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12:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sorry :P
One shouldn't be sorry for outgolfing someone.
@TheFourthMarshal I hate to ruin your username, but you're technically the fifth Marshal. Mego got the badge before his account was removed :P
And congrats on the shiny new badge :P
I guess he forfeited his place in the count
Interesting that the 3 users who are shown to have Marshal aside from you all got it within a month of each other
12:26 AM
(more seriously, it's been more than 15 minutes since I changed my username so I can't change it again for a month)
No-one gets it for ~7 years, then 3 people in a month, then 3 years until the next one
Wow, Marshal before Fanatic and code-golf? Now that's an achievement.
@TheFourthMarshal It's a pretty cool way to commemorate it tbh :P
What's an achievement about focusing on flagging invalid answers rather than answering questions?
Mar 5 '18 at 18:52, by Anonymous
Had I not gotten Marshal before becoming a mod, I wouldn't get it at all
So I think that Mego must have been the first person on CGCC to get Marshal
12:33 AM
Q: Will Alice win in this Stick Bomber game?

BubblerBackground Stick Bomber is a two-player game I just made up. Initially, some sticks are placed in one or more groups, and the sticks in each group are laid out in a straight line. So a configuration with three groups of 3, 5, and 8 sticks each may look like the following. For conciseness, we can ...

Program FOX is only 50 flags away from Marshal, huh
Yeah, and he's also much less active than I am, with his last action being in 2017
Feb 16 '17 at 16:03, by quartata
@Mego ProgramFox is like 50 away from Marshal I believe
Looks like it's been that way for a while
@TheFourthMarshal Us regular users can't see flagging activity. For all we'd know, he'd be flagging every day
Marshal's definitely a lot easier to get on MSE - I'm on 389/500, I only flag close-worthy new questions and I started in April
I'm only on 128/500 here :/
12:46 AM
it's easier on SO as well if you know how to get flags on spam posts quickly ;p
I went on a spree of flagging old questions as "No longer reproducible" in August-September 2019 on meta, giving me 80 helpful flags, and then was told to stop doing it so obeyed
@cairdcoinheringaahing My main flag count is only 26 higher than my meta flag count O.o
(and then flagged ~10 new questions sine to give me my current 92 helpful flags)
on Arqade, on the other hand, I managed to get 1,500 helpful flags by going through old questions and flagging them (mostly as duplicate)
I keep this tab open and check whenever there's a new question. If it's not on-topic for MSE, I'll flag it as such.
That's also how I'm usually the first person to announce something new that's been posted on MSE
d'y'all ever just accidentally screw up an entire repo because you accidentally merged into the wrong branch?
12:54 AM
Wait, what? Bountying a question stops it from being closed?
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: [KotH] Play a game of Nose Poker
@Razetime (cause you aren't pingable in the blog room) are you still working/planning on the next blog post?
1:16 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing not yet
wasn't sure if we were having one
1:29 AM
I'm starting a draft of another one (see the blog room for more). If you want more time to organise and work on yours, I'd be happy to provide a "buffer" :P
@RedwolfPrograms yes, smokey picked up on that
ಠ_ಠ The minute I step away from my computer, someone spams
It's not even a funny spam either
1:55 AM
@lyxal yes vyxal:p
@TheFourthMarshal I mean it's understandable why, there's not much of a benefit to it, and it uses up mods' time on something that doesn't really matter. They probably just saw it as flag-farming.
Nice username btw
@lyxal Simple: Don't use branches and only commit straight to main.
(For legal reasons that's a joke)
I just commit to other people's main branches
When they get mad it reminds me to merge them
2:16 AM
@RedwolfPrograms it's not mods' time, it's close vote reviewers' time. But I think it does matter ...
Sep 12 '20 at 20:41, by pppery
The entire premise of the Stack Exchange network is that old content is still relevant, and doesn't collapse into a mass of goo.
@TheFourthMarshal That depends on the type of flag raised
The specific type of flag I was raising on meta in 2019 was "Recommend Closure" flags
@TheFourthMarshal I agree with this in principle, but one flaw of SE reputation system is that lower rep users, regardless of the network rep, don't have the ability to moderate by themselves
If you had 3k+ rep on MSE, then simply VTCing would be enough (and less disruptive to the mods). Now, you've been trusted with that ability on 3 of the network sites, but SE doesn't distribute privileges based on network rep, so that doesn't really mean anything outside of those sites
It's an unfortunate drawback that you can't just say "Look, I'm trusted elsewhere, can you trust me here?"
On the other hand, over on Arqade, a SE staff member with global moderator priveleges posted a link-only answer a week or so ago (and the answer was deleted by a site moderator)
I don't really see why that's relevant
But it's not like most of the current staff seem to use SE all that much anyway
2:30 AM
hi would anyone mind giving my challenge proposal some feedback? its been in the sandbox about a week
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EphraimRuttenbergHow Many Sets? This is similar in concept to this challenge, but that is pretty restrictive on input and output and I think opening up these restrictions would lead to a completely different set of solutions that would be interesting in their own right. Background Set is a card game in which pla...

@EphraimRuttenberg Looks good to me. If it's been sandboxed for a week, you're probably good to post it unless there's anything in particular that you want feedback on.
I don't think this is anywhere near a duplicate of the linked challenge either
mostly just looking for an extra vote or two i guess since the reccommendation seems to be to get 3 points at least
ill post it
2:47 AM
Q: How many Sets are there?

EphraimRuttenbergThis is similar in concept to this challenge, but that is pretty restrictive on input and output and I think opening up these restrictions would lead to a completely different set of solutions that would be interesting in their own right. Background Set is a card game in which players compete to...

"How Many Sets?" was apparently 1 character too short of a title
@AaronMiller I have a plate that reminds me of your identicon
ooh, shiny
See looks just like you expect swirlier
I'm pretty sure that's just a picture of me with some filters
2:58 AM
I told you the resemblance is uncanny
@AaronMiller (For reference, I've updated my profile pic)
The rickroll just hit 1 billion views on youtube!
this is truly an epic moment for sh*tposters
@lyxal I actually think I might leave my profile pic like this. I kinda like it.
3:08 AM
I was lowkey confused because it hasn't updated on chat
That moment when your top question across the network is a random bug report on MM
tbf you've only asked like 4 questions :P
true, true
3:13 AM
my top question across the network was fact-checking a reddit post
Ugh I hate how the samsung clock app plays the alarm sound whenever you're changing its volume. It's so nice when you're trying to make your alarm quieter for the next morning and it starts playing the alarm sound at full volume at 22:00
What kind of idiot designed that
And there's no way to make it not do that
And muting everything I could find doesn't mute the alarm app, which is fine I guess, except it also doesn't mute it while you're just setting the volume of an alarm
ez, just don't set alarms
Imagine still being awake at 22:00. This post made by awake at 11:00 PM gang.
@RedwolfPrograms ez, just remove the speaker
I'm learning JS / TypeScript for my new language, and I just want to point out how cursed it is that this is valid. :/
How's it cursed?
it's just $ being a legal character for identifiers
3:19 AM
And being able to use only $. It just feels so wrong.
you can do the same thing with underscores too
which should only not be the case if you eitherh ave it as an operator (which is nice) or if you use it as a sigil (why do sigils exist again)
@JoKing Yeah, but underscores don't feel as wrong because that's like a replacement for spaces in identifier names, so I'm pretty ok with that, except for using only underscores. That feels cursed too.
let _$_$_ = "wat"
except single underscore a.k.a. designated ignored variable name
3:22 AM
@JoKing It feels like that should throw some kind of error in any sensible language
Not to me
It's just an identifier
i think it's just that most languages use \w as the variable characters
There's a reason for $ being allowed, but I forgot it :p
i feel like most languages have something beyond \w but it
depends which language what more characters
The dollar sign is intended for use only in mechanically generated code
3:24 AM
That sounds familiar, yeah
Laughs in Factor, where you can use literally any non-whitespace char in an identifier
Though this is dropped in EMCAscript 5th edition
Laughs in Vyxal, where it used to try to parse entire strings as part of a variable's name
@AaronMiller Imagine still being awake at 11pm. This message made by the up at 4am gang
cries inside
3:28 AM
I'm a cool kid staying up past my bedtime
CMQ: What random strings can you recognise but not type out (inspired by the rickroll comment earlier)
No one tell my mom tho
@JoKing Nyan + a bit of whatever is Jelly TIO links
@cairdcoinheringaahing Imagine being awake while in chat. This post made by golfing in my sleep gang.
"You're nyan, mate" :P
3:30 AM
oddly memorable except not actually that odd
Jelly is a cat girl confirmed
@JoKing The name of my new language I'm working on since the monospace unicode range isn't part of my keyboard :p
I've been meaning to try to write a Galois-theory-related challenge tbh
"Determine if this integer is less than five" :p
CMC: ^
JS: x=>x<5
K: 5>
Also works in Jelly
3:36 AM
Raku: 5>*
@Bubbler Idk why, but it seems wrong in Jelly
Imo it should be <5 even tho those are the same thing :P
Okay, I have to admit I still don't get how Jelly parses at the start :P
If there is a nilad at the start, the return value and left arguments are set to that nilad, then the chain is executed as normal
So for 5>, 5 becomes the return value + left argument. The input is by default the right argument. Therefore, we chop off the 5 and do > with 5 on the left and the arg on the right
@RedwolfPrograms I feel like it could be shorter, but here's Vyxal, 17 bytes: Try it Online!
@cairdcoinheringaahing Which means it should work...?
3:44 AM
it just feels wrong anyways :P
@Bubbler Yeah, it works, it just feels wrong to do it that way around :P
i thought the only special thing about a leading nilad in a monadic chain was that it doesn't print the previous return value
would 5> even be (0),(2) instead of just (0,2)
@UnrelatedString It sets the left argument to the chain to the nilad. is the left argument passed to the chain
...so how would you access the left argument
Weird-ass chaining rules
3:50 AM
> That's the neat part, you won't
Try using dyadic chain separators to identify the left and right args
Listen to Orange Joe Aaron Miller :P
If you take a look at the source code, monadic_link saves to at the start, the wipes it at the end IIRC
So never changes in the chain
Might be monadic_chain, I can never remember
Is BF turing complete if all loops have a balanced number of < and >?
@RedwolfPrograms Java, 1643 bytes: tinyurl.com/ypjj8frx
3:59 AM
@RedwolfPrograms i am zoning the fuck out right now but you can probably do minsky machine stuff
assuming unbounded cells
@hyper-neutrino I see a BooleanFactory and a NumberFactory, but where is your FactoryFactory???
sorry, my java is a bit rusty, so it isn't as idiomatic as it should be
@hyper-neutrino Flag for moderator: Answer was not a serious attempt to win; there is unnecessary whitespace, multicharacter identifiers, etc.
It is the most serious answer on this site
it's funny i still don't actually know what the fuck the factory pattern is or why anyone thought it's a good idea
4:02 AM
i don't actually konw what it's meant to be but i doubt it's what i did
i sent this to my friend's discord and he just replied "why are you like this"
@UnrelatedString If we can't have an industrial revolution, then our code can't oppress other, less developed Java
which is a fairly common response to me
@hyper-neutrino so is it Rust?
@RedwolfPrograms Perhaps, but not nearly as serious (or useful) as this
oh wait it's literally just
using methods returning objects of a superclass/interface type to avoid directly using constructors of specific classes
i can see how that would be over-applied like literally everything in oop but like
that is actually just sensible
4:05 AM
@Catija Is Kevin Montrose still employed at SE? (This has a follow up question, it's not just curiosity)
It's like 11pm in Texas rn isn't it, I should've noticed bf asked earlier :P
@AaronMiller how the hell does that have 175 issues and 214 open PRs
@RedwolfPrograms I'm pretty sure it can simulate (at least a good enough subset of) WHILE language.
those prs are beautiful
@hyper-neutrino Because, as I said, it is a very serious and useful project, and the community must make sure that it is well maintained.
github.com/jezen/is-thirteen/issues/664 is one of my favorite issues lmao
4:09 AM
One of the PRs literally intends to give it water breathing powers :/
well we need to make sure such an important project won't drown
It even has a Deep Learning image classifier that can correctly identify the number 13 in images 99.999976% of the time
why 13
why not anyother number
from the readme:
> // PLEAS READ THE SOURCE CODE BECAuse we moved fast and broke things
brownie points if you can name another repo that comment could apply to
my github has 66 repositories you could add that to
4:14 AM
@lyxal Microsoft Windows
@lyxal Vyxal?
@PyGamer0 and we have a winner
CMQ: leading newline after opening a python docstring or no?
@lyxal Oh, see I wasn't paying attention and assumed you meant that that was from the Vyxal readme. lol
more text
@lyxal yes
4:16 AM
more text
@AaronMiller kekw
git push
@lyxal Vyxal would have less flames if we took ideas from this. Just a thought.
golly, that sure would make writing the style guide much easier
I could just make a twelfth revision with nothing in it and leave it at that ;p
Actually, we were pretty close with PR #199
We could rollback to there
Call it version no
the answer header would say Vyxal vNo, 0 bytes
4:35 AM
@AaronMiller Cool identicon
@Ausername !!/howd....hey wait a minute
@Ausername *plate
No, plates are identicons
@Ausername It's not an identicon, it's a picture of me
You're beautiful
Thank you very much
4:38 AM
Your code, on the other hand...
Thank you very much
Well, I think I know your favorite phrase now...
CMQ: Does anyone understand this?
@Ausername I do, though solving it is out of my interest
5:39 AM
@hyper-neutrino is this monospace?
@PyGamer0 yes
font-family:  "Agave", "Fira Code", "Roboto Mono", "Menlo", "Deja Vu Sans Mono", monospace;
^ that is the list
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameQuantum-radiation quine Your challenge is to write a program that is a quine, meaning it prints out its own source code. For at least one character, when it is removed from the program's source, a single different character is removed from the output. Your score is (number of characters in your p...

won't that slow down your load time by a lot?
5:43 AM
@hyper-neutrino uhh idk
@PyGamer0 Dejavu one should be DejaVu Sans Mono
do you import/serve any of those fonts or just specify them in the stylesheet and just assume the user has them
@hyper-neutrino assume the user has them
If all else fails, it'll still be monospace
5:44 AM
@Bubbler fixed
hm. okay.
jht site/vyxapedia just serve dejavu sans mono and it works fine for me lol.
> font-family: "DejaVu Sans Mono", monospace;
Actually the DejaVu on TIO has some more glyphs than what you get in the wild Internet
oh interesting
which includes some specific APL glyphs
5:58 AM
Meanwhile, a golflang theory: there are A107708(n) trees with n internal nodes of degrees 1, 2, or 3. Its asymptotic growth ratio is ~13.56. If you combine with a 4-bit commands, adding one command to a program costs slightly less than a byte.
With full arithmetic coding, you can cram 18 different commands without exceeding 1 byte/1 additional command
@Bubbler Also works in dzaima/APL
+ Vyxal
6:18 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameEnlarge ASCII art, Mark II This is different from this Given a piece of ascii art and an odd number which to enlarge it by, replace each character with the corresponding ascii-art, resized to the input number: \: \ \ \ /: / / / |: | | | -: --- _: ___ And of ...

@Bubbler Actually 19 works for practical purposes, up to program size of 1000 (at least)
2 hours later…
8:13 AM
CMQ: Anyone uses Linux without a GUI (aka without a DE)?
CMQ: Anyone know of a good terminal emulator for windows. (I dont like alacritty; currently using Cmder \w msys2)
@pxeger No.
@PyGamer0 what's with the default command prompt?
@PyGamer0 GUI does not necessarily imply DE; e.g. if you use i3 then you have a GUI but not a DE
@math no customizeablility
8:17 AM
@math it has fewer features than a heavily airbrushed instagram model
@PyGamer0 why?
ok i will write my own then
@pxeger at least you can change the text color...
what can this new terminal do?
@PyGamer0 switch to Linux lol
@pxeger i want something you can change the colorscheme of; supports ligatures; tabs and doesnt overwrite keybinds
@pxeger thats what i want to do; but i cant
@math it has tabs, transparency, unicode support
8:20 AM
oooh unicode support?
@pxeger you forgot the most important thing; Ligatures
afaict Windows Terminal has ligature support
CMQ: Good colorschemes. (execpt mine)
Gruvbox is what I use
look at base16 for a lot of well-designed schemes: github.com/chriskempson/base16
nvm doesnt work here
8:52 AM
@Ausername \o || o/
o o
/ \
8:59 AM
/ \
 \| \
 / \
/   \
thought of something then realized it would just be a swastika
卐卐卐 <- this?
@UnrelatedString That's a very nice symbol with a very controversial semi-recent European usage.
When I was in India, I was first taken aback by its frequent display.
9:03 AM
@Adám I wouldn't say there's much controversy over that usage
Until I learned where the Nazis got it from :-)
\    /---\    /
 \   |   |   /
  \  |   |  /
   \ \---/ /
    \  |  /
    /     \
   /       \
  /         \
 /           \
/             \
Partially made with my ascii art resizer - code: ↵ƛ\/_-| ⟨⁰ʁ\\꘍⁰↲|⁰ʁ\/꘍⁰↲vṘ|⁰ð*⁰‹:‟*„/⁰\_*J|⁰ð*⁰‹½:‟*„/¤⁰-Jøm|⁰‹½\|꘍øm⁰*|⁰²ð*⟩v∑Ŀ⁰²ẇv²ÞTv∑⁋, as link is too long to fit.
@Adám when did you come to india?
In '97.
@pxeger Maybe not, but WP has "controversy" 4 times in the article.
9:07 AM
           |||||       |  |
           \   /
           /   \
          /     \
@Adám what did the nazis use it for?
@math Just edit + press the fixed font button
or Ctrl+K
@PyGamer0 Everything.
@math lol
@Adám wdym?
9:09 AM
@PyGamer0 it was their logo, so they used it on everything party-related, and then eventually everything government-related
@pxeger bruh
     |||    | |
    /   \
    |   |
    |   |
    \   /
    /   \
   /     \
@Ausername how does it work?
Hold on let me make a minilink
@PyGamer0 In addition to what pxeger wrote, it was also used to represent "the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man", so it was (and still is!) commonly (spray) painted on the property of people deemed unworthy, as if to mark them for extermination.
@math it basically creates a list of giant copies for each string based on the size, transliterates, splits into chunks for each letter, and transposes and joins.
9:21 AM
@Ausername what's with newlines? bit.ly/3l2d218
Surround with quotes, use \n, and use \\\n instead of \\n
@Ausername right, thanks
CMC: Decipher the Indus Civilisation script.
@lyxal Is there any point in me implementing some of my feature requests from this
Just the 'add builtin' ones
9:30 AM
@Ausername input is the script that the Indus Civilization used, you have to convert it to english
In another branch or something
@PyGamer0 M for Mega.
@PyGamer0 How will it be encoded. Indus script isn't covered by Unicode.
@Ausername no
@Adám use random characters :p
@lyxal wherefore?
9:39 AM
CMQ: Does anyone know why does the run button behaves weird on PA but fine locally
@pxeger wen't ready for that yet
@PyGamer0 what do you mean by "weird"?
@PyGamer0 probably because PA doesn't actually support multithreading
The vyxal run button works fine offline
@pxeger you have to press it twice for output
@lyxal so if i remove the multithreading it should go ?
@PyGamer0 no
It won't go
9:47 AM
then how do i fix it
You don't
oh no
I don't have a fix for it on the vyxal interpreter either
We have the exact same issue
@lyxal ou have to press the run button twice?
We press run and it doesn't actually stop the program
9:52 AM
@PyGamer0 ?
I have to go for a few hours now
But I'll be back soon
Any Feedback? + Does somebody know the name of these kind of numbers?
uh maybe
9:57 AM
@math I feel like it's a duplicate but I can't find one
@pxeger I feel so too...
@math btw, do you think it's good that 1 is falsey? Because 9, 8, 7... occur 0 times
@RedwolfPrograms You know that deleted sandboxed posts userscript you made me? Is there a simple way to make it so it only has effect when you're not in a input of some sort?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameTwo inverse quines Your challenge is to write two programs A and B such that: A outputs B B outputs A Wherever there is a space character in A, there is a non-whitespace character in B, and vice versa (newlines must be consistent through both) This means A and B are the same length in characters...

^ dupe I think
10:12 AM
I'm searching
I had the challenge idea before
but then someone said it's a dupe
that is weird
ah thanks
Many maths
10:18 AM
Q: Mutually Exclusive Quines

Conor O'BrienYour challenge is simple. Write two programs that share no characters which output each other. Example Two programs P and Q are mutually exclusive quines if: P outputs Q Q outputs P There is no character c which belongs to both P and Q Each program P and Q are proper quines This counts empt...

Yeah, mine is similar, but the two programs have to be mirrors of each other whitespace-wise, and don't have to have distinct characters.
I think yours will just end up with 2 quines that differ only in a variable name or something
How? They have to deal with the whitespace thing...
I still don't think it will be too interesting
10:25 AM

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