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12:00 AM
Wow, I'm so jealous of you Australians and your posh glass kettles :P
The Community Ads will close in a week. That includes all new ads, edits and votes, so make sure you're happy with the current ads and your votes before then.
(around a week, I figured I'd go earlier rather than later)
Also note that the Codidact ad will not be shown, per the note from the CM team.
Aww, I thought that would be exempted since it doesn't compete with SO :(
2 days ago, by caird coinheringaahing
I suppose it's fair enough, as SE provides us advertising space for free. Still feels off tho
Oh wait, I saw that when you first posted it
My memory sucks :/
Speaking of Codidact, for those who are interested, they are trying to establish default rules over on their meta
12:41 AM
Q: Index and return 3 characters

WiredUpDIYThis is my first code golf, so here goes. The challenge is simple: Read the first 3 letters from a system input¹ and convert them to numbers (A-1, B-2, C-3...Z-26)². Print each of those numbers in the order the letters were inputted in, each on a new line and then the sum of all 3 numbers, on its...

@NewPosts This has to be a dupe, but I'm not really sure of what. Sum of the input? Convert letters to numbers (if we have that)?
@NewPosts Jelly, 7 bytes ŒuO_64S
1 hour later…
2:18 AM
@user I'm just impressed that women can survive on Venus... /s
2:47 AM
hey wait a minute why are some of the buttons orange again?
that's not good
terrible screenshot
much better
as you can see, the button is orange
it's my dark mode reader
CMC: Create a tape-oriented language that's not just some variation on BF
I'm working on a really neat one involving time travel
3:03 AM
Tape-based language, or language in general?
@DLosc Yes, it’s a shame NASA didn’t support my proposal to send female astronauts to Venus in fighter jets
@user Whom would they be fighting? :o
Itd be wonderful if a colony could be built there, but these bureaucrats keep hindering progress
@DLosc Why, the blue aliens of Venus, of course
Filthy little buggers, it’s no wonder women came to Earth to get rid of them. Mars has a similar problem with those green aliens
@DLosc Tape based
@user Huh, and I always thought Venusians were green and Martians were red.
@RedwolfPrograms I look forward to seeing it. (Or will I already have seen it in the past?)
3:12 AM
Well, I’ll have you know I have a BS in BS and know what I’m talking about, unlike you, who’s citing unreliable sources such as Wikipedia:P
@DLosc I showed it to you next thursday, but I will look forward to have done it again :p
3:23 AM
Gotta love that "I knocked a scorpion off my wall and now I don't know where it is" feeling
@user Well, I have a BS in CS--and I've gotta say your studies of BS are sorely lacking if you haven't experienced the ridiculous pulp-fiction romp that is A Princess of Mars. ;)
@RedwolfPrograms I've never met a scorpion and I never hope to. o_o
All the ones here are roughly the same color as my house's carpet and walls
idk why i don't think of texas as having scorpions
@RedwolfPrograms Ah, excellent. Thanks in reverse for being about to have kept me posted. :D
trying to think of a shitty reply actually got me genuinely thinking about a language that mostly works like stack-based but popping is replaced with moving the pointer left and pushing is replaced with growing the tape from the middle
and then you fuck around with intermediate results by grabbing them from the right of the tape instead of duplicating them on the spot
which sounds absolutely terrible but not that terrible
3:33 AM
Yeah, I think tape-based languages (to be at all high-level) need to be able to insert and delete cells in the middle of the tape. I'm not sure if that's technically still a tape, but if not, I don't know what else it would be.
@UnrelatedString Wait, I remember... I was definitely considering something like this for a golflang a couple years ago. Doesn't it basically turn out to be stack-based with a second stack, like Brain-Flak?
you could just call it "copying every cell after a certain point to the right"
i think so yeah
Darn stacks
anything you pop is pretty much just pushed to a second stack
and moving the tape head right is just pushing something from the second stack
3:52 AM
You know an esolang is truly esoteric when the great Martin Ender calls it intimidating
good old fueue
4:09 AM
CMQ: When should a list be considered truthy?
When it has at least one truthy element, or when it's non-empty. Your choice.
Depends on whether it's for golfing or practical
i feel like non-empty is better for both
containing a truthy element is a good thing to have a builtin to check
If a non-empty list is truthy, the filter-truthy-elements built-in would work for that
that too
4:11 AM
Although returning 1 or 0 (or whatever the booleans in the language are) directly might be useful in some situations
CMQ: Should function references ever be considered falsey? (context: golf)
I'd say no, but if functions are ever evaluated for truthiness it's a missed opportunity imo
are these like
function pointers
or are they more like
def f(): pass

if f:
that kind of reference
4:13 AM
I'd say it should evaluate the function and check the truthiness of that
Nobody's going to be checking the truthiness of a function, but checking the truthiness of its return value is probably not uncommon
i mean it's hard to think of first-class functions in a golfing context in the first place since unless you've got some husk stuff going on (where there's no Concrete instance for functions iirc)
i forgot what i was going to finish saying there
like that
but yeah i'd vote for just calling the function
that could actually be genuinely useful if
...if you make list truthiness containing-truthy
and then evaluating the truthiness of a list of functions could check if any of them returns truthy
i won't advocate for making list truthiness containing-truthy though lol
@UnrelatedString sounds like perfect grounds for a new flag ;p
4:24 AM
The optimal list truthiness algorithm is: take all of the odd numbered items, and take the inverse of their truthiness. Take the squareroot of the sum of these values. Take the other items and reverse them, then take all of the overlapping pairs. Take the truthiness of the first item in each of these overlapping pairs, and multiply it by the second item. Take the product, and compare it to the squareroot value you previously got. If one of them is exactly twice as much, the list is truthy.
Add a flag to make it use cube root.
@RedwolfPrograms no, it's foreach item in list if item is in the truthy set return the truthy set else return the falsy set
CMC: ^^^
why am i even weighing in on this when the language i'm totally developing™️ literally doesn't have truthy values
@UnrelatedString because you're vyxal gang™️ and this is a vyxal related question™️ ;p
4:30 AM
JS: l=>[r=Math.sqrt(l.filter((_,i)=>i%2).reduce((n,x)=>n+!x,0)),r/4].includes(l.reduce((p,x,i)=>p*(i&l.length-1-i?!!x*x:x),1)/2)
@UnrelatedString ...
CMQ: For something like a ternary operator, should the boolean/condition be the first or last input?
last if stack based or postfix
first if prefix
I could see the other way being better, since you often have to switch between the two based on the input
idea: if your stack is too small, implicitly fill the stack with input but supply them to the top
4:43 AM
That's interesting, not sure what impact it would have on various things
@hyper-neutrino so you mean push all the input if an operator pops from an empty stack?
no, just enough for the operator to use
that sounds like what 05AB1E and Vyxal does but with extra steps
it isn't though
with input 1 the program 2 " returns [1, 2]
for this if the stack is smaller than the function arity we push inputs to the TOS first until there are enough arguments
@hyper-neutrino so 2 $" then?
4:47 AM
that just sounds like the r flag with extra steps ;p
it really isn't
1 2 " would still give [1, 2]
but 2 " with input 1 gives [2, 1]
That's an interesting idea. Any particular use cases in mind?
@hyper-neutrino here's where it starts to be less useful: 3 - with 1 as input
no it isn't meant to be useful
4:49 AM
it does allow lyxal and redwolf's opinions on ternary switch order to coexist :P
that way you can have the TOS as the condition
but if there are only two items you can switch on the input
if(if): goto if
else goto sleep
(that means you redwolf)
It's only midnight, I'm planning on going to sleep soon :p
Update: Am going to sleep now o/
4:57 AM
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
CMC make an array of n random 128 bit integers
Anush why do you have an obsession with large arrays of 128-bit integers?
It’s the theme of the month :)
It will change eventually
Maybe this should be a challenge on main
Makes an array of 12*9-bit integers*
Q: Make an array of 128 bit integers

AnushGiven an input value \$n\$, construct an array of \$n\$ random 128 bit (unsigned) integers. The integers should be uniformly random. Your code can use any in built random number generation function it has. Clearly this challenge is harder (and more fun) in lower level languages.

Thanks @pxeger
Which language has this built in?
6:54 AM
S3C, probably soon
No S3C
It's a joke language
What is that?
A: Scream very loudly

K-Dub1234Written in SSSC (commonly known as s3c) 2 bytes §

It really is a joke
@Ausername thanks :)
7:00 AM
But is it actually correct?
Random choice from digits of 10….?
So random bit
It literally generates an array of 128 bits, then converts to base 10, so I'd say so.
Ah ok thanks!
@Ausername I misread it
Its fine
I wonder how to do this in C?
7:13 AM
well, do the same bit array thing
except with the rand function
and print the digits individually
I guess so. It hasn’t actually constructed uint128 values
basically how you'd handle bigints
7:39 AM
Maybe I should clarify that you don’t have to print out the numbers
Although it is nice to see them
7:59 AM
Can I do an experiment here in TNB?
i haven't any objections
@math what are you gonna do?
I was hoping this would print out a random uint64_t bpa.st/5X6A . What am I doing wrong?
@PyGamer0 I'm gonna ask a question
and test if it matches up with my predictions
oooh a social experiment!
oh i like those
@math have at it then
8:01 AM
@lyxal I just was going to ask how many of you know about timework's comment... maths says approximately .001
see not that much fun
it's still fun
I don't know what timework's comment is
Oh i thought you might
Don't you visit the video every day?
which video?
rickroll of course... you see timeworks left a comment that is the 8 most liked comment...
okay so maths is right
@lyxal you see this comment (rickroll alert)
oh yeah, I have seen that
8:08 AM
so then maths is almost right...
.030 is not 1...
it's not?
there are 21 people in the chat, approximately .001 percent of youtube users know of the comment (assuming all people here know of youtube)
so okay if you round up it's 1
math is correct
8:12 AM
yes, and by the way you don't want to miss this
It will make history
that's all I wanted to know.
@math I'm going to the store now, what should i pick up?
@math no joke
@math I'm serious, what should i pick up?
@math oh and why is it so hard to answer this question?
I dunno milk?
@math I'm curious, why is it so hard to answer?
it's a simple question
8:17 AM
Some stress thingy
wait I saw that one in a veritaserum video
@math I'm trying to see how much info you have stored in your brain.
so that I can get an idea of how much is there
@math oh and what is your favorite color
uh green
@math and why is that?
8:22 AM
because of trees
CMC Make a random uint128 in C
@math this seems like the right time to let you know that I've been performing my own social experiment
15 mins ago, by lyxal
omg so quirky
oh. what are the results?
that message and everything until "why is that" was generated by my favourite toy
@math you didn't pick up on what I was doing
8:24 AM
which toy?
@math oh you know, only the most powerful AI text completion tool in the world
oh GPT-3...
it was interesting because it was also predicting what you would say
and then you said something completely different
when I "asked" what should I pick up from the store, it had you suggesting I get sausages
8:26 AM
how can I use the api?
you need access to the private beta first
there should be a "join waitlist" button
@lyxal I don't like sausages
@math lol
and when I "asked" you what your favourite colour was, it had me starting to doubt you actually had a favourite colour
> lyxal: @math and why is that?
math: green-ness?
lyxal: @math oh please, you can do better than that.
lyxal: now I'm curious if you have a favorite color or not.
math: uh... blue?
lyxal has left the chat
it tried to generate further conversation
but I only picked the first line it gave me
first line(s)
because obviously I couldn't post messages that depended on what AI Math had to say
8:32 AM
and when will I get access to the api?
after I've joined the waitlist?
but it'll take time
my application took a month to approve
okay in that time I'll try out something else
during the experiment, it got close to accurate
it had me saying "I gotta get back to my homework" at one stage
but I re-rolled it to keep the conversation going
because I am legitimately doing homework rn
8:53 AM
What did you do to this conversation?
9:21 AM
I didn't realise mods could do this
Oh nvm
10k+ thing
oh. why?
converted to a comment
I did not know mods could do that
yes, but why did hyper-neutrino convert the answer to a comment?
9:27 AM
Not sure
Where's the comment?
I can't actually find it :p
so it could be a glitch
Or the comment got deleted...
Idk, going to work on a character to change cop.
And me on a sandbox question
9:33 AM
And me on nothing
Because reasons.
9:47 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathIs it a mathy-county-number So I recently reinvented some boring type of number. Reinvented because I'm sure somebody else invented it before, but 'till figure out who actually invented it, let's call these numbers mathy-county-numbers. So what is a mathy-county-number? It's a number like 3322224...

^ hard to search for duplicates
2 hours later…
11:20 AM
whoa 2h no messages in TNB?
happens more than you think.
2 hours later…
1:10 PM
@hyper-neutrino @user Just thought you might be interested from our last discussion some Catholic lectures that both expound Catholic philosophy while pointing out modern errors because... well that's the title of the lectures. One is ~34min and the other is ~23min. youtu.be/Og-08nUCd3Q youtu.be/X8F1VYkh5QU
If you do decide to watch them, do let me know your thoughts!
@AMDG are they related to quantum physics? (Can’t watch right now because I’m not on my laptop)
No, not quantum physics, but I thought I might share with you some of my reasoning behind what I said in that conversation and why I said certain things should be expected to be one way or another in that regard.
One or more of the errors touched on in those lectures are ubiquitous and are the cause of many problems in the world, both in one's life, and in all fields of science.
1:25 PM
@Ausername Mods will convert answers into comments if the text would be better suited for a comment, because new users with <50 rep occasionally leave an "answer" because they can't comment
Is codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/231762/98590 really an acceptable answer?
@AMDG Oh, I see. Thanks for sharing them. I’ll check them out sometime
2:18 PM
@Ausername I literally left a comment explaining why I converted the answer to a comment.
@Anush wait for em to specify
1 hour later…
3:36 PM
@Razetime em?
@Anush em = them
3:50 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing got you
I just can't see how it could compile
Looks more or less like valid C to me, apart from the type
@hyper-neutrino Could you please reopen this room? Thanks
4:07 PM
@user doesn't it need some includes?
Oh, you mean for open and stuff? Yeah, you're right
4:41 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I was trying out Commentator, and I noticed what I think is a bug. It seems to start on the rightmost edge of the tape, so -} commands do nothing unless you’ve previously used {- commands: Try it online!
It also looks like if you move left, then move right past the original accumulator, then back to the original accumulator, it’s suddenly back to 0: Try it online!
@AaronMiller ಠ_ಠ People are using my languages
But I believe that's intended behaviour, due to the indexing and half-infinite tape
4:57 PM
It's "infinite" to the right, but wraps around if you go out of bounds left
if char == '{-':
    acc_active = (acc_active + 1)
if char == '-}':
    acc_active = (acc_active - 1) % len(acc)
    if acc_active < 0:
        acc_active = (len(acc)+1) + acc_active
Ok, so {- goes to the right, and -} goes to the left?
No, the braces "point" to the direction
no, the - points, so yes, {- is right
Oh, that makes a lot more sense. The wiki for commentator says the opposite, then.
I'd suggest using the -a argument for debugging btw :P
5:02 PM
Oh, cool, thx
Is BF TC without nested loops?
If so, Commentator is TC, as you can draw an equivalence between the commands
5:18 PM
Q: Please parse this aLL1en language

SztupYBackground Due to some unfortunate accident during coding you are now teleported and stranded on an alien planet. You really hope that the locals will be helpful and point to the general direction of how to get home, but before trying to talk to them you want to decipher their language. Fortunate...

I just outgolfed Arnauld :o
5:48 PM
Suggested golf, not a whole new answer
They were using recursion to build the array, but by changing that to declaring the array, filling it with 128n, and mapping it with Arnauld's g function (which needs 128n as input anyway) it saved 2 bytes
@cairdcoinheringaahing Any docs for github.com/cairdcoinheringaahing/Verbosity-v2?
> Verbosity, but actually usable
wow, you're already making a better language than Java /hj
6:03 PM
I love how variables have to be at least 5 characters, great way to enforce readable names :P
Trying to find an ACE exploit in Verbosity but it doesn't allow underscores :/
6:19 PM
@hyper-neutrino Well, it was intended to be usable, I'm not sure how successful I was with that :P
@user As with all my languages, my code is entirely self-documenting, so why would I need docs? :P
(aka no, I should probably actually write docs for my existing langs before making a new one)
For some reason, I have PRIVATEVAR as a saved variable name for all programs, but it appears to be completely modifiable and it errors if you access it before assigning it yourself O.o
"self-documenting" :p
It's entirely self-documenting, for a Python interpreter :P
6:41 PM
Two C answers and I don't believe either of them :(
Now makes me wonder about answers in languages I don't understand
Have neither of the authors responded?
One yes, the other no
As long as they fix their answer or make it clear in a day or two, I don't see anything to worry about
That's true
6:59 PM
Any final feedback for my week-old challenge submission? codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
7:27 PM
Seemingly arbitrary, but not arbitrary, question:
What are your guys' favorite stack-based langs with a JS interpreter?
(Or an interpreter that compiles to JS)
Doesn't have to be a complete or amazing interpreter. And it doesn't have to be the de-facto one, either. Just that it should be possible to demo in the browser on the client-side
Alternatively, has anyone used any of the XYZ2js transpilers for langs like Python?
@AviFS Well, ><> is stack-based, although the fact that it's 2D makes it quite different from a "regular" stack-based language. Here's a JavaScript interpreter.
Ah, thanks! Yeah, for the project I'm working on rn, I'm definitely hoping for a not-so-2d stack based lang
(Actually I lied--it looks like that interpreter's actually implemented in TypeScript)
But I'll definitely do my best to support 2d langs as well, it'll just be much harder
Haha, that's fine, it'll compile to js easy peasy
7:42 PM
CMCMV: arrove is a perfectly cromulent word
meaning the past tense of arrive
@DLosc Holy wow, I'll definitely have to take a look at ><> now!!
I just hit 'submit' to run the code...
That's quite an evolved interpreter
I mean IDE... I mean interpreter... I mean like wow
@AviFS My language Ouroboros (somewhat inspired by ><>... you might call it a 1.5-D language) is also implemented in JavaScript.
@DLosc Impressive
Thanks, I'll see about adding support for that too. I've run into it before actually!
For now though, don't have the whatever to support any 2d-ness at all
@user I can't tell if this is a glitch or some kind of joke
7:45 PM
I could, but it'd defeat the purpose of this particular part
@pxeger I like "shove" (pronounced to rhyme with "cove") as a past tense for "shave."
@pxeger Then I think the past participle should be "arriven."
@DLosc yeah, sounds fair enough
arise/arose/arisen, arrive/arrove/arriven
Hm, yeah--I was thinking of strive/strove/striven.
@pxeger "cromulent" is not a perfectly cromulent word, you posh twat /s
Had to look up what that meant :P
I knew what it meant, but I had no idea it was coined by The Simpsons
7:54 PM
@AviFS Half-solved! I can use this Underload interpreter in JS. It's also a simple enough lang that I can write the interp myself. Along similar concatenative/functional lines, I found a half-done Joy interp in JS.
But the question is still open! A JS interpreter for a slightly more convenient & standard stack-based lang would be awesome! Something like GolfScript, 05AB1E or Vyxal
I'm sure there are ways to turn Python into JS
If anyone knows a JS interp for Jelly, that'll also come in handy!
(for Vyxal and Jelly, I mean)
05AB1E uses Elixir afaik, so that'll be harder
@AviFS Pretty sure the only Jelly interpreter that exists in the Python one
7:57 PM
@user There def are. I've tried before, and it was totally a mess. But I found some new ones which might be promising
@user A previous version was implemented in Python, I believe
(and the self-interpreter atom v :P)
Py2JS transpilers I hadn't seen before, I mean. Like Brython
@DLosc Oh right, legacy osabie
@user Actually, I find some elixer2js transpilers, too!
7:58 PM
@user Ikr! That one looked promising to me, too
Can't figure out why I'd missed them in the past. But anyway, I'll try them out when I get back and report back
Or feel free to give it a shot!
@Ausername Hi, any good news?
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