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12:00 AM
@Adám lol i already posted
@Fmbalbuena Yes, but I figured an illustration as to where that would be found, might help.
@Adám How did you turn on dark mode?
@BgilMidol i don't like dark mode
@BgilMidol Click your profile pic > Settings > Appearance.
12:04 AM
@BgilMidol I have to ask, does your user name mean "at the age of modelling"?
@Adám github or chat or site?
What does it mean, then?
why Bgil Midol?
@BgilMidol Here.
12:06 AM
The katlani translation of Grand Bagel
CMC: Odd or even?
Turing Machine:
0 0 0 r 1
0 _ 1 * halt
1 0 0 r 0
1 _ 0 * halt
You only need two states for a odd even test I'm pretty sure.
12:14 AM
How are you defining TM?
@WheatWizard Link
How are you inputting an integer?
And outputting a value?
@WheatWizard Unary integer
@WheatWizard The current symbol when the program halts is a output
don't you only need to define two states and two transitions going back and forth when the tape value is 1?
@hyper-neutrino because i like TM. I'm learning TM.
@hyper-neutrino This should work
0 0 _ r 1
0 _ 1 * halt
1 0 _ r 0
1 _ 0 * halt
12:21 AM
Redwolf: Who thinks I can fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth?
Lyxal: You’re a hazard to society
Razetime: And a coward. DO TWENTY.
Here's mine:
0 1 0 r 1
1 0 1 * 2
1 1 1 r 0
Halts with an error.
@WheatWizard This does nothing, only error
Wait, i have to put 1?
It assumes at least a 0 at the end of the input.
But you can fix that by replacing one of the 0s with a _ and outputting either a 1 or a _.
I generally prefer to just treat it like a two symbol machine instead of that nonsense.
I found a hard problem: Design a Turing Machine to generate a copy of a string with symbols {A,B,C}. For instance, given
the input “bAABCAb”, the resulting input tape would be “bAABCAAABCAb”, where b represents
the blank symbol.
This is not that hard.
12:28 AM
@EiríkrÚtlendi Hej.
@WheatWizard I have to be Meta-Programmer.
Great, reddit's down
oh wow it's not just me
thank frick for that
@emanresuA Let's Raise Reddit
Someone probably forgot a semicolon
12:33 AM
@emanresuA wdym?
@emanresuA If they're small enough, 15 should be easy. I happened to get a bunch of small marshmallows today, maybe I should go for 20
Fmalbuena: Hello
lyxal: Hello, World!
Fmbalbuena: Are you AI enthusiast?
lyxal: Yes
Fmbalbuena: I am
Fmbalbuena: I am a bot
lyxal: I am a bot
Fmbalbuena: I am a bot
Ok, last one:
Neil: I love Charcoal
Neil: I think I will do Retina to post A answer to a CGCC Challenge
[Posts Retina Answer]
Neil: And i will post a Charcoal answer
[Posts Charcoal Answer]
New Posts: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/1678/…
Fmbalbuena: @NewPosts TLDR: I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I think it's the best way to do it.
@Adám Hej og goddag! Hvad kan jeg gøre for dig?
(Just got your ping, sorry for the lag.)
Ingen problemer. Jeg syntes bare det var sjovt at kunne forstå dit navn.
12:49 AM
Hehehe! Jeg er glad at for more. :)
Jeg misunder dig også at du kan så mange sprog.
Undskyld, at mit dansk ikke er særlig godt; mit japansk er meget bedre.
@EiríkrÚtlendi これはチャットではありませんStack Overflow
@EiríkrÚtlendi No problem. But how is your Icelandic?
(Not that I know any. It is just a cool language.)
Og jeg kan faktisk ikke tale islandsk, men jeg kan bruge en ordbog. :)
12:56 AM
Andet end ordene selv, er det jo ikke så forskelligt fra dansk.
@Fmbalbuena, 勿論。ただ ping に答えているだけです。
I'm only comfortable in 5 languages, but it isn't every day I meet someone I could speak with in 3 of those.
@Fmbalbuena Do you know Japanese or are you using a translation service?
@Adám i'm using translation service
Mein Deutsch is nicht gut aber man kann mir verstehen.
Genau, ich kann Dich leicht verstehen, kein Problem!
¡Que fabuloso! Si deseas continuar, ¿cambiamos a otro canal?
Anyway, jeg går i seng nu. Gute nacht!
@hyper-neutrino 很好!
@Adám: お休み / buenas noches / jó éjszakát / godnat!
1:09 AM
@Adám 晚安!
1:20 AM
> Ginger: Lyxal... How do I begin to explain Lyxal?
> Redwolf: Lyxal is flawless.
> emanresu: I hear their hair's insured for $10,000.
> hyper: I hear they do car commercials... in Japan.
> user: One time they punched me in the face... it was awesome.
@lyxal is this true
@Adám Ja, ich verstehe. Mein Deutsch ist auch nicht gut. ^_^
Well, there's also this:
Redwolf: What do you think Lyxal will do for a distraction?
Razetime: They’ll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.
*Building explodes and several car alarms go off*
Razetime: ... or they could do that.
@emanresuA I need to make a character alignment chart for TNB, one sec
Q: May the beauty products not harm the skin?

wbminternationalAs I heard that many of the beauty products harm the skin so please help to find best skin care products!

@emanresuA ಠ_ಠ
1:26 AM
@DLosc SEDE query for long posts to look for nominees for Best Explanation
@emanresuA This is what we call "spam"
need someone for Neutral Evil
@GingerIndustries probably
and there you have it
signing off for now, see yall later
@emanresuA I feel like this suits me perfectly
1:34 AM
@GingerIndustries Lol! Several of those make a lot of sense, TBH
1:52 AM
@GingerIndustries wait, I'm chaotic good?
here's a fun thing about the new front page display
unless you have it hide them completely, posts with ignored tags take up more space than other posts
@cairdcoinheringaahing Most improved and trickiest challenge are contested now!
I mean. I mainly play CG/CN characters in D&D, but I wouldn't consider myself to be CG or CN
@WheatWizard Feel free to edit my message, being a mod and all ;)
I consider myself to be chaotic-chaotic.
1:53 AM
i hardly ever find alignment chart categories to work too well for people :P idk what i'd put caird down as if i had to pick one
@WheatWizard ...honestly, from what I know about you, that tracks
i want to be TN cuz i think it sounds cool but TBH i have no clue what i'd be lol
I think I'd be neutral good in that I generally aim to do what I believe is morally good, but my morals don't necessarily align with what people generally assign to "good"
a discord server recently put me down as TN at least in comparison to other staff but also they have conspiracy theories that i'm either a robot, part of anonymous, or bill gates, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
as far as I remember, lawful/chaotic refer to alignment with a particular moral code regardless of if it's "good" or not (so mafia members would be lawful because they follow their mafia's code / rules) and good/evil refers to willingness to sacrifice oneself for others or vice versa
E.g. shoplifting is 100% fine IMO, and if I work at the shop and see it, I don't care, so long as the shop is sufficiently latge
1:56 AM
since morals are too subjective. but i forget if this is actually how it works, lol
Actually, I think I may really be CG, but meh :P
Lyxal's all of them imo
So long as your actions positively impact someone who needs a positive impact, I support them, even if they violate standard moral rules
That said, it feels as tho this is common among millennials/gen Z :P
1:59 AM
@GingerIndustries how tf am i neutral evil
So "lawful" vs "chaotic" shifts over time, depending on the general interpretation of morals at any given time
I would call myself chaotic or true neutral
@GingerIndustries Honestly, I'd place Redwolf as NE ("Watch me do some crazy stupid shit with JS") and user as TN (tbh, it seems as tho whatever the topic, user will go along with it)
Also, how is unrelated evil?
No, I get unrelated as LE :P
No one has introduced me to more cursed Jelly than unrelated
2:03 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing hey, i don’t go along with everything, I’m my own person, a unique snowflake!
@user you go along with anything, while adding your own spin to it :P
True neutral :P
A: List of bounties with no deadline

caird coinheringaahing500-2500 reputation for a non-trivial answer to Pristine Polyglots The current - and only - answer is fairly trivial, exploiting the fact that multiple shell languages have almost identical behaviour for the echo. I offer 500 reputation for an answer that uses 3 or more different languages such t...

@cairdcoinheringaahing hrmph, i would like one example of this
@user this conversation
I am a snowflake
2:07 AM
@NewBountiesWithNoDeadlines Impossible in any golflang pretty much
@user no, you're user.
@lyxal i have disagreed with people throughout this conversation
I contested my and unrelated’s classifications
@lyxal 🤬
I see that y’all are silent because i beat you so thoroughly with fats and logic 🥸
Nah I'm silent because I'm uploading a sh*tpost to YouTube
Now your alignment is one I agree with
@emanresuA Which is why I'm offering 2.5k
@user Browse the TNB wiki. Most of the topics involve you contributing :P
2:26 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Um, does an answer where everything outputs newlines count as trivial?
Oh wait you have criteria
@emanresuA Yes, see the existing answer
@lyxal Well duh, neither do pants or skirts for that matter
Is it named: randomly choose a program, the probable that it does the intended work, logarithmed(maybe base 1/256 or something)?
Ooh, TIL you can add a few lines to your SSH config, so that ssh xyz is a shortcut for ssh -p [port] [user]@[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] (or whatever command you usually have to use)
2:38 AM
Ugh ><> is hard
@taRadvylfsriksushilani i just have some commands in my bashrc that ssh to something i want lmfao
so like serv SSHs to my server
uw SSHs to my university
I used to have something like that, but this feels like so much less of a hack lol
It'll be especially useful because I often SSH over a proxy, which requires like a 100 character command line argument to configure
3:11 AM
Well, I now have 2/4 of my websites running properly on my new server
And since amidst.dev and rto.run are currently just "this page is under construction" messages, I probably don't need to bother with those for now
@NewBountiesWithNoDeadlines I'll come back to this mess later
Dealing with Nginx + Certbot + SELinux is so much fun, especially when the original config was done by 6th grade redwolf who had no clue and liked PHP way too much
I've moved away from both the www. prefix, and PHP
my eyes, they burn
3:14 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Same :P
(PHP, I've never liked www.)
Back when browsers still showed the whole URL, redwolfprograms.com just looked to empty to me
CMC: Give Lyxal control of your website's homepage.
Unfortunately I had no clue how to do the redirects properly, so my configs did some horrible, like war-crime level, stuff to get it to work for all the permutations of http/https, www/no-www, and the different websites I had
Me when just using surge.sh
Because I'm too lazy to get a server
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Use regex ;)
@emanresuA Just take advatage of the security vulnerability I discovered in one of my sites
A CSRF+XSS+directory traversal+bad file permissions, for quadruple points
(I had some weird HTML file that allowed you to inject arbitrary cookies, with all CORS/CSRF protections manually disabled. You could use that to do an XSS, and change a cookie relating to some image locations, which allowed directory transversal to some important unprotected files that would let you SSH into the server)
3:24 AM
I only had an XSS - /login?err=
I did the galaxy brain strat and made all of the security vulnerabilities at once, so I can get them all out of the way
{a⊑˜⊑⍒+´¨a←𝕩⊸{(3⥊¯1+1⊸⊑)⌾(𝕩⊸⊏)𝕨}¨(1-˜≠𝕩)⌊0⌈¯1‿0‿1⊸+¨⊒˜𝕩} @DLosc help me squish this squish function
Wait no I had another one
You could write to files that contained .png in their filename
Please tell me this was contained to a specific directory, and that they had to be pre-existing files?
3:29 AM
If you had something like PHP installed, .png.php would be probably pretty easy to compromise things with
It was a php server
Honestly, PHP isn't really that good of an idea
Putting the code in the same directory as the static data is really dangerous
Because if someone gets access to your web root, in theory all they can do is mess with the HTML, images, JS, that sort of stuff. But with PHP, they can inject arbitrary code onto your server.
Doing it with something like Node is much saner, where all the moving parts are isolated from the web root
anyone got a userscript to revert to old SE UI
3:35 AM
I'm going to update to Windows 11 now I guess
Chrome OS, server edition
That would be like...the ultimate shitpost of an operating system
Hmm. Windows 11 is definitely a downgrade in the visuals department...
(aside from the new font)
@emanresuA you have used r/ooer right
Nope, should I check that out?
yes you should
3:50 AM
TIL I never actually set up my voicemail
what have I seen
@emanresuA you're welcome!
TIL Google thinks I'm in London
So everything thinks I'm in london
4:08 AM
What are you doing in London? (I heard you were there)
Guys, redwolf's a bot
4:22 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani What are you doing in London? (I heard you were there)
ParseError on line 394: Grammarn't
What sort of expression is n^(1+1/n)?
It feels like it should be e or somethiing but it's not
Okay so remember how I said I only realised I hadn't set up my voicemail today?
Well I set it up
And I had 3 new voice messages
2 of them were from the same company
And uh
It thought that the generic prompt it gave when leaving a voicemail was someone calling them
That or they really need to fix their voicemail leaving service
@lyxal Oh, is that where all the supressed error messages from Vyxal go?
Because the voice message was just "if you want to do <such and such> press 2. Else if you want to speak to an operator, press 9"
Like how tf I'm gonna press 9 to speak to an operator on a fricking voicemail
4:36 AM
mmm I know
@emanresuA A very weird one
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I have a copy of your original pawprint pfp
I like this one more :p
4:43 AM
Remember the great profile swap?
here's me thinking my storage of old pictures for meme purposes could actually be helpful
@emanresuA We should do an even greater one
With like 10 users, and you only know whose pfp you're taking
I'd be in for that
(Everyone would upload their pfp to a google drive folder or something, and then we could use a consensus RNG system to decide who becomes who, without even knowing who fake-us actually is)
4:44 AM
I'm not setting this up but I'll happily join iin
@taRadvylfsriksushilani one person could volunteer to distribute all the pfps
They would know who the fake is
I'll design a decentralized RNG system
No need to have the fun spoiled for someone
Besides it's easy to figure out who's who from their cg posts
and rep
That too
And then there's also chat room activity too
Chat stores your previous username in transcript
4:47 AM
Maybe I'll just post a short program that generates a deterministic shuffling, and we can just choose not look at anyone's results but our own if we don't want to spoil it
I'ma change back to my old PFP
That might be kinda tricky
@Razetime Whoa. Is that for this question, I'm guessing?
I'll have to find it
@lyxal ඞ
4:50 AM
Nov 22 '21 at 8:44, by New Posts
Q: Will one-cell brainfuck halt?

emanresu ABrainfuck is an esoteric programming language that is Turing Complete, meaning you can't tell whether a given program will halt without running it. It's cell-based and has an infinite tape of cells, values containing an unsigned integer from 0 to 255, but if you give it arbitrary-size cells, just...

@emanresuA wat
@DLosc I don't believe it... Dlosc using the funny haha symbol? Surely not
Found it while looking for ^^^^^
@PyGamer0 for me this is a 404
4:52 AM
It was working when I posted it
looks like they deleted their account
someone will have to step up and create a .... BF visualiser
There are others
literally the same app lmao
ninja'd but not ninja'd?
Congress could be like, "let's vote to pay ourselves double"
Aug 31 '21 at 10:42, by emanresu A
I'll go with pink
Same with shareholders I guess, and extortionists
I found a copy, I just got distracted
4:58 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani depends on whether there'd be public backlash
i read that as backslash
I guess they could also vote to pay the public double too so it's fair
wooo SE chat is advanced
@taRadvylfsriksushilani ... Then your currency halves in worth
TIL you can press up while editing your most recent message to edit the second most recent message
4:59 AM
Then they can vote to burn half of the currency
Unless of course you mean public servants
@emanresuA ^

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