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1:19 AM
@RadvylfPrograms All I know about tests are that you have a lot of them and several different types of them
And I probably should know a bit more given that I've done 2 courses (one at school one at uni) that have both covered the testing phase of development
Ooh and I also know that occasionally people will add a whole bunch of tests that reveal that a lot of things are actually broken even though it looks like they aren't
I'm fixing those tests right now
1:51 AM
CMC: Bizzfuzz - fizzbuzz but with fuzz and bizz
@emanresuA Vyxal j, 15 bytes: Try it Online!
@emanresuA VTC as title is not original
What an idiot I am...spent ages trying to work out why part of an optimizing thingy for a secret project I'm working on wasn't working, and it turns out I forgot to include the last result in a reduce, so it was just a fancy "return the last item with a formula applied" >:|
@emanresuA You stole the name from my new startup specializing in the procurement and delivery of bulk dryer lint
2:10 AM
Do golflangs need heterogenous lists?
Typically not
Except maybe of lists and non-lists
I wouldn't expect strings and numbers to be mixed very often
i'd lean yes but i feel like a lot of the use cases i can think of are consequences of jelly's builtin set
If you had stringarrays that can only hold strings and stringarrays, and numarrays that can only hold nums and numarrays, I think you'd almost always be able to do everything an ordinary golflang can and equally golfily
2:12 AM
there's also the obvious case of using heterogeneous lists as tuples but i'm guessing you'd have a separate type for that if you go for homogeneous lists, which would permit way smarter operations on them since most list operations conceptually hame some form of homogeneity as a premise
Although I doubt overloading would save you much at all with different array types, since most array manipulation doesn't really depend all that much on its data
Oh, using lists as tuples is a great point
Welp I guess Lotm is Piet
Rip J-uby lotm
Only 5 answers and 3 are mine, and last edit June 4
2:28 AM
@emanresuA statically typed ones do but those are rare
Q: Language of the Month for July 2022: Piet

SteffanIn accordance with our meta agreement, since one candidate received more votes than the others, we have a new featured language! Throughout July 2022, our Language of the Month will be: Piet What's a Language of the Month? See the meta post for nominations. In short, during July, those who wish...

3:05 AM
@Steffan ye rip, I was trying to get a juby answer out but I didn’t know anything about ruby lol
@user i'd assume the question is mostly for trying to design one--i can't think of any utility for forbidding them otherwise
3:48 AM
Aside from something like newspeak
3 hours later…
6:26 AM
Oops wrong clipboard
Nice answer. But according to code-golf's rule, you need to write either a function or a full program that takes n,p,k as input. A snippet that assume n,p,k are predefined is not allowed. You also need to include from numpy import*. — alephalpha 2 hours ago
when OP posts an invalid answer to their own question
:61489464 ... why
@emanresuA never you mind
7:12 AM
Q: Draw the Progress Pride flag

Oliver FChallenge Create the image of a progress pride flag. Output Dimensions Rules Your program must create the image and not just load it from a website The colours can be just your language's default if it is very difficult / impossible to load RGB values, else they should be: red: (255,0,0), ora...

7:33 AM
damn it i just did codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/249247/… in piet except i printed all of them on their own line frick
tfw trying to use else if in python
7:53 AM
That looks like my handwriting. I don't remember the context though
well only one result when i searched it
it's probably a reupload
so the link search wouldn't be very helpful :P
It's from a larger document
possibly from another room as well
8:06 AM
It's obviously from something I did in onenote
Did I need to spend 20 minutes transcribing some non-music? No.
Was it worth it? Also no.
damn i really wish i didnt have to print it exactly in that form for print the ascii code page, its so much harder to do in piet than just printing all of them separately in each line
8:37 AM
Ikr, it's a bad challenge
I'm gonna try learn piet
its like not golfed at all but whatever, im too lazy to golf it
A: Print the ASCII Code page

Aiden ChowPiet + ascii-piet, 88 bytes (3×30=90 codels) ttliuumtqcsqrrjlvuddtrjcqdjes_tt t???rr?jujrnvmsjiqqc _ ??kdvtrbbbbbvv qq? Try Piet online! Might add an explanation later if I feel like to.

@emanresuA cool, drop by the piet chatroom if u have any qs
its not that hard of a lang to learn, hard to do stuff in it tho, limited functionalities
but like im kinda a noob at it so i might not be the best person to judge the lang XD
2 hours later…
11:07 AM
hello humans!
Bold of you to assume the species of everyone
I'm a mouse
ok ok fine
*hello entities!
Much better
you got it
it seems nobody has used sechat yet
AI problems: apparently a large enough portion of starred messages are replies to @AlexA that the AI now thinks that @ should almost always be followed by AlexA
11:24 AM
What is sechat?
a python lib I made for making SEChat bots
Cool, a pretty small market though considering how much effort it is to get a bot with chat permissions
all you need is an account with >=20 rep
Most other chat sites just require generating a API key, not making a entire new account
yea good point
> No such thing as *, always use spaces.
12:02 PM
@Ginger hello... cat? unless you are layer cake :P
well hello to you too
got any cows?
12:20 PM
1 messae moved to ­Trash
12:44 PM
Q: Pairs at every distance

thejonymysterGiven a list x of 2 or more integers, output whether there exists a pair of equal integers in x separated by exactly n elements for all n such that 0 =< n < length(x)-2. In other words: output whether, for all overlapping slices/windows of length n, there exists at least one slice/window where th...

4 mins ago, by Adám
Maybe we can cut some of the noise?
Moving noise is fine, but it would be better to not create any noise in the first place.
because it means I keep seeing new messages in chat, only to discover they're completely useless
yeah how exactly did this happen in tnb while offtopic has the world's slowest conversation about an idle game
304 messages moved to Off-Topic TNB due to noise complaints from the neighbours
frankly this would feel too off topic for off topic
no thats what its for i imagine
unless you want a forum game channel maybe :P
12:54 PM
there can also be like
actual conversations there
the game is in offtopic now
forum game channel or just like do this on discord or something
1 message moved from Off-Topic TNB
don't have discord
sounds like a you problem
12:55 PM
5 messages moved from Off-Topic TNB
Moving noise is fine, but it would be better to not create any noise in the first place.
(reposting because chat buggy so I can't pin it again)
in Off-Topic TNB, 30 secs ago, by Ginger
this has disrupted the game enough that I declare it to have ended. any further games will be in off-topic.
funny that it rendered with the pin star in the chat window but not on the starboard before you cleared it
now, back to your regularly scheduled code golf discussion
im making a lang for 2d automata and the like and TIL cellular automaton sea snail???
wait so is the lang an automaton itself or a way to make automata?
@thejonymysterCMC: Describe makina in this language
lemme go read up on makina rq
good luck, there are literally no docs at all yet
todo: ^
1:04 PM
oh lolol
well dw i also dont have syntax yet :P
but makina is cool and if you agree you can vote for it for the next lyal lang
inferring how it works from the lyal nomination post, it might not be able to do that :p I'll see what I can do though :)
so lemme just make some docs
@WezloOvOo 800 answers? how quaint
... wow
1:20 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

CreaZyp154Verbosity v2, 87 bytes For some reasons, at least in the TIO's implementation it doesn't require the import statements... outpt=OutputSystem:NewOutput<DEFAULT> OutputSystem:DisplayAsText<outpt;"Hello, World!"> Try it Online! Note: the name outpt is because variables name must be at least 5 chara...

turns out >90% of @Neil's messages are replies
I g2g
(⌐■_■) stay fresh cheese bags
1:47 PM
in Rust, 50 secs ago, by PyGamer0
i did it
i made something in rust
what's it do
The world needs more crustaceans
seems to convert pixel images to ASCII art, using different characters depending on the brightness of the pixels
e.g. . for light and # for dark
You can make that a lot more accurate by ranking characters by their brightness in all 4 corners
@PyGamer0 You can use a byte string like b"abc" to have directly a array of bytes rather than needing to convert it. You are also directly converting it back to a char so another option is to use .as_chars() instead.
2:02 PM
2:21 PM
challenge idea: Is it a decision problem?
something to do with inputting a function and deciding if its only giving two values as output or something
Pretty sure that would be impossible
Maybe if given a oracle for the halting problem
as stated yeah :?c will have to think deeper on this
ooh interesting idea
well if you mean for the function input itself wed assume always halting lol
That would be easier
you'd also need to limit the input to a small set of values
2:36 PM
@thejonymyster If the function's domain is finite, then it's trivial (iterate over the domain, check if the outputs only have 2 distinct values), and if the domain is infinite, then the challenge is practically impossible
For example, if the input is "output 0 if the input solves the collatz conjecture, 1 if it's odd and doesn't and 2 if its even and doesn't"
Challenge would basically be "does this set contain at most 2 distinct items"?
@mousetail which I believe we already have as a challenge on main
CMC: This, but without the time complexity restriction (given two strings, output the start/end indices of their longest common substring)
(for searchability)
nice >:) maybe a different color though for differentiation?
just for fun
2:52 PM
@WezloOvOo nice
I could widen the bubble to fit the text better
3d printing SE favicon for comparison. wider letters and plenty of spacing
@WezloOvOo btw what software do you use to makepixel art
it's very complete
would "this but with infinitely many lists" be a dumb challenge idea :P
@WezloOvOo This site can’t be reached, piskelapp.com refused to connect.
2:58 PM
actually i should elaborate
i was originally considering "instead of a single number, another infinite list to check items to see if theyre members of the other list"
now it connects
but that just ends up being "do the same challenge in a loop"
2:58 PM
@WezloOvOo I like this
same, it looks fine as far as spacing
agh a fly went up my nose
I thought you were a sock
And socks can't smell they can only smell
@WezloOvOo Oh no, did it survive?
no idea I guess it just left because I never saw it
@RadvylfPrograms socks are literally only noses. the nostril is where you put the foot if it's a foot sock
3:00 PM
slowly takes socks off
If you ever get weird stuff between your toes that's probably mucus
@Adám probably being dissolved by muriatic acid :P
not that far up my nose it was just curious or something
but I'm not letting this turn into a full conversation :P
3:25 PM
@WezloOvOo Send a spider up there to catch the fly
@Zionmyceliaadamancy 5 bytes in Jelly: Try it online!
4:08 PM
@WezloOvOo how come you feet smell, and your nose runs? Shouldn't your nose smell, and your feet run?
Q: There Was an Old Lady

Ethan RosemanYour goal is to write a program that prints the following poem exactly as it appears here: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed that fly, Perhaps she'll die. There was an old lady who swallowed a spider, That wriggled and iggled and jiggled inside her. She s...

1 hour later…
5:33 PM
Feedback on this? https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/24939/91213
Feel like it adds to other fractal challenges since it involves trigonometry on complex numbers.
6:13 PM
Is this ready to be posted?
Looks good to me
How do we handle dictionaries with no solution?
I'd say return an empty list/output nothing
Q: Word stays a word after taking away a letter

mathcatThis is a repost of this challenge Challenge There is an old, popular riddle: Find an English word with 8 letters that, taken away one letter, creates a new valid word. Repeat that until there are no letters left. Example solution: starting staring string sting sing sin in I Your task is to w...

6:41 PM
@mousetail Looks good to me
What colors must answers use?
At least 3, doesn't matter which ones
And for ASCII art, do you want three different colored Unicode characters or ANSI colors?
Q: Number of binary partitions

Wheat WizardWe all know that any positive integer can be represented as the sum of powers of two. This is how binary representations work. However there's not just one way to do this. The canonical method, used in binary representations represents it as the sum of unique powers of two. For example \$5=2^0...

@user Hmm I'd prefer ANSI colors probably, otherwise it's a bit too easy. I'll make that more clear
I don't think using different colored Unicode characters would make it too easy
But it could result in people not generating pretty looking ascii art
6:48 PM
This challenge is 90% about me wanting to look at pretty fractals to that's top priority
lmao understandable
7:05 PM
@NewPosts Well, rip, got outgolfed and ninja'd by Jonathan (6 bytes vs my 9 bytes) :/
7:22 PM
CMC given a two digit positive number x less than 50, output the largest and smallest integer that 2^x could be if the log was rounded correctly
@Zionmyceliaadamancy 5 bytes*
@graffe What do you mean by rounded correctly?
7:35 PM
Do you mean the largest and smallest number n where 2^n could be x if rounded a certain way?
I have returned
If so, it's just log_2(x - 1), log_2(x + 1), both exclusive
How do you know they're referring to log_2?
I think that was supposed to be a second variable, not x
So you find all of the numbers n where 2^n, if rounded correctly, would be x
E.g., 2 ** 4.5 coukd be either 22 or 23
7:39 PM
oh wait now it makes sense
I didn't notice it was an interval
CMC: Given an input path, return the file extension of the path (you may assume there will always be an extension)
Do we have to handle symlinks?
ex. /home/ginger/secrets/world_domination.txt -> txt
If not, isn't this just x=>x.split(".")[-1]
it's more of a text-parsing challenge
7:45 PM
What about things with multiple extensions, like .tar.gz?
I assume you'd count it as just .gz
ooh good question
Because if you looked at the first ., then stuff like index.d.ts would become .d.ts, which isn't an extension
Zsh: rev|cut -d. -f1|rev
yea just .gz
7:47 PM
Python, 25 bytes. Port of Radvylfs JS answer, make sure to check out theirs first!
if you wanted .tar.gz as the output, then it could be more interesting, because you'd have to handle cases like /home/ginger/my.secrets/world_domination.txt, where the output is still just txt, not secrets/world_domination.txt
My solution I didn't end up posting was just splitting by / and then .
I guess you'd have to read mimetypes or smth
@Ginger is that to deal with my suggestion? you'd just need to be careful with slashes in that case
7:49 PM
how would you know what is and isn't a valid extension
It's not particularly useful to care about file extensions in basically any situation IMO
@Ginger Anything's a valid extension
3 mins ago, by user
Because if you looked at the first ., then stuff like index.d.ts would become .d.ts, which isn't an extension
well-designed operating systems shouldn't attach any intrinsic properties to file extensiosn
@Ginger It could be though
7:50 PM
Maybe I've just developed a revolutionary new file compression program called TSzip™, and you're compressing a .d file
I would argue .d.ts could be considered a file extension
TypeScript treats the file differently depending on whether the .d is there or not
Oh .d.ts actually exists? Then yeah it totally is
A more clear-cut example could be my_domains/pxeger.com.txt
related question: if I'm writing a program that looks for .d.ts files, should it match file.tar.d.ts?
That's a good example yeah
@Ginger Yes
Not doing so would be really weird
7:53 PM
If the matching isn't just xyz.endsWith(".d.ts") it's either unnecessarily unusual or pointlessly overengineered
8:12 PM
There's stuff like .min.js and similar, and CDNs treat it differently depending on what you ask for.
@Ginger A compressed .d.tsfile should be .d.ts.tar
@RadvylfPrograms I mean the largest and smallest 2^n when log base 2 of 2^n is x when rounded to two decimal places
but when rounded to two decimal places, isn't n=x?
(oh wait no)
[log2((2^x)-0.005), log2((2^x)+0.005)]?
I am very not not unsure
I forgot why I did that, so don't ask me
but both seem to work
lol I'm overcomplexifying things I need some sleep
9:34 PM
how do you pronounce "cyringe"
i'd do same as syringe
10:16 PM
help pride month is over but I'm stuck in rainbow mode because I can't find my Ukraine pfp
do any of yall have a copy of it
10:55 PM
Didn't you use a script to generate it
nope, I used Paint 3d
11:21 PM
Honestly this site is the easiest place to gain rep if you know how to code well
11:33 PM
Puzzling is similar, does that count too?
11:44 PM
i feel like puzzling is way harder to just farm
similarly low barrier for entry but a good answer still has to have something special to it

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