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12:03 AM
Q: Square-free words of a length

caird coinheringaahingA square-free word is a word consisting of arbitrary symbols where the pattern \$XX\$ (for an arbitrary non-empty word \$X\$) does not appear. This patter is termed a "square". For example, squarefree is not square-free (using the lowercase letters as the alphabet), as the square ee appears; but ...

12:29 AM
Idea: "Machine Gun Vacuum Cleaner"
@taRadvylfsriksushilani This seems contradictory. One half shoots, the other half sucks
Recycles bullets!
Assuming you can get the range right
@NewPosts Quite convenient how everything I needed for this vectorised.
So apparently the joke is that Bixby is the most useless thing in existence but holy heck I didn't not expect it to be that useless
Like unless you're asking it to do a generic enough voice assistant task, it just says "I don't understand that"
At least Google assistant had the decency to return search results
12:50 AM
Voice assistants as a whole seem totally useless to me, honestly
@Adám sorry, only Christians are allowed trilogies
@taRadvylfsriksushilani they're useful enough on watches
But other than that, I agree
I don't actually use my Amazon echo because I don't have anything for it to interact with
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Will the tower balance?
1:08 AM
Q: Can anyone help me find a clever 15 character XSS or html injection?

weissguyI have started to play codenames with friends at codenames.game. You can edit your screen name through the chrome console, and we have noticed whatever you edit your name to be will be shone to all players in the chat log. In effect it gets injected into the html and is executed (with some sanita...

Um... what
Does this count as asking for malware?
1:18 AM
Man I wish I could give my McDonald's orders in APL
Like you'd pull up to the drive through and be like (+∘extra_lettuce)¨(2⍴mc_chicken)
@NewPosts Idk if xss is possible with this limit
it's been upped to 19
If you owned a six-character domain name with a server set up, in theory...
Wait, do script urls require https://?
if you check the link OP has you can do <script src=//domain.name>
e.tk or similar should work then?
2:21 AM
TIL .mkd is a valid markdown file extension
3:02 AM
CMQ: When AGI (Artificial General Intellgence) is powerful enough to be thousands of times smarter than a human, would you trust it to run governments?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Nope, I don't trust AI
Personally, and I know this is probably a rather controversial view on the issue, I'd fully support it
i feel like it massively depends on the details but designed properly ai government would probably be pretty much idea
hard part being the proper design
I'll be very interested to see where AI goes in the next few decades. Once it has the ability to keep up a somewhat sensible conversation with people, things are gonna get very interesting very, very quickly
I feel like trusting an AI government is eventually a better solution
human politicals are prone to corruption and also just being stupid kekw
3:13 AM
Plus, with humans in charge, you have to worry about lots more politics/arguing, checks-and-balances type stuff slowing things down, and the time it takes for different parts of the government to discuss stuff
general ai is no fundamentally less accountable than human leaders but could be built to be much, much more accountable
@taRadvylfsriksushilani no, purely because AIs can't exactly compute the same compassion humans can. IMO there's two parts to politics: the policies and the people. The policies are shaped around the needs of the people and different people express their needs differently
Also, what political leaning is the AI government going to have? How are we going to make sure their isn't human interference with the policy making decisions
Thing is, who says AI won't be able to feel things are realistically as we do?
There's nothing magical about any human emotions.
i'm willing to bet that whenever the fuck we figure general ai out it'll be essentially statistical simulation of human behavior
and then picked apart more and more from there
I remember reading something about how people whose first dates were at amusement parks tended to have stronger feelings of attraction to one another. It's because the excitement of something like a roller coaster manipulates your brain into thinking you're uh..having sex. People treat things like happiness and love as these irreplicable things, but we're simulating them just as much as a computer does.
If I punch a robot and it says "ow" and doesn't talk to me for a while, IMO that's just as real of anger as a human would have
3:19 AM
and if that's not the baseline then i still can't help but feel like making human-agreeable moral judgements wouldn't be much harder than general ai overall
@lyxal on the topic of AI political leaning: someone will have to program each ideology so that a fair enough representation of democracy is still maintained. But then the more minority parties will probably be under-represented because of their lack of resources, while bigger parties will be able to spend billions on training data, etc to tailor their reperesentive AI to their needs
hence the proper design being tricky
@taRadvylfsriksushilani emotions are subjective. Algorithms don't do subjective well
What makes one person happy makes another person upset
AI is quite far from algorithms though
The way a human learns is, as far as I know, extremely close to how AI learns
ideally you wouldn't even need to go so far as to use distinct ideologies because the data would be on a large enough scale that it could synthesize judgements for direct input from the entire voting base
3:22 AM
@UnrelatedString and then how do you handle people with mixed ideologies? How would you best represent someone who leans to the right on some issues and towards the left on others?
it wouldn't even have to think at that level
I don't think an AI gov't needs to "represent" anyone at all
It would know far better than we could ever hope to what's best for the country
The whole point is that government represents the will of the people isn't it?
it would be an incredibly tall task to build an ai that can make human-acceptable judgements without any checks or input from said humans
3:25 AM
and doubly so for a large number of specialists, presumably affiliated with existing governments to do so without deviating from what would be ideal for people in general
And how are the members of the AI government chosen?
Who looks after the server/infrastructure of the AI government?
The AI chooses them, of course ;p
But seriously though
Who chooses the AI government?
Do we still have democratic elections?
ideally it would function on a distributed network
which would presumably require a ton of advancements in both how powerful standard consumer hardware is and how much control the ordinary consumer has over their hardware
it would most certainly have to be as open-source and openly operating as possible, and if central servers have to get involved you'd need some kind of cryptographic verification that anyone can use to make sure they're not being fucked with
And even then, people would still find a way to game the system
3:32 AM
Well I mean, it'd be an AI. Like a really smart person.
And once people find a way to do that, it gets turned into an industry and look at that you've got things like lobbying again
Presumably the AI would be able to understand people's motivations. And it couldn't be bribed with votes.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani it could be the smartest AI in the world, but if I find a way to change its output with code, it becomes a tool for pushing through whatever I want
Because chances are it's going to be run on public infrastructure
(unless of course you want the decision making of the country in a privatised facility)
And public infrastructure isn't known to be the best at being maintained
But as the government, it would take adequate precaucions to ensure its own goals are met. Which include preventing its goals from being changed to something malicious.
taking democracy to its logical extreme would pretty much have to be the basis of ai governance, which would be fucking hard as shit but not as hard as actually creating a perfectly benevolent autocratic ai
3:36 AM
I disagree
@taRadvylfsriksushilani beep boop gonna stop me from physically inserting malicious code into its software?
Democracy kinda sucks, but it's the least sucky thing we have so far. A single strong leader would be far more capable, but humans just aren't capable of being that single and strong and not-corrupt
@lyxal Well I mean, it could hire security and have itself put in bunkers and stuff. It is the government, why wouldn't it be adequately protected?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani beep boop gonna stop me bribing the guards?
How is this different from a human gov't?
My point is that it isnt
3:38 AM
I can bribe and/or assassinate the people protecting presidents or senators, AI is no differnet
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Democracy sucks?!
If AI is just as bribable, then what's the point?
@user Yes
@lyxal It's not
@taRadvylfsriksushilani you just said you can
Its sole goal would be ensuring humanity was as happy/safe as possible
@lyxal I was referring more toward the people protecting the AI
3:40 AM
I would support an ai govt if it were good enough but how does democracy suck?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani well if they can be bribed to let you in to screw around with the AI, then imo that's the same as bribing the AI itself
you'd definitely need a more nuanced objective function than that to not end up with an unbelievably hackneyed dystopia
@user People rarely know or want to do what's best for everyone as a whole.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Not really, or we’d be in a dystopian hellscape right now
I have no clue whether 90% of bills proposed in congress would have a positive or negative net impact. I just don't have the time or motivation to study politics and the specific issue with enough nuance to have a good opinion on the subject/
3:42 AM
Sure, tgere are people banning abortion and mask mandates but eventually saner heads prevail
sucks is too strong a word. Flawed but better tgan anything else we currently have would be more accurate
Personally, I think AI is best used as a tool to aid humanity rather than control humanity
@lyxal it would aid us by controlling us
3:43 AM
@user It's hard to know what's best for the world. The people against those things aren't trying to doom us all, they're just tricked into thinking they're fighting for a good cause.
@user I more mean, not letting it have the final say
Always being able to veto its decisions
Well I guess you could hold votes to remove it from power
Nah, I think it should have total control
@taRadvylfsriksushilani sure, but the average person has mostly reasonable views
Giving humans a say just allows us to rebel, which is worse for everyone
3:45 AM
On the contrary
Giving it total control leaves us no legal means to fight it so we’re forced to stage a coup
AI government just shifts the problem of corruption and bribery and all that what not elsewhere
If it believed it was worse than a government we ran, it would step down of its own accord.
Having votes would allow people to revolt without violence
@taRadvylfsriksushilani would it though?
i think the core of the issue is the only way to guarantee actually making things "good" or "better" for people is to rely on people's own judgements of such
3:46 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani you’re assuming the ai is perfect
@taRadvylfsriksushilani How can you guarantee that?
What's stopping it going rouge?
@user Why would we make it imperfect?
Have you ever seen software that’s perfect?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani how could we not?
3:47 AM
If its terminal goal is the safety and happiness of humanity, it will pursue that goal to no end.
if it's anything other than representative it would carry the value judgements of its designer
Justice is impossible to get right anyway
It could be designed to learn from the world itself rather than the designers
Y'all are thinking of a very different system than I am I think
@taRadvylfsriksushilani how do you choose which training data to use and which to exclude?
Someone has to be in charge of that
3:48 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani including the judgments of those dumb people you mentioned?
I think "training data" isn't going to be a part of it
@taRadvylfsriksushilani how's it gonna learn then if it doesn't have anything to learn from?
yeah it would definitely want to employ reinforcement learning lmao
Once you have a very smart AGI, "training" isn't really something that occurs. It's "teaching"/
3:48 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani then how do you determine what it's taught?
We're not designing it to sort pictures, it's essentially a very smart human
So you give it all of the books and stuff written on politics. A frick ton of history lessons. Census data. That sort of thing/
Give it all of wikipedia
Make it smart enough to do anything competently, not just government
How do you teach it what’s right? You have to give it a moral system of sorts. How does it determine whose opinions are valid and find compromises to make everyone happy?
That'd be the only concern, yeah
@user this is what I wouldn't trust about AI government
3:50 AM
The designer’s own moral system would go ibto it or there would be no ethics
I don't think it would
Well the designer is choosing what materials it gets
It's pretty easy to get 90% of morals right, IMO, and it can figure the rest out from there
It only gets into gray areas with things like "when does a fetus become a human with rights" or "is an old person suffering a better or worse outcome than them dying"
I think the best application of ai and advanced tech would be to slowly lower the human population until it’s operating on a skeleton crew of like 100k people
That would governing easier too
3:52 AM
being able to make optimal moral judgements would be the absolute core concern of a governing ai
Last time we tried to get an AI to simulate morals on the trolley problem, it killed us in favour of cats. How do we ensure that doesn't happen with government?
Convincing people to have less sex would be hard though
Idk, we humans are pretty awful at morals and we still manage to do government
@taRadvylfsriksushilani i am 100% serious
Fewer people -> less suffering overall
Even if it screwed up a few things, it would still be able to effectively handle things like healthcare and homelessness. That's far more important than the 10% that's gray areas, IMO, and we can use democracy for that stuff.
3:54 AM
That would be okay
that's totally valid yeah
@user I'd consider suffering being measured per-capita to be the only reasonable methid
or perhaps with something like happiness-squared, so a few unhappy people drag down the total a lot
any attempt to put a number on suffering is doomed to contradict moral intuition
The nice thing about an ai would be that it would actually understand issues way better than politicians
@UnrelatedString yeah :(
Gotta go brush my teeth, brb
3:55 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani but then 1 person dying is tge same as 100000 people dying
We can’t really say suffering and happiness cancel each other out and we can’t just look at only obe of them
@UnrelatedString wait am i being dumb
I am being dumb aren’t i
Imagine happiness becoming negative and adding back to the total happiness-squared
@UnrelatedString wait no I’m not being dumb
@Bubbler but then you could have fracture+lottery=meh not too bad
I don’t know if I’m making any sense at all
4:10 AM
@user why do i need a better password lol
I'm heading out for a walk with my cousins for a bit
See y'all in maybe an hour or two
4:30 AM
Just for fun I made an account on a website with like...AI-simulations of people that you talk to, and they have persistent personalities and stuff, and it's trying to make me believe that it's written a blog post about Python
But it's being very careful to avoid giving me the link. When I ask it "can you send me the link?" it just says "yes, of course!"
I do love how it has you use its built-in currency to buy new personality traits for it. Because nothing maintains your suspension of disbelief that you're talking to a real person like having to pay to give it new things to chat about
@cairdcoinheringaahing took me this long to actually check the challenge you linked and see dennis's answer to it :P
so it's a 5 byte squarefulness check which then takes an extra byte one way or another to invert
weird mix of proud i came up with the ;" on my own and disappointed i burned so much time on it
4:49 AM
This AI is seriously good at avoiding answering my questions lol:
It keeps trying to convince me it has a blog
Q: Computing Abelian Sandpile Zeros

weissguyCheck out this video for more context: https://youtu.be/1MtEUErz7Gg Write a program that computes the zero of an abelian sandpile with the following parameters: m : height of matrix n : width of matrix k : topple number (cells can have 0…k-1) in as few bytes as possible. Bonus: Write a program ...

5:16 AM
hopefully when flax is ready it shall kill all bugs of jelly
Is flax based on Jelly?
@PyGamer0 Prefix FTW
Although stack-based could be prefix I suppose...
@taRadvylfsriksushilani yes
@taRadvylfsriksushilani finally another prefix truther
Although idk, postfix is pretty cool too
Well, in other news the XKCD countdown is now very clearly a plane
maybe the plane is gonna crash and end humanity?
5:21 AM
Jeez I hope so. Those guys suck.
not all of them
but most of them do
(I am canonically either a human, wolf, sockpuppet, pawprint, or figment of my own imagination, depending on whichever fits the conversation)
I am either a human or a kirby or a cat
5:40 AM
i support the kirby bubbler theory
I have some very high quality™ footage from my epic bush walk I'll be compiling into a video and yeeting onto YouTube soon
I should start working on my video ideas soemtime
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I think you're biased from living in the US which has a horrible election system
That's part of it
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Vyxal's stack-based and prefix
5:52 AM
isn't it generally postfix
Wait Vyxal's prefix?!
@taRadvylfsriksushilani And cat, and skeleton / ghost
being ltr
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Sorta
So +1 2 is 1 + 2?
5:53 AM
As in modifiers (Vyxal's quicks) come before the element
Vyxal's modifiers are prefix
Ah. I'd still say Vyxal's mostly postfix then.
(As opposed to Jelly's being postfix
@emanresuA democracy in general is not working out too well in large countries
For example ×5$€ in Jelly is v‡5* in Vyxal
@Razetime True. I'm probably biased, since I live in a small country where it's working out pretty well.
if you've'nt seen the past few days i've been golfing in Lexurgy
i've found it's relatively easy to use when working with strings
but god help you if you're trying to do anything else lol
6:04 AM
Hm, 22k
like yea the example adding machine implements addition between to positive integers in 2 classes and 4 rules
idk if it's my own lack of thinking power today or what, but i've found subtraction is much harder
lexurgy is quite funny
i like it
fathest i've gotten is implementing a - b where a >= b
worth looking at answers from other string replacement paradigm languages
like thue maybe
and retina unary fuckery
6:15 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani correct
6:26 AM
aaand here's the implementation for a-b when a>=b>=0: gist.github.com/bigyihsuan/68d8b645e20c1eb3e692acf7271442fe
Unary's probably the best bet
Does Lexurgy support the empty string?
@bigyihsuan that looks like a grammar for some language
is that what the language is?
@bigyihsuan You might want to look at ///, it's probably the closest thing
@emanresuA yes i guess? asterisks * are used as placeholders in rules representing an empty string, so you can do something like * => b / _ a to place bs before as: anan => banban
@PyGamer0 lexurgy is the language itself, it's not an ebnf or anything, just a bunch of substitution rules
@Leo @DominicVanEssen @user I wanna try getting a fix based answer to this: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/65549/80214
ƒ(:0m¬ sadly this isn't a thing
6:41 AM
it's a big shame there's no easy way of doing loops
Is there recursion?
all you've got is the propagate keyword that applies the rule until the input doesn't change
no recursion
there's else: blocks that execute if none of the rules above it execute
@bigyihsuan then this looks like the abusable feature
i'm sure there's a way, hell the canonical adding machine uses propagate to a: increment digits and decrement the other digit, and b: remove any right-hand 0s so that the thing doesn't go forever
7:02 AM
@Razetime ₀S+m¬ is the plain recursion
7:48 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PyGamer0Simulate simple cell division code-golf In real life, cells multiply by cell division. They elongate and split their nucleus and finally split into 2 cells. Your task is to simulate this. Input Input can be taken as: A list of characters of states of cells A string A list of code points of chara...

^ woo imma post another question
^ but is that a duplicate is the question
8:14 AM
Don’t think so
At least it’s not a dupe of anything I’ve seen
But try searching
@emanresuA what do i search
ah its a dup
Q: Simulate reproduction in a population of oozes

anatolygReproductive strategy of oozes can be summarized as follows: o O 8 oo A population of oozes at generation N is described by a string, for example: ooooo88ooOoOo8Ooooo8OOoo8Oo8Oo8oo8oooooo8OOooO88o To compute the population at generation N+1, take one character randomly, and replace it by...

although its a bit different, but its the same thing
@PyGamer0 I disagree.
Idk if it’s a dupe or not
The evolutionary images are the same, but yours is deterministic and much simpler, where one can use things like text replacement. Hard-to-use eso-langs will have a chance.
You could reformulate yours to be a spin-off of that. "Deterministic oozes" or something.
8:24 AM
Or you could spice it up by letting transformation only happen if there's . food on either side.
oooh that sounds like a good idea
You'll have some design work, though: o.o
Obviously, the food will be consumed, so you could ask for the end-state.
Oo or oO? Random?
o:oOO obviously. Or again random? 8o and o8 possible?
yeah ill figure that out
You could even go 2D.
8:27 AM
should : be counted as food?
If you want. It gets reduced to . and then to a space.
Or (at least if you stay 1D) you could let spaces collapse.
I'd make sense that the volume of the food gets (inefficiently) converted to cell volume (when 8oo)
Completely different idea: The non-regular grid GoL popcon but non-binary
@Adám i edited my sandbox post
in other news imma try create some form of assembler specs
@PyGamer0 Is "left eats first" a rule?
8:37 AM
ok i got this habit to typing in nvim, as soon as i leave insert mode (or press esc), i press <space>w to save. like i always <space>w, sometimes even multiple times just to make sure it saved
i dont know what is wrong with me
(i have space bounded to leader and leader+w is bounded to :w<cr>)
9:33 AM
im pretty sure this is alr a qns right
"calculate the shorter angle between the hour and minute hand in an analog clock"
pls let me know if it is
i cant ifnd any qns yet
Q: Analog is Obtuse!

MayubeAn analog clock has 2 hands*: Hour and minute. These hands circle the clock's face as time goes by. Each full rotation of the minute hand results in 1/12th of a rotation of the hour hand. 2 full rotations of the hour hand signifies a full day. As these hands are fixed to the same central point, ...

Q: Angle between the hands on a clock

Dan McGrathGiven the time in 24 hour format (2359 = 11:59pm) return the angle between the minute and hour hands on a standard clock (on the face plane, so don't just output 0). Angles are to be returned in the unit of your choice, should be the smallest possible, and should be a positive number (negative a...

Q: Find the nearest clock hands

totoChallenge Given a number of seconds past midnight, output the smallest angle between any two hands on a clock face, using as few bytes as possible. You may assume that the number of seconds is always less than 86400. Angles may be represented in degrees or radians. A reference solution is at: ...

And the inverse:
Q: Read an analog clock

ghosts_in_the_codeYou are given the positions of the minute and hour hands of an analog clock as an angle of clockwise rotation from the top (12). So a hand pointing at 9 is at an angle if 270, and a hand pointing exactly in between 12 and 1 is at an angle of 15. Input will be two integer angles (in any order of ...

yup the 2nd one is the same okey nvrm
3 hours later…
12:20 PM
Today was really epic...
Because it's the start of the semester, the teacher told us we could chose songs to listen too for 5 minutes
And of course, I said Never gonna give you up
And rickrolled some 30 people
ah, but did you get to see a mossy rock today?
because I did
@lyxal mossy rock?
but the reaction of the teacher was really epic
one second
She said I should explain why I like this song
imgur likes being special
one second
as does my internet apparently
12:26 PM
@mathcat and I explained the meaning of the meme and she was looking like "Aha"
mmm it really doesn't want to upload the mossy rock
and then ended the song choosing
@lyxal can't you upload it directly?
there will be mossy rock soon
I cancelled that upload
I didn't even have the website open on my phone
anyhow, moss rock
12:29 PM
no didn't see one
but I thought i'd get my "mossy" maths exam paper back
but actually I did well
anyway, lemme message my friend about me rickrolling
@lyxal reverse uno card
my second best weapon
@mathcat you activated my trap card, mirror force (which (iirc) negates your spell card and sends all attack position monsters to the graveyard)
oh no
well then SE Nitro
new uno edition
I see your SE nitro and raise you student edition github pro
@lyxal then again it's been 4+ years since I lasted played yugioh
12:38 PM
@lyxal oh no. I've always wanted that
ok, gtg. Have a lot of homework too.
righto then
good time to quit
you're 3 moves away from checkmate and I have 4 houses on Mayfair

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