forget it
then occasionally scan the list, looking for ones that are particularly good
this process can also help you come up with more ideas by combining things you see in your list
7:24 PM
I just use the sandbox for that. You can post drafts with a paragraph or two of explanation, not just fully fleshed out ones
My challenge ideas list is almost all one-line descriptions. As long as I can understand what I meant, when I read it back, it's fine.
The quicker it is to make the note, the more often you'll be able to do it
That's a great checklist to remember when writing challenges.
These are good ways to make a good challenge, but you can definitely have a good challenge without meeting these criteria
In fact, I'd say most challenges don't meet all of those
The Sandbox viewer isn't working anymore, right?
It would be nice to have a simple user script that notifies you if there's a new sandbox post.
You could use Redwolf's New Posts userscript
7:31 PM
@RadvylfPrograms do you have a link for it?
It might be in my userscripts repo but IIRC it's broken
It doesn't do sandbox posts anyway though
wouldn't it work on meta though, and therefore do sandbox posts?
looks like its broken
7:53 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathcatReconstruct Matrix from its diagonals Given the diagonals of a matrix, reconstruct the original matrix. The diagonals parallel to the major diagonal will be given. Rules The matrix will be non-empty and 2-dimensional The diagonals will be given either starting with the main diagonal and then th...

ah yes, it's that time of year when sports fans get to rewrite the tv schedules
@mathcat I fixed it up myself to make it work
I'll have to fork it
1 hour later…
9:25 PM
@mathcat here's the sandbox viewer userscript I used which is fixed up a bit: gist.github.com/Steffan153/21f1f92010471a4d5393ecb00f7f031b
1 hour later…
10:26 PM
do we have a "given a tree graph, draw it" challenge
or um
however youd phrase that
We have lots of challenges along those lines yeah
idk how to search for it then
im getting a lot of real life trees
lol, maybe try adding the data-structures tag
thank u found one
hm, we dont have a graphical output one
Ooh, that could be interesting
10:30 PM
You'd need a solid spec though
yea but idk how to specify graphical output challenges yet lol
yeahh ^^
hmmm graphical output sounds interesting, im already thinking how i would implement smth like that with desmos
i wonder if itd be better if it were only a binary tree
but either way i think itd be at least a little interesting
Binary tree would be more interesting IMO yeah
11:22 PM
well i do maintain that i have no idea how to spec it but i guess i can give it a try :P main thing is i also dont know how to reference implement it or make a good graphical representation
i use paint :P
i'll read through a bunch of gfx output questions maybe
to study

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